Scott Bakula Teases 'Funnier, Dramatic-er' Men Of A Certain Age, Hopes for Chuck Encore

Scott Bakula is so enthusiastic about the return of TNT’s Men Of A Certain Age (Wednesdays at 10/9c, following the new legal dramedy Franklin & Bash), he’s resorted to inventing words to tout Season 2.5’s strengths.

“It’s bigger, faster, funnier… and dramatic-er,” he tells TVLine. “Really, the next six [episodes] are like a bizarre roller coaster.”

For the unitiated: Men Of A Certain Age stars Bakula (Quantum Leap), Ray Romano (Everybody Loves Raymond) and Andre Braugher (Homicide: Life on the Street) as buds Terry, Joe and Owen. Terry’s a perpetual bachelor/middling actor, Joe is a onetime wannabe pro golfer dealing with divorce, and Owen is a married family man who toils for a boss from hell — aka his own father.

To date, the fellas have faced life events both small (dating woes) and significant (when last we tuned in, Terry had undergone a colonoscopy). And as the sophomore run picks up, “Really big things happen to all three of the guys,” says Bakula. “A lot of them are positive, but some of them also kick below the waist. That’s how it is, though — you get lifted up and then you get dropped, and then you get lifted up.”

Prospective new viewers should be advised that Wednesday’s midseason premiere offers a “really good place to join in,” Bakula promises. “When they realized that it was going to be a [summer season] starter, they rewrote in a way that reintroduces the show. We pick up with the colonoscopy, and then it’s full speed ahead!”

TNT’s Men canoodle with their share of impressive women, so viewers can expect to see Melinda McGraw (Mad Men; pictured above), Penelope Ann Miller (Kindergarten Cop) and Sarah Clarke (24) reprising their respective roles as Erin, Sonia and Dory. But the one lady Bakula perhaps most hopes to share scenes on TV with next is Terminator toughie Linda Hamilton, who plays his (shall we say estranged?) wife on NBC’s Chuck.

“Oh my gosh, I’d love to — that’d be a blast!” he says of possibly working with Hamilton, who joined the spy comedy just as Bakula’s Stephen J. Bartowski was (seemingly?) killed off. “Somebody told me that in [last month’s season] finale they intimate that I’m going to be back. But… we don’t know anything!”

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  1. Michelle says:

    I would LOVE to have Scott back on Chuck! Make that happen, Schwartz!

  2. Jordy says:

    OMG PLEASE ! If theres a God, he will bring Scott back on Chuck

    • My 1st Post didn't apprear says:

      I dissagree. They brought Shaw back after Chuck shot him in the chest 3 times.

      • Comment by My 1st Post didn't apprear says:

        Sorry hit the wrong “reply” link. It was intended as a comment to Randy’s netx post. :-/

      • Ace says:

        They could do a flashback with Bakula and Linda Hamilton (and maybe Timothy Dalton) without having to bring him back from the dead. That would pretty awesome, right? Right??? Okay, maybe I’m grasping at straws, but I MISS BAKULA.

  3. Randy says:

    If Papa B is still alive then this show has truly jumped the shark.

    • Bdaddydl says:

      It’s the last season. They can jump the shark.

      • Randy says:

        You should never support any show jumping the shark at any point. It means the writers stopped caring about the story or the characters.

        • Mandy says:

          Normally I would agree, but in this case, I think it would be about the writers caring more about the fans than the story. Chuck’s dad is one of the most loved characters by fans (if not THE most loved character). As stupid as I know it is to have him come back, it’s not the first “He is dead – wait, he’s alive – no, he died again” trick they have pulled on us. Bryce Larkin has died like 4 times. I hope to see Chuck’s dad back next season. His death was unnecessary and keeping him dead would leave the show feeling kind of empty.

          • Alicia says:

            AND Papa Bartowski died literally 30 feet from a room in which they brought Shaw back to life…duh…

            I think Scott Bakula is a really awesome actor…I love him in anything he’s in.

          • Jenny says:

            Yes, I agree. I don’t have a problem with Chuck’s dad coming back! He’s awesome, and I would love to have him back. I kept thinking they were gonna do that this season, but they didn’t. It wouldn’t surprise me if it happened.

  4. Justine says:

    I don’t care about any possible mistakes in the plot as long as Scott Bakula’s back on CHUCK. I love him as Stephen Bartowski! Please, come back! We miss you!

  5. Tim says:

    If he’s “back” on Chuck it will be a very tough move to make. I don’t really see any scenario making sense other than he being a prisoner OR behind the whole thing each of which won’t make much sense since we saw him die and his character always seemed loving and therefore wouldn’t treat his family in such a way.

  6. Randy says:

    Papa B got shot in front of BOTH of his children, one of whom is a DOCTOR and they simply accepted he was dead without making sure? That would be beyond idiotic. If they are going to try to suggest Papa Bs body was taken and that his children never actually saw him dead, then why would they accept he was dead? Wouldn’t Chuck want to be sure? Of course he would. He nearly put him and Morgan in the poor house just looking for his mom. He wouldn’t lift a finger to find out of his dad was actually alive? Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. If that happens then this show is dumber than Smallville.

    • Amber says:

      It wouldn’t be the first time they brought a dead character back to life. Both Shaw and Brice looked pretty darn dead, but came back alive and well, at least for a while. This is sci-fi (light).

    • Coop says:

      Chuck was a little busy being captured while Ellie was more worried about saving her brother after seeing her dad die. You have to remember, being dead doesn’t mean much on a show like Chuck. That was made clear in the series premiere when Bryce Larkin “died” (as have others later in the series). You just have to accept that people can be brought back from death in the Chuck universe.

  7. jess says:

    Or he could appear with Linda Hamilton in a flashback. That could work.

  8. Mdz says:

    That would be great!!! I’d love to see Papa B back….please make it happen!!!.. Oh, and also..if you could give Chuck 22 episodes instead of just 13 that would be great too :)

  9. Danel says:

    Am I crazy, or does the word “intimate” not make sense in this article? I’m guessing it means “imply”, but I’ve never seen it used like that.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      intimate (verb): to communicate delicately and indirectly, hint

      • Ace says:

        Thank you for not shying away from the SAT words, Matt.

        Danel, that’s a pretty common use of the word. It’s pronounced differently than “intimate” (adj) you’re probably thinking of.

  10. Carm says:

    I love Men of a Certain Age (there should be at least one comment about it) :)

  11. Sarah says:

    I have said since he was shot that they will bring him back. He may have been shot 3 times, however he was upstairs from a cell regeneration lab. They never showed the funeral or what happened after he was shot. How do we know he wasnt taken down there and lived?

  12. TaMara says:

    Totally love how an entire comment section for Men of a Certain Age has been co-opted by a gang of Chuck fans wanting Bakula back on Chuck. I’ll add my “hell yes, bring him back!” to that chorus.

  13. laylagalise says:

    FYI, all the guys had colonoscopes and then were part one of the most hilarious fights ever to take place on network TV.

    • Bonnie says:

      I need to see the script of the Colonoscopy Show. Brilliant writing all the way through, and the episodes since have all been winners, too.

      I’m writing now because I’ve just heard hints here and there about cancellation. Jeez, I hope not. Men of a Certain Age is so good. The writing is so good, The performances are absolutely delicious. The only scripted show I find myself carrying aroud afterward and thinking about.

      We’ve seen the range of Andre Braugher, but Romano and Bakula’s work here is amazing and rewarding. Kudos to all involved for a show poissibly too good for primetime.

  14. Amber says:

    I have to agree with a couple of other people posting, it makes me laugh hard that the Men of a Certain Age article comments were hijacked by Chuck fans. It’s like hardly anyone watches Men of a Certain Age! Yeah, I don’t watch it either. =) I tried the series premiere, but couldn’t even finish the episode.

    I’m here as a Chuck fan as well….to be more accurate, I’m here as a Scott Bakula fan. I still watch reruns of Quantum Leap, and remember it well as far back as when its first season was on the air. And I don’t care if it means Chuck jumps the shark, I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense, I just want the Bakula back on Chuck!!!!!!! He’s my longest standing celebrity crush, ya know. Going all the way back 22 years to the series premiere on my birthday in 1989. You are forever in my five, Scott. =)

    • brutony says:

      If you couldnt get past the series premiere of Men, then what the HELL you doing on an article about this show? And no one gives s sh*t bout your “longest standing celebrity crush-ya know!” Go back to diddling bout Scott in yo mommys basement!

  15. Lindsey says:

    To the people saying the show would jump the shark if he came back, think about it. He doesn’t have to come back to life. He could easily appear in flashbacks. He was excellent on it, so I would love to have him back in any way!

  16. listenwithintent says:

    Now wouldn’t it be great to have Scott Bakula back on Chuck; Chuck gets more episodes; or gets picked up by another network!! I’m just saying…!

    • Chuckfan says:

      I think it would great to bring back Backula to Chuck in a flashback/vision. My storyline would be that Chuck struggles with being a spy without the intersect, despite Casey and Sarah assurances he doesn’t feel like he is a real spy any longer. We can see flashbacks of Chuck when he was younger with Mama and Papa Bartowski and he shows that always displayed the ability to be spy like his parents. Later, Bryce and Papa B come to Chuck in a vision/dream. Bryce tells Chuck he was wrong for getting him kicked out Stanford, that was meant to be a spy after all. Papa B tells him he doesn’t need the intersect that this his destiny that being a spy is in his blood. This way we get some Bomer and Backula in the last season.