The Latest Weeds Buzz: Martin Short! Aidan Quinn! Details on the Time Jump and Big Move!

Martin Short and Aidan Quinn are the latest additions to the seventh season of Showtime’s Weeds, which is now confirmed to pack the one-two punch of a time jump and a major change in location.

As the season picks up starting Monday, June 27, Nancy will have just completed a three-year stint in prison, after surrendering to the Feds for the murder of Pilar Zuazo. Nancy is now on probation, and in of all places, opportunity-rich New York City. There, she’ll live out of a strictly monitored halfway house while attempting to restart the “family business” from scratch — as Andy, Silas, Shane and Doug make tracks for Manhattan after laying low in Copenhagen.

Weeds Season 7 Spoiler Alert: Scoop on Nancy’s New Life Behind Bars

Short, hot off a stellar run on Damages, will guest-star an eccentric attorney in at least three episodes, while Quinn (a cast member of NBC’s upcoming Prime Suspect) will play a charismatic investment firm CEO in at least four episodes.

Also on board for Season 7: Jennifer Jason Leigh, reprising her role as Nancy’s estranged sister Jill (who has been watching Stevie while Nancy was in the clink); David Clennon (thirtysomething) as the husband of the artist being played by Lindsay Sloane; Pablo Schreiber (Lights Out) as an army supply sergeant/brother of Nancy’s former cellmate, who helps outfit her newest endeavor; and Gary Anthony Williams (The Boondocks) as Nancy’s halfway house counselor.

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  1. scooterbeanbag says:

    How am I supposed to buy that Shane will be 3 years older than the last time I saw him? He still pretty much looks like a gawky teenager. Not sure how I feel about the time jump. They couldn’t just jump ahead one year?

    • Dan says:

      Have you seen Alex Gould lately? he looks older than me, and I’m 19. I think it would be interesting if they add flashbacks to the interrogation process and in that way we’d get to see how Nancy and the boys managed everything.

      • Kelly says:

        I agree it just wouldn’t be right without it and they say Stevie is with Jill how did that happen? People are going to be so lost without more details Ive been waiting all year for season 7 I would love to have more details before they start there.

  2. Alicia says:

    Love Weeds, but the time jump is kinda anticlimactic. I was wondering how Nancy would get out of it all. What her story would be, how the arrest/interrogation/prosecution would go, and now we know she just served 3 years and that’s it. :\

    • lethargic says:

      I agree. This show has already gotten so completely stale and stupid the last few years and I thought the idea of Nancy being in jail or on trial while the rest of the family is in Europe was actually pretty exciting and was a chance for the show to do something different. Now it’s just going to be putting the cast in yet another city and doing the same old crap they do every season.

      • bigyaz says:

        Just how interesting would the plot lines be with Nancy in jail? The whole show revolves around her.

  3. Shane says:

    It’d be nice if Celia returned since Elizabeth Perkins’ pilot didn’t get picked up.

  4. Robert D says:

    Will Kevin Nealon be back?if not sorry shows over

  5. ggny says:

    its time to bring Conrad back…the show has gone nowhere since he left and its time to give him and Nancy a happy ending together…Because her and Andy just are not right together and its kinda weird

    • I think the show has done fine without Conrad, although I would also like to see him back. They have actually tried to get the actor back, but he said on Twitter some time ago that he declined to return.

    • Gia says:

      I love Andy and Nancy together! They make sense. They are probably the only two people in the world that could truly understand one another. If they don’t end up together at the end, after all these seasons, I’m going to be very disappointed.

  6. luke says:

    I will watch but do not agree with the time jump.

  7. rocky says:

    Where ever Genji Kohan takes Weeds ….I will follow~

  8. Gus says:

    I think this is good. I thought last season was a bit of a “bridge” year anyway. I think the 3 year jump will provide for a lasting show down the road. Now all these characters have been living their lives and the show creators have an opportunity to go back and re(visit) that by introducing characters they may have met in prison, in Copenhagen. I also think the New York City setting will provide a lot of options. I am super excited.

    • I agree, I think the show needed a reboot or it would risk becoming too unbelievable. It’s like the fire in Agrestic, it needed to happen this way to keep things fresh without going too far into left field. I think showing Nancy in prison would have changed the dynamic of the show by not allowing for the family interaction which is what makes the show to me.

  9. Nicole says:

    I’m a Weeds apologist and still love it, but I agree with everyone who misses Conrad – I really hope he comes back to the show at some point, even for an episode or two.

    Also, I kind of can’t wait to see what a psycho Shane is three years after the events of last season. He was on his way to becoming a total lunatic and I loved it.

  10. Jarrod says:

    No Celia? I was really hoping they would bring Elizabeth Perkins back for what looks to be the final season. :(

  11. Veronica says:

    I hate martin short.. thankfully he wont be in the show for long… but cant wait for the new season..

  12. lynzy says:

    I’ve been a weeds fan since the beginning. My ringtone is even the little boxes song. I did see a sneak peek of the season which showed them interrogating nancy. I’ve been hoping for a long time they’d bring back conrad and I thought it mite happen last season when they went to detroit because I recall an episode in season 2 where there was talk of them buying a house in detroit next to hailyas sister when she had to shut down shop because of peter scottson. Anyways I heart weeds and thought they brought it back nicely with the season finale

  13. SF says:

    And where is the baby supposed to be? With Esteban?

  14. chris says:

    Weeds has been one of the best shows that has brought the realism of true things that happen in life and culture and keeps some great plots of the marijuana nation that keeps getting stronger and learning how to survive a death or to ..what we learn from the show and humour that surrounds it keeps me watching and rewatching ..if we are in the last season I hope we can get a spin off at least from them…great show great cast love the jenji keeps me on my toes Showtime will be on at my house in June for sure …

  15. Dieseled says:

    I hate when shows do huge time jumps. They always spend the next season or two showing a bunch of flash backs about what happened.
    If those years were so eventful why not just show it “as it happens”?

  16. Matt says:

    I want Celia (Elizabeth Petkins) back a.s.a.p As far as I am concerned she was the funniest character on the show!! Then Doug!! Haha!!!

  17. Doug-H says:

    I so applaud the time shift… Shane was looking too old for his character and needed to grow into it… I wonder if they will really are shooting in NY or a fake NY???? This show has been kept fresh… Doesn’t hurt that early episodes now run all the time on TV Guide Network thought I suppose when they get to some of the season 5 scenes of MLP, they’ll need to do some cutting or covering.. They probably need to cut anyway to allow for commercials now…

  18. Caitlyn Marie says:

    Too bad I have to wait for it to come to Netflix. I don’t have showtime. But I can’t wait to see all my Botwin boys again. More spefically Silas ;)

  19. Ray S says:

    This show has been one of the best Ive watched so far. I have been a fan since Season 1 Ep:1. Instant! I was a little bored with last season. Season 5 was the wackiest, seasons 1-4 were terrific! I dont want to see them drag this show out to an end that makes people say “yawn”. Jenji…awesome job! Thank you for 6 years of laughter and excitement. I will watch season 7, just out of pure fan’dom!

  20. Snsetblaze says:

    I thought the baby went to Copenhagen with Andy and the gang.

  21. Bubbalol says:

    i want Doug’s gay son to come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is sooooo hottttt!

  22. Jimne48 says:

    Just give me one more scene with Nancy across Esteban lap getting her bottom spanked and my life will be complete. Best film spanking ever.

  23. Court says:

    Can’t wait for June 27th! I really hope Conrad, Helia and Celia come back at some point–just didn’t get enough closure from those story lines. I also never got closure from the Megan/Silas story line from season 2.

  24. Jenna Magia says:

    Doug’s gay son is on “Shameless” now.

  25. D says:

    I’m pretty stoked about the time jump. It always rubbed me the wrong way how huge Alex Gould gets between Seasons 3 and 4, when only two years were supposed to pass within the show itself.

    Best show on TV, currently.

  26. indcit says:

    I hated Haylia but I’d be more than glad to see Conrad back. I’d love to see Celia and all of the Hodes – they’re hilarious. The new guest stars don’t interest me. I wish they could bring back Guillermo, Esteban, Kat and Megan or Quinn. One of the many reasons why I’ve been watching this show was the hot guys that paraded in it (Judah, Conrad, Guillermo, Esteban). If there isn’t one AND they don’t bring back the Hodes, I don’t think I’ll watch next season.