Emmys 2011: A Look at the Lead Comedy Actress Race — Including Our Dream Nominees

When it comes to the Emmy Awards, there’s no counting out 30 Rock’s Tina Fey. Ever. In 50 years, she’ll be Betty White. But this year’s Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series competition may be all about Showtime and its three show-stopping leading ladies. Will the Academy prescribe a consecutive win for Nurse Jackie’s Edie Falco, or will Toni Collette grab a second statue to go with Tara’s multiple personalities? Or could they and The Big C’s Laura Linney split the pay cable vote, leaving an opening for someone new, like Raising Hope’s Martha Plimpton?

Emmys 2011: Sizing Up the Best Comedy Race — And Sharing Our Dream Nominees

Review this slideshow of the major contenders — including TVLine’s half-dozen Dream Nominees — then vote for your own favorite six below. And check back tomorrow for our review of the Lead Actor in a Comedy race!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. S says:

    Glad Amy Poehler is leading in the poll. If she isn’t nominated for an Emmy this year, there really is no justice in the (entertainment) world.

  2. lila says:


  3. F says:


  4. Ajie says:

    It is the year of the Poehler!

  5. Joana says:


  6. Aron says:

    Amy Poehler !!!

  7. Kristy says:

    This has GOT to be Courteney’s year!

  8. the girl says:

    Courtney Cox deserves a nomination this year, definitely. No doubt about that.
    I personally don’t think Lea Michele deserves one, although I think she will get nominated and may even win. There are just way too many other women in the field who deserve nominations and that pushes her down on my list.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Courtney Cox was robbed last year of a nom(she can’t seem to break that curse of being the only FRIENDS cast member never to have been nominated)so if she gets left off this year then I give up. And I hope Lea Michele DOES get snubbed for playing the most irritatingly character on GLEE. That said, I expect it to come down to Edie Falco and Laura Linney.

      • Frank says:

        Pleas e Rachel is hardly as annoying as anyone else. Plus Lea has to do drama, comedy, sing and dance she deserves it as much as any of these woman.

        • Irene says:

          I could’t agree more!
          And her facial expression are literally EPIC!
          She sings like heaven and she act wonderfully, so why can’t she be nominated?:)

          • nein says:

            because it’s a comedy nomination? nothing about her role in glee is funny…Courtney Cox all the way.

          • sing.dance.perform says:

            right on! She has amazing talent ALL ROUND! and, yes, glee, and Rachel berry, are funny! hence the title lead COMEDY actress?? look yes there are some other hilarious people on there but I think Lea Michele deserves it!

        • JRS says:

          This is a COMEDY nomination… the winner should be the person who makes everybody laugh the most, not who sings and dances the best. Courteney Cox is so much funnier than Lea Michele

          • gsgs says:

            Um,, Lea is funny have you not watched the show? She had hilarious facial expressions and songs that she makes up, aside from her rude remarks and her craziness in thinking she’s the best. She cracks me up all the time

        • leslieknope:) says:

          True, on Glee Lea Michele does have to do drama, singing and dancing as well as comedy, but this is an award for COMEDY, not for the other things, and she doesn’t do it the best out of the other actresses. And as much as I appreciate Edie Falco and Toni Collette, their shows are not really that comedic. Amy Poehler for the win!!

      • Christina says:

        Lea Michele is probably one of the MOST worthy nominees for this category… while yes, Courtney Cox is a talented actress, she’s had her day in the sun already. Helllooo ever heard of a little show called Friends? Laura Linney from the Big C who? Edie Falco from Nurse Jackie who? I’ve never even heard of either one of those shows. Lea Michele does it ALL. She sings, acts(really convincingly because she’s nothing like Rachel Berry WHO isn’t irritating just ambitious), dances, and more than all these women combined. To be a true performer, and deserving of this nominee, the actress should be talented in other ways than JUST comedy. Although Lea Michele is very talented in that aspect as well. When I think LEAd Comedy Actress, I think LEA Michele.

        • Rach says:

          I AGREE! LEA deserves an Emmy so badly, in fact she is a TRUE star!

        • Ali says:

          I so agree with you! And look who’s in the lead :-D

        • Kerry White says:

          Lea Michelle for sure… Talk about new vision and talent… I mean wow! She is a superstar in the making :)

        • Rob LouVierre says:

          I totally agree. To me Lea is totally the best candidate . Truly the most talented .

        • D says:

          Lea deserves the EMMY! She didn’t got it last year, I hope she gets it this year!
          By the way, why is Kaley Cuoco in the Lead Actress category? She is a supporting actress.

        • gLeekgaLster123 says:

          I totally agree with you all the way! Lea is probably one of the most, if not the most talented young actress of our generation! LEA ALL THE WAY!!! =]It takes a lot of hard work and talent to sing dance and act and be so wholesome and kind :D

        • Irene says:

          Amen ;)

        • Ruth says:

          Totally agree with you I hope Lea´s win This year, she really do a Hardwork With Rachel and she is so talented,She deserved WIN!!!!

        • forceofhabit says:

          LOL, sorry, but what? Just because you’ve never heard of the shows doesn’t mean the actresses don’t deserve the award.
          (And Amy Poehler deserves it way more than Michelle, just saying)

        • Linda S says:

          Hello, this category is for Lead Comedy Actress. It’s not for singing or dancing. That said, I like Lea Michele a lot. But there is no comparison between her and Toni Collette, the star of United States of Tara. Her character suffers from DID, or multiple personality disorder, and the way she switches from character to character is just awesome. She goes from playing a horny teenage girl to a 50s style homemaker, to a NY-style female therapist, to a biker dude, to a terrifying young boy who’s trying to kill all the other alters. And she does it seemlessly. Just because you’ve never seen a particular show doesn’t mean you can count them out. All it means is you’re not qualified to judge.

          • Zoe says:

            Couldn’t agree more! & Lea doesn’t have to be funny, the SHOW is a comedy/musical not LEA! She is the actress in the COMEDY. She deserves this emmy the most! Lea is the most talented, sweetest, inspiring, and gifted woman on our Earth. Lea Michele ALL THE WAY! Keep voting Lea. She deserves it the most, she works SOOO hard!!! I know how much it would mean to her, she loves her fans, lets show some love back!:)

        • Matt says:

          So what you’re saying is she’s obviously better than actresses in shows you haven’t even seen? Great logic.

        • Crystal says:

          I totally concur!!!
          She’s amazing and really deserves this.

        • Meredith says:

          Did you just say Laura Linney who and Edie Falco who? You obviously know nothing about great actors or tv. Laura Linney is an accomplished Oscar nominated film, stage and tv actress while Edie falco was only the female lead on what is considered to be one of the greatest tv shows ever, The Sopranos. Darling Christina I feel bad for you, don’t you dare knock them while praising Lea Michele who yes has a lovely voice but is simply ok as an actress. Please go watch some good tv that understands continuity

        • Nicole says:

          You’re trolling, right?

        • alex says:

          Agreed! Lea Michele is really talented, she manages to make me hate and love Rachel on the show because she’s so annoying but so hilarious, she has to at like she hates Quinn Fabray, although Dianna is one of her best friends in real life. And as you said, as much as I love Courteney Cox, she had greater days, Friends is one of my favourite show and Cougar Town is nothing compared to it (although I like that show).
          So yeah Lea michele totally deserves an Emmy Award and I would totally nominate Naya Rivera too if only it was possible!

          • Aline says:

            Couldn`t agree more! Lea totally deserves it! and i wuld nominate naya too if it as possible! Totally loved her, love all the glee cast

        • Jenna says:

          WELL SAID! :)

      • Dan says:

        The pure fact that you find Rachel so irritating means that Lea has done such a great job with her. You have to draw the line between Actor/Actress and Character.. The more passionately you feel about a character (And yes, feeling the character as irritating is still a feeling) then the better the Actor/Actress is doing.

      • Mike says:

        Um Quinn, Santana, Kurt, and Mercedes are far more annoying.

        • Zoe says:

          THEY ARE!!! Rachel Berry MAKES GLEE! It’s true, and she is NOT ANNOYING, that’s just her character! Lea & Rachel are really nothing alike. They have the same interests, but that’s about it. She does AN AMAZING job playing Rachel Berry. I say Lea Michele ALL the way, she is SUCH a hard worker & SOOOOO talented! I love her, she’s my idol:)

          • scsj says:

            Oh please, does anyone actually believe Lea Michele would be unpopular in ANY high school? That alone should be enough to take her out of the running. She’s a very talented singer and a pretty good actor, but (a) Glee is hardly a comedy and (b) Lea Michele is TOTALLY UNREMARKABLE IN HER ROLE and the only reason she’s even being considered is that her role fits the criteria for this category and Glee fans will die if it isn’t nominated for everything. Amy Poehler is by FAR the best actress here. Parks and Rec is easily the smartest, funniest show on television right now.

  9. Linda says:


  10. Lyn says:

    Martha Plimpton is utterly deserving for playing a uniquely funny wife & mom (and young grandmother!) in a very funny show. And unlike some on this list, she’s not merely playing herself or merely playing the same role she’s done for years.

    • Charlotte says:

      I agree completely! I hope she gets a nod, if not I’ll be quite disappointed.
      Raising Hope had a great first season.

    • julnyes says:

      I voted for Martha Plimpton as well – she obviously isn’t a front runner in this poll but she is absolutely hilarious on Raising Hope.

    • Weez says:

      I agree – she plays the role ridiculously well and convincingly. I love that show and it is perfectly cast. Can’t wait for s2.

  11. Soso says:

    #1 Amy Poehler
    #2 Laura Linney
    #3 Tina Fey
    #4 Martha Plimpton
    #5 Edie Falco (I agree with her, “she’s not funny” but she can fit in the drama category so I think it’s just a way to aknowledge her excellent work, but I don’t want her to win this year :p)
    #6 Toni Colette (same as Falco, plus it’s her last year)

    You forgot Kaitlin Olsen from It’s Always Sunny in Philly !

  12. Amanda says:

    How is Kaley Cuoco on this list? Don’t get me wrong. I like her and I love BBT, but she is not at this time an award worthy actress. You can tell she’s on the verge of breaking a lot.

    • Justin says:

      She’s definitely worthy. Penny is freaking hilarious with those nerds on Big Bang Theory.

      • Dan says:

        Yes, she is hilarious, but is she on the same level as the other actresses here? Also, isn’t Kaley a supporting actress?

        • Plemel says:

          Well, she is supporting of the male characters, but she is DEFINITELY the female lead. She’s the only female that has been in every single episode, so that’s why she is a ‘leading’ actress.

    • Kat says:

      I think the WRITERS of BBT rock; I love each of the CHARACTERS; I must consider the skills of an actor as something separate from whether or how much I like the character they play. So that said… I’ve recently noticed that Cuoco is a pretty weak actor. She hits the same deadpan, heavy-lidded note in EVERY scene, rather than responding to the scene with anxiety, confidence, bitterness or whatever (like real people do, and thus GOOD actors do). When my doubts of her came to my consciousness was the episode where she dislocated her shoulder. She couldn’t act like she was in pain… not in her voice, face, body language, breathing… nada. Saw that rerun yesterday & it’s really turned me off of her. (Note though: I do still want Penny to get Leonard back!

  13. Katy says:

    Amy will get a nomination, and if the Emmy’s know what’s good for them, she’ll win. This is a threat and also a promise.

  14. mawhi says:

    No but really Amy Poehler. I don’t know if I’ve said this before on these boards, but Parks and Recreation is the best thing right now. Have I stressed that? Hahaha…

  15. Brady says:

    Martha Plimpton is going for Lead Actress? I’m glad because the field is narrower (no Modern Family or Jane Lynch) so she’ll have more of a chance, but she seems so very much a supporting character to Lucas Neff. What abou Garret Dillahunt? Is he going Lead too?

  16. kb811 says:

    This is Courteney’s year. She more than deserves it.

  17. Ben says:

    I hope Courtney Cox at least gets nominated, she’s long overdue one. Laura Linney of course for her brilliant performance in The Big C. I love Lea Michele, but I don’t think she has given any stand out performances, she will get nominated but I doubt she’ll win. That said, despite what the characters gone through I think she’s been given more moments to shine comically, both in the background and bigger scenes.

  18. Herman Greder says:

    Gosh. Which white woman should i choose? Wait, they’re all the same. How about some diversity?

    • Ro says:

      At the same time, I can’t think of a single person of color who is a lead actress on a Comedy series… can you? That is not to say there does not need to be more diversity on TV, (because there does) but the emmys are just a reflection of what’s out there, they don’t choose who is and who isn’t put on TV, that is all up to the networks and the Fortune 500 companies that own them.

    • John says:

      If the Emmys could honor voiceover work you could bet your sweet tushie that Aisha Tyler would be on my short-list for her hilarious work on Archer.

  19. Fernanda says:

    anyone but Lea Michelle. I just don’t get her nominations. She has great, mad vocal skills; I think she would be THE diva of my generation, but she doesn’t have the acting skills (at least as Rachel Berry she doesn’t).

    Cuoco doesn’t have it either.

    • Kris says:

      I don’t know what you’re watching cause they are both MAD funny!

    • Joe says:

      Are you kidding she is perfect as Rachel Berry. How do you not see that. Rachel is Over the top but sensitive and Lea does that wonderfully.

    • Melanie says:

      Lea Michele totally deserves a nomination…. if you have seen her in anything else besides Glee, you would see she is an incredible actress, and I think she plays the role of Rachel really well

    • Matthew Thomas says:

      Completely agree. She’s decent in comedy scenes but in dramatic scenes her acting is limited to speaking softly and having tears in her eyes. She’s pretty bad in her dramatic scenes.

      Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Martha Plimpton all piss all over her.

    • ^^ says:

      What? Well of ourse she has acting skills! Do you not watch glee? I mean only a good actress could make us hate her character because she’s so annoying but lov her at the same time because she’s so awesome and funny and we freaking want her to be with Finn

    • GS says:

      I won’t say she can’t act but I don’t see Glee as a comedy and she is most definitely not a comedic actress of Emmy caliber. The only thing funny I can remember her character saying this year was something about Santana and dancing on a pole. Otherwise, her character is whiny and filled with drama. Nothing against Lea, the person, but she doesn’t deserve a nod in this character. Courtney Cox deserves some love finally. Lea Michelle can’t touch her for comedic timing and delivery.

  20. ley22 says:

    Why were there no choices from Modern Family or Community? Of this list I’m going with Amy Poehler. Parks&Rec had an AMAZING season, while 30 Rock was a little less than stellar.

    And WHY Lea Michele from Glee? I used to be quite anti-Glee as a whole, but I gave it a try and have seen the first season and it’s not as awful as I had imagined, but no one in the world can convince me that Lea Michele would be deserving of this.

    • S says:

      I think there were no choices for Modern Family or Community because none of the female actresses on these shows are technically leads. They probably all submitted for Supporting Actress. At least the ladies of Modern Family did last year, I just assume it’s the same with Community.

      • ley22 says:

        Ahhh, yes! I neglected to think about that. I sure hope so, all those ladies do a fabulous job. Perhaps it’s the same for HIMYM? (another one of my favorite shows)

      • jay r says:

        Actually, none of the actresses want to be nominated. They take themselves out of contention so they can not be nominated. They feel that they are all equally talented and don’t feel one is a lead over the other. Not sure why the guys don’t do the same thing.

    • NCSouthernBelle says:

      Totally agree with Modern Family and Community missing. And what about How I Met Your Mother??

    • John says:

      Just wait until they put up their Supporting Actress race…you can bet that Alison Brie, Julie Bowen, and Sofia Vergara will ALL get the “dream nominee” treatment.

    • Kelly says:

      why not Lea she does the whole over dramatic Rachel to a tee. Plus she has to sing and dance.

    • Magen says:

      IS everybody effing kidding me?! Weeds!!! Mary-Louise Parker deserves this award. She makes you actually believe she is the character she’s playing. If i was to see her on the street I wouldn’t call her Mary-Louise, I would scream Nancy Botwin!! That’s how believable she is. She is absolutely hilarious while also maintaining a seriousness to her character. She’s been nominated 3 times for an emmy and she deserves to take it home this year. She’s funnier than any of these women, I mean ya Courtney Cox had her moment, but I think her moment is over. I love her as Monica on Friends, but Friends is over and I just don’t think she can top that role. As for Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, of course they are funny women, but I believe they are more funny on SNL than in a sitcom. I can’t miss an episode of Weeds, whereas I can do without watching 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation. They just aren’t that good of shows. They don’t hold my interest.

      • Phillip says:

        I think she’s an amazing actress, arguably the best among this list, but it would seem weird for her to win an Emmy for best lead actress in a comedy. Is no one else with me on that?

      • Cesar says:

        I completely agree. “Weeds” is one of my favorite shows and Nancy Botwin is one of the most fascinating and complicated characters on TV today, hands down. The problem is that “Weeds” is equal parts comedy and drama, and a lot of people look down on MLP’s performance because it’s too dramatic for the comedy category. But I still think she is owed an Emmy for her role – if people argue that Lea Michele deserves an Emmy for singing and dancing in addition to being stiff and overly-emotive, then MLP deserves an Emmy for bringing a thousand different emotions to her role. Anyone can spit good one-liners… not anyone can play a character that can be so hilariously selfish and heartbreakingly real at the same time. Plus, this past season has been the funniest season of the show since Season 3. MLP for the nomination and win!

  21. kika says:


  22. John K. says:

    For what it’s worth, Yvonne Strahovski and Tamsin Greig are submitted as Supporting Actresses, not Leads. In the case of Episodes, it’s obviously a fraud, as is the fact that Matt LeBlanc is submitted as a Lead Actor solely due to his name, because he’s essentially a glorified cameo on the show.

    • tomf60 says:

      Yvonne Strahovski is the second most major character on Chuck. She is the lead actress on the show, not a supporting actress.

  23. shay says:

    wow in 2 seconds, the % down(11,24% to 11;18% for Courteney), what’s happen? don”t cheat

  24. am says:

    Wish Mayim Bialik was in there but Kaley Cuoco will do. Big Bang Theory is the best thing on tv right now.

  25. Mafalda says:

    i’m rooting for Amy Poehler this year. The rest of my votes go for Toni Collette, Tina Fey, Laura Linney, Edie Falco and Courtney Cox.

  26. EF says:

    Kaley Cuoco is very underrated. Her work on TBBT is great and it showed what a huge part of that show she is when she was out because those episodes weren’t nearly as good. She was also amazing on 8 Simple Rules. I love her. Hope she gets recognized in some form.

    • GO says:

      Kaley should be nominated; 3 yrs on 8 Simple Rules, 1 yr on Charmed, and just finished 4th season on BigBangTheory; except for Charmed-very funny on 7 successful seasons of doing comedy;very funny and talented actress

  27. jrs says:

    Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Did I say, Amy?

    • sadtroll says:

      Amy. Tina. Yvonne Martha. Melissa. Mary Louise. Amy. Amy. Tina. Yvonne Martha. Melissa. Mary Louise. Amy. Amy. Tina. Yvonne Martha. Melissa. Mary Louise. Amy. Amy. Tina. Yvonne Martha. Melissa. Mary Louise. Amy. Amy. Tina. Yvonne Martha. Melissa. Mary Louise. Amy. Amy. Tina. Yvonne Martha. Melissa. Mary Louise. Amy.

      I do think it’s hers to lose this year. :-)

  28. Captain says:

    Lea Michele is my number one pick! That girl is crazy talented/funny. I know she’s an amazing singer but she’s not given enough credit for her great comedic timing. Her line in the pilot still cracks me up to this day and its all her “You’re really talented…I should know, I’m very talented too” Amy, Kaley, Tina and Melissa all deserve noms too. I love Yvonne but she’s not that funny (not that her role requires her to be).

    • laulau says:

      i’m with you on this one :)

    • Tulsi says:

      100% agreed. :)

      • Kim says:

        she is very talented in many ways. I think just because her character can be over the top some people don’t like her. Lea certainly doesn’t get the credit she deserves as comedic actress.

    • Shawn says:

      That was LAST year. This year her comedic skills have been in the background. The only time they show Rachel is when they need some rehashed boyfriend/girlfriend drama or she has a solo. She has a lot of talent, but comedy is definitely not her strong point.

      • Kath says:

        While I agree Lea has a lot more things she has to be talented at and I think deserves a nomination, dismissing the other woman is not needed.

        Toni or Courtney

      • Jane says:

        What? Did you miss “Blame it on the Alcohol?” She deserves an Emmy nomination (though I’m all for Laura Linney for the win) for playing such a convincing and hilarious drunk. Her face that entire episode… It was the most I’d laughed out loud during Glee since the ‘Audition’ episode.

    • Natalie says:

      And her character overall is funny. She sent Sunshine to a crackhouse. Wrote songs about her headband. Come on. lol

  29. sladewilson says:

    Where’s the ladies from Modern Family, Community, Mary Louise Parker, Patricia Heaton? This list needs work badly. And don’t count out Kaley Cuoco, she’s been killing it this year. Still, it’s all about Amy Poehler…

    • Ed says:

      All of the “Modern Family” cast is entered in the supporting categories, which is why Julie Bowen is not listed here.

  30. Iggi says:

    Amy Poehler! I totally love LESLIE KNOPE :)

  31. sheylsss says:

    Kaley cuoco the best!!!!!!! she is loved from spain!!!! :)

  32. Ashley says:

    What about Brooke Elliott from “Drop Dead Diva”? Yeah, I know anyone on a summer series on Lifetime is a long-shot, but her portrayal of Jane/Deb is funny, heartfelt, and charming.

  33. laulau says:

    i might be almost alone on this, but even glee second season has been like a rollercoaster, i happen to love lea michele’s work, she is solid, funny and great singer and also gives great overall performances. i hope that she at least gets nominated
    amy poehler right now is the best comedy actress, comedy genious, perfect delivery, perfect comedy timing, sure nomination and hopefully she wins :)
    kaley cuoco is underrated, solid performances each episode and great comedy timing
    show the cougar town ladies some love! the three of them are just awesome

  34. GaryP says:

    Whoa! THis is a tough crowd. I’m not sure even Lucille Ball would be thought of as a great actress with all the above opinions. Also, to forget Modern Family (and not just Gloria but Claire too!) and Community (Annie outshined them all) could be considered pandering to the masses. I never understood how rating come out the way they do, but this shows why,

  35. Brian Jacobson says:

    I really would like to see Julie Bowen from Modern Family shown some love.

  36. leigh gaunt says:

    Vote Kayley Cuoco for best Lead actress in a comedy. The girl is fantastic in Big Bang Theory every week and let’s not forget 8 simple rules from a few years back. Still comedy gold even today.

  37. Amanda says:

    I think that Patricia Heaton needs a nomination at least. I know The Middle doesn’t get the best ratings, but she’s really good in this. Watching the season finale, I realized I am Frankie Heck!!!

  38. TJ says:

    Without Modern family or Community I’m not voting, but if I did Amy Poehler got to have it. After her Sofia Vergara, Courtney Cox, Tina Fey, Julie Bowen and Alison Brie. @ GaryP nobody comes close to Lucille Ball…nobody!

    • Esta says:

      I seem to recall that all of the “Modern Family” actors and “Community” people are in the supporting catergories, not any of them do lead.

  39. Nerd says:

    Vote Yvonne Strahovski she deserves it

    • heather says:

      totally agree, she has shown such depth in the character of Sarah Walker, she has great depth in her acting. She completely deserves an Emmy!!!!!!

      • Nikki says:

        I absolutely agree! Yvonne is wonderful! Slash all the Chuck stars seem to go unnoticed when it comes to awards time… I guess it’s because the other shows are more popular (which I also don’t understand… Chuck is amazing! People should give it a chance!), but Chuck has a great cast, and I think they should be acknowledged for it.

        • chuckfan says:

          totally agree, the acting is awesome but they go totally unrecognized around award season. That needs to change, Yvonne deserves this one and anyone who has watched her in Chuck knows why!!!

    • Anna says:

      She definitely deserves it. Yvonne can convey in one facial expression what other people take an entire scene and lots of dialog to convey. She is a beyond amazing action and comedic actress and it will be an injustice if she is not nominated. Her priceless facial expressions are one of the things I love best about Chuck – she is just so funny!

  40. Agnetha says:

    Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are the bests!

  41. Sarah says:

    Martha Plimpton and Amy Poehler for the win! Both of these funny women deserve an Emmy

  42. DRW says:

    Although Cougar Town could be considered ‘sillier’ than some of the other comedy-drama shows out there at the moment, it makes me laugh like no other! It’s really come into it’s own this second season, and Courtney Cox has been perfection throughout. She really brings Jules to life like nobody else could and her comedic timing is incredible!

    I really hope that Courtney at least gets nominated, if not wins it altogether, if not only for her work in this fantastic series, but also for her amazing career in comedy so far – which the Emmys have yet to recognise.

  43. Ed says:

    I wish Eva Longoria was listed as a choice here.

  44. Windy says:

    Courteney Cox deserves a Emmy so much! The academy is so unfair with her that makes me so mad,and i’m sure i’m not the only one.How this is possible? This woman can act more than everyone in that list,if you doubt,i think Friends&Cougar Town will prove to you! if she doesn’t win,i’m gonna steal from the winner and give to her!

  45. Casey says:

    Courteney Cox-no doubt! the others is irrelevant.

  46. jeanrie says:

    Poehler for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Plimpton and Cox to place.

  47. Buffy Freak says:

    The women on the Showtime shows are all terrific actresses but they are not really comedies. Amy Poehler has given the best comedic performance this year and deserves some long overdue recognition….

    • John says:

      The only reason Parks is still on is that they brought in Rob Lowe, it’s certainly not because of Poehler.

  48. BHM1304 says:

    Where is Kaitlin Olson “Its Always Sunny” or for Chrissakes, Billie Piper for “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” or Jane Adams “Hung” (she was awesome in season two) or Katie Aselton “The League” who like Olson, holds her own, and is exceptionally funny, in an almost exclusively male cast? Or Jessica Walter as Mallory Archer on “Archer” who remains one of the funniest women on television because of her ability to deliver a line. This list compiled is exceptionally WEAK as far as actually funny women/characters are concerned.

  49. Amy says:

    I would LOVE to see Martha Plimpton, Kaley Cuoco, and Amy Poehler on the Emmy ballot! They all are completely and wonderfully deserving. If Martha Plimpton is not nominated for Lead Actress than she DEFINITELY deserves a guest nomination for The Good Wife. Sorry, I don’t watch cable, and it annoys me that they overrun the nominations EVERY year because of edginess. If Amy Poehler is not nominated (and Parks and Rec in general) I will cry a huge FOUL!

  50. esplinia souza says:

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