American Idol: The Top 20 Performances from Season 10

We’re down to just two contestants on this wild and unpredictable 10th season of American Idol, but there were plenty of vocalists aside from Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery who prompted standing ovations, Kleenex dabbing, and general hooting and hollering from our couches over the course of the last 12 weeks. To that end, I’ve taken the liberty of compiling my list of the 20 best numbers from this year’s performance-night telecasts (which is why you won’t see Casey and Haley’s “Moanin'” duet or the Lady Reinhart’s exit performance of “Bennie and the Jets”).

Take a click through memory lane — we’ve embedded handy videos beneath each photo — then hit the comments to tell me where I got it right, where I went wrong, and which omissions are prompting you to question my sanity, my taste level, and my right to call myself an Idoloonie.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Volcfom says:

    I would have had “Maybe I’m Amazed” instead of “Uprising” and Casey’s “Your Song” instead of Naima’s “Dancing…”. Other than that, very happy with the list.
    And thank you for giving Pia’s “All in Love is Fair” a fair placement. I definitely thought it was much better than her others.

  2. NedPepper says:

    Am I the only one who skipped listening to Lauren and Scotty’s picks on the viewer? I listened to everyone else’s. And not to be a jerk. It was more like, “Eh, don’t care.”

    That’s our finale. And I won’t be watching that either.

  3. Mixkaela says:

    Happy to see Kendra Chantelle and Lauren Turner in this list. But this also made me a bit sad. Yeah, they were really robbed of a slot in the Top 13. :-(

  4. Terry says:

    When I rewatch Haley’s performances on Youtube the ones I hit replay on the most are ‘Beautiful’ and ‘I (Who Have Nothing)’, those were by far my favorites of the season.

  5. john t. says:

    too. much. haley.

  6. kim says:

    The reason “you’ve got a friend” was one of scotty’s “moments” or “almost moments” however you would rate it is because, due to the theme of the week (Carole King) he was forced to take a non-country song sung by a woman and make it his own and he did a great job. So many times we saw him choose songs because they had the word country in them (elton john or movie week) as a way to get out of stretching himself artistically. It’s a shame because I actually somewhat like country (esp country/pop crossover like Lauren voice lends itself to). My favorite part of idol is seeing how contestants are going to make songs their own and have a “moment” but I don’t expect we’re going to hear a Carrie Underwood “Alone” tonight so I don’t plan on tuning in. If Slezak’s recaps prove me wrong I will catch those videos on youtube but I’m not holding my breath. I think we will hear the likes of Josh Turner, Faith Hill, Martina McBride, and Garth Brooks (since scotty is better than Garth Brooks…really Randy?).

    PS: As loyal as country fans are, the reason Carrie Underwood is so succesful (even more so domestically than Kelly now) is not because she sings country music, it’s because her music has been embraced by the pop world as well (not to mention she has a beautiful voice) giving her the two major markets to tap into. She showed some versatility on idol and that translated to her career.

  7. JRM says:

    So much Haley in this list. Love it! lol

  8. Karen says:

    I know you love your Haley (and Pia, for that sake to), Slezak. But there should be one or two more performances from Paul, Casey and James.
    And James’ ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’ should undoubtedly at least be in the top 2.
    But otherwise OK list, for a season that provided very few encroyable moments (if any at all)

    • Mark says:

      James would’ve made the Top 2 with “Will You Still Love Me…” if he had done the whole thing like he did the opening verses. Those were magic, the rest was merely solid.

  9. Name That Tune says:

    However TPTB at Idol got to this top 2, it makes you wonder how intelligent it is to have a finale with so little to offer the 50% (or more) of the audience who doesn’t care for this style of music. We’ve seen the best that Lauren/Scotty have to offer. This list offers you a look at what might have been.

  10. JVC says:

    Interesting List Slezak.

    Personally I would’ve moved up Lauren’s two performances higher up the list. Her candle in the wind should be at the number 10 spot. Also her “anyway” i think should move ahead naima, paul, and maybe james’ performance. W/ that said, I kinda want her to win. But no matter who wins i can see both being really successful. And I don’t think many people are giving Lauren enough credit. And I guess the blame can once again fall on the judges. Maybe if they have tried to push her a little, she’d be a much better contestant.

  11. Davey says:

    One of my favorite performances of the whole season was Blackbird by Paul and Kendra. Wow, that was a long time ago. Not a lot of memorable moments this season, despite the talent of this group. One problem is that genuine emotion was lacking in many of the performances.

    • larry says:

      Yeah I really took notice of them both then although Paul seemed to just fade out after that. That was a great duet. The Haley Lauren one was good too. But Moanin’ wow that was the best!

  12. B.H.O. says:

    You people writing this report are nuts! You’re biased and it shows, dramatically.

    James and Haley didn’t deserve to be in the top ten of the show, much less performances of the year. Pia is as exciting as watching paint dry.

    Lauren and Scotty will become two of Idol’s biggest selling stars ever! It stars as soon as their music hits ITunes tomorrow.

    I’m surprised Aussie would let such unjustified and over the top opinions appear on his web site.

    • Amanda says:

      KEY Word being : opinion

      you have yours we have ours, who made you God of all things that no one has the right to not like the top 2.

      let us have our opinions, and also if you fail to notice take a walk down most famous blogs, their lists are very close to this one.

    • jaxguy says:

      Interesting post. So far, the people old enough to actually buy music from Itunes, have overwhelmingly supported Haley. She has outsold everyone this year. Reason? She had by far the best moments and it stimulated people to buy. Yeah, there will be a jump in sales for Lauren and Scotty, but in the long run Haley will probably win the Itunes war the same as Adam did. James and Haley were way more interesting than the final 2, and Pia could out sing them all. But of course this is a popularity contest not a singing contest or Pia would have won hands down. Still didn’t watch last night……

  13. amanda says:

    I’m getting such a kick out of this list. I accept that this is Michael’s list but it is very darn close to mine (I’d add more Casey and Paul , but love the Lauren turner and Kendra).

    BUT has anyone noticed everyone who would change something about the list, you would have put some more James, or more Casey, or some Paul in there, some don’t like Naima, others might consider putting Jacob.
    Notice how no one wants to add anymore Lauren or Scotty because those are really their best performances and they come no where near the top 5.

    just saying.

    • Ben says:

      I would disagree with this. I don’t think a balanced list can include more than 2 or 3 of any contestants performances. This is for me the biggest flaw with Michael’s list. All the names you listed bar James didn’t get more than one in the first place, Scotty and Lauren both got 2.

      • and i'm even a libra says:

        Why should the list be “balanced”? It wasn’t a balanced season. Some contestants had a lot more performances that were genuinely amazing than others did.

        • Ben says:

          I totally disagree with that too, and could easily come up with a list of the “20 best performances” that was from the perspective of different demographics. I know some who would have 6 or 7 performances of Jacob in what they believe is the top 20 of the season, and NONE of Haley. That doesn’t make it right. The point of being balanced is to be objective. I know TVline has become a Haley fan site during this season, but I disagree that the season is imbalanced. I thought there were 11 great performers in the season… and thats just the ones that made the top 13.

  14. julie says:

    Michael, Though I would have made some different choices, what a great idea to remind everyone of these right before the insipid performances of tonight’s final two!

  15. Ben says:

    Plenty of odd omissions. Plenty of odd inclusions. Everyone has different favourites though.

    Here are the songs which I think have no business being on this list.

    Tracks of my tears (Paul did much better. Folsom Prison Blues would be a better choice).

    Lauren Turner & Kendra Chantelle. Lauren’s is vaguely ok at 20. Kendra’s is utter tripe at 3. There is a reason she didn’t make the top 13… her performance was onlt on the cusp of deserving too. Both Lauren and Kendra sung no better than Haley, Karen, Lauren, Thia and Pia in the semi final rounds. I’d replace these two with artists that shouldn’t have been left off this list, namely Thia’s colours of the wind and one of Jacob’s. Like him or loathe him, Jacob did have a handful of damn good performances.

    Rhiannon – for me possibly Haley’s worst performance on all of idol. No, make that definitely. I blame Rhiannon for her exit. It didn’t suit her, it was out of tune, it had 0 redeeming features. I’d have it in my 20 worst performances on this season list. Replace this with Scotty’s ‘The River’.

    Candle in the Wind – also what I would consider Lauren’s lowest point in the series. This song had no application to her whatsoever. Replace this with any of her top 3 performances, which after Haley’s Led Zep were the best 3 performances of the night and got her into the finals.

    You and I – middle of the pack for me. Would rather have seen her cover of Adele here, Rolling in the Deep.

    Benny and the Jets – this is the one where I get shouted down by everyone. Honestly, the quiet bits of this song both times Haley sung it were horrensous, out of tune, lacking control. The choruses were amazing. The combination of the 2 simply doesn’t make this a ‘great’ performance for me… it was a beacon of what was to come, and nothing more. I think nearly every performance Haley made after this one bettered it. I’d prefer to see Casey’s ‘Your Song’ in.

    Thats it. The rest I agree with, you did a pretty good job on the whole Michael, but I think your bias towards a particular kind of singer does tend to win out over an objective perspective at times.

    • Ben says:

      A caveat – Paul and Kendra’s blackbird, Casey’s Georgia and Jacobs God Bless the Child would all be on this list if they were within Michael’s rules. But they aren’t.

  16. Gata says:

    My favorite(s) are: Haley and Stefano.

    Pia was boring and I thought Thia was a better vocalist.

    Jacob couldn’t hold a melody in a song.

    James emulated Adam too much in his performance style (meaning he tried to run his performances in the same style as Adam “slow, fast, emotional, etc.”, he definitely couldn’t emulate Adam’s voice) so I didn’t like him.

    Naima – needed to have some vocal strength training in order to sing and move at the same time “ala Beyonce.”

    Karen – was far more boring than Pia and Thia.

    Ashton – blew it big time trying to overdo it.

    Casey – didn’t really have a “singers voice” IMO

    Paul – sounded the same always (I loved his Maggie May though)

    Scotty – I like Scotty – he is fun, but I would never vote for him.

    Lauren – is in the same category with Pia, Thia, and Karen – they love ballads, and that gets old real fast for me. Her voice is good, but her performances were never awe inspiring.

    Those are all that I remember

  17. phill says:

    stefanos end of the road, if you dont know me bye now deserves a spot imo… other mentions:
    flat on the floor, hope you dance – lauren alaina
    on my own – thia megia
    river deep – pia
    a house its not a home – jacob

  18. Trisha says:

    I don’t care who’s in the selected Top 20 (other than Haley) but James’s UPRISING, seriously, Michael? He screamed through the second half, okay, shrieked, was out of tune, and made a mockery out of one of Muse’s stellar anthems. If this is what his concerts will be, pomp, shenanigans, semi-decent vocals followed by screeches, count me out. I’ll just save my money for Muse and real singers.

  19. Lindsey says:

    I think Maybe I’m Amazed should have definitely made the cut! My favorite song of the season by far!

  20. agrimesy says:

    I wonder what the top 11 will choose for their Idols Summer Tour set list. On season 8 (only time I saw the tour) the Idols chose one or two repeat performances from the show then they sang new covers. I bet Slezak’s top choices for them will make the tour cut. I also think it would be cool if they allow some of them to sing original songs.
    Gah, I still can’t fathom the last 30 minutes of the show being all country! Eeeep! As much as I would love to see Haley live, I think I’ll just wait for her solo tour.

    • it's not so bad says:

      30 minutes = time to cut out before the crowds and actually get a seat on the train home. A 9-artist concert headlined by the Lady Reinhart sounds just right to me!

  21. Larry says:

    How on Earth can Haley’s Rolling in the Deep not have made it?? And near the top at that? Missing entirely, What?!
    Isn’t that her most viewed video and close to the top of her itunes downloads?

    What about her Fallin’? That had some of her purest, highest, sweetest notes.

    Blue and Beautiful might make it somewhere on there too, no?

    And What Is and What Never Should Be maybe need to be a bit higher. Only number six for that?

    And yeah it is nuts that Kendra didn’t even make top 13! How about a Haley/Kendra finale? Maybe toss in James and force him on key for a three way bash out tri-finale. With guest appearances by Casey and Pia.

  22. idol who? says:

    I’m getting really excited for tonight’s performances…on The Voice!

  23. Mayra says:

    Loooove that Haley’s all over, hahaha
    except for Rhiannon. I didn’t really like that one.

  24. Idolhead Ed says:

    Rolling in the Deep was masterful. I think one of the two best all year. I tried teh 20 songs routine but couldn’t do it in 20 so I did the top 35 songs of the season.It was so long with all my comments I had to make it in 3 parts. Part 1 and 2 are up now. Check it out here

  25. Evelyn says:

    I love Haley, but Rhiannon? And as much as I know people hate Jacob Lusk, his version of “You’re ll I Need to Get By” was fantastic. Lauren’s Martina McBride cover could have used a little more love. Other than those complaints it’s a good list.

    • Grace says:

      Agreed about Jacob. I know the Idoloonie nation at large is anti-Lusk, and he did have some pretty rotten performances, but ‘You’re All I Need to Get By’ is near the top of my personal Best of 10 list. I’m not sure in what universe Naima’s ‘Dancing in the Street’ tops that…

      Otherwise a pretty solid list. I might swap Scotty’s ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ for ‘Amazed,’ but seeing as how most of his performances are pretty much interchangeable, I guess it doesn’t really matter :)

      • Tusk says:

        Re: Lusk.

        I actually had hope for him during the group performance with Naima and Haley. They did excellently on “Long and Winding Road” and Jacob was the foundation of that performance, then his head started inflating (That and the mixed messages from Randy/Jimmy…Go big/Go controlled.)

        With Jacob, it wasn’t about his singing talent. It was about audacity to tell people they don’t like his performance because we can’t look in the mirror, then turning it around to say it was about the disaster in Japan….Really Jacob?

        You don’t piss people off then expect them to support you/buy your singles. Jacob is welcome to his ego on his own island.

    • charlie says:

      was scrolling down the comments looking for this comment so I could agree with it. (In reference to “You’re all I need to get by.”) As much as Slezak hated Lusk, even he admitted that was an awesome performance in his recap of that night.

      What to replace? “Uprising.”

  26. KBJr. says:

    This Top 20 lacks a little credible because it’s far too Haley-heavy. I really enjoyed her while she was on the show, but come on. You could squeeze, what, five or six Haley performances on a 20-perf. list, but couldn’t give at least one nod to Jacob Lusk? “You’re All I Need To Get By” is a season-long standout, it deserved a place on this list, especially given you’ve included the truly God-awful twosome of Naima Adedapo and Paul McDonald. I think Scotty’s “For Once In My Life” was his strongest (and most unique) performance of the season. What of James Durbin’s “Living For The City”? I’m glad you chose to include the splendid Kendra Chantelle, who was robbed of her status in the finals. What a truly dynamic battle of the divas Haley and Kendra would have made!

    Not loving this list, Mike. Not at all. Too much favoritism.

  27. rolling in the deep says:

    hey you forgot “rolling in the deep”. other than benny, this is the performance that gained her the most fans & attn. with it, she sounded 10,000 times more current than any other idol in her season. kinda like when kris did “falling slowly”, making him sound super current.

    • AmericanIdolit says:

      Not to mention that because of Haley’s cover, all music experts said that “Rollin’ in the Deep” gave Adele so much more attention and help keep her song at the #1 spot on the Single’s Charts for so many weeks (still there BTW!).

      I love that JLo critiqued her for performing a current record that “everybody knows so well right now,” but then critiqued her after “You and I” for choosing a current song that not too many people know.

      WHAT GARBAGE! Off with J-Lo’s head. SLEZAK FOR JUDGE IN 2012!

      • interesting says:

        So her covering that did, in fact, help prop up Adele’s single more. Someone on another forum said JLo started getting on Haley after she saw Adele and then Gaga get boosted even higher above her own single after Haley sang them. And maybe it explains the “sing less popular stuff!” after Adele and then “that Gaga song stinks you stink!” haha
        probably not, but somewhere out there something explains JLo (and Randy)….

  28. jason says:

    lauren turner! she was my first vote.

  29. CK says:

    Good list and I agree with it mostly, but would have included this song by Naima. It blew me away and is one of my top moments of the season. “For All We Know”. Amazing song, vocals and emotional connection. What a lovely lady she is.

    • Moi says:

      I agree, CK. I loved that Ella-esque side to Naima.

    • babs says:

      I agree about Naima too, CK. What a wonderful performance!

      • babs says:

        I forgot to say, CK–the video you’re indicating is the song she sang after she was eliminated, a repeat of her previous wonderful interpretation. Here, it is even more emotional and meaningful than the first. Great lady.

  30. Kim says:

    #1…James Durbin “Uprising”. NO QUESTION! James should have had at least 5 of the top spots! Come on…where is “As My Guitar Gently Weeps”? Seriously???

    • Moi says:

      Though I can appreciate the intent of the song, AMGGW was seriously pitchy, as were 85% of James’ performances.

  31. SajiNoKami says:

    #18 | Scotty McCreery ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ (Top 6) <= the first time he actually connected to a performance and the one that actually got my attention
    #15 | Paul McDonald 'Tracks of My Tears' (Top 11) <= loved his version, loved adam's version… two such different vibes, it is a good song no doubt
    #14 | James Durbin 'Uprising' (Top 7) <= if the studio of this did not exist, I would not be commenting right now, this is the one that got me to start watching and voting this season
    #9 | Scotty McCreery 'Gone' (Top 5) <= the vocals on this are a bit of a mess, but the pure angst he has in it, make up for it..
    #5 | James Durbin 'Will You Love Me Tomorrow' (Top 6) <= made me a 100% fan
    Haley was interesting to listen to, the one I like from her is 'Rolling in the Deep'

  32. csense says:

    Obssess about Haley much? Geez, girl’s not that good.

    • Tusk says:

      What you like is subjective (by definition). You don’t like Haley. Fine. But your comment that she IS NOT THAT GOOD, is not accurate by any measure of the numbers.

      Let’s look at the numbers for a more objective view. Who has more downloads? Who has more YouTube views?

      Thought so.

      Those say more people are interested in Haley’s performances than ANY of the others. Those numbers are not influenced primarily by Idoloonies or Slezak. That is not subjective, that is based on the numbers. Period.

      • Ben says:

        Damnit, I’ve been looking for the kinghit argument that proves Rebecca Black is the world greatest artist for so long! Thanks for finding it for me tusk!

        • Tusk says:

          Was Rebecca Black in AI? Comedy isn’t your thing, keep your day job. Thnx for playing.

          • Ben says:

            Sorry tusk, that was just one flaw in your suggestion that haley’s youtube hits or itunes downloads make her a good artist. Perhaps I shouldn’t stick to comedy, but you shouldn’t stick to statistics.

            Not that I’m saying Haley is a bad artist, just that you can’t present evidence like that as some kind of complete proof.

          • Ben says:

            It’s especially bad as proof that she is deserving of 6/20 of the seasons best songs.

          • Tusk says:

            I figured it is understood this is a discussion about season 10 AI contestants so actual numbers in iTunes(it is a business after all) and youtube views among these contestants is at least a set of numbers that everyone can see and compare. I guess I gave SOME readers too much credit to understand context.

            At least comparing those numbers among the contestants is a fairer barometer than figuring out how 20+ mill viewers can make 95 mil votes. It is even more relevant valuation compared to the SUBJECTIVE opinion of the original vote.

            Sorry I had to spell it out for you. I’ll try not to overestimate you again.

    • jaxguy says:

      you’re right she’s not that good. She’s better than that good. She owned the season. Too bad America (tweens, I suspect) wants young and bland. I DID NOT WATCH TONIGHT as I said last week. AI is over for me. It will take the greatest singer EVER to get me to waste my time again.

      • Tusk says:

        Did you see the news report? Lauren blew out her vocals early and they called Haley in, in case Lauren could not do it. I saw an article that Haley was preparing up to 7pm, but Lauren recovered. Here’s the latest aricle on the subject:
        Poor girl, never easy, everything is up then down, highs and lows with Haley.

        • Terry says:

          Oh man, that woulda been so awesome if Haley had gotten to complete her comeback of the season story. But no, just more abuse piled on the poor girl by TPTB.

  33. babs says:

    Why is it I get the feeling Haley knows zip about what Taupin’s lyrics are about??

    • Tusk says:

      Don’t understand why people feel the need to visit sites just to bad mouth contestants that other’s like….over and over.

      Can you not get that a lot of people like Haley? You would rather go the route of endlessly complaining about people’s opinion on someone YOU don’t like as if that will change their mind. I don’t expect to change your mind about who you like, so what is your point?

      Now why don’t you just try talking about who you DO like. I am more willing to read people’s support for their favorite, rather than reading the same person constantly pointing out their issue with mine. More fun that way.

    • Tusk says:


      Sorry my previous post, just tired of the negativity, shouldn’t go that route myself. It’s all good. :)

      • babs says:

        I like Casey (I Put a Spell on You blew me away, I admired him ever after). Paul–such a distinctive, wonderful voice, so much joy. I liked Naima, a breath of fresh air in years of too many carbon copies. I liked James, put so much into it. I like Scotty and Lauren–their youthfulness, their devotion to their genres and knowing who they are, and thankful for where they’re at. Yeah, and Stefano, so many fine performances. And Pia, if she’d had time to get over her nerves, she would’ve soared. Jacob, so much heart, and promise.
        So yeah, all of these…and did I leave some else that I loved? So Slezak’s pushing Haley all the time…when I don’t think she even got the lyrics to Bennie and the Jets, but got bravos for it, and never seemed really grateful for where she was at?

        Listen to really good music, listen to the greats, and see if Haley anywhere deserves the praise Slezak piled on her. It’s his job to generate response, and all the Haley lovers naturally adhered to this site.
        I loved all of them. It was a great season. My hat is off to ALL of the performers, not just one.

        • Tusk says:

          I liked Haley before I discovered Idoloonies, and will agree that Haley has anunciation problems (Call Me for example, not sure if that is even french she is speaking on those verses). There is a long history of music with singers that don’t properly pronounce words. In A Gadda Da Vida (In the Garden of Eden) and Louie, Louie are two examples. So Haley is not the first.

          Lauren was my early season favorite, and James ’cause I’m an old school metal head who is glad to get Judas Priest on Idol. But both of them started faltering because of no critiques. Pia I liked because I always sensed she was ultra focused and did the hard work to get where she was and didn’t rely on her looks.

          I grew to like Haley because she is fierce and has shown the most growth, week after week. I’m also a sucker for a lady with a little rasp in her voice. I love the colorful texture of her tone.

          We can agree we have different tastes, sorry again for my rant.

  34. jaxguy says:

    I would have had to include Durbin’s Maybe I’m Amazed. That was one of this best. But without doubt Haley WON the season. I agree with every choice.

    • Mark says:

      Hmm, something in the commenting system hates the > and the <…. That's a shame. 2/3 of the post eaten alive.

  35. JT says:

    Seriously depressed having to watch tonight– penance from my wife for power-voting for Haley last week. She agrees that Haley is a great singer, but thinks she’s bitchy– a lot of adult women do, unfortunately. She thinks I have a “thing” for Haley. Yes, but not in the way she’s thinking (heck, I have a daughter in college the same age as Haley). But her voice is just sooooo seductive and addictive.

    I spent the rest of the evening watching Dancing with the Stars while listening to Haley on iTunes. That made me a lot happier. The only time I came close to the “thing” my wife is talking about was when she came out in last week’s results show all dressed up like a young Stevie Nicks. Wow! Am I the only one who noticed that? What a massive flashback to college– when I DID have a “thing” for Stevie

    • x says:

      as you do now for Haley ;)

      but yeah there you go, your wife thinks you eye Haley and then suddenly Haley doesn’t deserve to be an American Idol because she is way too hot and confident and I’m afraid m, I mean a bad person!

      Considering how close the vote was, that really could’ve cost her the final two.

      • JT says:

        I have to agree there about Haley’s bad rap concerning her attitude. Around the “water cooler” at the office, I got vilified by women co-workers for supporting her. So it’s just not my wife– who loves Lauren because she is so sweet. I think it COULD have cost Haley a place in the Finale. But hey, we who get her music (and clearly not everybody does, and that’s cool) think she’s too good for AI. Looking forward to tonight.

        • JT says:

          Oh, and I got the seriously “evil eye” from my wife when she noticed I “liked” a FB post from a mutual friend’s comment that this was the worse AI Finale ever! Oops. Talk about fumbling thru that excuse.

          Now I need to work on my kids to go to the AI Tour this year– which I swore I’d never do. My 17 year old son thinks Haley is totally hot, as you expect. My daughter in college also really likes Haley. I honestly think women close to Haley’s age have no problem with her supposed attitude issue, and are much less “threatened” by her, than older women.

  36. zweiosterei says:

    I get the feeling Slezak kind of likes Haley with 6 of her performances on the list. I could be wrong though.

  37. emrom says:

    taking reality to what it is and not what should have been, it is amusing (for me) that out of this list of 20 Lauren and Scotty had the most performances, and yet they score less moments than the like of Pia and James. Also, L Turner and Kendra who had only 1 and 2 performances had each a moment on idol. Well that is not showing a promising future for idol, especially when Haley who had like 6 moments on this list and some say she should have more, came in only 3rd. I skipped the final two and cannot wait for tonight …

  38. Rick says:

    Nice List, but to me Stefano’s “I Need You Now” was the best vocal I heard, period. I also liked Pia’s “Stand by me”. And of course ANYTHING Haley sang.

  39. SoonerIdolFan says:

    So glad to see Haley’s “House of the Rising Sun” as #1. It’s not only the best of the season – it’s one of the best ever performed on Idol. It reminded me why I had to boycott the finale this year – no Haley! Here’s to hoping that X-Factor can actually cultivate the real talent instead of sending them home too eary!

  40. Gale says:

    Too much Haley.

  41. Truth says:

    Go Haley Go!!!

    Haley is this season’s most interesting and talented combo.

    I liked almost all of the top 10, but this one grows on you.

  42. Truth says:

    Watch. Haley is going to get a great duo with a star tonight. James gets to play with Aerosmith, Scotty probably sings with the “lock them doors guy” (I’m not a country afficianado), Casey should get Joe Cocker, but he came on last year, so probably not. Naema should get Ziggy Marley. Stephano should sing with Justin Timberlake. Paul with Rod Stewart. Jacob with Aretha Franklin (j/k?).

    I think Haley should get to do “You and I” with Gaga.

  43. Lee says:

    where’s thia’s out here on my own….that’s her only stand-out performance… was amazing..

  44. InnaVoice says:

    Hey, everybody!
    What do you think about this vocal?
    Check this out!

  45. nicolas says:

    ‘Beautiful’ of Haley? It was perfect!!

  46. nicolas says:

    I’m totally disagree of “#3 | Kendra Chantelle”. But you’re cool, you love Haley like me hahaha

  47. Kaya says:

    I think I Who Have Nothing could have been a little higher rated, but otherwise I like your choices.

  48. alex hugh says:

    i think there should be more lauren alaina