Emmys 2011: Sizing Up the Supporting Comedy Actor Race, Including Our Dream Nominees

There are few certainties about the 2011 Emmys derby, but rest assured this is one of them: if you’re a male performer on a sitcom not called Modern Family, you face an uphill battle elbowing your way into the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series race. Even without a nod for patriarch Ed O’Neill last year, ABC’s hit comedy accounted for half of all the category’s nominations. So the question this year isn’t whether the Family men will make another strong showing — they will — but rather who’ll snap up the remaining spots. Here’s how things look going into nomination season.

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Review this slideshow of the major contenders — including TVLine’s half-dozen Dream Nominees — then vote below for who you think are the six best. And check back Tuesday for our review of the Reality Series race!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ashley says:

    COUGAR TOWN!!! Why aren’t Ian Gomez and Zac Byrd on this list?!

  2. Joe says:

    i know he would be a huge long shot but how is Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny in Philly not mentioned

  3. DN says:

    Joshua Gomez in “Chuck”. He’s clearly a supporting actor on the show and yet he is so good that the producers decided to put the Intersect into him (a bad decision, but evidence of how good Gomez is in his role).

  4. Carl says:

    As long as Ty Burrell wins this thing, justice is served. :)

    But my dream nominees are:

    Ty Burrell
    Nick Offerman
    Ed O’Neill
    Eric Stonestreet

    No to Chris Colfer, ever.

  5. Mike says:

    Ty is the only choice

  6. Justin says:

    Wow, as stacked as supporting actress was, this is even more stacked! However, if I had to pick six(and this is such a tough six), I’d choose:
    1. Ty Burrell
    2. Nick Offerman
    3. Eric Stonestreet
    4. Jesse Tyler Ferguson
    5. Aziz Ansari
    6. Ed O’neill
    But like I said before, this category is super-stacked with possibilities because I also like Chris Pratt, Ed Helms, Simon Helmberg, John Krasinski, Jason Segel, and(even though they’re not mentioned here) the Cougartown boys, Josh Hopkins, Brian VanHolt, and Ian Gomez. Also, any of those guys from Community could get a nomination, too. Love this category! Such an embarrassment of riches here!

  7. MO says:

    How is Adam Scott not even on the list of choices? Don’t get me wrong, I like Aziz Ansari and Chris Pratt and I love Nick Offerman. But for me, of all the Parks & Rec men this season, it was Adam Scott’s work that stood out the most. Major fail on your part for this glaring omission.

  8. T says:

    I will add to the broken record and say that Donald Glover ABSOLUTELY should be on that list. It’s a shame that this category is so stacked that so many good actors won’t get nominated. Even with six. How can you just pick 6???? There’s no way. In a dream world (since this is a dream list) I would have 7 nominees. Donald Glover, Eric Stonestreet, Ed O’Neill, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Nick Offerman and Aziz Ansari. All deserving and all exceptionally talented.

  9. Will says:

    Nick BETTER get a nomination this year…

  10. AJ says:

    out of those listed I’d pick the 4 from Modern Family, Nick Offerman and Chris Colfer. Those not listed but deserved to be considered: John Benjamin Hickey (The Big C) Donald Glover (Community) Bill Hader (SNL) Peter Faccinelli (Nurse Jackie) Adam Pally (Happy Endings) Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny…) Ted Danson (Bored To Death) Adam Scott (Parks and Rec) and the men of Cougar Town.

  11. earlegirl says:

    Justin Kirk had an amazing year on “Weeds.” How could he be overlooked?

  12. Jamey says:

    Where is Gomez and Balwin for Chuck?

  13. Albert Joseph says:


  14. CoryStan says:

    Why isn’t Cory in the poll? I know there is the “other” choice, but at least have him recognized! :(

  15. me says:

    shame on everyone that didn’t vote for Danny Pudi. He not only should have been nominated, he should have WON last year.

  16. vbarkley says:

    This WAS a tough category, but here are my picks:

    Aziz Ansari, ‘Parks and Recreation’
    Nick Offerman, ‘Parks and Recreation’
    Chris Pratt, ‘Parks and Recreation’
    Eric Stonestreet, ‘Modern Family’
    Rainn Wilson, ‘The Office’

    No Adam Baldwin or Joshua Gomez from Chuck????

    And please, some of these should be in the drama category, like Chirs Colfer and Mike O’Malley from ‘Glee’.

  17. Beccy says:

    My Picks
    ADAM SCOTT, ‘Parks & Rec’
    Chris Colfer, ‘Glee’
    Danny Pudi, ‘Community’
    DONALD GLOVER, ‘Community’
    Neil Patrick Harris, ‘HIMYM’
    Nick Offerman, Parks & Rec’

  18. Vixela says:

    Where is Donald Glover??????????? This is a travesty of epic proportions!

  19. Teresa says:

    Nick Offerman!!!

  20. Andy Liu says:

    Chris is amazing.

  21. Joseph says:

    Ted Danson, Donald Glover, Bill Hader and Brian Van Holt should be mentioned too.

  22. mag says:

    i love Chris Colfer on Glee and I agree he should be nominated, but I have reservations…it seems like his only “award-winning” moments are serious/dramatic moments…we hardly ever see his comedic side anymore…

  23. Becca says:

    Yet another person wondering how in the world you didn’t include Donald Glover. Danny Pudi is AMAZING, don’t get me wrong, but to me Donald was even MORE of a standout than Danny this season. He’s absolutely hilarious, and should win the Emmy for Mixology Certification (his b-day/bar episode) and Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking (the hospital episode) alone, and while I know it’s a long shot for him to actually get the win he deserves, you’d think that he’d qualify for a mention on your list!

  24. Natalie says:

    I’m so unbelievably proud of Chris and everything he does<3

  25. hinti says:

    All I see is Chris C. winning. I really hope he gets nominated.

  26. kati says:

    If it would have been drama category then Chris Colfer would easly win all the awards. Oh and he is nr. 1 here! Im so proud of him. and he only just got 21.

    • Lauren says:

      Are you delusional? Do you watch shows other than Glee? Colfer wouldn’t even get nominated if he were submitted in a dramatic category.

  27. Emily says:

    Yayyyyyyyyy! GO CHRIS COLFER!!!!!!!! <3 :D

  28. KevinSWerleman says:

    My write in vote is Keir Gilchrist for United States of Tara, who has been snubbed for 2 years now. I’m seriously tired of Chris Colfer winning the popularity contest while Keir Gilchrist has been an outstanding performer and seriously at his young age, 10X more talented then most the names on the list now.

  29. KevinSWerleman says:

    Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis for Bored to Death, again two outstanding overlooked actors, Uhm also Alexander Gould and Justin kirk for Weeds, Seriously My list:

    Ted Danson “Bored to Death”
    Keir Gilchrist – “United States of Tara”
    Justin Kirk – “Weeds”
    Jesse Tyler Firgeson – “Modern Family”
    Neal Patrick Harris – “How I Met Your Mother”
    Adam Scot “Parks & Recreations”

    A solid, fresh new group of guys i’d love to see on the list. Well except Neal Patrick Harris lol

  30. Elena says:

    I totally think Chris Colfer should be nominated. He has so much talent! I like the other people listed here, too, but Chris Colfer is definitely my favourite to win. <3

  31. Bárbara says:


  32. alisha says:

    I really would like Chris Colfer to get a nomination (preferably a win!), though sometimes his plot line on glee is more serious he is still such an incredible actor and is a truly inspirational person

  33. Sarah Derkum says:

    YAH CHRIS IS WINNING!I know he was nominated last year but his character has developed much more this season and he got a boyfriend!He needs to win this emmy Chris really deserves it!

  34. Wiser says:

    “Pop what Magnitude….. pop what?.” and some of the other best lines on community. How did they leave Donald Glover off this list. Also Andy from Cougar Town.

  35. Gleek Colfer says:

    Like, for real? Chris Colfer like suportting again? all de season 2 was about Kurt, he is a lead, i can’t believe that he’s on suportting again, that sucks.
    Love You Chris

  36. Marijo Criss Colfer says:

    I’m agree, Chris deserves this so bad, he’s a idol for me, and a inspiration for all, he’s an awesome actor and an a funny awesome little cute person, and he wins he’s firts Grammy whit only 19 years-old, what an idol don’t ya think?. He’s character in Glee is just amazing, if you just saw glee ones, you will se that Kurt is one of the number one character and he’s funny but he has a big dream, and only for episodes like Never been Kissed, Sexy, Original Song, Born This Way and Prom Queen, he deserves the Oscar hahahahaha

  37. Lauren says:

    My votes:

    Jason Segel
    Ed O’Neill
    Ty Burrell
    Eric Stonestreet
    Chris Colfer

    Ty Burrell all the way. He is the funniest thing about Modern Family (and that show has many funny things).

  38. Laugh says:

    I’m NOT happy that Psych isn’t on any of the lists of contenders…I forgot to write them in when I voted before…WHAT?…go Dule Hill!

  39. Laugh says:

    Also just remembered Bradley Whitford on The Good Guys. I wish USA would’ve picked that up after FOX stupidly threw it away. Great opening song and funny show!

  40. mars says:


    I watch pretty much all of these shows and unlike the other categories which have 2 or 3 frontrunners, this one is very competitive. I’m hoping SIMON HELBERG will get a nom because his comedic chops are quite amazing (even among the talented cast of TBBT) but it’s probably unlikely.

    Parks & Rec has so many great actors and I’m really hoping NICK OFFERMAN will get a nom as well. Love his character! But again, he’s an underdog in this category.

    The OFFICE MEN are all deserving. I’m hopeful we’ll see at least 1 of them geting an Emmy nod.

    I love Glee but I think second season has been quite messy. The comedic elements have really been overshadowed by the drama (not that that’s a bad thing) so I would be confused to see Matthew Morrison nominated for lead actor or Lea michele nominated for lead actress, but Chris Colfer might have a chance to get a second consecutive nom in this category.

    Modern family… so hard to chose! They’re all amazing (and I love the show) but if I had to chose, I think TY BURRELL was my favorite during this season.

    yea, I’m sure NEIL PATRICK HARRIS will get a nom. I’m getting a bit tired of HIMYM but the fact his name’s been on that list for years will surely remind voters to support him again.
    I think JON CRYER will get another nom as well. He’s pretty good, but with this much competition and the bad vibe 2&1/2 Men’s been getting, he might get left off.

  41. Mandy says:

    Jason Segal and Neil Patrick Harris both had AMAZING seasons on How I Met Your Mother. Their characters really grew and they portrayed them wonderfully. I would love to see them both rewarded with a nom.
    Also, I think Donald Glover should have made the list. He is a huge ttalent on Community and is often the best part of the show for me.

  42. me says:


  43. Anna says:

    This is by far the best/toughest category in my opinion..the only one i actually chose the full 6.
    Nick Offermann-dear lord the fact he has less than 4% is shameful
    Danny Pudi
    Chris Pratt
    Jason Segel
    Wrote in Adam Scott and Donald Glover
    ..so I guess thts 7 this category is insane!

  44. Ccita says:

    I agree that Chris Colfer would do better in the drama category, but he’s also a great comedy actor. He makes you laugh one moment and cry the next. Just because he plays most of the drama in Glee doesn’t mean he isn’t deserving of an Emmy in the comedy category, he has a LOT of comedy scenes, especially in the first season.

  45. Mishal says:

    Chris Colfer’s deadpan is flawless. He often delivers the funniest lines on the show, but I do agree that his strongest category would’ve been drama. He was hilarious, especially early in the first season, but later in season 1 and especially in season 2, he’s been the center of the dramatic storylines.

    In regards to him being a lead and not a supporting character… I think in an ensemble cast like Glee’s or Modern Family’s, all characters are supporting characters right?

  46. Sam says:

    YAY for Chris Colfer ! Hes winning! I just wanted to give him all my votes!

  47. Martina says:

    Chris Colfer truly deserves it, and he deserves to win. He plays such an inspiring character and is an inspiration himself. He is sweet,humble and talented, as an actor and as a singer. He is all kinds of awesome because with hs acting he has helped a lot of people; and not only people who are struggling with their sexuality and are bullied because of that. He is helping every kid who has ever felt alone, rejected, lost or wrong,like they don’t belong to this world. He made it ok for kids to be themselves, because yourself always suits you the best. I’ve felt like an outcast all my life and i thought I was alone. I’ve recently found out that I’m not alone and that is cool to be the odd,awkward me. And I’ve never felt better. So thank you Chris, I wish you the best <3

  48. scsj says:

    Jesse Tyler Ferguson! Charlie Day definitely needs to be included here as well, but JTF should win outright. Wouldn’t be disappointed with Nick Offerman either.

  49. Chris says:

    There are three people who HAVE to be nominated, any one of which I believe should win –

    Chris Colfer, “Glee”
    Danny Pudi/Donald Glover, “Community”

  50. Bridget says:

    Chris Colfer deserves this Emmy more than anyone else listed!!