Idol Scoop: Haley Reinhart 'Rehearsing' as Possible Sub for Ailing Lauren Alaina

American Idol‘s presumed third-place finisher Haley Reinhart “is rehearsing right now” as a possible substitute for finalist Lauren Alaina, a source close to the show tells Alaina, who lost her voice earlier today, says the show insider, is receiving “medical attention” in an attempt to take the stage for tonight’s performance finale, which will air in less than 45 minutes on Fox. Reports of Lauren’s illness first broke on

American Idol: The Top 20 Performances from Season 10

Within the last 30 minutes, American Idol‘s official Twitter feed sent out a photo of Alaina and fellow Top 2 contestant Scotty McCreery getting their hair and makeup done for tonight’s show.

The story is developing…

UPDATE: Ryan Seacrest’s latest Tweet points to the likelihood that Lauren’s show will go on: “Let’s get these trending – are you #teamlauren or #teamscotty? #idolfinale”

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  1. Robin Lemke says:

    Well I guess Lauren is singing.
    But all you people who think it would have been grossly unfair to oust Lauren if she was ill and put in Haley are CRAZY! That happened on SYTYCD all the time. If someone can’t perform, oh well, so sad, they’re out, and the next to last person to be eliminated is back in. They don’t a week to recover. We’ve already heard them on this policy when Mamasox was sick and we didn’t know if she’d be back and same with Casey. Gotta perform or you’re out.

    • Stacey says:

      BUT this is the finale. A one night shootout for the title. It’s unfair to Lauren fans if #3 came in and happened to take the title. It’s also unfair on short notice for Hayley.

      No more chances after tonight!

      I am glad Lauren shouldered on, but given every season the singers lose their voice by the end. Maybe they should be taking some measure against this…

      • anon says:

        Yeah but if she lost her voice she lost it? What can you do give it to her default over Scotty? Or by default to Scotty? You have to go to next in line.

        Even worse happens in sports like where Carl Lewis was a bit under weather for trials and missed out even though for Olympics he was totally healthy and his relay time just made you wonder what he would’ve pulled in the individual.

        • Stacey says:

          Well her voice was so bad; she’s doing pretty well. Rough on some notes but given the circumstances.

          But this is the finale. Who wins, gets a recording contract. It’s not fair just hours before the finale for the 3rd place finisher who was voted out by viewers to come in and take place…

          If they had more notice. But not with hours to go, It would have been unfair to everyone…

          But regardless I will be shocked if Scotty loses. But then I can’t vote since I am in the US!

          • anon says:

            Well if Lauren really couldnt sing then of course they simply have to go to third place, that happens all the time in competitions, well I mean it is somewhat rare, but I’ve seen plenty of times over the years all the same.

            As I said what else is there to do? Either you give to Scotty with no contest or what? He sings his three and then no vote and he wins?

            And after the BS this year it would hardly be an unfair thing for Haley to have a shot. Vote was close. And if Haley got injured then it goes to James. How it is.

            Granted Haley would’ve been in a shaky bind with weak prep and many of her fans perhaps not even watching or other ABC casual fans so her chances would be hurt but at least she’d get the stage. Although certainly getting there regular way would be far better.

  2. billybob says:

    I saw on live tweet tha tLauren is singing and the Judges are in major pimpmode. Got something else to do. might even watch the rerun of last nights DTS>

  3. RTW says:

    Yup, it’s a snorefest. AI’s making Gigli look real good right now….off to Netflix I go.

  4. Baby Laura says:

    I am not watching Idol tonight I was 50/50 until they pulled the Haley maybe BS. Not watching not watching.

  5. Terry says:


  6. larry says:

    Hopefully when they had Haley emergency prepare they kept her chances of going on sounding really remote. I really hope they didn’t get her hopes up. But regardless, she had to go through her whole routine and have to live doing what she knows she won’t get to do that night for real.
    It would’ve been pretty sad for Lauren though, really sad.
    But as it turns out Haley gets yet another emotional bust up perhaps.
    But hey 20,000 layers of skin is even better than 10,000.
    Ah man.

  7. agrimesy says:

    There is absolutely no energy in the Nokia . . . at all. Wow, it’s a lot worse than I thought. Dreaming of what could have been . . . sigh . . .

  8. haleyfan says:

    this is just part of the idol script… I wish they let Haley mind her own business and focus in what is best for her.

  9. darcy's evil twin says:

    Too bad this rumor didn’t come to fruition – I would have much rather sat through Haley and her dad doing Zeppelin again than anything I heard tonight.

  10. Sebby says:

    And the winner of the night is…………DAVID COOK!

  11. Valerie says:

    Most boring episode of Idol ever.

    • britt says:

      Totally agree….soooo boring! Lauren is so not American Idol material. Wish Haley was in it :( Got my hopes up!

  12. Jessabean says:

    I am such a sucker. I said I wouldn’t watch it and I did. I even plugged in my cell phone in case I could vote!!

    Well, once Haley wasn’t on, I left it on … and did the work I brought home with me. Suffice it to say that the finale didn’t distract me … at all.

  13. Lindsay says:

    Best Performance of the Night: David Cook!
    Deserves to Win: Scotty (“Gone” was fantastic and he toned the eyebrows and I just plain like him and his voice)
    Will Win: Honestly don’t know, but Lauren’s Mom song may put the crown on her head. And, to be perfectly honest, that actually was her best performance of the season, for me. Scotty definitely one the first round, though, and possibly the second.
    All in all, a fairly dull show, as expected, that had me mourning the losses of Haley, Pia, Naima, Casey, Kendra, etc etc.

  14. TrueT says:

    I am not a fan of either one of them, but I have to admit they gave Scotty crappier songs to sing than Lauren. I still think he’s winning tho. Fans have made up their minds already (as we have seen from the last 3 years, what the judges say in the finale means nothing at this point).

  15. Scott L. says:

    Shoving all the Haley business to one side, there were plenty of shenanigans tonight. No individual judging after songs? distracting other performances? Implied comparisons of Lauren to Carey and Scotty to David? INDIVIDUAL CORONATION SONGS?

    This didn’t feel like a competition between the two, more like they were both on their victory lap. And I think they will do anything to avoid Lauren crying on air as her final image coming in second.

    I’m really going out on a limb here, but I think tomorrow they’re going to pull a “shocker” and announce a TIE. BOTH will win, BOTH songs will be released. They will say the voting was either “too close to call,” or Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe will come out with a special message, saying something like “for the first time, We have two incredible competitors at the top” and more or less throw the votes out.

    I know, it’s crazy, unthinkable, but did you watch the show? Did you really feel like they were “competing?”

  16. Rebecca says:

    Well Idol got me to watch a few seconds more of the finale, than I was planning on. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that Lauren is fine and was able to compete. I’m not a fan, but I can only imagine how hard it would’ve been to get to the finale just to wind up not being able to compete. I can’t deny that the Haley fan in me, did get my hopes up that she’d get the chance to compete tonight though. In the end, I probably should be glad that she didn’t have to deal with potential backlash and the judges again. Can’t wait to see Haley during the finale tomorrow.

  17. Doug in Cheyenne says:

    Pissed at you Nigel, you treated Haley as if she was something to “Break Glass In Case Of….”

  18. ahhhhhh says:

    “The latest from TMZ Lauren Alaina is sitting in the makeup chair silently because an “American Idol” doctor has frozen her throat in a last ditch effort to save her voice *** spies on the “Idol” set tell TMZ. Producers have brought Haley Reinhart to the set and she is currently in wardrobe. If Lauren can’t compete, Haley will square off against Scotty McCreery for the title. We’re told Haley just finished rehearsing, and if she does compete tonight she’ll sing 3 songs ** “House of the Rising Sun,” “I Who Have Nothing” and “Bennie and the Jets.” ”

    Can you imagine a finale of HOTRS, I Who Have Nothing and Bennie and the Jets! OMG! The place would’ve rocked!

  19. zoeystarr500 says:

    I didn’t watch the finale (because it’s Nashville Star), but I came online this morning to hear about all this last minute Haley stuff. Seriously? This is CRAP!! They totally did it to get people to watch. AI this was the first and the LAST season I will ever watch this show. SO much MANIPULATION.

  20. The sheer amount of haters that have been divided in this “fandom” is just ridiculous. Me, I don’t care who got voted out when, or whoever wins what; personally, it has been an entertaining show & that’s all I need from it. I enjoyed getting to kno these people & hearing their sounds, watching their performances, etc. I never really watched the show before (aside from random audition eps- this is the first time I watched the entire season straight thru, since probably from the beginning) but I’m glad I did this time. I’m even looking forward to the tour- never been to one of theirs & I usually don’t bother going to concerts, lol.

    When it comes to actual music, I like a little bit of everything.. nothing I like (music, movies, shows, etc) can be narrowed into some definitive one-label box. After hearing the AI-10 studio recordings, perhaps they need some time to grow on me, cuz the majority didn’t *feel* that great, with the exception of Pia & Karen, who sounded so natural (as opposed to the others’ more amateurish recordings) that they could have already been radio releases. I do love Scotty’s voice, but most of his studio tracks were unnecessarily sped up, it was very off-putting. His performances, however, were definitely my favorites! I could go on about the others (like how Casey’s growling & James’ screaming kind of hurt their chances even tho they totally have potential), but I’m sure no one cares about my opinion cuz I’m just randomly rambling away here anyways, soo.. XD

    Some people really just take this show too seriously.. I’m just in it for the “FUN factor” & if you’re not having fun with it yourself, maybe you should be watching something else ;P

  21. actlikeadults says:

    All the hate toward Lauren! She is a child and all everyone does is put her down. Lauren AND Haley are BOTH beautiful and talented young ladies. Can’t someone be positive for once?! It was a singing competition, someone had to go! Haley got less votes, that doesn’t mean she isn’t as good and it certainly does make it acceptable to put Lauren down! Haley accepted being voted off gracefully and I’m sure she is happy for Lauren and Scotty, you people need to do the same!

  22. gooGATORS15 says:

    I love how everyone is dissing on Lauren and Scotty.. Nobody appreciates good ol’ country music! I would never buy one of Haley OR James Durbin’s albums.. Haley’s voice was way to raspy & all James’ did was scream.. & anyways.. anybody that makes it to at least the top ten has a shot at a successful career over any winner.. They just gotta have what it takes! Country music rules Idol this year! :)

  23. Miguel says:

    “Country music rules Idol this year!”

    Today’s news:

    “last night marked the lowest rating ever for a performance finale of American Idol”

    • B.Rich says:

      Thankfully it was also the lowest rated episode of the entire season. Maybe the producers will finally learn and change something.

  24. anne says:

    I pray Scotty wins tonight!… Just to hear him sing is soothing and calming to the nerves after all those banzhee noises of past idols! Go Scotty, GO!…

  25. InnaVoice says:

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    What do you think about this vocal?
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  26. Tusk says:

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