Kyra Sedgwick's Case for Leaving The Closer:
'I Want To Go Out While We're On Top'

That Kyra Sedgwick’s voice wavered and cracked as she touted The Closer‘s upcoming seventh and final season at last week’s TNT Upfront event comes as no surprise. After all, Brenda Leigh Johnson is a role that garnered the actress five Emmy nominations, including her first-ever win last go-round, and put her in the company of many fine writers and actors.

“It’s obviously very emotional for me,” Sedgwick shared with TVLine not long after taking the stage. “Making this decision was really hard.”

So why punch out? In the end, it was Brenda’s exemplary ability to do her job that prompted Sedgwick to give up hers. That is, the rock-steady stream of murders to be investigated — and almost unerringly solved, within an episode’s frame — left the actress itching to do more.

TNT Announces The Closer Spin-off, Mystery Movie Series Featuring Best-Selling Authors

Sedgwick’s two children (with actor-husband Kevin Bacon) are now both young adults, so spending more time at home wasn’t a factor, she says, “and it certainly wasn’t about not adoring this character or these people [I work with]. But at the end of the day, [The Closer]’s still a procedural, and I think that probably fit into my decision a bit. Even though there’s all this amazing character stuff, that’s still what it is.”

“I thought about it for about a year, and it finally came down to the fact that I really want to do other things, creatively,” she adds. “I’m an artist, and I want to express myself in other ways and other places.”

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on The Closer‘s Season 7 Premiere

When Sedgwick herself announced The Closer‘s final season in December, the press release included quotes from the actress and top execs from both Turner and Warner Bros. Television. Series creator James Duff, however, was somewhat conspicuously MIA. But Sedgwick dismisses the idea that he wasn’t on board with her desire to call it a day.

“Oh, he knew. I told him first,” says Sedgwick, who is an executive producer on the hit drama. “I told [fellow EPs] Michael [M. Robin] and Greer [Shephard] and James and Rick [Wallace], and we cried…. They were like, ‘You’re an artist, and this is what you have to do.’ And then I called the cast immediately, because I didn’t want them to hear it from anybody but me.”

Surveying the room as we spoke to her, Sedgwick had in her eye line castmates such as JK Simmons (who plays Pope), Corey Reynolds (Gabriel), Robert Gossett (Taylor), and her TV husband, Jon Tenney. “I love [the show] and I love everybody so much,” she expressed, “but I also want to go out while we’re on top, when people still want to see us.”

The Closer‘s Main Men Sound Off On Spinoff

Fortunately for the people who love The Closer, there are two bits of solace. One, the seventh season will be some 50 percent larger than usual, spreading 21 episodes across the coming summer (starting July 11), a brief winter stretch, and then wrapping things up in summer 2012.

Also, TNT is all set to serve up a spinoff — titled Major Crimes and starring Mary McDonnell as Capt. Sharon Raydor — the instant Brenda Leigh bids us adieu, invariably with a big Southern “Thank you!”

“I’m really glad that they’re going to go on and do another show,” Sedgwick says. “That really helps soften the blow.”

And what is the theme for The Closer‘s closing run? “Love and Loss,” Sedgwick reports, “which is appropriate. It’s exactly the way you want the character to go out.”

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  1. L says:

    Great article. I love Kyra, and although I’m sad to see her go I can totally understand it. She’s going to go out with a bang (though hopefully not literally!) while The Closer is still at its absolute best. She’s a wonderful actress and I hope she stars in more movies in the future! I can’t wait for this final season and then the new one Major Crimes (and I REALLY hope that The Closer team move over to the new show). I need Provenza and Flynn in my TV life!

    • Juliab says:

      I agree completely with what L has said. I don’t know if the entire cast will go on to Major Crimes, but I hpope Provenza, Flynn, and Sanchez move to rhe new show.

      I wish Kyra all the best and I look forward to seeing her in the movies. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her nominated for an Oscar some day.

      • Beverly Kirk says:

        I agree with everyone but I hate to see Kyra go, she is excellent as Brenda Leigh Johnson and the Closer has been a breath of fresh air to t.v. programing. Its been serious,funny and clean! I LOVE it and Hate to see it go. Maybe before all is said and done Kyra will change her mind,

        • Joyce Gibbs says:

          You’re so right! Brenda was just the right mixture of smarts, vulnerability and southern charm. Always hate to see someone leave such a good show when it’s still so good. TNT has some of the best programming on cable television right now. The Closer, The Mentalist and Dallas are my current list of “must watch” tv shows.

        • carol says:

          I agree with you and some of cast members are fabulous actors. Kyra is always great and I think J Simmons should get an award for his performance on the closer episode when he found out he was not on the short list to be chief but she was. I would think it would be very difficult to act out the emotions on that situation, but he sure did it. My husband says Kyra;s character on her show reminds him of me. Kind of quirky!!

      • Denise says:

        all the characters that are on The Closer are going to be on Major Crimes (the spinoff)

        • Blessings says:

          FYI – Corey Reynolds (Gabriel) will not be moving forward to Major Crimes.

          • Michelle says:

            Why is Corey Reynolds not a cast member of Major Crimes?

          • Lartha Brown says:

            I believe the Closer to be one of the greats on prime time listing. It was refreshing to see such a good ethnic culture mix on a series, Great marketing! The show and its characterization will be missed.

    • william l bower says:

      I love Kyra, this decision rates right up there with the Bacon bros
      and Billy Bob music. Bon Jovi playing a handyman on sex and the city, he was so believable. How about 97 percent of the actors that spend their lives working and dreaming of a piece of a hit. 500 hundred channels owned by 15 networks. Cable is a time machine ooooh
      the 6 million dollar man is up next.

    • Jay Gallagher says:

      Kyra Sedgwick did an outstanding job as Brenda Johnson but it was the cast, writing and guest stars that got me hooked on The Closer. This show has the best acting and not just by the regular cast but by all the guest actors. The casting director should have received an award for a wonderful job. Any new spin off show will be a success if the current team move with it. Can’t wait to see what comes out of this.

    • Gayle says:

      She’s a tough act to follow! I love Brenda Leigh & what’s going to happen with fritz? John tenny fit the character of Brenda Leighs husband. As long as the rest of the team will be there, I might consider staying with it. I know the guys are not crazy about capt. Rayder, but they might just work it out we’ll see.

      • Blessings says:

        I’m not ready for the spinoff yet..- it’ s too soon!! It’s like reading a book, I need to disengage before moving on. FYI – Corey Reynolds (Gabriel) will not be moving forward to Major Crimes.

    • Betty Nichols says:

      I miss this wonderful program every week. The acting was great and the story was always interesting. Can you bring it back with another actress? Betty Nichols

    • John says:

      I am so upset. I think the closer is one of the best tv shows there has been in a very long time. I also think that like a classic show that was in the 70’s called Cheers, the entire cast is what makes it so awesome.

      Kyra, you played your part just perfect. The entire cast made me like a cop show finally. Kyra, when I first seen what your show was about, I was not interested. Then one day I watched it, because there was nothing on tv. I was and am hooked.

      Ending this show is just tragic. I really wish you would change your mind, remember it is a womans right, to change her mind. Why stop doing something that you are really good at, and go do something, that you may not be 1/2 as good at as you are now.

      If it is not broken, do not fix it.. Change your mind, because you bring happiness to so many. We love the Closer….


    • C.B.McM says:

      I couldn’t say it better than L did. Hoping and keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of the cast to move with Mary McDonald, whom I dearly love to watch. I don’t care if JK Simmons goes with them. I liked him in Law & Order, but damned if I like him in The Closer! His commercials for Farmers Ins. makes me want to throw up!

    • dianne says:

      I totally agree – I absolutely love the Closer – and I think Kyra is a phenominal actress and person! She will continue to do great things in her life. Yes, hoping also that the team stays with Major Crimes – they are simply a blast!

  2. Ruff says:

    It was on top???!!!

    • O'Brien says:

      If I’m not mistaken, it is by far the highest cable series in history. So, you know…there’s that.

      • O'Brien says:

        Highest RATED, I mean.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Yes, THE CLOSER and RIZZOLI & ISLES currently rank as basic cable’s top two series of all time. In 2010, both series averaged more than 8 million viewers — a first for a basic cable network.

    • Marissa says:

      The Closer has been getting consistently good ratings, at times garnering the #1 spot amongst scripted series on basic cable. That’s a pretty big deal.

      It’s also been creatively successful, as Kira has been nominated for 5 emmys, 5 golden globes and a People’s Choice award, winning one of each, so obviously they must be at the top of something.

    • George says:

      The show is still on top of their game. The Closer is a quality procedral. You want to know how bad crime procedural are right noe. Take broadcast TV for instance. ABC and Fox do the contrived buddy procedurals. CBS and NBC do the simple bland procedurals. The Closer is behind Justified and Southland. The only Three great Crime Drama on Television.

    • Tracy says:

      The Closer is an enormous rating success.

    • Mike In Europe says:

      The Closer is on top….top writing…top casting…one of the best American TV shows ever made. So maybe not top of the ratings but certainly tops any other drivel US television. Or aybereality TV is your thing. If so, stick with Pop Idol friend.

    • dixie says:

      Now u got me hooked & sadden,BRENDA lee is bad to the bone,please take all the guys to the new show>I LOVE THEM ALL>

    • BPhillips says:

      Do your homework, LOOSER!!!!!

  3. fan says:

    I understand that she wants to do other things creatively, though this kind of good writing will be hard to find for her in my opinion, but going out while still on top, that I don’t get. People want more, why not give it to them? It’s when people don’t want to watch anymore you better stop. Such a shame to end this amazing show for no good reason.

    • L Burns says:

      I’m with you, why go out when people want more!?!? I love the show and look forward to watching every episode and I think she is making a HUGE mistake. Most people didn’t have a clue who Kyra was until this show. It’s people like Provenza and Flynn who made her, she didn’t make them so why back out now? I don’t know if I would even like the show as much as I do if the others played the roles of Gabriel, Flynn, Provenza, Taylor and Pope. I just think she is making the biggest mistake of her career. As the old saying goes “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” and I kind of feel that that is exactly what she is doing but I still love her and wish her the best life has to offer. She gave us a lot so I do wish her well.

      • L Burns says:

        The writers should try sliding a different actress into her role and take off from there without even a bump in the road. I really do adore Kyra but my husband says her face looks like a scare crow and her voice “irritates the –k out of him”. I think the viewers will ALL continue to watch The Closer as if nothing ever happened, they should just call the new actress by Chief Johnson and keep the show running as usual and we will all eventually get used to it as we did Kyra and forget all about her. I don’t ever like Spin Offs, they NEVER last so why don’t they just replace her like nothing happened and go from there, it will have a better chance of succeeding then a Spin off. IF ANY OF YOU AGREE START REPLYING TO THIS EMAIL AND MAYBE THEY WILL SEE IT AND IF ENOUGH OF YOU AGREE MAYBE, JUST MAYBE WITH WLL OF THE ORIGINAL CHARACTERS IN PLACE,SAME SHOW JUST NOT KYRA, THE SHOW WILL GO ON!!! SO ALL OF YOU PLEASE REPLY!!!!!

        • nANCY bURNS says:

          I agree. This show is just now getting more interested, and I agree that all the supporting actors actually make it fun to watch. I hope that don’t have Fritz die to end the show…that’s just so overdone and frankly, we all have enough sadness in our real lives. Good luck to Kyra, but I don’t think her career will go anywhere; she had a lot of years for that to happen and it didn’t and look at Kevin B. He’s not top of the box office; surely they will miss the income, but whatever. I hope the show continues with limited changes and I do like Mary McDonnell, she and Brenda worked well off each other. I hope The Closer concept continues and a replacement for Brenda Leigh would be fine with me, just don’t lose Gabriel, I think he is just great and Pope too.

        • Queenie says:

          TOTALLY agree. it was the entire cast that MADE Closer. They are all super super super. Just keep going guys and gals. There’s not much out there in TV land.. we need a quality show at least once a week!

          • Linda says:

            I’ll not watch the show if the people change. The regulars make the show and seem to work so well together.

        • You can’t replace Kyra…it just wouldn’t be the same.

        • Andy B says:

          It really does not matter what any of us think! The folks sitting around the big conference table make the decisions, and they have no earthly idea if “Major Crimes” will be a success!! The cast is awesome, I hope the new show is good since my wife and I just started watching it.

        • Michelle Krumm says:

          I love the Closer and have watched it from the first episode but I feel that Kyra’s role as Brenda is the Closer. No one could take her place hence Major Crimes. But this is my opinion.But I will miss the Closer. And Corey Reynolds as well. He would make a great Alex Cross. Hint hint.

  4. fan says:

    It could still go on for at least another 2 seasons.

  5. Aaron Arntson says:

    It is so very refreshing that a fantastic actress like Kyra would leave a show which is at the top of its game. Too many shows these days hang another year or two or longer when it is obviously just a money play by all involved. Bravo and great entertainment should leave you saying “I wish there was just a bit more” Well done Ms. Sedgwick!!

    • O'Brien says:

      Agreed. I have the mentality that it’s better to kill a good show before it dies a painful death (See: House).

  6. Ingmar says:

    She’s a great actress and I wish her all the best. I am glad we got 21 episodes and we got this nice spin-off to look forward to. She gave us 7 good years and loved every single episode and honestly I think she made the right choice to stop the show when they are still performing more than well.

  7. ebowers says:

    Hey are the writers of House taking NOTICE
    LEAVE WHILE YOU ARE ON TOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. CandaceTX says:

    The shark is circling. She got out before she was made to jump it…

  9. gator says:

    gotta say this is hard to hear
    not sure ill like the spinoff as i absolutely hate capt rayders character.but i like the actress.heres hoping they can soften up her image otherwise i predict it will fail.

  10. Pat says:

    I understand why she is leaving now, but I will be very sorry to see it finish, it one of my favourite series. I most definitely won’t be watching the spin off, as I couldn’t stand Mary McDonnell.

  11. Barbara says:

    I absolutely love The Closer. Kyra is one of my favorite stars. She’s beautiful, talented, smart… I can’t wait until July 11. I am going to miss this show, Kyra and the cast.

  12. K says:

    While I understand Kyra’s reasoning, I think it’s still much too soon for her, and the series, to call it quits. Every episode I’ve seen is terrific, many exceptional. There are few shows I watch anymore, but this is one I look forward to and enjoy. I’ve never gotten into “reality” TV, unusual for my age group. In fact I am SO sick of them ~ this show is such a refreshing change. I truly wish she would consider doing just one more season after this year.

    • Another K says:

      I totally agree with K and wish Kyra would stay forever but I also understand her reasons for leaving and expected it. She’s far too talented to stay with one character and with her kids grown there is so much more she can do to stretch creatively. We all deserve that opportunity but only some are able to do it successfully. It came into her life at the right time and she gave to it her incredible skills and with over 100 episodes we aren’t deprived. Syndication will run the show for years and the new show will likely not have the same synergy but be enjoyable nonetheless. It’s all good.

  13. Janet says:

    Don’t go Kyra! Please stay. You are my favorite show and you will be sorely missed. Two more seasons and that is all I will ask of you. You have an amazing cast and the storylines are always great. Please stay just a little bit longer. Television is such a vast wasteland and with you leaving I might ask well as pull the cable out!

  14. kim says:

    I have loved the Closer from the very first show I watched. To have a Crime drama that actually has some humor in it, Provenza and Flynn, and I think that along with how we got to see Brenda Johnson evolve both professionally and personally is why the show is so fantastic. I am so sad that this show is ending. I can understand going out on top and that she wants to do other things. I just hope that the show ends with her and Fritz still together. I love how she always has those chocolates wrapped in aluminum foil in her desk. It just makes her so human. I will give the spin off a chance. I too have learned to love to hate Captain Raydar.

  15. Kathie says:

    I cannot stand that Capt.Rayder, thus I will never watch the new show.
    I can’t stand her put on voice and her facelift is embarrassing.
    I predict utter failure.

  16. Lois says:

    Does anyone know if they have or are going to have it on DVD, seems I missed the first 5 years of it. Throughly enjoyed it, and can’t wait for them to start again. Thanks

    • K says:

      Yes Lois, go to or and you can buy all of the earlier seasons of The Closer. I never paid too much attention to the show, but my husband loves it. I started watching it in repeats from last season and of course this season 6. I love it. So much, I purchased seasons 1-4. I wanted to know how she began with Pope and the rest of the characters. GREAT!!! I will miss the show very much.

  17. stormytx says:

    When Krya is done, I’m done. She is so terrific! And, I don’t like Mary McDonnell’s character.

    • Cheri says:

      I feel the same way too.

      • Betty Underwood says:


    • Cherie says:


  18. sdl says:

    One of the best ensemble casts on TV

  19. Mz. Gee says:

    I love Kyra. “The Closer” is my favorite show and it can not be replace.

  20. Solly says:

    Brenda Leigh has a smile that can light up a room, a wicked sense of humour, she can laugh at herself and an evil chocolate craving. She is pretty but not overtly so, she is feminine, stubborn, manipulative and arrogant, she puts her family second, thinks nothing of lying her arse off to get what she wants and is downright horrible at times. She was never perfect and yet was totally adorable most of the time. She never had one single female friend but she never once subjugated herself to the men in her team. She demanded respect and got it because she knew she was tremendously good at her job and everyone around her knew it and she never had to apologise for being good.

    In short in the massive talent of Kyra Sedgewick, Brenda Leigh is a fully fledged human being thus making her the first female TV detective most women can actually relate to. If nothing else I can thank Kyra Sedgwick for giving us a TV role model that was real and massively flawed and still successful. I totally understand why a talent like Kyra’s needs to be stretched. I can’t wait to see what she does next. But oh, how I will miss Brenda Leigh, her hilarious parents, her sparring with both Pope and Taylor, her instant revelations and her southern charm.

  21. david garcia says:

    I love The Closer. Kyra Sedgwick is great. She’s the main reason I watch the show. Her and the other cast members work great together. I wish she would consider staying on but respect her decision in wanting to leave. I hope she’s successful in her future endeavors as she’s been on this show.

  22. Dawn says:

    I love all the posts. I have to share that the Closer is a show i haven’t raced home to watch or made darn sure my DVR was set since NYPD Blue. I was shocked really when she announced this being the last year. I don’t understand actor creativity but I guess she does.I’m sure she’s getting offers. I just hope it’s not like ol what’s his face from NYPD Blue that everyone loved, who got big britches and went nowhere for years only to resurface sunglasses and all in Miami. The writers and entire cast make this show what it is, I hope they continue to do great things. Good Luck Kyra!
    Capt Raydor I agree, you learn to love to hate. If the writers stay it has a chance ;-)

  23. seira says:

    I am so so sad that the Closer is ending… The writing is exceptional…the cast is outstanding, I can’t remember an episode I didn’t like….The witty banter is just hilarious…I am really going to miss this show….

  24. Joanie says:

    The Closer is one that my DVR is always set. I have been watching this show, since it first came out. I absolutely love the cast of characters! ALL of them is what makes this show so great. My favorite episodes are when Provenza and Flynn do crazy things; however, if that were the case every week, it would not be as interesting. The writers have done an excellent job of allowing each of the character’s personalities to unfold. I love each of the characters on this show! I am very saddened by this news. I do not know how Raydor’s dry personality can mainstay Brenda’s southern charm, but I will be willing to give it a shot. To the writers and actors of The Closer I say, with a Brenda Leigh accent, “Thank you!”

  25. Jsf says:

    K. Sedgwick is amazing- – may she go on to do even greater things!

  26. Cilla says:

    Im going to miss this show. I dnt want her to leave. Thats just me being selfish. She is a great actress. Please re_think abt leaving.give us one more season. Plzzzz

  27. LPB says:

    Kyra, hate to see you leave the show. I don’t like many female actresses.They are vary fake to me.It was refreshing to see true acting.I do hope the rest of the crew stays on though,it will help the blow of you leaving. Good Luck, God Bless.

  28. S.R.A says:

    Hi Kyra!!!

    I’m The Closer’s BIGGEST fan!!! There is not one day that I don’t watch it :) I know it’s very hard leaving and I’m sorry that we beg u to stay it’s just a VERY VERY VERY AWESOME SHOW!!!!!! One more season???? ahhh oh well I’ll just watch re-runds I ♥ u Krya!!! btw… I acually cried when I found out it was ending NO JOKE!!! I would do the same thing if i was u. ☺ We are all ok with your decion LOVE U BRENDA LEIGH JOHNSON U WILL BE MISSED :( ♥ u Krya I want to be just like brenda when Im older :) (this wont be my last comment!!☺ because i love u SO MUCH)

    Lots of love from Louisiana,


  29. Nedra Phillips says:

    I’m sick that The Closure is ending. I just ‘found it’ earlier last year and am so absolutely hooked on it. I tape every show and watch and rewatch them. Kyra is soooo good and cute as a button. And, Jon…what a hunk. I love all of the characters, and since I’m old, can really relate to Brenda’s mom and dad and how they try to understand and interact on their visits to L.A. from Atlanta. And, Kyra’s daughter is a wonderful actress and I predict will be a big star when and if she wants to. When I first heard this was the last season I thought…’no way; this can’t be happening’. But, guess I’ll try and understand why Kyra wants to try something different. Much good luck and happiness to her, her personal family, and her TV family. God bless them all.

  30. Sally Rodwell says:

    I am sorry that this great is how is coming to an Kyra and crew have been a delight to watch.

  31. Ray says:

    We are as sad as Kyra !! What a fanastic show and what a great cast !
    While we know mC Donnell will do her best she is no Brenda lee Johnson !! Kyra’s Brenda Lee is a one in a million characterization. Congrats Kyra and the very best to you for giving us this gift !

  32. pmmm says:

    and where is the actor that player radar o’reilly now?

  33. joanne says:

    I’ve just found “The Closer” and look forward to it every week. Love the characters, really good actors all. Brenda is inspiring in her grit and determination to do her job. (But I have to admit her bright red/orange lipstick bothers the heck out of me)
    I also LOVE the soundtrack music by James Levine and I think the camera work is exceptional and contributes tremendously to the experience of watching the show. Hope to see everyone involved somewhere down the road.

  34. LJ says:

    I really love the character Kyra Sedgwick plays. And I especially love the way she delivers those one-liner zings….like…. the other night when she said “be quick or be gone” and once when one of the criminals said to her….go to he– and she replied “you first”….And when she told them go give the guy arrested for murder several phone calls, as part of “the LAPD calling plan”…. I guess I will just have to enjoy watching the re-runs.

  35. JOEL ~LE CAT~ says:

    Sucks sooooooo much! I understand going out on top, but come on! There is so much more to do! The show was not at all even slighty getting old what so ever! It was perfect! I personally don’t like Kyra Sedgwick but I LOVE Brenda Liegh Johnson! This last season, ~the final season~, is suuuuuuuuuch a disapppointment! I can’t believe THIS is what they’re leaving us with! It’s so sad. And then I just read that Captain Raydor is getting a spin off!? FFFUUUU! She’s the worst one on the damn show! This really sucks. At least I still have my law & order:svu… WAIT NOO! I forgot Elliot is gone too….WHAT THE HECK MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Bob says:

    The closer is the 21st century’s answer to Colombo. Thanks kyra and the rest
    Of the cast for a super effort.

  37. jack says:

    Can’t stand Capt. Rayder but LOVE Kyra’s part she plays I will not watch the new show if it stars “capt rayder” Thanks for a great run

  38. Sallyt says:

    Of course you couldn’t stand Mary McDonald – she played her part brilliantly – you were supposed to ” not be able to stand her. ” as you notice near the end, she coming around an my guess is that by the end of season seven – you and the chief will really like her! The seed had already been planted with the fellas. Hang in there and watch.

  39. Nanci says:

    I keep hoping this is just a ploy to get people to watch and that this show isn’t going off the air. It is one of the few shows I watch, that has a heroine, that I enjoy. Flaws, quirks and tenacity. I have also enjoyed the supporting cast of men with their quirks, emerging stories, comedic timing and collaborative quirks. It is refreshing to see their backstory emerge, not always fully – because it leaves room for speculation and talk in our household. I cannot believe this series has been on for 7 years and it is literally one of the first shows, that keeps me wanting more and unbelieving that this much time has gone by. Other shows…by this time, you know the routine. Yes, the show has formulas but there is enough of an eyebrow lift to keep it refreshing. This all bodes to the casting chemistry, the production ingenuity and the entire marketing and writing efforts of the entire cast and production team.
    Please stay!!!!

  40. AlphaEN says:

    I love the show – everything and everyone in it and about it! Amazing. The Closer bit True Blood on my list. Brenda is one woman I want to be like, despite her flaws (she is stubborn, let’s admit it!) As I blogged comparing the two southern women, Brenda wins hands down. I am a bit sad that the show is coming to an end, but I have enjoyed every second of every episode, so thank you all! More importantly, I appreciate the honesty and openness of Kyra Sedwgick and the fact that the creators let us know what’s in store without dragging the mystery of “what’s next” to tease the viewer. The journey we have watched for years has been excellent and entertaining, and I’ve got a feeling the summer 2012 will be even better. I salute Kyra S, Joy T., J.K. Simmons and every other member of the cast for making me happy while watching you all! Thank you! And good luck to Kyra in her new endeavors. Please come back to us soon with new great projects!

  41. PatsyB says:

    Thank you Kyra for bringing Brenda to life–she has been one of my favorite characters from the first show. The Closer has it all, fantastic writers, fabulous actors, great drama, humor; strength, vulnerability, and great detective teamwork. One of my favorite parts of the show is when Brenda starts spitting out directions to her team–her brilliance shines. Thank you everyone, I look forward to seeing the final season and know it will be the best season. At the end of the last show, I will hold a piece of chocolate in my hand and with tears in my eyes, I will say, “Cheers Brenda.”

  42. Madaline Wendel says:

    I’m just a 64 year old housewife from Kansas. I’m not going to wrie like a smart journalist, but just a note from my heart. My husband and I don’t watch a lot of TV. With of course one exception — THE CLOSER. We cancel anything that comes our way before missing our show. We have friends who feel the same way. From 20 year olds to 80+. The entire cast has such great chemistry. The writers are fabulous. We laugh, we cry, at every episode. Does Kyra really know how many fans she has in this show? When she leaves it will be like when Jamie Summers from the “Bionic Man” died. Fans were sobbing in front of their TV’s. I refused to leave the station. But ALAS, they brought her back alive and she got her own show. I liked Jamie’s character so much, I named my first born after her. If Kyra must leave, bring her back alive. I’m too old for more children, but I’ll find some appropriate way to celebrate!!!!

  43. Cross says:

    Wow! Ur not serious…. Kyra leaving no way… I love the Closer….. Im in law enforement and I only watch her and the cast….. What am i going to do without u….. Ive followed ur career. Please…. Reconsider….. Love u Kyra and cast….

  44. Inga says:

    Kyra, two words for what you’re about to do:

    David Caruso

    You’re a fool. You don’t want to go out while it’s on top, or because you’re an artist. You’re getting a big head and think you’re about to take on Hollywood with a movie career. Why don’t you do both? You’re about to find out Hollywood only has a couple of movies, for actresses your age, every 10 years. Sorry hon, but they like ’em young now. Guess you need to find out the hard way, like Caruso did. He ended up coming back to TV after failing miserably, and hopefully TV will want you when you come crawling. You just threw away a role that most actresses your age would kill for. You’re ungrateful and I can’t wait till you see it for yourself. I hate when actors do this. It’s not about the fans, it’s just about them. I’ll watch till the season ends, but I’m not holding my breath to see Kyra in one movie after another. she’ll probably be in one or two, then will never see her again. Maybe she’ll just be a groupie in Kevin Bacon’s lame band that hasn’t gone anywhere either. HA! Who agrees??

  45. ben says:

    I think the early shows in 2005 and 2006 are the best. It seems after she has whipped everyone in shape to respect her, finally it leaves the new shows on the boring side. Her antics with her eyes, purse,phone, shoes, hats and the way she presents her self as a downhome southern girl who has her fellow actors afraid to cross her because of the power she holds is unapproachable in any sitcom in this age. Being sexy, cute and the way she handles herself in each scene has you begging for more…..Its fun watching the reruns again.
    I hope she starts another series. She is my favorite actress.

  46. Celesta c. says:

    Kyra is great and I hate to see iher go: however , new can be refreshing. It’s just getting used to the change. I do like Fritz and hope they can keep him on the new show. He’s a dream and excellent actor.

  47. robert james says:

    No one can come close to replacing Kyra. Best actress I have ever seen.

  48. Mary says:

    I love this show. I really will miss this it very much. If the spin-off makes it , they will deffinately will have to take the rest of the cast and crew with it. If they don’t , I’m afraid it will never make it. Kyra I will miss you so much. I hope you will be a success in any adventure you go after. From my family to yours, we love you very much. Love u very much , Mary

  49. Mary says:

    Please stay,Kyra. It will not be the same ,if they replace you.

  50. contessa says:

    The best show! The best cast! I will miss watching you guys on Mondays. Wish you all well. Can’t wait for the last season. It’s always good to go out on top.