Fall TV Preview

Parenthood Season 3 Preview: Kristina and Julia Deliver Major Baby Drama

When NBC’s Parenthood kicks off its third season this fall, the Bravermans will be juggling multiple baby-themed plots. 

When we last saw the fam, Adam and Kristina (played by Peter Krause and Monica Potter, respectively) were reeling from their pregnancy shocker, while Julia and Joel (Erika Christensen and Sam Jaeger) circumvented their infertility troubles by deciding to adopt.

“The Kristina/Adam/Haddie/Max/baby arc is really interesting and will essentially last the whole season,” creator Jason Katims tells TVLine, adding that “the idea of Julia wanting to have a baby is something that can be gripping and emotional, so I want to play that out, as well.”

Katims also reveals that he “absolutely” plans to incorporate some maternal conflict between the sisters-in-law, given their contrasting baby plots. “It’s interesting to put those two together,” he says.

Considering that Parenthood just received its Season 3 order, cast members are still in the dark as to what lies ahead for their characters. However, Jaeger hopes Joel and Julia’s impending journey will delve into the complicated adoption process.

“There’s a lot of great storytelling in that subject alone,” he shares. “I don’t think it will be easy for them to adopt — it never is. Plus, I don’t know if it’s happened too often on TV where we’ve seen the struggle to adopt, but boy, it’s an endless cycle of meetings and paperwork.

“It will be an issue that adoption is out of Julia’s hands,” he continues. “She likes to be in control, and this is a situation where there are tens of thousands of families that want to adopt, too.”

Krause, meanwhile, says his alter ego faces his own set of challenges. “I’m sure Adam’s wondering who the father is,” he deadpans. All joking aside, Krause predicts the new arrival will add further strain to the household, if only because “Adam doesn’t have a job, and [he] has enough problems already with Haddie and Max.”

Might we offer a completely logical solution for all parties involved? Kristina and Adam give their baby-to-be to Julia and Joel. (Yes, we did pitch this ridiculous idea to Katims and the cast, and for the record, Jaeger was on board.)

“Right?! They have two of those damn kids, they don’t need a third,” he laughs. “That’s a great storyline. It’s too early to tell, but I’d say you’re on to something there.”

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  1. Andrea says:

    I think someone did suggest the baby switch in some AA’s comments.

    I hope they won’t develop the whole storyline in a banal way, I bet they won’t anyway. The writers of this show are pretty great.

    • charlie says:

      To add real baby drama to the show, they could have both Sarah and Amber become pregnant at about the same time– both also unplanned of course. Amber’s baby could be adopted and raised by Joel and Julia.
      Just kidding! The show is great, but I still wonder what happened to the financial problem that Zeke had with the property investment. Did I miss an episode where they fixed that for him, or did they just drop that issue as something they didn’t want to deal with anymore?

      • MLB says:

        In the deleted scenes in the DVD extras, Zeke goes to Julia and apologises for his behaviour and asks her to have Timm go ahead with the deal. But, as you said, there was no mention of it in what went to air and it seemed to be forgotten. I feel their marriage problems were also left behind somewhere.

    • Gina says:

      I posted that! That was my prediction and I hope it comes true!

    • Anne Beier says:

      Happy to see the show in it’s 3rd season. We hadn’t heard anything about it since the end of the last season. Welcome back Braverman’s.
      Can’t wait for the new season.

  2. DL says:

    I couldn’t see Adam and Kristina giving away their baby, despite all their challenges – even if it was to Joel and Julia. Besides, to me that wraps up everything in a nice, neat little package which simply isn’t how Parenthood rolls. I wouldn’t be surprised if the topic came up in an episode, but I’m sure it won’t play out like that.

    Also consider that if it’s a boy, it will give Adam the chance to have the normal son he always wanted, and if it’s a girl, it will give them the chance to relive Haddie’s childhood again, because they’re having such a hard time letting go of her. They will definitely keep the child.

    • MF says:

      Kristina would never give her baby away, she is too tenderhearted. And if she did, well, she would never give it to her sister-in-law to raise. It would be torture for her to watch someone else raise her child.

    • Marie says:

      Keep in mind that parents can have more than one child with Aspergers/Autism. I have a feeling Adam and Kristina will be watching this baby’s development very closely for any red flags.

      • Nancy says:

        That is correct. In fact, having already had a child with Aspergers would put them at a higher risk than the general population of having a child anywhere on the autistic spectrum, including very low-functioning autism. If the writers handle this realistically and sensitively, a lot of drama could play out over this. They could get genetic Counselling and learn about the probability and then anguish over whether to risk that possibility and whether they would be able to give Max and Haddie what they need if a severely autistic child were to enter the family. Of course, ultimately they would decide to keep the child.

      • Courtney says:

        Actually it’s extremly rare for a family to have multiple children effected by autism. It’s not genetic! I think this baby might help Adam and Kristina take a chill pill.

        • Amanda says:

          Actually, you’re wrong. The chances of having another child on the autism spectrum are higher if you already have one. This is proven by research.

    • Nancy says:

      People with Asperger’s are not “abnormal.” They simply are not neurotypical. Please understand the difference. It’s more than just “political correctness.”

      • Sean says:

        As someone with Asperger’s Syndrome, I second that Nancy. I am a 3.7 GPA in Computer Science at a major university in Oregon, and have many struggles and differences, but still have feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Thanks for the clarifying response.
        Good to know there are still people out there who recognize we are human.

    • Jesse says:

      Actually Parenthood always wraps up everything in a nice, neat little package. That’s why I like it. There’s a lot of drama, but there’s always a happy ending. And if Adam and Kristina were to give their baby to Joel and Julia, it would create even MORE drama, especially if Adam and Kristina were to change their minds later, or if they ever had a time jump how the baby would feel if he or she found out who his or her real parents were. But I agree that I doubt that’s the direction the writers will take. I think that’s a little too much drama for Parenthood lol. They’ll probably have Kristina go through postpartum depression or something like that once the baby is born.

      • Courtney says:

        Why do we have to have anyone give any baby away! Kristina and Adam are going to have a baby. It’s a freaking miracle! it’s happy and I think everyone should stop thinking something bad will happen ….. It’s not realistic which is what the show is all about, actual everyday lives

    • marc gibson says:

      I have a son with autism and I love him with all my heart. He has taught me to love unconditionally and most importantly unquestionably. I am deeply troubled by someone saying the show could introduce another son so he can be normal. We don’t get do overs in this life and I don’t want one. My goal in life is for my son wyatt to be the best person he possibly can be and if I can do that I can die knowing my work here is done. So please think of that when you encounter a child or parent of a child with autism we don’t want do overs .

  3. Jane Steve says:

    WOW another show that’s developed baby rabies…another show which I won’t be watching next season.

    • DL says:

      You’re not going to watch a phenomenal show like Parenthood just because of a baby plotline? That’s kind of silly, I’d say.

    • Rob J. says:

      Wow, a show with the word “Parent” in the title features multiple couples having or wanting to have babies. Whodathunkit?! (rolls eyes)
      I mean, *really,* Jane Steve.

    • Bob says:

      I agree that the baby plots are a bad idea. It was painful and embarrassing just to watch the Joel/Julia baby angst of this past season. Babies are often a last ditch effort to save a dying show. I think the baby plots may kill this show. I will be surprised if there is a fourth season. I will give it a chance though.

      • Carin says:

        I don’t understand your post, because it makes no sense. How is this a last ditch effort?? This show is not dying, it’s demo ratings are fantastic, thus it’s renewal.
        I think it’s fairly insane for people to get worked up over baby storylines – do people of the age range of these characters get pregnant and have babies in real life? Yes. Yes, they do. This show is extremely reflective of family life, and obviously people reproduce in real life.

  4. davey says:

    This is the one show I watch that I will permit to have a “baby” plotline – it’s one of the best on TV these days – I’m sure they will make it all believable and heartwarming.

  5. Lolie says:

    They won’t give the baby away, even in a close family, that just doesn’t work. Sex and the City brought up that very scenario when Miranda got pregnant and wanted an abortion while Charlotte was struggling to conceive. Samantha suggested the obvious solution was for Miranda to give her baby to Charlotte, but that just wouldn’t work, even between close friends. It’s such a complicated issue, I can’t wait to see how Parenthood handles it.

  6. Mellie says:

    As much as I hate baby plotlines, this show is full to the brim with terrific writers and actors, so I shall sit back and let them do their handy-work. Though I’ll say for the record that I am far more interested in Amber/Drew dynamic and storylines centric to Adam.

  7. J. Norman says:

    I’m not nearly as interested in the baby issues. I just want them to get rid of the Crosby / Jasmine relationship. They are ok people apart. They just have no business being together. The Personalities and interests are entirely at odds.

    • Jennifer says:

      Agreed and agreed!!! I LOVE the show but I am really hoping that Crosby will get a new love interest and would rather NOT see this adoption thing drawn out. There are enough parents and kids on the show, I think Julia and Joel need something else (aside from a baby) to make them more interesting.

    • Michelle says:

      What’s your agenda? You are not interested in the upcoming plots, only in this couple breaking up? Just love the couple you love and ignore those you don’t. I love Crosby and Jasmine.

    • Bob says:

      Crosby and Jasmine are the weak part of the show. Crosby is not the least bit believable or interesting.

      • TR says:

        Crosby is absolutely believalbe. I watch the real life man all the time in the form of my brother-in-law. Cracks me up to see a character like him on TV. Except in real life he’s a couch surfer in a dead end job. :)

      • It’s just Jasmine. I love Crosby. But instead of wallowing all the time he should be having more fun.

  8. Robin says:

    I am so excited about this show. It is one of my favorites…so I pretty much have faith in the writers. I believe they will come up with a compelling, interesting, chasteristic manner in which this all plays out.

  9. ShortyMac says:

    I hope to God that Adam and Kristina don’t give Joel and Julia their baby.

  10. marcia says:

    Wow!! im am sooo excited because i love Parenthood!!! I love everything about it, the writers,actors i adore them!! Its amazing! I can not wait!!! Go team Braverman!!!

  11. Tracy Calmer says:

    I might stop watching it based on the fact adoption is yet again going to be touted as a wonderful thing. Why do we have to keep putting adoption crap in story lines? It’s not interesting at all, and frankly, it’s quite painful for many adoptees like myself. BOO to your writers.

    • Carin says:

      Seriously? They haven’t even written the third season yet, and yet you’re going to stop watching?! Way to see what’s actually going to happen before being judgemental! And clearly not all adoptees would agree with your viewpoint, by the way. It seems as if this a very close-minded stance. BOO to you for that!

    • Cat says:

      I would like to state that the many adoptees I know would not find this plot painful. I myself am adopted and I’m thrilled that they’re adding this plot line. I feel there are a lot of negative stereo types around adoption but I’m here to say it can be a wonderful thing, but it’s also very hard and challenging. But that parenting no matter if the kid has your blood or not. And I’m sorry that you’re experience of being an adoptee is painful for you but don’t assume that’s the case for all of us adoptees.

    • KG says:

      Really?? I adopted my first baby and it was the best experience ever! Just as sweet as the ones I birthed on my own!! My story was beautiful… and…amazing!!

  12. jessica says:

    I hope that they continue with the crosby /jasmine story…..I like them together and I hope that they stay together.

  13. sharon says:

    Love the show ! love the way it is written and the way they handle every day problems as most of us
    Parents do ! Dont change was isn’t broken.
    Kudos to the amazing writers and Cast !

  14. Montira says:

    I’m glad Parenthood is on for another season. There’s much to look forward to, I think.

  15. jj says:

    I enjoy this show BUT as a Mom of an Aspie —>>> I HATE that Peter Krause said ” has enough problems already with Haddie and Max.” UGH! Actors need to choose their words more carefully!

    • Jess says:

      I took it as him meaning…Adam has enough problems relating to the children and handling “parenthood” as it is. Regardless of Max being an Aspie, I believe Adam would have problems relating to his children, just as many real fathers do.

  16. gilmoregrl4life says:

    “wants to see a pregnant Lauren Graham Aka Sarah Braverman or at least give her a pregnancy scare!

  17. tm says:

    Adam and Kristina will not give their baby to Joel and Julia. They would not pass off their baby like that, even if they thought it would make Joel and Julia happy. Besides, that’s just too creepy. Adam and Kristina would always be wanting to get involved in the raising of the child and would be hypercritical of the way Joel and Julia were raising their child. Wouldn’t work at all. That would ruin their family. I love “Parenthood.” Keep up the good story lines. I have a brother with Asperger’s and a son who placed his daughter for adoption, so I am so involved in this show. Love it, love it!

  18. Sondanced says:

    Multiple Dove Award Winner Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife have an organization that promotes Adoption. Writers of the show could contact them and possibly include some of this info into the story line if indeed, they are going to follow the long journey of adoption for American parents. Would bring more reality to the subject for many who are hesitant to consider adoption.
    Thank you.

  19. Lona Buggs says:

    Couldn’t Julia get a sergeant. Maybe even Sarah could do it. The love and bond and drama they could write into that. Julia has eggs. They have money. And it would still have their bio.

  20. Sabrina says:

    My only fear is that after the baby arrives (for either or both families) that a few seasons down the line the child will just (carelessly) be written out of the show or age 10 years in between seasons.

  21. Sarah says:

    Love Love LOVE Parenthood!! One of my top two favorite shows for sure! Most interesting couple on the show is Haddie and Alex! Can’t wait to see what Season 3 has in store for them :). It’d be interesting if Alex’s family made an appearance on the show… I hope Sarah’s play is a HUGE success, Amber gets accepted last minute into college, and Jasmine and Jabar move in with Crosby!!! Also – can’t wait to see Haddie and Max’s reaction when their parent’s tell them that they’re pregnant! Also, I’m hoping Joel is able to find some kind of consistent part-time construction work so that he cheers up. He’s been quite the Grumpy Gus….I’m also SUPER curious about what kind of career Adam will start next!
    Clearly I’m a sucker for happy storylines!
    So happy the show’s back on for another season! Here’s wishing for at least 5 more wonderful seasons of Parenthood!!

  22. Deb says:

    As the adoptive mom of two children, one of whom has Autism, I am very much looking forward to the new season. I already love the show and the many real-life stories so beautifully portrayed.

  23. Jill F says:

    Well written consistently. I tape each episode and replay them once or twice to let the plots and dialogue sink in. Who do you feel is the lynchpin in the family, who keeps the team afloat and moving forward in a meaningful way: Adam, Zeke, Sarah or ? Lookinf do=forward to next season

  24. Kate says:

    The idea of Adam and Kristina giving their baby to Julia WAS A JOKE, PEOPLE. sheesh. *smacks head*

  25. I love this show.I think the baby drama is great. I don’t have a problem with it at all. I would like to know what happened with the dad’s financial problems. I also want the dead beat rocker dad back! I love him as an actor and loved that dynamic. On the other hand I don’t want Crosby to rekindle anything. I don’t like Jasmine as an actress or as her role. Unless they WAY soften her up. She’s too bitchy for me. Yes it’s his son. Move on. I was excited when he was with the other woman actually. I thought we were going somewhere fun for him. He should be the fun one not the I love this woman who hates me and why won’t she come back person. But all in all it’s just my opinion and I LOVE THIS SHOW. I hope it has a 10 year running or more. It deserves it!

  26. Sophie says:

    The babystorylines are interesting and exciting but and I first hope Joel will express more his opinion. Why has Julia always to be right? Why is it always her who decides? In fact she’s worse than Jasmine lol and they should be more strict towards Sydney. She’s a spoiled brat.
    However I am more interested in Sarah’s family. I hope we’ll see Sarah back with Mr. Cyr because they were so cute together, really !!! The reason to wait 2 years does not stand anymore because Amber no longer cares about him so there is no problem. Or the writers could put Sarah and Seth together, why not ;)What’s important to me is to give Drew more dialogues. I think it’s too much focused on Sarah/Amber’s relationship.

    It is sad we didn’t get to see Asher Book aka Steve (Haddie’s ex-boyfriend) this season. I really liked him with Amber. Where did he go? Because at the end of the first season, he said he loved her to Adam and Sarah and Amber also said before she really liked him. The writers could at least give us a good ending between them.
    I love Haddie with Alex and I’m happy Crosby and Jasmine are back together. I can’t wait to see what comes next for them!

    • Elijah says:

      I agree with everything you said about Sarah’s family. I think with Amber moving out, Sarah and Drew will grow closer and he will be a more active character. I think Seth is going to charm Sarah and something might happen between them, while she is in a relationship with Mr. Cyr.

      And I also agree with what you said about Julia/Joel/Sydney. I’ve always liked Joel a lot, and not so much Julia and Sydney.

  27. Melissa Fox says:

    Please don’t cancel parenthood! In Australia it is a very popular show and much loved by alot of Australians every week.
    It is a fantastic show, Aussies can really relate to the ups and downs of all the storylines.
    I love the show and it needs to stay on our television screens!

  28. Jaclyn says:

    I love this show and it is pretty true to life, for fiction. I am super excited for Julias family to adopt. I wish they would have them adopt a child through foster care, because that type of adoption is not support by the public enough. I would love to see more shows promote adoption. It is an important family aspect and I believe the reason it is not talked about as much is because it makes people uncomfortable. I just wish everyone could understand the beauty of it!

  29. gimmeguitars says:

    I’m in Australia and we just saw the episode last night. I was in tears before the starting credits, lol. Definately my most fave show on telly. I was bawling when Zeek took Amber to the car yard!
    I thought for sure they could have made a bigger deal out of Julia being at the birth of her Daughter’s teachers’ baby. That she would realise she wanted to be a midwife and have a total career change. When the daughter’s teacher said “Oh I HATE lawyers” in the middle of her labour, she could have said, “you know what? Me too…” (as in the other a**holes she has to contend with on a day to day/court basis) and realised that this would fill the gap between wanting another baby and being unable (especially when she had ephasised earlier in the episode she was grateful for the life they live and was ok with the idea of just one child). Also thought the mother could have named the baby after Julia, as the father could not be present, she might have thought it apt. And this could have played a huge part in swaying her thoughts (?) Maybe it could develop in the next season. I would love that to become a part of the storyline!

  30. ADI says:


  31. Jen says:

    And an “open” relationship for Crosby/Jasmine?! Oh, I’m not too sure about that…it’ll be interesting to see how they write it.

    Yes, Sarah will have a tough time with that! I know my poor mother was sad & lonely when I left the house for college!

    And how convenient is that for Julia, that she has a coffee cart girl who’s giving up her child for adoption?

    Haha, Adam & Crosby working together I feel WILL be a complete disaster! Just look at their last little tift & how they handled it!

    Oh boy, Haddie, and you have such a great guy in Alex, too! That’s sad to hear.

    Please, everyone, we have a brand spanking new Parenthood forum to discuss the show & we need more people! Here’s the link to join up:

    Hope to see you there! :)

  32. MichaelM says:

    I think that there will some tension between Julia and Kristina, with Julia wanting a new child and Kristina having a completely unexpected pregnancy there would have to be something.

  33. Rebecca says:

    Julia & Adam keep the baby, no matter what

    Jasmine & Crosby get back together

    Julia & Joel show us (those like me who don’t know) how the adoption process really is and how if affects other children you may have (Sydney) I think they should get a lot of attention this season because their storyline is the strongest and most realistic. I was very dussapointed with the unlikely scenario of Christina being pregnant while Julia was having problems concueving

    After speaking with a friend who works in TV, I can tell you this show was BARELY renewed. I love the show, so I was thankful, but they certainly are struggling and it’s evident. It it gets top unrealistic it may lose a lot of viewers.

  34. Allie says:

    I agree, if it gets too unrealistic it will be at risk of losing a lot of viewers, especially with the 12 new shows being introduced by the networks this fall

  35. Elijah says:

    So this is something that I thought of as soon as we found out Kristina is pregnant, and I can’t get off the idea. Does anyone else think she might have a miscarriage?

  36. shansom says:

    I love this show and can’t wait for it to come back!!!! Please don’t make us wait too long!!!!

  37. steff says:

    i absolutley love julia and joel, i wish them all the best. I just cant get enough of them :)

  38. darla says:

    Love Parenthood. The show that makes you laugh and cry
    The story line is great. i see the boys starting a business together this season.

  39. Deb says:

    How about while Joel and Julia explore adoption Sarah suggests the possibility that she be a surrogate mother for them???? Also, the thought has also crossed my mind that Kristina will have a miscarriage.

  40. Jeanne shepple says:

    What was the name of Julia ‘ s medical condition that would most likely prevent her from conceiving in the future?

  41. kat says:

    and a small brain