Exclusive: House Boss On Finale Fallout: House Wasn't Trying To Kill Cuddy

House may be a lunatic but he is not a murderer. That’s House creator David Shore’s story and he’s sticking to it.

Nearly two weeks after Hugh Laurie’s demented doc crashed his car into Cuddy’s living room in the show’s polarizing season finale, Shore maintains that House was not out for blood — but he realizes some viewers were left with that impression.

House Season 8 Preview: What Will Life Without Cuddy Look Like?

“I’m aware of that reaction [and], though it’s not universal, it’s something we have to think about,” Shore told TVLine following Thursday’s WGA Foundation event, Inside the Writers Room With House. “It wasn’t intended. He was clearly doing something crazy and visceral, but he wasn’t trying to kill. If you watch the episode closely enough, [Cuddy and Co.] are leaving the room before he drives into that room. He sees that.

“Second of all,” Shore continues, “when he leaves, he says [to Wilson], ‘You’re right. I do feel better.’ And he does feel better, which to me means he got what he wanted out of that. He did intend to lash out. He did intend to hurt her, but not physically. He got what he wanted, which was to strike a blow against her world. Certainly, it was crazy and irresponsible and dangerous, but it wasn’t an attempt to murder her.”

Thoughts? Which side of this debate do you fall on? And has your opinion changed in the two weeks since the finale aired? Hit the comments!

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  1. rosângela dos santos romão says:


  2. VIVIANE says:

    fecha a boca, David Shore.Nós, não acreditamos mais em você.

  3. uira shell says:

    Para mim, pior que o episódio 7×23 (um lixo), foi a saída da Lisa Edelstein, que eu adoro. Como continuar assistindo House, se a belíssima, drª Cuddy não vai mais estar lá. Não quero que a Lisa seja trocada pela sem talento da Olívia Wilde.

  4. Ayersy says:

    Clearly very few posters here have felt uncontrollable rage at a time when their lives are going to crap. An addict feeling this kind of anger would have an even harder time controlling their actions once the red mist descended.

    To me, it made sense. It wasn’t the best ending I could have thought of, but it made sense.

  5. kilroids says:

    Shore is right, You’re all wrong.

    • @kilroids says:

      It doesn’t matter what Shore intended when he wrote the scene, only how it appeared to the audience. What the audience thinks matters, because we can always turn the channel. They need us to watch the show or it will be cancelled. Shore can keep on thinking he’s right all the way to the unemployment line.

  6. Ken says:

    I disagree with Shore; House lost his mind when he saw that Cuddy was having a good life with her sister and two male friends. Speeding down the road away from Cuddy’s home, and then flooring the car at top speed with the intent of crashing into the space occupied by Cuddy, was intentional attempted murder. There is no way he could know that someone did not reenter that room, to pick up a plate or wipe down the table. I have lost all respect for G. House after that asinine stunt. I will continue to watch the show however, and hope that someone puts him out of his misery.

  7. Gary says:

    That was a logical point to end the show. House crazy and reckless, ends up on the lamb. End of series.

    But no, they’ll go back to the well again. And now they have to explain this stunt away somehow. This would land anyone else (who isn’t a TV character) in jail for quite some time. But everybody’s favorite jerk, another slap on the wrist.

  8. Jodi says:

    I totally understand what House was doing. Pain ( mental & physical) makes people do horrifying things. I have seen it first hand. Not a great way to end LE’s season though.

  9. HouseFanForever says:

    Okay – I think everyone is missing a very important point: THIS is NOT reality tv!
    It is a show about a wonderfully brilliant, lunatic who happens to be a doctor!
    The medical aspect is realistic – but everything ELSE?!?!? Seriously – would a hospital not have been sued and gone under long ago with House on board?!? Would someone NOT have turned Chase and Foreman in for murder – even if it was a foreign dictator? Or Taub, Kutner (RIP) and 13 for breaking and entering?!?!
    If you can watch the show and accept professional doctors as theives, friends who treat each other worse than enemies and deans of medicine who allow this to happen under their nose – then why are you talking kids under a window and what ‘could have happened’?!?!?We watch for the outrageousness of it all – and I personally LOVED his rage and that he ran the car through the window!He does what we sometimes wish we could do – and gets away with it!
    And you all love it – or you wouldn’t have watched.
    I <3 House – thru thick and deadly! ;)

  10. conor says:

    It’s ridiculous how most of you are overreacting. Calling David Shore names and trashing House and saying how good the show “used to be.” You’re all worse than a bunch of hipsters at a Pixies concert. Go cry about it.

    I can’t believe someone suggested that House should have just thrown the hairbrush through the window. Yawn. I almost passed out just from typing that. That person should write for NCISnooze-fest. Can you imagine how disappointing it would be for all of the rage building up inside of House just culminated with an “Aww, shucks!” and then he leaves? And since when has House been an admirable person? He has sex with prostitutes, is addicted to Vicodin, raises hell for his boss, meddles in the lives of those who are close to him, breaks into people’s homes, gets into physical altercations, and risks the lives of all his patients, but suddenly he crosses the line by driving his car into an empty dining room? I though it was great to finally see him react to the break-up and not just mask it with a massive spending spree in a lavish hotel. I’m glad most of you aren’t watching anymore, it’ll save the internet from being flooded with your poor grammar and countless spelling errors.

  11. Mike says:

    What I don’t want to see is this all becoming some kind of dream sequence and being swept under the carpet. When I first saw the episode my initial reaction was not he could have killed someone, but rather it was more confusion more than anything because I don’t see a way out other than him settling with Cuddy for the damages etc. I mean what’s he gonna do, solve a case while in the exercise yard?

    • @Mike says:

      That is exactly what people have been complaining about-how are they going to get out of this without House having to go to jail? He committed a serious crime, no matter what his intent. Even if he doesn’t wind up in jail, House would never be able to keep his medical license. It doesn’t seem like there’s much they can do to get the show back to House and company diagnosing patients without some major reset.

  12. E says:

    Well, you needed something big to really finalize the House / Cuddy option as done. And there you go.

    My biggest disappointments in the show have been the seemingly contrived and out of character ending of relationships. Cameron leaving Chase just seemed bizarre and unbelievable the way it played out… Thirteen and Foreman seemed odd and unsatisfying… and House and Cuddy just seemed wrong. Like she didn’t know what she was getting into before she attached to him – and him getting back on vicodin to be with her… just meant that he loved her and wanted to be there for her, even more than he wanted to be sober or healthy.

    I’ve enjoyed the clever writing of House thoroughly… especially with the dynamic of House / Cuddy, House / Wilson… but ultimately, if the message is that people just don’t change and that sucks – I have better things to do. I hope that isn’t all that is going on thematically and that a clearer (better?) message or story will emerge at the end of the day.

    Lisa – if you’re reading this, we’ll miss you. You and Laurie had huge chemistry and when two great actors bounce off of each other like you and Hugh did, it’s just magic. Great work and I hope you get a number of terrific projects to work on soon.

  13. Spansuas says:

    SERIOUSLY….I don’t agree with most of you. Intention is everything….its the difference between murder and man slaughter. I didn’t for one second believe House intended to kill Cuddy, and yes he could of but he didn’t. Every week he does something that potentially jeopardises someones life. It was a rare, split decision, emotional reaction, a clever development of his character. Would any of you have believed it if he had cried on her doorstep?

    Also someone previously pointed out that the only way House and Cuddys relationship could completely end is with something this dramatic. He has put her through so much over the years and always gone back to him ,something this dramatic, a no turning back event was needed to close the issue for good.

    House is continually reckless with his own and others lives. It’s completely in character and doesn’t make him a psychopath! Plus all those who now say they cant see House as a legitimate hero/genius…..have you forgotten his constant abuse of others, his frequenting prostitutes, stealing drugs etc?

    When it comes to acts of violence intention is everything and he never intended to physically hurt anyone.

    Plus who cares what could of happened…NO ONE DIED…he broke a few bricks…It’s not even real….get over it!

    • @Spansuas says:

      Crying on Cuddy’s doorstep would be a clever development of his character. Driving his car into her house, isn’t clever, it’s repulsive. Intent doesn’t matter. He knew there were people in the house, and yet he drove his car into it. Anyone with a brain would know that they could possibly hurt or kill someone by doing this, no matter if they didn’t intend to hurt or kill someone. It’s still a crime. And, yeah, it does make him a psychopath. Only a psychopath would think driving into someone’s house is a good way to find closure in a relationship.
      They have fundamentally changed the character from someone living on the edge, to someone who has gone over the edge. House is now a violent criminal, and that’s not the character that I want to watch, and apparently I’m not alone in that, judging by the comments here.

      • Spansaus says:

        Your saying House has gone from living on the edge to going over the edge is unreasonable!!!! Makes perfect sense to me! People go over the edge of spend time prior to going over the, living on the edge.

        Plus we’ve seen House previously go over the edge, so no change there!

        Do you watch HOUSE???!!!!

        How interesting do you think the show would be if House broke down crying all the time, found god and became a nice normal character you’d like to watch?

  14. Barbara Morrison says:

    What ever he was trying to do, he didn’t give a second thought to the fact that Cuddy’s daughter was in the house and could have been playing under the table or on the floor and his utterly selfish act could have killed her!

    • Brandon says:

      Hasn’t he always acted that way in nearly everything he does? He is in total disregard of others peoples well being, and is all about himself. That’s what makes him House. I can’t recall one time he thought, “I shouldn’t do that, it’ll hurt that person.” or “Shouldn’t do that, it might kill the patient”.

      • Rose says:

        House tries crazy things in order to cure patients that otherwise would die anyway. But in his personal life he hurts himself far more than others.

        • Spansuas says:

          No he doesn’t always do it to cure patients, often does it to annoy someone else, test other Drs, for bets with Wilson!!!!

          Do any of you actually watch House!!!

  15. Marilyn Gator says:

    I have to say, I’ve been an avid fan of “House” since the beginning. But I was very disappointed by the road the writers decided to take with this season. Since House’s breakdown after Amber’s death, his involvement in that, what that meant for his relationship with Wilson, his subsequent term in the psych ward and then his eventual road to his relationship with Cuddy, I thought the writers were trying to show him growing. It’s what kept me interested because although he was miserable, I thought he was moving to a place where he could learn to function and let some happiness into his life.
    No, House will never be cuddly and cute. He’s always going to have that edge to him. But I looked forward to him learning more about himself and being able to sustain better relationships with the people close to him, i.e. Cuddy & Wilson. The last episode left me completely frustrated because the character had my sympathy until the last thoughtless act. When he admitted to Cuddy how hurt he was, I was surprised and appreciative that 1.) he’d grown enough to actually admit it, and 2.) the writers had finally chosen to address the break up more fully. But for him to take it to the extreme he did bothered me because I could no longer sympathize with the character. I kept thinking…”What if the baby had been running around the dining room?!?!?” And although he saw Cuddy and her date stand up, Cuddy’s sister and her husband were still in the room when he walked to his car. It was wreckless, dangerous and completely took him off the growth arc I thought the writers had him on. The act seemed gratuitous and there more for the shock value and ratings than anything having to do with the character and his feelings.
    This was a big departure from what I have always considered a GREAT show (my top two.) I hope they can pull things back together next season…because this season left me with a really bad taste in my mouth. :-(

  16. Brandon says:

    Nearly every single person that has posted here who doesn’t like what House did, are using responsible reasoning that House should’ve followed. If you’ve been watching the show long enough, House is definitely not responsible, or predictable. So he reached a point to where he’s had enough. I don’t think he was aiming for murder, I don’t think he was even thinking in that moment. He just snapped. And outlashed against all the crap that’s been building up inside of him. At the point he had reached, emotional logic was already out the window. In the moment, I highly doubt he thought to himself, “I wonder if I’ll kill anybody.”. No, he just felt so incredibly fed up, he reacted. And now that he has, I don’t think he’ll be doing anything that insane again, now that it’s out of his system and he “…feels better.”

    • Rose says:

      Sorry, but when a man “snaps” and unleashes violence against a woman he’s angry at, it’s a crime. Same thing if a parent “snaps” and unleashes violence at a child. Or an employee “snaps” and unleashes violence at a boss. Or a student “snaps” and unleashes violence at school. Etc., etc., etc.
      House may be unpredicable, but he clearly knows the that he went beyond the norm for lashing out no matter how hurt he was. He committed criminal behavior and fled the country,

  17. david says:

    I love all the idiots that get outraged of fictitious events and apply morale outrage to them. And this is fixable, by the way. But you guys are too busy condemning a fictitious character, so I’ll leave you to it.

    • Rose says:

      It is a fictional character, and we understand that it is the writers who are at fault for the behavior. But we don’t have to be happy that they ruined a character we loved by making him do something so reprehensible that it’s seemingly unfixable.

  18. Sarah says:

    I don’t care that House trashed Cuddy’s dining room-I care that Cuddy is leaving. With 13 only being on part time and the other team members changing so often, I feel like I just get to know someone when they are taken off the show. House is my all-time favorite show, period. I just hope Shore can keep it that way.

  19. Jeste Otterbach says:

    No way could throwing the hairbrush through the window have produced the needed release, plus it would have been *so* gay…
    Nope. Old Greg did exactly what he needed to do, the rest be damned.
    And to the folks afraid that someone was going to be killed, um, leave us remember that this whole thing is a fictional show on teevee! I like to get involved in analyzing shows as well as the next guy, but I draw the line at needing them to behave as though they were really & truly *actual* people.

  20. Hotaru says:

    I get it.

    House was trying to break up and destroy the happy little scene Cuddy was in while his life was spiraling out of control. I don’t think he meant to hurt anyone physically, which is why he told Wilson to get out of the car, but I also don’t think he planned on running into Cuddy’s house. I don’t think he had a plan and was probably just going to leave Wilson by the side of the road and take-off when he changed his mind and turned the car around. In a burst of adrenaline he rammed his car into Cuddy’s house just as a way of venting his frustration (just like someone might punch a wall, only more extreme). For him, it was a good release and actually within the character. I think at that moment he wasn’t thinking about the possility of someone else getting hurt, he was to focused on his own pain.

    It might actually be interesting to find out someone did get hurt. See how House reacts to finding out he did cause some innocent and thereby Cuddy real pain, not just a broken house. I don’t know how the writers will get out of this if House’s still going to work at PG but I think it was well-done and in character. Might have been a better series finale though.

  21. Neil says:

    I think people are not getting the obvious irony. Cuddy damaged House, so House damaged Cuddy’s house. This is exactly the kind of tit-for-tat thing that House would do.
    The score is even and the field is level again. She goes on to a happier life without him and he goes on as well.
    Clearly, House is unnerved when he’s sees the artist being embraced by her love after she agrees to have treatment. House sees everyone making compromises for happiness, which he is unable to do. Cuddy’s apparent happiness – and apparent lie about not seeing anybody – causes him to lash out. I never thought he was trying to kill her – or anybody else – just damage her ‘house’.

    • @Neil says:

      So Cuddy hurting House’s feelings, and House driving his car into her House and possibly killing someone are equal? Nope. That’s the kind of twisted logic that abusers use to justify their violence and harassment. It’s just sick.

  22. cr says:

    I still don’t think he did run the car through the house. I think he was either hallucinating again or thinking he would like too. He is not violent and would not have done anything with the baby in the house. This show lost a lot of steam (and interest) hooking him up with Cuddy in the first place.

  23. Bill says:

    OK, since so many of you don’t really get all the subtext of what’s really going on with House and/or how much pain he is in, I’ve got to tell you: For him, what he did was completely rational and in character. He is an excerpt from an interview with one of the writers, Kath Lingenfelter, from the “Welcome to the End of the Thought Process” blog discussion about the show:

    Blake: There’s no one simple, there’s no one simple answer. But, I mean, we can tell you some of the things that led up to it.

    Lingenfelter: Well, I think there’s always been kind of the background noise from the people in House’s life of, you’re doing it wrong, in terms of being a person, that there’s more for you, there’s more you need to do, you need to open up, you need to reach out, you need to connect. And these last few years of his sobriety I think were for House were real attempts for him to make changes. It really was an effort and really goes against the grain of his character and who he is. And I think there’s frustration in him of “why does it seem so easy for other people and not for me?” I think there some anger at himself for denying his true nature and trying to be something else, compromising himself.

    Do you remember from the episode that House had kept Cuddy’s hairbrush? (Cuddy asked him to return it.) House knew exactly where it was. In my mind, and again, I have to reiterate what Peter said that we all bring something into the project and we all have our ideas, but House was holding onto that. That was that last vestige of Cuddy. And when he was willing to try and give it back to her, that was it for him. Intellectually and logically he had gotten to the place where, “I’m okay with it, I’m going to move on, I won’t be emotionally compromised anymore or tortured over this.” But I he gets up those steps with [her] hairbrush [to return it to her], he gets up to the steps and he sees her and the lightness that she has about her, and that it seems like she’s moved on, and it wounds him. And I think he’s furious with himself, among many other emotions, that he’s still emotionally compromised. He’s not able to completely turn that switch off. And I think part of, one aspect of his choice to drive into her house—although, I wouldn’t say it was a clear-cut, logical choice—but was to make it an impossibility for him to ever reconnect with Cuddy. He couldn’t turn that switch himself, and so he had to just, you know, destroy the whole thing. That’s one take.

    Read more: http://blogcritics.org/video/article/digging-into-the-house-season-finale1/page-4/#ixzz1PKnCJPoA

  24. decepcionada says:

    Please excuse my english

    It is a sad day when you admit that House is a character best known for regular fans that the writers that make him behave in a manner alien to his character, I’m sorry when they explained 7×23 alienate me ,the same way they do with their own character.
    As for season 8 I think that unless a mental institution or jail is not realistic in other words, I feel pain but I stop to follow the character to commit suicide ,the only thing that is credible.
    Thank you LE for your honesty, and I regret the negative message of both ,the treatment of women in the series and their actresses.

  25. john says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but it seems to me alot of you are missing the point that it is just a t.v. show. House is just a character. You all act as if someone actually did this and is standing trial and you are on his jury. The reason you watch the show is for stuff like this, and its the reason you will all keep watching the show. It’s a beak from reality, as in not meant to be taken literally, but you all seem to be under the delusion that you all work the Princeton Plainsborough Hospital and you all know House and Cuddy personally, maybe it is all of you who need to check in and let Dr. House take a look at you…..

  26. Ed says:

    For all the purists that say DS betrayed the House character they’ve come to know and love, consider that for seven seasons, the writers have established time and time again that House is a genius that sees what others do not. It’s the premise of the goddamn show. You’re the ones perverting the House character by neglecting the genius factor. In conclusion, I find your lack of faith disturbing.

    P.S. I’m reminded of “The Dark Knight” when Batman has Lucius Fox invade the Gotham citizens’ privacy using their cell phones. How out of character was that for him? So perhaps wait until next season and we’ll see if your faith is rewarded.

    P.P.S. It would actually invigorate the show if House did in fact have evil intent. Maybe he would struggle with forgiving himself. It’s unlikely that they’ll go in that direction if the beach scene is any indication. Missed opportunity.

  27. nimue says:

    Okay, I think there’s one thing everyone is missing here, I’m seeing lots of comments about House having gone too far, and lots of people saying that they don’t like him any more… Don’t you think that might be the exact point?

    Protagonists don’t always HAVE to be likeable, in fact, sometimes you need to make them UNlikable for a period of time, so as to move the character forward. If a character is going to make a meaningful journey, they can’t be confined to being likable every step of the way, it hinders their development.

    Something about the way that House lives and thinks NEEDS to change, there’s no question about that, it’s been shoved in your face from the beginning of the series: the idea that House is NOT happy, not in any deep or meaningful way. The show is about a man who values logic above all else, and he’s miserable. Crashing that car was him asking him self “is being logical what’s making me miserable? Let’s try being Illogical, then.” Which I admit is a paradoxically logical way to tackle the problem.

    In conclusion: House needs to be dangerous, and irresponsible right now. He NEEDS to go too far. I’m not condoning what he did, but at the same time, it’s a story, and no real people were in any actual danger. From a story perspective, his actions might be really necessary to his character arc, and we shouldn’t let our own ideas of morality get in the way of the story. Sometimes great heroes commit heinous acts, they’re IMMORAL, and that’s the very point. Gaining redemption from that is what makes the story.

  28. Arif Mahat says:

    :: Whatever U Guys are Trying To “Distorted” The House Character as shown on Season-7 finale, And Whatever Answers that David Shores had given, Everyone Still Watch That Medical Mystery Series..Its Not That I as one of the critics try to stand-up for DS or ignore the humanity..Like Dr House Said, That Everybody Lies…And Yet We’re still watching & waiting the New Season-8th of HOUSE M.D. As perspective base from Medical Drama Series, Have U Ever Saw some ruthless, jerkiness, stubbornness, and arrogant obsessive Doctor compared to the other Medical Drama Series..? For me..i never saw a “Unique” characters becoming a Dr except that Dr must be kind,patient,calm and etc..My Conclusion is..DS are making the Right Choice about choosing Hugh Laurie as House’s character. This Medical Drama, for me,..Is Very2 Rare Interesting! ::

  29. A. Rodriguez says:

    sorry… i’m a mother.. and with a small child in the house and not being able to tell if she was in the room..it was stupid. regardless of him trying to make a point. .. Dramatic yes… time to be arrested.. yes.. wondering what the writers were thinking?.. Lisa E. will be missed… every time a show which is so good messes with what makes it good.. it ends up falling flat.. and fading to the background. Love hugh and the team..

  30. OJ says:

    I liked it! Teach Cuddy a lesson!

  31. Dr Fell says:

    I think while there are many good comments and this seems unrealisitic honestly i think it was a good ending. Sometimes people can do things that can defy all logic even those we think who we know I dont think it was a cop out because i think Season 7 was really good i will agree parts of the final episode was boring but thats simply because of the setup we were waiting to see what House did to make Cuddy say that. I dont think this moment destroys House but i agree House needs to in the 8th season come to understand that he COULD have killed someone that way it would make the incident seem more real as someone pointed out they could have been a child below window level….