Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on House, Grey's Anatomy, Fringe, Nikita and Leverage

Got the Monday blahs? Let’s see if I can perk up the start of your week with a flurry of scoops, teases and sound bites from some of TV’s hottest shows and stars.

House | That House’s sedan amazingly didn’t critically injure Cuddy in the season finale leaves the Fox drama’s writers with the matter of how to account for the boss lady’s absence when Season 8 picks up. “That’s what we’ve got to figure out,” series creator David Shore tells us, noting that Lisa Edelstein’s decision to not re-up caught everyone off guard. “It wasn’t planned that way — we wanted her back, but unfortunately it isn’t happening.” Another question mark looms over PPTH with regards to another original cast member, Jesse Spencer. Shore however remains confident that the Chase will be on come fall. “I don’t know if his deal’s done for sure, but yeah, he’ll be back.” (A show source confirms that as of Monday morning, Spencer’s deal “is not quite done yet.”)

House Boss On Finale Fallout: House Wasn’t Trying To Kill Cuddy

Fringe | Count Anna Torv among those utterly perplexed as to what Peter’s “nonexistence” means not just for Fox series’ coming narrative, but specifically for Bolivia’s bambino. After all, given the jaw-dropping season-ending reveal, “That means that [the baby] doesn’t exist, right?” she wonders. “That’s the stuff that I’m left thinking about.” But while Torv tells me she is “super-interested in what’s going to happen to the baby,” the biggest question on her noggin concerns what the extraction of Peter from Olivia’s past means for her character. As the actress puts it, “Who is she, having never met Peter?”

Fringe Finale Exclusive: WTF Happened?! Producers Answer (Some) Burning Questions

Grey’s Anatomy | “Mexie” fans have been asking me what if anything else Shonda Rhimes had to say about the fate of their fave couple, outside of what I included in the season finale post mortem Q&A (where she said, “I really like Mark and Lexie together”). Well, I had posited to Rhimes that it must be tempting to have those two lunge at each other in any given scene, given the ridiculous chemistry shared by Chyler Leigh and Eric Dane. She countered, “Chyler has ridiculous chemistry with everybody” — and that is one reason why she shook up the root-for pair by pointing Lexie at Avery. Rhimes also reminds that while it’d be “very simple to have [Mark and Lexie] get together, their problems are large, and there is a big age difference –- and Lexie has some growing up to do.” Which, glass-half-full folks, isn’t a no!

Patrick Dempsey On Grey’s Anatomy Future: Season 8 Will Be ‘My Last’

Nikita | Speaking of palpably hot pairings, when I spoke with Maggie Q and Shane West at The CW’s upfronts soiree, I apprised them that series boss Craig Silverstein had told us that Nikita and Michael’s “happy ending” would be short-lived. Maggie at first had a bit of a giggle over the choice of words (“‘Happy ending’ and ‘short-lived’ go together, don’t they?”), then seconded the decision to “make some waves.” Said Q, “He wants to create friction for them and gut them, then make them happy, and then gut them again. That’s his plan.” West chimed in with a Silverstein sound bite of his own — “It’s very easy to bring two people together, and it’s very hard to pull them apart” — then conceded that “having these two characters together now is going to be difficult.” Maybe helping hiccup their hook-up will be the new male and female characters being brought on next season, one for each of them? West had fun with that scooplet, joking to his leading lady: “I’ll take the guy, you take the girl.”

Exclusive: Nikita Boss Solves Finale Mysteries, Shares Season 2 Scoop

Leverage | Quite possibly the best thing to happen to TNT’s caper drama this season is the invasion of some slithery and armored ETs. “We’re going up [on Sunday nights] with Falling Skies, which is Spielberg,” Christian Kane told me with no small amount of enthusiasm, “so [Leverage EP] Dean Devlin has pulled out all the stops and packed in a lot more action, a lot more explosions.” All for a lot more money? “I can’t talk about the budget, but I can say that Eliot is partly responsible for it being bigger,” Kane said with a wink. While Leverage will take the occasional moment to explore its Hitter’s softer side (“Eliot has always been the Tin Man, the guy without a heart, but one is starring to grow inside him,” says Kane), viewers can also expect an answer to the lingering question: What is the infamous Worst Thing Eliot ever did, while working for Moreau? “Yeah,” says Kane, “You’re going to find that out.” Leverage launches its new run on June 26.

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  1. Shari says:

    Mark and Lexie are TERRIBLE together! He’s WAY too old for her and her and Avery are hot. That is all.

    • silly says:

      Mark and Callie are my faves… it’s tooooo bad she is bi and “married”

      • jodief1 says:

        Why the quotes around “married”? Unless you’re making the point that it’s unfair that Callie and Arizona can’t be legally married in WA State, I don’t like the implication.

    • Beth says:

      They’re only 10 years apart. How is that way too old for her?

    • grey's 1 says:

      I agree!

    • sara says:

      I agree! And I think Mark is the one with some growing up to do, not Lexie!

    • Ella says:

      I love Mark and Lexie but I HATE how Shonda Rhimes makes it seem like its LEXIE with the growing up to do. Mark is the one that cheated on her twice, and yes it was because of her reaction to things (who wouldn’t react like that, ANYWAY? Most people would react like she did through sleeping with your ex and letting your slutty child move in) but how Mark reacts when Lexie even just second-minds over decisions with him? THAT’S immature.

      No joke man, I love those two. But it sucks how they play it out with those two. Season 5 showcased that ‘chemistry’ they had and they ruined it with ridiculous storylines. Sad, sad plotlines and sad show, I rarely watch nowadays.

    • Gleek says:

      That’s anamzing argument: Avery and Lexie are hot.
      Honestly, my problem with them is that this is basically the only thing they are. They have sex and we get to see some cute looks at times. It definitely shows how much they love each other. Haha.
      Really, I’m Mark and Lexie all the way.

  2. Liz says:

    I don’t care about Cuddy (on the contrary, no Cuddy, please), but hopefully Chase will be back, he’s such an eye-candy! (although nothing compared to Hugh Laurie ;-))

    • Andy says:

      Get a life. Cameron is not coming back.

      • un-holy says:

        How come every Huddy idiot assumes that someone who doesn’t give a damn about Cuddy is a Cameron or a Hilson fan? Can someone just not care about that character and find her useless (as she has basically become after she broke up with House)?

        • Snarksville says:

          Thank you un-holy! Just shows you how narrowminded people can be to assume what Andy said.

          I didn’t like Cuddy NOR Cameron and I’m glad both are gone. Does that make me a Hilson? No…it makes me somebody who wishes for different female characters. Period.

        • Maya says:

          Do yourself a favor, google House-related articles or polls for the last year and a half (right after Jennifer Morrison’s exit) and read the very first page of comments. Rest assured, you will find this person ‘Liz’ who has been trolling the boards with one sole purpose – to leave petty disparaging remarks about Lisa Edelstein. Not Cuddy the character, but Lisa Edelstein the person. Tuis nutjob has her name on Google alerts and always the first to spread poison even if the article doesn’t relate to House. If you condone that type of behavior AND assume that all people appalled by it are “Huddies” AND call them idiots at the same time, then you have to get a life too. And possibly a shrink.

          • Dan says:

            Sure, because Liz is such an unique name, she must be the only Liz into the whole web! So I suppose you must ‘that’ Maya aka rabid huddy fangirl who whines on twitter and wrote those ridiculous teories about the show, lmao! You must feel so stupid now

          • Dan says:

            Sure, because Liz is such an unique name, she must be the only Liz into the whole web! So I suppose you must be ‘that’ Maya aka the rabid huddy fangirl who whines on twitter and wrote those ridiculous teories about the show, lmao! You must feel so stupid now

          • Maya says:

            Thank you “Dan” for proving my point in such unequivocal fashion. I bow down to your intellectual prowess. No more comments.

          • Dan says:

            No need to thank me, Maya, I just adapted my post to your. It’s always so fun dealing with huddytards like you, thanks for the laught.
            And by the way, I’m assuming it’s really you on twitter and on the stupid iwfc, the bitter huddy who spread venom and bitterness because her ‘brilliant teory’ was wrong!
            Guys if you want to laugh, go read what she wrote, a pure huddytard delirium!!!

          • Caroline R. M. says:

            Huddies are the worst fandom ever.
            I’m so happy LE is not coming back because her fans are witches!
            Thank God, now we are FREE!
            I’m so happy, really.

    • Katrina says:

      I liked Cuddy a lot and I don’t think the show will be the same without her and I don’t mean that in a positive way.

      • raiza says:

        I like Cuddy/Lisa on the show, but since it’s not happening :( , I’d rather have another female on the show, that is not going to fall for House.

    • ell says:

      Chase adds pretty much nothing. He had some charm in the very beginning as someone that was seemingly very confident but under it a little deeper, had an unrequited attraction to Cameron, etc. Then he was a turncoat that House kept around for whatever reason, then he was half of a boring pointless married couple, and now he’s a womanizer with T – # episodes until he hooks up with 13.

      I love House still, even with all his problems. I love Wilson and would like to see more of him. 13 has actually really grown on me as someone smart and cool with some emotional depth, but Foreman does nothing but sit in a nice suit, occasionally disagree with House, then do it his way anyway, and Taub creates a bunch of unbelievable drama for himself.

      They should reboot the show into House/Wilson/13 + some new people now that Cuddy’s gone, try and get some energy into it.

      • Sacha says:

        If Chase adds pretty much nothing to you then that’s fine, you’re entitled to your opinion and I’m not going to argue about it. It is, however, quite obvious that the writers kept pushing 13 into focus since she first appeared on the show simply because she’s ‘hot’. She’s had so many eps centered around her unlike any other fellow, got bisexuality, Huntington’s, a brain tumor, blindness, childhood flashbacks, super street smarts, a hostage, an ill-fated romance which turned Foreman into Boreman, ‘bonding’ with House, sarcasm, hating happiness of others, is a smart liar etc. etc. Heck, this woman is hot AND perfect! Even House points out how much she is like him because hey, viewers might not get how interesting she is. She became the star of the fellows long before she became ‘the movie star’. It still doesn’t make up for her lack of personality and charisma. They kept neglecting a very talented cast. Even in S7 when she was absent most of the time, they didn’t bother to explore Chase or Foreman or even Wilson which was a major disappointment for me as a viewer. Instead, they brought ‘Huddy’ and Masters.

        It’s indeed amazing that so many people still care about Chase. I think that the actor can do so much better than what they did with him, and he has chemistry with most of the cast, esp. Hugh Laurie’s House. Chase had a most intriguing, subtle relationship with him. The writers skipped it completely in favour of 13. Same happened with Foreman. I miss the old days when House was actually caring for his fellows, not favouring one of them.

        • Tia says:

          I have to agree. In the beginning I found Chase and House’s relationship fascinating, because it bordered on the father/son relationship that neither of them had as children. I’m sorry to see the degradation of two interesting characters in this way…

        • Namcy says:

          Omg are you me? This, all of this exactly. Chase was my favorite. To be honest I’d rather he didn’t come back for season 8 because I don’t want to see the character abused any more than he has been since season 5. 13 appears to be the biggest symptom of the shows decline into unsubtle fanservice… Sadly they’re really off the money on what the fans want to see, as shown by the steady ratings decline since season5.

          • Erin says:

            Agree with all responses above except for ell’s op. Chase has always been my fave duckling, find him the most interesting with all of JS’s little nuances and I have adored his relationship with house. However not too fussed if he actually stays as he’s the only reason why I still occasionally tune into this once awesome crapfest.

          • Sacha says:

            I’m glad somebody feels the same. 13 was forced onto the viewers way too heavily. I feel like I would enjoy the show more if she wasn’t front and center so much. In fact, I want her to die already (even though I really, really tried to tolerate her but it never happened). I actually dread another ship because “Chase and Thirteen are so hot together. Plus, they killed someone! Way to bond over it!”.

            If he’s going to be reduced to her confidant as hinted in 7-22, and subsequent boyfriend and care taker, then Jesse might hesitate to sign for another season, and who would blame him? I remember how enthusiastic he had been when they gave him a great and amazing story in the beginning of S6. He seems to enjoy his job very much and I was happy for him when they brought him back after two years on the backburner with that horrible, ill-fated ‘Chameron’ arc. Finally happy with 13? Not gonna happen. Not interested, either. It’s just going to be another 13 show case. Sad. I hope the writers finally come back to their senses and give him more interaction with Hugh Laurie.

    • erin says:

      Really don’t care about Chase he is simply eye candy nothing substantial

      • un-holy says:

        Um sorry, your argument is invalid. He’s probably the best doctor of the team.

        I really hope Jesse Spencer is back

        • Snarksville says:

          Unfortunately I will have to disagree with you on Chase. I don’t want him back either. In fact I would be happy if they scrapped everybody except House (because, really, what kind of a friend is Wilson? He’s not a good friend for House, in fact one of the worst kinds) and gave him a life OUTSIDE the hospital. He’s a LOT more interesting when he’s not in the hospital.

        • raiza says:

          Agree with both posters, Chase is a good doctor and nice face to look at, but to be fair, Id rather have him than Taub on the screen many times over!

      • Sharona says:

        Well he *was* eye candy, till he cut off all his hair. *g*

        Chase has always been one of my favorites, though. I thought he represented someone who had some House-ish traits, but chose to make un-House-like decisions in his life. Naturally, this could not last, because it’s *so* much more interesting to the writers to have him pointlessly hook up with a bunch of women, territory they wouldn’t go for with House or Taub or Thirteen…

        Oh, wait.

        • Erin says:

          Agree, the ducklings have all taken on Housian traits however chase has always been mini!house to me. He’s the best diagnostician for thinking outside the box, daddy issues galore and little chase has gained quite the snark.

          As for the person upthread who said they only want house back. Wow what a great show, miserable house with noone to play off. Cant think of anything worse to be honest. How boring.

  3. Lilly says:

    They better bring Jesse Spencer back full force! Who else besides HL is there to watch for?

    • Sam says:

      Don’t hold your breath.

      Less RSL, less Omar Epps, way less Olivia Wilde (probably), no Lisa Edelstein; one can assume Jesse’s screen time will be cut as well.

      But hey, it’s gonna be THE BEST SEASON EVER!! All viewers need is House… and Taub–don’t forget Taub, lots and lots of Taub.

      Oh, and cheap scab actresses to replace the missing ladies, because c’mon, a pair of t!ts is a pair of t!ts. And bringing in a replacement to avoid paying the original ladies worked so well on Criminal Minds.

      • dee says:

        Gah! No Taub, please no more Taub. Why can’t HIS character be sent away? If they really needed to save money, cut the team down to Chase, with occ. visits by 13 (for the young guys), and focus more on interactions between the main three: House, Wilson and Chase. Then add a decent female character, one that is not easily pushed around by House and challenges him. I think the ensemble was too big to work with, when House and Wilson’t relationship really was the most important one, and by cutting it down it could improve the drama and the budget. But just about any excuse for getting rid of Taub would do.

  4. otpmarklexie says:

    Mark&Lexie are amazing together. Thanks Matt for pointing it out to Shonda that Chyler and Eric do have amazing chemistry!!!

    Really hoping for a ML reunion next season…thanks a lot :D

    • Captain says:

      Me too! Their chemistry is AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! They have to get back together. I hate what Shondra did to them this year and just so she could pimp out her beloved Avery. Give him to April, atleast they have actual chemistry.

    • Mdz says:

      Totally with you guys..Love Mark and Lexie together..they have amazing I really hope next season the get back together.I don’t think I’ll watch if Lexie stays with Avery..
      I agreee Avery should hook up with April..
      Please Shonda Bring Mexie back next season!!

  5. M says:

    Jesse Spencer better not sign if he knows what’s good for him.

    • Sacha says:

      If Jesse Spencer returns to House then I’ll be watching, not because he’s easy on the eye but because he’s a fine actor who deserves better than what they did (or rather, NOT did) with him in S7. He’s got great chemisty with Hugh Laurie and Omar Epps and is capable of carrying a story of his own. He was absolutely amazing in the Dibala arc. If he signs, I hope he’ll get something better to do than becoming stuck with Olivia Wilde’s badly written and annoying Uber-Drama-Thirteen. He should have a clause in his contract that prevents him from becoming ‘the boyfriend’ again. Ships and fanwank just ruin the show, IMO.

      • Ellen says:

        Isn’t it sad when the only way that Jesse Spencer could get a decent amount of screen time is to pair Chase with the vastly over-rated Thirteen? Spencer can act rings around Olivia Wilde, yet HE is pushed into the background while Thirteen’s character is pushed forward. Having her all buddy-buddy with House makes me sick to my stomach. Didn’t the powers-that-be at House notice that the much-hyped return of Thirteen did nothing for their ratings?

  6. SUE says:

    Jesse Spencer just has to come back! I will surely not watch the show anymore if he is leaving too!

  7. mand says:

    Leverage :) :) Christian Kane :) :) :) Can’t wait for the new season!

  8. BabyGoz says:

    I will laugh my rear off if Jesse doesn’t return either, TPTB have so messed up [H]ouse it’s unfunny :(

  9. MIA says:

    If Jesse Spencer is not coming back because Fox doesn’t want to give him a good deal, than we know 100% that Fox wants us to hate the show! Chase is the only character who still is intersting from the team!

  10. Wanda says:

    If Jesse Spencer is not coming back for season 8, they can just leave House walking on that stupid beach!!! What should I watch the show for? Boreman and Taub? I don’t think so!

    • Daniel says:

      There is obviously a problem regarding Jesse Spencer not signing his contract yet .I don’t think it’s about money pay cut like with the other cast(LE,OE,RSL),or else we would have heard about it already
      .I’m guessing the actor isn’t enthusiastic about returning anymore. I really don’t blame him after what they did & keep doing to his character;neglecting,little screen time,& finally degrading in S7.He’s a talented actor & the writers keep ignoring this fact & only look at him as a pretty face.I bet he got fed up & wanted to move on.But with LE also leaving they must be exerting extra pressure on him to stay.I only hope he will use that for his sake & makes sure he will have a decent story line in S8 & refuse anymore soap opera roles they There is obviously a problem regarding Jesse Spencer not signing his contract yet .I don’t think it’s about money pay cut like with the other cast(LE,OE,RSL),otherwise we would have heard about it alread.
      I’m guessing the actor isn’t enthusiastic about returning to the show anymore.If so, I really don’t blame him after what they did & keep doing to his character;neglecting,little screen time,& finally degrading in S7.
      He’s a talented actor & the writers keep ignoring this fact & only look at him as a pretty face.I bet he got fed up & wanted to move on.But with LE also leaving they must be exerting extra pressure on him to stay.I only hope he will use that to his benefit & make sure he will have a decent storyline in S8 & refuse anymore soap opera roles they might have in mind for him.
      After 7 years he deserves more respect for his acting talent & they should finally give him some good drama scripts otherwise it’s better for him to leave & move on with his career.
      To me Chase is the only remaining interesting character on the show( even Greg House became boring).So ,unless he’s back with a good storyline this time,there is nothing to watch for me anymore.

  11. Eva says:

    Jesse Spencer is back this fall or House is over at least for me :(

  12. Aurore says:

    I’m kinda pissed with Shore.
    Not only does he put the blame on Lisa Edelstein for leaving. When she isn’t the one to blame if fox/nbc didn’t make a decent offer and she has the dignity not to comment on it.
    But he has a cheeky attitude toward Jesse Spencer’s contract (or lack of).
    If you had his role in the final fiasco and his lame justifications for it, it start to be too much for me.

    • Snarksville says:

      Given that we don’t know the terms of her disagreement with the studio, you can’t say they gave her a bad deal (or even a good one). Therefore we can’t say that it ISN’T her fault. Bad deals are relative. And she has commented that House is very dear to her.

      Really, if House so dear, and there’s a good chance that there’s only one more season, why did she run when there was a possibility she could stay on a show that was so ‘dear’ to her? If I valued my job as much as these people claim they value theirs, and they are making gobloads of money, what’s a few thousand (yes THOUSAND) dollars less an epi to somebody who makes way too much anyway? Do you make that much? I certainly don’t. These people are spoiled, plain and simple.

      • timshel says:

        Exactly. You hit the nail on the head with that comment. She is by no means blameless in all this. It’s funny how the Cuddy obsessed think she was so smart for leaving the show now that they think it sucks, when in reality she probably had no intention of leaving until they refused to give her what she wanted money wise. Of course I’m making my own assumption there, but considering they expected her back and she expected to be back, it seems more than likely that in the end it came down to money. Clearly the show and the fans, who hail her (supposed) greatness really weren’t that dear after all.

        • eden says:

          Your are correct in that is only YOUR ASSUMPTION
          BUT MY ASSUMPTION IS she walked and they handed her the script for the finale and after she read through it and saw they PIECE OF GARBAGE THAT IT WAS she picked up her purse and laughed all the way to the unemployment line rather than be assoicated with that PILE OF DUNG THAT DS AND HIS WRITERS ARE COMING UP WITH.
          It’s okay Jesse S. there is plenty of room in the life boat with Lisa E. After they turned your character in a murdering,slutty man-whore with no redeeming qualities last season there is no where to go but down. Get out while the getting is good I always say. You don’t want to be the last one at the table stuck with the check.

          • tripoli says:

            Crazy much?

          • timshel says:

            Oh no, I’ve angered the Cuddy freaks. Get over it. She clearly wanted something they wouldn’t give her. And good riddance. Her character has been useless for quite some time now. Your hatred of House seems a tad high, perhaps you should seek help for that, get back on the meds. Or at the very least, stop commenting on shows that you have no valid interest in.

      • Sassy says:

        It’s always a bad sign to be paid less for the same job, no matter what the field. It’s insulting for one, and shows you how little your contribution is valued. If that was the main sticking point for Lisa, then I understand why she left.
        I don’t think an actor is spoiled because she’s making quite a bit of money. It’s like professional athletes – you fight to become noticed, and when you’ve “made it” you’ve probably got years of inadequate pay and large periods of unemployment behind you. It’s not like she’s a useless piece of crap like Paris Hilton. She’s hard-working, and talented. Just because somebody makes more money than you, it doesn’t mean she deserves to be punished. Life’s like that – some people have more than others. Why try to bring them own to your level? It just makes you look jealous and bitter.

        • Mo says:

          The difference is that with a TV show, the more popular it is, the more money the actors can command per episode. Which causes costs to rise exponentially with every successful season, which means they have to charge advertisers more, and so on. But eventually things reach a point where revenue can’t keep up with rising salary costs. And just as no one wants to be paid less for doing the same job, no network wants to earn less for the same show… they want their profits to keep rising with the success of the show. And they WILL kill a show that’s doing okay in the ratings if they feel it’s underperforming revenue-wise. To keep costs in line actors’ salaries always end up a sticking point in negotiations for long-running series. Is it fair? Not really. But it always comes down to the money in the end… for the actors & the studios. And very few are willing to take a pay cut to keep a show going to finish a storyline.

        • A says:

          She wasn’t being paid less for the same job, she was offered less to do less work , just the same as RSL & OE. Her ego couldn’t stand the demotion.

    • D says:

      Get out of House’s Vicodin stash, please. Nothing you just said makes sense or is based on any form of truth. He’s not blaming Edelstein for anything; he’s being realistic and knows they can’t waste time on someone who has made up their mind. And he wouldn’t know about Spencer’s contract because… he doesn’t write up the actors’ contracts. I feel like there was a stupid pill parade going on while I was hanging out at the common sense bar.

    • E says:

      Of course its her fault for leaving. She didn’t accept the offer. TPTB aren’t obligated to bend over backwards to accommodate whatever she wants, particularly since she’s being a disaster from both a ratings & critical perspective. She didn’t deliver. And she’ll carry that reputation with her. Why do you think she’s hiding from the press? Because she’s also a coward.

    • DD says:

      (just 2 milions!) poor lisa! *sarcastic*
      lisa edelstein is ungrateful and selfish

  13. Lilyphia says:

    Mark and lexie are meant for each other!!! That’s all I have to say!
    LITTLE-BIG LOVE forever!!! <3 <3 <3

  14. N says:

    Maggie Q and Shane West are too cute. Can’t wait for Nikita to come back! :)

  15. Denise says:

    RE: Fringe. I think it’s been reset and Walternate managed to save his Peter. Peter ended up growing up in the redverse and met and fell for Fauxlivia. They may or may not have created Henry and he may or may not be named Henry.

    • Obbie says:

      Very interesting theory. Can’t wait to see what happens next season! Thank God there is going to be a next season!

  16. Lady K says:

    I so want to see Eliot continue to develop on Leverage!!! I politely choose to disagree with Mr. Kane. I think Eliot has always had a heart. Actually, I think he has the biggest heart of anyone on the team — which is why it is buried the deepest and it is the hardest for anyone to find and why the Worst Thing he has Ever Done damaged him so profoundly. He will never be clear of it, but he will also never stop trying. That is what makes Eliot Eliot and one of my favorite characters on TV!!!!

  17. Danielle H. says:

    I didn’t even bother to watch the last 3 episodes of Fringe this year and will not be tuning back in. The show was amazing in s1 and has just gotten completely away from what made it fun (amazing, improbable stories solved by a VERY likable team). Although I still want a Walter emmy, because that man is just so talented as an actor. The saddest part is that if the show’s leading star can’t even describe what is going on in the show, how are viewers going to understand it at all?

    • OK says:

      I think she just doesn’t have the script yet. Actors don’t know what’s going to happen the next season in most shows.

      Oh and… Fringe is still amazing.

    • Jaime says:

      I think people are looking through rose-colored glasses about Fringe season 1. Yeah it was kind of fun not knowing all the details about Peter’s past, but I found the endless monster-of-the-week dull. Personally I love that they’ve embraced the mythology this season, season 3 has been nonstop excitement. (ok, minus 3×12 and the Bellivia arc- didn’t care for those) Definitely don’t want them to return to case-of-the-week format.

    • davey says:

      All I can say is “Your loss!”.

    • RKron says:

      Season 1 pales in comparison to season 3. You just want instant gratification in 2 easy steps. 1) Watch person do something bad 2) Watch as person gets caught. How dull would Fringe be if it stuck to that format season after season.

    • passing says:

      Season 3 was fantastic, it also made a lot of references to season 1, so you should have picked that up.

      Anna Torv does certainly know what is going on, only season 4 has not yet been written, so that is Anna pondering about the next fase.

      Looking forward to season 4.

  18. Sorry I’m about to rant here.

    Shore is so confident Jesse will return? LOL he was also confident Lisa would return. I just can’t watch House in S8. Shore says people don’t change, we just see them for the person they really are. Really?

    This means without Cuddy as a stabilizing force in his life and one who gives him boundaries, House can only go one way–downhill because according to Shore’s logic nothing House can do will help him be a better person. From here there’s only one way to go and that is into an even deeper pit of despair. Haven’t we seen that already? Shore implies that the dark, dreary, desperate House we saw in the finale is “who he really is” and I find that a load of crap. Shore and his peeps painted themselves into a terribly nasty corner. It began with the awful Lucas-Cuddy arc in Season 6, a story even the lead actors didn’t like and morphed into Season 7 with the House-Cuddy relationship disaster which was never meant to be. Shore took the easy way out. Instead of making this a challenging relationship that stood not in the foreground but in the background, taking second to everything else going on, he had the writers do things the easy way…vicodin, hookers, an enabling Wilson, a weak Cuddy, and a mad irresponsible House. They took the easy way out and we’re angry about that.

    Had it not been the mess Shore created in S6 and 7 Lisa would likely be returning for Season 8. But now we’ve lost her, the great chemistry between her and Hugh, the incredible dynamic between the House and Cuddy characters and we’ve lost the greatness of House and Wilson too because really how many of us think that Wilson’s going to be House’s enabling buddy in Season 8?

    Two things would remedy this. 1) TPTB acknowledge Lisa’s importance and bring her back to the show on her terms and 2)make “Moving On” a daydream, a puzzle in his head solved by House while he recuperates on sabbatical on a tropical island somewhere far away from PPTH, Cuddy and Wilson. He hasn’t talked to or interacted with anyone from there in months. His daydream or other dream if you wish, is his way of working out the issue of how to move on from Cuddy. In his mind he has moved on. The problem here lies in what to do with Cuddy. If Lisa were to return then this could work perfectly but if she doesn’t return, NOTHING they do can explain her absence from the season. NOTHING.

    This is the first time in seven years I have heard and read so much controversy about a set of episodes.From Bombshells to Moving on it’s been a nightmare. Shore dismisses the fans, Yaitanes laughs at them. Right now we’re laughing at them both. They screwed up big time.

    • solo1861 says:

      Amen to that!
      My opinion exactly.

    • Snarksville says:

      “the incredible dynamic between the House and Cuddy characters”

      It was a heck of a lot more incredible when they weren’t bed buddies. They were great to watch in season 1 & 2 when he just annoyed her and they weren’t trying to get into each other’s pants. when that happened it became a soap opera. Period. If I wanted a soap I’d watch Grey’s Anatomy (oops…don’t watch that one).

    • Erica says:

      I couldn´t say better! Bravo!

    • D says:

      “Shore implies that the dark, dreary, desperate House we saw in the finale is “who he really is” ”

      It seems the finale went over your head. House is always claiming people don’t change, when you could actually make the argument HE can’t change and is bitter about it. Cuddy being able to accept the separation aggravated him because she made it look easy. It’s never easy for House.

      I’ll admit, that’s a bit of a romantic way of going about it, but I prefer that ass opposed to a complete shakedown of the writer because the ending wasn’t sunshine and puppies.

    • valeria says:

      ”the great chemistry between her and Hugh, the incredible dynamic between the House and Cuddy”

      Just your opinion, I don’t like them like many viewers
      no chemistry, boring dynamic

      • Katherine says:

        And me? I loved the house/Cuddy dynamic whether they were sparring with each other as boss/employee or when they hooked up romantically. They were great and I am sad that Lisa is no longer around. Their story needed some closure.

        • E says:

          And we got it. Bye bye Huddy. Bye bye Cuddy, Cuddy’s mother, Cuddy’s sister, Cuddy’s daughter, Cuddy’s lawyer, blah, blah blah. No wonder the ratings tanked – I want to watch House MD, not annoying Cuddy & her even more annoying family.

  19. sarah says:

    I’m not really into Mark and Lexie anymore because he’s treated her so badly. I think that of the two, it’s MARK that needs to grow up. He kept banging his best friend rather than be an adult and say no. Now if they get back together Lexie will have to be a step-parent to TWO of his children, one of whom she would play a large role in raising. If we’re honest they’re the couple that gets married and then gets divorced in a few years.

  20. Rich says:

    There is a very easy out for the Cuddy character. Cuddy was genuinely scared by what House did, and decided to get out of Dodge. That seems like a pretty rational reaction to me.

    I was concerned when House and Cuddy finally got together – didn’t Shore ever hear of “Moonlighting”? For those who still care about this show, watch this season carefully, because as Michael Jackson said – THIS…IS … IT!!

    • frannie says:

      That’s pretty much what I expected. House is obsessive, so Cuddy would naturally want to avoid a potential stalker situation, and needs to be free of him, and any temptation to see him again. A good job offer comes up, she takes it, and voila! Problem solved.

  21. Kimi says:

    The writing on House really sucked this year! It was like House was in “The Twilight Zone” all season and now Jesse Spencer doesn’t get a deal or more its probably he/his management can’t accept the deal they are offering. The House is shutting down :P

    • erin says:

      Abandon ship !!!!!
      Everyone over the side
      Women and children first
      She’s going down ….. Hahahahahahah

      • Ali says:

        Aww, poor bitter huddy, go cry in a hole, lol

        • CC says:

          Bitter Huddy? Why? Cause they think House is pretty much over? Yeah, all the Huddies are the crazy ones?!? Seems as though anyone who thinks House is no longer as great as it used to be gets lumped together as ‘Crazy Huddies’ so the delusional people who can’t see that this show has been going downhill a lot longer than since Huddy became a focus can pretend that the problem is House and Cuddy rather than the show having lost it’s spark.

  22. Staciee says:

    Regarding the Nikita scoop: I think it’s supposed to say *gut* not *guy*. Aaaaaaand………. MIKITA!!! <3

    • Jamie says:

      I’m with you – Michael and Nikita can make it through anything, no matter how many times they are torn apart over the course of the series. They will always find their way back to each other.

  23. Rich says:

    House was once my favorite TV show. I could not get enough of HL, and the rest of the cast was amazing. But then the show started to have a “stayed too long at the fair” feeling to it. House is one of the rare shows that should have planned for 5 years and that would be it.

    I honestly wonder how much HL even wants to be there anymore?

  24. Katie says:

    I sure hope Jesse Spencer will sign his deal for the next season. He is my last straw of hope for the show.

  25. Michelle says:

    Hard to write out Cuddy? What is Shore smoking over there? House DROVE HIS CAR INTO HER HOUSE. Getting the frak out of Dodge should be her first priority. If she’s that great of an administrator, then she should have no trouble finding a job somewhere else. Oh, wait. ;) Or should could – I don’t know – practice medicine. On another continent? ;)

  26. Petra says:

    Hugh Laurie never says anything about any of this, which by now I find really disappointing and quit self-centered of him. I don’t think the cares at all :P

    • Crankypants says:

      You expect him to comment on how the show has become crap? Actors that do that seem to quickly disappear. It’s his bread and butter and quite frankly, I give him credit for having enough class to keep his opinions to himself. It’s a job…I hate my job, but I’m not going to walk out into the street and tell everyone that. If I did, it would be someone else’s job pretty quickly.

    • timshel says:

      What would you like him to say? Perhaps he doesn’t feel comfortable choosing a side, so to speak. It’s not his fight to begin with and it really isn’t necessary for him to comment one way or another.

    • Athens says:

      Why should he say anything? Its Lisa’s contract & her responsibility to sign it or not. Its none of his business, they aren’t friends, they are professional colleagues & he’s behaving professionally by staying out of it.

  27. Penny says:

    No Jesse Spencer in season 8 means = no House in my house :P

  28. Jen says:

    Man next season is going to send me on an emotional roller coaster ride it seems as far as my OTP Mikita goes. :'( … “Gut” “GUTTTT” SOBS. I need to prepare myself for this emotional turmoil brewing for Michael & Nikita … but I know Shane & Maggie will rock it. They rock the angst like no other … and in the end of the day it’s always each other. Sigh. :) … At least I know that much for sure. Can’t wait for S2!!!

  29. GW says:

    House was once on my must-see list. But I didn’t see past midseason this time!
    Anyway Fringe is what excites me!! As Anna said, what’ll happen to her and the baby?!! And how does Peter come back!!

  30. lothiriel says:

    Yeah thanks ! But shonda told us that 2years ago already … “lexie needs to grow up”… mark and lexie must talk with each other that’s all, they love each other, everybody say that on the show, and still we must suffer and watch Jakson/Lexie together….

    Come on bring Mark.lexie back together !!

  31. Fran says:

    Oh man Jesse Spencer is so hot! Sucks that pilot season is already over now, he could for sure have scored a good part on some of the new shows this year :P Maybe he will still sign his contract for House? There is still hope he wants to come back next season right?

  32. Alicia says:

    HA! thanks for the laugh.
    Something else making me laugh are all the House “For your Emmy consideration” ads plastered everywhere.
    Please, like the SHOW even has a chance of being nominated–wasn’t even last year. And (unfortunately) I suspect Hugh won’t even be recognized this year–WAY TO GO WRITERS!! Oh well, it’s not like he was going to win anyway.

    • Ali says:

      And we have to thank the asinine huddy crap for this! Huddy MD = the kiss of death for what used to be a great show!

      • Alicia says:

        You’re as delusional as David Shore. The show, it’s cases and characterizations have been going downhill since for YEARS.
        DS thinks he’s infallible, the writers don’t give a sh&t–THAT has been the cold embrace of death gripping this show since season 4.

        • Jill says:

          Exactly, for years since they started to push the stupid huddy crap! Networks don’t make decisions in a blink of n eye, if they didn’t care to keep LE the reason is simple: she didn’t bring in the ratings they waited from the huddy/Cuddy nonsense. Got it?

          • Alicia says:

            Right, Ali/Jill. The ill-advised attempt to “shake things up” after season 3 by disbanding the original team. The misguided emphasis on the “fascinating” 13, and now, heavy focus on Taub. The lousy storylines and usage of shock tactics. The lazy writing and intentionally dismal depiction of House & Cuddy’s relationship. The staunch refusal to enact any real growth in the titular character. NONE of that has anything to do with plunging viewership. People just didn’t want to watch Huddy, even though ratings didn’t bomb until AFTER their split. Yes, it’s all so clear; got it.

        • D says:

          The very first, all-around bad episode of House was Season 5 Episode 18, “Here Kitty”. You can’t honestly expect anyone to take a comment like this seriously; you just come off as a harpy against the cast mix-up.

  33. Nina says:

    How can they still not have signed Jesse Spencer for the next season? Fox hates all #House fans for sure :P

  34. raiza says:

    If they still explaining that House wasnt trying to kill Cuddy, then it means they did a louzy job. And yet, they keep giving poor excuses.

  35. MGL says:

    Looking forward to Nikita, as gut wrenching as Mikita may be.

    Stopped watching House after they broke up the team. Was never a Huddy fan, though I liked Cuddy as the antagonistic boss. When her and House “sparred” over something it was always more interesting. They just ruined that show.

  36. ok says:

    Get rid of ow, 13 character is annoying

  37. Mike says:

    The BIG age difference between Mark & Lexie on Grey’s Anatomy? LoL I hadn’t noticed. Actually I had and it’s skeevy and “ridiculous chemistry”? Watching a father/daughter relationship isn’t one of ridiculous chemistry dude, sorry, because these two characters make me feel like Mark trolls the school grounds too much for his dates. Would be NICE if Rhimes finds Mark a challenging, age appropriate character to have a SL with this year because to me Mark has been utterly forgettable sinece they hooked him up with Lexie and I like both Chyler and Eric Dane individually, so it’s a bummer I want to change the channel when I see them together (or take a shower-ewwww). Move both characters on Shonda PLEASE.

    • Beth says:

      Like I said above, they are only 10 years apart. In what world is that “watching a father/daughter relationship”. You must live someplace really strange.

      • Josephine says:

        actyally you should check you data a bit better because if you watched the show from the beginning you would know that there are more difference in thier age. At least there are 13-15 years. as it is many years ago Addison said she was 37 and she and Mark and Derek are supposed to be the same age and Lexie is 27/28 (depending on her birthday). In season 5 she is 25.
        So yeah it was more than 10 years. It might not be father/daughter thing, I don’t think it is, but still it is more than 10 years.

        Personally I don’t like them together, never did, I always liked him with Addison.

        • Cinders says:

          Actually, Addison was 39 in the original interns’ first year (Season 3 finale which was the final season of the intern year). So in Grey’s Anatomy time, she, Derek and Mark are 42 years old in the residents’ fourth year (this past season). Lexie is 27 years old, as stated this season. So there is actually is a 15 year difference. A significant age difference. The actors’ age difference is actually 10 years but the characters’ age difference is 15.

        • Anne says:

          The actors are only 10 years apart. They look only 10 years apart. It doesn’t matter what the story says, there is only 10 years difference in their ages. Grow up people. And if Mike above lives in a world where 10 year old boys are becoming fathers, then he’s the one that needs to ‘take a shower’ or clean out his brain. Yuck.

    • Captain says:

      You must be really immature if you can’t get passed a 10 year age difference. My parents are 10 years apart, a lot of girls in their late 20s (she’s 28 on the show) date guys in their late 30s/early 40s because girls mature faster than boys. Mentally, they’re evenly matched and if you can’t see their smoking chemistry you must be blind.

  38. br says:

    “Who is she, having never met Peter?” That’s a weird question. Who should she be? Peter was just a boyfriend for a few weeks, I doubt that had much impact. Walter is the one, that made her who she is.

  39. nitemar says:

    As much as I love Lisa, ,she made the right choice in leaving, the conservatives from FOX I bet, did not want her to speak her mind out, and to her that’s more important than $$$. Good for you Lisa! <3<3 :)

    • Ann says:

      Dont make me laught, please! Tptb gave her a big chance by turning the show into huddy md and in the end it was clear that huddy/cuddy was a fiasco. No wonder they let her go, it’s just business: for a show that cost 5 million at episode the ratings of the first 15 episodes were pretty bad

      • Jill says:

        Word! She knew her storyline had been a failure and she knew she was going to be marginalized next season. Maybe she quit because she hoped to have another offert from the House’s producers but she was wrong. Who knows? Actually she should have the decency to explain her reasons, expecially considering that the her rabid fans are bashing everyone involved with the show even the people she calls ‘friends’.

        • Sharona says:

          Considering Lisa E’s never been press-shy, I’m surprised she hasn’t put her side of the story out there.

          • Ec says:

            To admit just how mercenary she is? And risk pissing off someone who might hire her in the future. Not going to happen.

        • Finn says:

          As opposed to all of those really calm people who hate her and keep their opinions to theirselves, right?

          • Jess says:

            Well, LE is the one who quit, she know her fangirls are crazy and are sending vile posts to all the persons involved with the show, it’ her duty to make a statement about her decision! Unless she wants publicity via her crazy supporters

    • Aque says:

      You have Fox New & the Fox entertainment branches mixed up. You know, the folks who broadcast Glee & all its ultra-liberal messages. She walked because they were going to sideline Cuddy next season, & her ego clearly couldn’t handle it, or the reduction in pay that carried.

  40. passing says:

    Fringe season 4 looks exiting, the ending on the bridge with the two
    Walters and the two Olivia’s has so many possibilities.
    Great observation by Anna about Olivia, and at the end of the final Fauxlivia was looking approving at Olivia, who looked more sure to me.
    Perhaps Walter and Olivia will have amore Father-daughter relationship, which means more scenes like the ones in 3.21.

    Season 3 finally has given Anna Torv and also Fringe and John Noble the recognition, good news today from Critics Circle.

  41. Stacey says:

    Thanks for the updates on several great shows. Looking forward to “Leverage” and now with the comments from Christian Kane (Eliot) even more excited. Only 20 more days to wait for S4!

  42. Cleide says:

    I honestly dont care about JS or LE.
    If Edelstein would renew, always hovering about a new possibility for huddy and I think DS nor Fox did not want (my view)
    If she renew what had become of the character? find some other boyfriend (the huddys would slash the wrists)
    As for JS he’s virtually no role in the show as well as OE.
    I hope they have excellent medical cases for next season, because that’s what people want to see:House/Wilson and medical cases.
    (and please make taub’s women kill him, because this character is simply pathetic)

    • MiMi says:

      That’s what YOU want to see, not everyone. Just to be clear.

      • Cleide says:

        Just to be clear, I would like some other things too…Cameron, HAMERON, but I know it is not possible (you know, now JMO has your own show)
        Among the few options, I can live with House/Wilson/medical cases :)
        Since the worst nightmare is over (huddy pathetic/annoying) I can watch next season, relatively happy.

    • Jill says:

      I dont’t care at all about Cuddy, I’m glad she is gone for good but JS is a good actor and I’d like to see a good storyline written for him. Chase’s interactions with House bring in both drama and fun and that’s what I’d like to see along with House/Wilson friendship, clinic patients and medical cases, basically what the show used to give us before the huddy crap.

      • Daniel says:

        House/Chase interaction is always interesting because Chase isthe most House-like character.Unfortunately it’s non existing now.I hope that will be fixed in S8 if Jesse does come back.

      • AN says:

        I don’t care about Cuddy, too.
        I’m a-ship fan.

    • ChiChi says:

      I second that. Taub is a painfully uninteresting, extra type of character that has been lifted up to main billing. A nice dramatic death might redeem him somewhat.

  43. Jenn says:

    You talked to Christian Kane.. excuse me while I squeal with joy like a teenager :) This man is hotness all around! I am so stoked for Leverage to be back.. Leverage is one of the most entertaining shows out there!!! Best cast chemistry out of any show (Burn Notice is a close second).. 20 more days.. Woooo Hoooo!!!

  44. BrianR says:

    Peter Bishop is gone to be replaced by ……Peter Knight!

  45. fray says:

    I dont want to see more house/wilson, boring.

  46. Tati says:

    “and Lexie has some growing up to do.” ??????????????

    WHAT ???? LEXIE??????

    It’s idiot Mark….make the baby…..

  47. Babagate says:

    I’ve given up on Mark and Lexie. My hopes were shattered this season. Besides, I still don’t like Avery but Mark is looking older these days. It might be better to get him someone that is age appropriate.
    After House’s finale, I’m not sure I’ll be watching again. After 7 seasons, House is still a petulant child that is now risking even more lives tho throw a tantrum. I’m done. I just don’t see any growth or evolution here. Especially since Cuddy won’t be back.

  48. Babygate says:

    Is it true that Tupper may become a regular in Grey’s Anatomy? Say it ain’t so!!!!
    The fans have been clear about Henry being the right fit for Teddy.
    Tupper will just weigh the show with another cast member that is not exciting to watch at all. Please Shonda, NO!!!

  49. Jamie says:

    I knew we Michael/Nikita fans would be in for an angsty S2 for our pairing when Craig Silverstein said he was introducing one male and one female character next season. But, that’s what makes their relationship so great. The push/pull, back and forth sexual tension between them. Because in the end, I know they’ll be able to make it through anything together. And, I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

  50. Logan says:

    Just give Mark somebody I don’t care who anymore just so he has something to do when he’s not with Sofia, I’m sick of the threesome let C/A be an actual couple for a little bit