Supernatural Spoiler: Season 7 Theme Revealed

After taking a dark and twisty turn during its noir-esque sixth season, Supernatural will tip its 10-gallon hat to another film genre in Season 7.

“We had everyone on the writing staff watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” executive producer Sera Gamble tells TVLine. “[Executive producer] Bob [Singer], [series creator] Eric [Kripke] and I were really hungry to capture some of that cowboy, outlaw spirit for Sam and Dean [next season].”

But who are the Winchesters running from? A recent press release from The CW reveals that Sam and Dean “will find themselves…up against a new foe unlike anything they’ve ever fought.” After what happened to Castiel in the May 20 season finale, we had to ask Gamble if the newly minted God is the Winchesters’ new foe. (Of course, the decision to take his portrayer, Misha Collins, off contract suggests Gamble may have other plans.)

“I would consider Cas, in the last few minutes of the finale, to have been transformed,” is all Gamble would say. The boss lady was more reassuring about Cas’ chances for redemption. “We try to be realistic about the fact that people on this show do cross lines that can’t be uncrossed,” she says. “But we examine those things in terms of Sam and Dean. They have a tremendous capacity to move forward. We always look for the chance to have redemption.”

Supernatural fans, what do you think about a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid-inspired seventh season? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Groove says:

    I for one would like the show just to go back to its roots, monster of the week – dark show, quite recently the show is getting to be over the top stupid i.e. sending the brothers to a world where they are actors in a show called supernatural… go back to stand alone odd episodes with a general story line woven in and finish it all off with a 2 part ending pay off!

  2. Kendall says:

    i’ve lost any hope that the writers could pull off the fabulous story writing they used to. This has not been the show I fell in love with for a very long time, merely a shell of something that once was awesome. I won’t be tuning in to season 7.

  3. Makin says:

    As much as I love the Winchesters, chalk me up as another viewer who is less than impressed at seeing Castiel vilified. And all because the writers needed a *shocking* end to their poorly paced and plotted season.

    I feel like I’ve watched a different show to a lot of people- I saw Cas becoming more and more desperate at not being trusted. For 3 seasons, he’s been played and betrayed by everyone he ever knew, then was literally stabbed in the back by those who called him a ‘brother’. Backed into a corner, he had little choice but to do what he had to do, but disjointed by the lack of trust, he then lost everything that grounded him to the world.

    Still, the alternative was to allow Raphael and Crowley to take over Purgatory, Heaven, Hell and Earth, and I don’t understand why Sam and Dean didn’t appreciate the implications of that. Who would want another Apocalypse?

    I’m upset that a show I loved has, in one fell swoop, made every single one of the characters I admired seem so petty and unsympathetic. The series finale was no triumph, and I really hope they DO bring Misha back regularly so we can again see ALL of Team Free Will doing what they do best- saving people, hunting things, the family business.

    • Deion says:

      Very well said. The writers had the Winchesters take the position that anyone getting the souls in purgatory was wrong, and had them do nothing to help stop Raphael from kicking up another apocalypse. Leaving it all on Cas. The storytelling was very disjointed.

    • Louisa says:

      Great post, Makin, and I agree with every word. Castiel is FAMILY, and that’s something this show has beaten us over the head with from day one. He is Dean’s brother too, and I want to see Dean fighting to save him and being there to forgive him and help him deal afterwards.

    • Steph says:

      Hear hear! I’m in complete agreement over your view of the season’s events.

  4. Rika says:

    I am a huge fan of the show, always have been and probably always will be. But getting rid of Castiel will be a huge mistake. Over the last few years he has become such a major part of the show, it just wouldn’t be the same without him and the show will lose a lot of viewers and followers unfortunately.

    Don’t let this happen!

    Save Castiel!!

  5. Mae says:

    I do not understand this MASSIVE Cas love. Do I enjoy Cas’ character? Yes. Does he make the show for me? Absolutely not.

    When people talk about this epic bromance between Dean and Cas, I feel like I am missing something – am I watching the same show as them? They have (had) a great friendship, but Cas was never (and will never) be as important to Dean as Sam.

    I for one am excited to get back to the Sam’n’Dean show – Sam and Dean are the show for me. All of the other characters, Cas and Bobby included, are very secondary.

    Season 6 didn’t feel like Supernatural to me. Not the Supernatural of Seasons 1-5. I’m hoping this re-focus on Sam and Dean will help with that. Season 6 ended with Sam and Dean on the same page – I would love to see Season 7 continue with that. Bring all the outside angst in the world, but please, please please keep Sam and Dean on the same team.

    • Louisa says:

      When people talk about this epic bromance between Dean and Cas, I feel like I am missing something – am I watching the same show as them? They have (had) a great friendship, but Cas was never (and will never) be as important to Dean as Sam.

      When I see comments like this I wonder if you’re watching the same show as me, quite frankly. And as to your inability to understand why Cas should be a part of the show, the clue is in MASSIVE. He has a massive fanbase that is vital to this show’s survival. If you want to keep watching the show yourself you should be hoping it keeps Cas/Misha because the ratings will be in the toilet without him. And you won’t get your season 8 then.

      • Mae says:

        Did I ever say that Cas shouldn’t be apart of the show? No. In fact, I would like to see him stick around. Please don’t put words in my mouth.

        While Cas (and Misha) does have a vocal fan base, I don’t think he is as vital to survival of the show as the super Cas fans seems to think he is. I guess I just don’t understand how one can only watch the show for Cas. Cas was in barely in half the episodes this season, and last season.

    • Skylites says:

      Actually what I don’t get is why people want SPN to go back to just being Sam and Dean. It’s a complete irony as I’ve always felt that season 1-5 was a testament of what real FAMILY should be that it doesn’t end just cause you are not blood.

      What Season 1-5 did was open up Sam and Dean’s world beyond just the two of them. So going back feels kinda redundant. It’s like wanting to wrap up again an opened gift just so we can reuse it. It’s pointless and to be honest, hindering the growth of the show. Bobby and Castiel attributed a lot to the growth of the show so losing that will put a big dent on what the past six season has accomplished.

      • Mae says:

        I never said I wanted it to JUST be Sam and Dean and ONLY Sam and Dean.

        I’m pretty certain Bobby will still be around, and why is everyone SO sure that Cas won’t be around Season 7 – just because Misha isn’t a regular doesn’t mean he won’t still be involved. Look at Jim Beaver/Bobby.

        The show has grown and I think Season 6 showcases those growing pains really well. In my opinion – it is fine if your’s differs – I think going back to a solid Dean and Sam relationship will help get the show back on track. That is all I’m saying.

        • Skylites says:

          Hmm, we might actually not be seeing eye-to-eye especially regarding the topic of going back to just Sam and Dean. I’m not that big of a fan of Castiel– so him being a regular or not doesn’t affect me as much. I’m saying this because I feel that the brothers, especially Dean, has grown BECAUSE of connections outside the two of them– If all we have is meaningless relationships due to the whole monster of the week approach, how will SPN, especially the brothers, grow?

          This is why I stated above that rehashing this idea just doesn’t make sense. In order to grow, to be bigger, change is needed. But if the change is to go back to square one, then what we have is basically a show on a vicious cycle.

      • lou says:

        I think what makes me saddest is that I just really enjoy watching the chemistry and trust that’s built between Jared, Jensen, Jim and Misha as actors, and it came across onscreen with their characters. The Supernatural world will be just a little less interesting if we should lose one of those four.

    • Lisa says:

      I totally agree, Mae. I’ve just gone back to watching from Season 1 and I really miss the Sam and Dean connection. I know they can’t go back there because the characters have progressed, but as you said, I would love to see them on the same page again. I really miss the classic rock tunes too. No matter what they do, I will be a fan to the end.

  6. Sean Carter says:

    I’ll be honest, the show hasn’t been that great since midway through the third season. I only still watch it because it’s the only show I get together with my dad to watch and he still loves it. I’m just hoping we can get back to some brass ticky tacks this upcoming season. Tone down the angels, Dean becoming an actual hunter again instead of acting all angsty and crying in the car all the time. Sam not trying to act all hardcore when he was the one clearly not made for that, it was unbelievable to me. Just two hunters hunting different evil things. I know I’m in the minority but that’s what I miss. Castle was nice and all but the angel storyline this show has been on the past couple years needs to stop. It got old fast. Sorry if you disagree, I just needed to vent about it.

  7. Kat says:

    If an angel can’t be redeemed then what hope is there for any other character? I don’t understand what Sera is doing here…. Fans loved Cas and Dean considers him family – Dean doesn’t give up on family! Plus, the Winchesters are not hypocrites and Dean made a deal with a demon to bring Sam back from the dead. Mary made a deal with a demon to save John. John made a deal with a demon to save Dean. Bobby made a deal with a demon to get his legs back. Sam was part demon, was addicted to demon blood and worked with a demon. They’ve all done what Cas did and I can’t believe they would judge him for it! I think Sera needs to be fired. Or at least forced to work with someone who respects the history of the show as much as the fans do!

  8. Mikaylah says:

    Let me start off by saying I am a big fan of Misha Collins and Castiel. I want him to be there next season. I feel like he needs to be there. I know the show started out at two brothers fighting demons, but it has evolved into a much more ensemble drama with a lot of mythology (which I have loved). I loved the introduction of Castiel and that we now see more of Bobby. I think those two characters and elements have added so much to the show. I have been disappointed with the characters/writing the past few episodes because it seemed to go against everything we know about them. Castiel made some tough (maybe bad) choices in his quest to save humanity, but him becoming a tyrannical god at the end? Doesn’t seem right. Also, Dean turning his back on Castiel seemed completely out of character and a shoddy way to treat both of them. I hope we get some closure if Misha really won’t be back full time next year. But things are always changing, so who knows what might happen.

  9. jess says:

    I don’t really understand all these negative comments, I wonder if we’ve read the same interview… Honestly, have you actually READ this article or have you just taken the chance to write your frustration about the finale? Sera has NOT said that cass is unlikely going to be forgiven – all the opposite! She said “dean and sam have a tremendous capacity of forgiven”, she’s actually saying cass WILL HAVE redemption. Can’t you see the huge spoiler in those words? SPN writers are not nuts, they know how much cass is important for the show, they won’t threw his character out of the window! the fact that misha is not a regular casting anyomre means NOTHING: look at bobby, he’s a guest and still he’s in a lot of episodes!!! Don’t panic when it’s not the case, please, think rationally…
    Plus, this show IS about redemption. Sam got almost bad, now he’s fine! Dean tortured in hell, now he’s dealing with it, but still he’s fine! cass is the new big bad, but eventually he will be fine. Please, trust these writers who have given us six awesome seasons of the best show on tv… please! just keep watching and trusting them, cause they know what they do, and what they write. Whining on stuff that hasn’t happened yet makes no sense to me…
    Last but not the least, characters MUST change. I love cass, I really do, I love him as much as I love sam (but dean’s still the best of them all <3), and right because I love him, I want him to evolve and deal with all the stories he can have. There's just too much to tell about him, and this god stuff is one of the story he deserves to have. You say you don't want him to chage because you love his charater, but no change equals bore to me. cass deserves to be a dynamic character just as much as dean and sam do. This doesn't mean they're ruining his character at all! they're creating a new story, and I'm excited for it.
    Give season 7 a chance, I bet you all cass fans won't regret it!

    • CyanaT says:

      I agree with all of this ^^^. Fans may have to read between the lines with Sera as she’s a known spoilerphobe.

  10. Holly says:

    Honestly? Why is everyone making a big deal about Cas leaving the show? I’m sure everyone apart of it has a good reason behind getting rid of him. Yeah it would suck to see him go, but us fans aren’t the writers!!! You won’t be able to change their minds from commenting on this page. And about them being “family”… Did any of you watch the last episode??? I don’t believe you did cuz Cas says flat out, “I have no family.” Sam and Dean have no more reason to try and save God and redeem him. Its just not going to work. So get off your lazy asses and quit bitching about every little thing that might change in your perfect TV world. Maybe go outside and breathe fresh air, or find a job or significan other. Its just a show. Not like its going to be the end of the world if the writers decide to change things up a bit. I will be sad if they get rid of Cas but I have no control over it so I’m just excited to see what they can come up with next.

  11. kikc says:

    Am I the only one who is excited aboout the outlaw plot? I would really like to have Cass back and I think when they say he wont be regular it doesnt mean he is off the series. But in my opinion theres no turning back for cass anymore- i mean the old cass. But the new plot can bring lot of new characters which we can fall in love again. Dont be so pesimistic everybody!!!

    • M. says:

      Well, it’s the same people who lied about Dean getting to be a noir detective. He just ended up being a goddamn babysitter of a guy who smirked while he got vamped. And oh, please, they’ll just kill off all the new characters.

      • tara says:

        Who’s responsible for bringing back that guy who smirked because he didn’t have a soul? Who didn’t bother to tell Dean? Castiel.

  12. Angela says:

    Honestly Cas has lost his mind that’s it! he tricked hell and heaven now he has all this power and its gone straight to his head..first i was ticked off with cas putting sam through memory lane of hell..If cas is taken off supernatural ill still watch it im a sams girl and a true supernatural fan.It will be off balance without cas in it though i liked cas sense he first appeared but in this season not so much

  13. Skylites says:

    “They have a tremendous capacity to move forward. We always look for the chance to have redemption.”

    I hate how Sera’s approach to the show (as can be seen in S06) is to make so many arcs (Soulless Sam, Campbells, Alpha monsters and Eve, Castiel as God) and develop it in ONE (ONE!) season then hope that everyone will appreciate her attempt to tie all the knots.

    For crying out loud Sera. Learn from your predecessors. A five year plan, OR ANY PLAN at all would be nice. I just feel that this season was made just for the sake of having one. I appreciate the fact that there is a season 6, what I do not appreciate (as I have been a fan since season 1) is this lack of effort to “wield a story.” Where’s the consistency that Kripke established? The “story”, the “fundamentals” that goes beyond what we see?

    It hasn’t been engaging for me at all and I feel that the only saving grace in terms of a story line for this season was that of Cas. So losing that, losing the whole Castiel arc will just have made season 6 the longest Supernatural filler EVER.

  14. xGen says:

    Sooooo… anyone remember that quote in Season 5 where one(or both, can’t remember) of the boys was talking to Death(the Horseman) and he said something about eventually coming for everyone, even having to reap God one day?

    Makes me wonder if he’ll play a part in helping deal with Cas next season. He’s the only person/thing/spell that I can recall that has been mentioned as possibly stronger than God. Personally I’d be kind of disappointed if some ‘new’ weapon or spell just happens to pop up. Either they can convince Cas of his wrong doing, Cas can realize it himself, or they need Death to stop him. Maybe a combination of all that. Or maybe the original God comes back and is all like “lolwut?”

  15. Travis says:

    I’m going to laugh if this was a publicity stunt to throw watchers for a loop and Castiel is back to normal having a picnic, eating pie with the brothers at the end of Episode 1.

    • Ellie says:

      I sincerely doubt that would happen, seeing as, among the various shady crap he’s pulled, Cas broke Sam’s wall, and when he wasn’t even high on souls. He’s got some serious work to do to earn forgiveness from the boys.

      • Tallulah says:


        • Jo1027 says:

          Does the fact that Sam was “fine” make what Cas did right? No, it certainly does not. I guess your definition of fine is quite different from mine because Sam was defnitely hurting on his way to help Dean and Bobby.

        • JenniA says:

          Stop shouting. It’s rude.

  16. tory says:

    No, please don’t do a cowboyesque themed season. You will loose so many viewers. Already going up against Fringe and the new show Grimm. You have to watch yourself. don’t stray from the prove recipe. You can do that and still keep stories fresh.

  17. Hannah Padalecki says:

    First of all, I love Supernatural, Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Cas. I enjoy Cas, love him. I love Misha and how he protrays his character, but this show is about Sam and Dean. It is about their lives as hunters, and their stories. It didn’t begin with angels, shouldn’t stay focused on that, and shouldn’t end with angels. It is Sam and Dean Winchester that r the heart and soul and breath and life of Supernatural. It should remain this way. I think Sera Gamble needs to hand the reins back to Eric Kripke if she is getting in her pretty little head to messing with the foundation that the house is built on! U do that, the house will crumble and fall! But this is just my opinion. I support Supernatural, Jared, Jensen, Jim, and Misha, and the cast and crew! i love my Supernatural family and Idk what I’d w/out you! Supernatural Forever!

  18. Dave says:

    Would people relax about Misha not being a series regular next season. The only things that means is they are not contractually obligated to have him in a certain amount of episodes and he won’t make as much money. He could still be in every single episode just as a guest star though. Networks all the time try and make cuts on long running shows. This was probably do to the Network wanting to make some cut backs on the budget so they could still have him in just as many episodes next season but spend less doing it.

    Also Cas is not the show people. While yes he is a great character and even one of my favorites on the show that is not who this show is about. This show is about 2 brothers..Sam and Dean! It has been this way since the very first episode. I truly would hate to see Cas go because I do love his character but if he did I would still keep on watching. Those of you stating you would stop watching a show because of a secondary character not being there anymore are acting very childish. I mean really why were you even watching the show to begin with because Cas has never any season even been in every single episode. The show was great before Cas and will still be great after Cas if he even leaves at all.

    • Mae says:

      Well said Dave

    • Serenity says:

      They’re not being childish, they have a right to start watching a show mid-stream and then leave it if they don’t like where the writing is going or if their favourite character is killed off. It’s called FREE WILL, Dave. I just hope that the writers don’t annoy too many fans and the ratings drop. We need them to stay, no matter what our personal reasons for watching the show are.

      • Dave says:

        They do have the right to stop watching and say whatever they want but it doesn’t mean it’s not childish. It’s one thing to say I really don’t like where they are going. Not going to watch anymore and it’s another thing to come on here and call Sera Gamble names call the show stupid, etc. That is the childish part.

        As far as people threatening to stop watching if the kill off Cas well then they were never a true fan of the show. This show is now and has always been about Sam and Dean. Everything that takes place on this show is connected to Sam and Dean. If they are going to stop watching just because a secondary character gets killed off like I said why were they even watching in the first place. They must have only watched the episodes with Cas in them I guess. That would make sense then.

        And the people on here blaming Sera need to get more info because even though he is not running the day to day stuff Kripke has been very involved and he wrote the season finale. He is the one that wrote Cas becoming the new God not Sera but I know it was a decision that both of them as well as Ben Edlund made together.

  19. Gina says:

    To be honest, I haven’t watched this show first run since Christmas hiatus. I will DVR the first shows of the season to see what direction they are going.

  20. Beth Cawley says:

    I think that Supernatural should go to different stories, so i think the whole cowboy theme will be fun for them to try out. However i would like to see more on Cas and his story there seems to be a side to him that noone knows and if Season 7 is the least ever season in Supernatural i think it should be shown why he’s the way he is! I can’t wait until its back on though! :D

  21. Richie_btvs says:

    i loved supernatural… but this season was hard to watch… so hard that i have 4 ep left and i dont think i can watch… its so frustating knowing that cas wont be back to next season….
    i really would like if CW just axes supernatural a gossip girl and bring back tara….

    to bad that’ll never happen….

    so just like glee and possibly house(after the premiere) i givin up on the new season of super…

  22. Spank says:

    Well, I hope they kill Castiel off in the season opener next season but Sera is indicating that they don’t have the cajones for it already, so sadly it probably won’t happen. I’ve been angry at Cas on the show, and I’ve enjoyed Cas on the show. But I don’t have a single ounce of emotional attachment to the character, and then watching Dean moon over Castiel “betraying” him has just made me want to puke. Dean hasn’t had any balls on him since John died. Can widdle Dean pweeeeese stop crying about his widdle self for fracking once? God, he’s been such a selfish, self-centered, self-righteous prat since the angels came on the show as well. Just stop it already. Dean isn’t the heart of the show, he’s the hollowed out hole of what used to be the heart of the show – SamnDean. Dean is just a crybaby, a whiney bitch, and I refuse to sympathize with his emo being FORCED on me constantly.

    I have mostly enjoyed this season until the last few episodes totally betrayed Sam and Sam’s character once again for everyone else on the show. Seriously. It was hugely disappointing after the writers had finally started acting like Sam mattered for once.

    I am fine with the show getting back to Sam and Dean because that means Sam is half the equation again. Unless they are going to add in characters for both brothers, I have no interest in side characters at all. Do it right or just don’t do it.

    • sashay says:

      Another looney-tune Sam fan. Sam is the emo brother, not Dean. Try actually watching a show, and not just lusting over a fictional character.

  23. Geordiegirl1967 says:

    I am happy with the idea for s7 – cowboys and outlaws, ‘all they have is each other’ all sounds brilliant. But PLEASE no Butch and Sundance ending! That would be beyond depressing.

  24. artemisdesari says:

    I honestly think that if they were to kill off Castiel that would be the end of the show for me. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m well aware that the show started out as the story of Dean and Sam Winchester. But it’s grown so much from that original idea. It changed the instant that Bobby became a recurring feature in their lives. After adding Cas to the mix, everything changes and I really think that it’s been beneficial to the story.

    There is no room for Dean or Sam to grow if they don’t have the regular influence of other friends and I’ve loved seeing this little family expand. The finale broke my heart and I don’t want to bring myself to believe that they would spend three years giving us this fabulous character and then try to make us hate him or kill him off.

    Those of us saying that it’s too dangerous for the boys to have others around are right, but would you really want to condemn them to a life without good friends at the very least that they can confide in? Besides, Castiel and Bobby can both take care of themselves. As could Ellen and Jo at the end of it all.

    The angels arc has been a big part of the show for three seasons. Castiel has been a big influence on the boys and until recently was someone that they could rely on for help when they got into the rather more sticky situations. I can’t imagine the show without him now because of the evolution of the story and the characters. Cas is a popular character (not with everyone admittedly but then that’s life). I’ll miss him desperately, but as a Cas!girl I’m predictable like that.

    • Jess says:

      And if they don’t kill him off its the end of the show for me. Please Sera, Cas has already done enough damage to what I love about this show, bring it back to Sam and Dean, Cas needs to go.

  25. Hector says:

    if you remember in season 5 when Dean meet Death, Death said that he is *older* than God and he can kill God. so im thinking the Boys will call upon Death to kill Cas or the Real God is goes up against Cas. but First the real God doesnt care anymore and it up to the boys to show him the Light to go back and set things right.
    either way its going to be GOOD!!!!

    *Death forgot who was older*

  26. Donna says:

    I thought Dean and Sam had always been outlaws, running and gunning, existing on the fringes of society with a very small cadre of hunters, so I’m not sure what Gamble & Co. are aiming for next season besides the infamous-did they or didn’t they get away- finale.
    I do believe that narrowing the focus down to just these two men again is going to become repetative and boring for me very quickly and I relish outside characters for them to ping against.
    I want the return of Castiel, and NOT the character some are now labelling Godstiel. There is plenty more to examine in his relationship with the brothers and especially Dean, and I would like to see that.

  27. SueP says:

    I am thrilled at this news! This was what I was hoping for ever since I read an interview from Bob Singer months back. To have Sam and Dean be modern day cowboys on the run from everything while still trying to do what they see as their job — saving people. I think this is a great new direction and I love having Castiel as the adversary. To be hunted by a foe who knows you well makes the story very personal. It’ll be great to see the brothers working together against all odds again. Looking forward to it!!

    • Skylites says:

      Agreed. Castiel as the Big Bad made sense. It’s a growth to be expected and was just BEGGING to be explored if you trace it back to S04 (Sorry to all the Castiel fans!).

  28. BitchBubblySasquatch says:

    Sam needs to toughen up. Cas…good ridance…

    The show needs to bring back the action packed stories like in the first season…

    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance theme will loose a lot of viewers. It’s too soft! The last two seasons have been too soft. Time to revive the badass, stop at nothing, girl in every town routine!



    • Jedi says:

      I’m in agreement. As much as I like to see Misha’s big blue eyes, Castiel is beginning to get under my skin. If he is GOD, then he’ll be too busy answering people’s prayers and smiting, yes? Leave the Winchesters alone, let them get back on the road and gank all the bad things out there!

  29. Kris says:

    I’m all for Sam and Dean back on the road, as long as Sera doesn’t try and shove another love interest into the story again.

  30. Amy says:

    I promised myself I would read any more comments post some of the ridiculous hysteria after the finale. But here I am. No one knows but the people behind Supernatural the shows plans for Misha. Jim Beaver has never been a series regular and yet has been in the show since season 1. None of us know what the arc for 7 will be. Stop crucifying the damn show before any of us have seen a single second of it. And stop crucifying Sera Gamble. One person alone does not decide the direction of a television show. This is a creative collaboration and many people drive it’s direction and tone. I for one will be watching because I hit the road with the Winchesters 6 years ago and will ride it out with them to the end. For those who don’t like the direction, get off the ride. It’s call freedom. No one’s forcing you to watch..

  31. Jess says:

    The comments to this article just reinforce to me that Cas has ruined my show, the one about the two brothers? Yeah that show. I liked Cas as a character but to force him down my throat like this, to have Dean hold him up as equal to Sam is the limit. If Cas is still around after the first episode next season this SamnDean fan is throwing in the towel. Even if it weren’t for his incredibly annoying fans the angels need to go, they are all so much same old same old.

    • sarah h says:

      It’s obsessive Sam fans like yourself that are so annoying. Cas and Dean fans seem perfectly rational in comparison

  32. Ozzie says:

    I don’t give A RATS ASS about Castiel. 3 Seasons of Castiel and the other angels is enough already. Be gone Castiel…to which I think he will return for a few episodes in season 7 to please his annoying Mishaminions. I blame the writers for making the Castiel character bigger than the Winchester Brothers. Too late and I hope season 7 truely isthe last season of SPN.

    We hardly even see Sam and Dean travel anywhere in the impala now, Castiel touches the brothers ,they bend over and they are where ever they want to go. What used to be the brothers doing things there way has become the brothers calling for Castiel like I DREAM OF JENNIE CALLED for her Master. Sam and Dean in season 7 will now call CASTIEL NOT CAST, BUT GOD….get rid of him already and then his followers can follow him out the Supernatural EXIT DOOR.

  33. Marley says:

    I will watch the show no matter what happens. I personally don’t think Cas will be gone that easily because if they wanted to just cut him off the writers would have kept him an angel, and have the angel blade kill him. Just because he won’t be a regular, doesn’t mean he won’t be a huge part. God (Castiel) will be hard to find, but I have a feeling a lot of the season will be based on finding him and killing or redeeming him. I’m probably completely wrong, but like someone said before Bobby isn’t a regular and he still gets plenty of screen time. I look forward to this season and I actually think I might die in anticipation.

    Also, I am betting Misha wants more time off to be with his new family. He wants to see West grow up, so I am happy about this for him.

  34. Katherine says:

    Sorry, but I’m not all that interested in Butch Cassidy and whatever. I was interested in Supernatural until May 20th. If I want to watch a western, I’ll rent one.

  35. Angie says:

    People are always pointing out that SPN is about Dean and Sam. Of course, that is right but for some seasons now, there have been characters interfering in the relation of those two. If it hadn’t been those characters the journey of Sam and Dean would have been quite boring after two seasons. A show running only on two characters isn’t going to last long and the writers know this. That’s why they put Bobby and Cas in (for example). Maybe they won’t give a f*ck about this fact anymore, for the 7th is the last season and they can’t ‘loose’ much. But in my opinion the writers have gone too far to just take away a part of the show. Because whether you like it or not, but Castiel IS a part of the show. Just look at his relation to Dean and how much he influenced the realtionship of the brothers.
    Watching Season 6 bothered me at some points. Dean was getting colder and more stubborn at the end and that’s just not him. Even if he never was the emotional type, he was pictured way too cold. The way he treated the whole “Cas & Crowley on their way to Purgatory” thing had too much sudden bitterness. All the time the season focused on Eve and at the beginning mostly on Soulless!Sam, now there’s Cas gone bad and Dean freaks out like he had been bothered by this problem the whole time.
    Well, I found it quite confusing. But the main point is, that the show is of course still focused on Dean and Sam but it’s the side characters who make SPN the way we love it. Would be way too tiring if it were ONLY on two brothers shoving away their emotions and hunting ghosts. You have to admit that.
    I think I’d freak out if they kill Castiel off right in the first episode (well, I’d also freak out if they KILL him in any episode) for that would be somewhat going against the moral of this show (family, friendship, strong bonds, forgiveness, redemption).
    I always loved SPN, but the 6th season troubled me at some points. I just hope Kripke takes the lead again (and King Endlund, that’d be nice because he has this ability to turn the characters into something).
    I love ALL characters on this show and I just hope, that Gamble’s not gonna f*ck this masterpiece up.

  36. Denmark says:

    I think that Cas was over-exposed in S6. He was great in S4 and S5 because he wasn’t stealing the show.
    – In S4 we could see that he was really conflicted and torn between loyalty and beliefs
    – In S5 he faced the lost of his angelic powers and he rebelled against his brothers and heaven.

    Both these seasons had great story-arcs for Cas, because they where downplayed and not the main focus of the season.

    I don’t wish for cas to die, but he shouldn’t get as big a story-arc next season.

    I hope the seasons 6 and 7 will kinda belong together (like 1+2 and 4+5), however this will also mean, that alot of time during S7 trying to tie up the loose ends from this season.

  37. Keep Castiel says:

    Maybe if the show wanted to narrow the focus and go back to Sam and Dean on the road they should not have ended this season on a huge cliffhanger that can only serve to increase the focus on Castiel.

    Just saying.

  38. Michelle Mckee says:

    Without Castiel…I’m done with this show…. even my boyfriend calls me Misha…

  39. Marika says:

    Has anybody ever thought about the comment of Ben Edlund when he was asked about Jimmy, the vessel of Castiel in one interview? He said it was an excellent question but he couldn´t answer to it at this point. And now we hear that Castiel is transformed (Sera mentioned it several times) and most probably doesn´t need a vessel anymore. This would be a compromise. Get rid of Castiel for the most time in the show until they find a way to kill or redeem him. And give the Misha fans what they want: A storyline with Jimmy.

    • Keep Castiel says:

      I’m not interested in Jimmy. I’m interested in Cas.

      • Marika says:

        Do you really think you would love Castiel this much if he had the visage of the Chrysler Building instead of Misha? ;-) I could live with Jimmy, if this is the way to keep Misha in the show.

        • Keep Castiel says:

          I used to watch soaps years ago and I always hated it when they recasted a character because even though they wrote the character the same, it was different as everyone interprets things differently or plays things differently.

          It isn’t just about having Misha around. The best way I can think of to explain how I feel is to use an example. Say the show kills Dean again, and decides that this time its permanent. Then they say don’t worry, Jensen will be back as his long lost twin brother no one knew about. Do you think people would be happy because that means they still get to see Jensen? Or if they did the same thing with Jared. They technically did that with Sam this season by setting him up as RoboSam. While some fans liked him, many Sam fans that I know did not. They saw Jared every week but they missed Sam. So its not just about the actor but the character that actor made us fall in love with in the first place.

          The same applies to Misha and his portrayal of Castiel. I don’t want Misha back just to have Misha. He’s very talented but for three years he’s made me fall in love with the character of Cas. That is who I want to see on my screen.

          There wouldn’t be a purpose for Jimmy on the show, either. What would he do, ride around in the back of the Impala while Sam and Dean teach him to hunt. No thanks. People say that Cas felt forced into the story, but the way they ended it this season, they set up a potential season long arc for Castiel. Keeping Cas here would seem like the logical thing to do.

    • Angie says:

      Who wants Jimmy?

      • Marika says:

        It is impossible to please everybody. The writers have to find a compromise. Like Cuck said: The fans will always bitch…

  40. Tammy says:

    Sounds great just so it doesn’t end that way. When the show ends I’d like it to be the brothers driving off in the Impala to continue “saving people, hunting things”. Leaving us knowing that the boys are still out there fighting the fight. One of the worst finales I ever saw was years ago for Forever Night. They killed off everyone except the head bad guy and left most of the fans pissed. To this day I still haven’t bought the dvds because of the ending. After years of enjoyment I really hope that when they decide to end that they dont leave us crushed.

    • Angie says:

      Nah, don’t think so. Except for John Winchester no “important” character has been staying dead up to now. They would just get back to life like they always do.

  41. Sylvia says:

    Personally, I love Cas, but I’m really excited to see the show go back to Sam and Dean, and HOPEFULLY something will happen for Adam, even if he doesn’t stay on the show long, at least they could get him out of hell.

  42. Dimitris says:

    The show started and thank God it still is about two brothers! not two brothers and their friends not two brothers and their allies! the Cas character was introduced in season 4 and he was a d*ck then he became a funny d*ck then he was a cute probably for the ladies d*ck but still a d*ck it’s not something new! He returned in his natural place being just a d*ck eventually! besides all the good things he gained from his relationship with the brothers and besides the fact that helped them untill the last minute. He gained freedom which didn’t know what to do with it, I don’t know why everyone seem to be so surprised.. He is an angel and angels are soldiers that’s how they were created and that’s the purpose of their existence. In Cas’s case we have a soldier with no trusted leader and a bit of too much ambition! He could have been redeemed! the chance was right there and it would have been great if he had taken it! He finished the war with Raphael he established his dominance he stopped the plans of bringing back in track the whole apocalypse thing! but the power was intoxicated. If the reason behind his actions was simply to win the war and prevent the apocalypse then of course the redemption would have been a logical direction for his character but no! and not even that he show no remorse!! as it seems the whole point was to gain power just and simply for power’s shake! there are no justifications any more for his actions, at least I don’t see any, maybe we will see some in season 7.But to be honest and if things stay the way they ended up to be in season’s six finale then I can say that I really want him dead! i would have killed him myself if I was Dean or Sam. His treason was nothing like anything in supernatural untill now! Sam and Dean when they drunk demon blood or when they tortured innocent souls or when they were ready to give up they didn’t plan on continue doing it they could recognise that it was wrong and there was a logical explanation on why they did it.They were desparate and they knew that it was wrong! They both regreted it they both felt bad about it and they showed their remorse from the first instant after they have done what they have done. They gained their redemption by fighting to make things right again each one with his own way. Cas didn’t do that, at least for now, Cas showed no remorse and he even threated to kill them! even when his purposely well established excuse wasn’t there anymore. If things stay that way then I see no other redemption than his death..

    • inger says:

      This show isn’t about two brothers. It never was. It was always about the special snowflake Sam and his brother what’s his name. Now that Dean finally has someone who cares for him, the Samfans only want Dean to be all about Sam and therefore Cas has to leave, and because Gameble only cares about what the Samfans want, she will, as she’s done for the past season and 1/2 give the Samfan everything. Meanwhile the Cas fans and the Dean fans get screwed, again.

      It’s amazing how many Samfans keep harping on how the show is about Sam if there is even a hint of Dean getting a storyline, but when there is a successful character like Cas, all of a sudden it’s the story of the brothers. Yeah, right. Until Gamble gives them Dean is all about Sam again and the story will once again be the story of Sam.

      This season has sucked and next season will suck even more with Gamble still in charge.

      • please says:

        Can I have someone who cares for me like Cas cares for Dean? Someone to beat the crap out of me, ignore me, use me, align with my enemy and then throw my brother under a bus to shut me down. Yes please, that’s obviously REAL love.

        • M. says:

          And you think Sam is better? Choking, lying, sleeping with Ruby, demon blood junkie, snotty eye-rolling hypocritical jerk who thinks Dean is a retarded illiterate.

  43. moon says:

    This show is regressing to the boring and claustrophobic story of two brothers having the same conversations and having the same issues over and over. Without Cas and new characters, the show is boring. I am no longer interested in the story of just Dean and Sam simply because it’s never the story of Dean and Sam, it’s always the story of Sam.
    But I feel that no matter what the Cas fans, or Dean fans say, Gamble will once again show her true colors and ignore both the Dean fans and Cas fans in order to please the Sam fans. She truly is quite a boring showrunner. But I suppose the Samfans want her in charge becasuse they know they can rely on her to screw both the Dean and Cas fans no matter what.

    Without Cas, Dean will once again become all about Sam, and Sam will continue to be all about himself. Thanks but no thanks. After 6 years, I’ve had enough of doormat Dean and self-centered Sam.

    • frannie says:

      Yeah, the interactions between Dean and Cas have always been far funnier and more interesting, than those between Sam and Dean. He’s kind of a boring character mostly, with occasional moments of interesting writing that give Jarad a chance to shine. Actually, my favourite Sam moment was when Dean went back in time and interacted with the little Sam, and we learn more about his hopes and dreams. But of course, it was the young actor that gave us this perspective, not Jarad. Yep, Sam is mostly a boring character and his fans are so jealous of Cas because he provides a much better foil for Dean drama-wise.

      • Jo1027 says:

        Why would Sam fans be jealous of Cas? He may be a friend to Dean but he’s not his brother. That was all played up in the final episodes so that his betrayal was so much worse.

        IMO Cas and the angels have taken the show from an earth-bound show which was easy to relate to to a pure fantasy show. They’ve destroyed the suspense because we have no reason to worry about Sam or Dean getting injured. Cas will fix them. I don’t watch the show for that.

        If they go back to a brother-centric show that doesn’t mean it will be only Sam and Dean. There will be other characters for them to play off of.

      • tara says:

        Jealous, much? Feeling insecure yourself? I can’t think of any other reason why you would be so hateful. Plenty of fans adore Sam.

  44. Bibi says:

    I love supernatural and the whole story … Season 6 finale was a but disappointing at first but I’ll still end up loving it! However I do wish that the show could have more if the season one feel again where sam n dean hunt monsters… Newer ones maybe… Maybe even bring chuck back cos he was funny.

    Everyone should just stop thinking too deep into the show… It is just a show after all… No need to get so worked up.

    I love cas and hope we will still get to see him in the next season!!! Can’t wait till season 7 and I feel quite lost without my new eps of sam n dean…hoepfully we will still get season 7.
    Gd work guys!!!

  45. Zack says:

    Just because Misha isn’t a series regular doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing any less of Cas in S7. And it would be EXTREMELY unpractical to kill off Castiel in the Season 7 premiere because that would end the storyline of the last few S6 episodes way too quickly. Why would they devote two or three episodes purely to villian Cas just to kill him off in the first ep of S7? And have the producers and gang forgotten about Adam!? He’s been stuck in the cage for longer than Sam was so he’s really gotta be peeved that the Winchester bros haven’t even tried to save their own half-brother! Personally, I hope that Misha gets to explore the villian Cas for a little bit of the first half of S7 and then he sees a redemption arc. And I would LOVE for Chuck to come back (maybe as God?) and DEFINITELY bring back good ol’ John Winchester at some point! In the Season 2 finale we saw him get out of Hell and might have gone to Heaven? So why don’t they have the Winchester bros. explore Heaven in search of Castiel and just “happen” to run into their long lost daddy? I think that’d be GREAT IMO!

  46. windykl says:

    ok i’m just going to express my opinion..i watch spn for sam and dean and their relationship..i’m ready for cas and the angels to move on…i have never or never will think of cas as a brother to either sam or dean ..tbh, i’ve never seen this “special” relationship btw cas and dean…i don’t even understand y sam said he’d die for cas when to me it’s clear that cas and sam don’t really have a relationship so ep 20 confused me alot..i think i could’ve accepted cas if he had a relationship with sam as well..

    • Jo1027 says:

      I agree with you about the so called “special” relationship the boy supposedly have with Cas.

      I think it was done to make the betrayal by Cas seem so much worse.

      I wasn’t surprised by it because what Cas did seemed totally in character to me. I know others see it differently but I never really thought he acted as if he considered them anything but people to use to suit his own purposes.

  47. windykl says:

    one more thing, i’m a sam girl and have been frustrated quite a bit myself..i just don’t understand the dislike/hate towards sam and jared..

  48. msquare1 says:

    Sometimes I wonder if Sera really gets the fans. In Season 4 this show went into the stratosphere (crazy good). A lot of that had to do with the angel story arc and the casting of Misha. However, I was somewhat dissatisfied with the 6th season until the last few episodes. In fact, the only thing that redeemed this season were the last 6-7 episodes, including the two-part season finale.

    So to reduce Castiel’s screen time significantly in lieu of a modern take on Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, concerns me to say the least. They’ve already done enough hollywood-behind-the-scenes episodes. Hopefully they won’t get carried away with this western stuff.

  49. earthspirit38 says:

    I too must agree with the majority. I love Misha/Castiel. His character and Sam are the main reasons i watch. With Misha gone and the storyline totally twisting into some kind of western i dont know if i will watch season 7. What more can Sam, Dean & Bobby do. And can they do it without Cass.

  50. Eric says:

    This all I have to say. No Castiel = No Misha Collins = Not a good 7th Season for Supernatural.