Exclusive: Glee Wants Adele and Susan Boyle For Season 3, But There's a Twist!

The credits on the Season 2 finale just finished rolling and yet Glee is already prepping for Season 3.

According to some fresh casting intel, producers are adding a new recurring female character described as “Adele meets Susan Boyle.” In addition to being a great singer, interested actresses must be at least 18 years old but look like they’re in high school.

It’s one of at least two new female students enrolling at McKinley High this fall. The other newbie, Rebecca, is described as beautiful and someone who can sing all kinds of music.

Got casting tips? Post ’em below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. ggny says:

    awesome just what glee needs more characters

    • CB says:

      Amen. What they really need are new WRITERS.

      • Paige says:

        Amen. But I don’t think think new writers could even improve this awful show.

        • Michael says:

          Amen. I just wanted to continue.

        • Jason Lawson says:

          If you’re going to call a show awful. State facts. This show has displayed brilliant episodes time and time again. Season 2 had some downs, but it was still good.

          • Tavis says:

            Since Episode 14 of Season 1, Glee has been on a downward spiral. In terms of crappy-ness, Season 2 is the icing on the cake.

          • Michael says:

            Well that’s a funky sentence. Saying something is awful is very subjective and therefore there can be no facts to prove it. The person can repeatedly tell you that they do not like it/tolerate it/etc but that would only prove that their own opinion is true to themselves and in fact, they have already done that with stating that the show is awful (which everyone knows was an opinion, as it is).

            Personally, the show is not what it was the first 13 episodes when it wasn’t popular.

          • corey says:

            here’s some facts for you:
            every episode is over-produced, the songs are overdone, and most of the characters have lost their likable-ness ………………

          • alex says:

            still not facts. You are still telling not showing. You are stating opinions yet again. What was overdone. Treat this as a thesis in college. I want you to cite your sources.

          • David says:

            Jason :: No one needs to “state facts” if it’s an opinion. That’s just provoking a flame war.

            Alex :: No one is going to take you seriously if you act like a college professor that doesn’t know when to ask for sources. No one here has to defend their opinion.

        • MH says:

          You’re nuts! This show is one of a kind and the world loving it, proves just that. Don’t hate.


      • Bex says:

        lol truedat

      • Mi says:

        True dat. I’ve read that there are some new (much needed) writers coming aboard. This is much needed and they need to get R. Murphy to throttle back a bit because you can tell that he gets locked in on a single agenda (Kurt’s story this past season) and everything else falls by the wayside to the detriment of the show. I know that they will be needing to introduce new/younger characters since graduation is coming up next season and if they really want to continue. But they can be introduced and remain minor characters, and develop the current cast fully (outside of Finn, Rachel, and Kurt) imho

        • Ruby says:

          I hope there are some female writers to stop these stupid men who think that a woman chopping her hair off fixes all ills.

          • Me says:

            They also need female writers due to the fact that all the women on this show are either prudes or sluts….For some reason a women can’t be sexy and a virgin or vice versa!!!

          • Nerdista says:

            Really, that’s your biggest complaint about how women are portrayed on this show? I’m fine with it, actually. I know a lot of women, myself included, who have felt a figurative weight lifted when they get a hair cut.

        • Joe says:

          the supporting character need to support the lead characters Finn, Rachel and Kurt better.

          We can get ot know them better but still finish the stories of the leads.

          This glee project is a joke.

      • Stephanie says:

        They are adding writers, so it will be more like the typical show who has a team write each episode. I would also just settle for continuity and the writers talking to each other…

      • Bethany says:

        They actually are getting new writers. I love the show though. I’m disappointed that the person has to be 18, I’m totally perfect for the role. I turn 18 in March though!

      • John says:

        They’re actually hiring new writers. Plus Ryan Murphy will have to go hands-off because of American Horror on FX…so there may be hope yet.

      • Rachel says:

        I heard they are hiring a team of writers. and I said Hallelujah!

      • Max says:

        Not really Writers. More like a Entire new Cast. Ones that can SING and ACT. Keyword here is ‘AND’.

      • Taelor says:

        Amen. Thankfully, it got several new writers!

    • Parker says:

      Probably more characters we’re not gonna get as well. Remember Rachel’s Christian rival? Or Mercedes’ R&B boyfriend? Yeah, me neither.

    • Captain says:

      They have to add new characters because this season will be the last for many of the regulars (Rachel, Finn, Kurt..) this way, when Rachel and Co. leave, their replacements are already established.

      • ggny says:

        yah it wont be i very much doubt fox is gonna let the 3 biggest characters on their biggest non reality show just leave

        Rachel,Kurt,Finn will all be around for season 4 and 5 in some way

      • Lea says:

        they need to end this mess after this next season so it won’t be a a total joke.

        go out half on top. adding new character isn’t going to help just hurt becasue we will have less of characters we actually care about.

      • Meggie says:

        I was under the impression that Kurt was a sophomore this season and wouldn’t graduate until season 4… just from knowing that Blaine’s supposed to be a junior and he started out as more of a mentor to Kurt. Am I wrong?

        • Cari says:

          Kurt took Blaine to his prom and since Blaine doesn’t go to McKinley, Kurt would have had to be at least a junior to buy the tickets.

          • wasabi says:

            Perhaps in the real world, but this is Glee world, where reality doesn’t apply, so Kurt’s class rank wouldn’t matter.

    • Claire says:

      They need new characters because a lot of the regular cast are cast as seniors in the upcoming year and will be graduating. Ryan Murphy has said in the past that the plan was to rotate characters out and have new ones coming in each year rather than the usual lame stunt of moving them all to the same college and then having Will Schuester just coincidentally wind up as a music director or something at the same college.

    • Nerdista says:

      Because Sunshine C. took up so much screen time!

  2. Marcus says:

    Why don’t they, I don’t know, try fleshing out the cast members they already have??

  3. Michele says:

    Sounds like laying the ground work for a new Santana love interest and a way to keep the show going when the current kids graduate

  4. Laura Saladin says:

    I nominate myself for this valiant endeavor.

  5. Holly says:

    I don’t understand why TV shows in general cast people in their 20’s as high school students, instead of actual teens. Sometimes it works, but most of the time it’s obvious that the actor/actress is NOT a teenager, and it can be really distracting. Is it just easier to comply with employment rules with people who aren’t minors? (I’m not criticizing Glee alone for doing this, it happens all over.)

    • Doug says:

      Yes, it is so they can get around legal restrictions associated with working with minors.

    • Kiki says:

      Holly – since employment laws dictate that minors can only work 2 or 3 hours a day and the Glee “kids” have studio time, dance rehearsal and scenes to shoot, the show would probably take three times as long to produce. Or focus more on the teaching staff.

    • Jessica says:

      My guess is that the writers have more liberties with an 18+ year old than with an actual teen.

    • zaza says:

      Also, most actual teenagers have acne, whereas people in their 20’s, their skin has cleared up, making it camera ready.

    • Ma'at says:

      Because teenagers, due to child labor laws, can’t work nearly the number of hours needed. Also, you have to pay for a tutor on set as well as other related expenses. No way a teenager can shoot a 16 hour day when they are capped at 8 actually hours on set … less if under 16.

      It’s pretty much a no brainer to cast 18 and older (and vitrually all casting notices for older teenagers make it clear the person must be 18 or older).

    • Adrianna says:

      I don’t think you’re aware of working laws but if you are under the ages of 18, you can only work 8 hours a day, but if you are over 18 than you can work for as long as you want.

      More beneficial for the staff because some scenes can take up to 7 hours to film.

      and don’t forget the massive amount of night scenes.

    • John says:

      It’s also easier to find trained actors in their 20s who look young than find natural, gifted teenagers.

    • Kay says:

      They really have to cast over 18. Anyone under that is restricted to the number of hours they can work and they have school/tutors to contend with to. Casting under 18 makes shooting harder and more expensive.

  6. Sally says:

    Adele is untouchable! No one could ever too her justice. She’s just too amazing! =)

  7. Alex says:

    And Glee continues to not learn from its mistakes…it would be much better if they focused on utilizing the characters that they already have better rather than adding to an already overstuffed cast.

    • Chatty says:

      Exactly. Why not work developing stories about Mercedes, Tina, and Mike? We need to learn more about their characters. Also, how about finally showing us Rachel’s parents? Really! Obviously, the producers haven’t listened to us.

    • Captain says:

      Why would they spend a season fleshing out the characters that are leaving the show next year? Gotta think about the future.

      • Kelly says:

        I was thinking this too. Not sure which ones will be seniors next year. We know Finn and Rachel will be from the comment he made near the end. If they want to keep this a high school show, they need to incorporate sophomores and juniors.

  8. Ann says:

    Half of the cast is without storylines. What about Puck or Sam? They are too cool characters to be ignored!

  9. Steve says:

    As much as I agree they should flesh out their cast members, the end of Season 3 will mean saying goodbye to some of the New Directions kids. And instead of having EVERYONE graduate at the same time and bringing ALL new people in at once, it makes sense to do a few at a time so viewers don’t feel like its a “completely different show” when people leave. I’m all for new characters to spice things up.

    • V says:

      I agree. I mean, it’s a show about high school students. There’s a limited time span for that. Plus, so far, it seems that every single cast member is in the same grade…and how likely is it that you’d get this many misfits in a single grade and nobody in any other grade who wants to be in the show choir? Why was Finn the quarterback as a freshman? Any of those things is possible, but as a whole, it feeds the impression that there is only one class at McKinley, and once they graduate, the high school will no longer exist or something. Whereas making them be different ages lets you play with the cast and keep the show fresh for a lot longer.

      • Michael says:

        Finn wasn’t the quarterback as a freshman. Season 1 was their sophomore year, because for some reason writers of high school shows avoid freshman year like the plague, despite the fact that the entire freshman experience is rife with excellent material.

        That being said, the fact that Finn was the quarterback as a sophomore is still fishy. Either every player with seniority on him sucked or he was some kind of a football prodigy.

    • zaza says:

      It always seemed to me that they were all in the same grade. So what characters will actually be graduating next year? The only one who seems younger than the rest (and actually is) is Kurt.

      • Meggie says:

        I was always under the impression that Mercedes was the same age as Kurt (in their freshman year during the first season). I could see Tina and maybe Mike also being in that year, which would be awesome for Tina’s character if the writers could ever manage to focus on her character or her talents for more than a brief moment. Keeping anyone else back brings in the unfortunate implications that they were having sex their freshman year (or earlier)– which while is absolutely possible… actually, scratch that. It makes perfect sense in a town like Lima, Ohio. My hometown had very similar attitudes toward sex and teen pregnancy and thus had a great deal of it going on in the high schools.

        • Marcus says:

          Kurt was driving in the early part of season 1, and he said he got the car as a sweet sixteen gift. I don’t know any sixteen year old freshmen.

  10. Emmie says:

    With the hours that these kids are expected to work, both during season and off, its no wonder all of the cast has to be over 18. They are allowed to work those insane hours, plus use the only free time they have touring all of the world.

  11. Nicole T. says:

    Here’s an idea: scrap the new characters and utilize Jayma Mays. She needs more screen time. For the love of God, focus on the writing, not the casting. Focus, people.

  12. Anthony Newhall says:

    I love Glee, the cast, the writers, and I welcome anyone who will come into my life because of the show.

  13. Jessi says:

    You know, that’s how high school works – every year you lose some kids and every year you gain some kids. Pretending like these characters are the only ones that could exist in this high school is a little ridiculous.

  14. Grey says:

    I personally wouldn’t mind if Jane appeared as Sue on the sets of various TV shows in character to ridicule a character the way she does with Mr Schue. Random shows would be funniest. Walking Dead, The Office, Greys anatomy, Desperate Housewives…

    • Ms. Tattersall says:

      Great idea. As long as it’s First Season Sue and not the pathetic cartoon character they let her become from the second season onward.

      • Mikey M says:

        Couldn’t agree more. She has become a caricature. Hopefully her redemption will last this time. Trying to torture people like Artie is not attractive. Either write good for the character or take her off like Teri.

  15. JDHetherington says:

    Wow. You guys are so upsetting. You click on a Glee article, just to badmouth how they’re adding new characters to a show in it’s 3rd season. Oh my gosh, you’d think it was an ongoing tv show. If they hadn’t added any new characters by Season 3, you’d probably still think it was the worst show ever.

    • Meggie says:

      The difference is that Glee has a massive supporting cast, whose characters have been glossed over at best. With such a large ensemble, you’d think the writers would attempt to give some love to their current, also talented, minor characters and grooming them to take up the lead positions in the club (the way that it works in actual high schools) rather than introducing new characters to take the spotlight deserved by those who put in the time already.

      • MilitaryGleek says:

        I don’t know what High School you went to, but iat my school, if we had a Freshman come into the choir and he/she was stellar, then unless someone else came along in later years that was better… they stayed as a focal point for the emsemble their entire time at the school… sometimes for all 4 years.

        Every group needs its stars and its supporters… and even in a situation like Glee… NOT EVERY PERSON IS MEANT TO BE A STAR!!! And gratefully, although they do show that you can SHINE regardless, Glee does keep it at least marginally real that way. And thank god for it…

  16. HT says:


  17. Teresa says:

    Back when Allison Iraheta was dropped from her label, I thought she (and Glee) might benefit from a little crossover magic. Since the main complaint about her seemed to be that people weren’t “getting” her personality, a stint on a scripted show might have showcased that better than getting b*tchslapped every week by a certain judge. I’m sure she could act as well some of the other people on the show. And girl can sang.

    But it sounds like Allison is getting herself together and heading in a definite direction. So, what about someone like Thia Megia or Katie Stevens? It’s sort of following the Diana DeGarmo path — only on TV instead of Broadway. Of the two, I think Katie has shown a bit more personality. I could see her playing a successor to Diana Agron. Unfortunately, Thia might get lost in the Glee Asian shuffle.

    Or, on the boy side, Jacee Badeaux and Brett Lowenstern are just the kind of nerdy types that would fit right in with New Directions.

  18. Paul says:

    Honestly I could care less about new characters. I just wan the new writers they’re hiring to actually know what they’re doing so Glee can get back to its former Season 1 glory.

  19. Matt says:

    So, a British girl? (I know it wont happen, but one can hope!)

  20. Sharon says:

    It should be me! I’m Scottish and love singing Adele songs!

    Although at 32 playing a teenager might be a stretch ;o)

  21. Bazinga says:

    Since the show came out and said that at least some of the characters were juniors as of Season 2, are we expecting some graduation turnover after Season 3?

  22. Sam says:

    What the hell does “Adele meets Susan Boyle mean?” Mid-30s? Big and somewhat homely meets larger and gorgeous? Good singer meets good artist? They just used two names they knew would attract buzz. Gosh darn, doncha love Hollywood?

  23. Ma'at says:

    Of course they have to get new characters ready for Season 4, but the disaster of this season was stunt casting and devoting episodes to guest stars. PLEASE stop doing that. The actors and characters they have are wonderful. We don’t need 2-3 episodes with Holly Friggin Holiday just so Gwynyth Paltrow can make a movie about a country singer.

  24. Donge says:

    Hayden Panettiere? Can sing and has that high school sweet heart over her. Not the most taleted singer though…

  25. kim says:

    Ditto about the new writers (which they are getting thankfully)

    I’m putting my vote in for Haley Reinhart

    And she said in an interview recently (albeit semi-jokingly) that she’s interested in acting.

    Sounds like a perfect fit!

    • Tusk says:

      Haley!! Seconded!!

      A better link in HD:


      NO AUTOTUNE required!!

      She also mentioned acting in her segment when GaGa told to go Edith Piaf…She said she loved acting.

      I’m a Haley Fan. So Sue me ;)

      • jade says:

        haley would be a good cast for the girl who can sing anything coz she can kick-ass in almost any song. as for the adele/susan boyle, thia megia would be good. she can sing adele(chasing pavements) and susan boyle(i think out here on my own was a bit boyle-esque) and she’s actually a teen who hopefully can do better in acting than project her personality onstage. if this happens, perhaps Idol has Glee got their work cut out for them.

    • JT says:

      Another vote for Haley. My only question is would she have time to do the show AND record an album (which all Haley fanatics are so desperately CRAVING)? Might be a good move for her if Interscope decides not to sign her (and she goes with another label) and needs the exposure.

  26. Jen says:

    That would be great, I love both Susan Boyle & Adele.

  27. Geo Browne says:

    I could do it. – Gotta figure out how to get on the show…

  28. Dj says:

    Ariana Grande. She is on victorious and she is a great singer who can sing anything.

  29. Kimc says:

    How do I audition!?

  30. joey says:

    Glee is the new Heroes. How about instead of adding more characters they actually develop their current characters? Oh, right, that’d actually require work.

  31. Me says:

    Alona Tal, enough said

  32. ohbabs says:

    oh no please no. No susan boyle. can’t we just forget about her or just leave her to the old folks? I don’t want to hate Glee. but this is irksome.

    • ohbabs says:

      my speed reading lacks comprehension. not really subo. ok how about that little girl from america’s got talent? you know the one with a voice “like an angel”. i guess she has a record out now. she may be young, but she could be a dougie houser like overachiever. Actually, I would rather see Toddrick Hall on Glee.

  33. Petra says:

    I don’t want any new characters, there are too many already. Just give Puck more screentime and I’m happy. I do hope there will be new writers though. Ryan Murphy tends to only focus on Rachel and Finn and those two just bore me to tears.

  34. Jerri M says:

    Lets cast a 12 year old girl as the show’s new head writer.
    She won’t be worse than the hacks writing it now.

  35. Kat says:

    These are replacement characters they are casting. The producers have said this will be the last year for Cory, Lea, Diana, Chris and possibly Mark so they need to start bringing in the next generation of Glee clubbers if they want to keep the show going. Of course, they need to hire better writers too but that’s what the casting is about.

  36. jade says:

    @alex HAHA i do hope you were being sarcastic. if you were, that was gold. XD

  37. john alman says:

    im a male singer and im both adele and susan boyle voice wise but im only 16 god help me………………….

  38. Michaela says:

    They need more guys. HOW DO YOU AUDITION?

  39. Anna says:

    I think they should start putting in new characters that are younger then the original cast that way in season 4 we will have some people that we already know. Thats how the tv show Degrassi is. Every season the seniors graduate and new freshmen kids come, and that tv show has been going on for years! So it chould work for glee too!

  40. Caitlin says:

    Does anyone know HOW/WHEN to audition because I honestly need to do this.

  41. joyb5321 says:

    First of all, working with a real high school cast ages 15 and below 20 has no labor issues at all. All the producers need to get is a permit. Why are there regular shows in Disney and Nickoledeon with kids even below 15?

    Now, the writers need to be really creative and make Glee more continuous and homogenous in its material. Let the seniors graduate this time and focus stories on the juniors,sophomores and freshmen. I think this Boyle-Meets-Adele character should be a sophomore. Fits better to Thia Megia but Glee writers should not over-expose like they did to Charice’s Sunshine C.

    Why Thia? I think she will bring a certain freshness to the show. She has that ethereal beauty and talent much like Mandy Moore’s character in the movie “A Walk to Remember”. Besides, she has that vocal alto pipes of Adele. She sang “Chasing Pavements” in one of the talk shows on Fox a week after her elimination. And gee, she was great. Haley Reinhart can sing “Rolling in the Deep” but I think she doesn’t have the looks for this character in the show. She’s way too matured and sophisticated.

    So Thia Megia is gonna be that kid who is trying to fit in but still somewhat out-of-placed. She’s studious and does well in class but often taken advantaged of because she wants to “in”. In the end she would gather her courage to prove herself and join the glee club.

    The writers can even put twists in this character’s story by having a junior guy (famous baseball team member) shows sympathy and be-friends her. The guy gets comfortable with her company although his gang would not agree and the girl became the source of jealousy of female baseball fans in the school.But the guy who became her close friend is really just a friend telling her about his crushes and he would ask her favors to bring him closer to another girl he likes. Thia’s character will eventually fall in love with the guy in secret. Not knowing that the guy has learned to love her too more that he could ever show.

    Seems to be a nice story line. Can I apply as a writer?

  42. Kate29 says:

    How do you audition??

  43. Breezy says:

    Anyone think Ariana Grande could play as Rebecca?

  44. mackie says:

    i think they should make marissa as rebecca cuz she is able to sing all of the types of music and hannah from the glee project can be the susan boyle/adele carctert Whos with me??????

  45. miHe says:

    you’re all on the same trip. it’s trippy.

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