Cougar Town Season 3 Scoop: Baby Talk, Title Change (?), and Jules In a Wedding Dress (?!)

If you happen to follow Cougar Town executive producer Bill Lawrence on Twitter, you probably witnessed Friday morning’s lament on the woes of having given the show such a “crappy/lame/cheesy” title — his words, not mine. But what he neglected to add is that regardless of what the ABC sitcom goes by, it’s still one of the funniest shows around. And it sounds like it’s only going to stay that way with its slightly delayed third season.

Here’s what Lawrence has to say about C-Town‘s potential title change, the always hot-button twosome of Laurie/Travis, and — gasp! — “Courteney Cox in a wedding dress”?!

Exclusive: Cougar Town Boss Bill Lawrence Spills All About the Finale’s Surprise Community Guest Star

TVLINE | Now that you’re back at work in the writers room, is there an overarching theme for Season 3?
We’re really concentrating on starting next year being actually about something — specifically something that compliments the fact that this show has nothing to do with an older woman out f—ing young guys. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Wait, it’s not? I’m kidding. Don’t people know that by now? Or is the show’s title still haunting you?
You have no idea how much it hurts me and [executive producer] Kevin [Biegel] to see that title on the screen knowing that we had something to do with it. [Laughs] It’s such a played-out joke and we just feel dumb in retrospect. This is the same as people saying “Keri Russell’s hair killed Felicity” — if this show goes away before it’s time, it was because we were dumb enough to name it Cougar Town. And there’s nothing we can do about it.

TVLINE | So, it’s safe to assume those Easter egg title cards are sticking around?
If Cougar Town stays the show’s title, we plan to mock it until the end of time because we hate it so much. It will ultimately be our Simpsons-like opening gag until, emotionally, it doesn’t hurt our souls so much. [Editor’s Note: Lawrence tweeted this morning, “Screw it. I’m changing [the title]…. Seriously, we just decided. Will use fans to help with new title.]

TVLINE | For those of us who watch and love the show, what’s in store next season? The finale lent itself to a couple of fun new story arcs.
I’m not a big fan of cliffhangers because I don’t think this show lends itself to one. Though, there are a couple balls still left in the air, like the Laurie/Travis thing and whether it will ever be appropriate for those two to be anything more than big sister/little brother. I also still like that Jules and Grayson are in a committed relationship, and that’s what we’ll follow at the beginning of next season.

TVLINE | Are you guys seriously considering knocking up Jules?
I don’t see a baby happening right away, because I personally believe in solidifying your relationship first. But because of what Jules and Grayson said to each other in the finale, I do see their relationship getting much more serious. Pop Courteney Cox in a wedding dress and see how many people watch! A little truth and jest. [Laughs]

Cougar Town‘s Busy Philipps on Travis-Laurie Romance: Bring It On!

TVLINE | Interesting. How about the Laurie/Travis situation? She seemed much more on board with dating Trav by the end of the finale.
If this show lasts five years, that will happen. Otherwise, until I can show Dan Byrd’s character as legally able to drink, there’s a high creepy factor. For whatever reason, there’s a big difference between 28 and 19, as opposed to 21 and 30.

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  1. Tavis says:

    Since the show is not coming back til November at the earliest and also launching on a new night (Tuesdays at 9), this is the perfect time to change the show’s title and attract new viewers by launching it as if it’s a new show. Go for it! I love “Family Jules”, by the way, but that might be just as off-putting as “Cougar Town” for some.

    • La says:

      Family Jules is an AWESOME name.

      I love this show and have from the begininng I am glad it held on thru the early cancellations most shows seem to get because I think it has really hit its stride.

      • charlie says:

        I used to like the show and watched it regularly. Liked the original cougar action and wished it had continued. Imagine Jules seducing Tavis’ college friends from time to time. Currently, I think the show has deteriorated and become somewhat infantile and boring. May check in from time to time to see if there is any improvement.

    • Rob J. says:

      “Family Jules” has been floating around as a new title since practically the moment the series debuted. I think it’s a better name for the show than Cougar Town, but it might have the same problem of making it seem like the show could be a real 8pm family show. So I’ve got a suggestion:
      “Jules of Denial.”

    • RamblinJ says:

      Ellen & Friends

    • KJ says:

      I do not understand all the bad mouthing post about the show. If you do not like it-leave it alone.. I love the show and my husband does too, but I must admit at first we were like Cougar Town no thanks but I watched it one day and love it. If you are looking for crime, reality, or drama get over it it is funny thats it. No other meaning to find a simple laugh. Now I say the title, who cares, but if changing it brings more viewers I say do it. People do not know what they are missing and I would love to see more seasons as I too find every show I like is cancelled as soon as I get involved. Best of luck cougar townians lets keep the ratings up!!!

      • Paula says:

        I agree with you it’s a lovely show, I have all the episodes of season 1 and 2 and I would love to grab the season 3 as well it’s magnificent, I love all the character’s the all show is a must see

    • carly robinson says:

      Family Jules is Totally LAME! Season 1 was awesome because it was random, different and funny. Season 2 was not as good. I’m hoping to keep the random fun with a tiny bit of serious. PLEASE!!! Keep the name of the show new and also fun! Please don’t name it Family Jules so it will just be like every other family show out there. This isn’t a “family” show meaning my children don’t watch this and I like it that way!!

    • lora white says:

      I dont care what you name it I am just so ready for it to come on I am jonesing for some cougar town. But if we are throwing out names and it is going to air on tuesdays…how bout Tipsy Tuesday>>

  2. zhaquiri says:

    Yes, wait until Travis is AT LEAST 21. The Travis/Laurie “relationship” won’t be as creepy to watch then. Right now, I’m uncomfortable with the idea, especially considering how young-looking Dan Byrd is for his age…and the fact that Laurie is Travis’ mom’s best friend.

    • Tavis says:

      The fact that Laurie is Travis’ mom’s best friend is the reason why I think the idea of “Laurvis” is gross and sickening. I don’t want to see them together at all.

      • JS says:

        I don’t think she’s her best friend. She’s much younger then Cox. Even if not. You’re watching a show called Cougar town which’s early premise was about older woman dating younger guys!!!

    • Addi Joy says:

      I think that comment from the producer is RIDICULOUS considering how many Men date young women ( a man who is 28 dating a 19 year old) men are ALL for that but when a woman does it she’s a cougar/inappropriate…that’s lame. I think the show could’ve had a better name or Jules needed to be a cougar which would’ve made since when you started writing it…but I think it was GENIUS to name it something TOTALLY opposite of what you were writing about so you would get more interest. Just dont make this boring like all the other comedy shows….

      • Kerrie says:

        I totally agree with this comment.. The Title Cougar town is what drew me in to watch the show in the first place, and I didn’t get up set at all when it didn’t turn into a show about a 40 year old women chasing/dating younger guys. I just loved the show for what it was, I was totally hooked from the first show and always will be. You know how many friends and family I got hooked on this show. the sarcasm on this show I think it’s brilliant.

        Cougar Town, not cougar town what ever you decide it wont change me in any way.

  3. Stacie says:

    I think the fact that Dan Byrd is 25 and Busy Phillips is 31 is probably the reason why I don’t see any creepy factor between Travis and Laurie. I think they have great chemistry together and fit really well. I get the fact that Travis is only 19 or 20 and she is close to 30, but it doesn’t seem that bad. It would mess up Jules probably, so that would be a fantastic storyline, just to see her reaction.

    • ChristineOH says:

      If you get Laurie and Travis together, you don’t have to change the name. Genius! ;-)

    • Ram510 says:

      I just realized Travis and Laurie should not
      hook up due to the fact that she has already been with Grayson. We all saw how mad Jules was about that and how will Jules and Laurie’s friendship withstand that?

      I was for the Travis/Laurie thing (when the time was right), but now I say leave it alone. There’s other fish in the TV sea.

  4. nikkiqm says:

    Love love love this show. Rename it The Culdesac Crew.

    • susela says:

      Or simply “Cul de Sac.”

      • FrenchTvGirl says:

        In case you don’t know, even if “cul de sac” means dead end, “cul” alone means “ass” in french… ^^ So I’m not sure Bill Lawrence would like to switch from “Cougar Town” to “Cul de sac” lol.

  5. JC says:

    I have tried watching this show several times and haven’t found a single thing funny about it.

    • Tavis says:

      That is sad—your sense of humour is broken!

      • jenna says:

        humour is subjective.

        • Tavis says:

          So’s your mom.

          • Jo says:

            What does that even mean? If you are going to try to slam someone, at least make it funny. And yes, humor is subjective, just like most things in entertainment. Just because someone doesn’t get the humor you like, shouldn’t equate to you attacking them.

      • Delon says:

        Nah, you are sad. Since you’re watching a show brim filled with sad characters and you’re enjoying it. It’s unbearable to watch Bill Lawrence’s one note wife trying to act and the men on the show look like worn-out flip flops.

        • Tavis says:

          You’re pathetic. Obviously the humour went over your head. Why don’t you stick to something simple like Two and a Half Men, k?

        • Belinda says:

          I am from Australia and I love this show , who gives a rats about the title, it’s funny, sweet, romantic and sometimes downright stupid, but you know what, we all need a break from reality and this show provides it, next time it is on sit down with an open mind and listen to what they are saying and maybe you might get the joke, if not at least you can say you tried and then keep your comments to yourself. What’s the old saying from our Mothers, if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. LOL

    • EdTV says:

      This site posts articles on shows I don’t like all the time. You know what I do when I see them, I ignore them… try it sometime.

    • Amy says:

      I only watched the first half of the season, and thought it was pretty woeful, in terms of the portrayals of grown women. (Sorry, none of those characters even remotely resembled real women.) However, I have heard that it has improved exponentially since then, so I’m going to give the second season a shot this summer.

      • Jax says:

        I stopped watching the first season too but the second season is SOOOOOO much better. I’m now hooked again. (It also helps to remember that this is a comedy…the characters are not suppose to resemble real people.)

      • Shannon says:

        Really? You think they don’t resemble real women? It’s all a over the top portrayal of women (if i drank as much wine as Jules, I’d be permanently vomiting), but I see parts of myself in all the characters and parts of the characters that I’d LIKE to have in myself.
        Maybe you need to change what you think a real woman is. There is no one definition.

    • Dave says:

      I agree with Tavis. I laugh harder at Cougar Town than I do at pretty much anything else on network TV. Often the highlight of my TV week.

  6. MY opinion is better than yours says:

    i’ll admit i never started watching this show because of the title. hearing how funny it is though, i’ve been meaning to rent the first season.

    • Juan says:

      if you do you gotta stick till the middle cause I thought it wasn’t that great until then but now fav. comedy

    • zhaquiri says:

      Do it. Rent the 1st season. The “cougar” aspect is, obviously, present in the first 6 episodes, but they kind of slowly switched gears after that — and it didn’t feel sudden, too. Season 1 was hilarious, even including the first 6 episodes (in other words, “the cougar episodes”). When the show finally found its ground, it became one of my favorite new comedies.

    • Nessie says:

      I’m the same way, I fully admit to never watching the show due to it’s title, but am now considering giving it a try (Especially now that it’s summer and most of my usual shows are on break).

      • the girl says:

        I definitely recommend to anyone who was nervous about the show because of the title, give it a try over the summer. I remember last year, I watched the pilot as like a test viewer for before it aired on TV, and I fell out of my chair laughing. I am not usually one that tries out new shows because I hate getting hooked to something that is just going to get cancelled, but I am so glad I committed to this show.

  7. zhaquiri says:

    Another thing I’d like to add regarding this whole Travis/Laurie pairing: Just because Dan Byrd and Busy Phillips “have on-screen chemistry” (and I actually agree) does NOT mean it’s necessary that they should be together. The show’s about “friendship,” it’s not a romantic-comedy. Think of “Friends.” That show’s focus was mainly on the characters’ friendship; relationships only started happening between characters X and characters Y when it felt “appropriate” and real (e.g. Monica and Chandler’s relationship). Please don’t focus too much on a Laurie/Travis pairing, because there’s a big chance that might ruin the show.

    Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Biegel also have to consider that Laurie IS, in fact, Travis’ mom’s best friend. It’s just so creepy, even if we waited 4 years. Something about it is just so wrong to me — this is coming from a 23-year-old guy who’d stereotypically be stoked with the idea of someone my age dating a hot woman. Just think: Laurie has already seen Travis’ mom’s boobs one time, and Travis’ mom has already has an idea “how” Laurie is during sex (there was an episode where Laurie talked about being on top).

    (I keep calling Jules “Travis’ mom” to get my point across.)

    All I’m saying is don’t force the pairing. Let it play out, tease it here and there, but don’t force it. Please also don’t forget that the show’s not about boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, it’s about adult friendships.

  8. Tavis says:


  9. Jonathan says:

    They should keep the title and just insert live cougars into the background of a shot here and there each epsiode. It would keep me interested. The show has gotten kind of tedious.

  10. matt says:

    I’ve watched this show at least ten times now and it’s never once been even close to funny or entertaining or worth watching. It’s the worst thing on network tv. Please kill it!

  11. Pop Vulture says:

    I hope they do change the title. I’ve never watched the show, and it’s because of the title. If they change it, I can watch! Hooray!

    • RKron says:

      Might someone be a bit insecure about the social implications of watching a show called “Cougar Town”? Who cares what other people think. My friend thought it was like “Sex and the CIty” and I’m like, “It’s a 4 men and 3 women ensemble, hardly the case.”

  12. John says:

    Lawrence tweeted that the show is now about “Adult Friendships and Drinking.” Which I think actually has a nice ring to it as a title….

  13. Taylah says:

    Dear Bill Lawrence, I really don’t care about Travis not being able to drink. Right now their relationship feels genuine and I really like that. Doesn’t mean that they need to hook up NOW, but if the show happened to be in danger next season– which I hope it won’t be– I don’t want it to end without it happening not only because it would be adorable, but because of what Stacie said, seeing Jules react to it, that would be hilarious.

  14. Marla says:

    Most of the folks I know who don’t watch this show don’t watch not because of the title (which granted was really stupid) but because all of the ads made it look like your basic surbuban soap opera ala “desperate housewives” with older chicks and younger guys. At this very late date, I don’t think a title change is going to change that perception. Undoing the damage the network did is an uphill battle.

  15. Me Not You says:

    If they stick around long enough for Laurie and Travis to get together at the ages of 30 and 21 they’ll be able to keep the title.

  16. melissa says:

    now if only they could do something about courtney cox’s hideous botox-ed face…..

    • Tammy says:

      A-to-the-men, sister! I have been thinking that for ages. She is such a beautiful woman–she needs to let herself age gracefully, not in a frozen state. And don’t get me started on that ridiculous hair style she’s been rocking for a while now. Blech!

      • Tavis says:

        Courteney Cox hasn’t had botox. Or if she has, it’s so well-done that you can’t tell.

        • Lana says:

          I was watching the other night. Her forehead does move, shockingly.

          • Ro says:

            She probably had fat from her thighs or behind injected into her face. Half of the women in my family over 50 have had it done and it looks way more natural than botox.

  17. Alice says:

    I’ll admit I never watched the show in the beginning because of the title/premise. I was not interested in a show about older women sleeping with younger men- sounded like a bad episode of Sex in the City. I stumbled into it this season because of it’s lead in- and love it.

  18. lc says:

    I’m all for the name change, but I really hope that don’t go with something like The Cul-de-sac Crew. Way too cheesy.

    As for Laurie/Travis, I say go for it. I get why some people think it’s weird because Laurie is Jules’ best friend, but it’s not like Laurie and Jules are the same age. Laurie’s a lot closer in age to Travis than she is to Jules, so for me personally, I don’t see a problem. I don’t mind waiting a little while, but I really do hope that eventually they go through with this storyline.

  19. susela says:

    How about “You Want Wine with That?”

  20. Raksha says:

    I love this show..and I dont care what the title of the show is…it is an amazing, genuinely funny show!!!

  21. JS says:

    Being a huge fan of Scrubs and Courtney and Busy Philips I’ve tried and tried to like this show but it just doesn’t happen for me! The comedy seems like it’s trying too hard and is not natural. I know Scrubs wasn’t either but that had a much more cartoonish feel! Also I don’t like the rest of the cast besides Cox and Philips!!! I even gave it a second chance this season and I don’t get what all the hub bub is about. I did like the episodes with Aniston and Lisa Kudrow though!!

  22. Bad Wolf says:

    I’m voting for Penny Can!

  23. Lana says:

    I totally think Laurie and Bobby should be together. I see Laurie and Travis as more of a big sister-little brother relationship.

  24. Kevin says:

    Do NOT change the title… it is what it is and i love it. Changing the title now for season 3 is a little late in the game. Own it. And with ABC dumping it for midseason and changing it to Tuesdays, it probably won’t be around for season 4

  25. Michael D. says:

    I’m pretty sure its renewed only for next season. Not 100% sure but I think Abc only renewed for next year. I’m hoping it was for two though. That would be awesome.

  26. TV Gord says:

    I think they should change the name to “Abed”!

  27. nic says:


  28. Carm says:

    The name of the show may not be the best, but it weird to reject a show because a name like that.

  29. Caro says:

    I never rejected this show because of it’s title, but you cannot expect people to think it’s NOT about older women dating younger men. That’s what the title implies. I’ve watched just a little bit of an episode and that confirmed my thought that it just was about dating a younger man, because at that time, Courtney Cox was bedding a very young guy! So I thought ‘This is not my kind of show’ and never watched again. But after this comment from the writers, I plan to reconsider and look up the episode guides and see if this still might be a good show to watch. I hope so, since I could use another good show to watch!

  30. Val says:

    Wow. It’s amazing to me that people have watched TV shows and movies with guys dating younger women for a hundred years, but name a show “Cougar Town” and everyone runs for the hills over the “icky” premise. Grow up, people! Seeing an older woman with a younger guy will not burn your retinas or make your palms hairy. Yeesh.

    • Eppinay says:

      I totally agree, I cannot believe people will not watch a show because of the title! I myself enjoy the show, see touches of reality and touches of the sublimly ridiculous and that is why I like it! If they can air stupidity of supposed actual reality such as “Jersey” whatever, then surely we can have a laugh at some well written silliness? Two thumbs up from me and I really don’t care who has botoxed and who hasn’t…just so long as I get to have a little bit of humour each day, I am a happy soul :-) Oh and I enjoy Wine time! Bring on big Carl!!!

  31. llyannah says:

    I don’t think there is a great difference between Laurie and Travis. My mother (50) dates a boy of 19. That is gross. But Laurie and Travis are not.

  32. Julie says:

    Dear Megan Masters: You are writing for a real website, not your own blog. Please learn the difference between “compliments” and “complements,” and between “its” and “it’s.” Thanks.

    As for this show, as far as I’m concerned, the creators deserve whatever grief they get for giving it such an idiotic name in the first place. What were they thinking?

  33. Wonderbroad says:

    I think since Jules is always pointing out that they are a family, they should just call the show “The Family Jules”

  34. virgilsdiner says:

    I say live with the title. The weekly placards are fun and add to the lunacy of the show.

  35. Ricky Fitts says:

    “The Show Formerly Known as Cougar Town”

  36. Bob says:

    Just call it “C Town”.

  37. Betty says:

    Well, if the Laurie/Travis thing happens, then the name Cougar Time remains appropriate! Right? Betty

  38. Goatbomb13 says:

    Call it Penny can

  39. csa says:

    I think a great name for the show would be (bringing sexy back )

  40. Leo says:

    The name is fine! And so is the show! Everything is pretty much where it should be to be one of the most funny shows on TV alongside Modern Family… just please bring Barb back, I was so sad she only had like 5 seconds on the finale… her depraved comments and people’s reactions to them are absolutely hilarious!

  41. Ann says:

    Agree with those who say the name is dumb – it is, but so what?? Love the disclaimers – fun to see what they come up with. Love the show and this is from someone who really doesn’t like very many sitcoms. Love the friendships and find myself laughing out loud too!! Glad it’s got another season coming and hope it continues after that cause it’s too much fun!!

  42. james uk says:

    I love the show, my wife and I( mainley me) are addicted. I think the name has no regards to the show, Thats why it’s a cool name funny and wacky.I suppose you can change the title as long as the show remains just as good..

  43. Liv says:

    i love the show it is one of my favourite shows, i love Jules and Grayson as a couple, and i was wondering when the next season is coming out?????
    thankyou :)

  44. Nick says:

    “Friends With Beverages” is my personal favorite title that’s been floating around. I’m glad that they’re finally changing it!

  45. Zane says:

    I think they should either stick with the name (and rip into it in the opening credits) or go with Wine Time…
    Love the show. Very few shows actually make me laugh out loud and this is one of them.

  46. robyn says:

    they should name it “the Culdesac crew” that is sooo much better then family jules

  47. stuart says:


  48. fn says:

    They really shouldn’t put “friends” in the title. The very name, associated with Cox, automatically takes you to the old sitcom it’d be ridiculous (and unfair to Cox IMO).
    Honestly, I don’t really get why it bothers them so much. The show’s almost in its 3rd season, who cares about the title??

    Title name aside, I must say, I watched the 2 season pretty much back to back, and gotta say that S1 was much better. Characters had so much more charm, especially Jules. Also Grayson who was a lot more fun then.

  49. Craig Green says:

    This show is brilliant. Personally, i think you should keep the name as Cougar Town, but if changing it preevnts it getting cancelled, please change it. I prefer this to Friends, Scrubs, My Name Is Earl etc. This is possible my favourite comedy there is! Just like to thanks the geniuses who created this show. PENNY CAN!

  50. Charlotte Brunning, England, Essex says:

    I would turn lesbian for all of the women in this show, especially Courtney Cox… NOM!!