Post Mortem: House Boss Discusses Finale's Controversial Ending, Life After Cuddy

Gregory House has been called many things over the years. Obnoxious. Selfish. Immoral. Demented. Well, after Monday’s House finale, we can add another adjective: Would-be assassin.

To recap: In the final moments of the Season 7 closer, an unhinged House smashed his car into Cuddy’s home, nearly killing his ex-love, her brand-new beau and other houseguests. Not only did the violent attack forever stick a fork in the phenomenon known as “Huddy,” but it upended viewers’ perception of the show’s title character. Yes, it’s fair to say House‘s Season 7 climax will go down as the show’s most controversial to date.

To help make sense of the craziness and to tease what’s ahead, series creator David Shore agreed to sit down for a quickie post mortem.

TVLINE | What was going on inside House’s head when he got behind the wheel of that car last night?
Those are the types of questions I don’t like to answer, and for very different reasons then I usually don’t like to answer questions from you. [Laughs] That’s a question that’s never simple to answer. The “Why” questions addressed to the characters are so complicated, and any answer I could give you would be too simple. And yet I’ll go on to say anger, frustration, love, hatred… all of those things. And a little burst of irrationality from the ultimate rationalist.

TVLINE | Fans are upset because they feel that this changes the very fabric of the show. Now instead of being a drama that revolves around a tortured doctor, it’s a show about someone capable of killing those close to him. Do you understand where they’re coming from?
I’ve always thought House was capable of killing people close to him. [Laughs] That’s not to say he was ever going to do it, and I don’t think he would. And even in that moment, I don’t think he wanted to kill anybody. But who knows? Probably part of his mind did. It was a lashing out — a very extreme lashing out. I don’t think it was a murderous lashing out.

TVLINE | But he could not have known that the dining room had cleared out.
He saw them stepping out, didn’t he?

TVLINE | I think they were mostly still around the table.
They were standing up and she put his hand on [the new boyfriend’s] arm, which was part of the whole thing that set him off. The car was aimed at the house, not at the individuals inside.

TVLINE | So you don’t view this as anything out of character for him?
Yes and no. We always want to [reveal] little, tiny, different things in House. This is perhaps bigger than most, but I think this was always there. This was always part of him. Certainly we’ve seen anger from him. This was perhaps an irrational lashing out, whereas usually it’s a rational lashing out. But at the same time I don’t see this as a fundamental change in the character. Obviously it could be a fundamental change in the relationship.

TVLINE | Did Hugh Laurie express any concerns about the twist?
No. You’d have to ask Hugh about what his mindset was going in, but this whole thing seemed like a natural culmination of a frustrated man with certain repression issues.

TVLINE | When you were breaking the episode, did you think in the back of your head: “Well, this gives us a way out in case Lisa Edelstein doesn’t return”?
No. Not at all. That was never the plan. It happens to do that, which I have mixed feelings about.

TVLINE | Would you have done anything differently had you known going into the episode that Lisa was leaving?
Had I known going into the final dozen episodes that she wasn’t returning, I’m sure it would’ve unfolded differently. Having said that, it does allow [for Cuddy’s exit]. I don’t really want to talk about where we’re going to go next season until [the writers] start meeting. But we’ll make the most of this. There will be opportunities that come from this. We’re going to get excited about next season.

TVLINE | Regardless of whether Lisa returns or not, is it fair to say the events of the finale spel the end of Huddy?
I think so. It was going to be it. I never want House to be a show that goes back over the same territory over and over again. I’m sure some of the viewers feel we’ve done that. [Laughs] But we really try not to. We wanted to explore that relationship in all the different ways we could. But we didn’t ever want to be a show about a couple that breaks up and gets back together and breaks up again. It was intended to be the end of that personal relationship.

TVLINE | You don’t resume shooting until August. Are you holding out any hope that this situation can be rectified and Lisa will return?

TVLINE | Would you be interested in bringing her back on a guest-star basis?
I would be. Absolutely.

TVLINE | Jesse Spencer (Chase) has yet to sign a new contract. Are you confident that’ll all be worked out and he’ll be back?

TVLINE | Will you spend a few episodes next season following Gregory House: Local Medicine Man?
[Laughs] That’s yet to be determined. That’s a possibility.

TVLINE | Are you approaching Season 8 as the last one?
Not yet. It may become that, but no. We’re not sure what’s going to happen. We’ve been on for a long time, and at a certain point you’ve got to recognize that the end is near and plan for it. But we’re not ready to make any commitments in that regard.

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  1. Scott says:

    Great finale! Can’t wait for next season!

  2. Leila says:

    huh. i’ve just read the tvguide interview with david shore. he seems much more open and talkative there than in this interview… guess, he’s not too fond of our dear ausiello :/

  3. silver says:

    What about the fact that he has euthanized before and has no issues putting people in harm to get his way?

  4. Rivers says:

    Jesus people why is this such a big deal! I actually found the end to be very intense, but the story itself, iffy at best. Although it makes sense, he’s been angry all his life, and through all his pain and now he finally tries to change for someone and they “break his heart”! And when he tries to actually help it he gets slammed again! All it was, was a simple overreaction, he wasn’t thinking, and I think house is smart enough to know cuddy enough to know where she was in her house, and he might just have a realization in season 8 about it, but it’ll be too late, then he might FINALLY change, who knows? I’m still pulling for the whole beach thing being an hallucination because even that was stretching it for me. Either way, I’m looking forward to S8

  5. Kandelita says:

    Am only here glad to see House crashing that car? He was really relieved, happy he did..maybe it was the only way to make a point–to Cuddy..you broke up with me, here, I dont want anything more with you either! Bye!

  6. Bill says:

    Prediction: Season 8 will be the final season. Remy’s Huntington’s disease symptoms will steadily worsen throughout the season. In the series finale, House will euthanize Remy, as promised. House will then commit suicide by taking a massive overdose of vicoden. David Shore hopes y’all enjoyed the ride!

  7. Marcia says:

    I’m not a die-hard Huddy fan (or Cuddy fan for that matter). But I just don’t get the development in Cuddy’s character throughout this season. The break up was lame… So what if House took Vicodin to numb himself. He thought she was dying. And his an addict! She knew that! Why would she take that as a reason to break up?! And now after they’ve finally addressed it in the finale, she IMMEDIATELY runs off to arrange a double date with that lame coffee shop creep. On the same evening!! And that from a person who was apparently pining for House since college???? I would have smashed her house as well… It is just so out of character. What are the writers thinking? Seriously.

  8. Mikey says:

    In light of the L&O:SVU surprise with Chris Meloni, I don’t think David Shore should be so confident that Jesse Spencer WILL be back until the ink is dry!!

  9. Teresa Conti says:

    Season 8. Let’s see. Taub. Ex-wife doesn’t keep baby. But wait, she does because she is telling Taub. Taub rents bigger apartment and lives with two wives – sort of. Foreman gets a girl. Maybe 13. Chase decides to give up sex and become a priest. Oh, he did that. He becomes hmmm the new head of the hospital. After all, Foreman has to lead the diagnostic department that the hospital can keep because Cutty isn’t there to end it. Taub works with Foreman. Chase decides all three of the team can split House’s clinic hours. Meanwhile, House’s mother commits him to the looney bin. He can’t be married you see, because he is not of sound mind. House’s unwife rides off into the sunset with her boyfriend and her mother. The car is rebuilt. Cutty runs away to live with her mother. Anything is better than House. Oh patients. Those come along too. Chase falls in love with a patient. Wilson does too, now that he isn’t chasing House around.

  10. Teresa Conti says:

    I don’t like that interview after the second question or so. I would liked to have known why they came up with this ending and why they think it is so cool. Why does the producer think it necessary to end the Huddy thing again and again? I got it the first time.
    What really happened with next years budget and the contracts?
    Why does the producer break everyone up? Believe it or not, together folks can have a story that works on quirky shows. Lastly, why did House quit seeing his shrink? Clearly, he wasn’t well and had a lot of work to do. How does the producer justify medical personnel supporting the habit of a doctor that leaves him unable to make rational decisions? Only someone on Vicodin would think this is a good idea. Only 3M told House to not take that stuff in front of her.

    What happened to Lisa? Could it be that the producers are making a new show with 3M and not anyone else on House? If I remember right her detective boy friend was supposed to have his own show, was he not? Maybe Lisa thought she would to. Anyone remember when Lisa was 19 she was named party girl of New York City?

  11. Jane2 says:

    I’ve got no time for DS so I’ll just say Thank you Lisa Edelstein for Cuddy and the last 7 years of House. I can’t wait to see what you do next!

  12. Bob says:

    No wonder Fox was so tough in the contract negotiations (fewer episodes for actors and less pay). They saw the final episode and decided they weren’t going to pour any more money into what is now certifiable as a show needing cancellation. This episode was the true definition of that worn-out phrase: Jumped The Shark!

  13. jjman says:

    Here is a fan post that I agree with completely:

    “It is very obvious that all four had left the table and the room. It was not attempted murder. Rachel was at Arlene’s and was not in any danger. He did it to prove a point. NOT because he had suddenly gone mad.

    “One person wrote that they didn’t see any importance of the POTW. Really!?! EVERYTHING in the show was symbolic. Every piece of dialogue, every character, every reference, even Cuddy’s and Wilson’s insight (or really lack of insight) was crucial to the culmination of every show from every season that brought us to this show.

    “From the beginning House has been touted as a narcissistic jerk who has no regards for anyone but himself. Yet, he is always looking out for and taking care of those around him. He saved everyone’s career at some point. Everyone thinks that he is just being nosy when he works so hard to get information about everyone around him, but he does it just so that he has all the information he needs about them so that he can protect them. When someone starts letting their emotions get in the way of their rational decisions, House steps in and saves them, but he does is in such a way that he doesn’t need or even want to be thanked. That is his way of maintaining his relationships with the people around him. In the scene where he finally says, “I feel hurt,” not only does he give her what she wants by saying it aloud, but he takes it one step further and tells her it’s not her fault; another romantic gesture on his part to unburden her, just as he had when he relieved her of the task of cutting off Hanna’s leg in HELP ME. And once again she spat in his face.

    “Not once did House ever interfere to the point of trying to change someone, yet, EVERYONE has done it to House, especially Cuddy and Wilson, the two people who supposedly know him the best. They actually know him the least! They have been trying to “fix” him ever since DETOX in season 1. He wasn’t broken! Every time Wilson thinks he’s ‘helping’ House, it always backfires. And every time he predicts what House will do, he is always wrong. Just as he was when talking to the cop in the finale. “if I know him, he’ll be in the darkest, most depressing place in New Jersey.”

    “I think at this point the only person who has any kind of grasp of what makes House tick is Thirteen. I hope she is crucial next season.

    “I also love that House is on the beach somewhere. He has broken all ties with Wilson and Cuddy, he has a smile on his face, and he is finally out of the hospital and out of New Jersey. And I love the words that are being sung in the background;

    “……… I notice what matters and I got nothing to lose but darkness and shadows,
    got nothing to lose but bitterness and patterns.”

    “There is no point in speculating how he got there or what’s going to happen next season. All I know is that I am definitely looking forward to it.”


  14. Beru says:

    VERY high level of discourse in the comments, with engaged fans and thoughtful and meaningful ideas, but several things stood out to me regarding House’s motives in this season finale that I haven’t seen mentioned. House said he was making changes; he verbally attacked his patient and accused her of cowardice when she agreed to treatment because it would affect her intellect; and he made it plain that a person’s intellect is all a person has that is of value, that others will disappoint and fail you, so one’s intellect must be nurtured and sustained at all costs. House made his decision, he gave up on interpersonal relationships and decided to close off his heart and focus on his unique abilities, which had waned and weakened because of allowing his heart to hold sway.
    He didn’t intend to kill Cuddy, he made sure that she would never forgive him and thus be a temptation.
    As for Lisa Edelstein, I wish her well, and I’m sorry that the relationship was cut short in a way that was alien to the feelings obvious between the characters, that was badly done, but it’s obvious that House isn’t House when he’s a lovesick swain. By the way, Hugh Laurie hasn’t just “the makings of a film actor”, he’s been a successful and popular film actor for years, and a star of other shows prior to House, he had a career in the UK before he ever came to the US. Laurie is bloody fantastic as House – looking forward to the new and improved(?) House in Season 8.

    • maro says:

      We owe House and years of enjoying the show to the writers.

      But without Hugh Laurie, House would never have had the depth of character that we seem to perceive behind the dysfunctional personality of House.

      His acting range from comedy to drama transformed House to a multi-layered character.

      And somehow Laurie charm peeks beneath the layers and that is what made [H]ouse the most popular show worldwide.

      So I shall continue watching to the end, even when the writing and the plots are not up to Laurie’s standards. He makes believable even the most improbable situations.

      Least but not last he brought music, motorcycles, comedy and juggling to the mix.
      Which other show you know that gives all these special moments along with sublime acting?

    • jjman says:

      totally agree

  15. Alterio says:

    After this crappy season finale and with Lisa Edelstein leaving the cast i can say buh bye House MD.

  16. DarkEmy says:

    I don’t know what House finale you guys have been watching, but I thought it was a hoot and a half!

    The bazinga is implied.

  17. xanana says:

    Unless House ends up having a brain tumor (or some exotic disease that causes irrational actions – that his team has to find and cure), this was the series finale for me.

    I liked House because he said things the way they are and be damned being politically correct. I do not see an outspoken person who has unorthodox opinions about medical treatment suddenly becoming a murderer. That is not the natural progression of a loudmouth. Sorry DS – that’s what he was trying to do and if you didn’t intend for it to be that way, you should have filmed it differently.

    • jjman says:

      Once again, it was very obvious that all four had left the table and the room. It was not attempted murder. Rachel was at Arlene’s and was not in any danger. House attacks the physical representation of the happiness that he had with Cuddy and that she is now denying him. It is a symbolic destruction of a “house” that has all sorts of memories for House and also a symbolic destruction of the old “House” himself. It’s all metaphor.

      • Jane2 says:

        Once again, no it wasn’t obvious to House that they had left the table. This was attempted murder.

        House + domestic violence = no thanks

  18. Laura says:

    So if I were to drive into DS’s living room, that would be pardonable, because of the frustration I had over the show these past weeks?

    • jjman says:

      No, because you are not living in a TV show. House is a character and if you don’t like the character development, fine. But others among us like the finale just fine. Peace.

      • Laura says:

        A bit touchy for a person who likes the finale. If you like it so much I suggest you try to avoid the comment section, because a lot of fans hated it. Peace

        • jjman says:

          Point well taken. I apologize for the snark. I’m just a fan who liked the finale and got a little frustrated at all the frustration over the finale’s frustrating final scene. Don’t give up on House! Mostly because Hugh Laurie rules. (Especially in the “Blackadder” series. Genius.) Peace.

          • Laura says:

            Blackadder is my second favorite comic series after MASH, I absolutely love it!

            My frustration is with TV series trying to outdo themselves nowadays. It’s like there is no more subtle writing left…

    • D says:

      You cannot be serious. I refuse to believe someone watched the episode and interpreted what happened as a green light to reenact such behavior. Are you twelve?

  19. esterrrr says:

    The easy thing they have done is breaking up Huddy. They aren’t so creative as I thougt, staying together was the difficult part. Season finale Sucks! 8º season don’t be watched!

    • xxxx says:

      For me H is over. Very disapointed, they ruined my serial. And Lisa E…out of H ??? ¬¬ dissapointed, really dissapointed. All the kindness u have recived from fans is not worth it.

  20. Alicia Florrick says:

    If Gregory House needs a Lawyer then we’ll be more than happy to help here at Lockhart Gardner.

  21. jjman says:

    Gregory House becomes the new Doctor Who. Now THAT would be a Season 8 to watch!

  22. Andie says:

    Chase will be back. That’s all that matters to me. Thanks for getting an answer on that one.

  23. carla says:

    Great finale and great interview! Looking forward to next season!!

  24. Old House fan says:

    Is this guy for real? He and his team took a great show and drove it down the gutters, the rating keep dropping and he’s laughing and totally cool with it and with himself?


  25. impliedbazinga says:

    Does David Shore still know what they’re doing? At effing all? Hugh Laurie deserves better than this.

  26. Sal says:

    I’ve followed House since the first season, but this is my last one. It was absolutely absurd and outrageous that he would drive his car into her house. It was violent and, in a way, perpetuates violence against women. It is not alright to just do what you want. House has become more childish and immature as the seasons have progressed. The violence, though, that is new and so unnecessary for this type show. I don’t get the writers on this. What is happening that they think depicting this kind of behavior is okay. I loved House and now I don’t. He’s a moron. The writers have killed this show.

    • angi says:

      THIS. Totally agree !

    • D says:

      A woman wrote this episode. Go talk to her about why she hates her vagina so much.

      And, again, if anyone is really using Gregory House as a measure of what is or is not acceptable behavior doesn’t get this show at all, or should’ve stopped watching when he put a bullet in corpse in “Euphoria Part 1.”

  27. jjman says:

    PLEASE watch this! “Season 7 in less than 2 min.”
    It is so funny–and totally trashes season 7.

  28. James says:

    I have liked every episode of house and I can’t wait for next season. Not the direction I would have taken but I am sure they will make it work out.

  29. Teresa Conti says:

    After thinking some, I feel certain that LE was well aware that she was not returning. Why keep all the rest of the doctor’s if House can’t go into the hospital? Maybe he will work from his phone…I suspect the hospital will choose House over LE because he brings patients in…anyway I think something like that will happen…I wonder who the new admin is going to be? How about chase’s ex?

  30. Mandy says:

    Wow! What an episode!
    I am really impressed that this show can still shock me.
    I thought this was perfect. House is totally the type to do something like this. I have never been a Huddy fan, but the whole episode I felt more and more angry at Cuddy. When you break someone, you don’t get to dig around and try and put them back together to make yourself feel better. Basically, she was trying to get rid of her guilt, not really help House and so I could see how he could be so angry at her proding and then the ultimate betrayl as she just moves on and leaves him so angry.
    Perfect ending to the season and that relationship!

  31. velma hinkle says:

    absolutly loved the show , hate to see it end .. cant wait for new season, love all the actors.. all… thanks

  32. GOOCH says:

    I think folks are missing the forest for the trees. It doesn’t matter *why* they did what they did (to spike ratings, to be controversial, to shake-up the status quo, to pursue a new storyline, for contractual reasons, etc. etc.). It matters that they did it. As a fan of the show, I care about the story. I’m aware that screen-time, contracts, and the like matter to the actors and they can influence what happens in the show…but it doesn’t matter to me. I care about the story and the characters. That’s it. When I cease to care about the story and/or the characters, I cease to be a fan (and, obviously, would stop watching).

    Look, writing a show is a hard thing to do over a number of seasons. Plot devices get played and played out. Character arcs come to an end (because all character arcs must have a resolution), but the show must go on. So new arcs must begin.

    But this is a *story* and the character arcs must be interesting AND believable. And you can’t violate the rules of storytelling. You can bend them…even break one or two. But do too much of that and you lose your audience. It’s happened before. We even have a term for it “jumping the Shark.” And I don’t think there’s any question that House has “jumped the Shark”…or if you like “rammed the car into the House.”

    I enjoyed the interplay b/w House and Cuddy (reminded me of Sam and Diane from Cheers)…but you can’t continue that indefinately. I did think they should have spent more time *in* the relationship and exploring it than just a few episodes. But I always expected them to break-up because part of who House is and why he is interesting is the fact he is a man in pain – physically and emotionally. So you could have the Cuddy relationship in. Heck, Cuddy wasn’t even House’s first romantic interest on the show. We had all the same stuff going on with House and his first love, and she left the show and that was fine. Even if we might have preferred for it to go another way…you could continue the show. Because the ending of that story (and the love interest’s character arc) was *true* to what makes House interesting and why we care about him. He is mean, nasty and selfish. But deep down, he’s a good guy trying to struggle with a harsh world. And he’s too smart to feed himself a line of BS and accept life as it is presented to him. His decision to end that relationship was *perfectly* House.

    Everything they did right there was done wrong with this. And it is frankly mostly just this epidsode. House’s dealing with the Cuddy breakup was very much House. The strippers. The acting out. That’s what he does. But there’s no harm…ultimately the only one in danger from House is House himself. And it is that which makes him interesting. He could decide, rationally and logically, to off himself tomorrow. I think that’s why the Kutner suicide made sense (even though they handled it very hamhandedly). Now, I thought they let Cuddy off way too easily. She pines for House for decades, spends a couple months with him…and one drug relapse and that’s it? Even the writers seemed to realize how ridiculous that was…having her voice just how ridiculous it was. I suppose they thought that made it better. No. It just made it ridiculous. But you can do stupid, destructive, and ultimately bad things to a show without ruining it. You can even ruin a good character without ruining a good show. But that character better not be the MAIN character. The one the show is NAMED after.

    House has done some “crazy” things…but always in service to his patient (even if his motivation was more about puzzle solving than actual compassion). And we always suspected that deep down House really did care about his patients. That he was lying to himself – denying his own human compasion because it didn’t fit into his image of himself. That underneath that gruff exterior, there was a heart of gold. A guy who cared enough about his ex to force her to leave him. A guy who cared about Wilson his best friend…not because of what Wilson could do for him…but really cared about him.

    But that’s all out the window with “Moving On.” House is revealed to be a fundamentally *evil* character. He isn’t Sherlock Holmes. He is Moriarty. He blithly ignored the saftey, health and well-being of his two closest friends (Wilson & Cuddy), a few strangers, and Cuddy’s daughter. It isn’t just assault. It isn’t just breaking and entering. It is 5 counts of attempted murder. I’m shocked Shore doesn’t seem to realize what he’s done to the House character. There is no coming back from this. Now, when I say that, I don’t mean you can’t write a story that returns House to the U.S. I’m just saying it won’t be believable to anyone who cares about the show. You can pretend the legal consequences in reality don’t happen in the story…that kind of stuff happens all the time. But that doesn’t change the FACT that House did it. I could have the protagonist commit murder and get away with it…but there’s no way he can be the good guy to the audience. You have to have a certain plausibility.

    And there is no plausible way to ‘redeem’ the House character in the wake of this act. Really the only way to do so is a dream sequence. Which desperate shows have resorted to before when they wrote themselves into a corner. House has avoided that for the most part…but really it is the ONLY out. What Shore doesn’t seem to realize is that we, the audience, have to be able to forgive House. That’s what redemption is about. But what could House possibly do at this point? LE isn’t returning…there can’t be any resolution with her. And no amount of selfless behavior on his part or great acting from HL is going to make us forget what he, the character, did.

    House, the character, is ruined. He has always skirted the line. They actually had him cross over it with the Chase murder…but he was able to hop back over by making it a function of his drug-induced hallcinations and his own shock and horror at what he had done (and the radical decision to commit himself and risk his own career) permitted a redemption. You couldn’t just sweep that under the rug. They spent 15 episodes dealing with it! But there’s no way *out* of this. I’m reminded of the first Mission Impossible movie…where they thought they’d be clever by turing the main good guy into a bad guy. That was crap in its own way…but does anyone think Mission Impossible 2 could have brought back the “Jim” character as anyone other than the bad guy? Of course not. He had been revealed to be a murder. That’s it. You’re the bad guy.

    And House is a bad guy. Like I said, you can stretch the whole anti-hero thing pretty far. But once you cross the line and have the character do an irredemably evil thing of his own volition, that’s it. He’s no longer an anti-hero. He’s a villan. And that’s what Shore has done to House. If what we’ve seen actually happened, then House is a villan. And it doesn’t matter whether this was “natural” or what his “motivation” or whether or not he was abused as a child, etc. etc. His actions cannot be undone. The die is cast.

    And that’s sad. It’s not as important as alot of people make it out to be (it is just a show). But we watch shows because we’re human…because we like good stories, and ultimately because we like the characters. I liked House the character. He was interesting, and I thus liked the show. Even when it was ridiculously formulaic. So is the Simpsons. But it is still entertaining.

    But you can’t take your main protagonist and turn him into the bad guy and think you can continue the story. The story is over. Everything else is epilogue. This seemed to be lost on George Lucas, when he had Anakin Skywalker commit genocide in the middle of Star Wars Episode II and still thought this was a ‘flawed’ character whose arc was yet to be decided. No, George, he went over to the Dark Side right there. At that point he was evil. Everything after was epilogue.

    So too, House & Shore. D.GOOCH

    • jjman says:

      Excellent post, great thoughts. But, you know, everyone is getting hung up on the car-through-wall part. If House had tied Cuddy’s brush to a brick and “returned” it by throwing it through her window, everyone would have said, “Aw, poor sad House is lashing out,” but no harm done. But the same inferred problems that people have would have been the same, and just as meaningless because they didn’t happen in the story: the rock could have hit Cuddy or Rachel, etc. etc. I think the EXTENT of the acting out doesn’t matter, since we KNOW from the actual show (which is all we have, by the way, not what we imagine could have happened)that no one was seriously hurt. A rock, a car–same thing, same metaphor. Anything that IS NOT IN THE ACTUAL EPISODE is just fan fiction. Interesting, provocative fan fiction, but still just fan fiction nonetheless. Peace.

  33. i think this is a good time for a REboot
    not saying start fresh, but get focused ob what the fans
    like about the show and go back to roots.
    i dont think this has to be the last season either.

  34. BB says:

    I used to look forward to watching House, now I still watch it but only because the DVR is already set. If I have multiple shows recorded, House is the last one I watch, and each time, I keep thinking I should just delete it. It used to be interesting, now I find it a depressing chore to watch it….I’d like to see a conclusion. For this season finale, I thought it would make a decent series finale: House goes over the deep end and becomes a fugitive living anonymously on a beach somewhere. Life at the hospital will get back to a new normal, and gradually everyone will forget House ever existed. BUT NO, they are going to try to drag one more season out of it. I have a few months to decide, but I’m leaning toward just being done with this show.

  35. Issues says:

    Some of you people have serious issues, and lack any ability to analyze even the most simplistic ideas. House has always been deranged, psychotic, an addict, and obsessive over Cuddy. He finally snapped. Love makes people do ridiculous things. He saw the woman that he loves moving on and he blew up in his own way, perhaps to finally get over it. It was long over due in my mind. And I never thought he would blow up in some normal way. Repressed anger and sorrow for the losing of a loved one makes people do insane things.
    Period. This entire season he’s been more selfish because of the different dynamic of finding happiness and losing it, forcing him to essentially close himself off further. If you fail to see that you apparently have never loved and lost. Some people cry, psychos drive cars though Houses, hell, people in real life murder families and then kill themselves over such things with no prior diagnosable psychopath symptoms. House just drove a car though a .. House. Honestly it’s pretty normal in my mind in the line of his self destructive behavior.

    And ya know, if most of you would stop approaching the show from a “i must critique the writers” stand point, and actually watch it for what it is you’ll enjoy it much more. Analyze the “characters,” not the writers. People change, don’t get mad when a character exhibits symptoms that weren’t previously there. The characters in this show are some of the most dense on TV, which is one reason I love it. People that fail to think will generally not like this show, which is apparent from the spree of comments expressing disdain. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it, stop commenting about it. People are always quicker to write about things they don’t like than something they enjoyed. Strange…

    • GOOCH says:

      The point isn’t that this couldn’t be a ‘natural’ progression of the character. The point is you can’t have a “psycho” as the protagonist of your show. And once you cross over that line, there’s no going back. The notion of an 8th season where we have House returning to solving medical mysteries with his team at the hospital is patently ridiulous and any plotline that would produce it is laugable and ludicrous on its face.

  36. Steve says:

    I think the writers thought this was the last season and so this was really supposed to be the ending of the show.

  37. Zelf says:

    Haven’t seen anyone comment on the fact that Dr House was employing his diagnostic method to cure his situation. Often he uses drastic measures to force a conclusion to a life threatening situation knowing that he is taking great risks. Of course this being fiction and he being a sort of hero he is almost always successful in his cases. It seems that all of these comments come from following the serialized soap opera of the continuing drama of relationships amongst the weekly characters and especially in this case ignoring the main theme that really established this show. Of course this is a well written and produced TV show with interesting characters played by good and appealing actors, but, bottom line, this is a medical mystery show, which we continue to watch and enjoy despite the fact that it makes us think and therefore be sometimes uncomfortable. Thank you writers, producers and actors in House,
    all things considered, well done!!!

  38. zara says:

    gregs domestic violence/possesive tendancies shouldve bn explored more thgh the series,rather than have this one act of apparent random aggression
    at the end. Re series 7, is so annoying that none of the lead actors other than greg are allowed to be truly witty,have depth,spark or charisma.there generally bland&predictable dialogue
    with greg is getting so tiresome.are the casting& script writers told dont write interesting,strong characters-dialogue for any of the lead characters except greg ?make it more dynamic plse.getting bored,frm zara.x

  39. Original seasons! says:

    I don’t really see this as a major turning point for House (and this doesn’t turn me off from the show at all) but I dislike the way the show has been going. Mostly the fact that the show seems to be turning from a medical drama into a drama. In a medical drama, most of an episode’s dramatic elements should be drawn from the case and the fervor surrounding it, only a little from the regular characters. But now, with all the focus on the “office politics”, Huddy, 13, and more, the medicine has gotten pushed aside. Now while I don’t mind House being in a relationship or office politics or any of that stuff at all, they shouldn’t steal the focus from the medicine. Take House and Stacy from the original seasons, those seasons had PHENOMENAL episodes (Euphoria was the best) where the medicine made the show riveting. Foreman gets sick with an unknown deadly infection/ parasite and it puts lots of people at risk. The drama is a side effect and not an unwelcome one. I don’t want to watch endless DDX’s either. But now, with Lisa and House, it’s ALL about them. Take the episode where House was doing a career day at Lisa’s preferred pre school for her adopted child, the medicine just kind of gave House a good story to tell. But the big problem in that episode was House’s laziness and in attentiveness regarding Cuddy. I don’t even remember what the medical case was hardly. Yet I remember exactly what was killing Foreman from season 2 (Naegleria in the cop’s marijuana watering system.) THAT’S the way it should be, memorable medicine, not memorable fights or breakups. If this ever reaches David Shore through some miracle, I love the show. It’s my favorite on television and I think the Flag should be lowered to half mast when it gets cancelled, but please, bring back the MEDICAL drama House should be. And IF House gets cancelled, PLEASE let him go out with a big (MEDICAL) bang. Something like a huge two part cliff hanger like Euphoria where the entire team is at risk (maybe even a cameo from Cuddy and Cameron?) Give House a desperate fight to the bitter end, a real salute to (at least) 8 great years! I hope we have at least a few more years though, hopefully good ones!

  40. Good Riddance says:

    “I never want House to be a show that goes back over the same territory over and over again.”

    You’re kidding, right? For the past five seasons its been the same stories circulated over and over and over again. So how does Shore break out of it? By having House try and mow down 4 people. What if that little girl was in the dining room when he hit? If your writers have that little respect for the characters, how could we? See ya.

  41. Good Riddance says:

    Oh BTW @Original Seasons!

    Agree ‘Euphoria’ was the best (pair of) episodes in the whole series. Great Medicine. Great Drama. But the writers who did that went on to do the extremely bad alien episode in the third series with junk medicine. Too bad.

    BTW for those who are down on house google for ‘team medical dragon’. It’s an excellent japanese medical drama with subtitles. Great medicine, and it shows you can have great characters without the soap.

  42. Alex Ragwen says:

    The show may have had a serious twist something non of us expected or something we didn’t like but that’s what makes this show exciting and entertaining. WE DON’T want something routine. The show is great and fantastic and i love it.

  43. Destruct26 says:

    Personally, I didn’t have a problem with this season at all. Having emotional and social problems because of a painful injury mixed with an addiction to strong pain meds can cause anyone who is an addict to be capable of doing anything- including reckless behavior that leads to killing someone. He dropped the pills and made her his new addiction, and when he couldn’t grow up and start facing himself instead of being a child, he relapsed. Their breakup gave him just one more thing to not deal with as a responsible adult- a broken heart. And anyone who has had their heart broken should know that a myriad of different emotions racing through you can feel like you’re being tortured to death. For some, they can find rational ways to get through it. But for others, they want to not feel a thing, or care at all. And that’s exactly what he did. He deflected everything and became the mirror image of what he could have been as far as being a responsible and happy adult who has just the right amount of baggage to move on without the vicodin or worrying about how he can’t handle the pain in his leg without it. So, like everything else he solves, including most of his cases, he hit the e tremendous. His solution, much like an irresponsible child who doesn’t want go listen or grow up, he drove his car into her house, with the potential of almost killing her. The only way to numb his emotional pain and give his leg some relief is to not care. Or when he does care, he still acts like a child most of the time. The season wasn’t terrible. It just showed what happens when you are an addict in pain who has tried to be better, and then hit rock bottom. There was nothing funny about what he did in returning the hair brush that way or even in a “ha ha ha that Greg House always gets his way and he’s such a lovable bastard I can’t wait to see who else he gets even with” sort of way. What he did was over the line, and scary, and real. What he did he only did to make himself feel better. That’s an addict. You can’t always get what you want. And he is going to learn that lesson harshly next season. All in all, I will say the season wasn’t the best, but it certainly was different and is progressing toward a finality. Hopefully House will finally find out how to fix himself as his last case. I guess we will have to see.

  44. Destruct26 says:

    Typo: So, like everything else he solves, including most of his cases, he hit the EXTREME.

  45. Enlightened says:

    It doesn’t matter if you like it or not – the fact that you are taking time to write about it means that they have done their job & entertained you – for good or bad