Finale Ratings: Chicago Code and Event End on Up Note, House Takes Sharp Turn

Both Fox’s The Chicago Code and NBC’s The Event wrapped up their one-and-done runs on a high note this Monday night.

Chicago Code copped its best numbers since March 14, gaining double digits in both total audience (7.03 million viewers) and in the demo (with a 2.0 rating). The Event meanwhile increased 14 percent in both measures, drawing 4.57 mil and a 1.5.

Fox Cancels Human Target, Lie To Me, Chicago Code and Two Others

Earlier in the evening, Fox’s House put the brakes on Season 7 with an audience of 8.9 million and a 3.3 demo rating, which is down 6 percent week-to-week and marks a 23 percent plunge from the show’s year-ago finale demo.

Post Mortem: House Boss Discusses Finale’s Controversial Ending, Life After Cuddy

Elsewhere on this final Monday of May sweeps:

* Dancing With the Stars topped the night with 22.15 million viewers and a 4.6 rating, up a tick on both counts.

* The Bachelorette launched its latest date-a-thon with 9.3 million viewers and a 2.8 rating, precisely matching the series’ previous opener.

NBC Axes Law & Order: LA, The Event and Outsourced

* Lame duck Law & Order: LA surged 38 percent in audience (to just shy of 6 million viewers) and 27 percent in the demo (scoring a 1.4).

What were you watching this Monday?

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  1. Jake says:

    Not sure what the leaders at Fox were thinking when they cancelled “The Chicago Code”. This program was one that I could not wait to see what happened in the next episode. Jennifer Beals and the cast were amazing. Bad choice Fox… you ended a great series.

    • Matt says:

      I think Fox had something against the Lie To Me (look at the inconsistent scheduling), and Jennifer Beals got her show hit with shrapnel.

      • Bob says:

        They were mad at The Chicago Code creator for signing a development deal with Sony TV. In interviews, he pretty much says that he knew the show was doomed when he signed the deal.

    • Brit says:

      100% agree… Fox/NBCU seems to be in the business of making poor decisions lately.

    • Dave says:

      Could not agree MORE. Wow, what an epic fail by FOX. Chicago Code was a very solid show and I know was gaining a ton of traction with the coveted demo. This is why I hate shows like Glee and American Idol. Unreal.

    • Sharona says:

      Last night’s ep was so engrossing. I’m really sorry to see it go.

    • George says:

      Hopely the rating booost is good enough for shawn Ryan to lure another network into picking it up. Also consider the other alternative that Shawn Ryan suggested on his twitter. Send email to Netflix demanding second season of chicago code.

    • JD says:

      Chicago Code is one of the best ive seen on TV
      in a long time. Nuff said…

    • Melinda says:

      I hope Chicago Code goes the way of Southland and gets picked up by another network. Too good a show to end after only one season…

    • Debi says:

      I so agree with Jake. BAD MISTAKE Fox, bring back The Code!! Great show, and you would do better to get rid of some of the dumb cartoons you show, and keep good shows like Chicago Code & Human Target!!!!!!

      • Mike B says:

        I agree. They take 2 well liked shows like Human Target and Chicago Code and hack them for other crap. Everywhere you turn people really liked both.

      • Bluesman325 says:

        Yep Human Target and Chicago Code were fabulous shows, yet crappy ones like “The Glades” continue. TV is getting worse…time to get into movies.

    • tracy says:

      If some other networkd doesn’t grab this gem – and the chances are slim – then I hope Jason Clarke and Jennifer Beals get new gigs soon. Both are excellent.

    • Kevin says:

      For our family The Chicago Code was on the must see list. They cancel a show like this and keep these other bombs that should never have made the cut at all. I don’t know what they are thinking. I have talked to quite a few people about the Chicago Code and they all became hooked. I have not talked to anyone that understands why they would cut such a promising show. Fox needs to rethink this one. This is a huge mistake on their part.

    • Anna says:

      Fox hasn’t made any GOOD choices in recent months…

    • Nerdista says:

      Such a shame, this was one of the best television shows I’ve ever seen. So bummed.

    • sue says:

      Bad choice indeed! We loved this show…FOX did not give it a chance.

    • Jennifer says:

      Is Fox network crazy? Chicago Code is the best drama to hit television in years and it’s cancelled after this short run? Does this network get that there is a whole population out there that hates reality shows! This gritty, realistic cop show (finally not filmed in NY…and I am a native NY’er) is the best televsion I have see in years! If it wasn’t for Raising Hope, I’d dump this network altogether. Shame on you Fox!!!!!!!!!

    • Amanda says:

      I have to agree. I love Chicago Code and hate that it is ending. It was one of my favorite shows on TV this past season. I really wish Fox would reconsider.

    • MandiB says:

      I liked “Chicago Code” -mostly new faces, like to see different setting than NY or LA-Chioago is great local – – – also loved “Lie to Me”, loved concept – again, different than your usual cop/detective/crime story – – – FOX lost a viewer for those 2 nights

    • Skip says:

      I was one of those who started watching a bit late and am so bummed that they took it off the air. Every week was riveting – never a dull moment you wanted to fast foward! I don’t understand the execs today – they don’t give a show a chance! But I heard that Chicago wasn’t too happy with the show and all the secrets it revealed.
      Figures. That’s Chicago politics.

  2. ML says:

    I hope House keeps going down and down. Tptb have ruined the show

    • Alicia says:

      They reap what they sow, and last night’s finale was terrible. Honestly, I’d be embarrassed for them if MORE people saw it. They should be glad the exposure was minimum.

      • Tania says:

        Actually, you should be embarrassed by the inanity of your comment. The less exposure to ‘comments by Alicia’ would do the world some good.

        • @Tania says:

          Alicia was giving her opinion on the topic. Your post was just bashing Alicia. I would rather read someone’s opinion on the topic, even if I didn’t agree with it, than see posts that bash people.

      • Scott says:

        Africa–what the heck are you talking about??

        Last night’s season final was excellent. The dramatic conclusion to the first (with hopefully many more to come) season of Chicago Code was some of the best “on the edge of your seat” dramatic TV EVER!!

        Why in the world would anyone spend even ten seconds to complain about a TV show they don’t like?? Whatever they have you smoking up in your neighborhood must be some pretty terrible stuff.

        BTW–the exposure wasn’t minimum, it was MINIMAL. Please

        • @Scott says:

          Alicia, not “Africa” was commenting on the season finale of “House” not “The Chicago Code.”

    • Tania says:


    • diane says:

      House is ending next year , the star himself said he is throwing in his cane and quitting ! This up coming season he will be without his sparring partner CUDDY because she has already quit the series !

  3. jrs says:

    House writers/producers, sorry but you deserve those kind of declines.

  4. Cari says:

    It’s time to announce the final season of House.

    • apolonia says:

      Absolutely agree. I am DONE with House. Too bad, as it used to be a “must see”………

      • MJ says:

        I completely agree. House use to be a must see. I stopped watching House when he and Cuddy broke up, because I liked the House/Cuddy dynamic. Then all of the other storylines I read about made me feel even better about my decision to not watch anymore.

  5. John C says:

    The Chicago Code was one of the best new shows out and Fox just had to go and cancel it. I still to this day have no idea why they cancelled it.

    • athom says:

      I agree. Fox made a mistake. But looking at their present lineup explains why they always come in last. Seriously, they get rid of quality but keep cartoons like the simpsons and family guy. Guess they only want kids as viewers.

      • Jennifer says:

        I hate to defend Fox since I too am upset about Lie to Me and The Chicago Code, but the network has had the best overall ratings in the 18-49 demo for the last 7 years. If you want to see a network in last place, look at NBC (or The CW if we’re still counting that as a network these days).

      • Mike says:

        They’ve come in first for 7 straight years after Wednesday.

    • Donnie says:

      I absolutely can not believe Fox Cancelled The Chicago Code!!!! Why is it these dumb ass executives can’t give a show a little time to grow…. Putting this good of a show up against Dancing with the stars? really? Brilliant move…. Why don’t you put Glee in that monday night time slot against DWTS and see how IT does…. I am really getting tired of getting involved with a good show and having it dropped like a rock…….

      I think someone needs to pick this show up. TNT did it with Southland when NBC dumped it after 7 episodes? I am really getting turned off by TV anymore… I am so tired of reality this and reality that…. Maybe I will join a book club…. if I pick up a book to read… I am assured that no jerk with his head in his ass can take it away……

  6. Rock Golf says:

    I’ve got close to 200 episodes of programs on my DVR, but the only series I won’t wait to catch up on are Chicago Code and The Killing.

    Both outstanding. How many shows have there been that grew in audience consistently for 3 weeks after they were cancelled?

    Time to rethink, FOX.

    • Tausif Khan says:

      You might want to wait on catching up on The Killing. It is quite a terrible show. I agree with you no The Chicago Code though.

  7. Debi says:

    Have to say that House has lost its once ‘must see’ status with me the last couple of years. I usually DVR or catch up online. Never cared much for Cuddy, and Huddy not at all, so I won’t miss Edelstein, but next season should probably be its last.

    • Sally says:

      I agree. And Hugh seems to agree too, because I read an interview a couple of weeks ago that he doesn’t want to continue House after season 8. I don’t blame him, his music makes him – obviously – happier than House ever did (unless you count being depressed as happy).
      I’m looking forward to a Cuddy/Huddy-free last season though.

      • Tania says:

        After 8 seasons of anything, many want to move onto other projects. Olivia Wilde’s movie career is taking off; Hugh Laurie’s music (and movie) career is taking off; Robert Sean Leonard who is currently on Broadway would like to go back to that and back home. Everyone has something else cooking. It would be good to end it now.

  8. Aurore says:

    Considering how bad House season final was, a 23 percent plunge (from s6 final) isn’t so bad.

  9. JenInChicago says:

    Cannot understand why FOX thinks they made the right decision on The Chicago Code. Each episode was more outstanding than the last. I just don’t understand how they can keep shows like Bob’s Burgers and The Cleveland Show and not let a quality, well-acted show gain an audience. Complete failure.

  10. Amy says:

    House finale was once again about the huddy crap no wonder ratings are down. Thank tv gods LE is gone! There’s still hope for this show!
    And lmao to the huddytards, they wanted to TT wesupportlisae and failed just like the huddy crap

  11. David says:

    That’s what David shore gets for ruining his show.

  12. bmo says:

    chicago code is a great show but it shouldn’t be on FOX or network tv. Maybe FX, A&E, or even Starz. Same thing with Southland. Put it on a channel that can give it freedom. Great casting besides the black beat cop, He’s annoying, and great writing. Hopefully FX will step up and save it. It could do great things on cable. Shows on Network TV have to perform @ a grand slam type level within season one. We are 10 years away from having all scrpited dramas be on cable and reality shows on network tv.

  13. Joy says:

    Wow. So this is the real KA-BOOM that Greg Yaitanes was saying. He had it coming… TPTB ruined their own show. Sometimes, they need to listen to the fans too and not just write whatever they feel like writing.

  14. newbie says:

    House to be cancelled midseason!!!

  15. House Rewind says:

    I think its f***ing crazy that all you Cuddy/Huddy/Lisa E haters blame the ratings on Lisa! Get real! The ratings were at an all time high when the writers were not messing up the relationship between her and House! When they finally got together rating were great. But when they started pulling them apart and making House and Cuddy do things that were out of character that’s when the rating started to drop!
    Late night everyone knew what was going to happen because of spoilers! Everyone said they would not watch and they didn’t! No one is happy with what is happening to the show but it is not Lisa Edelstein’s fault! Blame the writers not the actors! They are doing the best that they can with the crap they are given!
    If the writers really gave House and Cuddy the chance these two characters deserve and let it play out better the rating would not have dropped so much. But they didn’t and it was a slap in the face of many fans.

  16. Just John says:

    it’s too bad they pulled the plug on “the event” after bouncing it (and “law & order: la”) off the schedule for an extended time. sure, the show were slow to gain momentum, but as the final episodes drew near, both story lines seemed to be getting more compelling. the same thing happened to “flash forward” last year. it’s hard to get viewer loyalty when the shows get pulled off the schedule for extended periods or get bounced around the schedule. when will the networks learn?

  17. allie says:

    out of respect for the fans, I do wish networks would allow shows to wrap up after they are cancelled. I understand that The Event didn’t have a huge following but we enjoyed it and would have loved a better ending then we got last night. Oh well!

    • Roy says:

      Well at least we got a big hint what The Event was. And based on the final 5 minutes of the series finale it would potentially have been great what the writers would have come up with. I was also glad that they revealed that the First Lady originates from Sophia’s people as well, after hinting to it shortly after the show returned from the long hiatus.
      Looking back to the premiere last September I wasn’t overly excited after seeing the pilot. But after a couple episodes into the season I became kind of addicted and from all the shows I dvr on Mondays, The Event was always the first show I would watch. Fortunately for the show it wasn’t as campy as V was with the aliens (I did like it though) and it became a really action-packed series. But after seeing what the Belgian writer Nick Wauters created with The Event, I look forward to seeing what may be in the pipeline for his next drama series.

      • Amanda says:

        From what I’ve heard since day one of The Event was that the creator had already outlined five seasons worth of the show so that everything would make sense as it unfolded. That’s the only reason I vested time in it. As much as I loved Lost, it certainly lost all “sense” as it went along.

        I hope the rumors come true that we will get some type of continuation or wrap up via another media outlet.

  18. Boiler says:

    Maybe if sites like this one would promote shows like Chicago Code more like they did House it would have stuck around. Too bad for us fans

  19. Lew says:

    I bet they are feeling alittle stupid with the Chicago Code posting such good numbers

  20. Robin says:

    “Blame it to Cuddy/Huddy”… Now that Lisa E won’t be back for Season 8, why is everyone (Cuddy haters included) think that it’ll be the last season then?

    I’m not a Huddy shipper, but i blame the TPTB for their irrational way of thinking

  21. ash says:

    WOW .. Chicago Code up in ratings .. Now, I really hope another network sees this show growing in number & decides to take it away from FOX .. *my fingers are painfully crossed*

  22. abby says:

    Fox failed bigtime by canceling The Chicago Code! hope cable television pick it up.. that season finale needs continuation.. we need more episodes! more seasons!

  23. Bob says:

    After that ending for House, Fox should reconsider and cancel House now (where does the show go from here with a wanted criminal on the loose?). Then they should bring back The Chicago Code in its place. David Shore and the writers of House should be ashamed of themselves for putting out that episode last night. How do you come back in season 8 without House in jail or on the run? Terrible, terrible decision.

    • Tania says:

      Another unintelligent viewer. Lord knows we’re surrounded by them.

    • Babygate says:

      @ Bob, agreed on all counts. Chicago is a quality show. Fox should rethink its decision. And IMO, House has hit a new low. His antics are not funny any more. I kept thinking that Cuddy’s daughter could have been in that room playing on the floor and House would have killed her.

  24. Tania says:

    People are still pissed because Hameron didn’t happen. People are pissed because Huddy happened. People are pissed because Huddy is no longer happening.

    Seriously, do any of these people ACTUALLY watch this series? Do they understand it?


  25. Kris says:

    Do you ever stop to consider that there are different opinions out there? Why is everyone an idiot or misunderstanding the series when their opinion is different than yours? How old are YOU?

  26. Ruby says:

    I sure wish we were getting more of The Event. That last shot of the show last night was so clever and breathtaking, it was worth the entire season.

  27. ella says:

    i still can’t believe fox cancelled chicago code. honestly the best of the freshman shows this year (at least in my opinion). well acted, well written – and i loved loved loved that it was actually shot in the city it was set in.
    and after watching house last nite – and i liked house (not as much as chicago code) – it was horrible! i wish they could just go back and cancel house instead! sigh.

  28. Leslie says:

    FOX’s ratings would have to drop with half of its DISH and DirectTV viewers without FOX channels for over a month now! TVLine is all I have to link me to my world of Bones and House!

  29. Mike says:

    Chicago Code was one of the best shows to hit network television in a long while. I’m extremely disappointed that it’s leaving.

  30. Dean says:

    Fox News. Nuff said.

  31. Moviefan2 says:

    Why can’t you guys at TVLINE send these posts to FOX, or should I call it, The American Idol Network. The Chicago Code is a fantastic show. Not everyone watches American Idol, Bobs Burgers, The Simpsons, etc. Hopefully another network will pick it up.

  32. Sladewilson says:

    Great season finale for The Chicago Code. Why Fox didn’t pick it up for another season is beyond me. Great show, the ratings kept climbing, and a killer cast. I have no idea what they’re thinking over at Fox. I’ve seen the promos for the new shows – ugh….

    I’m praying another network picks up The Chicago Code. Fox – Epic Fail on this one… Oh yeah, and on cancelling Human Target also.

  33. QUIQUE says:


  34. movieaddicted says:

    Am I the only one who likes Law & Order: LA?! :)

  35. BuddyG says:

    Still disappointed over the cancellation of HUMAN TARGET!!!!!!!

  36. Lisa B says:

    I’m still in denial about The Chicago Code being canceled – it was a brilliant show that had an awesome cast and compelling storylines. I really hope that FX picks it up – seems appropriate given that FX was Shawn Ryan’s previous home with The Shield. Fingers crossed – it’s just too good to let go!!

  37. Babygate says:

    Just adding my two cents. Chicago Code is an excellent, excellent show. In the midst of so much crappy tv this show stood out. It premiered against Dancing with the Stars so it never stood a chance, still, it did better than Fringe and that show was renewed so Fox’s decision makes no sense. Is there any hope that Fox will reconsider or that another network will pick it up?
    About House, I have been a fan for years. This has been one of ‘must watch live’ shows. But I’m getting tired of the push-pull with him. His antics always used to have a comedic element so you could forgive his rudeness and insensitivity, but I feel it’s just getting out of hand. It’s not funny when he becomes a danger to others as well as himself. And they way he treated Cuddy was ok before they got involved, but now that they have a history he continues to berate her and disrespect her? I’m not liking it. So, I’m not really sure I’ll be watching in the fall…

  38. Michelle says:

    I can’t agree more with all those that think Fox has lost it by cancelling the best written and acted show on TV- Chicago Code. I am sick to death of Dancing with the has beens and American Idiot shows. This show should win the Emmy for best Drama, Best writing and Actor/Actress hands down! Someone please please nominate them! Wouldn’t that be a kick in the head to Fox?!

  39. D. Felgentreff says:

    WHY? Fox’s cancellation of Chicago was a bonehead move by what I thought was a good network. With any luck it will get picked up by one of the cable network’s TNT,FX OR A&E. Then it would probably end up being an even better show because the programming on these channels far exceeds network television anyway. The programming on cable has an edge. And it’s more in your face anyway. So fox’s loss could be cable’s huge gain. Nice job fox with any luck I’ll be watching Chicago code next season right before Justified or Breaking Bad.

  40. Skip says:

    I hate the ending for the Event. Makes you say Whaaa? I was getting tired of it though – not well written. the events were becoming more implausable and irritating. But the story line was good. Again, the execs just don’t give a how a chance! So now all we get to see is more of housewives of everywhere and jersey and other shores.

  41. Sue says:

    I think Chicago Code is an excellent show. Hope it goes to another network since Fox is stupid enough to cancel it. House has been on forever. I watched it for years but finally grew tired of it and now believe it should be cancelled so we can keep some new blood like Chicago code. Please some network pick up Chicago Code.

    • Reggie says:

      The Chicago Code was greatness. If another network will pick up a show like Medium (which was good in its day, but I had had no problem when NBC decided not to renew), Chicago Code definitely deserves the chance to find its audience. Why can’t network execs remember the example of Cheers? Cheers took 2 full yrs to develop an audience (in a very tough time slot) and it turned into one of the greatest sitcoms ever. With DVR and DVD sales factored in, I think it is crazy to not give a show with a cult audience a chance to grow. I guess, in this day and age, we should consider ourselves lucky when a show like Fringe can survive.

  42. Wallace says:

    Please bring back Chicago Code!

  43. Jessica says:

    Um, hello??? Is anyone here realizing FOX’s biggest mistake??? Lie To Me is the least advertised show on tv, but it’s the best. If you haven’t heard of it, that only proves my point: FOX barely advertises it! But guess what? It has over 5.5 million viewers, and won two People’s Choice Awards! It stars amazing well-known actors Tim Roth and Kelli Williams! It’s about human lie-detectors, based on a real science. It’s funny, action-packed, romantic, and thoroughly entertaining. More than 10 petitions are floating around the Internet to save this show!

  44. Jessica says:

    Fall in love with the Chicago Code then Fox takes it off I hate getting addicted to TV shows that gets cancel for the most stupid and can’t act shows r still on big mistake Fox