Idoloonies: Lauren Alaina on Defending Haley, Making Sense of Randy, and Being 'The One'

If you got tired of hearing Randy Jackson tell American Idol contestants they were “in it to win it” this season, you weren’t alone. In a funny and freewheeling Idoloonies interview, Season 10 runner-up Lauren Alaina explains why she and her fellow finalists dreaded hearing those words from the Dawg, and further scratches her head about Randy’s season-long commentary about her return to being the girl the judges fell in love with at the Nashville auditions.

Lauren also shares what moment of the competition made her worry she was “in a sandpit and sinking fast,” which week she wound up feeling like a ghost had walked in front of her, and why she fought for a change in the arrangement for her memorable performance of “Anyway.” Press play below on all three parts of our video to experience those gems, plus Lauren’s thoughts on Marilyn Monroe, cowboy boots, and that time a scrubs-sporting doctor took to the Idol stage to talk about the health of her singing voice. (Oh, and stick around for some after-the-credits, bonus Idol trivia!) And to get all my continued updates on your favorite Idol contestants — including future interviews with Scotty McCreery, Haley Reinhart, and Casey Abrams — follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. SpyKi says:


    • SpyKi says:

      I’m hoping for like 9 parts. Don’t let me down Slezak!

      • Dick Whitman says:

        9? More like 15.

        I’m hoping commentary on every performance/judges “critique”.

        • Terry says:

          HALEY! HALEY! HALEY!

          • Idolhead Ed says:

            Since we all have to wait for Haley you can click my name and relive her entire journey along with my tribute to her. Haley fans, it might just hold you over. Haley haters it might just kill you. So Haley lovers head on over and Haley haters head on over too so we can be done with ya.

          • MedicIdol says:

            I think Haley is all kinds of sexy and cool. Saying that Lauren is a good kid, kind of a goof (really funny) and really fun to watch takes nothing away from Haley………Can I see Haley now?

        • Rachel says:

          Everybody go on, its a song that Haley sang on american idol. Its really good, but no one knows about it because it was barely on TV.

      • B-scot says:

        That was a very nice interview with Lauren and I enjoyed it but
        Haley! HaLeY!! HALEY!!! we want Haley.

        • darclyte says:

          I’m still waiting for his video interview with Casey James from last season. He’s the ONLY person who he didn’t interview on Idolatry (his previous Idol video series on

          Speaking of Casey James, I had wanted a “band” performance on the finale of Casey James playing guitar, Casey playing bass, and James singing, so it would have been Casey, James, and Casey James. They coulda called it the “Casey James Band.”

          • Esta says:

            Wow, I’ve read maybe a total of 3 Idoloonys comments sections this season and I swear that every time You have been here harping on the Casey James thing. LET. IT. GO, girlfriend.

          • zaza says:

            I’m with you, darclyte. Casey James was my favorite that season, primarily because of his blues-guitar playing. I know he’s working on an album and would love to find out how that’s going for him and when it will be dropping. Just a teeny interview, please Michael?

          • JayK says:

            Wow, that made me really like Lauren! I’m with you, darclyte. I, too, was waiting for the Casey James interview that never materialized. I would love to hear from him.

          • FameandFortune says:

            Esta I will let go of wanting to see a Casey James interview when Haley’s fans STFU which we all know is never. But at least they will get their interview.

        • CandaceTX says:

          Lauren seems like a really sweet and funny girl. Best of luck to her. Looking forward to Lady Reinhart.

        • buzz says:

          Michael nice job, but I wished you had gotten one question in about the duet she sang with Haley. I thought Lauren came out of her shell on “Gunpowder & Lead” and would have loved to hear her take on that one, because they really were good together. Considering we only got Lauren & Scotty in the duets before that one. Overall, I respect Scotty and Lauren for being stand-up people at such a young age, especially Lauren for speaking out on Haley’s behalf. Having said that, I am not a country fan, although I like Carrie’s crossover appeal and talent. At the end of the day…is there anyone better than Haley? I think not!

          • Ems says:

            Yeah, I would of loved to hear about Gun Powder & Lead as well. One of the best duets this season. It would be great it they could reprise it on the tour or something…

    • J says:

      Michael’s probably saving the best for last. :)

    • michele says:

      i agree.. we want haley info!!!!!!!!!she is phenominal

    • Tuzo says:

      I think he’s holding out on us and saving her for last! :-O

    • Mrs. P says:

      Is this a Haley fansite? Isn’t she good enough to have one devoted to her, so her fans have to come her to play.

    • Maybelle says:

      After listening to this interview I must say good job Slezak. I truly enjoyed Lauren and got a better sense of her. I actually have learned to love that girl.

      • tag says:

        Absolutely! Lauren sparkled in this interview with charm and charisma, and none of the “I’m just Lauren” tone of voice. I wish her the best and hope she gets some great songs to sing so I can buy them.

    • This is now a loser Haley site says:

      Slezak has made this site a LOSER Haley site.

      Beotch Haley is gonna flop.

      • haley!haley! says:

        Not on our watch.

        – Haley’s Fans

      • tamara says:

        wow, what is with all the hating from opposite fans?

        I personally LOVE Haley, I’ve been her fan from the beginning. And I became obsessed with her from Benny and the Jetts on.

        But I don’t feel the need to diss other contestants. Yes, I hate Scotty, and Jacob, and… whatever! I don’t like many of the others.

        But you all have to admit Lauren’s a pretty likable and funny girl.

        I loved the interview, Slezak. She looks like lots of fun.
        And it also shows that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that we don’t know. And that things happen faster than we think.

        • Diana says:

          You “Hate” Scotty? How said for you.

        • Bonnie says:

          Seriously, Tamara! We have Haley fans flooding this site making negative comments about Lauren continuously, and not just here, but everywhere Lauren has a song or an interview on the internet, Haley fans flock to it to make negative comments. It’s so organized and vicious it is unbelievable. So stop with the fan hate comments, because Haley fans lead the way in fan hate.

      • Cup of Joe says:

        Pot kettle black, eh?

        STFU, will ya, you w*nk?

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Honestly, grow up, people! I was a huge Haley fan and didn’t much care for Lauren, but I watched the interview and was PLEASANTLY surprised. I laughed out loud several times!
      Do yourself a favor – Slezak does a great job on these interviews. Please watch Lauren’s Idoloonies interview. You won’t be disappointed. (When she said she looked like “flowers with a head” during the Lady Gaga mentoring session, I lost it!).

    • Suzanne says:

      That was a great interview. I like Lauren about 100 times more after that. (Looking forward to Haley and Casey.)

  2. cibele says:

    Did I miss Haley’s interview? :(

    • Gabe says:

      Please read the last sentence of the article… See? Reading helps!

      • cibele says:

        I guess some people can’t lose an opportunity to be rude. It must be painful to pass the chance. Why miss the opportunity to be an a-hole, right? But yes, I read it later, after watching the video.

        • pot, meet kettle says:

          You waste other people’s time by cluttering up the comments section of an article you haven’t even bothered to read, and then you complain when they’re rude right back at you? Sheesh.

  3. Realist says:

    Not interested in Lauren at all.

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for your wonderful addition to these comments. So insightful, so meaningful, so utterly useless. You still increased the popularity of this post by clicking on it and adding this deep deep comment. Nice work!

    • Jay says:

      Interesting…did someone threaten to break your legs if you didn’t watch Lauren’s interview?? Really…they’re not mandatory!!

    • Bonnie says:

      Ummmmm, why are you here?

    • Sarahh says:

      Awesome. Was there a need to tell us that though?

  4. lee says:

    i have to say, this interview makes me like her a lot more. i always thought she had a pleasant voice and could sing well, but the constant pimping and forced story lines by the judges and production kept me from really embracing her. seeing her personality in these videos, and also seeing that she recognized some of the ridiculousness of the pimping of her makes me like her.

    • mars says:

      I agree. I’m still not a fan of Lauren’s singing (I hate country), but her personality is much more interesting than the narrative idol producers wrote for her. Good luck to her career!

      • zaza says:

        She definitely seemed more mature here than the “widdle Wauren” we saw in the Idol interviews. I guess Slezak brings out the best in people!

        • Kat says:

          Totally agree. I thought she was adorable and extremely likable in these interviews – far more so than she ever seemed on the show. Thanks a lot, Idol producers.

          • tamara says:

            I agree!!

            If we’d seen this side of Lauren, I bet once Haley was gone most of her fans would’ve voted for her and made her win. I’m sorry for Scotty, but there’s not way I’d listen to his albun. I haven’t even listened to any of his Idol songs twice. Once was enough for me. They all sound the same.

            But I liked Lauren in the begninning, she was my fave with Haley and James. But then I became tired of her, and that’s probably the producers fault.

            Also, I like the clothes she wears day-to-day, and the ones she had on interview packages and behind the scenes on the show. But the ones she came out with on performance nights were HORRENDOUS. Don’t know what happened there.

    • Helen says:

      My thoughts exactly.

      • razz says:

        Me,too. Love the screen shots of Lauren. Very funny!! She seems like a great girl. Lots of luck, Lauren.

    • EvaneSam says:

      This is the Lauren we first saw in Nashville …. :P

      I liked Lauren from the very begining she just didn’t deliver many memorable performances during the show and that’s why by the time we got to the top 2 I was completely uninterested.
      I think she would have done much better if they had pushed her vocaly and performance wise rather than pushed her down our throats as THE ONE. That might have hurt her more than it did her any good.
      She’s great and I’m happy she took a stand after Haley got critiqued by He-who-shall-not-be-named.

    • djm says:

      I agree. It sort of makes me feel bad for fast-forwarding through all but the first 15 seconds of her performances, but not really. I still think she should have waited a year or four and tried out then – I think she will be amazing at that point.

      • nonnie says:

        Agree. Sleezak again delivers an interview that makes the contestant/singer very human, thoughtful and likeable. I must have fast forwarded through some of the performances since I did not recognize the clips he/Jason played.

    • jessabean says:

      Totally! Couldnt agree more!

    • stevenjaba says:

      I agree too. If only she had waited a couple years – she was just too young for AI. Missed opportunity. But, I definitely like her a lot more.

      • Rick says:

        I am sick to death of the “She should have waited” comments! She came in second place you idiots and what girl is going to win with the power texting hormonal tweens out there? Will she be better in 5 yrs, well of course but there are no guarantees that she’d make it through. There is much better talent that is never seen and never passed on. How many times have you heard about a finalist that tried out multiple times and finally got through. It’s all about being at the right place at the right time.

    • Kim says:


    • Eolra says:

      Agree! Not a huge Lauren fan, but this interview is pretty adorable. Good luck to her – her heart seems to be in the right place.

    • L says:

      Yeah, she’s funny and has some personality, has some fire too and they are not as clueless as to the whole game as the production made her seem (although her standing up for Haley kind of already made that at least partially evident).

      It is interesting to hear contestants, from other seasons too, all talking about how they joke amongst themselves about how absurd some of the judging and it all is.

      And yet still a couple of the judges each year and Nigel think we are all dumb.

    • L says:

      Yeah, she’s funny and has some personality, has some fire too and they are not as clueless as to the whole game as the production made her seem (although her standing up for Haley kind of already made that at least partially evident).

      It is interesting to hear contestants, from other seasons too, all talking about how they joke amongst themselves about how absurd some of the judging and it all is.

      And yet still a couple of the judges each year and Nigel think we are all dumb..

    • forrest says:

      I couldn’t agree more, lee; well said.

    • JudyVee says:

      I agree! She seems completely delightful here…funny, smart, and come on, folks, let’s admit the girl can sing. Did I want Haley to win? You bet. But I like Lauren a lot more after this interview which, I’m sure, is more the real Lauren than the pimped out version Nigel gave us. (Although I was wondering how much Idoloonies Lauren watched before talking to Slezak.) Also…to the person who maligned Lauren and Ashthon Jones in the same comment: Shame on you.

    • takakupo says:

      I couldn’t agree more :] This interview was wonderful and entertaining and she has lots of charisma (and she can definitely sing). I feel a bit stupid because sometimes it takes me an interview like this to realize that the concocted storylines on Idol are fake and that Lauren has been doing really big notes the whole time, but hey! It happens :] I do still hope we see her kill a song one day on a big stage so we’ll see what happens :]

  5. jprados says:

    I’ll pass, just waiting for Haley’s interview.

    And YAY, Casey too!

    • cibele says:

      It’s actually kinda funny, I wouldn’t pass it. She makes fun of Randy at least 3 times.

    • HappyDays says:

      Haley fans listen to part 3 at least. Haley gets a bit of time there.

      (Lauren comes off fairly well in these. She has the ego required but maintains the self-awareness needed to temper it.)

      • Tusk says:

        Haley fans should watch this anyway, I find it informative and entertaining. Lauren comes off really well. After all, the weirdness with AI is ALL the Judges/Producers. I really believe that all these guys have a great relationship with each other and we all saw Lauren’s glee when Haley made top 3. Lauren is a sweetheart.

        (funny most of the guys post-idol interviews came off worse than most of the ladies’interviews…Naima, Thia, Pia and Lauren > Stefano and Jacob (some would say James, but I enjoyed his interview and Paul was Ok).

        Maybe I’m biased, being male, but most all the ladies’ interviews made me appreciate each lady even more.

        • L says:

          @Tusk – agree with everything you said
          (also a guy, so maybe we are getting biased, but I don’t know I think they did come off a little bit better)

          the judges though, the bloggers git on ’em, the fan git on ’em, the former contestants git on ’em and even the current contestant git on ’em HINT HINT HINT SUBTLE HINT to Nigel, stop your darn mucking around with the show!!

        • Amber says:

          I’m a girl here, and I also like Lauren about a million times more after watching this interview.

        • emrom says:

          @ Tusk -> I agree with you (and I am a woman). maybe the girls coming out better on these interview (and in general) because on AI they barely showed personality (except for Haley, which not always came out as positive by some viewers). James, Casey, and such had so much charisma and personality on TV, that they somewhat disappointing when you get to them in “natural” light, whereas, Pia and Thia (who considered by most to be boring) coming out as nice genuine people and in general all the girls are showing that they are very likable.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      You are really missing a gem by not watching the interview. It’s worth your time.

  6. Kari says:

    Where was this girl the last few weeks? After watching this I kind of like her.

  7. Milly says:

    I guess you’re saving the best **coughHaleycough* for last then.

  8. Jason Bentley says:

    Guys, please. Just avail YouTube. Your streaming is slow as hell, even on my superfast Internet connection (probably your Internet Service Provider), and I’m sick at looking at the little spinny wheel as the program sputters and stops. I understand that, as a startup, you probably don’t have the technical infrastructure to deal with these kinds of things. But that what YouTube is for. Let Google help you not frustrate the hell out of your viewers.

    • cibele says:

      This streaming is really slow and I only watch those videos when I have lots of patience and time. When it stops I have to reload it again and so on. Annoying.

      • B-scot says:

        I think their server is using RTMP and not HTTP, that combined with the older JW player meaning a very limited buffer size. Then add in either low bandwidth and/or a large number of routers in the pathway to were you are then it will drive you CRAZY.

        • L says:

          still amused here that my hideously bad connection that chokes and freezes on everything actually plays these idoloonies perfectly without pause every time any time or day or night!

          on the downside they use a format here that RealDownloader and others can’t download without a pain

    • maureen says:

      It must be your computers, because I’ve never had a problem with the video.

      • JBanana says:

        Really. People have been mentioning this all season. It’s not our computers… just because it’s not giving you a problem doesn’t mean the rest of us are crazy. Don’t you think we watch videos on other sites? If it were our computers, it would happen equally everywhere. It doesn’t. It’s only this site that is a problem.
        That being said, I bet Michael has very little control over what video streamer the website uses. Until they replace it with something else, I’ve just gotten used to not watching until I have lots of time… press play, press pause, then wait for ten minutes before pressing play again. Hope that helps.

      • Yo says:

        My computer started having problems with the last of these three videos. Never before.

        • Jason says:

          I have problems too but not with any other videos I watch. It is definitely these videos that are not compatible with all players.

    • Mrs. P says:

      Works like a charm for me.

      • karenb says:

        The videos always work great on my laptop, too. Can’t get them to pull up on my iphone, tho. But that’s ok. I like the full-screen effect on the laptop.

    • Idolhead Ed says:

      Dude I have the worst piece of crap computer ever and I don’t ever have issues here. Porn sites are another story.Just kidding.

  9. GS says:

    Great interview! She’s seems like a very down to earth girl and it’s nice to see her without all the nerves. And for all you Haley fans complaining, learn to read. The last line says that Scotty, Haley, and Casey interviews are to come soon.

  10. JRM says:

    Lauren interview was nice. But I need my Haley interview! D:

  11. rachel says:

    I know this will catch flack, but what is the point of commenting just to say you’re not interested in Lauren and waiting for Haley’s interview. You know Slezak interviewed Haley. You know he interviews all the idols and you know that Slezak adores Haley. Let Lauren have her freaking time.

    • Liz says:

      I agree. It’s really disrespectful.

    • cibele says:

      I asked if I missed Haley’s interview, but it was a legitimate question because I thought I really missed since interviews were in a order. No intention to be disrespectful :)

      • Liz says:

        Not directed at you. It’s just irritating when people leave comments on another contestant’s video demanding that so-and-so’s interview be posted because they’re the only one who matters.

        Perhaps Slezak is saving his favourite for last. ;)

      • Carol says:

        You’re right that the interviews are posted in order of elimination, but I believe Michael will post Haley’s last, in a “saving the best for last” kind of way.

      • haleyloonie (but great interview, lauren) says:

        They weren’t in order, though — Thia’s and Naima’s came in just recently, after James, Jacob, etc.

    • SajiNoKami says:

      Agreed. Haley pimping in the comments of Lauren’s interview, really does seem uncalled for.

    • Lily says:

      Loved the interview with Lauren Alaina! Looking forward to Casey, Haley and Scotty!

  12. D says:

    Lauren is actually pretty cool. The ‘besides you’ line slayed me, so true so funny!

  13. SpyKi says:

    I love this interview though.

  14. A fan says:

    Where is Haley’s interview! This is like when I was waiting for Adam’s! Impatiently! LOL The only two interviews I cared/care about. Make it happen Michael!

    #teamhaley #teamadam

  15. Rhama says:

    Never mind the pimping this girl has beautiful voice. Potentially great singer.

  16. Ringo says:

    “We want the Haley interview and we want it NOW!!” (said in the demanding voice of Veruca Salt). To explain to the dim-witted Lauren fans, we want Diana Ross, don’t care about Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard. We don’t want the dull kissing cousins, we want the sexy growler. And did I say that we want it NOW?

    • Ronnie says:

      As a Haley fan, this post makes me angry. “kissing cousins”?? calling other fans “dim-witted”. Demanding twice in call caps “NOW”.
      Show some class.

      • J says:

        As another Haley fan, I completely agree. There’s no need to put down other contestants and their fans. This is one of the reasons why Haley fans get a bad rap.

      • Princess Adora says:

        Agreed! No need for name-calling. As it says above, Haley’s interview is coming. Third place finishers are usually last to be interviewed unfortunately.

        And this interview was really good. It made me like Lauren a lot, she has a great personality. Good enough that she really didn’t need the producer-pimping. It’s too bad they didn’t have enough faith in her to succeed on her own.

      • L says:

        agreed, let’s not start acting like all the nasty catty miserable anti-Haley fools

        Lauren is plenty cool, give her her due.

      • Carol says:

        Agreed. And not to pile on, but why the unnecessary disrespect for Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard?

    • EvaneSam says:

      You should be ashamed of yourself! As a Haley fan I would like to apologize for this idiots rude remarks toward Lauren and other contestants. There is no need to call people names since you probably wouldn’t like it if someone calls Haley names either. Show a little respect.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Thank you, EvaneSam. It almost makes me embarrassed to be a Haley fan.
        I never cared for Lauren. Thought she was over-promoted, never delivered the goods, never lived up to the hype, and was getting pushed through because it’s what the producers wanted. She also got no criticism on some of her vocal problems.
        My disinterest in Lauren had nothing to do with country music. I prefer rock music but I also have many Faith Hill, Shania Twain, Reba, and Martina McBride CDs, so Lauren should have been a contestant I embraced. I honestly think the producers made me dislike her with their edit. Had she not been pushed as “the one” I probably would have been more willing to cut her some slack on the vocal problems that bothered me.
        After watching her interview I’ve completely changed my mind. I like her and I wish her well.

    • Tusk says:

      ‘Nother Haley fan chiming in. This interview reminded me of why I pulled for Lauren early on the season besides the quality of her voice. Good to see that she was well aware of the machinations of the producers….

      (Now will the anti-Haley people quit trying to say all that crap heaped on Haley was our imagination…talking to you Yasin, come from Lauren’s mouth, herself. Freaking people who only hang around to show their ability to ignore the obvious and spout their own hatred, then feign victimhood when they get the “desired” response really p!ss me off. Troll defined)

      I have no need to down talk other contestants to bring up my fsv, Haley. I like that Lauren is candid enough, and honest enough to let us know that sweetness and aw shuchks is not manufactured (produced), that they joke about Jack@sshat’s nonsense,(don’t tell Yasin, he won’t believe it if it sat on his face). Love that Lauren is for the most part that innocent from early on the season.

      I hope that she has some one in her corner to protect that fun loving innocent that she is now. It’s good she knows about the pitfalls because of her Idol, Marilyn Monroe (No wonder she was good on CIW, she connected with it), and she learns that lesson so she doesn’t follow that path.

      Really enjoyed the interview, thns Michael.

    • Scotty's #1 Fan says:

      LOL. I guess the humor of Ringo’s post was lost on some of the literalists in the group. (Maybe there are dim witted Haley fans too?) I took this as a tongue in check observation on loony fans in general. Veruka Salt, indeed. The politeness police are taking this far too seriously, IMO!

  17. Kellie says:

    That was actually really cute! She’s so adorable, hope they chew her up and spit her out… kinda makes me feel bad for not voting for her ;)

  18. Ronnie says:

    This was a nice interview and I’m glad to see her in such a comfortable setting. It goes to show you how the show’s heavy editing warps our perception of the contestants. She was funny, smart, and provided some real insight into her journey through the season.
    Way to go Lauren. I wish you all the best!

    • CandaceTX says:

      totally agreed. Both she and Scotty seem like nice kids and I do not really think they knew how the show was editing them. My fav was Haley – but I do wish Lauren and Scotty much success in their genre.

  19. ladyhelix says:

    Guys – the sentence just before the video “And to get all my continued updates on your favorite Idol contestants — including FUTURE interviews with Scotty McCreery, Haley Reinhart, and Casey Abrams — follow me on Twitter “

  20. Janet B says:

    Lauren is adorable, she does a terrific interview for such a young woman.

  21. Ellen says:

    If nothing the girl is delightful. I wish her the best.

  22. Michael says:

    How do you get these interviews so consistently? It’s really remarkable that you’ve gotten almost the entire top 12 AND Nigel Lythgoe. I would have thought it harder to get interviews

  23. CAM says:

    Wow! This interview makes like her tons more! I think it did the same for Michael, too. She’s got a great sense of humor.

  24. Emma says:

    Nigel helped Lauren pick a song? Aren’t there strict rules about producers and vocal coaches NOT being allowed to give any song choice suggestions? (I can’t remember where I originally read that, but now I’m confused.)

  25. whateverblah says:

    Slezak is not an idiot. Haley’s interview will be last. He knows once he airs the Haley interview, a lot of people won’t come back to see the others (I would include myself in that list).

    Unfortunately, I can’t watch these while at work, but I suppose I’ll check them out later. I like Lauren, just wasn’t a fan of most of her performances.

  26. cibele says:

    Fun interview. And Michael’s really insightful and competent in his interviews. Great convo.

  27. Muriel says:

    Aaaw she was pretty cute in this interview.

    • That little bit at the end with her asking Slezak the winners and her being “offended” at her not being mentioned as should have won like Crystal Bowersox was so cute. I’ve seen Lauren in multiple interviews since the finale ended and she is just so damn genuine. I hope she doesn’t change and just puts out a great record. Plus she gets bonus points for sticking up for Haley that week when Randy was going crazy against her.

      • Tusk says:

        “Genuine”! That was the word I was looking for to describe Lauren, spot on. Liked her more after she defended Haley, now even more.

        My disgust for the producers made me forget how actually fun and engaging alot of the contestants this year are. (No apologies for my dislike for Jacob….he challenged me first!!) ;)

  28. bobby bruce says:

    HAHAHA Lauren is SO funny! This made me love her even moreeee. Best interview, everrrr

  29. Esther says:

    Wow what a great interview. She is quite articulate and quick thinking as well as hilarious. I can see what the judges see in her. She will do very well in post-idol press. Great job Michael with the questions too. “in it to win it” hahahaha hilarious. It’s refreshing to see that a contestant can see through all the crazy shenanigans and laugh about it.

    Well done Lauren. Even though I can’t stand country music (though I love her voice), I will keep an eye out for whats in store for her in the future. She’s got great potential to make it.

  30. Justin says:

    This interview makes me like her a whole lot more. She seems so much more likable and mature than the way that they showed her on the show. She’s quite personable. I thought she was Ok at the beginning…started to not like her during the live shows… but after the interview she’s back to OK status.

  31. Phan says:

    Good interview, Slezak. It’s a shame we couldn’t see this side to her on the show, and got the “I’m just Wauren” view. She comes across as really poised and self-aware.

  32. Sophie K says:

    WOW. I like her about 12 million times better after this interview. Thanks for that! Don’t know that I’m anymore interested in her music, but she comes off as a young and bubbly person, but still someone who actually, you know, has original thoughts in her head.

  33. Denise says:

    I always like the contestants so much more after they interview with you, Mike. Thanks again!!!

    • Tusk says:

      Even uncle Nigel came off likeable after Michael interviewed him, until we saw the “swaybots” the following week just to show how shallowtwo faced Nigel actually is

  34. april-ann says:

    Lauren is and has been a lovely young lady from day one. The Lauren hate here is and has been very unsettling. Some people need to grow up and stop blaming her for other contestants’ lack of talent.

    • cibele says:

      If you bothered to read, you would see lots of people complimenting her. Unless you think people saying ‘she’s adorable’, ‘great interview’, ‘she’s so cool’ comments are unsettling.

      • april-ann says:

        No, that’s not what I think. I did bother to read and yes, it’s very refreshing to see the compliments. But something that sticks out: the attempts to turn this interview into some sort of a slight against another contestant not yet interviewed. I hope no poster feels obligated to respond to every aspect of all the posts. And hey, I did say “some people”.

        • B-scot says:

          Lauren seems like a great person with a great voice, so people here are mad not at Lauren but at how the show manipulated us and the contestants into advancing or busing them.
          I mean why the problem with Haley’s song selection when the show has to approve of each one and only allows a limited selection. Haley said in an interview she had 20 to 30 songs she could not get OKed during the last half of the show.

          GO Lauren – Go Haley – James hurry and get that killer band together to start you own tours with next year.

  35. sassy says:

    lauren definitely has that southern belle sassy-girl personality, a side that for whatever reason AI chose to hide. kinda like kellie pickler or kelly clarkson, but sassier & bolder. thanks for showing us this hilarious side of her.

    as for natural woman, i think she sang it wynona style. love kelly’s version, but lauren’s was just fine done more soul-country style.

  36. EvaneSam says:

    C’mon Michael, be honest, how bad did you want to say Haley at that trivia game? :D

  37. Liz says:

    I love Lauren’s personality. She’s self-aware, sassy and so darn hilarious! Great interview! :)

  38. Katie says:

    Aw. She’s adorable. I’d seen a couple of interviews with her on local stations (from before Hollywood week aired). I wish she had won out of her and Scotty.

  39. whateverblah says:

    I think you’ll find there are much fewer people hating on Lauren than those just anticipating the interview most of us have been waiting for. However, your last statement is as bad as anything I’ve read in most of these comments. So clearly you don’t care about the “hate” in general, just directed at your favorite.

  40. whateverblah says:

    My last post was directed at @april-ann, I thought I had hit the reply button. ;)

  41. Teresa says:

    Good interview. I’m another person who was put off by the pimping of the show toward Lauren. But, without all the “production,” she’s sweet and funny. As with Thia, I’m not getting the sense of a great artist yet, but what the hell. I wish her all success. I’m happy I got to hear her talk about her experience and to realize she didn’t buy into it all.

    I would have liked to hear a bit more about what she was hearing — we all assumed she was reading the internet ragging on her. I guess I’m just curious as to how that trickles into the Idol bubble. If at all.

    • EvaneSam says:

      Well she did say that a friend called her and told her about some stuff. What exacly, she didn’t specify but sounded like she was given scoop on the negative comments.

      • Grace says:

        Sounded to me like someone she knew called her — and probably made comments about her body. I’d read elsewhere that she’d had issues with people saying she needed to lose weight.

  42. Sandi B says:

    OK, I was not before and am not now a Lauren fan…but I loved this interview. She came across as funny, down to earth and pleasant. Now someone tell Nigel that if he just lets people be who they are, they don’t need his manipulation…and Lauren probably wouldn’t have gotten the flak that she got…(which was brought on all BECAUSE of Nigel’s pimping)

    • B-scot says:

      She would not have gotten as far, many country music lovers are more conservative on some issues that you would think. Also if she had dressed less conservative then the younger girls would have turn on her with being so close to Scotty.
      Nigel knows what he is doing, I just don’t always like it but it is a TV show with scripts, also Scott was how he when before the show but the name Scotty works better with the tweens.

  43. Georgia says:

    Not interested in this girl..too common. She’s certainly one to talk about what to say and what not to say on natl televison. Like starting whole media frezy about non-existant relationship then has nerve to act shocked that ppl are so interested in asking her about it. She is not near so sweet and innocent when it doesn’t serve her purpose.

    • Leslie says:

      Wow, jealous much? She didn’t start the media freNzy, Ryan actually started the speculation—and Scotty even admitted that they were very close–so she didn’t do anything wrong. You sound like a jealous, disgruntled class mate or something. Too common? What the heck is too common—and what is wrong with being common? She’s a typical teenager. Geez, get over yourself!

    • Rusty says:

      Wow, you really go out of your way to look for reasons to be mad at people, don’t you?

    • Bonnie says:

      You think she’s “common?” LOL. Who are you the Queen of England? This is American here. We don’t have any “commoners.” Classic.

  44. Saracen Riggins says:

    Pretty good stuff. However… age is NO excuse to not be familiar with the Beatles… :)

    • Davers says:

      I totally agree. First exposure to the Beatles should happen before the age of 10!
      I like her more here than on the show, but I don’t completely buy everything she says here. In particular, she had to have been complicit in the whole “afraid to hit big notes, not confident” spin; after all those soundbites didn’t come out of thin air. That said, she seems like a pretty likeable kid overall.

      • Tusk says:

        The hitting big notes narrative wasn’t her doing, you didn’t watch the interview?

        The producers tried to rewrite her narrative as the underdog and, afraid to hit the big note was part of that narrative. Lauren spoke about that, and the confusion of reality that Randy Jack@sshat kept on saying that she “was back” week after week.

        Think about it, I doubt Lauren sat in a big meeting room with the AI bigwigs, saying, “Hey, what if I…”….and they called Haley fans conspiritorial, but that’s just ridiculous.

        • Jason S says:

          NO I think Lauren’s delusional. She was hitting notes but she wasn’t hitting notes the way Kelly , Carrie and even Haley and Pia were. The judges were absolutely right. SHe never went out of her comfort zone. The thing with Randy saying she’s back is bacause they hyped her up so much in the beginning that they were looking foolish when she never delivered so he had to make it seem like she was delivering. Even when he kept saying she was back it was because she wasn’t awful. She never once had a standing ovation moment on the show. But the show believed she could be a big recording star and she was getting the votes so they kept puhing her even though she wasn’t delivering live.

          • hooch says:

            Carrie never got a standing o until the final either. These clowns didn’t even stand for “Anyway” which I thought was the best thing I’ve heard on Idol since Allison/Adam’s “Slow Ride.”

          • Bonnie says:

            Actually Jason, I think you’re delusional. Lauren was hitting big notes all over the place. “Anyway” was spectacular. “Couldn’t deliver live?” Are you crazy? She was delivering big time. And still does.

        • Davers says:

          I did watch the interview, and at that part of that interview, there’s a clip of Lauren saying something along the lines of “I just can’t hit the big notes those others can” so she can’t very well say she wasn’t complicit in that narrative (note that I didn’t say she came up with the narrative herself). She certainly played along and to that extent it was partly her doing.

          • Tusk says:

            Did you not watch the interview?

            She said they said it (not hitting the big note) so much they had her believing it….Good god guys she’s 16, she trusted them, so if they said she didn’t so often she probably thought to herself, maybe I didn’t. She’s 16…look to the crusty englishman clapping in the corner for your machiavellan conspiracies.

          • Davers says:

            For the last time, I watched the interview. My view is different: if you are old enough to put yourself on reality television, you are old enough to be judged on what you say. If you talk out of both sides of your mouth, you will be called on it. I don’t think you give 16 years olds enough credit.

      • Me says:

        Not everyone likes the Beatles. I was exposed at an early age and vastly preferred other bands from the same era, and still don’t see what all the fuss is about with them.

    • Terry says:

      That was my thought exactly. And she said Scotty didn’t know the Beatles either!?! It is somewhat disheartening to me that the final 2 contestants of A.I. 2011 are unfamiliar with the Beatles. *sigh*

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Good grief, they’re 16 and 17 years old.
        Here’s one of those “When I was a kid, I used to walk ten miles through the snow” stories…Back in 1983 I was in a record store (that’s what they called them) and two young boys were looking at a copy of McCartney’s “Pipes of Peace” album because Michael Jackson collaborated on a few songs on that album. I overheard one of them say, “Paul McCartney…wasn’t he with some other group?”
        People, that was 1983! 28 years ago! The Beatles broke up 41 years ago – that’s probably longer than most people reading this message board have been alive.
        So please cut Scotty and Lauren some slack.

        • marie says:

          Exactly. After all, how many people today can say they’re familiar with Nelson Eddy or Al Jolson’s music – and they were both very big stars in their day. Like it or not, a hundred years from now, very very few people will know anything at all about the Beatles, or for that matter, about today’s superstars like Lady Gaga.

  45. tricia says:

    What a completely joyful kid, and articulate as all get out! I think she’s got amazing potential for great success.

  46. Love Lauren, think she is fun and bubbly and really honest about Randy and the judges, but she knew Marilyn Monroe but not The Beatles?? Really? I don’t care if you are 15 or 55 if you are in the music business you have to be informed and know The Beatles. There are no excuses there.

    But Beatles aside, I wish they showed more of this Lauren, but as she said many times before she got really nervous during performance night and that’s the time when you interact more individually with the audience and judges and Ryan. She is just so comfortable here and she seemed really comfortable during Results night. I actually think she will have a decent career if she makes the right album, she is young and fun and has a nice voice.

  47. Kelm says:

    Not a fan of her singing and the country vibe but she came accross here so differently.
    Much more grown up, a bit sarcastic. I like it a lot actually.

    Thanks Michael !!
    Can’t wait for HALEY !!

  48. WDK says:

    This interview was really cool. I’ve never been nor will be a Lauren fan, (just don’t care for the music she sings, but she has a great, beautiful voice) but this showed that she is a normal, self-awared girl with a sense of humor that knows about the annoying situation that is the IDOL MACHINE. Lol but the part about not knowing a Beatles song because she’s young? Come on Lauren, everyone knows a Beatles song.

    Oh and at the end when Michael was naming all the American winners, I was like “Oh yes he’s gonna say Haley at the end” but he didn’t. XD you know he wanted to though!

    • Terry says:

      I was totally waiting for that… Season 10 winner… HALEY REINHART.
      Oh Slezak ya let me down big time.

  49. Sebby says:

    Great interview, Slezak! Yet again you’ve shown us the real person behind the contestant. I agree with a lot of posters here by saying that this interview made me see Lauren in a much more favorable light than on AI. It almost makes me wonder if she could have beaten Scotty if viewers saw this Lauren instead of the carefully manipulated and edited “One” that the producers and judges repeatedly smacked us across the face with.

    • merinda says:

      my thoughts exactly! she might have won the darn thing. u can’t watch this interview and not like her.

    • derg says:

      Are you kidding me? Scotty was ‘edited’ too. He’s much more playful irl. She won’t beat Scotty because he’s likable as it is. It’s not like Lauren’s the only likable contestant this season.

  50. Taryn says:

    Aw, she’s adorable! I didn’t like her that much on the show, but this really changed my mind about her.

    • Denise says:

      Great interview! I agree with Taryn, it change my view of her. Maybe if you had interviewed her during the show…