Post Mortem: House Boss Discusses Finale's Controversial Ending, Life After Cuddy

Gregory House has been called many things over the years. Obnoxious. Selfish. Immoral. Demented. Well, after Monday’s House finale, we can add another adjective: Would-be assassin.

To recap: In the final moments of the Season 7 closer, an unhinged House smashed his car into Cuddy’s home, nearly killing his ex-love, her brand-new beau and other houseguests. Not only did the violent attack forever stick a fork in the phenomenon known as “Huddy,” but it upended viewers’ perception of the show’s title character. Yes, it’s fair to say House‘s Season 7 climax will go down as the show’s most controversial to date.

To help make sense of the craziness and to tease what’s ahead, series creator David Shore agreed to sit down for a quickie post mortem.

TVLINE | What was going on inside House’s head when he got behind the wheel of that car last night?
Those are the types of questions I don’t like to answer, and for very different reasons then I usually don’t like to answer questions from you. [Laughs] That’s a question that’s never simple to answer. The “Why” questions addressed to the characters are so complicated, and any answer I could give you would be too simple. And yet I’ll go on to say anger, frustration, love, hatred… all of those things. And a little burst of irrationality from the ultimate rationalist.

TVLINE | Fans are upset because they feel that this changes the very fabric of the show. Now instead of being a drama that revolves around a tortured doctor, it’s a show about someone capable of killing those close to him. Do you understand where they’re coming from?
I’ve always thought House was capable of killing people close to him. [Laughs] That’s not to say he was ever going to do it, and I don’t think he would. And even in that moment, I don’t think he wanted to kill anybody. But who knows? Probably part of his mind did. It was a lashing out — a very extreme lashing out. I don’t think it was a murderous lashing out.

TVLINE | But he could not have known that the dining room had cleared out.
He saw them stepping out, didn’t he?

TVLINE | I think they were mostly still around the table.
They were standing up and she put his hand on [the new boyfriend’s] arm, which was part of the whole thing that set him off. The car was aimed at the house, not at the individuals inside.

TVLINE | So you don’t view this as anything out of character for him?
Yes and no. We always want to [reveal] little, tiny, different things in House. This is perhaps bigger than most, but I think this was always there. This was always part of him. Certainly we’ve seen anger from him. This was perhaps an irrational lashing out, whereas usually it’s a rational lashing out. But at the same time I don’t see this as a fundamental change in the character. Obviously it could be a fundamental change in the relationship.

TVLINE | Did Hugh Laurie express any concerns about the twist?
No. You’d have to ask Hugh about what his mindset was going in, but this whole thing seemed like a natural culmination of a frustrated man with certain repression issues.

TVLINE | When you were breaking the episode, did you think in the back of your head: “Well, this gives us a way out in case Lisa Edelstein doesn’t return”?
No. Not at all. That was never the plan. It happens to do that, which I have mixed feelings about.

TVLINE | Would you have done anything differently had you known going into the episode that Lisa was leaving?
Had I known going into the final dozen episodes that she wasn’t returning, I’m sure it would’ve unfolded differently. Having said that, it does allow [for Cuddy’s exit]. I don’t really want to talk about where we’re going to go next season until [the writers] start meeting. But we’ll make the most of this. There will be opportunities that come from this. We’re going to get excited about next season.

TVLINE | Regardless of whether Lisa returns or not, is it fair to say the events of the finale spel the end of Huddy?
I think so. It was going to be it. I never want House to be a show that goes back over the same territory over and over again. I’m sure some of the viewers feel we’ve done that. [Laughs] But we really try not to. We wanted to explore that relationship in all the different ways we could. But we didn’t ever want to be a show about a couple that breaks up and gets back together and breaks up again. It was intended to be the end of that personal relationship.

TVLINE | You don’t resume shooting until August. Are you holding out any hope that this situation can be rectified and Lisa will return?

TVLINE | Would you be interested in bringing her back on a guest-star basis?
I would be. Absolutely.

TVLINE | Jesse Spencer (Chase) has yet to sign a new contract. Are you confident that’ll all be worked out and he’ll be back?

TVLINE | Will you spend a few episodes next season following Gregory House: Local Medicine Man?
[Laughs] That’s yet to be determined. That’s a possibility.

TVLINE | Are you approaching Season 8 as the last one?
Not yet. It may become that, but no. We’re not sure what’s going to happen. We’ve been on for a long time, and at a certain point you’ve got to recognize that the end is near and plan for it. But we’re not ready to make any commitments in that regard.

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  1. Sally says:

    Thank you so much for the great interview! I’m looking forward to an awesome season 8!

    • Brian says:

      Hahahaha! Well, at least someone is, I guess. Good for you, Sally!

    • Alrisha says:

      They should just kill that show. I’d been worst every new season. I’d done with it after that insane finale. House madness used to be cool, now is awful. Just made all a favor and ended up for good before is to late.

      • charlie says:

        The finale killed the show for me. It has been deteriorating for most of the season. Remember when they had House in therapy and he was actually making some progress in personal growth. Why tease us with that and then snap him back into being worse than before. THE SHOW HAS BECOME ABSURD. It’s dead as far as I’m concerned!

        • Warren says:

          I agree. I was actually with it for most of the season – until House and Cuddy inexplicably broke up (I thought it just might be interesting to see how House would behave in a relationship).

          His increasingly absurd antics smothered any remaining credibility the show had, culminating in a ludicrously implausible finale.

          I am a big fan of Hugh Laurie from his UK days and will probably tune in to see if they can recover from this. But I don’t hold out much hope…

        • lipsticksocialism says:

          i totally agree with you. im not much for “this show is dead to me” proclamations, but this season finale was just what i needed to say goodbye to House in the wake of Lisa E’s exit. I tend to trust the writers of “my” shows, but now I will never trust again! (lmao, yet true)

      • Dale says:

        hmm from your post it looks like the show might be lost in translation to you my dear, don’t be so negative, it was entertaining. Its hard to live up to the previous seasons again and again having to use the same format. I would have probably ended it this season to be honest but we don’t know what they have in store for the next series, it could be the greatest work of genius known to mankind for all you know! probably not though.

    • Aieron says:

      Good to know someone liked it. I havent found anyone else. Last week ep fantastic, this week was just embarassing. Time for the some of the crappy writers to MOVE ON!

    • Joyce says:

      What a dushbag… He really thinks the fans will keep on watching this show just because it was once(very long time ago) brilliant?

      • BigDudeUK says:

        If so many obviously hate House MD WHY are you all still watching it? I think it’s incredulous that so many people watch a show they! Some greatly so. Don’t like it people – Move On, PLEASE!!

      • Shellie says:

        Joyce, you’re a female & u can’t spell douchebag? Really?!! Maybe u should spend more time with basic spelling & less time criticizing a FICTIONAL tv show. In the words of Gregory House “oh, snap!!”

    • Em says:

      Nah, this show definitely jumped the shark about mid-way through season 5 I’d say. The reason? The new characters on the team just weren’t as strong as the old team, it was that simple. Too much 13, boring Taub, meant that Cuddy had to be OVER-written….and she turned into a parody of herself.

      I used to love the House-Cuddy dynamic, but when House stopped being a sarcastic, funny genius and started becoming a tortured puppy, the show died too.

    • SR says:

      Lisa, I loved your work on House and your decision to leave over FOX and NBC’s arguments and pay cuts (or whatever your personal reasons were) even for wanting to do something different and that HOUSE was being repetitive in your life, well that’s fine. Things get old but you made that show the success it was and I personally thought it best for you to remain in it to the “bitter end” no matter what. Not because of what I personally feel but because of what I learned from it in the depths of every meaning between every word said and felt by everyone that knows how to focus on the moral aspects, factures and the true meaning of this show. It wasn’t just a story teller like they keep claiming!!! It was more, much more than that and the hard work you and everyone put into that show made it more important than just making money from ratings. It changed people’s lives and isn’t that more important? It’s not always about money, it’s about what you do to make your life meaningful and the talent you have Lisa, is indescribable. I realize I don’t know even the half of what you had to go through behind closed doors and with these people who make decisions based on their own soul purpose to make it big on the small screen but I still do wish you had of stayed because the ending (to me anyways) was NOT fitting WITHOUT YOU BEING THERE!!! I’m sorry, I do not agree with Robert thinking it wasn’t necessary for you not being present in the last episode. I will never agree with that and substituting another woman in HOUSE’s life, no, that was never going to work. No matter how much they tried.. You and all the original cast members deserved better than that, and it’s like I said, I may not know all the facts but at least I care to remind others what this show has done for millions of people and the gratitude I have for you being there in the first place? Well, words can’t describe…. Thank You for who you are and I loved everyone on that show! I will never forget you all… MY ONLY WISH IS TO AT LEAST SEE YOU MAKE SOME KIND OF FINALE OR BETTER YET, COME BACK FOR ANOTHER 7 YEARS I LOVE YOU ALL

  2. Gregory House says:

    I am sorry I drove my car into Cuddy’s house.

  3. Nick says:

    Wow, they really took what was good about that show and threw it over a ledge a season or two ago. Glad I quit watching that garbage. That ending sounds retarded.

    • Alicia says:

      It really was. Like, painfully, offensively stupid. And this interview just proves next season will be more of the same because DS thinks nothing is wrong!
      Jeez, I hope Hugh has some artistic integrity because this corpse needs to be buried. No reason to let the dead body rot all over Monday nights past season 8.

    • harley says:

      Yeah, it came off more like shock writing than anything else. I guess a seven year old show with laxing ratings will do this sort of thing to try and get press, but meh. I can’t drum up much excitement.

    • David Shore says:




    • KevyB says:

      While he was driving toward the house, they should have had him jump a shark! Really, House has always been tolerable because we believed deep down he wasn’t that bad. But after the horrible way he treated Cuddy during and after the relationship, we can no longer sit through his “cute” little insults of his colleagues and think they’re funny anymore. I’ll watch next year only because I think the writing for House’s team has been better than ever this year. The writing for House, Cuddy and Wilson has been dreadful.

  4. Susan says:

    What about Jesse Spencer??? Is he in season 8???

  5. anon says:

    I’m going to give it a chance and watch the first one, though prob not till a while later. Can’t say I’m much excited about it. Season 8 without Lisa is not appealing, just sad.

  6. Missy says:

    I just don’t care about S8 anymore. The season finale was the last House ep I’ve ever watched. BYE, HOUSE MD.

  7. Frootloops says:

    Phew, thank you, David Shore! I’m so glad he was RATIONAL ENOUGH to know they had all stepped out of the room, and there was NO CHANCE that Rachel was in there, or that a retaining wall could have been broken, and that none of them would even be scratched by flying debris!

    I think you’ve given domestic abuse lawyers around the country a lot of great new ideas. Thanks for playing!

    • BeNotAfraid says:

      Yes Frootloops, this is what I was thinking. This was batterer behavior to the nth degree. It doesn’t matter why House ran his car into Cuddy’s house. The point is that act had the potential of resulting in serious bodily harm and/or death of the people inside the house. Any reasonable person would get that. And DS is going for an insanity defense, there’s a problem with that. House left the scene indicating he could understand and appreciate the nature of his actions.

      There has never been anything even suggested in House’s actions that would indicate his capacity to attempt to murder an ex. Nothing.

    • Ines says:

      Absolutley agree with both comments (Frootloops and BeNotAfraid). House has never had a behaviour that suggest killing other people. He was self destructive yes but, like the word says, only to himself.
      What’s worse is the creator of the show David Shore taking it lightly like it isn’t even serious! I guess in his mind if you’re frustated or just simply had a bad day at the office you can go slam your car into a house! [this was sarcasm]

      • sans says:

        I beg to differ. If you have watched the show the last few seasons you would realize that House, upon Chase’s bachelor Party for his marriage to Cameron, laced Chase’s drink or something (a stripper with strawberry body oil) with strawberries, something that made Chase severely ill and even mentioned that he almost killed Chase. Even though House didn’t want Cameron anymore, he poisoned the man she was to marry.

        It has been established in the show that he had a breakdown, even a psychotic one, attributed to and triggered by use of Vicodin.

        As of this season after breaking with Cuddy, House wasn’t just using Vicodin, he was OD-ing on it daily. Cuddy, herself admitted at the beginning of the ep that she “expected” House to do something. She had just been so involved in her own self-destructive streak of following behind a guy who she’d known as “a legend” in school but was clearly unbalanced, to take notice of just how self-destructive he was or to care that by playing with an unbalanced person’s heart the way she did, would most likely trigger his psychosis.

        Cuddy then proceeded to “get in his face” about the end of the relationship every chance she got. “Let it out, House” “talk to me” as if she was ever the person he should be speaking to. He needed his therapist. The man, after all, JUST GOT OUT OF AN INSTITUTION. Hello, red flag. House did not need Cuddy’s passive aggressive attempts to assuage her guilt for telling him that she wasn’t going N E where and then breaking up with him as soon as she got a scare. She knew that the man wasn’t reliable or stable. She’d known him twenty years before they dated. She was just too caught up in the idea of being with this wild, intriguing, “bad guy” who called her names on a regular basis BEFORE SHE SHOWED UP AT HIS HOME going on about how she “loved” him, thinking she could change him, to notice just how crazy he was. I would have moved. She put her own family in danger by not covering the bases on this one.

        I’m not saying she deserved to have a car through her house but she seemed to be egging an unbalanced man on. Cuddy proposed to be done with games but couldn’t just leave well enough alone after they broke up.

        She then participated in his mockery and seemed to thrive on his dismal behavior towards her everyday. A brilliant doctor addicted to Vicodin, is still a drug addict and she should have left the hospital (because of her clearly self-destructive need to be with him in any form because of the crush she had since college) or force him to deal with his addiction by denying him that which he’d always valued the most, his job.

        When you date crazy, what you get is crazy. You cannot change it. Get him/her help (real help, not just “talk to me”)or get away safely. Don’t just sit there going, “Well I knew he’d do something,” because sometimes you or loved ones end up dead instead of just a little house damage. no pun intended

    • Emgee says:

      Jesus, it’s a TV SHOW!

      • Jesus says:

        I know! But some folks are going to rattle around in their heads and convince themselves this is deeply important. You know, take it personally, feel righteous indignation, blow it up into something more serious. Best not to wake them up while they’re in such a state.

    • Kathy says:

      Thank you for mentioning Rachel…would House seriously drive a car into a home where a toddler might be wandering around???? I find that the saddest of all…

    • Derdriui says:

      It’s really, really ridiculous that both David Shore and Peter Blake are LAWYERS. Peter Blake is Harvard law (according to Wiki, at least. Judging by Family Practice and this episode, maybe Wiki is lying to us all).

      One thing that I wish Ausiello had asked David Shore is: ‘So, fella crashed a car into a house. Any consequences?’

  8. alvnjsph says:

    The episode could have been better but I trust David Shore, Kate Jacobs, writers, etc. knows better. I’m still reeling that next season would be House’s last.

    • Dee says:

      I haven’t trusted a thing Shore, Jacobs, Yaitanes, or anyone else associated with this show has said in about two years. They lie and twist. I am done.

      Even if Lisa comes back, it is incapable of saving. It should have ended last night.

      Well done Lisa!! You left at the right time!

    • Emgee says:

      Agreed alvnjsph.

  9. Ariella says:

    Well denial ain’t just a river in Africa. DS is completely delusional.
    Seriously: “Those are the types of questions I don’t like to answer.” Uh, because you have no good explanation. If the showrunner can’t even adequately articulate the protagonist’s motivations–THAT’S a big problem. House going off the deep end over seeing his ex talking with another man is INSANE.
    Honestly, at this point I’m coming around to believing Lisa’s departure is for the best. House is over. It would be nice if she came back to receive a proper send-off, but otherwise I ABSOLUTELY do not want her anyway near this trash anymore. Good riddance to House, or really, the former shell of House. Congratulations, DS!

    • Frootloops says:

      I’m guessing LE read the script for this and said, “You have GOT to be kidding me.” What a sad send-off for her.

      • Kristin says:

        My thoughts exactly, and smart of her to get out before the mess that is sure to be season 8. I’m so glad I didn’t watch the finale. It’s become just completely ridiculous and a Dlist program. It’s very sad to hear the creator of the show, say in so many interviews that he doesn’t care about what the fans have to say, but it shows in the direction he took this once great show. Sad to see this show turn into what it is, and an awful way to have “House” himself end in peoples minds…I just am so sad to see this show go this way.

        • tripoli says:

          Well there are still plenty of fans who enjoyed the last season and the finale. And I’m sure plenty of you who are saying you won’t watch next season will in fact tune in. Just because the creator of the show doesn’t cater to every crazy fan, doesn’t mean he doesn’t care at all. It’s their show, they can tell whatever story they want.

          • Steven says:

            Not really about “catering to crazy fans”, but fans are what keep a show going. I’m not commenting as someone who watched the show for the character of Cuddy, but to see how this season unravelled is kind of proof that this show’s writers do not care what their fans think at all. Fan of this show have done a lot of vocalizing on all of the websites, and seems the majority were Cuddy or House/Cuddy fans. Lisa Edelstein won her first award ever from a People’s Choice vote. The show’s been kind of slipping since season 5..and that’s being kind we could really say season 3, seems these “crazy fans” were in huge support of House & Cuddy getting together and this is how the writers decided to give it to them, pretty terrible. I’m sure some fans will tune in next season but it won’t come as a huge surprise to see the show fall heavily in ratings next year.

    • Reality says:

      Maybe he didn’t want to explain House’s actions? Maybe it speaks for itself? Maybe it intrigues people to tune in next season to get an explanation then? I prefer to not have everything spoon feed to me. Sometimes it’s good to think for one’s self.

      • Alli says:

        The problem is House’s actions don’t speak for themselves. At least not based on the character we saw for the first six seasons. House is a self-loathing, depressed, rational man, not an aggressive lunatic. There is a world of difference between the House who told Stacy to stay with her husband in season 2 and the man we saw last night.

    • Ines says:

      And why is DS answering question with jokes? “I’ve always thought House was capable of killing people close to him. [Laughs]” Seriously? Because I though he drew the line at that! And since when does House goes insane over a boyfriend? Cuddy has had many boyfriends in the past, she was going to marry Lucas and he did nothing! Now he wants to kill them?
      What a jerk this DS is. He can’t even explain why he did this. I guess he’s on vicodin as well… If he doesn’t want to give interviews to Ausiello, then don’t. To say stupid things like “this whole thing seemed like a natural culmination of a frustrated man with certain repression issues” just shows how pathetic he is.
      I’m glad LE jumped ship when she could because this is just rubbish.

  10. Ems says:

    Thanks for the interview! Although it doesn’t tell us much, and i would quite frankly like to know what Taub did to deserve what happened to him in the finale; why the promo suggested the case would be interesting; and why 13 and Chase have not got together yet?!
    Also, sorry to nag but do you ever use spell-check?

    • sashay says:

      I guess Taub never wears a condom, and always relies on the woman for birth control. A less likely example of a dashing doctor would be hard to find, though.

  11. B says:

    I must have misjudged the character then. I knew he was very much capable of hurting people, but with words, mostly. (Okay, he punched Chase once, but that’s nowhere near as serious as this thing was.)

    He snapped, I get it. But I prefer powerful dialogues to crashing cars into houses. This was way over the top for me.

    • Alicia says:

      DS would never admit it, but all this insanity stems from his resentment of “Huddy.” He never wanted to explore the relationship, felt pressured into it, so did an abysmal job of handling it.
      Then finally decided to, quite literally, shatter it so he’d never have to cover it again.
      Hope the destruction of “Huddy” was worth the show’s as well.

      • Carol says:

        I agree completely with this. The resentment of the House/Cuddy relationship was plain this season. Even the final episode showed the powerful intellectual, emotional and physical chemistry between House/Cuddy (and Hugh/Lisa) in that marvelous argument in the hospital hallway. There is no way that any story about House could be written that ignored the intensity of feelings between House and Cuddy. So Shore had to destroy the relationship in order to wipe the slate clean and try to go forward. Too bad for the show which is now sunk beyond redemption. RIP House. Free Hugh Laurie.

        • Layla says:

          It does sometimes seem as though DS didn’t want to have House in a relationship, but if he didn’t want to do it then why did he do it. I know the network will send down notes sometimes. If they hadn’t had House and Cuddy flirting all these years there wouldn’t have been any pressure to hook them up. Did he think they could go on pining forever?

          If LE had stayed this wouldn’t have killed Huddy hope. If Wilson could forgive House for stealing his prescriptions thus nearly costing him his license and contributing to Ambers death, then Cuddy could forgive him for property damage. Remember DS just considers this property damage not attempted murder.

      • Gia says:

        I am a Huddy and I disagree with this. I think David Shore liked Huddy like us. I think he’s trying to be true to his show. It is a very negative show with a bunch of selfish, self-absorbed people. The only consistently likeable ones on there are Wilson and Cuddy and that’s because they love House and for some odd reason the writers are good at making them lovable (not this show’s strength. It’s good at other things in writing but not lovable characters) and always have been. Now they lost one of them, effectively crippling (cheap, I know) the show.

        Losing Cuddy is going to hurt the show in numbers and in overall quality. NBCU/Comcast picked Robert over Lisa, when if they had been smart and cared enough to listen to the show’s longtime fans, they would’ve kept both and known both were integral to the show. But apparently they could care less about finding out what we like best about the show as an audience. They offered everyone a lower contract deal but gave Robert, the one who always in interviews talks about not liking LA, how he’d rather be on stage, doesn’t really care about his job except for the money and barely deigns to promote the show, they caved and gave him the same amount he always made. Lisa, who is the same in popularity as Robert, who has promoted the show ever since I can remember even on her vacations-unlike anyone else on the cast, who has always praised the writers, the crew and her co-workers in interviews, has said she loves and treasures her job and feels lucky to have it, had said multiple times she wanted to be there in season eight, they low-ball her and when she didn’t accept it, they shrugged and tossed her to the wind. For this the show will suffer.

        I’ve been keeping steady track of House’s numbers for two seasons now and I know House needs all their top players to go up against DWTS. They will still take a hit next season but now it will be worse because NBCU/Comcast has weakened the show by getting rid of such a big character-a person whose leaving was such big news to us nobody fans that it trended for seventeen hours on Twitter, trended in Yahoo!News, was talked about everywhere one went when the story broke. Now the show has too many men so they will have to hire some female who will never match up to Cuddy in our hearts. They do have 13, but likeable though the actress who plays her is, her character is one of the least popular on the show. She does fine with men because she’s their fantasy caricature, but with women she doesn’t rate. We fans knwo this. She’s been unpopular since the beginning. This season she left and numbers weren’t effected at all, proving if they really had to lose someone to save money, she would’ve been a safe bet. She comes back and they advertise the heck out of her return, she does a few movies but her fans aren’t really House fans, which we tried to tell those in charge. Again no one listens. They promoted her return like no other episode since Bombshells this season. They even promoted it more than their own finale, and she even tweeted her fans and asked them to watch that night and the episode still did poorly in ratings. Then they put an episode with Masters, who had potential but wasn’t fully developed (I can only assume because the writers knew she was leaving) and hurt the numbers more, just as people tried to tell them again. But again no one listens to us. I know we’re only fans, but hey, we know what we experience and like. But the network bosses don’t care about silly things like that. They only care about saving the 20 percent so they can make the same profit and their wallets don’t take a hit. I’m sure they make millions of dollars off of House, but they didn’t want to lose a dime of that so Lisa and the fans had to pay. But as some have pointed out, it’s penny-wise, pound foolish.

        The numbers for last night went down from the previous week, btw. On a season finale, folks. This is scary and sad. To quote TVBTN:

        “The House season finale drew a 3.3 adults 18-49 rating down 6% vs. last week, down 23% from last season’s finale, and a series finale low, while The Chicago Code series finale managed a 2.0 rating, up 11% vs. last week.”

        Even Chicago Code, a show that’s getting cancelled went up on their finale, as all shows typically do. But House went back down again. And that’s with some Cuddy fans still watching because people were split on whether to watch Lisa’s last episode or not. Next season will be worse. It’s so sad seeing a wonderful show like House slowly strangled by its own network’s bad decisions steeped in greed.

        People can spin it anyway they want but Huddy and Cuddy was a very big thing for the show and the Cuddy fans were a very large, passionate fanbase. We were the most active and won them the most online polls. We give them the most feedback. We supported them, defended the show, retweeted, liked on FB, and made all sorts of things up to show our love for our ship and for Cuddy and the show too. Now they have the least active fans of their fanbase left to support them online. And I will say this, the Wilson fans didn’t win them all of those PCAs, it was the Huddy/Cuddy fans. We voted till our fingers fell off for them. The only one who didn’t win a PCA who was up for one was Robert. Why? Because not enough Huddies voted for him and the Wilson fans aren’t as organized as we are. And that was because of what Wilson fans did to Cuddy in a vote preceding that where we supported Wilson. We also supported Wilson with comments when Robert threatened to leave on TVLine and said he was important to the show. But when it was Lisa’s turn, most of the Wilson fans couldn’t be bothered. I remember one Wilson fan admitting she was important. One. Yeah, some of us Huddy/Cuddy fans were PITAs, but we did truly love the show. But much like Lisa, we’ve been cast aside too.

        Goodbye and Good Luck, House, M.D.

        • nitemar says:

          ***THANK YOU!***

        • Daniel says:

          I think TPTB wanted to put pressure on LE regarding accepting less episodes & less money.DS said last year he has plans for OW .THEY WANED LE OUT OF THE WAY TO SHINE THE LIGHT OVER OW.They tried the same when they let go of JM.But Cuddy still had more fan base than 13.
          Some people in TPTB have personal crush on OW & wanted to make 13 the main female character on the show.Look at how hard they’re pushing House/13 dynamics as soon as she came back. The whole thing was planned early on.
          LE is a smart lady,I bet she figured out what’s planned for 13 & knew that Cuddy will be pushed to the back ground anyway & chose to go out with dignity.Brave & wise decision.
          Last 6 episodes tell you all what’s planned for S8 ; 13 – Md , H /13 relationship & maybe a little of Chase in the mix to satisfy some young male fantasies about 13.Maybe a recycle of House/Cameron/Chase from S2,3.
          Chase is the only thing that might keep me watching .But I just know he’ll be under-used again & only be secondary to 13’s endless tragic storylines, so unless I hear he’s going to have his own decent storyline in S8 ,I won’t bother to tune in.

        • BETEDELSTEIN says:


        • ARGH says:

          Do people not know how to research on the internet? Look, back in February, Lisa E and MoveOn.org did a PSA regarding abortion and women’s rights, and of course, Comcast/FOX/NBC Universal/etc did not like that very left-wing move. There are rumors that someone wanted her to sign a contract stating that she would refrain from political activism until the end of the show. She refused and walked. End of story. There is no “they chose RSL over her” or “they wouldn’t give her enough money”. She just didn’t agree with their crap, and they didn’t agree with hers. Case closed.

        • sara says:

          The People’s Choice Awards can be won by ten fans who know how to program a computer to vote every five seconds night and day. For that reason there are a whole bunch of people who do not bother.

    • Sharona says:

      Right? You know, if he’d thrown the hairbrush through the window and they had a screaming fight, and then House said screw it and trotted off to his tropical island – I would have bought that. It’s not nice, it’s not rational, but it carries considerably less ick factor.

      As things stand, so glad LE isn’t coming back next year. I’d hate to see Cuddy forgive House for this.

    • Nancy says:

      Actually he tried to kill chase via an allergic reaction in season 5. Apparently then he was crazy enough to be committed. So what happens this time? How do you get your medical license back after the second psychotic break?

      • sans says:

        Exactly. People keep saying that they watch the show but somehow missed that House had a psychotic breakdown, almost killing Chase by sending him into anaphalactic (sp?) shock, in season 5? Hello! It was triggered (but not necessarily caused by) his Vicodin use.

        This time he’s tripling up on the Vicodin and people really expect him to be rational? The guy’s been crazy since day one and the show is about him and his spiral down to the bottom. This WAS part of his redemption. He finally lashed out in a big way because, lets face it, House never expressed his anger, betrayal, hurt in an adult, rational, sane manner. He went BIG in his way of getting back at people and Wilson and Cuddy knew the man had serious repression issues yet seemed to enjoy putting him back together when he fell apart. Some people need to be needed and Wilson (already established needing to be needed) and Cuddy seemed to get off on House’s insanity
        so that they had someone to take care of. Now that House has broken the relationships with Cuddy and Wilson, he will be forced to really look at himself, instead of being instantly forgiven and babied, and pull himself together.

        Wilson and Cuddy have been poking the bear trying to get him to bite instead of getting a proper zoologist (therapist, re-hab)to handle it and the bear finally bit… their arms right off. They are supposed to be doctors but, really, they were enablers. He could do what he wanted, go to them to get his slap on the wrist and scolding, and then go back to being a borderline psychopathic sociopath with severe depression, drug addiction, and a superiority complex.

  12. Mónica says:

    Ugh. Why this show is still on the air is beyond my comprehension.

  13. Tucker says:

    You’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole, David.

  14. Joy says:

    “He saw them stepping out, didn’t he?”

    Of course House knew 100% that no 1 moved from the time he saw them stepping out til the time he drove around high speed and slammed tha car at her House. It’s as easy as saying, “Oh lemme wreck her House. But I don’t want to hurt anyone”.

  15. Jim L says:

    During the episode where 13 comes back, I think a real connection was made between the two of them, culminating when House promises 13 he will kill her when her disease progresses past quality of life. I think those two could fall for each other – the age difference being the only issue.

  16. Somy says:

    This is what I have understood so far.

    You have an extraordinarily popular actress playing an extraordinarily popular character.

    For some inconceivable reason, you then give this extraordinary actress very limited screentime, shove her into the background, and bring in a younger, less talented girl, pay her a great deal more, and put her front and center in spite of the increasing complaints of fans and critics.

    You write the most extraordinary, unique love story, then categorically tear it down with dull writing instead of truly exploring it, and then abruptly ending it and bringing in a series of prostitutes and glorified domestic green card slaves.

    You ignore the fans who are trying to nudge you in the right direction, trying to warn you that this isn’t working, that things need to improve, and keep up the negligent, careless writing and producing.

    Then, as ratings drop, the ONLY reason people are still watching becomes the hapless victim of the whole debacle, and is, essentially thrown in front of the bus by her colleagues.

    Wilson, the other co-starring secondary character, her equal in every way is offered a great deal more money than she is for no other conceivable reason than the fact that he is A MAN (even though he does considerably less promotional work then she does).

    She (the leading WOMAN) and the one BLACK guy on the show are the ONLY stars asked to cut their pay due to the PRODUCERS’s negligent writing, while the show throws money out the window on expensive teaser stunts no one cares about and a salary for the leading man that is beyond obnoxious.

    And now, for some inconceivable reason, because ratings are dropping, they are “cutting costs” by cutting out the only factor that actually increased the ratings. Something is not right.
    I want to believe the best of all of them and I realise there is probably more going on behind the scenes than we know, but they have to understand that this looks very, very bad form the outside.
    And if they are not fighting for her, they should be. Cut Hugh Laurie’s salary, stop spending money on stupid stunts, or hey, take it out of the producer’s salary, they’re responsible for this mess.

    This is a shameful sexist spectacle, and they all need to stop being cowards and take a stand. If Hugh Laurie threatens to quit, for example, the network would have to listen. None of them are powerless in this, I don’t buy that it’s “out of their hands”. I watch this show because it is a brave show, and I need them to prove to us they have the same courage in life as in fiction. This is a women’s rights issue, if they do or say nothing in public they are cowards.

    Look at the statistics, at the ratings. Every single episode she is heavily featured in does BETTER. When they broke up House and Cuddy the ratings tumbled. They are delusional if they think anyone is going to watch this show without Lisa in it. She has been a part of the story from day one, for seven years she has been House’s “redeeming feature”, his heart, his light in the end of the tunnel, the one thing that makes him human – what is the point of your story if they suddenly take away this factor that has been a vital part of the “arc” for seven years, when they only have ONE season left? What kind of storytelling is that? Do they really think we watch for the patients? Do they really want to end this show with a humiliating mid-season cancellation next winter?

    Do they really want people to remember House MD not as a beautiful, unique, extraordinary show, but a badly managed, disgraceful production in which women are expendable and can be trampled all over?

    • Kevin says:

      This is funny

    • XK says:

      That’s certainly one take on it. My take on it is that I stopped watching because of the huddy nonsense, Cuddy’s character has sucked for years, and, while I love Lisa Edelstein, I’m excited to see where things go in S8.

    • Spencer says:

      ”You have an extraordinarily popular actress playing an extraordinarily popular character.”
      LOL! you live in a fantasy world.

      • Kris says:

        Who won the PCA for favourite actress this year? Or was that also in the fantasy world?

        The PCA are nothing but a popularity contest. If LE has talent is one thing, but the PCA is proof that she has a large fanbase.

        • sara says:

          No, winning the PCA isn’t even proof she has a large fan base, just one with nothing else to do or the computer skills to set up programs that keep voting over and over and over and over

          The ‘thank you” video they made, and which RSL owned, said it all, a bunch of internet fanatics with a lot of time on their hands”

          And my guess why ratings went down (except for After Hours) after they broke up is that viewers who didn’t buy the whole Huddy arc had already left.

          • Nami says:

            “And my guess why ratings went down (except for After Hours) after they broke up is that viewers who didn’t buy the whole Huddy arc had already left.”
            —>Huddy has been canon since the first episode of this season. Yet the ratings for the season before Bombshells were higher than after–if the viewers didn’t buy into Huddy, why didn’t they leave way before Bombshells? Why didn’t ratings spike back up after Huddy broke up? It doesn’t make sense for Huddy dislikers to leave *after* Huddy already broke up…quite the opposite.

          • tripoli says:

            Bingo. Nicely said Sara.

          • Emma says:

            Exactly. Huddies are so convinced the LE is the actress of the century with a “huge” fanbase. In truth, her fanbase is just very vocal. Although they’re the quietest, the majority of people who watch House are pretty quietly casual about it. The small vocal minority on the internet don’t actually sway the numbers that much, just the tabloids.

            That said, I still think losing LE will damage the show, only because she’s been there since the beginning, not because her character doesn’t now SUCK. I used to love Cuddy but now she’s just pathetic.

            The truth is, this show died when they fired the old team and didn’t hire a good one. About midway through season 5.

        • sara says:

          No I repeat, the PCA can be won by an actress with two fans who know how to run a bot program, that votes over and over night and day, In Canada the House actors and the program itself was disqualified because of bot voting.

          LE is a good actress who was lucky to get on a popular show. However, the year that she was the “center of attention” the ratings went down by almost l8 per cent, Huddy could not maintain the audience it inherited, Numbers don’t lie

      • Mikos says:

        Yeah, I love LE but even I don’t buy for a second that she could be described as “an extraordinarily popular actress” or that Cuddy is *that* popular either. Didn’t someone just post a huge novel further up this thread explaining how the Huddy fans are so well organized they can overvote awards to the show and LE…

    • Brit says:

      THANK YOU for taking the time to write this. I agree with about 92.5 percent of it. The amount of money they spend on those teaser shots noone cares about would be better spent on LE’s and OE’s salaries.

      I think this show has become a victim of NBCU and of Darth Shore’s warped worldview.

    • Ariella says:

      Agree with your sentiments, but TPTB don’t care; it’s all about the bottom line. Obviously DS is a MONEY-HUNGRY whore because there is no reasonable way he could justify House extending past season 8 except to line his pockets.
      It doesn’t matter if LE is getting the shaft, as long as Fox has advertisers to pay him. He doesn’t care about crafting a unique and thoughtful series, paying homage to the characters and relationship running for 7 years, as long as he gets his paycheck.

      • D says:

        So, because YOU can’t justify House going beyond Season 8, Shore can’t?

        • Ariella says:

          And what exactly could his justification be? Or yours?
          They’ve run out of stories to tell and are now committing character assassination to “shock and awe.”
          In the original incarnation of House, House always had the upperhand. He could always out-think/out-conspire everyone or maneuver his way out of a situation. Look where he is now; an ineffectual, desperate man who can’t even control his emotions so he resorts to homicidal rage.
          What is “Housian” about that? It’s not clever, there’s no reason, no intellectual superiority in it. House as a character is ruined and continuing the series is only pissing on his legacy.
          DS obviously doesn’t care about the show’s posterity, because if he did, he’d quit while he’s behind.

          • D says:

            The only justification needed is House’s story isn’t over. Again, you assume there’s nothing left to say. That’s why you aren’t one of the two dozen writers who have contributed storylines to this show.

            And “homicidal rage?” Have you been watching this season at all? The point of the scene was how un-Housian it is. Hell, read the interview. An irrational outlash from the ultimate rationalist. You can even extend it all the way back to the second season finale, where House’s shooter asks him why he oh so badly doesn’t want to be “human.” Well, humans aren’t perfect, and they pull crazy stunts like the car crash scene. Fundamentally, House has not changed; this is an incident isolated here. That’s not to say it can’t be thrown back in his face as a moment where his beliefs were compromised, but the guy is just unlucky.

          • Housechick says:

            OMG! Awesome post. ICAM.

          • sans says:

            Have you ever been in a relationship? House doesn’t seem to have been in a real caring relationship for quite a while and used Vicodin not just for the pain of his leg but the pain of being alone. He was already desperate, sad, and insane.

            He practically begged Cuddy not to play with his heart and she said she wasn’t going anywhere and then she up and left him. She knew he had real issues dealing in daily life. Not everyone falls in and out of love constantly and he probably thought she was it, while she was thinking, if I can’t get him to change, he’s outta here.

            He has been unbalanced since the first episode and just got out of an institution. You shouldn’t play with crazy people’s emotions. Intellect has nothing to do with emotion. Feelings don’t have a brain, just a heart and the heart doesn’t give a crap what the brain has to say about anything.

    • ffn says:

      It doesn’t matter how little promotional work RSL does, that doesn’t change how crucial Wilson is to the show. He didn’t have to take a cut because he had other options on the table and he could have easily walked away. Wilson has ALWAYS been more important than Cuddy and Foreman, losing Wilson would have been way worse for the show and for House the character than losing Cuddy or Foreman.
      Trying to bring up the fact that LE and OE had to take cuts because they’re minorities is ridiculous

    • Luka says:

      RSL is a respected & well known Tony award winning actor. Lisa E is a good actress but she is not on the same level as RSL is, in terms of critical/peer respect, ability or importance to the show. Wilson is House’s best friend. The Watson to his Holmes. Cuddy is now his ex-girlfriend and hospital administrator. She is infinitely replaceable. They didn’t keep RSL because he is a man. They kept him because they consider him more important to the show. Turning this into a sexism issue is both wrong and unhelpful. And he is only doing 18 episodes so it’s not like he’s not taking a pay cut of sorts.

      Omar Epps is also a man and from what I understand he was offered the same deal as Lisa? He has always had a healthy amount of screen time, but once again, Foreman isn’t absolutely essential to the show (as much I love him and Omar Epps)like Wilson is. He still signed on again didn’t he?

      • Nami says:

        RSL is indeed important to the show, and Wilson definitely is important to House. But what Cuddy is to House is something that Wilson cannot provide, and the H/C relationship was also 20 years in the making. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Cuddy’s significance. Equally important bonds, just different ones.

        And she’s not replaceable since they make it clear time and again that Cuddy is the only person willing to hire House–the only person who allows him to work his magic yet can still keep him in line.

        • Luka says:

          This is where we’ll have to agree to disagree.
          The retconning of House’s relationship with Stacy was one of the worst aspects of the House/Cuddy storyline. Stacy was the love of his life according to everyone for the first 3 seasons. Because it didn’t fit into their nonsensical Huddy backstory, they ignored it. So to me and a lot of other people, this relationship was about 3/4 seasons in the making at most. If Stacy (previous love of his life and Cameron who was a regular character with a lot of screentime under her belt) can be replaced, then so can Cuddy.
          I imagine they will have no trouble finding another boss who has a combative relationship with House, but who ultimately respects his ability. It’s not a rare position in tv land. Every drama has the boss chewing out their wreckless employee. It’s not new and easily replicated.

    • allie D says:

      Somy– Perfect.
      I still love the show, but am absolutely tired of having my heart broken. They really rushed the “Huddy” demise, and I totally agree that it felt that Olivia Wilde, while her character has grown on me, was forced on us, to the detriment of (certainly) Jenifer Morrison, and then with Morrison gone, Lisa Edelstein. Not saying I could write a better show, and am actually pleased with the bizarre twists it takes, happy that it still has surprises left, but emotionally I am DRAINED. What would “real” life be like if some reigning power said to us, “Sorry. This story arc in your life has to end because we’re not renewing your contract”?

    • BeNotAfraid says:

      I have hated Cuddy since season 3. I also hated Luddy and Huddy. I did not watch S7 for that reason. The ratings have dropped like lead since 7 started. So the idea she was popular belies the fact that it was her story that sort of killed the shows’s ratings this season. Really I don’t think Fox or NBC wanted her to renew her contract. I’m glad LE is gone. I wish her the best. I’m sure her fans will follow her wherever she goes.

      • Aurore says:

        It’s not her story, or huddy that kill the show. It’s the low quality writing on EVERY aspect of the show.
        It’s hard to find one good case this season, humour gone from witty, cynical, 2nd degree… to teen’s humor, Taub and his annoying/dull personal life had way too much screentime, Master was boring 90 per cent of the time…
        And what I gathered from this interview is it’s not going to change in season 8.
        So it’s time for me to quit watching the show.

    • Blowin' in the Wind says:

      Hear! Hear!, Somy. When is it time to listen to your fans for a change? We certainly are not right all of the time but we’re not wrong all of the time either. We’re telling them what we feel as viewers of their product but they don’t care or listen. They are shedding their viewers and have a retension rate for fans that goes down every season. They try to force things on us fans we don’t like and sometimes it works because they have other factors to keep people coming back in spite of it. But sometimes it goes too far. They collected a large fanbase who loved and supported Huddy and an even larger one that supported Cuddy, but those fans were brushed aside and ignored. When is it time to listen?

      The trick is to find a middle ground between giving some fans what they want and keeping true to the show and what the writers like. I think they try but they just aren’t very good at it. Some people are good at some things and not so good at others. We Huddy and Cuddy fans shouldn’t be given everything we want, but if they would’ve given us some of what we asked for, if they would’ve shown that they cared about us and what we cared about it would’ve engendered more loyalty and it would’ve made people more understanding towards them and less people would’ve been frustrated with the “exploration” they did. I don’t think they’re bad people, I think they even attempted to do this to an extent, but it seems they’re just not good at it.

      “How many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn’t see?…How many ears must one man have before he can hear people cry?” No one listens and we all suffer. I wish it were different. I really do.

    • Nami says:

      “Do they really think we watch for the patients?”
      —>I watch for the patients/medicine, for one. Or at least I used to, before the oh-so-talented writers started doing completely asinine things like having a normally very rational Cuddy hire a 3RD YEAR, UNLICENSED MEDICAL STUDENT in place of a fellow or even a resident. Then there was that whole thing with trying to cure Hep C with Hep A. Ridiculous.

    • Elizabeth says:

      You are right on the money. DS is delusional, and it’s just a damn shame. Not only was Huddy an excellent storyline (that they let us have for what, six or seven episodes before they destroyed it? Gee thanks) but it actually did what a show is supposed to do, it showed growth in the characters, it showed depth and complexity and added a side to House without ruining his basic House-ness. The buildup over the seasons to Huddy was maddening, but well written for the most part…the ending was absurd and ridiculous, was completely against the grain of BOTH characters at almost any point in their development, and DS misses the boat in not realizing that there was still PLENTY to discover and write in that story, while still having House be House.
      I was incredibly depressed by the breakup episode, and have been watching out of loyalty to HL and because I’ve loved this show for so long…but the truth is my heart is out of it, I feel like there is nothing to look forward to. All these people who go on about hating Huddy really missed what the heart of the show was always about–House finding bits of redemption, bits of love, despite still being House–Cuddy made it clear she loved him because of who he was, without changing…and to have her backpedal on that seven episodes later was a slap in the face.
      Shame on you DS…HL and LE gave you Emmy level performances for years, as well as an excellent supporting cast, and you do nothing but spit in their faces. What a shame.

    • alf says:

      How could you cut HL’s salary when 1) he’s the lead of the show and 2) he had a contract with the show that extends into an eighth season? These were contract re-negotiations we’re talking about. OE, LE and RSL were the only actors that weren’t contracted into an eighth season- hence why NBCU is stuck paying OW the same salary. Whether you think that’s unfair or not (I personally hate 13 too) doesn’t matter because production cannot break contract. Thus the burden of cost cutting does admittedly fall on the actors who were up for negotiation. I’m sure sexism/racism occurs all the time still in Hollywood but, fact is, all 3 actors were asked to take either a cut in pay or in the number of episodes they were set to appear in. RSL choose the latter and, thus, will take a cut in salary anyway: a reported 1 million dollar loss for the next season! LE was presented with similar options and is the only one not to sign- that’s her choice. She would have grossed over 2 million dollars which is not that much less than RSL’s reported salary for S8. BTW- NBCU required cast and production cuts, not just the former (cut by either 40/60 or 50/50, can’t remember off the top of my head but I know it’s a pretty even reduction…). So the expensive opening sequences, big explosions, etc. will be paired down as well. Given all that, I just don’t see how LE (and OE) was treated so unfairly. I don’t think this a Jennifer Morrison situation here at all. JM was asked to leave abruptly in the middle of S6 when she was contracted into S7! Ratings have been down ALL season and dragged last season as well — probably, in part, because of the intense focus on “Huddy”/Cuddy. The PCAs are not a good measure of popularity (you can vote multiple times, as was mentioned) and Cuddy seems like a very polarizing character. You either love or hate her. And even though the House/Cuddy pair broke up mid-season, we were subjected to their relationship angst for basically the remainder of S7 anyway. Basically there is no clear cut way to interpret the continued bad ratings in the back half of this season and we’ll probably never know why LE didn’t re-sign (though, I’m sorry, your conclusions seem to be based on lack of info or understanding about negotiations). Well, I do think almost everyone agrees that the writing and showrunning has been dreadful which is the real problem here. The show’s been on the decline since S4 IMO.

  17. Boiler says:

    Michael..nice shot talking to him but alot of nothing. Probably shell shocked at negative reaction

  18. Magni says:

    I stopped watching because of the huddy nonsense but now I’l be back for season 8! I’m so glad Cuddy won’t be back, good riddance! Look what huddy/Cuddy did to show, they ruined it!

    • Candide says:

      Let’s see if this works this time.

      I see a lot of the anti-Huddy and Cuddy fans who are just happy to get rid of their competition, and the ones who wanted this to happen out of vengeance all dancing right now about Huddy and Cuddy being gone and trying to make this out to be a good thing. But it’s clear that it’s not if you are honest and clear-sighted. The numbers last night were a series finale low. Not only that but only four other episode the entire season did worse than this one:
      The Dig (the episode marking 13’s return)
      The Last Temptation
      The Fix
      The numbers during Huddy’s relationship held steady from what they went out with last season. The Huddy finale last season, “Help Me,” which was advertised by everyone-all the press who saw the screeners, etc., as being all about Huddy, did far better than this finale in the key demos (“Help Me” actually has been praised by critics, nominated for a WGA and its key demo was 4.3, the only episode this season to make that ranking this season was “Family Practice”. This season finale ranked at a 3.3 in the key demos. This is very bad.), but you still try to lay the blame on Huddy. You try to minimize Cuddy’s importance but last season, the episode centered on her did a 5.1 in the key demos and ranked in at number five in the key demo ratings of the season. The Wilson centered episode did a 4.8 in the key demos. These are their two most popular characters besides House. They tried a 13 centered episode this season and it made a 2.9 in the key demos. I think this (along with many other things, but numbers are all the business people care about) shows which characters are loved by fans and can support the show even with House’s time minimized. (House was heavily featured in the 13 centered episode, unlike the other two, and it still did poorly.)

      Next season Huddy and Cuddy are gone. The numbers should go up, and going by what you guys are trying to sell, by a large amount if you are right. We’ll see next season. I’ll be waiting and watching the numbers. And if I’m right, and I believe I am by objectively going over the numbers over the past years since season three, that the numbers are not going to be pretty next season. In spite of you people trying to make all of this out to be a great thing. All these sycophantic reassurances that everything is fine will be ringing hollow next season when the numbers start rolling in if the trends I’ve studied hold.

      • tripoli says:

        You are probably right to some extent. But only because the crazy, delusional Cuddy fans will refuse to watch without her, thinking it will in some way force the show to get her back. Those of us who aren’t fans of her, or are just plan fans of the show, regardless of cast changes, will continue to watch because we love the show and do not feel the need to be petty because we are overly attached to a fictional TV character who is no longer on the show.

        • Sydney says:

          Why does it make me or any of the rest of us Cuddy fans petty if we watch for what we watch for? Everyone I know or have known in the show’s fandom all have their reasons for watching. Some have already left. But if I do it, I’m petty, crazy and delusional? If I don’t just watch the show no matter what, even if it doesn’t give me what I like anymore then I’m a bad person? Perhaps you’re petty and crazy because you insult my opinion because I disagree with you. Why the ad hominem attacks? Do you even know the definition of pettiness? How do you know what my motivations are besides her being gone? I’m not doing it to hurt the show, that’s just coincidental. I’m leaving because I like Lisa and support her. I’m also leaving because I identified with her and now that she’s gone there’s no one left but a bunch of guys who seem bored mostly in their roles. But of course, I’m sure you’re right and I’m just a petty person. Btw, are you this annoying, judgemental and self-righteous in real life?

          Why don’t you tell me what I have to do to be good in your eyes, Oh, Righteous Judge of the Earth and All Her Peoples?

          Don’t tell me my motivations. I merely said I was leaving because of Lisa, not that I wanted bad things to come to the show. It will. But not because of me. Because of decisions made by people in charge of the show. I can’t make them care about what fans care about. They reap what they sow. That’s life for all of us.

  19. WTF says:

    Let me get this straight.

    They spent 7 years bulding Huddy up and they quickly dismissed it in half season, and does Shore think they gave it its best shot?

    House running into Cuddy’s house becoming insane in in character? Seriously Shore? or you just happened to push things to a stage where there was no way back so Huddy could be over once and for all?

    Season 8 might not be the last? Does torture never end? Without Lisa?!

    Was that even a season finale? Ripping off every season finale they ever written? Seriously? Does he believe what he says for real?!

    That being said, I don’t think Shore is to be hold responsible for the way Huddy has been treated but FOX and their issues with Lisa’s ad. But at least I’d like, as a die-hard fan who’s been watching for years, to be told the truth. I’m not mourning because I’m Huddy, I’m mourning because this is not the show we’ve started watching. And ratings and polls say it all.

    • un-holy says:

      Get real you Huddy loonie. The show wasn’t about Huddy for the past seven seasons. All this talk about building up the Huddy relationship for seven seasons is ridiculous. The show is called HOUSE MD not HUDDY MD

      • Bu says:

        TV shows have always taken on the name of a main character and with supporting actors/actresses to make it watchable. Without them House MD would not be as it is today unless you are delusional to think that House alone would have made the show a success, so us Huddy loonies have the right to say anything too for we (loonies) and Huddy contributed to the show’s success

      • Nami says:

        Of course Huddy is not the main focus. Just because something isn’t prioritized doesn’t mean it does not happen. Huddy has been on the backburner until this season…but nevertheless, it was a backburner that was constantly simmering.

        Personally I don’t think seasons 1-3 are worthy of mention when it comes to development of the Huddy relationship, but you’re both blind and delusional if you think their interaction didn’t change since season 4. Try to gain some perspective, and perhaps a greater attention span while you’re at it.

  20. Tiffany says:

    David Shore is so arrogant. His way will always be the right way and I hope Hugh Laurie makes the decision for him and runs far away after his contract for season eight is up. This was by far the worst season finale not only in House history but one of the worst in TV history. Stick a fork in the show, it’s done.

  21. Spike says:

    Will NEVER watch this show again. The last season and a half has already tested my patience, but Shore & Co has destroyed every single character on the show.


    sad, too. This show was so awesome.

  22. Cheryl says:

    Add me to the long list of dissatisfied House fans with this finale. I thought last week’s episode was so fantastic and then was totally let down with the final episode. I just don’t see how House (the series) will recover from House’s actions. Are we going to go through a manhunt, arrest, trial?? Not what I tuned to this show to watch. I’ve been a big fan since day one but just don’t get where this is going. My guess is this is the beginning of the end.

  23. cora says:

    House could kill people close to him like somebody else. But that’s not the reason that i used to love this show. Now, for me, he’s just a moron without his inteligence and brilliance.

    So, Shore believe in season 9. What world is he live?

    About Lisa, hope she don’t back to House. She don’t deserve waste your talent with this new-awful direction!

    I’m sad, but it’s time to say good bye!

    *sorry for the mistakes, english isn’t my first language

  24. Alanna says:

    I REALLY can’t believe that David Shore is that oblivious as to the state of his show. Also, I find it really irritating that when asked questions about House’s motives or why something in the story happened, he answers with ‘Who knows?’ What do you mean ‘who knows?!’ You people wrote/directed/produced this stuff!! If YOU don’t know, how are we supposed to know, and thereby connect with the character, or at the very least understand what is going on. The whole thing is terribly out of character now, and this why: the writers and show runners are clueless, and it seems like they’re not taking the time to really think things through under the guise of ‘openness’ and ‘interpretation’. I’m a staunch House fan, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to stomach Season 8…

    • WFT says:

      “I REALLY can’t believe that David Shore is that oblivious as to the state of his show”

      Either he’s blind or playing the fool, really

  25. Alex says:

    David Shore should be ashamed of himself.

  26. Melinda says:

    Are all those interjected [laughs] out of nervousness? I mean, they’ve royally screwed this show, hands down. House is now a wanted felon. Am I supposed to be excited about this? Don’t expect me to spend all summer wondering how on earth Dr. House can continue to evade police. This is utter destruction of a once very popular TV series. I’m done with it. I’ve loved it for YEARS, and now I don’t care if I ever watch again. Debacle indeed.

  27. Kris says:

    Oh, DS doesn’t want to do the same thing over and over again. House over the years: he hits rock bottom in season 1. He hits rock bottom in season 2. He hits rock bottom in season 3. He hits rock bottom in season 4. He hits rock bottom in season 5 and he hits rock bottom in season 7.

    Yeah, I totally see how he doesn’t want to do the same thing over and over again.

    I have noticed with the “people don’t change”-mantra, that is just becomes boring. Why continue to watch if it all ends the same way? Why join House on his journey when you end up at the beginning all the time?

    I bow out, not out of frustration, but because I don’t want to spend precious time watching the same storyline over and over again and I don’t like the road they are taking House.

  28. frabjous says:

    “I never want House to be a show that goes back over the same territory over and over again.”

    Too late!

    • Layla says:

      I know, right? They recycle and push the reset button constantly on this show.

    • Katie says:

      I know, right?! This is like the 12th time that he’s had a girlfriend, the 13th time he’s driven into someone’s house, and, really, 1345th time he’s vanished into thin air. /sarcasm Personally, I loved it and can’t wait to see where season 8 picks up.

      • Carol says:

        But this is a repeat of the most crucial motif of the show: House hits bottom. He did it when he was shot and confronted his self-hatred. He did it when he overdosed on vicodin and ended up in a pool of his own vomit. He did it when he faked his recover in rehab. He did it when he hallucinated a romance with Cuddy. He did it when he went cold-turkey in the psychiatric hospital. He did it when he confessed his feelings of self-loathing to the doomed woman pinned in the building collapse. He hit bottom again when Cuddy dumped him and he went on a hooker/vicodin binge. Now House has hit bottom yet again by trying to murder Cuddy and her family.

        House hitting bottom is the reset button Shore goes to every season. He recycles this basic plot and always has House bounce back with no long-term consequences to resume his life at the hospital. “House” has ceased to be a gripping character study and turned into a depressing cartoon. RIP House.

      • Nami says:

        You’re looking at that statement too literally. Of course specific events are not going to repeat often–it’s the THEMES and MOTIFS that do. What’s repeating is House’s inability to grow as a person. The lack of character development and how he constantly ends up at the same place is what is repeating.

  29. J. Norman says:

    I’m generally not one to pile on, but in this case I want David Shore to understand that his story line is stupid and has turned off many fans – such as myself. In my case, House was my #1 appointment TV show for the week and now I’m questioning whether I’m gone to abandon it.

    • Mikos says:

      Give’em a chance next season. You never know, before they died those rats might have been irrationally compelled to drive cars into houses too.

  30. Kenneth says:

    Thanks for the interview. But David Shore’s answers only make me feel this is the beginning of the end of House. Bones did almost the same thing last year, which was: disappointing fans. Now House did this unbelievable finale, and sadly it was much more disappointing. Breaking into someone’s house with a CAR? Is he psychotic or just utterly insane? Cuddy had done many things for him, and even in the previous season, House was breaking her and Lucas with his words. And now Cuddy gets a new boyfriend, and House already broke her house? Ridiculous.

  31. Amy says:

    I guess the real story here is that as a writer/producer David Shore is a sadist and the House character is a psychopath.

    • D says:

      That’s not a story; that’s what the show has been. If you want a happy ending, Glee is on tonight.

    • Layla says:

      I think the story is that the show is still profitable so they are milking it till the last drop is gone. They ran out of good story ideas and are relying on gimmicks. They got in a habit of being shocking in finales and now feel the need to keep topping themselves, no matter how stupid. They know that some people will keep watching out of habit no matter how bad the show gets. That’s the real story.

      • D says:

        I don’t know what to tell you. I love this show. Most of this season sucked. The finale did not. If they’re just trying to keep the money train flowing, I’m thankful that they pumped out six and half seasons of great stories without trying.

        • Mikos says:

          I think it’s safe to say if all they cared about was keeping the show going they would NOT have had that happen in the finale.

  32. Deja says:

    That is not an answer to whether Jesse will be back or not. They were confident Lisa would be back and look what happened.

    • un-holy says:

      Really, when are we going to know about Jesse’s contract deal?

      • Jessica says:

        I know right?! Im dying right now, I NEED to know.

        • a small microbe says:

          he will be back, mark my words. he is needed for the arc with ow that was just started. it is sad that he has been but a shadow until now, when it serves the purpose of advancing 13 character.

  33. A says:

    Goodbye House, i’m not going to watch next season since they ruined every good thing that was on the show…very sad.

  34. Starrah says:

    I’m done. David Shore is taking the viewers for a fool. House didn’t see all of them walk out of the room and he damn sure couldn’t see if any of them walked back in.

    “The car was aimed at the house, not at the individuals inside.”

    Yes, because the house was his ex-girlfriend. David, please go sit down somewhere.

    • Carol says:

      David Shore has nothing but contempt for the audience. That is evident from his show last night and from his answers here.

    • D says:

      Rewatched the scene. They were all getting up right before the close-up of the brush.

      • Starrah says:

        Okay, I’ll give him that, but that said, the angle and the speed House was driving at, that would make it impossible to see when, who, and how, etc. somebody was coming back into the room and be able to stop. In the end, it just doesn’t work.

      • Cat says:

        Yes, they were getting up but that doesn’t mean that by the time he drove down the street and then toward the house that someone wouldn’t have returned to the room. Also, Rachel isn’t tall enough to be seen from outside so there is no way he could have known if she was in the room or not. There is nothing that could convince me that House would ever put a child in such danger.

      • Somy says:

        Yes but when you film something like that, isn’t that the type of think you’d want to CLARIFY with the camera somehow? As far as 99% of the regular viewers are now concerned, this character has now crossed over from “unconventional genius” to “murderous psychopath”. Unbelievable.

        • Sam says:

          That’s the main problem with the whole thing, it shows how ignorant DS is of the audience that the scene was obviously supposed to make it clear that House knew they had left the room but yet he doesn’t even seem to care that 99% of the fans (including every website I’ve seen) actually think House was trying to kill them. Yataines is an awful director and this was a complete disaster but DS is acting like nothing happened when he should be desperately trying to salvage the House character from the obviously misinterpreted finale.

        • tripoli says:

          Actually you probably wouldn’t want to clarify that. There’s got be some mystery, some unanswered questions. It leaves things open just enough for the story to continue when the next season starts. The fact that people just assumed that House was deliberately trying to kill everyone is ridiculous. There is just enough uncertainty in whether or not he knew the room was empty to keep people guessing and wondering how it will play out come Season 8. Perhaps wait till next season explores the details and ramifications of his actions before you write the story yourselves.

  35. D says:

    How were they going to approach next season with Cuddy staying? Obviously they didn’t know she was going to leave, so this was the intended ending for this year, with no outside influences.

  36. Jon88 says:

    Too bad you didn’t ask him how House was able to support his weight with his cane on sand. Bad enough he’s been walking around all these years with the cane on the wrong side.

    • Layla says:

      It’s for the same reason he was able to balance on and jump off a balcony with a bad leg and loaded on narcotics and booze. the same reason he picked up Cuddy in the season opener, the same way he climbed a rope latter into a monster truck. House’s leg is only an issue when they want to make a dramatic story around it, the rest of the time it goes away.

  37. tanya says:

    this is a bad taste joke??? they don’t see the fans reaction??? the low raitings??? why still in denied?? shore don’t have a idea what they really are going to do , the lame answers, they destructed something that constructed for seven years in a ridiculous way, they destructed huddy that was a really BIG MISTAKE , i’m done with the show

  38. Carol says:

    Michael, you were valiant in your effort to get something halfway coherent from David Shore. Alas, he seems to have gone off th deep end along with his creature, House.

    “House” used to be a great show, focussed on the professional trials of a genius doctor struggling with a daunting set of emotional and physical traumas. After the finale we are faced with the one true piece of data we were lacking: House is a murderous psychopath who finds no other way to deal with the crushing disappointment of his breakup with Cuddy than to attempt to slaughter her, her sister, and her baby daughter.

    This is domestic abuse and nothing Cuddy ever did or said is justification for House’s actions.

    RIP House. I wish Lisa Edelstein well, she has smartly chosen to get off this crazy ride before it crashes. How I wish we could free Hugh Laurie from this travesty.

    • Kevin says:

      I am sorry but all these comments are funny.

    • Sarah says:

      Domestic abuse? –Sorry Huddies you all obviously forgot that Cuddy settlet tripwires and shut down elevators so that House (crippled man) had to take the stairs. I thought that was abusive too and could have injured House (case of Tripwires) badly,but i rememebr these days you found her behaviour romantic…tztz You huddies are all hypocrites.

      • Ellie says:

        Cuddy setting tripwires and playing pranks was all responses to things House had did to HER. After all she’d been through to get a baby, he took that special bonding away from her. She was mad, and deeply hurt by someone who should have cared about her.
        Here, it’s completely different. Yes, Cuddy expected the wrong things from House. She said she didn’t want him to change and she was wrong. But, since the breakup, all she’s been trying to do is help him. Help him move on, help him be who he is. She watched him marry another woman and didn’t flip out. House sees one arm touch and tries to kill her. KILL HER. This isn’t even domestic abuse, it’s attempted murder. House loves Cuddy, and I think always will. Murder… not him. He’ll euthanise, but he wouldn’t slaughter the woman he loves and potentially the child that he lived with.
        I don’t know how TPTB will sort this out without Lisa. Cuddy would press charges, that her character. House can’t get away with this, but with no Cuddy, he probably will. It’s sad and sick. DS should think about his characters.
        And not covering the same ground? Give me a break, DS. House breaking down and being miserable over and over again? Check. Don’t think we don’t notice. Kudos to Lisa for not clinging to a sinking ship. Season 8… Let’s just get it over with and mourn.

      • Carol says:

        There was nothing romantic about Cuddy setting tripwires and stinkbombs in House’s office. I don’t know one fan who thought so. But it takes a particularly sick mind to believe that a tripwire is the moral equivalent of plowing your car into a dining room with people in it. There is nothing that Cuddy ever did or said that could be remotely considered a justification for this sort of murderous violence. In fact the week before, Cuddy dragged her small child out of bed to come to House’s aid when he called her for help. And the way he repays her is to lash out in anger because he believes she is moving on and he can’t? That is deeply psychotic and completely counter to the character of House as developed over the past seven years. House has been assassinated by Shore. RIP House.

        • Katie says:

          Seriously, everyone needs to get the eff over this. The man was high, did something very stupid and thoughtless. No different than idiots that drink and drive. Why the hell can’t we just end it at that?

  39. Sheela says:

    After 7 FREAKING SEASONS I hope for House and Cuddy to get together, you build and destroy their relationship in a matter of a season? And then, SHE LEAVES?

    I hope Lisa Edelstein not to work anymore for a single day in her life. A huge kick into the balls of those who have supported her in those years. Way to behave!!
    No comparison to Hugh Laurie, he’s been so loyal and GRATEFUL to the chance he was given with this show, HE is an actor.

    Won’t be watching this anymore.

    • Tucker says:

      She fulfilled her contract. How is she being ungrateful and doesn’t deserve to ever work again? She’s been nothing but supportive of the show, even when they criminally underused her. After seven years, she’s finally decided she needs other challenges in her life. Seems pretty fair-weather of those “who have supported her in those years” to suddenly turn their backs on her and accuse her of being an ingrate and disrespectful.

    • Layla says:

      DS didn’t have any intention of getting Huddy back together even with her coming back. Don’t blame her for the bad writing, they filmed this dreck when they were sure she was coming back. They would have been willing to pay her as much as RSL if she was important to them.

    • Angela says:

      You know, I’m not even all that interested in Cuddy or Lisa Edelstein, and this is still a completely illogical statement. So, if have an contract to stay on a job for a certain amount of time and when that time is up decide to leave, I’m ungrateful??? Lets elaborate here. I don’t leave the job before the agreement is up. I behave professionally while I’m doing the job. (I assume if she hadn’t been, there’d be entertainment stories about her being a prima donna) I’m friendly and at least civil with my coworkers and bosses. (Again, as far as I know, no reports to the contrary). And, then, when the time I have agreed to work there is up, I decide to leave. I’ve done nothing but behave professionally and only leave at the end of my contract. And, this means I’m being ungrateful.

      Newsflash, people! Every single person who has ever changed jobs is ungrateful. When I decided to stop working at a job and move on to something else, that was so ungrateful of me. Or, is it just actors who have to stay on a job even if they don’t want to? I guess it balances out, right? Actors get the high paychecks, but they are required to stay at a job until a bunch of strangers watching on television deem it acceptable for them to leave it. The rest of us get paid much less, but if the opportunity is there for us to leave, we get the right to make our own choices without strangers having the appalling gall to think they have the right to criticize us.

      And, while I’m still ambivalent about Lisa Edelstein -I have nothing against her, but I can’t really call myself a fan- I hope she does spectacularly post House. For no other reason than this attitude. And, if I was a fan, I’d be ashamed of having that attitude.

      • Sheela says:

        I’m gonna make it easy to understand.

        1) She had a contract, that now is expired. Yup, right, on the business side. Who she got her money from? Huh, the creators of House MD. Who they got their money from? Sponsors. And guess who pays the sponsors? She owes her success to her viewers.

        Got it till here? Nice.

        When you’re an actor, it comes natural for people to get attached to your character, and to the relationship it builds. I’M NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT HER LEAVING, I’M COMPLAINING ABOUT HER LEAVING NOW. N-O-W.

        They spent 7 years building the Huddy relationship, throwing hints here and there, and season 5 and 6 were focused on that. Not to mention, the last one. And now that people ask for a conclusion, I’m not saying necessarily for having them together, but for just having a darn ending, whether good or bad.

        And what does she do when we got to a turning point, that leaves all of what they’ve built in 7 years waiting for a prosecution? She leaves, cause she got bored.

        She has a contract, yes, and it expired. But there is a professional way of behaving: and that is, now that you’ve got success, not to be blinded for it and doing the heck you want, but being thankful to those you owe this to and not to leave people on a darn cliffhanger.

        Want an example? I’m a fond fan of Grey’s Anatomy too: if they main characters shall leave, I’d be sad of course, but that’d be more than ok. Wanna know why? They told every possible story, they finally got together, they have a conclusion.

        Huddy does not. Lisa Cuddy does not. And there’s a huge difference.

        Her contract might be expired, but when you’re an actor, a very well paid actor, you should care about the audience who brought you there, and not only about a piece of paper.

      • Sheela says:

        (Sorry about grammatical mistakes, didn’t check before posting)

        Just wanted to add this much: what if it was Hugh Laurie not to sign for the next season? You wouldn’t be so understanding, I can tell you.

        He knew better than that: he knows he’s identified with House (that’s a fact, I’m not saying I agree with this), and he can’t leave people down because they ask for a conclusion.
        If season 8 is gonna be the last one, yes it’d be sad, but as long as I have an ending, I’ll be fine with that.

        And S7, so far, turned out to be a complete waste of time, apart for Taub and 13, because it focused on Huddy, something which we owe to Mrs. Edelstein if it turned out to be useless.

        Again, thank you, Lisa.

        • Carol says:

          If Hugh Laurie walked away from “House” now I would call him a genius. The show has declined so horribly since the House/Cuddy breakup that I feel embarrassed and sorry for him having to remain chained to it for another excrutiating season.

          Lisa Edelstein was smart to refuse to sign an insulting contract which demeaned her as a person and as a professional. She created an indelible character only to see David Shore trash it this season. RSL decided to stay on. But then he doesn’t care, he is only in it for the money he says. Between the two of them, I think that Lisa Edelstein has displayed much more class and dignity.

          • Sheela says:

            She was given space and insight, that’s different. Laurie had every reason to leave the show (if there wasn’t any Huddy, I would’ve said he jumped the shark, too), she had not.

            The only thing I see in her behaviour is ungratefulness.

            All in all, HouseMD had GREAT possibilities, but they wasted it beyond every limit, and honestly, I’m happy next season is gonna be the last one.

            I hope to see Laurie in some movie, he has it in himself to become a great Hollywood actor.

            As for Edelstein, she’s never been that much of an actress, anyway.

  40. Brit says:

    The only positive thought I have regarding S8 is that maybe, FINALLY, House will get himself a new car. Here’s the cliffhanger: Assuming he doesn’t lose his driver’s license (in House World, actions have few repercussions,) what KIND of car would he buy? Hmmm.

  41. D says:

    Hooooooly crap, I think I’m going to stroke out at this nonsense. House wasn’t trying to murder anybody.

    • Artgirl says:

      Maybe not trying, but he didn’t care if he did kill someone, and I find that utterly reprehensible, as well as completely out of character for him.

      • D says:

        It’s an evolution. I don’t base my TV viewing habits on how much I personally like a character, but more power to you. House said it best, why do things have to be “good” or “bad,” why not just “interesting?” S04E09, Games.

        • Tucker says:

          That argument would be good if it was an interesting development. It wasn’t an evolution so much as an extrapolation of House’s childish reactionary behavior taken to the furthest extreme. In one fell swoop, it took the character from interesting to boringly irredeemable. He’s become someone unwatchable – House not Hugh Laurie – which is death as far as TV shows are concerned.

          • Lula says:

            I mostly agree except it wasn’t just one fell swoop. House has been boringly selfish and self absorbed for about half a season. This just pushed it over the edge. I’ll also add there have been a few moments this season I felt like all the actors including Laurie have been phoning it in. I blame that on clunky dialogue, there is only so much you can do with bad writing.

  42. Breanna says:

    I still say Gregory House should still be in a coma from getting shot at the end of Season 2(?) and this has all been in his mind. Sounds like I’d be a better head writer than David Shore is (seems like they just throws ideas against the wall and sees what sticks the worst).

  43. Dorian says:

    Guys David Shore says “who knows” about character motivations because the show has always been about discussing instead of telling the “why.” Which is actually how determining motivations usually work in real life. You have Wilson’s opinion, House’s opinion, Cuddy’s opinion… there isn’t an exact answer, it’s all about the various interpretations of a character’s actions. He’s not dodging the question. In fact, within the show, he offers several possible answers. I’ve always been baffled at the typical viewer’s inability to understand that.

  44. Valentina says:

    So many questions to be addressed and Ausiello always hit the same button:lisa/cuddy/huddy….for GODE SAKE!

    Please, the show is more than cuddy/huddy….The show is about Gregory House!

    I’m looking forward to the season 8 without soap huddy to disturb.

  45. Karen says:

    I am speechless i really dont know DS really is an idoit I am neutral but lasts night ep was the worst this once great show has really declined RIP HOUSE

  46. Jade K says:

    I’m considering the season finale as the series finale. I watched it that way, and I am disappointed by it.

    I don’t know what this episode was supposed to accomplish. The writing was poor, the characters have been completely assassinated and worse, it was boring.

    I might have given season eight a chance if Lisa Edelstein was still on board. As it stands, they have lost one more viewer. That might mean something … if they cared.

  47. Artgirl says:

    David Shore, pull your head out of that bubble where you’ve been living.

    You just took away House’s humanity by making him someone who would potentially kill over this emotional trauma. He’s not the man we knew. Not the man who dealt in relatively mature fashion with Stacy and with Lydia.

    This pushed him over the edge into being a completely unsympathetic character who I can’t even like anymore, let alone love; and beyond that, it paints him into a corner. There’s nowhere the show can believably go now. House’s life is ruined utterly — unless this is a ruse and we’ll find him still bleeding in his bathtub at the start of season eight. Which at this point is frankly the only thing I can imagine causing me to forgive House and care about him again.

  48. jan says:

    I guess I’m in the minority, but I liked the finale. There are so many directions they could go with this; I’m anxious to see where it leads.
    I’m okay with DS’s comments; it’s his show, his characters, and his vision of House’s story that should ultimately be told. If the viewers don’t like it and get off the ride, that’s their choice.

    After Jennifer Morrison left, after that wonderful finale when she and Chase got married and House went to rehab, I figured out that DS will not allow a ‘happy’ couple to survive on the show. So I don’t expect it. When he got Huddy together, I didn’t expect it to last.

    I don’t know where this is going, but I’ll keep checking in. House is the proverbial train wreck I can’t not watch. I don’t expect, and really don’t want to see, a happy ending for House. He has spent so much energy making other people miserable, I don’t want to see him emerge unscathed. He’s a modern day anti-hero. There’s a lot not to like, but, at the same time, I can’t seem to stop caring.

    • tripoli says:

      Perfect comment. So right on all points.

    • alf says:

      I’ll keep watching, too. But I basically stick it out with any series, so that’s not saying much. I think the biggest issue here, with most of the audience, is that the writers made House cross a line and have made him irredeemable. In the last scenes they turned House into a psychotic character capable of harming others- which is just not in line with his overall characterization and, thus, shoddy writing. Moreover it literally disgusts a lot of people. I don’t see how the show can recover from the events of the finale unless they do make everything a dream or hallucination.

  49. J says:

    Absolutely ridiculous.

    I’ve always understood DS’s “I’ll let the audience decide” answers to questions but when the majority of your audience seems to have decided your stories are crap and not worth watching anymore… you’d think he’d man up and give them a reason to keep tuning in.

    House wasn’t out of character, the show isn’t repeating itself, s8 won’t be the last one… just heap on the lies, DS. Nice try.

  50. Laurie says:

    Absurd amount of vicodan, exotic beach…desserted…in a suit – the only way this works is if it was a halucination – otherwise it sucked!