Ratings: Love Bites Gets No Love, SYTYCD Dips

NBC’s Love Bites received barely a good night peck on the cheek in its Thursday debut, courting just 2.53 million total viewers while mustering a CW-esque 1.0 demo rating.

As such, the rom-com anthology series got smoked in the 10 o’clock hour by the NBA finals and a Mentalist rerun (8.8 mil/1.6).

Speaking of roundball, Game 2 of the Mavs-Heat championship match-up dominated the night with an average 13.1 million total viewers (up a smidge from the series opener) and a 5.5 demo rating.

So You Think You Can Dance Recap: The 5 Best Auditions From Los Angeles

Elsewhere on the night, the only thing to report is that So You Think You Can Dance, with 7.74 mil viewers and a 2.9 rating, was down 15 and 10 percent, respectively, from its week-ago season premiere.

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  1. Barry Island says:

    No big surprise on ‘Love Bites’ – who’s going to watch a show that they know has no future?

    • bmo says:

      Your right but it’s the summer, IT’s at least worth a DVR record. At worst, they’ll move it to On Demand permanently.

    • Ribac says:

      Well, I will because I was delighted with pilot, although there was some heavy sugery on it… despite all it’s troubles in production, I was smiling the whole time watching it, sometimes laughing and I wouldn’t mind if some sort of miracle happened and it stayed on air

      • bmo says:

        i didn’t finish it last night but i thought it was cute. And that’s ok with summer shows. i wish they would take a chance with it in the fall or winter butShows like this are good for summer. Look at Rookie Blue. If NBC invested in promoting this show like ABC did with Rookie Blue, the Show could be a summer hit. Since it’s an anthology, you could bring in different actors each season and keep it going a la Love American Style. Flood it with Product placement to keep the overhead down as well.

        • Agreed says:

          I agree with bmo and Ribac. The show was funny and worth my time. I liked that it was broken into vignettes. Certainly not the worst thing I have tuned in for and I will probably catch it again if I am home.

        • Captain says:

          Yes but the difference is ABC pays virtually nothing for Rookie Blue cause its a Canadian production so ratings don’t really matter (why do you think Flashpoint has been on the air so long?). That’s why Rookie BLue is the only summer show from ABC 2010 that was renewed.

      • S says:

        I totally agree. It was a super cute show! Never seen a show like it!

    • Matt says:

      I enjoyed it, even if it was a bit cliche on some of the story beats.

      Getting ANY ratings up against the NBA Finals when saddled with NBC’s inability to effectively promote anything that isn’t The Office or The Voice isn’t going to be easy.

      NBC really needs to fix their marketing machine. The “Must See TV” days are over, and have been replaced with so much “Why Bother TV” that it’s a bit sad.

      Hopefully Comcast (who excels at self-promotion) will give this a kick in the pants.

    • jj says:

      exactly. it’s got no future. and honestly, this is the first that i even heard it was on. there was no advertisingfor this at all. i’m surprise they even bothered puttning it on!

  2. James says:

    All right, I’m sick of seeing so many of you blast CW (CW-esque!!) like you’re doing right now! So what if they don’t get great ratings? Atleast they give us fans what we want and not let us hanging like all those other stupid networks. I don’t even watch the shows on FOX because they pull off the show if its doing slightly lower then they expected and schedule the episodes as they please!! So, CW is actually great. Love Supernatural, Nikita and Vampire Diaries. With Ringer and Hart of Dixie set to debut, I’ll definitely catch em coz they won’t be canceled after just 10 measly episodes!

    Anyway, I normally don’t rant like that. I apologize!
    Too bad for Love Bites though.

    • James says:

      Love Bites pilot wasn’t really that interesting.

    • Tavis says:

      I agree, the CW is great! My favourite shows are on the CW—I LOVE Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries, and Ringer should prove to be amazing.

    • Ruby says:

      True. And? “The Vampire Diaries” does everything “Love Bites” tried to do, except a thousand times better.

      • Ace says:

        How exactly are they trying to do the same thing? Love Bites is a vignette-style sitcom, and TVD is a soapy supernatural thriller. Apples and (blood) oranges. I’m pretty sure there’s room for both of them in the TV pantheon.

        • Summer says:

          I don’t think Ruby’s watched Love Bites. She probably thinks its a vampire series based off the name. It’s cute when people make assumptions like that.

      • James says:

        What are you talking about?! VD and LB are totally diferent genres! Did you even watch the pilot of LB!!

    • Saracen Riggins says:

      I don’t think anyone is putting down the CW. Facts are facts. Their numbers are lower. And just so you know, that doesn’t mean I hate the network or am putting them down – TVD is one of my top 3 favorite shows.

      • James says:

        I know and I understand, but I lost my cool a bit back then! lol
        So, ranted a bit! But people always judge a show on the basis of the network its on. So that pisses me off sometimes.
        Supernatural is my all-time No.1 show along with Lost (one of the rare shows that FOX actually stuck with!)

  3. jen says:

    yeah i was really dissapointed in love bites. it was so chopped up and just didnt hold my attention at all. found the storylines to be just so stupid.

  4. jasin says:

    Love Bites wasn’t supposed to get good ratings. Nbc wanted to prove it a fail. Hence no promotion etc. To bad. Great cast. Love Constance Zimmer.

  5. Jon says:

    Love Bites did just that.
    So sugary sweet almost went into a sugar shock. Everything from the music and acting on down was all about the “cutesy”. Can really see why the network did not pick it up as a series. This is more like programming for Lifetime, OWN or WEtv.

  6. Dirk says:

    I didn’t think the Love Bites pilot was TOO sweet. It was an interesting contrast to what’s on TV now (not that I don’t have a fine appreciation for sarcasm and dry humor, but…) As far as I’m concerned, we’re lucky that we’re even getting to see it. Though I have a feeling the original pilot with Jordana Spiro was much better.

  7. Sondra says:

    I’m not investing time in any new shows just to have them canceled, i.e., L&O LA, Chase, The Event, V, Detroit 187, The Whole Truth, Off the Map,etc. Why waste my time.

  8. wmjindsm says:

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about NBC not promoting Love Bites. I saw many promos air, especially daytime. Maybe it wasn’t as much as America’s Got Talent and The Voice, but the promos were there.

  9. John says:

    That’s too bad, Love Bites was actually kind of cute. I’ll keep watching it and recommending it to friends; it’s just the right fluffy thing to help get me through summer with no other scripted TV.

  10. Carm says:

    I thought Love Bites was cute. It wasn’t great, but a lot of shows fall in that category. I just watch whatever I find interesting without worrying about cancellation. I am not sorry I watched the Chicago Code for example. There is always something else to watch.

  11. Steven says:

    I loved Love Bites! The first story had me laughing so hard, and I really enjoyed the last story. Please, for the love of Pete, NBC, give this a chance!

  12. xwiseguyx says:

    The show was on par with the rest of the NBC lineup in terms of ratings… what did they expect?

  13. em says:

    I had meant to watch it, but holy frak, was game 2 good. Is it even worth my time if it’s gonna get cancelled though?

  14. brutony says:

    It was ok, first and last were def the better ones, but
    Constance Zimmer wasnt in this one, and she was supposed to be the star, no? What are you people talking about that she was good in it last night?

  15. Jimmy says:

    I’m annoyed because I loved the show! They didn’t promote it all, the only commercials I saw were of the guy from heroes and Becki is what would draw people in, I loved the pilot I thought it was pretty funny and interesting.

  16. Joseph says:

    Not a big deal on the SYTYCD dip, many do not want to get all that invested during the audition stage and wait until at least Vegas week to watch the show.

  17. S says:

    Thats really sad because I seriously LOVED Love Bites. It was pretty funny and had heart warming stories. Really cute.
    But I wasn expecting this. NBC hardly promoted it.

  18. Tracy says:

    My husband and I really enjoyed Love Bites. There were several times that we were laughing and both of us were smiling at the end. I hope that people really give this show a chance.

  19. sammy says:

    i really wanted to like but it just didnt do it .. i liked the cast i liked the idea i just think something didnt click and the show wasnt followed through with that i cant miss the next episode feel great tv shows have

  20. K2 says:

    Love Bites was funny enough, but a crying baby in the EXIT ROW of a plane? C’mon!

  21. K says:

    Whether Love Bites was promoted or not, everyone is in summertime mode when it comes to TV and no one is thinking that anything new is on. Summer has been known for reality shows, reruns, and bad shows that aren’t worth watching so why give anything a chance. (I don’t agree with that opinion since I love True Blood, Weeds, and Mad Men among others that are usually on in the summer.) It’s on my DVR and I plan on watching it tonight

  22. Summer says:

    I loved it, personally, but it has no future, and that sucks. Becki Newton and Greg Grunberg deserve awesomeness.

  23. 3dhouseofmagic says:

    Didn’t even know it was on…read post from yesterday on this site (today) that said it was going to be on “Thursday,” not “tonight,” so I expected to tune in next week. Agree that NBC did not promote at all…

  24. Kristi says:

    I really enjoyed Love Bites. Disappointing it didn’t do too well in the ratings. I hope they’ll give it as least one more shot. It wasn’t promoted very well. I stumbled across it by accident Thursday night and decided to give it a chance over The Mentalist repeat (which I was originally watching). I know I said it before, but I hope they’ll let at least one more episode air. What have they got to lose by showing it? It’s summer anyways and not too many people have their TV’s on. I’ll be looking for it next week.

  25. Guy says:

    Ouch for Love Bites. I actually thought it was great but of course who is going to watch a cancelled show? Not many. Lets hope NBC at least see it out but at those figures can they keep it there?

  26. Captain says:

    I like Love Bites but I don’t think it would have held up against good Fall shows. The problem with the show is that its quality is completely dependant on the actors or qaulity of the vignettes. Just because last night’s was good doesn’t mean next week’s will be because its going to be a completely new show with a whole new cast. With most shows, even the poor episodes can be saved with the fan favourite cast members but Love Bites wont have that familiarity.

  27. Jess says:

    The best part was the lovable Greg Grunberg. I even liked Jennifer Love Hewitt for once!

    The rest was pretty snooze-worthy. Becki Newton was just painful.

  28. Juan says:

    I was actually looking forward to the show and didn’t realize at all that it had premiered.
    Greg Grunberg, Becki Newton, Donald Faison, and all the others involved.
    I need to watch this show.

  29. Sadie says:

    It was cute but I was annoyed with the facelift it got. I liked the original previews better…Jordana Spiro was more likeable (even though she was kind of bitchy) in the previews, and I liked Becki better unpreggers…

    What a sadly doomed show…

  30. jules says:

    I don’t know anything about this other pilot with other people in it, but I thought this one was AWFUL. It was like Love American Style unearthed and put in 21st century clothing, while not changing the corn-pone, shallow feel of the thing at all. Worse than Love American Style, Love Bites and it characters were downright annoying.

  31. tigrl says:

    I thought it was a very entertaining and different show. I will never understand the minds at the networks, why would you expect a show to get viewers when they know its cancelled already. I still tuned in because it is a great cast. Maybe some other network will pick it up.