Exclusive: House Boss On Finale Fallout: House Wasn't Trying To Kill Cuddy

House may be a lunatic but he is not a murderer. That’s House creator David Shore’s story and he’s sticking to it.

Nearly two weeks after Hugh Laurie’s demented doc crashed his car into Cuddy’s living room in the show’s polarizing season finale, Shore maintains that House was not out for blood — but he realizes some viewers were left with that impression.

House Season 8 Preview: What Will Life Without Cuddy Look Like?

“I’m aware of that reaction [and], though it’s not universal, it’s something we have to think about,” Shore told TVLine following Thursday’s WGA Foundation event, Inside the Writers Room With House. “It wasn’t intended. He was clearly doing something crazy and visceral, but he wasn’t trying to kill. If you watch the episode closely enough, [Cuddy and Co.] are leaving the room before he drives into that room. He sees that.

“Second of all,” Shore continues, “when he leaves, he says [to Wilson], ‘You’re right. I do feel better.’ And he does feel better, which to me means he got what he wanted out of that. He did intend to lash out. He did intend to hurt her, but not physically. He got what he wanted, which was to strike a blow against her world. Certainly, it was crazy and irresponsible and dangerous, but it wasn’t an attempt to murder her.”

Thoughts? Which side of this debate do you fall on? And has your opinion changed in the two weeks since the finale aired? Hit the comments!

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  1. Bill Dauphin says:

    Saying that House didn’t *mean* to kill anyone misses the point: Like others here, I never suspected him of murderous *intent*… but I agree with others that if things really went down as we saw them, there’s no way he could’ve been certain he wouldn’t cause injuries or deaths. First, anyone could’ve walked back into the room during his final charge, and anyone (including little Rachel) could’ve been in the room but out of sight of the window. Further, crashing down a wall like that inevitably involves snapping electrical wiring within the walls, so there’s no way he could be sure he wouldn’t start a potentially deadly fire.

    But even giving him the benefit of the doubt, and assuming that he was somehow magically sure nobody would be killed or seriously injured, it’s still got to be a major felony to use a motor vehicle to deliberately cause tens (hundreds?) of thousands of dollars worth of property damage. Especially when the act is characterized as domestic violence (as the cop talking to Cuddy seemed to consider it). In any rational world — and in any even vaguely plausible fictional world — House would likely be unable to avoid prison, and would *certainly* be unable to practice medicine. House fighting to stay out of jail, unable to work on medical puzzles, and totally estranged from the only actual friends we’ve ever seen him have is *NOT* the same show, no matter how you slice it.

    Of course, I *still* don’t think whatever “really” happened was what we think we saw happen. The post-event scenes with the cops talking to Cuddy and Wilson don’t strike me as consistent with the event we think we saw, in several ways. I’m not suggesting it was all a dream, nor that it was purely a hallucination… but I do think there’s some degree of disconnect between what we saw (from House’s POV, IMHO) and what “actually” happened, presumably due to House’s vicodin-induced altered mental state.

    Not that this really helps, though: *Whatever* happened was obviously serious, and at least arguably criminal, and it’s really hard to see how Shore and the creative team can get out of the box they’ve written themselves into.

    Which, of course, means if they *do* find some plausible, acceptable way forward, it’ll be an astonishing triumph. But I, for one, ain’t waitin’ underwater.

    • Glen says:

      When a significant other hits the wall, throws something, destroys property and yes drives a car into a House it is domestic violence. Doesn’t matter if he meant to hurt her. Doesn’t matter if he was high or just emotional. He is now an abuser. That’s not the character most people loved. The defense of this behavior is a disturbing statement on the psyche of society today. I can’t root for him anymore.

      • Rose says:

        You are right Glen. What House did was domestic violence. He was lashing out violently at the woman who broke up with him. It’s very disturbing that David Shore thinks that kind of behavior is OK.

      • Bill Dauphin says:

        Just to clarify: I didn’t mean to be minimizing anything or suggesting it wasn’t domestic violence; I just don’t know what the NJ *law* says about it. House wasn’t living there (and never had) and wasn’t currently in any sort of “domestic” relationship with Cuddy. But of course, it’s domestic violence *in fact*, regardless of the law, and it’s certainly a serious crime in any case.

        And that’s the real rub: It’s impossible to imagine House both out of jail AND able to practice medicine after that act, and it’s impossible to imagine the show going on if he’s not those things. I’m damned if I know how they’ll get out of this box.

        • Margo says:

          True, it’s impossible to see how House could not be in jail and still be able to practice medicine after what he did.

  2. scott_mitchell says:

    house is slowly getting boring and even out of control. Surely the writer have not left with new medical cases and new story.
    so they are now experimenting with the character. i think its time to conclude the series.

  3. Lucy says:

    this is just becoming pathetic.
    Mr Shore, just shut up.

  4. Borja says:

    Shore STFU. I´m so glad Lisa Edelstein is gone. Now i don´t have a single reason to keep watching this piece of s*** that you call show.

  5. mdaily says:

    So on May 24th, when TVLine interviewed him, Shore said, “I’ve always thought House was capable of killing people close to him. [Laughs] That’s not to say he was ever going to do it, and I don’t think he would. And even in that moment, I don’t think he wanted to kill anybody. But who knows? Probably part of his mind did.”

    Now he says that absolutely not. So I think there is some backpedaling. I for one am not returning in the Fall. But hey, to each their own. I wish them all the best. But I would rather invest what little time I have in quality shows that interest me, and this is not one of them (anymore).

  6. Gill. M says:

    PEOPLE: Cuddy was not going to be hurt, nor was Rachel because it was not in the script!! we fans are acting like a load of hysterical idiots! David Shore knows what he is doing with his creation. House is and always has been a potential dangerous man, he always has taken things to the edge, with him self and his patients. Look how many of them he has nearly killed, look at how many times he has nearly killed himself, he is crazy and unstable. House is based on Sherlock Holmes, the genius mind that slovles the puzzle. I really loved the way two scene’s in the Sherlock Holmes movie was done. Holmes in a split second works out how to hurt people without killing them, yes they will be in a load of hurt for a long time, but not dead. This is the way House’s mind works too. He saw there was nobody in the room, worked out how to cause max effect without hurting anybody, and if you really rewatch the scene, you do see them leave. The end of this episode was pure Black Comedy, which is what the show as a whole has always been. I am really looking forward to S8, and no I wont miss Cuddy in the least. Lisa E, could of come back but she choose to walk away. Maybe now the show will really get back to the Homes-Watson type of relationship, and House back to sloving the medical puzzel. If there was a big mistake this season, the mistake was giving what some of the fans wanted. Getting House and Cuddy together in the first place, that is what altered the character, but now the character will be back to the way he should be.

    • Anne says:

      Domestic violence is not black comedy. It’s good topic for the show, not good for the main character. His motivations don’t matter, nor do “what-ifs.” Domestic violence is unacceptable in the anti-hero of this show. Making light of that is offensive.

    • Volcfom says:

      @Gill. I agree with everything that you said. I would very much like it to get back to the Holmes-Watson style, too.

    • Eurydice says:

      I took a refreshing nap during the Sherlock Holmes movie so I must have missed the part where he hurt a lot of people for a long time just for personal revenge.

      The thing is that House is only lightly inspired by Holmes – the big difference being that House (the show) is all about his personal problems and addictions, while Holmes’ stories kept them in the background where they didn’t have to be dealt with and developed. And there’s no use in thinking that if only those pesky females could be gotten rid of (Cameron, Stacey, Amber, Cuddy) House and Wilson could go back to their solving of important manly problems, because how do you think those females got into the script in the first place? The writers will just bring in more of them.

    • AJ says:

      Reckless violence, endangering the lives of others is comedy? SMH. You sicken me.

    • Joan says:

      I don’t agree with you that getting House and Cuddy together is what changed his character or the show (presumably for the bad) nor what you think House will go back to being — purely a miserable jerk with no chance of redemption or improvement?

      What I don’t understand is even if Shore was determined to break House and Cuddy up for good and not get them back together why they did’nt write a post breakup arc that had a chance for them to have a good fight about their relationship, clear the air and maybe get back to what Shore and others kept saying was ‘normal’ ie. pre-relationship (that was full of witty flirty banter and sexual tension and teasing arguments) instead they had a strange abrupt breakup and House acting completely cruel and meanspirited to Cuddy when she was just taking it all leading up to this extreme act of reckless endangerment, coming day(s) afte Cuddy again acted as his savior when he needed her. Why did Shore/writers have to so completely destroy and break the bonds between these two? Was it just for extra drama? I don’t know how they would have written Cuddy for next season if she stayed — the interesting twist in their relationship of all out war/hatred instead of the flirty banter and tension people liked pre-relationship? I don’t know what reaction they expected but the universal condemnation is appropriate.

    • Rose says:

      House driving his car into Cuddy’s house wasn’t “black comedy” or any other form of comedy. House was lashing out violently at someone who he supposedly loves. That’s domestic violence.

    • timshel says:

      Oh Gill. M, you wise and wonderful poster you! Such a great comment.

    • Carol says:

      Gill, you need to go back and read the actual literary sources for Sherlock Holmes, not the movie. Holmes was a loyal and faithful friend and absolutely upstanding in his protective stance toward women. What House did to Cuddy was domestic violence. Several of the stories (Speckled Band among others) dealt with abusive men. holes always protected women and avenged their abuse. If House was truly modeled on the Great Detective, he would never take an action which had even a remote possibility of hurting Cuddy or her child.

      David Shore needs to face up to the damage he has done to the character of House and to this once-great show. No more explanations. An apology is overdue.

    • Rita says:

      Excellent- agree that some fans are taking the crash way too literally and not getting the metaphorical goal- for House to “move on”.i.e. the title. House MD was never a show to be taken so literally. The black comedy aspect can also be seen with House’s doing anything to return the brush to Cuddy.

      • Carol says:

        If you examine House’s assault on Cuddy’s home as a metaphor you quickly come to the simple and obvious imagery: this was a rape. Do I need to spell out the metaphor? House’s car is a phallic projectile, inserted violently into her dining room, the warm enveloping core. He was welcome there in the past, but seeing another man taking his place, House snapped and violated Cuddy by shattering her security and personal space, in other words, a rape. If you stay on a metaphorical level, the closing scene of the finale only get worse.

    • Vic says:

      The thing is, while you’re absolutely right that House has always “taken things to the edge,” he’s never done it in this way before. He’s never set out to do this much damage to someone’s life just because he felt like it. When he comes close to killing his patients it’s because he’s trying to ultimately *heal* them, not hurt them. When they do die he doesn’t take it lightly–just look at how messed up he was by the death of his patient in last season’s finale. And yes, he comes close to killing himself often–but again, he’s hurting *himself*, never anyone else. He’s never, ever been this violent towards someone else. Which is why so many people are saying it’s out of character for him.

  7. bella says:

    look around you Shore!!! what you see IS a universal reaction: critics AND fans!!! pull your head out of your @.. and smell the coffee you MORON!!! bring Lisa Edelstein back while you’re still on time, make part of S7 a hallucination, whatever…and FIX this mess. IT’S YOUR ONLY WAY OUT RIGHT NOW!!!

  8. Sarah says:

    I’m rolling on the floor laughing right now. DS, you and the writers are morons and nothing will change that. It does NOT matter that murder was on his brain; it’s the fact that he didn’t think about the consequences of his action. How the hell did he know that people left the room? Does he have x-ray vision that I didn’t notice? The fact is, is that Rachel could HAVE been in the room. DS, for god sakes you’re a freaking lawyer. You of all people should have known that what House did was attempted manslaughter. In your sick, sick mind, when is domestic violence okay? It’s like he’s saying it’s okay to get revenge on your ex-girlfriend for breaking up with you. As a loyal fan, I’ll watch the show out of pity for you and my amusement. There’s no way House is not getting punished by the law for this realistically

  9. Annie says:

    don’t care about LE.I’m glad she’s gone

  10. LucyAnne says:

    It’s not about attempted murder. It is about DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, which they very well knew would be interpreted that way because even they wrote it in the script. The cop stated it was domestic violence because it was and they wanted us to see that possibility.

    It did cross the line. House is not the man “capable of aggression and violence,” (as is every human being); He IS that man. Let’s not take that lightly. The viewers were pulling for the tortured, flawed anti-hero, but it’s very hard to pull for him now. It’s like asking the abused wife to stay with her husband because he will get better. We don’t do that.

    Face it, Shore. You blew it on this one. Motives, justification, unexpressed angern years of pain…none of this makes domestic violence ok. It is a good topic for the show, a very bad thing for your main character.

    You can only save this character if this proves not to be real. Unfortunately, that story will be weak, too, but at least the anti-hero House will still exist…not this angry, non-repentent villain.

    • Liz says:

      Cuddy’s “pranks” on House are domestic violance too, if you want it to see it that way. THAT made ME really mad.

      • jfc says:

        Please tell me you didn’t just equate a tripwire to driving a car into an occupied house.

      • dalilita says:

        What about Wilson sawing halfway through House´s cane when he was asleep and causing him TO FALL HARD ON THE FLOOR, just because he ruined his chances to get an appartament (somewhere on season 4, if I´m not mistaken). The writers have a history of writing this kind of “funny” situations. And apparently, they will never learn.

        • alice says:

          season two–and yep, the writers tend to sacrifice character morality at the expense of extending their characters’ own apparently endless misery.

        • Erika says:

          The problem is, in what world driving a car through a house full of people is “funny”?

  11. Mike J says:

    What about the sister and her companion – who were still sitting at the table – he did not know they had moved. I am sorry but I think the last few episodes left me looking forward to something else on Monday night next year.

  12. Volcfom says:

    To those who argue that House couldn’t have known if Rachel was there: Don’t you think that his deductive reasoning would have figured out that Cuddy was on a double date? Why would she have a toddler around on a first date? Plus, House was close enough to see the room, and see that there was no place setting for Rachel.

    I thought the incident was actually quite funny. My bf started clapping. House was just getting even and finding closure. You guys have to stop taking everything so seriously.

    • Gloria says:

      And this is why domestic violence has become so frequent. When your boyfriend who clapped destroys your world, leaving you forever emotionally scarred and actually relishes the act, I’m sure you’ll still think it’s funny.

      I for one have lived through this type of behavior and it’s not funny at all. And it’s certainly not something to be celebrated.

      • Eurydice says:

        Well, to be fair (if that’s the word I want), House has always skirted the edges of domestic violence. He really is a rotten human being and he treats his loved ones just as maliciously and vindictively as he does his enemies, maybe more so. It’s only his skill as a doctor and the hope that he might change which keeps him on the acceptable side of psychopathy. But after 7 years and he’s still on square one, maybe some of the viewers are ready to pin a label on him and call it a day.

      • Dr Fell says:

        well maybe you should have never slept with the guy in the first place. there are always warnings signs but apparently women love to go after hot guys even if they are total jerks!

    • Dani says:

      In all honesty why wouldn’t she have Rachel there? It was informal and her auntie and uncle were there. She could have easily been in bed or anywhere out of sight to be honest.

      I’m sorry I just don’t find domestic violence funny whether it’s portrayed by a fictional character or not. By all means depict it if you’re going to open a serious dialogue about it, but don’t use it as light relief and then make throwaway comments about him not meaning it. It’s not throwing toys out of a pram, it’s a criminal offence.

    • Eurydice says:

      “You guys” don’t have to stop doing anything. The writers were going for an emotional reaction and they got one – if it’s not what they were intending that’s too bad, but they (and you) can’t tell people to unfeel what they felt.

    • Nada says:

      Yes I find all this situation funny now, and I’ll laugh seeing House drunk and stoned in a gutter instead walking on a beach in Hawaii in the premiere. lol

    • AJ says:

      I’m sorry, domestic violence apologists need to shut up. It is never funny. It is never okay. It certainly never is to be made light of.

    • kristin says:

      You don’t “get even” with an ex by crashing a car into their house. That isn’t getting even, it is domestic violence, its illegal, and in the real world would land the person in jail. Deservedly so. There is something deeply disturbing in the idea that this is just “getting even.”

      • Dr Fell says:

        he does go to jail for a year if you check the previews for season 8. and you guys need to get off your high horse about domestic violence i think they will somehow make it known to the viewers that this type of action is wrong its a story and people need stop getting so upset over FICTION.

    • Capra says:

      @Volcfom: Your boyfriend was clapping? Better make sure you don’t break up with him. Yikes.

    • Rose says:

      Getting closure in a relationship can be done a number of ways: having a heartfelt talk with the ex, finding someone new, crying it out to your friends, etc., but NOT by driving your car into your ex’s house.

      • BlueBlack says:

        @Volcfom-Why did he need to get her back anyway? Why did she have it coming? From the way you describe him your boyfriend sounds not very bright or like someone who sympathizes with this insane mentality. As soon as they broke up House did everything he could to hurt her to ‘get her back’ for hurting him. But apparently that wasn’t enough. She had it coming and so did Wilson and the other people in the house.
        House was made into a monster in this episode. It was revolting how utterly selfish he was to the point of thinking of himself and feeling sorry for himself so much that he obliterated all thought and concern for other people or their lives. And THEN they put him on a beach. However long it took him to get there, he had time to think about what he’d done and feel remorse and guilt for his actions, but he didn’t. He was happy and content. Like a psychopath, he got pleasure out of it. Sorry, they ruined House with this episode. I don’t see how they can get out of it. Especially with Cuddy gone.

        • Margo says:

          “Like a psychopath, he got pleasure out of it.”
          I agree. I doubt if that was what Shore & company were trying for, but that’s how it came across.

  13. evs says:

    I feel like this is already settled. They messed up, they should live up to it and just admit and rebuild. Kinda like Dexter “chose not to keep the season 5 showrunner” … First 4 seasons were epic. After that, a lot more inconsistent and generally lackluster. but what can you do, when it was great, it was greater then almost everything else

  14. Emilia says:

    I don’t get David Shore. How can he not care about what the viewers want. Granted,nobody expects writers to do everything their fans ask, but the House-Cuddy dynamic was the main reason people watched the show in the last seasons, because let´s face it: how long can you attract viewers with the same formula? Nobody cares anymore about the diseases. It’s all about House and his problems, so Cuddy became a key character in his development. Having said that, I liked this season’s ending because if they weren’t going to move forward with their relationship, it was better for them to kill it. Quite frankly viewers would have gotter tired of being jerk around with the no HUDDY. So Lisa Edelstein made the right choice. If they wanted to destroy something that had the pontencial of being a great story for nothing, then she made the right the call

    It doesn`t matter how many times he tries to excuse House`s behavior, the scene makes it look like he did tried to kill them. If they would have made him crash in any other part of the house then we wouldn’t be having this discussion. He talks about Cuddy’s hand gesture, but does he really expects us to believe that House saw that and decided it was ok to crash because they were going to another room? Does House carry a DVR? Did he pressed rewind before crashing to read the hand gestures?

    • Liz says:

      “Quite frankly viewers would have gotter tired of being jerk around with the no HUDDY.”
      Totally wrong. Many viewers out there – actually everyone except you Huddies – would have been very pleased with NO Huddy. Like it or not. And it never was a great story. Awful storyline for an awful “relationship”.

    • AJ says:

      Quite frankly, Emilia, to make this about your ship is preposterous. Believe it or not, “Huddy” never has been my main reason for watching the show. That is completely irrelevant here. So by all means, speak for yourself, but please leave the rest of us out of this embarrassingly ignorant perception.

  15. Erica says:

    Sorry Mrs Shore! You ruined the show! The explanation is so weak. Would you like to see your home invaded and completely destroyed by a car or something else, especiaaly if this thing belongS to a person you have loved? Besides, it is CRIME!!!

  16. manders says:

    It still changes nothing for me. They have taken House way too far. This is beyond just his crazy, selfish self. The show is not what it used to be. I’m done with it.

  17. hello says:

    David Shore just insulted me personally and therefore i will not watch House or any other show he works on anymore

  18. Nicole says:

    I enjoy House for a lot of reasons and will probably continue to watch it next season, but there’s something about running your car into someone’s dining room, empty or not, that I think makes most people start to back away slowly (if they hadn’t already started when he cut his own leg open). It’s one thing to watch House navigate through his life as a damaged person — I think most of us can identify with him in some small way. This is where those similarities stop. This is where you begin to wonder if the hero in the story really was a psycho all along.

    I’m not sure that translates into bad storytelling…but I’m also not sure that translates into good ratings.

    • Eurydice says:

      That’s an excellent point about wondering if House has been a psycho all along. An event in a story will make the viewers cast their minds back to the beginning and reassess everything they’ve seen in light of the new information. In good storytelling, that’s the “aha” moment – in bad storytelling, it’s the “ooops” moment.

  19. kbest says:

    It doesn’t matter what he says. The show will never be the same. It might be different if Lisa Edelstein was coming back and answers could be gotten. I think we all truely know he wasn’t trying to kill Cuddy. The new date ahh maybe but not Cuddy or Racheal. They are his world and he saw that slipping further away. There was always a chance for them to work things out as long as neither truely moved on. Now with Lisa not coming back there its really over and fans didn’t take well to their breakup in the first place. Hopefully they will get Lisa back to the table and not get up until an agreement is reached. This is most likely the last seadon let it end right…with all three main characters. House, Wilson and Cuddy. Otherwise its already over.

  20. Kristie says:

    When I first saw the episode it never crossed my mind House was trying to kill anyone. Could he have killed someone? Yes, but so what? At that point House didn’t give a crap what happened to himself or anyone else. He wanted to do something destructive and if it risked other people’s lives so be it.

    • Joan says:

      So what? Well House was supposed to be an arrogant jerk but he’s also a healer and deep down tries to do the right thing. If its ok for him to not give a crap whether he hurt himself or others to you then ‘so be it’ but many people find that out of character and morally repugnant. They have pushed House beyond likeability or defense. For me, if he needed to release his anger in a destructive way, there were other ways they could have shown him doing so — think of him smashing Wilson’s posters, etc. — if he had rammed into her car in the driveway or trashed her office desk or such, it would be less dramatic but also less crazy-house violent and terrorizing of the woman he loves, so I can’t understand why they could’nt find a better ending than this one. They wanted DRAMA, they got it. Now they can dig their way out.

      • Claudia says:

        Someone suggested on another site that instead of crashing his car into Cuddy’s house, they could have had him drive home and completely trash his own appartement in his rage, then run off to his tropical island to escape his old life. That would have been plenty dramatic IMO.

  21. Tom says:

    Whatever. Regardless of the intentions, it was a lame twist topping off an awful season. This show is over. They might as well just call that disaster the series finale and be done with it.

    House has been in a steady decline for the past couple of seasons. The only sad thing is this season adds more credence to the “Moonlighting curse” thesis.

  22. michele says:

    I don’t know why people are saying “this is over the line” like it is a bad thing. We’ve never seen House melt down like this before, and isn’t it a good thing that we get to see House go where he has never gone before. Wilson was worried when Cameron dated House, saying if he gets his heart broken again there might not be a next time. Then with Cuddy Wilson was always saying how she was his last chance at a relationship. Now, maybe we are finally seeing House revert back to that dark place Wilson saw him in after he broke up with Stacy. House’s actions are suppose to be controversial, and unpredictable.
    All of his emotional drama finally pushed him over the edge. Now we have to find out if there is a way back for him. I will definitely be tuning in next year.

  23. Maya says:

    Aw, Shore, Shore, Shore… I have never, ever posted a comment on that kind of sites before, but I really feel the need to shout now: please, just STOP IT! Because you’re really making a fool of yourself.

    I mean, why is it so hard to admit that you FAILED? You did. Period. Have the guts to say it, be respectful of your audience’s intelligence and most of all, don’t insult yours.

    House did not intend to kill anybody? Oh ok, all right then. Let’s play that game and admit that as a FICTIONAL writing lead-in… But… What about destruction of private property? Did House not intend to do that as well? Did he estimate that driving right into Cuddy’s house would cause no damage at all?

    Gee, isn’t Shore a former lawyer? Has everything law-related completely got erased from his brain? Come on! JUST for driving into Cuddy’s house (assuming she would of course NOT hire a lawyer who’d plead attempting murder – because why would she if House very obviously saw everyone leave the room, duh?…) House would still face jail time for having intentionally destroyed Cuddy’s property… So, Shore can do another hundreds interviews (which is me being rhetorical here because actually no, please, just don’t…) or twist it in every direction he wants, there is NO plausible way to rationally excuse House’s behavior from here.

    The best strategy now would be to be honest and HUMBLE for once, and accept to call it what it is: a SCREW-UP. Then maybe fans (of all kinds, and not just the House&Cuddy ones) who feel utterly scoffed at by TPTB’s dismissing, careless attitude regarding their so-called creative decisions would maybe see they’re trying to take full responsibility for making the wrong choices (nobody’s perfect after all) and therefore, fans would maybe accept to give the show another chance…

    Instead, as it appears right now, it seems a LARGE majority of fans won’t, because every new attempt at justifying the unjustifiable is currently perceived as TPTB pathetically living in a delusional world where people with a limp can jump from a balcony into a pool, pop one hundred millions pills of opioid a day and never feel dizzy, perform self surgery on deathly tumors within their own bum leg and walk bouncily in the SAND few days afterwards, drive into houses for no reason other than lash out and then toast to how good it feels on a tropical beach a few hours later…

    And to say it was meant to be so cool… I mean, people don’t change AND at the same time Mr. Shore promises you not to write the same stories over and over… Come on, audience… Just take a deep breath, let go, TRUST… The challenge is absolutely and utterly contradictory in itself but they’ll DO IT… Sheesh, have a little faith here! Otherwise, just like their doomed-to-be-miserable hero, if they’d keep denying the reality of their failure, they’d ‘Fall From Grace’, most probably the hard way and, for the once most brilliant and most viewed tv show IN THE WORLD, wouldn’t it be just sad?

  24. Mrs. Frisby says:

    I just keep hoping it didn’t really happen; that it was some bizarre fantasy in his head. Otherwise, House is really done. It doesn’t matter that he didn’t really mean to hurt anyone. He could have. I can understand House needing to lash out after keeping things in for 7 years, but I never suspected he had this violence within him. If he truly does, then there’s really nothing likable about him anymore. There’s no reason to look up to him anymore. Genius or not, he’s gone over to the dark side and that’s the end. If that really happened with the car and the house, then there is no redemption. House is over.

  25. Gray says:

    Shore’s attempt to rationalize House’s actions is failing. There is no happy turn on a dime moment here. He’s making the claim on House’s visual acuity as being astute enough to make crashing a vehicle in the house as warranted because of House’s emotional expunging of anger. Can he see a toddler walking by the dining table? Is he aware of her whereabouts in the home? This is the jump the shark moment. It was one thing for House to go through the drug addiction phase and the cop wanting him arrested for prescription abuse but this is a game changer. He used a vehicle as an instrument of death and by law, that is a crime. Property damage was over $1000 so that makes it a felony. Leaving the scene of a crime, another felony. How can Shore make this rational unless we’re doing the whack dream thing? That writing device, if deployed, was a bust with what’s her name and Dallas and it will be here as well.

  26. Anny Mazioli says:

    To me House is done… I waited six seasons for see Huddy and now i don’t see more reasons for watch the serie. LE is out, Huddy is done forever, i’m curious for see how the writters will make with Cuddy leaving PPTH, but is not the same thing.
    Good Bye House…

    • Haha says:

      Bye then! And welcome in the world of Cameron fans. Remember what you guys told them? So: bye bitter Huddy fangirls, we won’t miss you!

      • alice says:

        while I don’t take the attitude of only watching the show for one character and their relationship with House, I’m pretty sure Cuddy was a million times more important to House, to the dynamics of the show (it’s been said countless times she’s the only one who can be his boss–hey how did Cam handle that one?) than Cameron.

  27. raiza says:

    They are in deep poop. I wonder if Hugh Lauries still believes in his mantra, it’s not WHAT but HOW is done what matters.

  28. Xander says:

    Even watching it, I understood it. House was becoming exceedingly reckless. Jumping from the balcony into the pool, taking untested experimental drugs,performing surgery on himself, and finally driving through Cuddy’s dining room. House is pure id, he has no conscience, it’s part of the reason that he has the other characters on the show, like Wilson. It’s also part of the reason they hammered Masters down our throats. She was his conscience, once she was gone, and he had to deal with his own issues, on top of making medical decisions, the id took over. He did what made him feel good, what made him happy: Hookers, Hedonism, all the things that most people won’t do because of their morality.

    Seeing Cuddy made him feel bad, and so his initial (and only) reaction, do something to make her feel bad, so he’ll feel good. He wasn’t thinking about whether someone might be in the room. He didn’t see anyone, out of sight, out of mind. So he gunned the engine and threw it in gear. After going through the wall he had a moment of clarity and walked away, perfectly happy. He’d done his damage, and balance was restored.

    Did he intend to hurt Cuddy? No. The vast majority of his actions inconvienece others, but the only person he intends to hurt is himself. He knew putting himself through the wall could hurt him, just like he knew that jumping off the balcony could potentially hurt him, without thinking of the damage he could cause if he hit someone in the pool. He does things to make himself feel emotionally good at the expense of his physical health, because he doesn’t feel he deserves to be happy. He’s been ramping up ever since Cuddy split with him,and it finally blew up. He was feeling bad emotionally, and he needed to find balance, he knew that the reason that he was feeling bad was Cuddy, so he had to lash out.

    Finally, the one thing that I haven’t seen is…Suspension of disbelief. This is a drama based in a fictional world that looks very similar to real life. If you want to see what really happens when a psycho ex drives through a wall, watch the news. The idea behind a drama is just that, it is a larger-than-life depiction of the real world. You are supposed to ignore the real-world ramifications, sit back and enjoy the ride.

    • Kristie says:

      Well said. Agree 100%

    • Eurydice says:

      Sure, I get all that about the id. I’ve been getting it over and over and over for 7 years. My question is what’s the point? How is this event any different than his other antics, except in magnitude?

      And yes, of course, Nouse’s world is fictional, but that’s not the point. The point is to make the audience want to inhabit that fictional world and accept its rules for an hour every week. But when you start changing the rules or when you make that world too crazy or painful or boring or frustrating, the audience has the option to get out and visit another world, perhaps on another network.

      • ipj says:

        Suspension of disbelief is something the power of the storytelling is supposed to induce, not a requirement that the audience ignore everything that happens on screen in the name of cooperating. House going from inwardly-destructive misanthrope to outwardly-destructive psychopath yanked a whole lot of people out of the imaginary world.

        As a series-ender it would have been powerful: this guy you’ve sympathized with and rooted for over the years, even though he’s grouchy? Just tried to kill his ex, any of her family that are in the house, a guy he thinks might be a date, her three year old, anyone else who might be in the house. As something to come back from as a lovable curmudgeon, a lot of people can’t hoist their disbelief that far up.

        • Nicole says:

          I’m not saying I disagree with everything you said here…but I think the idea of who owns the responsibility of cultivating suspension of disbelief depends on the literary theory you subscribe to. Personally, I think a healthy suspension of disbelief is a prerequisite for everything on the air today. Nothing on TV is true to life. Reality television is the worst: there’s nothing realistic about it, and there’s no plotline to distract you from that fact.

          Now…I agree that there’s no coming back for House. He’s finished being the man he was. But what is it, exactly, that he’s become? I’ll watch for a while next fall to find out. If I don’t like what I see…well…

          • tyger says:

            House has tried to get better and failed. He’s gone too far this time. Can he change and be better? No. David Shore, his creator and justifier says he can’t. After what they made him into in the finale I don’t care where they take him. I know it won’t be anywhere good for long.

    • Wayne Beamer says:

      Great post that explains the thematic reasons behind the choices made by House. One thing, however: My suspension of disbelief is effective blown away by this event, as much as I like Hugh Laurie as House. Like 24, how often can you put the country in grave danger for 24 hours without it not feeling false or trite? Answer: No matter how compelling jack Bauer or Gregory House are as characters, their shelf life as TV series tentpoles ends when you can’t top what you’ve done in the past without making the present seem very contrived and false.

    • Rose says:

      “Suspension of disbelief” is accepting that House drove his car into a house and walked away with no injuries.
      To think that driving his car into Cuddy’s house was justified, or even in keeping with House’s character, means ignoring 7 years worth of watching the character. That goes far beyond “suspension of disbelief.”

    • timshel says:

      Amen to that, Xander. Thanks for writing such a great post.

    • maggie d says:

      @Xander wrote: “The vast majority of his actions inconvienece others, but the only person he intends to hurt is himself.”

      That’s why driving into Cuddy’s house was out of character. House was doing something TO Cuddy to hurt HER. And House is smart enough to know that he could have killed or injured someone. I can believe that he would ring her doorbell and swallow a whole bottle of Vicodin in front of her, but will never believe that it’s in character for him to drive his car into her house.

  29. Greg says:

    Mr. Shore is being incredibly disingenuous. Perhaps House intended no harm in Mr. Shore’s mind in the writer’s room, but that was not how it appeared when broadcast. And that’s not how life works. House could not have known the room was definitively clear and no one was in danger, nor could he have known he himself would survive a crash through a wall with flying glass, wood and metal. And the ludicrous bathtub surgery scene indicates that House doesn’t want to die.

    This is a show that is unfortunately taking a nosedive in narrative quality, and Lisa Edelstein may have left one season too late.

  30. Hannah Jones says:

    LOL!! He seriously needs to stop with the he saw them leave the room bit. Nothing personal but it’s a crappy argument. Someone could’ve returned. Rachel could’ve been in there. He hurt Wilson. They turned off a lot of people with this action. They should’ve thought it through.

  31. michele says:

    House didn’t intend to kill anyone. Whether or not someone could have died is irrelevant. House does know crashing into Cuddy’s home is dangerous to himself and the people in the house, but that is THE POINT. He wanted to make it clear how he felt to Cuddy. He wanted her to feel as terrible as he did. House doesn’t want to die, but he doesn’t care if he lives. (Purposely sticking a knife into a wall socket is evidence enough of that.)

    • Dani says:

      On the contrary it’s exactly the point. Anybody with half of his IQ would have known it was possible he could injure or kill someone: on what planet is a car only harmful to a building and not people?

    • maggie d says:

      The fact that House could have killed or injured someone is NOT irrelevant. It is not faithful to the character that he would ignore the fact that he could kill someone by his actions. Driving your car into someone’s house because they dumped you is what a psychopath does. House has been rude, arrogant, verbally abusive, self-destructive, but NEVER psychopathic.
      What people are mad about is that they significantly changed the nature of the character through this one action. They changed House in a way that repulses people. They changed House in a way that seems to be no coming back from.

  32. Tania says:

    David Shore’s disdain for the fans has been demonstrated over the last few seasons as he has jerked the character’s back and forth — especially House and Cuddy. We get it — you don’t care what we think. He’s aware of the fan reaction (but not universal) to House driving his car into Cuddy’s living room ….really? House could see the adults leaving the room before he floored the car….Could he see Cuddy’s daughter who could have been sitting on the floor? Either David Shore is an idiot or he just doesn’t care what anyone else thinks — and he is not an idiot. So, fans of House, you decide if you want to pursue Mr. Shore’s vision of the universe. I am done.

  33. Kim says:

    I have always thought Mr Shore to be a very intelligent man who also happens to be very creative. But does he seriously think he can get people to believe this? My opinion is that the last half of the season was put together 1/2 as– well you know what I mean–and they just threw the crash in for funzzies and it blew up in their face. They took it too far. I don’t like Cuddy being gone but the way the wrote her the last two years is unexcusable and so be it she’s gone. But to put this spin on House himself–I don’t want to watch someone who clearly seemed happy that he did something this dangerous. I don’t know if they can fix this.

  34. Audrey says:

    David Shore needs to rewatch that scene before doing interviews because he’s going too fast to have stopped if anyone was coming back in the room, the house is on a small incline and he was coming from the garage and turned on before he could see inside the window so there’s no way he could’ve seen if someone came in the room, plus what if Rachel was in there? Also, the point isn’t that he was trying to murder her, it was that it made him abusive-it made him into an abusive character who acts on impulse, explodes and everyone else is collateral damage, it made his character like real life abusers who don’t intend on killing or sometimes even hurting but that’s what happens. And then he was smiling at a beach afterwards like he enjoyed what he’d done. He did enjoy it. Which made it worse and into psychopathic territory because at least most abusers feel guilty afterwards. House didn’t. Many people found that repulsive, wrong and it made him into an unlikable character. Hence the fallout. I’m definitely not watching him next season if that’s their vision for him. Sorry.

  35. Amused says:

    It’s so funny how fast poor David Shore turned from the Huddy fangirls’ hero to the most hated person in this insane part of the fandom. I can’t help but LMAO about this.
    Hey, Mr. Shore, there are still tons of fans out there who can’t wait to see what happens next for House. And if you start reintegrating Wilson more and even bring back Cameron, you’ll have an even bigger audience than you had during the Huddy doom!

    • Dani says:

      Well seen as JMo has just had the pilot for her new show picked up, and RSL has made it clear he’s only it for the money and he likes having less screen time because of his stage career it’s unlikely. It’ll just be House in a rubber room doing a Lady Macbeth. Poor Hugh…

      • me says:

        Just because he likes less screen time doesn’t mean they’re gonna give him less screen time. (see season 6)

    • Amy says:

      It’s funny how anti-shippers are trying so desperately to spin the utter destruction of anything remotely sympathetic about House into good news for “their side.” I never gave a flip about House’s relationship with ANYBODY, but I now no longer give a flip about House himself. Frees up TiVo space, I suppose.

    • Joan says:

      I’m sick and tired of anyone who did not appreciate Huddy referring to the many people who did as ‘fangirls’ — you know what, I’m an over 40, married 25 years, professional woman and I enjoyed seeing the relationship develop between House and Cuddy and it was one of the key dynamics of the show. Yes, along with his buddy relationship with Wilson. I won’t say anything about Cameron because my mom taught me right. I guess you are a Cam or Wilson ‘fangirl’ since you think they are all thats needed to save the show at this point. Don’t kid yourself, the very widespread negative reviews of the finale and the general poor writing this season as well as Shore’s unwillingness to let House have some character development are going to turn into fewer viewers next season no matter how they or you try and spin this.

      • alice says:

        Thank you. House as a character had important relationships with the people in his life that he loved and they provided interesting character development, end of.

    • dalilita says:

      So all the people who didn´t like the finale and think DS is nuts are “Huddy fangirls”? Also, I´m not really sure bringing Cameron back would do JM and her fans any service. Her character was almost as poorly written and screwed up by the writers as Cuddy´s.

  36. Amy says:

    If you DRIVE A CAR INTO AN OCCUPIED HOME, with the people in the house WITHIN YOUR SIGHT, you absolutely, positively have to know that you are running the risking of hurting and possibly killing those people. Just because he didn’t personally ram her with the car doesn’t mean that House couldn’t have caused a wall collapse, flying shards of glass or other things that could have killed or maimed Cuddy and the others. I believe the term is “wanton disregard.” If someone had been killed — and someone could have been, absolutely — then possibly House wouldn’t be convicted of first-degree murder. But second-degree murder? Potentially. Manslaughter? The LEAST he could have hoped for. Nobody died because House got lucky. Which means the show’s writers put the character in a position where he absolutely was fine with taking a risk with others’ lives because of his relationship pique. It’s disgusting that they did this for shock value and are now so desperately backpedaling. It’s pathetic, too, because it’s too late; the character and show are ruined.

  37. Finn says:

    Of course he didn’t want to kill her, that’s not the point. He COULD have killed her or Rachel or the other three people in the house. Nobody ever wins a defense with ‘I didn’t mean to do it.’

    For me personally, it was his attitude after that is most revolting. According to Wilson his surroundings would reflect his frame of mind, therefore he seriously does not care at all about what he did. He’s even HAPPY about it? I don’t want to watch a show about that person.

  38. nitemar says:

    David Shore has lost interest on the show..his vision how he wanted the character of House in the beginning has lost its luster after so many seasons,like Chris Carter with X-Files. Shore should “move on” to other pastures, and hopefully far, far from producing another show!

  39. Larc says:

    After this fiasco House belongs in prison or in a loony bin. Anywhere except as a doctor in a hospital. The show had been going downhill for me anyhow, but this broke it. It won’t be on a watch schedule next season.

  40. Kath says:

    How many interviews does Shore and the other producers have to give to explain to viewers what a g– awful mess this episode was?

    There is nothing left for Cuddy, the character has been ruined by by the last 3 seasons and Huddy has just about ruined the show.

    Bring back the old show. And bring back Cameron, ethics and the emphasis on medical stories while they’re at it.

  41. Jill says:

    Does David Shore even have any idea of what he’s doing any more?

  42. kristin says:

    Total fail, DS. There is such a thing as going too far, and that’s what you did here. I realize you were getting desperate for ratings, but turning you main character into a violent lunatic is just a bad idea all around.

  43. Erica says:

    Dear Mr Shore, I know you would like to get something very, very cool! Instead, you get something very, very stupid!
    BTW, the last one (you always miserable character!)leaving the room, please turn off the lights and close the door!

  44. Gami says:

    Honestly, I thought it was awesome that he crashed his car into Cuddy’s house. I never thought he was trying to kill her, because if he was trying to kill her, he would have killed her and not done it in such a showy way. She would have died from something mysterious and he would have kept his hands clean doing it. This, driving his car into her house was the biggest F.U. he could give her, the ultimate send off. In fact, as a friend of mine noted, this would have been the perfect end to the series. I’m not sure why everyone is so up in arms. It is a tv show, fantasy. So yeah, thinking well someone could have been there is just moot. That wasn’t the point.

    • Dani says:

      Wow! Just wow… I mean of course the person who gave him a job and dusted him down umpteen times when nobody else would deserves that….

      Who’s to say that the showrunners won’t be plotting exactly that over the Summer? House probably laced the hairbrush with some tropical infectious disease and the season 8 premiere will open with the team standing over Cuddy’s grave and keep cutting to a brothel in Fiji where House laughs maniacally into the camera as he makes use of the local women. Episode One ‘Epic Mistake’ will end with Rachel Cuddy shaking her fist and proclaiming House ‘a bloody scallywag’ whilst vowing to her Grandmother, Murphy Brown, to avenge her Mother’s death. Oh how I wish I were joking…

      • Gami says:

        And this same person said she loved him exactly as he was, said she knew he was damaged and accepted him despite it, then went and got mad because he was exactly who he was and didn’t change for her. She was surprised that he did something like this? Really? This is House.

        • Claudia says:

          Oh no one is denying they absolutely f*cked up with the way they wrote Cuddy this season, too. She made absolutely no sense, and even as a big Cuddy fan, I was incredibly annoyed at her. She was being completely unreasonable and unfair.
          Still, aside from the fact that no one EVER deserves something like this, with all that she’d done for him in the past, it’s just a horrible thing to think that he had anything to ‘get even’ or ‘say F.U.’ for at all, let alone in such a destructive way. Even House was more reasonable than that in the past.

          • Dani says:

            My point was that to even begin to contemplate that what House did was warranted you have to ignore what she’s done for him across the whole series. No doubt Cuddy was a poor girlfriend, but does that mean she deserves to have her house trashed and her life endangered? Really? All House crashing into her home proves is that she was right to dump him… Oh and this is coming from someone who watched the show for the protagonist by the way, not some rabid fangirl…. Shore’s made a massive mistake here and I expect he’s already regretting it even if he’s not prepared to admit it.

    • ipj says:

      The biggest FU would presumably have been to take a gun to the house, kill her family in front of her, kill the possible new boyfriend in front of her, then kill her. So by that standard the random attempt to kill anyone who happened to be in or near that room falls a bit short. He was leaving the actual death toll up to fate.

      “It is a tv show, fantasy. So yeah, thinking well someone could have been there is just moot. That wasn’t the point.”
      That isn’t how tv works. You don’t watch House solve a medical mystery believing he’s thinking “I’m just a TV character, the writers will pull this together in 42 minutes, nothing matters. Maybe I’ll take a loaded glock and fire it into the patient’s abdomen three times, secure in the knowledge the writers will have messed with the firing mechanism.” It’s compelling drama because there are supposedly real stakes, because he supposedly is pushing the envelope without being sure what will happen.

      So no, you can’t turn around and have him commit a carelessly destructive act that could have killer his ex, her child, and anyone standing near them, and claim that it’s just tv and we shouldn’t be bothered if the writers decided that, today, cars driven into people’s houses aren’t really dangerous. They’re just big FUs, the property damage resulting from them not rising to felony charges, and the risk to the humans nearby certainly not attempted murder.

    • maggie d says:

      Having House drive his car into Cuddy’s house was the biggest FU David Shore could give to viewers.

  45. Jocelyn says:

    David Shore can’t have it both ways. In one interview, he says that he always thought House was capable of murdering someone close to him but in this interview, he does a 180 and says of course House isn’t a murderer. What a bunch of BS! I don’t care what House’s intent was, the reality is he could have killed Wilson if Wilson hadn’t jumped out of the way, Cuddy and her 3 guests if they had returned to the dining room and little Rachel if she had been playing on the floor in that room. The intent doesn’t matter, Shore! I hate that he has transformed one of my favorite tv characters from someone who I found it easy to root for despite his bad behavior into someone who may be unwatchable and irredeemable.

    • timshel says:

      We’re all capable of murder, but most of us would probably never commit the act. Clearly there has always been a dark and hurtful side to House, often aimed at those close to him. Saying he’s capable of murder and him actually committing murder are 2 totally different things.

  46. kristine says:

    glad I stopped watching four episodes in to this season. it was getting harder and harder to believe house was getting away with this nutty stuff. this? jump.the.shark.

  47. pulguita says:

    David Shore, you made the mess, you fix it, otherwise wrap up and go home!

  48. Notmzbehavin says:

    I stopped watching House when he relapsed. Then I found out that the producers never intended House to stay clean–that was one bridge too many for me.

    I’m disappointed that they are doing this to the show, but not surprised.

  49. mags says:

    Wasn’t David Shore a lawyer? He should know that it doesn’t matter if House intended to kill someone. House had to have known that his reckless actions could have resulted in someone being killed or hurt. For Shore to say that House’s intention is all that matters is ridiculous. If you drive drunk and kill someone they don’t let you off because you didn’t mean to kill someone. They say that you had to have known that driving drunk can hurt or kill someone. So how can Shore excuse House’s actions by saying he didn’t intend to kill anyone?

    • Carol says:

      Well said, mags. Shore seems to take us for complete fools. His attitude is infuriating and has worsened my already dim view of this godawful finale. Shore need to apologize and fix this mess now.

  50. J. Norman says:

    I love the way / fact that David Shore describes the backlash against his dumb ass season finale as “not universal” Got to love it.
    I suppose in some universe that is true if you consider 10 – 1 negative as “not universal” He is clearly shell shocked at the huge negative response.
    I do believe him – I suppose – when he says that House didn’t really intend to kill anyone. That may be true on some level. But to try to defend the fact that House could have easily killed someone is another issue.
    The real thing that Shore doesn’t understand is that his hapless writing has successfully turned the character of House from a sympathetic genius to root for to an obnoxious, bitter, ass wipe!!