Idoloonies: Cheering Idol's Top 13, and Cooking Up Season 11 Fixes (Hint: Fire the Judges!)

With American Idol‘s weird and wonderful tenth season in the books, it seemed like a good time for Season 6 MVP Melinda Doolittle and me to conduct a freewheeling post-mortem on the last five months of stellar singing, infuriating judging, and bulked-up producer manipulation that led to the Scotty McCreery-Lauren Alaina finale.

Among the topics we’re covering: Nigel Lythgoe’s parting gifts to “doped-up racehorse” Lauren (one of which was outfitted by Idol‘s costume department in a pair of black hospital scrubs); “I Love You This Big” and “The Mom Song” (aka the respective “radio-ready” “singles” foisted on Scotty and Lauren); the oft-repeated catchphrases Randy and J.Lo used to hammer home a pre-spun narrative regarding their favored contestants; and the gloriously cathartic release we got from watching the Wednesday night results-show finale. If that’s not enough for you, Melinda and I tackle a Twitter Question of the Week about which judges (if any) deserve to stick around for Season 11, and debate the one change we’d like to see enacted when Idol returns next January. (Spoiler alert: Melinda’s request is that Uncle Nigel “quit treating us like we’re dumb.” Oh snap!) Oh, and what’s more, Season 10 semifinalist Lauren Turner drops by for one final look at Haley’s victory on behalf of underdogs everywhere, and executive producer Jason Averett serves you clips from Sleeping Beauty, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Grit, Doctor Who, and more!

Finally, before you press play below on all five parts of the Idoloonies season wrap-up, keep in mind that our work isn’t quite over. We’ll be interviewing Scotty, Lauren, and Haley this week in New York City, so to get up-to-the minute alerts on when those Q&As post, sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV! And when you’re done watching the show, hit the comments with your own thoughts and feelings on Idol‘s tenth season.

[p.s. Thanks to all you Idoloonies who contributed questions and ideas via Twitter and email, and who volunteered to cohost the show these last five months. Even if I didn’t get to reply to all of your missives, I read and appreciated every one of them. So again, my deepest appreciation to you! I hope we’ll take the journey together for Season 11, and spend the ensuing months dishing So You Think You Can Dance, The Voice, The X Factor, and more!]

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  1. Pebbles says:

    I’m first? Yay! Anyway, Slezak, love Idoloonies. Looking forward to Season 11 already!

    • Scotty says:

      What Hailey won!

      • Hooch says:

        Nope. She is still a loser.

        • Aiden says:

          Haley Reinhart is anything but a loser (see: Part 5 of this week’s Idoloonies). Say what you will, but she’s the star of this year’s uneven AI season and probably has the most potential to make it big post-Idol. That’s why her exit performance was so relevant, it was more about closing the door on her Idol run and jump-starting her new and promising career. I think we can expect exciting things from her.
          P.S. to Michael Slezak. Kudos on choosing Melinda Doolittle as a co-host. Have her every week if you can. Also, Jason Averett remains to be a genius video editor. Buffy, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Community, and Parks and Rec? I love everything Idoloonies chooses to be.
          P.S. 2 #SaveTheGrowler Campaign was just as successful as the #SaveTheRocker Campaign and gave us both the spectacular artists and exit performances of Haley Reinhart and Allison Iraheta. Keep it up, Idol Guru.

          • Cassie May says:

            Watching Haley perform her swan song should be Daily Required Viewing. Possibly hourly.

          • amy.. says:

            Thanks for the idoloonies & recaps Michael!
            I vote for all 3 judges to go, but if the new judges are told what to say, then it doesn’t really matter who judges, right?
            So sad, as I love the show, but hate watching a lot of the time.
            LESS IS MORE! NIGEL LET THE SHOW RUN WITH LESS FAVORTISM. Fairness could really help this show.

          • Suncatcher says:

            @Aiden – You saved me a lot of time by writing exactly what I was going to say! Thanks! Well done.

            HEY SLEZAK & JASON – You have to take Idoloonies to TV itself, Dudes! I am very serious. Like Haley, you and Jason just keep getting better and better. This was your finest hour. Genius giving Haley the confetti shower! Jason, loved your throwing in “Night On Bald Mountain.” Another of my favorites yet so rarely seen. Perfect!

            Though still busy with other shows (The Voice, etc.) have a peaceful summer you 2 and we’ll catch you on the flip side!

            Thank you for shepherding us through the Season 10 AI maze!

          • B-scot says:

            GREAT!!! job on the videos, simply love them.
            Haley was my winner and she picked up alot of fan here in Texas.
            I heard her 2 of her songs on the radio here in Dallas, and my friends heard them in Houston and Austin.
            Scotty and Lauren were good but did not bring anything new or different to their songs which by definition is karaoke. I hope they can find their own sound and style soon or a quick hit if not I fear they will have a hard road ahead of them.

        • Lee says:

          Haley would’ve won if America wasn’t so stupid and believed everything the judges spoonfed them.

          • jojo says:

            OH!!! What a wonderful,hilarious, genius compilation celebrating Haley!!!
            Thank you Thank you Thank you. Made me feel SO MUCH BETTER…
            a bit of justice!

          • SajiNoKami says:

            Even Nigel said we shouldn’t be sheep. I would hope in 10 seasons people would be able to form their own opinions.

          • Emy says:


            Nigel also claims there’s no producer manipulation when we have video evidence of that being false. Sounds to me like you’re the sheep here, believing everything Nigel says. :)

            You’re also the one that said she would vote so hard for Scotty after James was off just so a girl wouldn’t win. Still a brillant and fun person, I see. :)

          • SajiNoKami says:


            I know, I am very competitive.

        • Terry says:

          This comment is somewhat ironic, no?
          Anyhoo, ignoring the loser calling someone else a loser…
          Thanks Slezak, my gut hurts from laughing. Especially loved the happy ending!

        • HATERS SUCK! says:

          NO Hooch you’re the only LOSER here!

        • Molly says:

          Hmmm. Hate to tell you, Hooch, but your comment clearly points to you as the loser here.

        • Brigid says:

          LOL!!! :-D

        • buzz says:

          Brilliant once again! Two wonderful things came out of Season 10 for me…Haley Reinhart and Michael Slezak! I apologize for my absence in previous seasons from this masterpiece of writing, video editing, and on screen brilliance. Michael, Jason, Melinda and Lauren were so good (it was a good round for you)…hey, let’s be honest…it was freakin amazing the talent displayed on Idoloonies. Oh, and my girl Haley will do just fine without Idol…all her fans know she really won! My favorite moment was the Matt Damon, True Grit rifle shot with Randy in the crosshairs…stick a fork in Randy, he’s way over done!

      • Andrea says:

        Lauren Turner is such an awesome talent! Thanks for having her on Idoloonies! :)

      • charlie says:

        OMG– MICHAEL CELEBRATES HALEY AS IF SHE HAD ACTGUALLY WON!!!! WAY TO GO MICHAEL– SHE WAS MY IDOL TOO!!! Well to all non-stupid Americans she is the winner and would have actually won had the vote been democratic: one person, one vote!

        No surprise that the finale was Scotty and Lauren. After all, the ‘Americans’ elected ‘W’ twice so this illustrates the ‘quality of the electorate’!

        • BigMouth says:

          If you look at the YouTube views for the Idol Top 4 performing in Atlanta on May 28, Haley doing Benny and the Jets has many more than Scotty, Lauren, or James. And it is not just guys who like her. She is channeling some serious right-brain energy. An astrology profile for her on the Halloran Software News page says that her chart is similar to that of blues singer Nina Simone.

        • Dina says:

          Over on far right media such as American Thinker and Free Republic, the whole S10 story is being rewritten as how everyone was against Scotty and Lauren (instead of that they were the producer favorites all season, lavished with praise no matter what they did) and that in an underdog win against overwhelming odds, they pulled out a victory for motherhood, family values and apple pie. Makes it that much more interesting that Idol is on Fox and Rupert Murdoch was in the audience in top 4 performance night when the sequence that took out James and Haley went down. Here’s what the far right says happened in S10 (what do you know about it, you only watched the show)

    • @galaga6846 says:

      I am going to miss Idoloonies more than I’m going to miss AI until next year. I love it so much. Thank you for producing the most brilliant and fun show on the internet. ;)

      • Tonya says:


        • Thank you Slezak and TVLine. This was a fun season, I loved that most of us got on the deserved Haley bandwagon, it was a fun ride. Haley is easily my favorite 3rd place finisher. Sorry Gokey and Eliott Yamin. But seriously, the Scotty train was off and running and it would have taken a complete meltdown from Scotty not to win against Haley or Lauren. Freakin Lauren came out with a doctor telling everyone how brave she was for powering through, 3 judges giving her the night, a song about mother’s with a hug from her mother to tug at the heart strings and even with all that Scotty probably still won handidly.

          If the show fixes anything they have to fix the voting. Allowing these teen girls to vote 100 times or more for a boy no matter if he is cute or deserving or not is ridiculous. A person like Haley or Crystal Bowersox or Alison Iraheta will never win the show in the current formation it is in if they are up against a boy with a semi decent voice.

          Lastly, I would love an Idoloonie’s Blooper Reel. You know there has to be one. Plus just to add, Melinda Doolittle, Alexis Grace, and Didi Benami were great this season with Michael, I hope they all come back next season as well:)

          • C says:

            The boy doesn’t even have to have a semi-decent voice–Lee beat Ccrystal last year.

          • Emma says:

            I agree, the voting has got to be changed or a girl will never be able to win Idol again. I’m all for ‘1 vote per device’. The votes may show differently but Haley was the true champion of season 10 in my opinion. Glad someone gave her the confetti shower she deserved, thanks Michael & Jason!

          • BigMouth says:

            100 times? With a phone that can power-text 20 text messages simultaneously, it could be as much as 10,000 votes in four hours.

        • forrest says:

          Thanks Michael for a really great season of reviews. I agree this was Hayley’s season. The great underdog contest. Since I don’t follow country music, I won’t be remembering the top 2. This was the year of James, Casey, and Pia who should have gone farther in the contest.

      • JeanRose says:

        Everytime I want a hit of Haley I’ll come back and watch Idoloonies!!!
        If she doesn’t get a record deal…..then the record industry is truly out of it’s mind!
        Gonna miss the weekly recaps…..great job Michael!!

      • esse says:

        Agreed with all of this. Also, Melinda Doolittle has been a joy to watch. Way to be awesome, Mindy Doo!

    • Trish B says:

      Hmmm I think Michael was wrong in the Cook bit (I am a huge fan of both Davids, BTW) “The World I Know” was a song chosen for Cook to sing by that big producer guy (? can’t remember his name now), he chose “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” for LiL David also! Cook chose to pick as his OWN song, the one by “Switchfoot”, at which point Simon critic was that he made the wrong choice by not doing something that put him at the top already during the show….LiL David chose “Imagine” as we all know (and LOVE!) I truly admired Cook’s decision, he had b***s to do so, and he was a deserving Idol! Both guys were spectacular, although David A was far better on that last Top 2 night…Throughout the show, Cook showed he had what it took to win the whole thing…and I supported both that season :) yup! from Toronto Canada :))

      • Trish B says:

        For me the highlight on the last few shows, was that hot violin player guy :)) lol! I do think Scotty had the makes of the winner from day one…Haley a close second, and Durbin right up there with both of them :)) A very diverse season this one, in my opinio…Haley to me was the most well rounded and talented performer :))Happy they all go on tour, hope doors will open for them to continue their careers in this buisiness :)

      • Brandon says:

        Actually you got that mixed up Trish, David chose Dare You to Move Top 3 night, then he chose The World I Know top 2 night.

        David Archuleta’s finale rendition of Imagine was terrible, no where near as good as his earlier performance of it.

        Of course Cook gave 2 great performances Top 3 night minus DYTM and 2 great performances Top 2, I thought In This Moment was better than Dream Big. But I thought Cook beat Archie 2 to 1.

        But Simon praised Archie for Imagine and bashed Cook so bad he actually apologized during the finale results show.

      • Cookiefann says:

        Sorry, but David chose both songs. He chose “I Dare You To Move” for the final three and “The World I Know” for the final two. Check it out on youtube.

    • Phuk Haley says:

      Haley who?

    • Maybelle says:

      For those of you who think only Haley has a chance at a career you need to check out the actual Idol winner Scotty and see how he debuted his first single. It set a record. He will have a career far beyond anything Haley will do. Hell her orginal song was bumped for Bono. What does THAT tell you?

  2. jnt says:

    So far I’ve only read the text and not seen the episode…but this sentence drove me right here “We’ll be interviewing Scotty, Lauren, and Haley this week in New York…” So no Casey do-over?!! Sorry to whine, but I’m super upset.

    K…watching now.

  3. Meggie says:

    Really looking forward to watching these after work– laughing on the inside at the preview image for the fourth video being Maleficent… can we expect that to be commentary on J.Lo’s “evil stepmother” glares??? :D

    • Terry says:

      I really wanted to punch J-Ho in the face for not giving Haley a standing ovation after ‘What Is & What Should Never Be’. I sure hope the rumours that she isn’t coming back next season are true! And please replace Randy Jackass and the guy who kept saying ‘that was beautiful’ to everyone and everything. If those 3 yahoos are all back next year, I really don’t think I can stand it.

      • My Alter Ego says:

        I’m generally not in favor of violence, particularly towards women, but can understand such anger. Hopefully, none of the judges will be back — the kindest way to describe that happening would be to say that it would be “unfortunate” to future contestants. A more realistic description would be “travesty.”

        • Terry says:

          Sorry MAE, I only meant it figuratively, not a literally. I also wanted to figuratively smack Lauren upside the head for her reaction to Haley’s elimination. Widdle Wauren obviously failed Idol Etiquette 101 which would frown upon squealing, clapping your hands, and jumping up and down in that instance. Kids! *rolls eyes*

  4. GWS says:

    I’d just like to say that after an incredible season of Idoloonies, I have perfected the art of pressing play on the next video so that it loads and starts playing as soon as the one I am watching ends. Thanks, Slezak and Averett!

  5. Tusk says:

    Haley speaks about why she didn’t get to do single on Finale, and now there is no single at all:

    • Tusk says:

      Just wondering who and how Haley p!ssed off TPTB on AI:

      -Hey Haley, we’ll let you do a single on the Finale, so practice up….never mind we scheduled U2.

      -Hey Haley, Lauren lost her voice so you’ll have to get ready in half hour to go on instead….never mind false alarm.

      And that was AFTER she was voted off. WTF?

      Good thing she is strong enough to put all this crap sandwich they have been giving her all season

      • Tusk says:

        **put up with all this crap sandwich they have given her all season.

      • SallyinChicago says:

        There’s a blogger following Haley and he has some inside info and hints that she might have a contract.

        As for judging, singers shouldn’t judge other singers. Honestly, unless they are retired singers. Managers and producers should critique. Singing stars have to work with singing stars so they’re not going to be critical.

        I don’t watch the complete TV show, I watch the video clips. That way I miss the commercials and all the pimping and the comments.

        I don’t think Jlo will be back. I think she’s through, because it was obvious that she and the others were scripted.

        Lauren Turner rocks!

        • Lee says:

          I don’t think J-Lo will be back either. Isn’t it interesting that she didn’t sing anything live in the finale? (She danced but she didn’t sing.) I think that was her way of saying get lost to AI. I don’t think Steven will be back either. He’ll break his contract just like Ellen. When he said that both J-Lo and Randy were wrong about their critique of Haley’s performane of “Earth”–I knew he wasn’t going to come back from that point on. There’s a definite lack of harmony at the judges’ table.

          • Emy says:

            JLo also didn’t sing anything live when she performed on Idol earlier in the season.

          • Emma says:

            Good one Emy! SNAP!!!

          • Buh Bye Jennifer Lopezzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

            JLO didn’t sing because she can’t sing live. She needs props to make her sound okay. She’s a dancer not a singer. She bites. I hope she is GONE next season. She needs to take Randy with her.

        • Tusk says:

          “Lauren Turner rocks!”

          I thought it was cute when Lauren said she rooted for Haley because, Haley represented all those that didn’t make it through.

          Also, Lauren must have known, seeing how the season played out, that, what was done to Haley by TPTB would have been done to anyone of them not named “Lauren Alaina” or “Scotty McCreery”.

          Good to see artistic solidarity.

        • charlie says:

          I think Michael is right about JLo and the producers stifling her mid-season. The producers obviously know what their demographic is and were determined that this would be another ‘country-winner-season’ come hell or high water, so obviously JLo had to be stifled from saying bad things about ‘widdle wauren’! This from me who loved Lauren’s audition and thought she might actually do something great on the show, maybe as good as Carrie Underwood, and was so disappointed with her fizzle out.

    • SpyKi says:

      Damn. Another reason for me to hate Bono.

    • GS says:

      Are you Haley fans all clueless or just stupid? NO contestant in the Top 24 is allowed to release a single until the WINNER (aka Scotty McCreery NOT Haley Reinhardt) has released theirs. It has been that way for 10 years and will continue to be that way. If it wasn’t that way, what is the point of the show? BTW that single is the highest debuting single by a new country artist EVER! So all you haters can suck it! Scotty is gonna be just fine in country music as will Lauren!

      • Emma says:

        Just goes to show country music fans will buy anything. I, however, hate country music THIS BIG! HaHaHa, all in good fun buddy, enjoy your country tunes. Peace out.

        • emh says:

          Emma, I’m LMFAO!!! GS, I Love You this Big was the highest debuting single by new country artist ever? Interesting. Shows how discerning (or not!) country music fans are. The title alone is ridiculous. I like Scotty, don’t get me wrong. But your factoid is not very impressive.

      • Tusk says:

        You’re right, we should take your word over someone who was actually there and involved in the show.

        Also, Nigel’s tweet that he heard Haley’s new single and encouraged fans to support her with our money.

        Yah take GS’s perception of how Idol works, (’til this year there was NO TOP 11….’til this year, no other contestant has had their parent performing with them on top 3 stage….’til this year no contestant was encouraged to NEVER CHANGE and was REWARDED FOR IT…)

        Good thing Idol has its rules and sticks by them….

        You’re right we shouldn’t believe the word of one of the producers and the contestant involved.

        We should believe GS ;)

        • GS says:

          It didn’t happen did it? Nigel is going to tell sheep anything he can to get them to tune in so he can say a bagillion people watched Idol. And it worked. Sorry but I’m right. They have never let anyone release a single b/c if they did what would be the point in winning??? They may tweak other rules to fit but that is one rule that won’t be broken.

          • Tusk says:

            “Are you Haley fans all clueless or just stupid?”

            All I’m saying is I have posted proof of evidence, including from THE PRODUCER and the CONTESTANT, that it was being considered. Whether it was a ruse to get Haley fans to watch or what, the point is we are neither “clueless or just stupid”.

            I have evidence that they considered it. I didn’t even include how Haley was 30 minutes from replacing Lauren vs Scotty. ANOTHER THING that had never happened before. Did it happen? NO. Did it mean it wasn’t considered? Again evidence has shown that it was considered. Exactly the same scenario re: Haley’s single

            What have you provided?

            I don’t appreciate being called clueless or stupid when the evidence is on my side.

      • Haley is the REAL winner says:

        I hate the 1st place winner and 2nd place runner up this BIG They suck runner nickles. They didn’t get more votes.Haley fans were blocked from voting for 1 and 1/4 hours out of 2 hours. BITES the big one. This voting is rigged. Everyone knows it’s rigged and the top two are not the best singers for idol 10. ANY of the top 24 sing BETTER than widdle wauren.
        She sucks the big one and snotty scotty is worse.

  6. Rhama says:

    Fire the judges! I just watched Idol season 3. Not to mention Simon but Randy and Paula sounded coherent and very critical.

    • Elaine says:

      Yes, Off with their heads!!!

      I mean, fire them all.

      The ONLY way I’d return to watch season 11 ifs if they get rid of all 3 of them. Love Slez’s idea of new judges every season. How fresh. That would be something to look forward to each season.

      You know, for all the bitching about Kara, the woman knew how to critique. She wsn’t afraid to construcitvely criticize… a lesson that the current planel needs to learn.

      GET RID OF THEM ALL PLEASE .. then i’d come back fo. Oh and get rid of Evil Uncle Nigel and his machnations and you couldn’t pull me away from that show.

      Ahhh in a perfect world. Sigh.

      • mikey says:

        I agree about Evil Uncle Nigel. He’s the one who really ruined the season. Who knows how the judges would act without him around, pushing “the agenda”.

        • JBanana says:

          seriously. Does it even matter who they get to replace these three? Any new judges are going to be contractually bound to toe the company line, just like these ones clearly were. (and why I loved it so much when Steven thumbed his nose to Nigel that time he broke the script and defended Haley..) Anyone good is going to be turned lame by this show. Nothing will be fixed until Nigel is gone.

  7. Lee says:

    Anyone ever watch Rock Star (both INXS and SuperNova)? Get Dave Navarro on as a judge…he was great on that show…certainly more outspoken then Stephen or Jello were…

    • Elaine says:

      Literally LOL’d at “jello”. You are too funny.

    • tma6469 says:

      You said Jello… cant stop laughing… Navarro would rock.

    • GS says:

      That show was awesome and you are right on! Dave Navarro was a great judge! Anyone would be better than JLo (who got $12 million for saying NOTHING of relevance for 5 months), Steven (I love him, but not everything is BEAUTIFUL), and Randy (please cut out his tongue so I never have to hear Yo, Dawg, or In it to win it ever again!)! Nigel needs to take a Prozac and quit trying to control everything.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Who still watches American Idol? No one even knows who wins anymore…

    p.s. The judges are cringe worthy.

  9. ohreli says:

    NO, don’t dish on X-Factor! Don’t even watch it!! I’m so upset at the way Simon Cowell dumped on Cheryl Cole….he deserves that X-Factor should be a massive flop. Don’t support bullies. Period.

    • Elaine says:

      I was really looking forward to seeing Cheryl Cole. I wanted to see if she was as smart and likeable as it was said she would be. She certainly was popular in the UK and Simon says she has a great gift for picking out talent. All that hoopla about her accent was ridiculous.

      Makes me laugh ironiccally to read so-called critics saying “two women competing for Simon’s attention is too much on one panel”. Really? What a joke. Two men cmopeting for attention isn’t a problem though, of course.

      I was looking forward to watching Cheryl Cole in action to see if the popularity from the UK would translate as well here as it’s done with Simon. Some people are just universally likeable and she seemed to have a lot of fans who thought to. And allthat hoopla about her accent – ridiculous. Watched a couple youtubes and she was easy to understand 99.9% of the time. I found it nice on the ears to hear the accent actually. To pidgeonhole Amercians by sayingAmericans can’t understand her accent is is insulting to Americans.

      It’s too bad she’ll be gone.

      • ohreli says:

        Well I read the theory that both Paula and Cheryl play the sweet girl/woman trying to flex her sweet feminine “muscles” against Cowell’s cynical, callous macho act. I can see that issue, actually. But here’s the thing…they had plenty of time to figure that out before announcing Cheryl and flying her out for auditions. X-Factor apparently figured one had to go, and banked on Paula being more of a viewer attraction, so they dumped Cheryl like a bag of dirt. Cheryl was great on UK X-Factor, and I would pay to see her over Paula any day…I am just hoping there is karmic justice, and that the US viewing public agrees with me and X-Factor flops….BOYCOTT X-FACTOR!!

      • charlie says:

        I was looking forward to X Factor US, until I heard that Paula Abdul would be a judge/mentor and then I thought: ‘WTF is up with that?’ She is a genuine ‘ditz’– a likeable one, but nonetheless a DITZ– yes a capital letters one!!

        Cheryl Cole would have so totally outshone Paula Abdul on X Factor US, so one of them had to go. Yes Cheryl has a heavy accent [except when she sings], but to any sophisticated American it is soooooooooo totally charming and, after a bit of effort, easy to understand 99% of the time– I watched all of the last season of X Factor UK online on my computer and had no trouble understanding Cheryl and loved how she didn’t put up with any of Simon Cowell’s s**t!

        I’ll be Fox did some focus group crap with some Foxloony Americans and she didn’t test well, so they made Simon fire her. Unfortuntely, Cheryl is not as mentally tough as Haley is, and this has been a big blow to her mental equilibrium. GODDAM YOU SIMON, YOU A-HOLE!!!!

        Before all this happened, I was kind of hoping X Factor US would blow AI out of the water. Now I’m not sure if I want to support it at all or want to wish it well. IMO, clearly the judge/mentor approach is a much sounder one and really helps the contestants blossom. I guess I’ll check it out and make up my mind when I see how the show goes in the auditions and early rounds. I’m betting that Paula will be as ditzy as she was on Idol, and her group of contestants will suffer the consequences.

  10. Ghost of Kelly Clarkson says:

    Two thumbs up for Jason:
    1 – the chyron over Scottie’s finale performance (“The joke’s on us”), and
    2 – the clip from “The Thin Man”!

  11. darclyte says:

    The judges were REALLY good during the auditions, and the Top 24 was probably the most talented as a group than ever. Once they got to the live shows (Top 24 on,) the judges mostly stunk. Steven did nothing. J-Lo came and went and eventually just read Nigel’s Notes. Randy went back to Randy of Seasons 1-9 instead of the Randy that he was during the audition rounds thru the Top 24. Unless Idol makes some significant changes with respect to voting, the Bottom 3 and eliminations, and getting more “judging” from the judges…I doubt that I’ll be back.

    • Jason says:

      I agree – it was great to see judges excited about music and young/new talent during the auditions, then in live shows they appeared to phone it in. VERY disappointing that they added NO entertainment value OR constructive criticism to the show. Too much for that many teenagers to carry the whole load.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      darclyte – I’m a bit behind on my Idoloonies viewing but your comments about the judging are more perfect than mine ever could have been. I’ll be back (and I’m sure I’ll be griping again!) but in the name of everything holy, why don’t the producers just sign whoever they want to sign to record contracts after the auditions and let us vote on the rest!
      You’re right – the auditions and Top 24 were SO promising…and then something went very, very wrong.

  12. Glen says:

    Haley was not as great as you seem to think she was. Also the last few weeks seemed like the judges were pushing her not putting her down. For you to do a Idol show and dedicate most of it to third place and not the first or second seems to be very biased and maybe for a personal blog not for a site that reports on tv news. Scotty won yet if you watch your “show” its all about Haley give it up for the winner, your no better then the judges.

    • Jake says:

      Last time I checked this is HIS show. You are not forced to watch! Haley is amazing and deserves to be talked about more than those two boring finalists. She made the show this year! Can’t wait to see her interview on here!

      • Lee says:

        @Glen: The judges were NOT pushing her [Haley] the last few weeks. If they were, then why did they give both Scotty and Lauren excellent songs to sing within their genre (aka country music) and a crappy song that is not within Haley’s genre (aka bluesy/jazzy rock)with X-rated lyrics to Haley? AI is so manipulated. It was so obvious who AI wanted eliminated in Top 3 (Haley) based on the song the judges told her to sing. And it was obvious who AI wanted eliminated in Top 2 (Scotty) based on the stupid coronation song that he was told to sing. Anyway, there was no way the judges were pushing Haley onto the public the last few weeks. THEY WERE PUSHING LAUREN! Spineless Lauren who doesn’t know how to sing correctly which is probably why she lost her voice before the finale. That’s who the judges were pushing.

        • LadyBug979 says:

          Kris Allen wasn’t liked by TPTB his season too while Adam, Danny and Allyson were pimped. But Kris won it anyway. If Haley’d had enough supporters she would’ve won too. We really aren’t mindless sheep for anyone. It happens every season. Sometimes the pimped one wins sometimes they don’t. End of story.

          • Alfred E. (Scotty) Newman says:

            You might not be mindless sheep but you DO have the musical taste of an insect (Ladybug).

      • SajiNoKami says:

        You are right, it is his show show. Michael can handout all the Haley love he wants. But saying Haley is the only one who deserves to be talked about? That is a too much. The rest of the contestants did not wrong her and she is not a saint above them.

        • Max says:

          No one is saying that she deserves to be talked about. No one is saying she’s better than the rest. It’s just you.

          • SajiNoKami says:

            Jake said: ‘Haley is amazing and deserves to be talked about more than those two boring finalists.’

            so I replied.

        • HaleyRocks says:

          There is NOTHING to say about the finale contestants. They are boring. It’s all about and Haley there is the door if you do not like it. {{{{{{ping}}}}}}}}}

    • Elaine says:

      Actually, Micchael is a whole world of better than the judges.. He’s articulate, fair, addresseses good and bad, honest, funny as hell and I’d love to see him on the judges panel. Sounds like it’s the same 3 judges next season… so.. no more Idol for me. I’m sick to death of judges who don’t judge, who seem scripted, biased, unfair, and who seem incapable of cconstructively criticizing for the most part. Seriously, I’m so pissed at these three, well esp JLO and Randy that when I see anything on tv with them on it, I don’t even watch it anymore. They irritate me to no end. Buy bye AI hello X-Factor… missed you Simon.

      • Rhama says:

        Don’t be so eager to see Simon judging the X Factor. In UK it’s a terrible sleazy show and the judging is just obnoxious.

        • ohreli says:

          Agreed. Even Cowell on X-Factor was a joke. He just promoted his own acts, raving about terrible performances that he would have dissed on AI. X-Factor is going to just be a big showcase for Cowell’s ego…Round 1: throwing Cheryl Cole under the bus….how can anybody still have any respect for that jerk after the way he treated her?

          • charlie says:

            Yes.. Simon is sometimes a jerk on X Factor UK, but he is only one of the judge/mentor group of four and the other three are not shy with their own opinions, supporting their own group and contestants in the other groups. And sometimes, even Simon has to and does admit that one of the other judge/mentor’s contestant did a great performance. I watched the whole last season online on my computer and IMO the show has so much great production values.. with the supporting players: dancers, etc. that it puts AI to shame!!!!!!!

            With a good talented cast of judge/mentor personalities, I think X Factor US would blow Idol out of the water, but after the Cheryl Cole incident and keeping Paula Abdul, I wonder if the show will be a BIG DUD!!!!

    • SallyinChicago says:

      I don’t think the issue was whether Haley was great or not…it was how she was treated differently than the others by the judges. Go back through Slezak’s comments and you’ll see that the reason the public was behind her was because of all the unfair & uneven critiqs she received.

      • Tusk says:

        Don’t waste your breath explaining to him. Hater’s gotta Hate.

        Don’t even think he watched the clips, the majority of which was admitting they were wrong about Scotty, that he deserved the win after all. The FACT that they felt Scotty was given lesser songs to sings compared to Lauren. The FACT that they enjoyed his performance of “Gone” better this time around. The FACT that they acknowledged he was NOT a Josh Turner wannabe after all. The FACT that they talked about other of the top 13 that improved,(Ashton, Karen, Thia, Stefano) etc etc etc.

        Hater’s gotta hate, and judging about how he complained it was ALL about Haley, tells you he did not watch the clips at all. Don’t even bother wasting your time on these stupid admonishings without cause or FACT.

        • My Alter Egod says:


          Once again you make excellent points. However, perhaps in this case, it’s not so much about hate. A Doobie Brothers song keeps coming to mind (not all the lyrics, simply the title): “What a Fool Believes.” No?

          • Tusk says:

            Well, although I understand your sentiment, I do not know him so do not know that he’s a fool.

            On the other hand, I can point out that his statement has no amount of truth in it, if he had actually watched the Idoloonies. Therefore I can only presume he is saying factually incorrect things to get a response. He sounds like someone who’s sour, missing his seat on the Haley Express (and what a ride :)). Ergo, Haters got to Hate

      • LadyBug979 says:

        Every year there is uneven and unfair comments to the underdogs. But sometime they win anyway. Re:Kris Allen. As I said before if Haley’d had enough supporters she’d have won anyway. I’m not saying she should’ve won or shouldn’t have. That is just how it went this year. And don’t blame it on country fans because there are plenty of country fans that hate Scotty and Lauren. And it isn’t the teens fault either. Not all the winner won by tween vote. I just read a post on a Kris Allen FB page where a teen put him down. And don’t blame it on power texting either. All the contestants have power texters voting for them. I still say her murderous eyes cost her a lot. How they portray themselves means more than maybe it should but a lot of people can’t handle that kind of immaturaty. Kris wasn’t happy with it either but he never let his feeling show past a little eyerolling. Never did he show the obvious anger that Haley let show. Not smart on her part. I can understand her anger but they have to have more self control than that. Yes I know Lauren cried but that can be let slide more easily for a 16 yr. old than obvious anger for a 19 yr. old. Again I’m not saying that’s right but that was apparantly the audience’s reaction to it. It may be that the judges and producers reacted the same way to it. Except Steven.

        • buzz says:

          I’m sorry, I just can’t let this small LadyBug go unanswered. You have no idea how the audience reacted to Haley. No one, except Idol, has the definitive numbers on voting. Without the statistical breakdown on the votes, you’re talking out of your little LadyBug a**! I for one, as many others, was more drawn to Haley because of her singing talent. The deliberate script to minimize her performances made her even more endearing. I love that she stood up to RanLo the one time after Earth Song. All your analysis of what went down on the voting is pure bs. I think she had more supporters than the country kids, but her broad based adult fans don’t vote as much as tweens (Tom Hanks voted two times for her)…that’s my theory, but it seems to be supported by the iTunes ratings and Youtube views. How else do you explain her having 5 songs in the Top 200 Pop Songs on iTunes (two weeks after being eliminated)and Scotty with 2 songs & Lauren with 1?

          • Talking out my @$$(LadyBug979) says:

            I don’t have to explain anything. Votes and iTune ratings, youtube views are entirely different things. Tom Hanks voted for her. So what!!!!!! If you chose her then great that’s your choice. I don’t hate Haley she sings beautifully she just couldn’t endear me with murderous eyes.I wasn’t angry about it. It just hinders any chance of me being endeared to someone. My choice. If the ratings were fixed I see no evidence of that. Frankly I’m getting tired of hearing about powertexting. Every contestants fans can powertext therefore leveling the voting field. Glad to hear she’s doing well. Actually she’s better off having not won it. Now she will have more freedom to put out the music she prefers. And last of all I read some posts on these blogs of other people who felt the same way about Haley’s reaction’s to the judges. I wasn’t the only one who felt turned off by it. Again I probably could have been evdeared to her for the unfairness but for her letting her anger show like that.

    • NotGlen says:

      Silly silly Glen.

    • idolirious says:

      get your own show. then you can talk about scotty all you want. duh.

    • WhoCaresAboutSnottyScotty says:

      Haley doesn’t SEEM great, she IS great to her fans. Zip it. Your opinion doesn’t make it a FACT!

  13. Lisa M says:

    Sheila Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Disgusted says:

    I won’t be watching AI next season if Randy Jackass and J.Lo the jealous Druzilla are ‘the chosen’ judges. Do love you Slezak.

  15. Ken Adams says:

    I find it comical that Slezak complimented the two singers who had the most time to work on their finale performances: Ashton and Karen. By not making my ears bleed, they certainly did do a good job. Am I the only one, however, who wasn’t convinced Pia was in her element during those group numbers? I felt she was lacking, just a little.

    • Nat says:

      My mom and I both agreed that Pia was easily the worst of the girls – her segment in Deja Vu was actually kinda shouty. Ashthon and Karen (as Slezak said) both had their moments, while Thia rocked Irreplaceable and Naima also sounded solid. I’m also glad that Melinda pointed out Pia’s ‘butt-slap’ style of dancing – she was the only girl that lacked any sense of rhythm whatsoever!

      • Emma says:

        It explains why Pia spent all her time on AI showing us her tonsils instead of working the stage. HaHaHa, it is all so very clear now!

    • GavinStrick says:

      I also don’t understand the big push Pia is getting post-Idol, I find her bland, she is pretty, and has an adequate voice, but that is about it–I fully expect an engagement announcement at some point to Jimmy Iovine ala Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola, that is the only way I can understand the AI machine getting behind someone who couldn’t get the public to vote her higher than 9th place.

      • Tusk says:

        “that is the only way I can understand the AI machine getting behind someone who couldn’t get the public to vote her higher than 9th place.”

        While the numbers bare this statement out, I disagree that the she was voted out 9th place because of lack of interest.

        I fully believe the theory that Pia was considered a runaway frontrunner, that her fans figure they could “spare” votes for other contestants (Casey or Haley) who were considered at risk.

        This is why we experienced “voter’s remorse” from Pia fans against Haley after, because they felt guilty that the votes they sent Haley’s way to save her, left Pia vulnerable.

        That’s when we started hearing the “look at Haley smile at Pia’s ouster” rubbish. BTW watch again as Pia is crying in Jacob’s arms, Haley comes in camera from the right side and she is clearly tearing/emotional…so bite it Pia fans(the spiteful ones…I liked Pia too).

        The same thing happened with James’ ouster. Many votes went Haley’s way because of the outrageous Haley abuse/Lauren-Scotty Pimping, that a lot of James’ fans sent their “spare” votes Haley’s way, maybe too, to prevent an all country final.

        After James was eliminated we heard all sorts of crap from James’ fans, for the same reason, they felt guilty sending Haley votes that left James’ vulnerable.

  16. Elaine says:

    Wooot! One more unexpected episode fo my fave Idoloonies! yessssssssssssssss (thank you Michael)

  17. MDEP says:

    I am going to miss my weekly Idoloonies fix. Always makes me laugh.

  18. the idoloonies treatment says:

    Well done, Slezak & Averett! Here’s hoping you give SYTYCD, XFactor, The Voice, and Platinum Hit the same treatment. Do you get paid enough money to cover those shows too?

    (Actually what would be Really Funny @ WTF would be if you covered The Bachelorette! You could make mince meat outa that craptastic show!)

  19. sunny says:

    Slezak, I love that you showed the Kristy Lee Cook prophecy!!!! Only a true idoloonie would know about that. That’s why I love you so!

    Great season wrap-up. I hope Haley watches it before you interview her. Can’t wait to see your interviews!.

  20. Jaime says:

    Haley doesn’t have a label yet. So… F–KING DAMNIT.

  21. Realist says:


    Slezak, you’ve really outdone yourself with Idoloonies, and to think I was worried…

    But I want Steven Tyler back next year, regardless. He made the auditions — my least favorite part of Idol — worth watching, and for that, I’ll give him a pass.

    • Denise says:

      True that! I always skipped the auditions and he brought them back to life. We can afford to have ONE useless judge, just replace the rest.

      • Denise says:

        Slezak- you and Melinda have crazy chemistry. The two of you matched snark for snark! Loved it, hire her!

  22. Heidi says:

    I am not going to miss American Idol AT ALL in the off season. I WILL, however, miss Idoloonies TERRIBLY!!! Michael, you and Jason do a FANTABULOUS job each and every week and I love Melinda as well. Thank you for making something about what used to be one of my favorite shows extremely entertaining and enjoyable. I’m not sure I’d still be watching AI if it weren’t for your old show and Idoloonies!! Hope Haley gets signed. I’d be first in line to buy/download her first album!

  23. Betsy says:

    Thanks for another great season of Idoloonies Michael and Jason! You guys make the AI season more fun to watch. Cant wait for the Haley interview. I hope she will be receiving flowers like Allison.

  24. b-line says:

    slezak thank you very much for these great videos
    especially the last special haley tribute part with confettis :))), it was also a season finale for me, didin’t even watch the finale.

    can’t wait for a haley interview I bet you guys will dish AI out!!!

    • b-line says:

      I went back and watch all haley performances and studşo records, I want to say this: she was the best of the season in every genre!
      – blue (best country performance of all season)
      – house of the rising sun and what is and should never be(best rock performance
      – rolling in the deep, you and I (best current performance)
      – I who have nothing (best diva moment for me better than pia cause there s more drama and soul in it)
      – moanin and tony bennett (best jazz performance)
      – rhiannon, benny and the jets, I’m your baby tonight studio version (yes go and check it she really rock it!!) (best old scool pop performances)
      – you really got a hold on me studio version (best soul R&B recording)

      that’s saying all i guess…

      • Idolhead Ed says:

        If You’re going studio versions “Earth Song” was the best of all. I’m not sure what category that would be but it was the best studio version of all contestants.

        • b-line says:

          you’re totally right about earth song and it doesnt fit in any category, anyway categories that i made up are a bit absurd i confess but you understand my point right?, i was trying to say that she was versatile and best of all genre (except reggae cause naima rocked it:))

        • algalhi says:

          Yes! The studio version of “Earth Song” is hauntingly beautiful. Too bad that Idol makes them sing truncated versions of songs on the live show.

      • haleyfan says:

        i loved blue! and i’m a country fan, so it says a lot about haley’s talent and sheer awesomeness that i was rooting for her and not scotty (raise eyebrows) or lauwwen. the judges got on her for song choice that week, but that was personal idol week. it must have been so hard for haley to choose a song that week because her style is uniquely her own. there is no one artist that truly embodies her sound or the direction she’s going. looking back, i can definitely hear leann rimes in her voice as an influence. as well as alicia keys, so even though at the time it seemed like a weird pick for her, it wasn’t at all. she yodels like no other and was able to make it as (if not more) hauntingly beautiful as leann did.

        • b-line says:

          and during a post idol interview she said blue was the first song she sang to a crowd when she was 9 and she realized that she could yodel while she was singing Blue, so i guess it s quite logical for her to choose it for idol theme and plus randy’s stupid comment like we dont know who yo are blah blah doesnt fit here. yes some people changes style cause they haven’t figured themselves out but some rare persons listen many different styles and has the ability to crossgenre without loosing themselves!!! haley is one of them…

  25. Emma says:

    I waited this Idoloonies episode to put the cap in the season! Only now the season is complete! Too bad that I’m not emotionally invested or interested to hear the top to in the slightest, that pretty much dampens the joy of following the idol tour and the album sales before the next season. /Idoloonie.

    Any chance of web episodes on X-factor? We would love that! (I wouldn’t wonder if Idoloonies would be TV Line’s most watched feature… )

  26. NEMO says:

    Thanks for the shout-out re: David Cook’s impeccable finale performance of The World I Know. Any time we can give THAT perfect moment of TV a nod, we should. Nice work this season, Michael!

  27. Albert says:

    I think that Idol is past it’s expiration date and needs to be retooled to be more realistic. The business model is at conflict with the entertainment model. I don’t think that eight of the top ten most successful pop stars would make it through an open audition and that any of the top pop stars would put themselves through one now a days. No they are either working their acts out in clubs or festivals or they are using YouTube and Facebook.
    Instead of the cattle call they should send out scouts to recruit 20 very talented if obscure artists. Next they should let them work up a 12 minute set list and try it out. Cut 20 to 10 after the first round (over several days) then let the 10 roll out a retooled set list cut to 5 and let the finalists turn out a 2o minute show. People will know who has talent and legs.

    • L says:

      This sounds like a fabulous idea. Maybe someone will take note.

    • My Alter Ego says:


      I’m sure that I must be missing something. Making a “reality show more realistic?” What’s with that? Sounds farfetched to me …. ;-)

  28. Corrie says:

    Loved Idoloonies, it got me through a season that I both loved and hated because it was one of the best top 12/13s ever yet the final 2 left me completely uninterested.

    Now what’s up with that sunny-side-up-eggprint-vase in the background?

  29. L says:

    I’ll miss Idoloonies for the season and, again, that might be my only connection to Idol next season. This season was unwatchable for so many reasons-I just started reading your recaps and watching Idoloonies.

    Hope you will still be covering The Voice and I will be back with you, at least, next season.

    Thanks Michael!

  30. Mrs. P says:

    I know that Michael adores Haley, probably as much as he loved Allison a few years back, but the man does need to realize that there are a lot of AI fans who don’t just climb on his bandwagon when he waves his magic conductor stick. I think Haley is a hot mess as a singer, and has become much to reliant on those throaty growls and yodels and deep knee bends and has forgotten that she is supposed to at least try and get the melody of a song into the performance, some how.

    It’s Michael’s blog and his choice to support whomever he chooses but he does need to realize that when he praises someone, whom others may feel is undeserving of the praise, to the detriment of all the others he tends to leave a bad taste in someone else’s mouth that may hurt his chosen one in the long run.

    • B.Rich says:

      If you don’t like Haley after her incredible run on the show you will never like her.

      Slezak wrote the most about her because she is the contestant people cared about. Every poll he put up had her receiving at least 75% of the vote as people’s favorite, so I think he was generous in giving the others even 50% of his time.

      • SajiNoKami says:

        “Slezak wrote the most about her because she is the contestant people cared about. ”

        Haley, was the only contestant we all cared about… bit of an assumption there, being part of that other 25%. Some of us actually like do the others, but were willing to deal with Michael’s Haley pimping because he is good at his recaps, makes them entertaining and would call out other contestants when they did a good job.

    • Christina says:

      The only downfall to Idoloonies this season. I agreed with all the takes on the judges, producers, and pimping etc. I did not jump on the Haley bandwagon and got a bit tired hearing about it.

      • CAM says:

        I agree! And this is the first year I was truly aggravated by the commentary. I admit I kept reading because I knew there would be some great commentary, but I was disappointed by some of the comments.

      • C says:

        I totally agree–and I got tired of all the conspiracy theories.

    • Sebby says:

      See, and that’s what I love about Slezak…..go back and listen to him talk with Melinda about changes for next season when they are talking about getting rid of the judges. He clearly states that even though he is a big Haley fan, he felt her cover of You Ought to Know was a hot mess and clearly the worst performance of the night. He is doing EXACTLY what the judges FAILED TO DO and that is to be critical of a performance regardless of whether you’re a fan. I love and respect that about Slezak. Furthermore, I think the reason he brings her up all the more is because of his outrage (as well as a great deal of Idol Watchers) at how she was treated by the producers and judges in comparison to the other contestants. Granted, I am a Haley fan, but even if I wasn’t, I’d still be upset with the blatant favoritism and manipulation.

    • @galaga6846 says:

      I have grown to adore Haley, but it’s only because of the last 3 or 4 weeks of her run. I was really annoyed with Slezak’s readers who all of a sudden jumped on the Haleytrain once Michael started talking her up. She really has gotten good, on her own, but I was late to the party. After James was voted off, she became my girl.

    • My Alter Ego says:


      First, I do hope that you’ve read all of the responses to your post prior to mine.

      And second: hmmmm… unless, I’ve really missed something here (and, while there are probably many things I’ve missed), I don’t believe that Mr. Slezak is expecting/demanding you or anyone of the rest of us to climb on what you call his “bandwagon.” There’s no arm twisting, no “gun in our backs” to agree with his observations. He states his opinion and allows us to agree or disagree.

      If you choose not to recognize Haley Reinhardt’s extraordinary talent (and as someone who has been trained and worked in music, I’m quite particular about whom I consider “musical” and Haley blows me away), that is unfortunate. Since it seems to be a choice that you’ve made, it is truly your loss.

      • Floridajeff says:

        I agree… after Benny and the Jets, I thought to myself, “I cannot listen to Michael bash her after this performance” (I wasn’t a Haley fan until then), but to my surprise/delight, he loved it as well.

        I’m just fortunate that Michael and I have similar taste when it comes to contestants, or I might get frustrated too! I’m gonna miss Idoloonies far more than AI, and wanted to say THANKS to Michael and Jason for a fantastic, frustrating, entertaining and hilarious season!

        Please have LOTS of questions for Haley, because that will be my last dose of idoloonies until next year and I want it to last. Don’t put her on the spot about the judges, because she already receives so much hate… maybe you could say it for her and she could blink once if she agrees and twice if not, you know… work out some sort of code with her!

    • KnicFP says:

      “I think Haley is a hot mess as a singer, and has become much to reliant on those throaty growls and yodels and deep knee bends and has forgotten that she is supposed to at least try and get the melody of a song into the performance, some how”

      That’s pretty ignorant.

  31. Christina says:

    Thanks Slezak ( and Melinda Doolittle) for being a voice of reason during this head scratching season of American Idol. Please don’t ever give up recaping this, you’re the only thing keeping Idol in check.

  32. Eurydice says:

    I don’t see any reason to fire the judges unless they refuse to do what the producers want them to do. They’re experienced and knowledgable and all perfectly capable of giving useful criticism without being abusive. The question is – is that what the producers want?

    • Terry says:

      “without being abusive”? I think what Randy did to Haley during top 4 performance show was pretty abusive. So Randy, who won round one? Uh, it’s a tie between everybody up there… except for Haley. Jackass!

      • LadyBug979 says:

        The judges treated Kris Allen the same way!! Where was all the outrage for him?

        • Idolologist says:

          Check Slezak’s previous Idolatry videos during that season and you’ll see it. Plus occasional mentions in Idoloonies.

          • LadyBug979 says:

            I stand corrected. I checked back and Slezak did defend Kris Allen. Thanks Idologist.

      • Shut up Randy says:

        Randy is an out of control, ranting, raving, maniacal ABUSER. He’s ranting his abusive fantasy like a broken record. Someone needed to shut him the f up because America was watching him dig a hole. Unfortunately, since he was speaking to Haley she had the dishonors of responding to his never-ending abusive rants and raves. Even Ryan was trying to shut Randy up whne he began to repeat hinself for the 4th time.

    • Lily says:

      @ Eurydice, I agree with your point that just blaming the judges is letting the producers skate when they’re the ones who are at fault here. Everything from the blatant Lauren-pimping and prewritten judge criticisms to piling on Haley and fighting with Lee was the producers’ doing.

  33. Yo says:

    I am at a loss for superlatives! IDOLOONIES FOR THE WIN! I love Melinda and loved seeing the little engine I hoped could, Lauren Turner! Thanks for the heads up with Youtube and Melinda’s album/website! I suppose Idoloonies won’t be as much fun if I don’t watch Idol next season? Rats! Melinda needs to be a judge, Lauren needs a contract. And yes, Haley got as far as she did on the power of her voice, Jello Evil Eyes be damned. The winner and the runner up are boring the bejaysus out of us, so Haley needs to make a duet jazz album. The producers really do need to stop insulting the intelligence of the audience; it does make the show hard to continue watching.

  34. Charles says:

    Part five is the money, thanks for putting the season in perspective.

  35. B.Rich says:

    Top 11 of the Entire Season:

    1. House of the Rising Sun – Haley
    2. Bennie and the Jets (exit) – Haley
    3. Moanin’ – Haley and Casey
    4. Bennie and the Jets – Haley
    5. I Who Have Nothing – Haley
    6. What is and What Should Never Be – Haley
    7. Georgia on My Mind – Casey
    8. Why Don’t You Do Right – Casey
    9. Georgia on My Mind (wild card) – Kendra
    10. Nature Boy – Casey
    11. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow – James
    Honorable mentions: Step out with My Baby – Tony Bennet and Haley
    1+1 – Beyonce (!)
    I Need You Now (wild card) – Stefano
    I’ll Stand by You – Pia
    Dreamin’ (audition) – Scott Dangerfield

    • YES! says:

      Agreed, Haley had AT LEAST the top 6 performance of the season. Maybe top 7 or 8.

      • Dina says:

        If you look at iTunes, you can now see where the Idols are in the top selling song downloads and you’ll see – Haley, Haley, Haley, plus Haley a bunch more times, then Lauren, and a couple of James.

        • Terry says:

          I absolutely LOVE my Haley album!!! Instead of watching Country Teen Idol, I downloaded all of Haley’s songs from iTunes. She was the best of the season by far IMHO.

          • Tusk says:

            I’m right up there with you with my Haley album. What is even cooler is you have to also have her live performances too. She seemed to always do a little something extra there:
            -Rolling in the Deep with her extra “ooo ooo ooo’s” during the chorus
            -Led Zep, her live version, even with the fall, rocked with her Dad adding his guitaring chops to the song
            -Earth Song/HOTRS, even though shorter, you can feel the emotion oozing out of her delivery.
            -Gun Powder and Lead, she pulls Lauren up to perform her(Lauren’s) best most carefree performance.
            -Rhianon although had some issues in the middle was IMO a beautiful smorgasborg of tonal ‘gasms to my ears.

            I could go on, point is even though her Studios ROCKED, her live performances weren’t just a live version of the studios. Good indications for what we can expect when we see her on tour. Can’t wait :)

    • Shawn says:

      Epic list and order B. Rich. Especially love the props to Kendra Chantelle.

      It still bewilders me as to why the judges chose Ashton and Naima over Kendra for the wildcard. This may get flamed, but my theory is that America votes so “pale” that the judges and producers felt the need to add some color to the group. Unfortunately, they ousted a singer who was a top 5 talent, if not better.

      • Dina says:

        Two conspiracy theories – the producers were casting different types, and felt they needed an R&B diva type to reach the widest initial viewer audience. And, Kendra was a blond female country-sounding singer, which was too much competition for favored blond female country singer Lauren. Look how they went after blond female Haley, trying to get her kicked off even when she had best song of the night week after week after week.

  36. Elaine says:

    Thank you Michael and Jason (love what you do with the videos…. freaking perfect).

    Thank you so much for giving ups the vvisual we so deserved…. Haley with the confetti reigning down on her like the champion that she is. Best. Visual. Ever.


  37. B.Rich says:

    Where does House of the Rising Sun belong in the top 10 Idol performances of all time. Here is my attempt off the top of my head:
    1. Summertime – Fantasia
    2. Natural Woman – Kelly
    3. House of the Rising Sun – Haley
    4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Katharine
    5. Mad World – Adam
    6. Paint it Black – Siobhan
    7. Solitaire – Clay
    8. In a Dream – Bo
    9. Hello – David Cook
    10. My Funny Valentine – Melinda

    Honorable mention: Take Five (audition) – Paris Bennett

    • Shawn says:

      Dude….we have some similar taste, I’ll tell ya! However, I can’t abide with Clay being in the top 50 let alone 10. His singing is so emotionally benign.

    • GS says:

      You people are delusional if you would put Haley over Mad World (and I am so not a Glambert), Solitaire, In a Dream, Hello, and My Funny Valentine! I’d even have to throw Carrie’s Alone in there but no way, no how does Haley move to the number 3 spot of all time. If she’s so great, why hasn’t she been signed yet? Because she has an attitude and doesn’t “fit” in any genre and YES you do have to fit for them to market you!

      • loopdeloo says:

        “If she’s so great, why hasn’t she been signed yet? ”

        Maybe because it’s only been 1 week since the show even ended? And even if she were signed, they’re not allowed to announce it yet…

  38. Elaine says:

    My dream judging team:
    Michael Slezak, Perez Hilton and ….. I dunno, a woman who give great constructive critique and warm fuzzy encouragement… whoever she may be.

    Since Steven didn’t bother critiqung during live week, but did such a great job during the audietions, bring him in as a 4th judge for the auditions. He ws hilarioius. His comments were so out there that I couldn’t wait for the next show just to hear what he would say next. I wish he could have kept that up for the live shows. As much as I loved him at the auditions, I became so frustrated with “you’re beautiful” over and over and over.. I know I’m bebating a dead horse, but it got so frustrating only hearing him say positie things everytime about every single performer. GRRRR

    judges: Slez, Perez and …… someone else. HA!

  39. ladyhelix says:

    Dream Judges? Three judges need to rotate because their egos get too wrapped up in their early predictions/favorites to remain objective. So who do I want to see giving the kids tips after they sing (once or twice a season – with a timer)? To name a few…
    – Neil Patrick Harris
    – Beyonce
    – Adam Lambert
    – Lady GaGa
    – Melinda/Michael
    – Jimmy Iovene
    – Marc Anthony (own the stage)
    – Christina A.
    – Christine Chenow….(?)
    – Baby Face
    Maybe we should even have one set of judges “discover the talent” (auditions), and then they have to walk away. See – there’s still a place for Steven Tyler! What do you think?

    • Anise says:

      I think having separate groups doing recruiting and critique would be a good idea. Not every person has the skillset to do both, so casting each judge for one specific task might keep them from getting distracted/bored/emotionally involved.

  40. madeleine says:

    loved your recap!! and thank you for showing Haley under the confettis :) she’s my real winner of season 10

  41. Princess Adora says:

    I hate this part of the year! I’m gonna miss Idoloonies so much!! :'( It’s the highlight of my Tuesdays ;)
    Awesome work this year, and thank you again for the Buffy clips :D Can’t wait for the Haley interview!! Make it as long as you possibly can ^_^

  42. linda says:

    WOW Michael- that was magic- thx and love the haley stuff the most..Magic!!

  43. maureen says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that you had a clip from The Thin Man!!!!

  44. Lily says:

    What a great recap, amazing to hear you both say what I’ve been thinking. By the end (which for me was Haley’s singout at 3rd place), most of all I was tired of the contempt and lack of respect from Idol producers who seemed to think we in the audience are all just a bunch of easily and blatantly manipulated idiots. It’s all so biased and rigged that there’s no point in watching anymore – where’s the joy, surprise and fun in a rigged contest with a bunch of cheaters who are sneering hatefully at you? If one judge was kept, I’d pick Steven Tyler just to see when he can’t take it anymore and goes off again (“what do you get from that? They’re both wrong!”)

  45. ladyhelix says:

    Your URL is priceless (NEVER admit defeat)!!

  46. Paisley says:

    YOU, Michael & Jason, have outdone yourselves on this episode! Melinda! Haley! Confetti shower! OMG I might actually watch next season only b/c of you — thank you so much for everything, every thought you have articulated, every analysis you have offered. XXXOOO

    • JBanana says:

      I can’t agree more!! OMG, Jason, Michael, and Melinda, I love you guys!!
      Michael, I think I am a bad person too because your “weawwy weawwy scawey” comment sent me into peals of laughter.
      Melinda with “if I sang that song to my mom she’d be like, ‘lookie here..'” I don’t know what her secret is, but somehow Melinda is able to pull off having a hilarious attitude and still be the nicest person in the world. Love Sassy Melinda!!!
      And Jason Averett… holy nuts of wonder, man, you are like the most brilliantly hilarious genius ever. (Seriously, those Sleeping Beauty clips? And the flashbacks to the Kristy Lee Robot? Wow. Genius.)
      Thank you thank you thank you for making something so great out of such a stupid show (that we can’t stop watching) like Idol.
      And thank you for the Haley Victory Special! I certainly felt like I was watching the finale that night. It’s good that you corrected that confetti issue, it clearly was supposed to be there for her the whole time.
      And the winner of American Idol 2011 is…. Idoloonies!!! (yay! applause! confetti for YOU!)

  47. Tahoe MIke says:

    I loved the confetti for Haley. That was great, and well deserved.
    Thanks for all the fun this season, even if you never did get Kristen Baldwin to guest.

  48. ladyhelix says:

    Season 10 was BORING. I know for the sake of the artist and the label “staying in their lane” was crucial, but it WASN’T good TV.

    I loved hearing David Cook sing Phantom – and seeing what he did with Maria Cary and Neil Diamond weeks. Adam’s Ring of Fire, Kris’s disco, Allison and Danny’s rat pack were unexpected delights we would never have heard had they not been forced to sing in a foreign Genre. Yes there were some disasters as well, but no guts, no glory – and what better way to separate the men from the boys?

    As stupid as the theme weeks were, they gave the show a real sense that anything could happen – because necessity IS the supreme mother of invention. I think that’s a big part of why there weren’t many un-expected performances this year. Everyone was being encouraged to play it safe. Yawn.

    I LOVE Micheal’s idea that they should start finding themes and clearing music early. Heck they should start RIGHT NOW.

  49. Vicki - ladynsearch says:

    Love your mention of David Cook The World I know. No, repeat bitches. lol Right on!

  50. George says:

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the season 10 of American Idol so much. It ranks up there with season 5 for me! Idoloonies made me enjoy it so much more! Thank you Mr. Slezak and all of the guest hosts!