Idoloonies: Thia Megia on Scary Vocal Coaches, Dream Idol Themes, and Her Love of...Reggae?

Thia Megia doesn’t mind a little tough love. The American Idol Season 10 finalist says “vocal coach from hell” Peggi Blu is one of the best mentors in the business. Thia is full of other surprises, too. In her Idoloonies interview, the teenage contestant talks about why waiting a few years to audition for Idol was never an option, how the stripped-down arrangement of her semifinal performance of “Out Here on My Own” came to be, and which of her iTunes recordings might turn you into a fan. Press play below for the full Thia experience, and for all my reality TV news, reviews, and interviews, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Rhama says:

    Very talented, beautiful voice but she needs couple of years to grow as an artist.

    • Geraldine says:

      Well, given Thia is only 16 she has so much space to hone her craft. She is way ahead with almost anyone her age not only in talent but in character as well. She gets better each time. She’s AMAZING!

  2. Kim says:

    I have nothing against Thia, but I honestly had forgotten about her. She didn’t pop out like some of the other contestants. It’s not because she had left earlier because I remember Naima very well and they were both eliminated on the same night. Maybe her personality, and her voice are boring… I don’t know, but something is definetly missing.

    • sslove says:

      Thia given the right song and arrangement with a bit of R&B, jazz, pop, reggae will be great. She is multi talented…I can foresee. plus very sweet and pretty so marketable around the world if properly managed.

      • B-scot says:

        She has the voice but not the kind of training that is needed for those styles unlike country or Pop which is far easier to self train in.

    • grace says:

      give her a chance to prove herself in the music industry…thats all

    • Just me.. says:

      I think maybe if she got equal solo performances as the rest, just maybe you would of gotten to hear her and appreciate her more. AI finally gave her a solo in the group performances and people were amazed on how she transformed into an awesome performer.

    • Ian says:

      If she wasn’t UNFAIRLY slammed by the judges everyweek unlike other contestants then she would’ve lasted longer. I think she was just as good as Lauren Alaina. However, one made it to the finals because she could do no wrong with the judges, and the other got eliminated in Top 11 because the judges had a problem with her. They probably knew they could only have one 15 year-old in the finals and because country music is a better sell–they chose Lauren. Let’s face it–AI is totally manipulated and if you don’t think so then I have swamp land in Florida to sell you.

    • Just me.. says:

      With all due respect to you Kim, I doubt you forgotten Thia, Thia must of been in your subconscious mind, because something led you to Thia’s interview here. Otherwise, you would not be here, unless you have another motive to come here and share your opinion that is not as nice as you try to make it appear. Hhhmmm…Like trying to cast doubts in Thia’s fans to sway them to your favorite.

      • Kat says:

        @Just me….really? You don’t think it’s possible that Kim was just reading the new posts on TVLine’s home page and saw this? You think she had to search it out? And also, you think Thia didn’t get enough solo time on American Idol? You understand how American Idol works, right? Like…everyone does solos every week. I assume you meant she didn’t get solos in group performances, but people aren’t supposed to vote based on group performances. These people are competing as solo performers, not lead singers in a vocal group. I appreciate that you’re a Thia fan, and that’s great for you both. Really. But you’re getting so defensive about her that you’re losing a bit of logic in your comments.

      • Just me.. says:

        Excuse me Kat, did I say I know how American Idol works? No. In fact that is the very reason why it was odd to so many of us that Thia did not get a solo part in a group performance that would of given her an opportunity to sing equally with both Haley and Pia. Probably the reason why Kim did not remember Thia is because Thia got put aside as a back up singer for both Haley and Pia and in other group performances. Every week it was obvious things were not predictable because a lot of shockers happened in the show. So, no..I did not say I know how American Idol works, for the most part I thought things were not fairly distributed just like all of the contestants felt in some way his or her’s favorites were robbed. And yes, I was referring to only the group performances and not the solo part of each contestants… And yes, I do believe the solo part of the group performances is as important to the solo part of each contestants in regards to voting. It gives them all an added opportune time to show case their abilities in harmonizing as a group or showcase each vocal power separately. Any exposure gives them time to prove themselves or how they improve each week. And Yes, I do believe Thia did not get that equal fair chance that she deserved. Just like how other contestants fans believed they got robbed in some way. And YES! I do get annoyed by rude and obnoxious fans that bashes or thrashes other contestants just to make their own favorite better then the others. Which I believe they were all great. And Yes, I will apologize and stand corrected if I misinterpreted what Kim’s real intentions are… In fact, I was asking Kim and don’t recall asking you. Not unless you are the same person as Kim in defense. If Kim answered my curiosity or question then if she answered me and I was wrong, of course I won’t hesitate to apologize to her… I do admit I am not always right either and can make mistakes as well… And I did say to Kim, “With all due respect” Which is stating I do respect Kim’s opinion but was curious to know what she meant or intentions were with her comments. I did not out rightly attacked Kim’s motive but gave two scenarios of how her writing can come across to other readers. I was merely trying know where she was going with her comments..

  3. lili says:

    She might be better at 20, but the reason she had made it to the top 24, and was then voted to the top 10 was her age. the young viewers love the young singers and that’s why the producers pimp them.

    otherwise, i dont know why all the latest interviews are so rushed when slezak is such an amazing interviewer. i miss the older format of interviews.

  4. Eli says:

    Thanks for uploading this 2 months later, Slezak.

    Such a beautiful, well-spoken young lady. If the judges/producers really wanted to push for a young girl this year, she should’ve been it as opposed to Lauren. I hope she goes on to great things.

    • Tusk says:

      Maybe. Thia was the wrong genre. As it turned out, TPTB, wanted someone in the country music genre this year to capitalise on it’s marketability and popularity. There’s money in them thar hills (and a large, strong, loyal fan base).

      I think the main problem with Thia may have been she appeared much more mature for her age as opposed to the bubbly, naive, “aww shucks” type of personality. There are some, my sister being one, that are “creeped” out by children who are “advanced” for their age.

      • Eli says:

        Yeah, I’m sure that was an issue, and added to the “robot” image that people seemed to make of her for whatever reason.

        I personally find more mature teenagers like her and Scotty to be endearing while the naive, bubbly ones like Lauren annoy me to the point of no return, but hey, thats how the show works. lol.

        • Bany says:

          All i can comment about what was said is,we have different views and understanding of certain things but…….You have to be constructive and not base what other says. Common, lets face it we cant please everyone and by saying robotic as a performer, i beg to disagree w/ it bec . it depends on what you sing. To sum it all she’s really good not bec she is my idol but shes really damn good.
          4 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 2 people

          • Tusk says:

            I think you misunderstand Eli. HE did not say she was robotic, he was saying that there is this perception that she is “robotic”, they say the same thing about Pia. Look at the beginning of this thread, he likes Thia.

          • Eli says:

            I love Thia, as Tusk said, I’m not saying she’s robotic at all.

  5. Zach says:

    Sweet Girl. Wish her the best.

  6. Emma says:

    She sounded fine but she also sounded like a child, like she hadn’t come up with any arrangement, song idea etc. by herself. I hope that she has a blast on the tour, and then goes home for a few years before trying out in the music industry.

    • Bany says:

      I guess she will. If you watched the finale, Thia was a revelation, aside of the beautiful voice she can dance too. Thia needs chance to prove herself and the tour will be it. I just hope AI organizer will give her fair exposure as to other finalist too.

      • Aunt Sassy says:

        Oh give me a break. She had the SAME opportunities as every one else and she failed to live up to her end of it – THAT is why she went home. She was in WAY over her head and she completely disappeared on stage – even in this interview she fades – in fact I can’t even remember a single word she said. She needs time to grow up and become interesting and maybe then she will have something to offer – besides her “nationality” which is the ONLY reason all you people are commenting on this.

        • Lizzy says:

          Oh! Aunt Sassy? What a name to pick for a RACIST and a Hater! Clap Clap Clap. Pathethic. Thia is sure lucky that you are not in her camp. Just wonderin’ what made you a monster?

        • Just me... says:

          I’m sorry Aunt Sassy….some of us here are Americans and for you to assume that we only voted for Thia because of her nationality is stupidity in your part. We actually believe in Thia’s talent, which I am sure you don’t have, because of your lack of maturity to respect a young girl’s accomplishment at her young age. You are just one freaking jealous person who has no life, but to belittle young kids.

          Why are you in Thia’s media report if you don’t like her, then I suggest you get out of here and take your bashing else where and go to your own favorite. We don’t need you to come in here to be rude and be so freaking disrespectful.

  7. llomo says:

    she seems really lovely

  8. Teresa says:

    It’s hard to say that there should be a higher age limit when someone like Scotty really is ready at 17 to start his career.

    But Thia has a beautiful voice and she’s beautifully trained and she’s… not ready. Maybe the producers and judges need to come up with a better way of identifying that problem, let the youngsters do the first part of the process, Hollywod, and then ask them to come back in a year or two.

    It just seems like a waste of good talent to put them in as cannon fodder when three years later, they might be amazing.

    • Dina says:

      Lauren Alaina also is not ready. She has a lovely voice, but she didn’t know how to use it properly. She never managed to produce a real ‘moment’ and only heavy producer marketing (“she’s The One!” “She’s back!” “She’s even more back!”) and desperately over-the-top producer manipulation such as the judges attacking Haley maneuvered Lauren into second place. Lauren’s lack of training and preparation even caused her to injure her vocal cords during the show. But maybe there is some reason these families feel that they have to cash in now while these kids are young and cute, instead of waiting until they’re ready to be real singing stars. I wonder if this is more about getting these girls noticed enough to be signed onto teen tv shows where they can get steady singer/actress paychecks for the families, rather than any real idea of the girls having an actual singing career.

      • Just me.. says:

        Nah…I think it is more like appreciating how these young kids were blessed with “God given talents” at such a young age. I remember my younger sister started singing when she was 2 years old and knew the full lyrics to the song in such a beautiful cute way.. And boy were we all floored and beaming on how beautiful she can sing at such a young age. We would ask her to sing everywhere just to show her To me, that is appreciating a God given talent at such a young age. I think God accidentally skipped me when he was giving musical Now, I suck at singing…eerrrr. I also love all those kids that plays piano like they are Librace or some other popular pianist. I would prefer them in singing their hearts out, opposed to getting involved in gangs, drugs and alcohol…would you?

    • Ben says:

      Well said Teresa

      To be honest, I’d buy what Thia put out today because her voice is so beautiful. But I also know it would be over-produced and probably kill her career as has been the issue for many idols. She does need to get to the point where she has the confidence to make her own musical decisions, which in my view was by far her biggest weakness on the show.

  9. darcy's evil twin says:

    Thia has a lovely voice. No doubt about that.
    I’ve complained about Lauren Alaina was wearing WAY too much makeup on the program. One of my neighbors said that’s what the makeup artists do, and I pointed out that Thia is the same age and she never looked like Lauren. Thia definitely looked and dressed her age.
    She seems very nice and I wish her all the best.

  10. GeorgiaPat says:

    As always, I came away from this interview feeling that I (finally) know this artist/contestant a little bit better, and liking her. She’s adorable and talented. Who knows what would have happened if she had waited another year. Maybe, she wouldn’t have gotten into the Top 24. She’ll mature a lot from this experience.

  11. Jason says:

    The interviewer asked some good questions. I’m glad Thia got a chance to shine some light on issues I had been wondering about. I can’t wait to see what she does after the Idol Tour.

  12. Bee says:

    Michael Slezak is the best; he allows the idols to be sincere, comfortable and expressive. Thia is darling and she seems to be handling everything well. Naima (in her interview) was relaxed and honest and she seems really sweet too.

    Michael—-PLEASE keep interviewing idols (or other reality show contestants….SYTYCDancers!) on tvline. You ROCK!!

  13. Nick says:

    Loved Thia’s voice. I just wish they’d have had better themes early on. Themes with more wiggle room to show she could be relevant today. But I think the other problem was her age. A few more years, and this season’s 15 year-olds would have been formidable threats for the win.

    That said, Thia (and pretty much all the women this season, even the ones that didn’t make the top 13, to be honest) is supernaturally pretty.

  14. Jane says:

    The whole time she was on idol, I kept thinking Glee, this girl should be on Glee or some Disney show like High School Musical mainly because she is so young and it could be a learning experience for her. She could grow up a little and perform at the same time. Maybe it would help her overcome her robotic personality. She seems like a sweet girl and Glee could actually use a actor that is actually in High School.

  15. Annie Le says:

    Thanks for the video!!

    Well, as Thia said in the interview she was ready this year for auditioning and I believe she was. She’s basically been singing her whole life now. And Idol wasn’t the first reality show she’d participated in, she’s been on America’s Got Talent. I actually thought AGT was the wrong competition show for her. AGT doesn’t concentrate on singing alone, but other talents so it’s so much harder to win. She has the voice, beauty, talent and young age and she is ready to win this. The problem wasn’t her personality being too mature or being boring. The problem is the show itself, American Idol and its viewers/voters. Idol obviously did not want Thia to win and if u really watched the whole season and observed it closely you’ll understand what I mean. Idol is downgrading every year with bad judges and favoritism. And then we have the 8-16 years old teenage girls voting. As if the judges aren’t terrible enough with their useless criticism, we have kids voting who doesn’t know what talented singing is about. Auditioning AI was just a Mistake Thia did!! She should’ve waited and audition for The Voice. Overall, Thia is one of the most talented teenager I’ve seen yet. She will do well in life!

  16. Rick says:

    While it’s nice to fantasize about a contestant waiting a couple years, getting through to Hollywood week is like winning the lottery. There is some much talent turned away every year. It’s not like you go any ole year you feel like it and because you’re a good singer they pick you. The audition experience is long and painful and Idol does not come to your city every year. If you want it you go every year you are eligible even if you are 15.

    Beside Pia, she had the purest tone and for her age, Lord! Her performances and stage presence were boring, stiff and mechanical. Those issues are easily correctable and this girl is going to be amazing by the time she’s 21-22.

  17. Davey says:

    Michael, thanks for posting this. I liked Thia a lot more than some of the posters I read on TV Line during the competition. There’s nothing wrong with her voice or her appearance but she’s wrong for the hype of American Idol, just as the very talented Paul McDonald was wrong.

    I don’t find her robotic at all. She seems 10x more genuine that the people pleasing Lauren and acts more her age, which is 16 — which is very young.

    I hope she continues to pursue a singing career and find the right mentors. She is so attractive, I just think she needs to mature.

    I regret that Out Here on My Own wasn’t put on iTunes because that’s still my favorite performance of hers. I also liked Daniel.

  18. cult of youth says:

    If Thia or Lauren had waited a cpl of yrs, they would not gotten into the AI finals. They prob wouldn’t have gotten into the semifinals either. Why? It’s precisely because of their young ages that they were voted through. Kinda like the Evancho opera girl at age 9. Would she sound so special at age 21? No, it’s the admiration of youth prodigy (at least in Evancho’s case, she does seem to be a prodigy). Otherwise Lauren & Thia are not special/distinct enough or good enough. So the parents were not necessarily making a mistake by letting their kids go on now, esp if the kids truly want it.

    • SmoothAppreciator says:

      Well Thia’s sound is definitely for more mature listeners. Just as long as she sticks to her style and what she likes, she will be totally fine. The ones that last are the ones that rely on their talent, rather than a bubbly personality and “popness”. The fact that she’s pretty and intelligent is just a plus. Her voice just who she is, is pretty unique. If she put anything out there, I would totally buy it (and I have) just for that smoothness you can’t get from anywhere else. I need more! I’m sick of listening to Smile, Daniel, and Heatwave – I need more!

  19. noma says:

    She was well deserved to be on top 24. She had the best vocals. She seemed to be a little shy and was never a showboat like some of the rest. Loved her performance on the results night. Thia Megia definitely has a bright future.

  20. dan says:

    She’s adorable, and has a great voice. Maybe she should have waited, but who knows, she might cut an awesome album in two or three years.

  21. Shane says:

    She can knock off anybody with that voice of her. She must be 16 but she knows what she wants. I don’t think winning AI was her ultimate goal. She has a bigger dream than that! Good luck Thia Megia!

  22. Tuzo says:

    Heatwave!? Really? :-O

  23. Tusk says:

    Haley Fix: Live in Atlanta, Bennie and the Jets

    • Get that sh*t outtahere says:

      Take that sh*t somewhere else. This interview is about Thia. So quit being an obnoxious idiot.

  24. davis says:

    thia megia! one of the best in american idol ever! inspite of her young age she got one of the most beautiful and purest voice ever stepped on idol stage. i cant believe she’s 16 and its amazing to know that it was her first time to audition in idol and she got it instantly! whoah! YOU ARE TOTALLY AMAZING!

  25. davis says:

    honesty, Thia’s asset is really her voice and charm.. i didnt notice her at first but when i heard her the first time, i was mesmerized, i love the tone its so unique coz it is really pure and clean, thats really rare for a singer because most just scream to d top of their lungs… that is why randy jackson compared her to MJ coz they both have that kind of unique voice.. i guess its really the choices of songs.. she shud have chosen songs that are more upbeat genres.. nevertheless, its not really a lost for her, AI is just one of those loose rocks that will come on her journey. i do believe that this girl would go along way no doubt about it. i hope she could have a good handler/manager that will help her showcase her true talent.. she should now be very careful to all her moves being a star..

  26. 68u76 says:


    Google in the input: = ==you can find many brand names, even more surprising is that he will sell you the unexpected o(∩_∩)o

  27. Julie says:

    Of course when you’re 15 you “can’t wait”. That’s why it’s up to the show to set the right limits. A 15-year-old lacks the perspective to understand why they SHOULD wait. She is a kid with a great voice (and enough musicality) who is still at the ‘student” stage. I’m sure this whole thing is a great experience for her. Not sure it’s so interesting to watch on TV.

  28. takakupo says:

    I was NOT a Thia fan in the beginning of this competition and after I heard “Out Here On My Own” I was converted. I thought her subsequent performances were weaker, but she definitely never deserved the harsh treatment from the judges or the general audience that she got. Casey and Paul should have want home instead of Thia and Naima at number 10.

  29. Joe says:

    You do realize that most of these contestants just disappear? The majority don’t go on to successful careers. By this time next year there will be a new 11th place winner who a small dedicated group will be predicting big things from who will also be gone from memory 12 months later.
    I like Thia. I think she’s gorgeous and can sing very well but I don’t buy this fantasy that record executives will wait for her to mature and then burst her on the scene like a bright shining star. Record execs only care about what is hot and selling right now. A former Idol contestant who didn’t make it to the finals is not what they are grooming for stardom. It’s why these kids/contestants have to strike while the iron is hot. Once it cools off, they are back to square one with the exception that they appeared on the show.
    I wish Thia showed some of that spark she showed in the finale while on the show. She would have went further than she did. Still, I can’t even remember who the last 3 contestants who were voted off 10th-11th were the past few years. I’m sure they’re not tearing up the charts.
    The best thing these contestants can do is figure out who they are as artists quickly and get some music out there and jump on any opportunities that are out there right now. By the time X Factor rolls in this fall, no one is going to be clamoring for Idol castoffs.
    Good luck to Thia though. I thought she looked hot on the finale and lit up the stage for the first time this season.

  30. Ellen from Sacramento says:

    Will you be doing an Idoloonie interview with Haley? When?

    • Tusk says:

      For today’s Haley fix. Interview in which she explains why she couldn’t do her single on season Finale. Hint: Blame U2

      (Sorry Thia fans, I liked Thia too, but, Haley fans want to know… :))

      • Just me.. says:

        At least you are one of the nice and respectful fans of Haley. Some fans of Haley can get annoying bashing other contestants in order to make others like Haley more than the rest. I like them all! Of course we all have a favorite. It is easier to appreciate other contestants, when their fans are courteous and respectful to others as well.

        You’ve gained my respect…

        • Tusk says:

          Wow, thnx for saying so. Unexpected.

          That being said, I don’t get off, “down talking” people that are “threats” to my favorite. I prefer to take the high road and use the time to support my favorite. That’s why I don’t get people who like other contestants, waste the time to denigrate Haley. She has taken so much crap all season and stayed strong, to also get crap from those who don’t even know her.

          I started off pulling for Lauren, enjoyed James’ enthusiasm and sincerity (despite his challenges), and Thia’s and Pia’s voices waaaaay before I even noticed Haley.

          Bottom line, Haley had moments that made me elated and others that made me almost tear up (I who have nothing…she sold that). She has touched me and I cannot stand the piling on because of her perceived “attitude”.

          So thanks again, it’s hard to ignore those that feel the need to denigrate, but much appreciated. :)

  31. Chris says:

    Thanks for the interview. Thia is very talented and I’m betting that she will be one of the pleasant “surprises” on the Idols Live tour. Best of luck to her post-Idol!

  32. Truth says:

    I’ll watch this when I want to be lulled to sleep. I normally miss zero of your stuff Slezak, but she bores me to tears.

    • Just me.. says:

      And your obnoxious and disrespectful behavior annoys me too pieces. I read your ignorant and ridiculous comment without any merit, makes me want to barf in your evil face!…lol. Sorry Mr. Slezak seems to be a very classy journalist, surely you are one person he doesn’t need or would miss…lol

  33. Geraldine says:

    Thia has an exceptional voice and talent with a deep understanding of what she wants accomplished with her GIFT. She is focus. Peggi Blu, the vocal coach can only sing praises to her (You Tube, Peggy Blue American Idol’s Vocal Coach from Hell with Josh Skinner). Thia’s beautiful voice stirs excitement on the stage and given the opportunity to showcase the different sides of her stirs much more excitement. I’m still reeling from her recent performance on the AI Finale! She’s amazing! What she really needs now is a good mentor and she is on her way to the TOP!

  34. erika23 says:

    I love Thia…her voice is so unique and very soothing. I download all her songs from iTunes and made a compilation along with David Archuleta’s songs…believe me, listening to her voice takes my stress of the day. She can be huge someday. Wish her success in the music business. I’m not a country music person but I guess American Idol was seeing $$$$ in the country music…like Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood…etc, and Scotty was yhe male version. Just my opinion.

  35. erika23 says:

    oppss…I mean listening to her voice(singing)takes the stress off my head…


    • Just me.. says:

      Wow!! That is great news!! That’s because Thia has this infectious sweet, beauty, classy and talented spirit that will continue to draw the hearts of America! Thia will be the next America’s sweat heart!!