Days Shake-Up! John/Marlena In, Two Vets Out

Soap opera shockers, both sad and super (as in couple)!

Days of Our Lives fan favorite Louise Sorel has been let go from the NBC susder, as has Crystal Chappell (Carly). Sorel reveals that while her contract is up on September 13, “that doesn’t mean I’ll work until then”; Chappell’s pact, meanwhile, peters out in August.

Check out Sorel’s full TV Guide Magazine Q&A for sobering insight into today’s soaps biz, as well as to spy the following savory nugget….

In surveying the circumstances of her ouster, Sorel let slip that Drake “The Eyebrow” Hogestyn and Deidre Hall are set to reprise their iconic roles as John and Marlena this summer, if not beyond. “Maybe I’m a financial trading card so the show can afford them,” Sorel (kinda?) joked. “Although I’ve been making almost nothing.”

No further details on the MarJohn comeback have yet been made available.

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  1. ophelia328 says:

    I love that my favorite soap has made TVLine headlines! Thanks for reporting this!

    • dina campanella says:

      I think the producers are doing a grave diservice to the show.The character of Vivian has recently developed into a compelling storline. There is so much more to learn about her and her past. I love John and Marlena….. but lets face it.. their story has been told..vivian now has a son who is involved in many bad things…. and Carly’s addiction .trhe storlines are endless.he could be her dealer….the original paternity of Quinn…..and vivian’s past..producers make cuts withe younger kids.Gaby, Dario and all the rst.but this woman is a vetera,what are you doing!!!!!!! i hope days isnt cancelled because if she goes then many viewers will also……

      • BeckyKay says:

        I hate Vivian. I fast forward through all her parts. Yay! The witch is leaving!
        I’m SOOOOO happy John and Marlena are coming back. LOVE THEM!!!
        Glad Carly is going too. She’s pathetic.

    • c butler says:

      It’s about time they bring them back!!!!They are the show as BO and Hope Kim and Shane .Days has to get back to the good old story-lines .I miss the old Days when u were clued to the Tv ….Can’t wait to see them back !!!!!

    • Catherine says:

      Have loved “Days” for the past several years, but am seriously disappointed in the past few weeks. What are they thinking???!!! There was no reason to bring back this Marlena – whoever the heck she is or was — the past is the past. This program needs to move FORWARD if it wants to stay current and not become another Soap Opera victim. The current storyline – trying to go to the past is totally ridiculous. Your current viewers know nothing of the past days and should continue to move on. John – Jack – Marlena – yuch! All this is nonsense and is totally ruining this program. Your writers should be replaced. You will be losing much of your fan base if you continue in this current, bizarre direction!!!!

      • peggy says:

        I love to see marlena and john,along with carrie and austin and especially jack,and i hope the show has long plans for jack,on the show,i am 42 and been a fan,for years,since 13.its my favorite soap of all times,and probably,will always be,thanks for having doug and julie,and the storyline involving,mr.and mrs.horton,hope and jens grandparents.

  2. Rolfe says:

    I’m so glad to see that you guys cover soaps! Days is a childhood favorite of mine. Can’t wait to see the return of Marlena!

  3. Anna says:

    I hope there’s some overlap; as I’d like to see Vivian confronted by her “nephew” and Marlena.

    • TW says:

      John isn’t Viv’s nephew. It was discovered that he is the son of Coleen Brady ( Pop Shawn’s older sis) and Stephano Dimera’s father. I hope they involve these two in the Sami/ Rafe/Rafe2 mess. I’ve always thought there is no way he would stand for what they did to Sami.

      • Tavis says:

        Legally, John is indeed Vivian’s nephew, that’s why Anna put “nephew” in quotation marks. John was adopted by Leopold and Philomena Alamain and raised as Forrest. Leopold is Vivian’s brother, so therefore John is Vivian’s adopted nephew.

  4. Ladymackilious says:

    First of all, let me say no disrespect to none of the actors but once Crystal Chappell leaves so will I. I started back watching because she came back. A beloved actress with legions of fans that will follow her wherever. All they had to do was write for her but I guess they got a little jealous from her success from Venice cuz she was putting them to shame with her amazing writing skills. In the end karma will bite them in the ass and that karma is called CANCELLATION!!

    • Maggie says:

      I understand your feelings. But, Crystal getting fired is no bigger than when Drake and Dee got fired 2 1/2 years ago. That made mainstream news everywhere and it was a big freakin’ deal. (The Queen of Daytime getting the boot..Dang!) I get that she has a lot of fans, but she hasn’t been utilized well at all since they brought her back.

      I do feel for her fans though b/c it is unfair, but it should be expected. After Deidre got fired I think everyone realize that no one is safe.

    • Matt says:

      I watched days the first time when Carly was buried alive. I thought it was so weird and cool. I was also really young and my female cousins were watching it when I was hanging out with them during the summer. This was also when Vivian was a central villain. I had no idea they were back or I would’ve tuned in. I was a kid but I always thought Vivian was a scary woman.

    • tatyanna says:

      Crystal is beyond amazaing nd I’m all for the return of marlena and john. But there should be enough room for everyone. Just saying…….

    • BeckyKay says:

      I’ve watched Days since it started and for the life of me I do not even remember Carly from before. She sure didn’t make an impression on me. I don’t like her. I’ve been fast forwarding through her scenes too, along with Vivian’s. BORING.

  5. Ann S says:

    Carly’s storyline has essentially ended. She’s not with Bo, she’s got this drug thing, and there’s no place for her in the Daniel storyline other than being Melanie’s mom. It’s a shame – she needs her own… *something* but think how underutilized Lexie is at this point – you can’t just keep her on for a walkon every couple of weeks as part of a side story.

    Carly will get shipped off to rehab, or she’s going to go try and keep her son from Vivian, who is likely running off to cater to him.

    But at this point I can’t think of a way to re-integrate John and Marlena. They’re not needed at this point, unless wrapping up the big summer storyline (would that be the fake Rafe fallout?) requires them. But I just don’t see it.

  6. Youbetcha says:

    I too left Days years ago when Marlena started levitating. I only came back for Crystal Chappell. If she goes so do I. Hate to believe Days will get cancelled next year but it is a reality as there is nothing new to watch. Bo and hope are boring. John and Marlena are a has been super couple. Again old and boring means cancelled.

  7. Stacie says:

    I’d say Crystal can do better on another soap but there are only like 3 other soap operas around. I hope her Webseries’ takes off because the television soap opearas are a dying breed. She was incredibly under utilized. She was the spoiler of one of the most beloved couples on this show, she became a drug addict and killed her husband. Not a great run. They could have done more with her and Louise Sorel, but they wasted them. I am glad to see Deidre Hall and Drake Hogysten come back, I know that Matthew Ashford(Jack) is also returning, so at least they have that going. But it’s too bad about Crystal, it could have been interesting to see where they took her character.

  8. Tavis says:

    I am soooooooooo happy!!! Marlena and John are my favourite Days supercouple of all time. I LOVED the possession storyline—I was glued to the tube! And the Salem Stalker story when Marlena was murdering people. Loved it! This will lure back a lot of lapses Days fans who quit the show when Dee and Drake were fired in 2008.

  9. Abe Froman says:

    I would love to know what Ms. Sorel considers “making almost nothing”. I’d bet it’s a lot more than all of us.

  10. anna says:

    I too came back to Days when Crystal Chappell returned. I don’t see myself staying with the show once she’s gone. I guess it’s time to check out “Venice”.

    John and Marlena lost my interest years ago.

  11. Days Fan says:

    I, for one, am happy to see Carly go. I havent liked any of her story lines and really hated when she was with Bo. I will hate to see Vivian go. I love her interactions with Victor. I’m excited to see what John and Marlena are involved in when they come back. I kind of felt thy the show was slipping after they left.

  12. deedeedragons says:

    Haven’t watch DOOL in a couple of years but if Eileen Davidson came back i would. I love Kristen and i think people forget Susan Banks is E.J’s mother.

    • Chop-Chop says:

      Ditto. I’ve been waiting for Kristen to return FOR-EVER. That was a villainess in-full. The DiMeras need a woman around to put their vengeance into perspective.

  13. Lisa says:

    Ahhh! Thanks for covering soaps. It’s my favorite guilty pleasure! And while I’d love to see Carly stay around Salem, having John and Marlena back will be cool- especially since John is a DiMera now!!!

  14. Leslye says:

    I am BEYOND THRILLED that Carly is on her way out of town. She is FF material for me. Didn’t want her to come back, thrilled to see her go. I so hope that the show moves back to where it once was. I believe it is doable. The show didn’t go under when John and Marlena left (arguably the biggest name on DAYS), so it’s doubtful that the show will lose when Carly leaves. I understand that some fans are heartbroken, but the show is bigger than one character.

  15. Ric says:

    Hope the writers don’t botch Jarlenas return like they did carly’s. Ditch the kids except Will and Chad. And pay Eileen Davidson whatever it takes to bring Kristen back!!!! Love Crystal and look forward to more Venice!

    • Bookerguy says:

      They’ve cut down on the Will gay storyline!

      • Tavis says:

        The story is being re-written by the new writers so they can play the proper emotional beats. The previous writer was breezing through the story too fast, in terms of what was written but had yet to be filmed.

  16. mags says:

    I’m happy to see John and Marlena back. It really made no sense that Sami was going through so many things without her mom being there for her.
    I am sorry to see Carly and Vivian go, but they haven’t really given them any storyline. Both are terrific actresses and hopefully they will find work elsewhere.

    • sylvia says:

      ViV & Carly did have a storyline, where have you been? I say get rid of Jennifer!! She gets on my nerves bad and so does her daughter!! Take the bad and get rid of the good. That’s how Days does it!! I don’t like it either!!! And Danie, now he has NO storyline and all he is, is a player who sleeps around with all the women of Salem…who will he bed next??

  17. Jason says:

    Bring back Eugene!!!!!!!!

  18. cptone says:

    Gee……I WILL start watching DOOL again….it has been three years since I last saw it. Wonder if I can catch up?

  19. Liam says:

    I hope that the return of John and Marlena does NOT mean that Maggie will go back into the background where she was for so many years when Marlena was the center of the show. I like Maggie with Victor more than Marlena with John (who can’t act).

    • Kiane says:

      I want Maggie and Victor to fade in the background, or better yet send them away. Victor is dried up and useless.
      Maggie is a waste. The dynamics of John, Marlena and Stefano is what made Days must see TV. Stefano needs to drop this Pod person, and go back to being the Phoenix. Now that John and Marlena are back, hopefully means the return of Stefano as the mastermind.

  20. Jessica says:

    Days has been absolutely awful for months! And I know that head writer Dena Higley was just fired for former Passions writers. No offense to Passions fans, but that show was a hot mess! It kills me to see Days let Carly and Vivian go. Just think of the amazing stories they could have written for these two characters who are mortal enemies. Also, they definitely could have had an amazing Carly/Bo/Hope love triangle instead of Hope going on the rampage trying to kill every man in Salem because of the sleeping pills she was taking. SMDH! And really, wouldn’t most people rather give up these newbie, nobody characters instead of Vivian and Carly. I could certainly think of a few: anyone with the last name Hernandez, Taylor, Quinn, Abby, etc. I just don’t see John and Marlena being able to save this soap from cancellation. I am a huge soap fan and would hate to see anymore soaps cancelled, but the writing is on the wall – Days will be gone most likely next year along with General Hospital.

    • Rose says:

      I would have said get rid of Taylor before they recast. The new actress is a million times better than the old one. But I’m still not buying this “love at first sight” between EJ and Taylor. EJ spent years in love with Sami and then falls for Taylor the first moment he laid eyes on her. Really?

      • Jessica Oliver says:

        I so miss EJ and Sami. When they ended is when I stopped watching.

      • Lynn says:

        The Days writers did the same thing with Chloe and Lucas–had them bump into each other a few times on the dock and fall in love. No character development, just random hooking up of characters.

        • AnnieM says:

          Why have they turned Chloe into such a ho-bag?

          • LittleMo says:

            Chloe always was a hoe-bag. If Ken Corday wants to prove he still has some b__s he needs to bring back Chelsea for Daniel. DOOL had a chance to modernize a “Doug and Julie” couple for the current product and he blew it when he allowed the Daniel/Chelsea storyline to be abandoned. I was the younger woman in a May/Dec. relationship years ago and we would have been married for more than 35 years if he hadn’t been killed by a drunk driver. I was thrilled to see somebody have the nerve to write this kind of couple and, at that time, I had loads of respect for KC for having the guts to air it. A lot of things – nasty things – were said about it and when it was buried I quit watching DOOL. A long-time viewer of almost 40 years and I didn’t even turn it on for Alice’s memorial.

  21. pokerlulu says:

    Cant believe that Crystal Chappell was let go from DOOL! She is an Amazing Actress and an Amazing Beautiful person, Love Crystal for who she truly is!Will Always Love her Acting, Support her and follow her where ever the road leads her!
    As for Bo and Carly,I will always love this magical couple! Wish they would give them a second chance. So we will keep fighting and supporting this couple! CARBO will not leave without a fight and will always be in our Hearts!Lots of Love to Crystal Chappell and Peter Reckell! Bo and Carly Por Vida!

    As for this fan who has watched DOOL for 25 years. My Days of Our Lives are Over and Onward!

  22. Steven says:

    I am heartbroken to see that Carly has been let go – I’ve loved Crystal Chappell ever since I first saw her as Olivia on GL. Vivian I’m not as upset about, still a shame, but she really was more irritating to me than anything.

    But, any of that is eclipsed by the RETURN OF MARLENA!!! I got the unbelievable chance to wait on Deidre Hall a couple months ago, and she was the most gracious woman, I only loved her even more. I am so excited she’ll be returning. Sad as I am to see Carly go, it’s worth having the Queen of Daytime on our TV sets again!

  23. sandy says:

    jen has always loved jack left her wedding to go to jack so make parker really daniels son and put cholie back with daniel. (nichols is on y&r) i have been watching it instead of dool but checking in. get rid of taylor and rafe2 going no where. put the demarias away no story line always the same thing. have kala and steve back give patch an eye like johnies which should have been done long time ago.get new writers

  24. Gayle says:

    OMG now that John and Marlena are back PLEASE bring back Eileen Davidson as Kristen Blake DiMera! I LOVED her back in the day!!

  25. Tara says:

    Days is taking a huge step in the wrong direction. The firings of Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn, Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nicholas was a fiscally and creatively sound decision and it proved so by an increase in ratings when most soaps were going in the opposite directions. Yes, Days has lost it’s way a bit over the last 6 months, but I think this is so premature. Plan some classic soapy stories like the baby swap with Sami & Nicole. That was huge for the show and gave great story for a year and a half. Days can’t tell stories for John & Marlena. There is nothing new to tell. I was thrilled when Hall and Hogestyn were fired. Their fans held the show hostage. They were never happy unless John & Marlena were together and happy. That makes for boring soap. I really hope Days isn’t signing it’s own death certificate with this move.

    And as far as Chappell goes, that’s another boneheaded move. Carly Manning is a more interesting character than Hope will ever be.

    • mari says:

      Days of our lives was almost pulled off the air when John and Marlene were still there. Has come ahead since they left.

      Two very boring romances, Daniel and Melissa, EJ and Taylor.

    • Tavis says:

      WRONG. Deidre Hall is the face of Days of Our Lives—the show has been piss-poor without her. The show needs John and Marlena back so they can bring in lapsed viewers like me. FINALLY, they are returning to the true identity of Days of Our Lives! The show has been a hot mess since John and Marlena left and full of unrecognizable faces who don’t belong on the show. I am glad you are unhappy because I am THRILLED!!! :D

      • Kiane says:

        Exactly. Deidre and Drake are the lifeline of the show. And correction, Days has been slipping into the 1.0 – 1.10, since they lost their beloved supercouples, and John and Marlena is at the top of the list. These piss poor characters of Daniel, Melanie, Dario, Rafe, Taylor, Quinn are stinking up the show. Get rid of them and bring back Days. The real Days fans loved. Bring back the supercouples, romance and intrigue.

    • LittleMo says:

      Ever since Tom and Alice helped Bo and Hope sneak to see each other in the barn, ever since Alice helped Bo kidnap Hope from the church the couple has been Bo and Hope and always will be Bo and Hope. Carly and Billie were just “blips.”

  26. sadiha says:

    I am thoroughly excited that john and marlene are back. Maybe days will go back to how it was. Love, warmth, caring, friendship and excitement. Although they should had brought lawrence back from the dead for crystal and vivian would be back to trying burying carly alive.

  27. julie says:

    I haven’t watched DAYS since they fired (and re-fired) my favorite — Jack Devereaux. Maybe they can cut corners and bring all the faves back for a day or two, and then we can all vote with our TVs. If Jack is back, I’m back, even for a few days. Ditto for Steve and Kayla. If John and Marlena are back, others can tune in for those days. Works for everybody.

    • Tavis says:

      It was actually announced 2-3 weeks ago that Matthew Ashford is returning as Jack. He’ll likely be onsscreen around August/September. Patch and Kayla can’t return together since Stephen Nichols is on Y&R.

  28. Kat says:

    Carly Manning’s return to Salem was botched. It was a fail. The character was set up to fail fairly shortly after the arrival of Ms. Chappell.

    Putting a recent returnee who was largely unknown to the current audience in the middle of longtime favorites Bo and Hope was a HUGE mistake. The character of Carly had been gone for about 16 years. That’s a long time.

    Instead of letting current fans get to know her and LIKE her before doing anything controversial with her, they thrust her in the middle of a much loved pairing. Then she looked worse when she slept with Bo in Hope’s own bed and lived with Bo in the home he’d shared with Hope.

    I think even a fair number of Ms. Chappell’s supporters were turned off by the turns her story was taking and they started leaving. I think many of her fans are ALREADY gone, and have been for months, because TPTB put Carly in a no win situation with Bo.

    Re: the return of John and Marlena: I think it’s a good move. John and Marlena ARE Days, along with Bo and Hope, and so MANY are familiar with them and feel a longstanding affection for their characters. Their returns, along with that of Jack, will excite longtime Days fans…and who else might come with them? Tony and Anna, perhaps? Shawn and Belle? Kayla? Any and all of these characters have fans that love them a lot, and they have a long history with Days.

    No matter who comes back in the coming months, fans are getting excited because Days of our Lives…THEIR show…is being returned to them.

    • Tavis says:

      Great post! I totally agree. Carly was definitely a “new character” to many people since I’m willing to bet a large portion of viewers started watching in the years after she left. Carly was a favourite of mine back in the day, but you’re right. Her returned was botched. This was not the Carly I loved from 1990-93. You could bury this current version of Carly alive and I just wouldn’t care.

    • Bobbi says:

      Couldn’t have said it better! I’m excited by all the changes they’re making.

    • Janette says:

      ummm…tony died! Last we saw Anna she was living on an Island somewhere, and Calliope was there too! YES bring back Shawn D and Belle. Kayla and Patch (though he’s on another show now I see!?)… I have wathched since the day my mom brought me home from the hospital, over 33 years of Days. I only stopped watching when Marlena was possessed, I couldnt do it… I Do remember Carly, and Billie. and though they were nice, I agree, they were just “blips”… I Do believe Days needs to stop reacasting actors/actresses as multiple people on the show. Current Adrienne (original for that matter) was re-cast as Mimi’s mom Bonnie Lockheart for a while? really, did they not THINK we’d notice? Nicole’s sister Taylor now once played Ava Vitalli? and though i dont remember this “change”, the current Roman used to be Kris Kosacheck (spelling on that one?)…i get the changing of characters when one leaves, doesnt “work”, is gone for so long they come back and a new actor is playing the part. but recasting the actor/tress as a different person in the show…this one i’d like them to stop. Ive been watching my entire life, so i know who these people are! and PS. i’d take Tek, Max and Lucas back for a little more eyecandy for the 30 somethings…:)

  29. Brock says:

    It’s my opinion, but HELL NO! – Louise is sooooo much more talented than Drake. He personifies everything that is hated about soaps. He can’t act, he can’t even deliver emotion without sounding like a robot. Nooooooooooo!

  30. PGP says:

    I LOVE Crystal Chappel, and she is the reason I started watching Days to begin with. I will not however stop watching. Her storyline is nowhere near as strong as it was on GL where she played my favorite daytime character ever, Olivia. As long as DAYS keeps Arienne Zucker’s Nicole, I’m game. Besides I’m excited about John and Marlena returning!

  31. PGP says:

    I LOVE Crystal Chappel, and she is the reason I started watching Days to begin with. I will not however stop watching. Her storyline is nowhere near as strong as it was on GL where she played my favorite daytime character ever, Olivia. As long as DAYS keeps Arienne Zucker’s Nicole, I’m game. Nicole is DAYS’ version of Olivia. Besides I’m excited about John and Marlena returning!

  32. dee says:

    give galen gering story lines that do not involve kids and the constant travails of sami. let him fill the screen with his looks, untouched subtle acting ability, manliness, and a strong FBI or police officer story. he can save the soap with just a little help from his friends.

  33. as says:

    carly being written off again- YES. Didn’t like the character during her first run on the show & cringed when I heard she was back. Viv is ok but Days’ writers tend to go for the dumb when it comes to storylines for that character (aka Calliope).

    But the idea of Drake & Dee coming back makes me think about watching Days again. Letting them go was a HUGE deal when it happened (way bigger than any of the times carly was written off.

  34. rosa says:

    i wish bryan dattilo will come back as lucas

    i miss lucas and sami as couple

    i tired of newbies they dump on sami as her greatset love of all time

    • Jamie says:

      I agree completely! I love Bryan and loved Lucas and Sami when they finally got them together after it took forever and then they just went and ruined it. I miss Jack too and if he even comes back for a week I will begin watching again. I love Matthew Ashford! Never really was a big fan of John or Marlena. I think they were way overused and took up way too many storylines and time when they needed to bring in new things and use the other people they had.

  35. Vannesa says:

    Happy for their return of John & Marlena but will miss Carly Manning.

  36. Rony says:

    I miss John and Marlena glad that they’re back.

  37. Shea says:

    Wow! I am so Happy that John and Marlena will
    be coming back. Deidre Hall(Marlena) has been
    gone way too long. I have been watching Days
    since the 1980s and I am only 30! The quality
    of Days was So Much Better in the 80’s and ’90s!
    So I am hoping with the new writers coming on and
    the return of Jarlena that Days can take a step
    in the Right Direction! But one couple that I have
    Always Missed is Shane And Kimberly. I remember I
    Loved Patsy Pease so much as Kimberly! Her acting
    is truly Raw and Unequaled. I think they have Always
    made a Big mistake by not bringing the two of them
    back on. At least they reunited them last summer but
    it was so rushed it was pitiful. At least bring them
    back on and give them a great storyline to act out!

  38. Shea says:

    By the way, I think that they could have done so much more with
    Carly this time around but did not for some unforgivable reason.
    Crystal Chappel is and was a great actress but I do agree that
    this Carly is Nothing like the Carly I remember from 1990-1993.
    She is just too much of a victim this time around and just doesn’t
    have any spice to her anymore. Also, Vivian was not as exciting this
    time around either. Once again, the Days writers should be blamed
    for screwing up these 2 characters. Also, I know they had to drastically cut down the budget many years back but surely they could
    up it somewhat to add some more sets and include some Real outdoor location shooting.

  39. Beba says:

    JOHN AND MARLENA…. Have been so so missed I literally cried tears of joy when I found out they were returning to where they belong! Im so excited to see how they will approach whatever storyline the new writers give them. Its going to be different to watch days on an actual T.V. instead of youtube-ing john and marlena for my daily fix. I haven’t watched the show since john and marlena left, and I have been watching it since fifth grade, Im a sophomore in college now. I JUST CAN’T WAIT TO HAVE THEM BACK!!! AAAH!

  40. AnnieM says:

    I miss the days of the early-mid 80’s when each supercouple had their own song, and would get a romantic montage at least a couple times a month. That should make a comeback.

    Glad to hear about the return of Matt Ashford. I adored him as Jack. Another character who should be brought back is Mike Horton. Not that blonde short guy who inexplicably hooked up with Carrie, but Michael T. Weiss. Now, *that* would truly be awesome.

  41. Kiane says:

    Days of Our Lives, Please bring back your legendary supercouples and romances: John and Marlena, Jack and Jennifer, Carrie and Austin, Lucas and Sami, Shawn and Belle.
    Thank You.

    • Beba says:

      I know right! I think I would prefer John and Marlena, kayla and steve, Shawn and Belle and Kim and Shane those would be the “days” wow I need a life.

  42. JB says:

    I have been missing Shane and Kim for 20 years. Please bring them back!

  43. Stephanie says:

    I literally cried when I read this. After years of waiting (and praying) John and Marlena are finally coming back to Days!!! I thought this would never happen, and I almost cannot believe that I’ll be seeing them again this summer :)

  44. Trevor says:

    They should bring back Belle and Shawn and Cassie and Rex and Mimi!

    A lot of things could be done with these old characters. We don’t need new ones. I’d love it if Rex hooked up with Will and maybe heart broken Gabi could become enemies with Cassie for defending her brother.

    Belle could get close to Melanie and they could gossip about Phillip.

    Shawn could help Bo and the rest of the gang nail the dimeras and rafe2 and become part of the salem PD and follow in his fathers footsteps.

    And maybe Mimi could help Chloe out of her blackmail situation.

  45. Den says:

    Bring back the best supercouple – Tom and Alice!!! hehehe!!!

  46. Melissa mondragon says:

    Days Of Our Lives is boring. If they fired Rafe Gabbie DARIO the show would be better.Days needs to bring back Lucas and let him and Sami be togther . I dont like Rafe get rid of him. Please bring back Lucas.Lucas and Sami have two kids together Sami and Rafe have none.Bring back Kristen so she and Marlena can fight over John. Bet rid of all the boring people. Bring back all the people from 1995. If you do this Days will not be boring. Please get rid Rafe Gabbie and Dario they make the show boring I dont like them.I want lucas with Sami. Bring BACK Cristan dimera.

  47. Christy says:

    I LOVE Rafe on the show. Leave him but get rid of his siblings! Wish the storyline of Vivian would stay! Marlena & John …. Happy if they come back but not sad if they don’t. New Taylor needs to go. The previous one had better chemistry with EJ. I LOVE Maggie having forefront storylines so please keep her and Victor’s sarcasm is a hoot! Keep Jennifer too! Love her with Daniel! Carly will be missed for sure. Her addiction storyline could have kept her on because she is that good. Dump the snotty rude young chic that is friends with Chad, Will, and Gabby. Even though I love Sami with Rafe, her and EJ have some awesome chemistry even when fighting. Those two have kept me watching even when other storylines were crap. Bring back Phillip, Sean, and Belle! Chad is growing on me. Utilize him! More sarcastic Maxine too please!

  48. Christy says:

    I’d rather Carly stay and Justin/Adrienne go. I also miss seeing Lucas.

  49. Caryn says:

    I love Days no matter what :) Did you hear about this really exciting contest to meet EJ and Stefano and to appear with them in Soap Opera Digest? Check it out at

  50. Cathy says:

    About time…neer should have let John & Marlena go. Sorry to see Vivian leave…agree…she finally has a good story brewing. Won’t miss Carly…writers gave her nothing to work with!