It's Official: Nicole Scherzinger Will Replace Cheryl Cole on U.S. X Factor

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Cheryl Cole is out as a judge on the upcoming U.S. version of The X Factor and cohost Nicole Scherzinger is in.

The worst kept secret in Hollywood was finally confirmed this morning by Fox and X producers FremantleMedia and Syco TV. Here’s the complete statement:

“Nicole Scherzinger will be replacing Cheryl Cole on the judging panel of The X Factor. Nicole will join Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid and Paula Abdul on their search across America to find the next global superstar or group to win the life-changing $5 million dollar recording deal. Nicole has previously joined Simon Cowell as a guest judge on The X Factor for the UK version of the show in 2010. Steve Jones will act as sole host of The X Factor.”

There’s still no official word on the reason behind Cole’s ouster, although everything from her thick accent to lack of chemistry with Abdul has been blamed.

Over the weekend, there was speculation that Cole was nearing an agreement to remain a part of the judging panel after she nixed an offer to return to the UK X Factor. Ultimately, a deal could not be hammered out.

Thoughts? Are you more or less likely to tune in this fall?

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  1. Sam says:

    Oh no, blah blah blah, she won’t judge the Sing-Off. The world is ending, even though the Sing-Off is the worst singing-based reality show currently in production.

  2. Karen says:

    That is great for X factor, but will it affect the Sing Off at all, will Nicole do both?

  3. L says:

    Talk about worst publicity stunt ever. What happened to Cheryl coming back? What a farce. It’s getting to the point where I don’t care who judges the show!

  4. isa says:

    It’s official. I won’t be watching the US version.

    Simon & Paula? No thanks. We’ve had that for years and years on idol.
    Nicole as a judge? Again, no thanks.

    Cheryl was the one person I was looking forward to see on that panel.

    • Kale says:

      Wow….I thought i was the only person who wanted to vom every time i had to watch the bizarre “chemistry” between Simon and Paula…

      When she signed on…the only thing that kept me interested was Cheryl, because she’s gorgeous…and it would have been interesting to have a Brit on an American panel judging American talent and coaching American artists (Simon doesn’t count)… That, and I hoped her normal enjoyable/sweet chemistry with Simon Cowell would triumph over w/e the hell Abd-owell was going to subject us too…

  5. Mel says:

    Nicole was actually pretty good on X Factor UK but she has nowhere near the charm that Cheryl has. Would probably watch it without question if Cheryl’s name was never mentioned but now I am sad and confused.

  6. Ritchie says:

    Finally, they said from another article that it was about money all along. It was the big bosses all along. It might be true to an extent that Paula and Cheryl weren’t getting along. It might be true to some extent they wanted to have some publicity about this show. It might be true that her accent was too strong for the American viewers. But one thing is for sure, Nicole doesn’t have anything to do with this drama. Whether she becomes a judge or not will really not do her good or bad for that matter. She has her singing, acting, modeling carreer to attend to anyways. She’ll be happy to be just a host for the show and that would be good enough for publicity in her case. Anyways, Nicole can sing, dance, act, write music, play instruments, judge, host etc. She is one multi-talented Independent Woman! She won as a singing contestant out of thousands at the WB show “POPSTARS” and she also won at Dancing With The Stars and showed her dancing prowess to America. She can sing different genres of music like pop, r&b, rock, techno, dance, ballad etc. She is more qualified compared to Paula, Simon, LA Reid or Cheryl because she is an artist, former contestant, knows the music industry, writes music, play instruments and knows how to dance and entertain as well.

    • JP B says:

      Can I marry you? GOSH, you said it all! I TOTALLY AGREE WITH U!

    • F R says:

      Cheryl Cole has many of the same experiences as Nicole:
      Former reality show contestant- yes
      Singer- yes (solo and Girls Aloud)
      Dancer- yes (watch her perform “Fight for this Love” on last year’s X Factor)
      Celebrity- yes (was married to a footballer)
      Familiar with the music industry- yes (as a judge for 3 seasons on X Factor and as a singer herself)

  7. margyg4 says:

    Looks like Cheryl’s PR team is here in full swing lol…damage control. I am a Brit and been following the saga in our tabloids, interestingly enough there were more negative than positive comments about Cheryl from the public.US you haven’t missed anything and for those who won’t watch because she is not on the show, well its your loss,but for evey one of you there will be millions more watching… wait and see.

    • KAS says:

      that’s like when US throws Bieber at the UK consumers… “Please take him, we don’t want him anymore” … It’s not representative of much more than over-exposure. Yeah’s she’s over-exposed to the point of become one of those rich celebs the country loathes…but it doesn’t mean she should come to the US and be treated with such unprofessional gloves, or that the American audience would have disliked her. If people were only interested because of Cheryl Cole…So be it..

  8. V says:

    i’ve been a fan of the UK version for years now (since i got tired of AI) so i am familiar with both cheryl’s and nicole’s judging abilities. nicole simply isn’t as good as cheryl and definitely not as likable or relatable. and with the whole “saula” thing reminding me too much of AI, i think it’s safe to say there’s nothing for me to be excited about and i will not be watching it.

    • Dods says:

      THIS! Took the words out of my head… Nicole is a pretty bad judge, and it’s a shame America won’t know Cheryl, she’s lovely!

    • MP says:

      this, Cheryl is amusing on the UK one, she she should stay instead of Nicole or Paula

  9. brandy says:

    So what happens if Nicole and Paula don’t have chemistry? They should just replace LA with Randy and call it “American Idol 2: Now with kids and old people!”

  10. phil says:

    You guys should be made up Cheryl is not on the show! If you check out the Uk forums the majority of the UK viewers were glad she was gone, but were pissed off when Dannii Minogue couldn’t come back. She is very boring untalented.She is basically Simon’s pet project. He wanted to make her a star, but Fox put their foot down and said no! At least Nicole can actually sing and sing well, all Cheryl ever did was mime badly!

    • sarah says:

      Totally agree with you. Dannii Minogue had more talent in her little finger than Cheryl Cole has in her whole body. And Dannii is the real loss to the UK X Factor, but Cowell never understood her popularity because he only had interest in Cole. Cole is very good looking, but she has little talent. She has only become as famous as she has because Simon has been looking after her. Pet project sums it up perfectly. Apparently, now Cole is sulking and generally behaving like someone has taken away her favourtie toy. It’s about time she grew up.

  11. Caitlin says:

    This sucks. I was really looking forward to having Cheryl judge and make her US debut. I hope she plans to stick around and start releasing music at least. This is not a great decision. I think many Americas were looking forward to her judging. Now we have same thing we saw on American Idol for 7 years.

  12. Jean10brook says:

    I love Nicole and am very excited that she will be judging, instead of co-hosting. I’ve never even heard of Cheryl, so it’s fine with me that she won’t be on. I do hope Nicole will still be able to be a judge on The Sing Off, as well. I love the show and as an earlier poster said, the groups competing are really talented. Can’t wait to see both shows!

  13. Elle says:

    I love Nicole so I’m loving this news might actually make me tune in cause although I loved her I didn’t really think she would be a good host.But her album is awesome and she has been in the biz for a long time so fingers crossed she will be a great judge.She has to at least be better than Xtina on The Voice lmao.

  14. Katie says:

    Get rid of Paula and keep everyone else. I got tired of listening to her on Idol. No interest in watching this at all now.

  15. MM says:

    No Cheryl ,really???? SHE is the STAR of the show not either simon nor Paula, paula is actually terrible judge or coach for contestants, nicole only being so nice too, it’s like they are the same. Cheryl should be there, she is so good for the contestant..and now she’s OUT!!!!

  16. sarah says:

    Too bad. My interest in this show wanes every day. My local newspaper (Toronto Sun) actually has followed this along with lots of shots of Cheryl. I think the entertainment editor has a crush on her.

  17. Marc says:

    This show has all the amkings of a major bomb. It just seems like a trainwreck banking solely on Simon’s name recognition. Only problem is that people were starting to grow tired of him in his final days of American Idol even. I really don’t think that this show will be the major ratings slam dunk the network thinks it is — especially with AI’s reemerging popularity and The Voice’s success — there are only so many talent show eyeballs to go around and I think tyhis one is the lame duck amongst the bunch.

  18. bobsocks says:

    Problem is not FOX or Cheryl or Paula (although she is questionable).

    Problem is Simon Cowell is in over his head this time. He is backing a loser.

  19. Tetria says:

    The only reason I was watching the show was because of Cheryl. The Simon/Paula schtick has been done. It’s tired and old. Cheryl and Simon’s chemistry worked on the UK show because they had a healthy competition going on and put it all into making their acts shine. Paula BARELY gave coherent critiques on AI. I don’t know why every keeps saying America loves Paula? Her reality show after AI FLOPPED HARD, as did the singles he attempted to release during her AI run to reboot her career. Cheryl has potential to be a star in America. It’s true that she is relatively unknown in America, but FOX could have had a hand in CREATING a new star, rather than watching one burn out (IE. Paula). Nicole was a very blah judge during her time on the UK version, and I doubt she will stand out. Her solo music career has failed to take-off in America, and she doesn’t know how to work the business like Cheryl– just look at Cole’s success in the UK. Fox made a big mistake here.

  20. Carissa Joy says:

    This is definitely the X Factor USA’s loss. Without Cheryl Cole, the judging panel just lost it’s charm, likeability, and personality. I watched Nicole when she was a guest judge on the UK version, and I just wasn’t as drawn into her as I was with Cheryl. Cheryl just has this adorable fierceness about her. I think she could’ve been an instant hit here in America. Shame that the X Factor will actually lose viewers because she’s not on. Oh well…

  21. Brooke says:

    Well, now it just got boring. I can’t figure out for the life of me what would be interesting about Scherzinger.

  22. Elaine says:

    After the judging debacle on American Idol this year, was very much looking forward to XFactor a breath of fresh air, judges who actually judge.

    Am disappointed Cole won’t be on. I think it’s an insult to americans to say they couldn’t undersstand her accent. Not giving you guys much credit to say you couldn’t even figure out what she was saying. I thin you all have much better ears and aare more wordly than Fox gives you credit for. Accent Shmaccdent.

    I’ll still give it a try but I must say the drama is a very unattractive start.

    But God, judges who give constructive criticism, what a novel idea (do you hear me Randy, JLo, Steven?)

  23. john says:

    cheryl was the only reason i wanted to watch. there’s now practically 0 chance of me watching. #teamcheryl

  24. Diana says:

    I think Nicole is much better, ’cause she’s talented, beautiful and genuine. She’s a very good person. She deserves this job.