Glee Season Finale: What Did You Think?

It’s a busy night in TV land — and by the time the rooster crows (or at least finishes up his breakfast), will have full recaps of Glee and American Idol (plus Dancing With the Stars and The Voice). [UPDATE: Full Glee recap is now live!] In the interim, though, east-coast fans may be itching to discuss what they just experienced when New Directions headed to New York City for Nationals. I’m going to try to sum things up in a quintet of two-word phrases:

Wicked goodness!
Charice sings!
Twelfth place!
Wise Brittany

Like I said, I’ll be back in the wee small hours with my full recap, but until then, hit the comments and share your opinions on the episode, the music, and the major story arcs. And for all my recapping action, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Paul says:

    It was a good episode, but underwhelming. It was not season finale worthy. The best moments were with Wicked, Sunshine, Quinn’s freak out, and the coffee shop. But I think hopefully season 3 will be better.

    • Liz says:

      i completely agree with you about the episode being good, but not season finale worthy. i really did not like the original songs that they sang for Nationals (maybe the judges felt the same??? lol).

      The one thing that felt really out of place was Blaine and Kurt at the end. Is it just me or was Kurt’s response to Blaine’s “I love you” a little off. You can see on Blaine’s face that he has fallen for Kurt, but the way Kurt said it back just didn’t seem right.

      • Laurie says:

        I completely agree about Kurt’s reaction! I kept thinking that it must mean something more. And is it just me or should Blaine and Kurt have been the first people to pick up on Mercedes and Sam….I figured it out when they were standing there!

      • Amy says:

        I think Kurt was just surprised by the I Love You (or maybe he was hoping it would happen in a more romantic atmosphere). It’s not like he didn’t mean it. I mean, he has already conferred with Blaine about going to NY after graduation.

      • Sara says:

        Kurt’s reaction was just pure shock and “Am I dreaming?” Think about it: this is a boy who had accepted the fact that he was the only gay kid in his school. As much as he wanted someone to hold hands and slow dance with, I think he knew that he probably wouldn’t get that. He was harassed so much that he had to change schools. There, he meets presumably the only other openly gay kids he’s ever met. He immediately falls in love, and then Blaine tells him that he likes someone else, and that the two of them should just be friends. He realizes that he’s made up their relationship in his head. Fast forward a little bit, Blaine discovers his feeling for Kurt. It’s not just “I like you as more than a friend”, it’s “I’ve been looking for you my whole life.” And now this boy is telling Kurt that he loves him? From the very beginning, the only thing Kurt has wanted (besides a killer solo) is a boyfriend. Someone who knows what it’s like to be gay in a narrow minded community. And now he has that.

        Have you ever been in a situation where everything seems to be going your way? Where you’re getting everything you’ve ever wanted? And all you can think is, “I must be dreaming. When is something going to go wrong?” That’s how Kurt felt. He didn’t hesitate because he doesn’t feel the same way. He hesitated because he couldn’t believe that he was actually hearing Blaine say, “I love you.”

        • Jessiekins says:

          Sara, you said it perfectly. I agree with you to the tips of my toes.

        • ThereasonsY says:

          I get what you are saying but it was poorly acted if that was the intent. I took it as I love you too, now get my a latte.

          • april says:

            Um…. No. I totally agree with the above comment. He said it so matter-of-factly, it was so subtle, you almost missed it. Not every declaration of love comes with candy and flowers. Sometimes its comes with steadfastness and constancy. Which is what Kurt needs and what he’s always wanted.

        • Annie says:

          Agree, you stated it perfectly.

        • Heather says:

          Sara’s right. And all that she said is the reason why he didn’t pick up on Mercedes and Sam. He was caught up in his own thing.

        • Jen says:

          I think the best part is how Blaine said it. Not because he expected anything back, but just because he wanted to express it, because he’s just so smitten. He didn’t really care if Kurt said it back, because really, he KNOWS Kurt loves him. It was the best moment in the episode for me.

        • Tom says:

          I thought it was a little off too–at first. Then when I saw Blaine’s reaction, realized there wasn’t anything to it. Though Blaine has been somewhat oblivious in the past. Senior year is going to see them get even more commited. Barring tragedy–and hope Ryan Murphy doesn’t go there–they’re likely to be “stable couple” for the rest of the show.

      • Angel says:

        I totally agree, Kurt definitely seemed to hesitate when he replied to Blaine’s “I love you.” We have seen happy, excited Kurt and that wasn’t it. Plus it was just strange that they chose that moment to have Sam and Mercedes walk in and interrupt. And did anyone notice Blaine rolling his eyes at Kurt’s plan to write a musical? I think his talk with Rachel and the “For Good” performance was as much about Kurt as it was about Rachel. I think he’ll be making a choice of his own…

        • deltadawn says:

          Guys, have you never been totally surprised by a “I love you” before…? I have and I can tell you, my reaction was exactly Kurt’s. I loved how it sounded as an evidence for Blaine – very Chandler-and-Monica-with-her-head-in-a-turkey – and Kurt’s, who probably more in his head, was probably simply not expecting it. I thought both the actors did a beautiful job.

          Now, not catching on Mercedes and Sam? Come on, boys.

      • Jeff in NC says:

        His reaction leaves an opening for him to end up with Karofsky, or at least have some confusion about his feelings next season as Karofsky comes to terms with his sexuality and his feelings for Kurt deepen. And since the Warblers sing “What Kind of Fool” on their CD, and it has not yet been used in an episode, I’m just kinda thinking, “You never know.” Last Christms was recorded WAY before it was used in season two.

        BUT, what’s with all this, “We graduate next year” crap? This initial club will only have a three-year run? I hope not!

        AND DEFINITELY NOT a season finale feeling to this episode, especialy compared to last year’s.

        • Jessica says:

          I have thought from the day Karofsky kissed Kurt that something more would happen between those two. Blaine is sweet but Karofsky would be so much more interesting. Kurt is Blaine’s first boyfriend that doesn’t mean they’ll be together forever. Oh and Blaine transfers to Mckinley for next year. So I don’t know if we’ll see the Warblers at all with him now being a member of New Directions.

          • Tom says:

            I don’t see Kurt and Karofsky getting together. When David broke down and Kurt how sorry he was for how he treated him, that was Kurt’s opening to forgive him–and he didn’t. He just said he knew he was sorry. There will be some development, but not romantic.

        • Amy says:

          I do not want to see Kurt with Karofsky, but maybe it is just because I love Blaine. I have no doubt the ride will get bumpy for those two next season though. They can’t handle solid relationships on this show with the exception of Mike and Tina and that is because they are shoved in the background most of the time.

    • Ell says:

      Underwhelming is the key word here. This was a really boring, sickly sweet episode where nothing interesting or unexpected happened.

      • ReMMeZ says:

        I am mighty glad these kids won’t be in season three. i can’t wait for the next class and the final exit of these rather old directions.

        Season Three – Finchel free. Jeej.

        • harmograz says:

          …they’re all gonna be in season 3. season 4 I don’t think so; but, they’re all confirmed for season 3…

          • ReMMeZ says:

            That means 3 seasons of Glee equals one year on a American Highschool? Aren’t Prom and Graduation in the same year in America? I’m from the Netherlands so forgive me if i’m incorrect.

            Anyhow – the point is – the Vocal Adrenaline is more like 3 year old red bull… I’m getting bored with their storylines.. Especially now the sarcasm and irony is gone and Glee takes itself way to serious..

        • GleekMom says:

          They will all be there in season 3 – they will be Seniors then. As for Prom and Graduation being in the same year, most schools have a Junior Prom, and that is what theirs was this year. Next year will be graduation for them. Still, they really should bring some new kids in next year, or who will they be left with when all these Glee kids graduate? If they follow them to college, what about Mr. Schue and Coach Sylvester?

        • Corinne says:

          The 3 seasons will have ended up being 3 seperate years. In America, 11th grade is known as your junior year, hence the junior prom. Next year, they will all be seniors and have the senior prom and graduation.

    • michelle says:

      The episode was definitely a great episode, but I was really disappointed in some of the routes taken. Especially with placing so low in the showcase and Brittana.

    • Jessiekins says:

      Coukdn’t agree more. It was a huge non-event. I enjoyed Kurt & Blaine at the end, & mad love for Rachel’s sartorial nods to iconic NYC movie moments and actresses…but the show itself, blah.

      • deltadawn says:

        Jessiekins, I figured some of them were an hommage but obviously my movie culture is not what it should be… Would you mind giving details of what you recognised?

    • Dane says:

      Meh. Boring.

      I know I’m in the minority but I can’t tolerate Rachel and so I hate seeing her get what she wants – meaning I hate Finn with her.

      The songs pretty much stunk it up all over with the exception of Wicked.

      I don’t even think I’m going to bother watching next season. It’s lost it’s zest.

      • Eva Klein says:

        Well…You’re right in a way…this season the episodes were wether amazing or they just sucked…It was really irregular and the season finally perfectly illustrated this! it was good but not good enough to be a season finale. Glee’s weakness is to have always the same people singing ! It’s always Rachel and Finn when it’s not with Kurt (ok she has a great voice, but well she can sing with other people at least).

    • alex says:

      With this crappy season finale I can honestly say that I’m done with GLEE

      • Alonna says:

        So true Alex! Sam and Mercedes??? That came out of nowhere!

        • Deanna says:

          You did see the prom episode, right? Sam & Mercedes hasn’t been all “in your face” like other couples *coughKlaineandBrittanacough* but they hardly came out of nowhere. There have been little hints. And I love Sam/Mercedes. :)

          As for the episode, it was good. Not as great as season 1’s finale, but it was good. I liked Quinn’s break down and now I hope she finally gets someone to love her in season 3. And I’m hoping that that someone will be Puck!

          • Angel says:

            Um, even WITH the prom episode, it still came out of nowhere. Don’t forget the episode right before prom she was being nasty to Sam. “Oh is that what we’re calling it now?!” Sam/Mercedes doesn’t make any sense.

  2. Amy says:

    Wow, you are going to be busy tonight! Thanks for all you do! Love your recaps. Overall, I loved tonight’s episode. Especially Kurt and Rachel’s duet and their Breakfast at Tiffany’s! Also, glad Finchel is back together. That needed to be resolved. But what about Jesse?

    • Rachel Barry says:

      Who cares about Jessie, Finchel are together and thats all that matters!

    • shelley says:

      I totally agree. SOOOOOO glad Finchel are back. The music was good. Loved Kurt and Rachel’s song. Can’t believe a haircut cured Quinn’s sadness and need to sabotage. NY sites were great. Lots of sites to show for just 1 hr slot. I loved the episode. That’s Glee though. People love like or dislike an episode. It’s like a box chocolates. I just thought it left one content to wait for next season. Can’t wait for next season. Love Glee.

      • Marie says:

        You guys don’t honestly think that Finchel will be together for good now do you? Ryan Murphy said they would be going strong most of this season and look how that turned out.

        There’s no drama with them being happy. I’m not flaming them at all. I don’t mind Finn though I hated how hypocritical his character was this season. I do have to admit to being a Jesse fan.

        They already laid the clues for some of the issues in this episode. Rachel told him flat out she is going to New York and not coming back and all he said was that was a year away. I don’t think he has even processed it. She told Kurt that Broadway and performing was her true love. I think that’ll be one of their issues next season. Plus Jesse is still around and he understands that love of hers. I think we are in for another back and forth season next year. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

        • Mike says:

          You bring up good points but why does their have to be drama with them, get drama from elsewhere. Also maybe Finn goes to New York for some reason, I hope that happens.

          • ummm says:

            Finn in New York? The Finn that thought that people can get pregnant through hot tubs and by not having sex? You’re kidding me right? Finn’s too dumb and naive to live in a place like New York

        • Kathy says:

          You forget that Finn originally had ambitions too, it’s just that the writers have forgotten that aspect of his character. naiveté can be overcome. Why can’t Rachel encourage his abilities as she has before and take him with her? I’d love to see the plot line go that way.

  3. Emily says:

    Samcedes! YAY!

    • Corinne says:

      Exactly, they make suck a cute couple. Probably the best thing about the finale. I thought the written songs from sectionals were better than the nationals. Also kinda let down that Brittany and Santana are still not together. Considering how strong of a person Santana is, she would get over her fear of coming out. At least they gave Brittany a chance to share some words of wisdom.

      • Sue says:

        I know the show is generally unrealistic but them writing their show in New York the week of the competition was way over the top (everyone would magically know all the music, choreography, the musicians would be well-rehearsed and the costumes. If they couldn’t afford more than two rooms, how could they stay there a whole week. And if they placed for the next round, wouldn’t they need another show. Without a set list before even going, no wonder they did not place. As you can see, I found the episode annoying – more annoying than in the past.

        • Teresa says:

          It does get annoying the way ND keeps going into competitions without bothering to rehearse. I was glad they didn’t make it to the finals. They didn’t deserve it.

          I totally understand (and I loved) that they were distracted by the excitement of being in NYC. But, if they came to the city expecting to wow everyone with original songs, but without actually having written any, then they should have ended up dead last. Unless 37 of the other clubs did the same thing.

          My absolute favorite moment was Kurt and Rachel singing on the Wicked stage. It was such a dream moment for both of them, and yet it felt like something that could actually happen. (I loved the janitor giving them fifteen minutes — maybe dreamy-eyed kids show up all the time?)

          I’m totally sick of Finchel. It’s not that I don’t like either Rachel or Finn. I like them both as characters. I just get tired of the Rachel/Rossness of it all. Okay, we all know Rachel’s going to NYC as soon as she graduates. Was this supposed to be news to Finn? It’s exactly what he says he loves about her. Stop trying to create angst, Rachel!

    • Jessica says:

      I said a while back they should be together! YAY!

    • Amber says:

      I was trying to think of what to call them…I think Samcedes works. I love them together and maybe that means Mercedes will actually have a storyline next season.

  4. Amber says:

    umm…did i miss the 2nd glee death? Who was it?

    • BRETT says:

      The death was the death of GLEE itself. Terrible writing, terrible finale. If you guys are amazed at an episode like this, you really should broaden what you watch on TV. There are some great shows with CONSISTENT writing and continuance that deserve accolades! Why did Quinn greet Finn and Rachel when they came into the classroom at the end? It makes NO sense. None. And that was just one example. This season guaranteed that I will not be watching next season. A shame, since season one was awesome.

      • Kaibosh says:

        Agreed. It was really bad. Very underwhelming. Forced and predictable drama resulting from bad writing. It was a lot like the Smallville finale. A lot of humming and hawing and oh dear and hand wringing but it really didn’t take as anywhere we didn’t see coming. Finn and Rachel back together…yeah didn’t see that one coming. Rachel declaring that she can’t let anything stand in her way … oh my the drama…she’s only been saying that since day 1. And …girls pillow fight? REALLY?! (shakes head)

        • Mike says:

          Pillow fight was awesome need to give your straight male viewers something

        • Caroline says:

          Yeah, the pillow fight was totally unrealistic. I mean, everyone knows that girls are always in their underwear when they do that sort of thing. Sheesh.

      • Arrogance alert! says:


      • Eva Klein says:

        Yeah I totally agree with you! The show itself could be great (the concept is awesome) but the writing is awful! The season has been so-so and the finale was just like the others episodes this season…It’s a shame because there are so many characters and stories to be told and they only stay on the surface with shallow story lines (honestly I think by the end of the show every glee girl will have dated every glee guy! Mercedes and Sam? Really ??? We have seen them talking to each other so few times…and that is so stupid they write things and it doesn’t make any sense!) Quinn doesn’t seem to have abandoned her child and it’s the same for Puck! Also Mike Chang is only here to dance once in a while and Lauren…well…I can’t figure out why she is here! Oh, yeah I know just to convey the message that fat people are underdogs ans they need to be respected, just as the gay guys…It’s so stupid to introduce new characters like this, without an interesting story!

        So I’m really disappointed this season…Where has the REAL Glee gone ? It was so interesting last year!! So I’ll be watching next season with hopes that they will make a 360° turn! But if it doesn’t get better soon, it will be without me!

      • *star* says:

        I agree. It was overall very disappointing. But what disappointed me the most was seeing Finn and Rachel back together. I mean, seriously? I really enjoyed watching season one, and okay this season had a few great moments but that’s not enough. So writers: get it together.

    • Cory says:

      The only deaths were Sue’s sister Jean and the second being the Quinn Finn relationship..

    • Meg says:

      The two deaths on Glee this season were Pavorotti, the warbler bird, and Jean, Sue’s sister.

  5. Melissa says:

    Am I the only one that would watch “Kurt And Rachel Go to College”? Yes…okay.

    • Paul says:

      I would. And I would call it Rachel and Kurt Take New York.

      • shelley says:

        I’d be the first 1 to watch. Love them together. Besties!!!!!!!
        Both in NY together. What trouble there would be.

      • Jane says:

        Your lips to RIB’s ears. Rachel and Kurt were the two bright spots in this mess of a final. At the moment I’m holding onto Glee almost solely so I can see these two Take New York. If I get really lucky they’ll take Santana with them… I won’t miss anyone else.

      • Kristin says:

        Please, It would totally be called “Two Gays a Girl and a Musical Stage”.

    • Jessica says:

      NO! I’d totally watch that!!!!! lol They’re my two favourites. Oh, and Puck.

    • Brandi says:

      No, I would absolutely watch Kurt and Rachel (and Blaine) Go to College!

    • bamabunny says:

      Yes, please! Add Blaine and heck, give Finn a scholarship to play football at Rutgers (or pick a school with a FB team close to NYC).

    • mary moon says:

      I would watch, but the writers are so cruel in writing the fate of their characters, that they won’t get into TISH and end up at Lima Community College…

    • Amy says:

      I had the thought too that I would totally watch them take on the Big Apple together! Glad I’m not the only one who would love to see that.

    • Jenny says:

      If Kurt is the way he was in this episode and how he was in the first 13, I would watch Rachel and Kurt Go to College.

    • Liz says:

      I’m with you. That would be a great spinoff.

    • Sara says:

      Yes! I say a spin-off with those two and Blaine.

    • Carolyn says:

      I thought the same thing! They already talked about new cast members and not following the kids to college. So why not a separate show set at a University Musical Theater Program. Think of the cameo opportunities, Rachel and Kurt ushering on Broadway, college life. If done right I’d be there.

  6. Nancy says:

    So glad that Finchel are back together. THAT KISS was the Superman of kisses. And the library one was great too. We need more of those Finchel kisses in S3. I hope Rachel realizes she can have it all. A woman shouldn’t have to choose career or love. She will be a STAR and she’ll share it all with her soulmate (tethered forever) FINN.

    Brittany really did have words of wisdom about the whole point of Glee club. It’s not all about winning or losing.

    Also good to see Sam and Mercedes!

    • Amy says:

      Agreed. Finn may not be on Broadway, but that doesn’t mean he should sell himself short and think he will have to stay in Lima forever (neither should Quinn for that matter).

    • Stacey says:

      Why not pick both Broadway and Finn. New York and Finn. If Finn can’t get into a NY university. Go to community college or find a job. I though it was a honest moment at the end there with Rachel and Finn. First true chemistry moment in a while between them. As he said they still had a year.

      She needs to realize she can have both. That Finn can see that there is life out of Ohio. And that he doesn’t have to settle. Imagine Kurt, Rachel and Finn together in New York LOL.

  7. jackie says:

    I want to know about all the ‘Dynasty-type cliffhangers’. I didn’t really see any cliffhangers at all. And nothing really came about from Quinn’s “you will see at Nationals” threat she gave Finn at the end of last weeks episode

  8. D says:

    Along with Bones and Castle, Glee had the best season finale! FINN AND RACHEL ARE BACK TOGETHER!!! FINCHEL FTW!!! That kiss on stage was just…
    And Brittany is not dumb at all! I loved her moment of wiseness!!!
    I don’t care if they lost Nationals. There’s always next year.
    FINCHEL, SAMCEDES, BRITTANA and KLAINE, too bad there wasn’t any Quick!
    Where the hell was Sue? She said she would only give one more year to the Glee club? What happens now?

    • D says:

      I meant *moment of wisdom*. It’s already 4am and I can’t think straight!

    • D says:

      Best season finale of the finales I watched, wich were CSI Miami, CSI, CSI NY, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Bones, Castle and Glee. I know there were also other great finales for other shows, but I can only talk about what I know.
      And I know that I loved these 3 finales much, much more than the others I watched. And Fringe, almost forgot about Fringe, also had a great season finale.

      • Heather says:

        This was the BEST season finale and you watched Castle? Wow. Ok then. To each his own I guess.

        This could have been a regular episode of Glee. Castle, as well as Bones and The Mentalist, were game changers and everything an edge of your seat finale should be. Glee was just a nice little episode in a really terrible season.

        • D says:

          Glee ALONG with Castle and Bones had the best finales, FOR ME, because in the 3 finales happened what I wanted to happen!

  9. Beth says:

    It’s about time Mercedes got some action! Wanted more Puck in the episode though. Finn and Rachel made the show and set up the dilemma for next year.

    • Carolyn says:

      BEST LINE EVER! – “Can we talk about the Jewish Elephant in the Room?” – Puck. As a Jewish girl I love his Jewish jokes. Love IT!!! I hate when people call me Caroline but he could sing Sweet Caroline to me all day long.

  10. TaMara says:

    Underwhelming. When it was done I was like, ‘what? that’s it?’

    • deltadawn says:

      I also thought the finale was underwhelming. It might have a lot to do with New Directions singing original songs? Watching them trying to write songs is no fun for the audience, and the eventual result cannot come close to a tried-and-true hit.
      Frankly, while I really enjoyed the build up of the Finchel duet and ultimate kiss, I caught myself wishing I was watching one of those high-octane, lotsa fun, Warblers numbers… “Raise your glass” anyone?
      Nowadays the New Directions are just prancing around behind their lead singers with no element of surprise… I miss… I don’t know, first season finale “Don’t Stop Believing”, “Proud Mary”, “Somebody to Love”?

      Loved Kurt and Rachel on the Wicked stage, though…

  11. MB says:

    I didn’t like it much. I liked the “Wicked” performance and the New York mash up but the episode was pretty poor. The writing is still terrible. Quinn’s evil plan was erased by a hair cut? Will gave up on his dream after the guy told him he was perfect? It was only a summer job contract anyway, they repeated that multiple times last week. The whole scene with Sunshine was a poor resolution to her conflict with Rachel especially since it appeared she had already forgiven her like 5 episodes ago at the benefit concert. They really went to a competition without having a setlist ready? They wrote the songs the day before the big event? I knew they would lose as soon as they stated this. They lost the big game because of a kiss. Sue was also nowhere to be found. It didn’t feel like a season finale at all, simply a regular poorly written glee episode. I think this episode will be my final episode. I won’t tune in for season 3.

    • Heather says:

      Couldn’t agree more. But this is how Glee has been this season…terrible writing with no direction. The first season was great. It was fresh, it had a purpose, and the music fit the theme of the episode. This season was the iTunes season. It was more about downloads and featureed artists than content. And while I still love the music and seeing these talented kids sing, I also like watching a TV show with substance. Glee doesn’t seem to have it anymore. There are flashes of it here and there but it isn’t consistent. I hope they can turn it around for Season 3.

  12. Tavis says:

    It was okay. If Jessalyn Gilsig isn’t back as a full-time series regular next season, I won’t be watching again.

  13. LAS says:

    The episode did seem to lack the emotional punch of say last week’s episode, which is probably why it seems a little underwhelming. But still a perfectly good finale. Some loose ends tied up, new loose ends created. One final question, is it just me or were all the best moments during the last 15 minutes of the show?

    • ashley says:

      I totally agree with the best moments being in the last 15 minutes. As I was watching it i was watching it i was like, “this is alright, i guess.” But the last 15-20 minutes made the whole episode worth it :)

  14. Kelly says:

    Pretending and Light Up the World are my two new favorite songs! Pretending was so freaking amazing! Finchel forever!!! Sam and Mercedes are the cutest new couple! The Wicked stage song scene mas seriously awesome! aahhhh!!!!!!!!

  15. Ann says:

    I want more Jonathan Groff! Please bring him back for Season 3!!!

  16. scorpo says:

    This was boring as hell and the lame idea to pair Sam and Mercedes together? *eyeroll*

  17. Heather says:

    Frankly it was lacking….alot. I’m glad Finchel fans are happy…you guys will always get what you want. For me this was a yawn fest except for Kurt and Rachel taking on NYC. I too may not be back next season. We all know what will be endgame…but I guess I was hoping it would happen differently if it had to happen.

  18. M says:

    The episode was okay, but not as good as it should have been with the whole hype of New York and everything. My favorite part of the episode had to be the last scene when Finn and Rachel walk into the choir room and Quinn excitedly tells them to hurry up with a smile on her face because she’s doing better with the whole Finchel thing now that she has a cute haircut.

  19. Dawn says:

    I think Puck & the Glee-bromance was hilarious. I loved the original songs at nationals, but didn’t like that Finn and Rachel kissed. Poor Jesse. Can we have Jesse back permanently? Because this was basically Glee-history repeating itself. And I think they keep having them lose only to “surprise” the audience, but we’re not surprised. At all.

  20. rochelle says:

    I thought it was pretty bad. The plot was barely there. It was sort of boring. The original songs were lame. I don’t know, seems like glee is floundering in the water to me.

  21. Sara says:

    Wasn’t there supposed to be Will/Emma development in this episode? Where the heck was it?

  22. Rob D says:

    I liked the finale. I knew they wouldn’t win Nationals. If they had won they would no longer be the underdogs. My only problem with the finale—-no Sue!??!?

  23. stef says:

    I liked the episode a lot, but was disappointed that Santana and Brittany did not get together. I really would like to see her out and proud and with Brittany in season 3!

  24. Linda says:

    What did I think of it? BORING, especially for a finale!

  25. Maria says:

    Too much Finchel. Rushed Klaine “I love you”. Not enough clarity on other characters/couples (e.g. Quinn, Wemma, Brittana.).

  26. Christina says:

    I loved it! So glad that Finn and Rachel are back together – I didn’t even mind the kiss in the middle of the performance! I loved the whole bromance aspect, as well as the huge hug Puck gave Mr. Schue when he announced he wouldn’t be gong on broadway. Also glad Mercedes is getting a relationship, can’t wait to see how things work out for her and Sam! All in all – a good season finale, and I can’t wait until next year!!!

  27. Gabi says:

    I thought it sucked and I’m over having Fichel and Brittana shoved down my throat. I’m not even going to waste my time watching next season.

  28. Sara Elizabeth says:

    When I realized there was a “final showcase” I knew New Directions was out. There was only ten minutes left! Honestly, they didn’t even deserve to win. The other teams probably worked on their nationals shows for the whole year, and the Glee crew wrote their songs the day before? I’d rather they cover every Journey song in existence than do another original song for a competition.

  29. Michele says:

    With the ground to cover it should have been a two hour episode
    Liked the ground they laid for next season with Finchel, Santana still not ready to come out, Mercedes and Sam, and even Kurt’s delayed ‘i love you’ back which seems to be setting up a Karofsky triangle next season.

    Just wish they wouldn’t keep writing/directing Quinn so bi-polar unless they are going to explore that kind of story with her next season. In one group number/scene she is wine and roses and then in those solo scenes (that Bravo to Dianne for knocking out of the park) they ramp her up so much.

    There is a great story to tell there with Quinn they just have to commit to telling it even with them bringing in more cast next year after the reality show.

    • bamabunny says:

      YES, two hours would have been perfect…and it would have saved us from that boring Idol finale!

  30. Rob says:

    I really like this show in season one. But this
    but this season has been hit and miss.
    . One observation-when Shu says we’ve
    been working for this all year it kind of
    Rings hollow. How can that be when
    they are allegedly writing a song the
    Day before a competition. Oh yeah, that
    Was realistic. Give me a break. It’s kind oof
    Insulting to songwriters to pretend that not
    Just lyrics but the music can be written and
    Performed flawlessly in a day — seriously

    As far as finales go, it was disappointing.
    Especially after reading so much about teir
    Stay here in NY. It wasn’t fun and basically lame.
    Though not as annoying as the House finale.
    Two great finales that make me look forward
    To next season very much were NCIS and NCIS LA.
    Even Big Bang is something to look fwd to.
    This was a hollow ending – from a musical standpoint


  31. Gleek says:

    I really have no idea what anyone is talking about. As a hardcore Gleek, I LOVED THE EPISODE. It wasn’t unerwhelming for me at all. I have been waiting for this all season. I was fed up with the angst and longing looks. It was about time for some sickly sweet scenes!! Finchel FTW.

  32. Carnie says:

    No Brittana hot lesbian action = FAIL

  33. Sara says:

    Maybe I went in with my expectations too high, but I was kind of disappointed with this episode. My two biggest problems were Brittany/Santana and Finn/Rachel.

    Didn’t the producers say that Santana’s sexuality would be resolved by the end of the season? Well, it ended with her still in the closet. While I’m sure most of the Glee club (Quinn, at least. Her threesome line was probably my favorite moment of the night) knows about her relationship with Brittany, she is still in the closet. As far as we know, she’s still in her beard relationship with Karofsky. And it’s because of her not being out that Brittany won’t be in a relationship with her. I was seriously expecting a kiss between the two of them tonight, or at least Santana coming out.

    I do not like Finn and Rachel together. I feel like the producers are trying to get people to want them together, but I honestly don’t know anyone who even likes Finn. Rachel spent the entire episode realizing that her true love was the stage and performing. She’s going to move to NYC after graduating and doesn’t want anything to hold her back. Finn would do just that. He even did it in this episode. By kissing Rachel in the middle of the song, he ruined their chance of winning, which was INCREDIBLY SELFISH. Yeah, it was a big romantic moment, but there are, what 12 people who worked hard and wanted to win. Imagine what opportunities they could’ve had if they won Nationals. For most of these kids, scholarships are their only way out of Lima, and I’m sure being a part of the nation’s best high school choir would’ve opened the door for a lot of college scholarships. Quinn said it herself in “Original Song.” Finn is going to stay in Lima, take over the Hummel garage and start a family. If they spend next season having Rachel fall in love with Finn all over again, and then not want to leave him, I will be very disappointed. My OTP of this show is Rachel/Her Broadway Dreams.

    • Lisa says:

      Totally agree with this, hate Finn and the way he has treated Rachel and Quinn for that matter, and then he thinks he should just get his way and they will take him back like he’s a prize. Sheesh!

  34. Rob says:

    LOL -I miss the Journey covers – it’s what
    Originally got me hooked and they totally dissed
    The band this season by making fun of it- that
    Kind of annoyed me. Many of these original songs
    Are ehh.

  35. JeffDJ says:

    I’ll echo the “underwhelming” sentiments. For me, the pre-competition stuff felt like a Muppet movie, like “The Glee Muppets Take Manhattan” – just the way the dialogue sounded from these characters out of their element against the NY backdrop.

  36. Jon says:

    Oddly disappointing. Felt rushed. Tried to do too much in one hour. How can you have Cheyenne Jackson on and not let him sing? Duet with Morrison would’ve been great.

  37. Liz says:

    LOVED the music, but felt underwhelmed by the plot. I feel like this would have been fine for any other episode, but for the season finale, the plot was just a little too stale. Not saying that I didn’t like what happened (Rachel/Finn in the library! The “I love you!” Will’s realization that he loves his kids more than his dreams!), but it just kind of cruised along.

    “For Good” was BEAUTIFUL and made me teary. And the original songs were a lot of fun and vocally great too!

  38. Pamela says:

    In my opinion the episode was the reflection of all season 2 = you love something, you kind of hate something and in the end you just get the feeling that something is missing or not satisfied at all :( and don’t get my wrong I LOVE GLEE but when the episode ended I felt like The Writers or Mr. Ryan Murphy just try to put everything they can in the episode and parts didn’t fit together … (and it cost 6 million!!!$$$$)… but I’m GLEK ’til the end <3

  39. V says:

    I’m with most of you. This was not season finale worthy. I thought that it was it was going to be more…..awesome I guess. Also, I didn’t like the original songs for Nationals, I zoned out during them.

  40. Megan says:

    Finn and Rachel feels like a slap in the face of every girl who dated a loser in high school and suddenly realized that life is much more than dating the dumb jock from high school. YAY Glee, you fail again. The writers should teach some self respect, but they don’t know what it is. Apparently women do not deserve it. Finn/Rachel: Horrible chemistry, wrapped up on horrible writing. Rachel deserves better, but alas this show and character growth will never go along. Even when growth hits them in the face. Because they had rare moments of good scenes like Kurt/Rachel and Britanny/Santana/Quinn moments. It had more heart than the ridiculous romantic connections they created. I am done with this show since I discovered Community. The finale was just a reminder I wasn’t missing a damn thing.

  41. Booooozle says:

    Finale was crap campared to last year’s finale & compared to some of the awesome finales of the past few weeks from other shows. Also on a whole this season has been kinda crappy. There was no cohesion like last year, just a bunch of half ass storylines crammed into what little time was alotted for in between songs. Kurt & Blaine were the best thing about the whole season with a lil help from Holly Holiday. I really hope this was just the 2nd season slump thing & that s3 will be amazing like the first was

  42. Addison says:

    This season is ridiculous and this finale cemented why I hate this show (And I was a Gleek). Bravo, Finn/Rachel: The worse television couple at the moment (And I survived the Lost finale).

    • Mike says:

      Worst? they are the best

    • CM says:

      From that we see that you have a very bad taste. Lost sucked, thank God it ended. Finn and Rachel are one of the best couples on TV, they have a lot of chemistry between them (much like Cory and Lea have, I don’t ship them but they do have a lot chemistry with each other, as FRIENDS). And if you don’t like anymore why do you keep on watching? Are you masochist? Don’t like, don’t watch, don’t comment. As simple as that!

      • Jane says:

        If it’s “bad taste” to hate a pairing that took my favourite character and turned her into pathetic, snivelling wreck with no dignity or self-respect; a spineless girl dependent on a boy’s validation, and who deserves little more than contempt for her whining, mopey ways, then so be it. I have bad taste, and I’m GLAD that I have sufficient bad taste to recognise Rachel Berry slowly turning into one of the most pitiful female role models on primetime television.
        After this season she needs to spend a lot more time with Kurt and career before I can look at her again without wanting to slap her.

    • Eva Klein says:

      Ok for the first one but Lost was epic ;) I loved it sorry xD

  43. Angel says:

    I think there are too many haters on here. It may not have been the best episode ever, but it was good. I personally love the idea of Sam and Mercedes, even though I saw it coming in the Prom episode. Finn and Rachel belong together, and I think their duet was the better of the two original songs. I was loving the Bella Notte by Puck and the guys, it was so sweet, and I adored Kurt and Rachel at the Wicked Theatre. Their duet there was the best song of the whole episode! I was confused by the whole Shue broadway thing, I thought it was kinda pointless, everyone knows he won’t ever leave the kids or Emma for that matter. Will and Emma need to get back together already. I have to say this too…Darren Criss is so cute, and the look Blaine gave Kurt when he said “I love you” was priceless. I hope next season is better, because this season over all was very iffy.

  44. erica says:

    this physically depressed me. why would you put cheyenne jackson on a television show and never have him sing? why bring back jonathan groff just to stomp on his character’s feelings a bit? at least jesse REGRETS hurting rachel. finn jumped back and forth between quinn and rachel all season.

    and after kissing jesse in the last episode… it is totally out of character for rachel to just drop him with no warning and go back to finn. um hello, bad reputation?

    BAHHH this made me sad.

    • CM says:

      And Finn doesn’t regret of what he did to Rachel? He threw Nationals way for her. Jesse threw her away for Nationals.
      BTW Rachel didn’t kiss Jesse. Jesse kissed Rachel, that’s different. She said before she was still in love with Finn so it wasn’t hard to spot that in some moment she would get back to him.

  45. Alex says:

    sooo bored…. it’s supposed to be a season finale! instead we have nothing happen with brit/santana… quinn does nothing terrible at nationals…. and the songs were terrible… a season finale should never be put on mute, but sadly my tv was… i loved season 1 and wanted to love season 2, but not going to happen :(

  46. Hailey says:

    I absolutely loved this episode. I knew that they wouldn’t win Nationals this year – I’m sure they’re probably saving the big one for next year, with them being seniors and all. This episode made me remember why I love this show. This season has been filled with some lack-luster episodes; but this episode truly brought me back to why I love Glee. The part in Gershwin theater was absolutely perfect. The song choice couldn’t have been better. That kiss was amazing. We even got a little bit of Klaine there at the end. And I would disagree with most of you: I think it was a great season finale. It’s not always about ending on top, or with a bang. Sometimes it’s about ending the season with wrapping up a journey for these characters – and I truly think they accomplished it.

  47. Jenna says:

    A few things.

    1. How ridiculous was it that they hadn’t written their songs before arriving in New York? We are to believe they just whipped out two original songs (albeit weak and unoriginal songs) with full choreography right before their performance? Uh huh.

    2. Mr. Shu was the ONLY chaperone? He didn’t even stick around! He was too busy chasing his mid-life crisis. Leaving twelve 16ish year olds in a hotel room in the middle of New York City to write, compose and choreograph songs. I’m surprised he didn’t leave a wad of cash on the counter telling them not touch it. Because as we all know, teenagers are known for their trustworthiness and reliability.

    3. Also, did anyone else notice that Brittney’s bangs at the end kept switching from clipped up to loose? In the same scene. Repeatedly, over and over. Check it out, it’s when she’s talking with Santana by the lockers. Funniest part of the show.

    Overall, I give this episode a big whomp whomp. They are getting dangerously close to jumping the shark. If they haven’t already.

    • Annie says:

      AGREE AGREE AGREE!!!!!!!!!!
      I kept thinking, “Where is the girls’ chaperone?!”
      And the backup musicians — they are just supposed to learn two new songs perfectly? That is something I’ve always wondered about the show — the backup band. Are they students? Do they just sit in the choir room waiting for Glee Club’s beck and call? The Glee kids keep talking about how they are lowest on the school’s social strata, but what about the nameless, faceless student musicians who back them?!
      I know “Glee” relies on the view to suspend their belief, but my goodness.

  48. Kelly says:

    Did not like. Awful songs, bad ending. Not worthy.

  49. Mike says:

    Another good episode, but I guess every show has its complainers, but as long as the ratings stay strong that what matters.

  50. Camilla says:

    I love glee and I liked the episode but this was supposed to be a season finale not just another episode. Last year’s finale was great I couldn’t stop crying and this year’s was pretty lame for a season finale.