American Idol Top 2 Performance Night: Who Earned the Season 10 Crown?

Artifice, thy name is American Idol. In a stacked deck of a performance finale tonight, Lauren Alaina drew four aces, and Scotty McCreery was left holding a single Old Maid card, live from the Nokia Theater.

Oh, I know, I’ve never met a conspiracy theory or a heavy-handed edit I didn’t embrace, but from the second Ryan Seacrest called a real live medical doctor up on stage to bemoan the sorry state of Little Lauren’s vocal cords, you knew which contestant was getting the full and unyielding support of Nigel Lythgoe & Co.

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A fleeting “Round 1 to Scotty” from Randy and J.Lo, followed by seven consecutive “win” votes for “I’m Just Lauren”? Check. Another mention by Randy of the return of the amazing 15-year-old the judges grew to love in her Nashville auditions? Check. A prominently displayed lineup of six shimmering pink and black signs spelling out L-A-U-R-E-N? Check! A coronation song tailor made to wring tears from Lauren like a dishcloth pulled fresh from a soapy sink? Oh, you betcha!

But as we learned in David-Vs.-David and Adam-Vs.-Kris, nothing activates a contestant’s fan base like a “Thanks for playing! You definitely didn’t disgrace yourself!” treatment from the judges and producers. And that’s why I’m predicting Scotty will win — and after a season of excellent consistency (if not scintillating excellence), why he should win, too.

Lauren seems like a sweet kid, totally willing to play her assigned role and hit her notes with a booming elegance. But week in and week out, Scotty has shown the confidence, charisma, and vocal skill (almost) worth of Idoldom. That’s how I see it, but since I have a full Idol recap to write — look for it overnight right here at — I’m going to post a set list and turn things over to you. [UPDATE: Full recap is now live!]

Tonight’s Set List
Scotty McCreery: Montgomery Gentry’s “Gone”
Lauren Alaina: Carrie Underwood’s “Flat on the Floor”
Scotty McCreery: George Strait’s “Check Yes or No”
Lauren Alaina: Pam Tillis’ “Maybe It Was Memphis”
Scotty McCreery: “I Love You This Big”
Lauren Alaina: “Like My Mother Does”

What did you think of the Season 10 Idol finale? What were your favorite and least favorite performances? Vote in our polls below, then hit the comments to declare which contestant should and will win the season? And for all my Idol news, reviews, and interviews — including video Q&As next week with the Season 10 Top 3 — follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Katy says:

    Where’s the place for me to choose Haley?

    • Jay says:

      Haha..I was going to ask the same thing.

    • agrimesy says:

      I couldn’t click on ANY of the polls on this article. I always have an opinion! . . . nope, not this time

      • Dick Whitman says:

        Same here, I scrolled looking for HAILey and thought “oh wait…” and scrolled some more to the comments.


        • gnatcar says:

          Too funny. I couldn’t agree more.

          Didn’t watch. Don’t care.

          • idoladdict says:

            Who Cares?

          • Anna says:

            All the silly little girls are voting for Scotty anyway.

          • MS says:

            Didn’t watch either. But what a way to crush Hailey. As if eliminating her after 10 weeks of wrist slapping wan’t enough, they raise her hope, make her even rehearse, and then ultimately reject one last time!

            What’s up for tomorrow? Bring Ramsey and criticize her mom?

          • Ablo says:

            Didn’t watch.

          • Bug says:

            OMG – if you do not care why are you here? Seriously to beat up on teenagers? Haley is gone – get over it. Are you not caring by wasting your time caring about what happened on the show. It reminds me of people how “like” a Facebook page only so they can go there and say how much they hate the person or sports team. LAME

          • Name That Tune says:

            Me, too. Nothing about this finale ignited any passion in me. But Scotty will win. WGWG again. Ho-Hum.

          • Name That Tune says:

            @Bug – TPTB will care when their finale gets less than 20 million viewers.

          • Snsetblaze says:

            Ditto but I do love to read Slezak.

          • Suncatcher says:

            Didn’t watch. Also, did not care.

            BTW – I was laughing at the list of songs above that the 2 kids sang last night that Slezak wants us to decide which was best. I didn’t recognize any of them – all country/western. Probably good songs, but I am metal and pop.

            PS – A little tidbit, I read this week that the song Lauren sang last night, “Like My Mother Does,” was written by the daughter-in-law of Nicolas Cage.

        • Li-Li says:

          One look at that song list and I felt a whole lot better that I didn’t bother to watch.

          • Jaded says:

            Totally! I almost felt kind of a little guilty for not watching, then I saw the set list and was really glad I didn’t waste my time. Everyone’s better off watching The Voice!

        • ThereasonsY says:

          Oh Dick, you cracked me up and I usually don’t laugh before having my morning coffee. Well played.

      • JayK* says:

        Ha, me too, agrimesy. The polls needed a “Didn’t watch” and “None of the above” option.

      • Holly says:

        I didn’t click on any of the polls because I didn’t bother watching the show. Well, at least not until the final 4 minutes when David Cook sang his fantastic live version of “Don’t You Forget About Me.” He is so cool! (BTW, who are Scotty and Lauren? Oh well…)

        • Ludea says:

          Glad I read that Cook was on-otherwise I would have deleted this worthless mess from my DVR. Hope Scotty wins, just to piss off the worthless judges this season. Thank GOD for the VOICE.

    • Pam says:

      Haha – my daughter told me to text vote to 5711, because she decided that would be Haley’s number.

      • HaleyFTW says:

        Cute! You’ve raised her well :)

      • Yeah, I said it, biatch says:

        You daughter is a stupid brat, like her mother.

        • Cup says:

          Pot kettle black much?

          • x says:

            It is amusing how many of the Haley bashers are like “Can you believe that #?#?$? what a ##$##$ little $$#?##. how rude can the little #@?#?@?@#@# be? doesn’t she have any manners the little #?@?#@?@#? why wasn’t she raised with any morals the little ##?#. what a foul mouth on the #?$#?#$, shame shame you little #??3334. she needs to learn how to treat people with some respect the #>#>>334. i mean i’ve never actually met her, of course.”

        • A says:

          And the award for Insanely Overproportionate Response goes to…

      • Growlers United says:

        Hi Pam – that was funny, thanks for the chuckle! Please ignore the trolls, there are more good people in the world than bad! I’m sorry you had to be subjected to them. Have a great day!! :)

        • Pam says:

          Bah! Trolls don’t bother me. I’m an adult, and even if they might be age-wise, they act like children. I’ve got 3 kids (2 teens), so the trolls who post on message boards are far from the worst thing I’ve seen.

          Thank you, anyway! And to HaleyFTW – yes, I did raise my daughter well. She was a Haley fan from the beginning!

    • A.W. Baimun says:

      Only watched the first few minutes to see if Haley would get to sing or not…. then slipped off into a boredom-induced coma.

      When will the idol producers realize that power voting DOES NOT EQUAL SONG SALES? That’s why a fourth place finisher like Daughtry can sell millions more than “winner” T(r)aylor Hicks. I bought more Haley singles than I have all other season performances combined.

      • MusicMaster says:

        I would have to say that I also bought all the Haley songs from iTunes but nothing from the others. Nuff said.

      • I'm watching The Voice now says:

        Has it occurred to you that the producers don’t care whether the winners are the ones who will sell the best? In season five, they got their millions of viewers for Taylor Hicks in the finale, AND their millions of record sales with Daughtry. This season, they got the finale that fit their story arc, and they can still sign whichever finalists they want. Money in the bank.

    • Abby says:

      Was that not the most boring badly sung finale ever? I want Haley so off to my Itunes for a Haley concert. She would have blown either of those two off the stage.

      What the heck was Lauren thinking wearing that gawd awful pageant dress for 6 year olds? She has the worst style ever.

      I hope Scotty wins only as an FU to Nigel and his evil manipulation this season.

      • James says:

        I didn’t watch the finale, but I saw the clips of the performances at And let me tell you–I’m glad I just wasted 10 minutes of my life instead of an hour! That has got to be the most boring and predictable finale in AI history. I mean, how many chords did Scotty’s last song have–one?! And I thought it was pure manipulation of Lauren to sing the last part of her song to her mother. There was not one song that wowed me. I’ll take last season’s finale with Lee and Crystal over this one!! No more American Idol for me. Thank God for The Voice. I’ll be watching that instead. Now I know why Paula and Simon left–even they were sick and tired of the manipulation.

      • jewels says:

        That was my thought exactly! Toddlers in Tiaras dress, extreme pageant full glitz make-up, then to finish the song with a saucy little stomp of her pigeon-toed cowboy boot, she DID look like she was about 6 years old! hehehe

    • leigha says:

      Worst. Finale. Ever. And that’s saying a lot.

      • It wasn’t even that the performances were that bad. It was just the really quick pace, the lack of judges critique after every performance, and the fact that Seacrest was in a tuxedo. The whole thing was odd.

        • Valerie says:

          I also thought the show was rushed, and to make room for Taio Cruz ? Seriously ? They probably realize that the judges have not one pertinent opinion, si I guess they just cut their time. It’s almost insulting that they get this gig and not even have to give their opinion on each performance.

          Also, I couldn’t believe the Swaybots, and just a few weeks after the interview with Nigel Lythgoe, and an Idoloonie congrats on scrapping the idea. It’s just sad…

          • xc says:

            I don’t know if it is true, but some website claimed JLo wants a 7 million raise for next season.

    • RTW says:

      And to think these two will be headlining the AI tour. Good luck following James and Haley, especially if she sings Led Zeppelin.

    • jennab says:

      I boycotted, and looking at the song list, am so glad I did! Uggh, send them over to Nashville Star!

    • Joseph says:

      Dang rough group here, I like Haley also but think that Scotty gave not only a solid performance but it felt like a concert if you watch all 3 songs in sequence.

    • donna says:

      You said it, where was the “Haley” choice? Or “none of the above”. Or at least a write in choice? Even better, why can’t we text the name of the person who should win to 5701 or whatever the number is, instead of “vote”? Glad I skipped it.

    • Blair says:

      and where’s the additional choice on each of these that says “I don’t give a rip”?

    • allie says:

      lol! After looking at that song list I am soooo glad I didn’t watch or dvr it! Who cares who wins? Even country radio is saying they are generic talents at best. Ugh.

    • AJ says:

      I agree,

      This finale was boring, pathetic. no offense to country music fans, but if i wanted to watch a country show i would watch CMT. they took all the fun out of a great season with a variety of musicians and made it country crap. Only one of them should be in the final. they both sound the same every week. way to ruin a great season america

    • ChrisG says:

      For me, the finale was last week, with Haley being my American Idol.

    • Saracen Riggins says:

      haha – this is exactly the first thought that ran through my head when I read the end of Slezak’s post :)

    • Suncatcher says:

      HEY SLEZAK! PERFECT RECAP. I also thought I was getting paranoid about conspiracy theories re AI – but they DO exist! I checked my DVR this AM and there were Randy and JLO, right on cue – throwing SCOTTY under the bus and giving Lauren standing ovations! And I think I saw Uncle Nigel behind the big curtain…

      It was like deja voodoo with David & David all over again! Scary.

    • Chris G says:

      Where do I vote for David Cook? By far, the best of the night.

    • sneakin says:

      I glanced at the title of the article and thought it said Who Earned the Season 10 Clown? I thought THAT was a better sum up of this season. I didn’t even watch last night, the first time in 10 seasons….

    • funkycoldmedina says:

      I became a Haley fan when she sang Alicia Keys “Fallin'”. What a difficult song to tackle and pretty much pitch perfect! I never expected her to win the competition because “they” never choose the contestants I choose…which leads me to believe that the label is only looking for someone who will say “how high” when they demand them to JUMP. Besides, the judges had already decided who their idol was going to be back in the Nashville auditions. Haley had ginormous ballocks during her journey on AI. I guess they are going to slim Lauren down and mold her into a Carrie/Taylor Swift clone to rake in the tween big bucks. IF Scotty wins tonight it will be because the judges actually allowed all of the tween votes to go through unhindered as opposed to past seasons where phone lines were jammed for 3 of the 4 hours of voting on finale night, and text votes didn’t show up as “sent” until the following morning. Otherwise, the manipulations out in the open that Lauren Alaina had the title bagged from her audition and they could have just crowned her then and there. Haley brought big energy and presence to a stage that was duller than Randy Jackson’s sense of decency. Blatant bias shown to certain other contestants from the get go. When Randy outright belittled Haley during the top 4 line up, I knew my fascination with AI was COMPLETELY over. Simon Cowell was well known for making rude comments but usually he was correct in his assessment even if his delivery was obnoxious. Randy breached all the boundaries of tact and grace with his on-air humiliation of Haley. I’ve got NO RESPECT for the dawg. I wish there were a voting line to vote HIM off of AI. Bravo Haley for your “in your face” farewell performance. I thought she was going to melt JLo’s botox! I don’t care who the confetti falls on tonight. I will be busy doing something much more entertaining, like trimming my toenails and cleaning out my cat’s litter box. LOVE your Idoloonies Monsieur Slezak.

    • rachel says:

      i completely agree with you haley should have one
      and i know who the winner is because my principle knows a guy who works at american idol and he told us,but im not going to say because i dont want to ruin it

  2. Lindsey Bowser says:

    Hey, the poll doesn’t allow me to vote for David Cook…by far the best performance of the night! What gives!

    • HaleyFTW says:

      So very true!

    • Haley fan says:

      Totally agree. I boycotted the finale tonight (first time in 10 seasons) and turned it on to watch Glee just in time to see David Cook perform. Love him!

      • Darsy says:

        This is exactly what I did–at my in-laws’ with their Neilsen box, no less. STICK THAT IN YER CRAW AND CHOMP, NIGEL.

        • Jason S says:

          Awesome that you got a nielsen family to boycott. That will have an effect for sure!! WOohoo Haley for the win.

          • Lynn says:

            Another Nielsen family here who skipped the finale the for the first time.

          • Suncatcher says:

            Go Nielsen families!!!

            – I heard Haley will be performing her new song tonight that she produced with Jimmy Iovine. Will peak in for that!

            – Also heard Bono will be on tonight.

            Very curious what the ratings will look like for last night as so many people did not watch or vote for the first time in a long time! Tonight will probably have more viewers because of Haley and Bono and other “surprise” guest stars. Guess we’ll find out soon!

          • Jason McD says:

            I too checked out David Cook last night before Glee, so glad I did (he is my favorite winner from the past 4 years).
            I really hope Scotty wins tonight. I really wanted a girl this year, but after having Lauren forced down my throat and her not living up the expectation, I don’t want her to win. I had such high hopes for her…she has honestly been weak all season long.
            I’ll only be watching tonight to see all of the other contestants that I love…Haley, Casey, James, Pia, Stephano, Naima, Paul..
            I just can’t believe that Nigel had the b@lls to tell Michael that there is no manipulation going on to his freaking face. If last nights whole “Lauren may be too sick to sing/is dropping out” sham wasn’t manipulation, I don’t know what is. They let that “leak” totally on purpose.

      • Genie says:

        I only watched David Cook too, I knew this would be a snoozefest. You knew neither of these two would do anything interesting or must see. First time I haven’t watched the finale performance since Idol started. I will watch tomorrow to see what everyone else will be doing.

        Did catch a quite dreadful performance by Sara Evans on DWTS, how is she a star? All kinds of weak voiced and nasal and duuuullll. Idol wanted an all country finale because?????

    • stevenjaba says:

      awesome – so true

      • Amanda says:

        David Cook saved the entire sorry night, and anyone else feel so horrible it was like did we really need another reminder as to why these two finalist are not Idol material.

        Wonder how on earth they are gonna be next to all the others tomorrow night.

        my mom watched for the first time tonight, she looked at me and was like “seriously this is the best they got? god I miss Adam Lambert”

    • aizjanika says:

      I was thinking the same thing.

  3. Sam says:

    You know an Idol finale is going to be dull when they have to bring in Taio Cruz and David Cook to liven things up.

  4. ziamp says:

    Don’t care, didn’t bother to watch show and I am definitely not bothering to vote. Did catch the recap, and I agree, they are pushing Lauren down the audience’s throats. Yeah, shameless manipulation of both us and poor Haley, who (if the rumours are true) was used for this charade. Whatever. When does X Factor start?

  5. Karen says:

    I didn’t like either Lauren or Scotty. I liked that last guy that went. Where’s the number for him ;)

  6. the real wendy says:

    di not watch. rock on haley diamond.

  7. jason says:

    not voting. need a haley option.

  8. Joel says:

    Haley is strangely absent from the “Which finalist should take the Season 10 crown?” poll. You might want to fix that. :)

  9. Carolyn says:

    why can’t i vote for David Cook? Slezak, you’re not making any sense.

    his was the best performance of the night, so I should be able to pick his as my favorite, right?

    Joking aside, I thought Scotty’s first was his best, and his last song pissed me off. He wasn’t even trying. Lauren was mediocre through the night, but her last song had a lot more emotion, so I think that will pull voters. I thought Scotty was going to win it, hands down, but Lauren might pull through thanks to the drama with her voice and the pretty mama song. Though the over pimping from the judges could cut her off at the knees…

    Seriously though, recrown David Cook.

  10. Jenny says:

    I cannot believe they taunted us with the notion that Haley might be in the finals. What purpose did THAT serve? I will never buy/listen to any music from either of these kids, so I really don’t care which one of them wins.

    • Blair says:

      well, manipulation artists such as are TPTB were hoping their little PR trick would fool us into boosting their ratings by coaxing us to watch when we were committed to avoiding the show tonight. I, for one, didn’t nip at the bait.

    • Name That Tune says:

      ‘Cuz they wanted to trick you into watching. Don’t buy their KoolAid

    • Suncatcher says:

      They taunted us with the possibility that Haley would sing for Lauren last night – probably because they KNEW their viewers were going to take a nose dive without Haley fans and had to do SOMETHING. Nice try.

  11. Elsa says:

    Wow, a lot of Lauren pimpin’! Seriously, I don’t get it!!! This show is so biased, it’s ridiculous.

    Hope Scotty will take this one.

    And I have to say… I missed Haley tonight. A lot.

    • jaxguy says:

      This is my 2nd year not watching the final sing off. I had never missed one, but could no longer take the horrible voting of the American public. (And probable manipulation of the producers.) I did get a season pass on my Tivo so it’s sitting there, but I refuse to watch. If I had, had a choice, even if it wasn’t Haley, of something besides two middle of the road country kids, I would have watched. I’m a big boy and I don’t always expect to get my way, but the final two was just no choice for me. A Haley, or James or even Casey would have pushed one of these two, it was inevitable that one of the two would make the final, and maybe it would have been a real race, but for me it was a no brainer. I knew early on that if these two were the only choices I would not watch. Now after a promising start, and for me, I watched every episode but tonight’s, the possibility of becoming a fan again, this sorry, judge-less season has turned me off the show again. I’m looking forward to X Factor and how the Voice will fare after a very nice start. But with America’s voting record they may suck too.

      • AJ says:

        I agree with you 100%. voting has ruined this season. hope the other shows learn from Idol’s mistakes.

        • Suncatcher says:

          I believe Idol is the only show with NO voting rules – vote yer brains out kiddies, is the rule!

          However, when SLEZAK interviewed Nigel Lythgoe, I detected a crack in his resolve to not change the voting. I think Nigel may have learned – maybe too late – that the voting is what has really hurt Idol. Everybody, a great, big DUH for Uncle Nigel!

          PS – He also knows he now has competition from The Voice and X Factor coming up and is losing long time viewers. Again, in SLEZAK’s interview, Uncle Nigel said he “Was afraid of losing Idol’s core audience.” Buh-Bye!

  12. Akina says:

    Where’s the place for me to choose James! Thought the whole thing was boring but if I had to vote it would be for Lauren.

  13. B.Rich says:

    If Haley had replaced Lauren as rumored I’m sad to admit that would have ranked among the happiest moments of my life.

    • Terry says:

      How could they get our hopes up like that!
      Oh, hey, I guess it’s not just Haley they were cruel to this season, it’s her fans too.

  14. J says:

    Screw you, Nigel, and your fake “Haley might replace Lauren.” I’m voting for Scotty out of spite.

  15. JBanana says:

    didn’t watch, but Michael, do you think Nigel put the swaybots in just to get back at you?

    • marie says:

      Heaven help me, I wondered the same thing when I read the Swaybots were back.
      Didn’t know David Cook was going to appear tonight – my partner wanted to DVR Idol so just FFWDed to his number. Love me some Cookie but damn, what the hell was up with THAT: the verses were pitched WAY too low for him – I’m disappointed.

      • Jesse says:

        It was pitched low but I liked it. It reminded me of his earlier work, the Creep cover and some of his Axium songs. But wish the song allowed his voice to soar at some point.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Marie – been thinking about what you wrote. I don’t know if you heard the original version in the movie The Breakfast Club (and I’m sure you did, as you seem to know a lot about music and well-versed in pop culture) but the song really has a “haunting” feel to it, and I think the lower notes play to that “haunting” feeling. And Jesse’s right – it did remind me of some of Cook’s Axium songs.

        • funkycoldmedina says:

          David Cook could have merely stood still and read the back of a box of macaroni & cheese into the camera for 15 minutes and I would have been happy. :) Loves me some DC.

    • the real wendy says:

      I guess two can play the passive aggressive game… eh Mr. Slezak?

  16. Ryan says:

    Don’t you see the real conspiracy!? They’re pretending to pull for Lauren to make Scotty’s fans go even crazier so Scotty wins!

    • HaleyFTW says:

      I personally think they are pimping Lauren so the votes will be super duper close instead of one contestant running away with a wide majority. It’s more “dramatic” that way. *eye roll*

      • Name That Tune says:

        They told us back in Nashville they wanted Lauren A to win. Their most successful Idol winner is a blond white female country singer. Add in a little Jordin Sparks (lock in those tweens).
        She looked like the perfect choice. A Scotty win will upset that apple cart.

        • Lily says:

          This news article about reactions from country radio producers also suggests that they consider Lauren more marketable than Scotty.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Interesting – so many don’t consider Scotty marketable yet he gets a zillion votes? Somebody likes him.

          • Lily says:

            The radio producers say in the story that Scotty had better “come in the door with a hit song” to be considered. I didn’t watch last night but from what I’ve read, between the Lauren and Scotty singles performed last night, it’s sounding as though Scotty’s was a dud and Lauren’s was a possible hit. Wishing them both luck, but it’s interesting to also see Scotty fans realizing what the Idol throw-under-the-bus technique looks like as it’s now hitting their guy.

          • funkycoldmedina says:

            Lauren and Scotty are “safe” merchandise. No controversy, just good old down-home tasty corn bread and taters…bland and moldable, just like a good cash cow should be. Either one could take the win tonight and I don’t care either way. I hope XFactor kicks AI into the non recycle bin forever. Sick of being fed the mundane and being expected to embrace the mundane as the creme de la creme, and even more sick of the obvious manipulations. I am not one who takes delight in public humiliation contests.

  17. lethargic says:

    I wouldn’t be shocked at all to find out AI “leaked” this Lauren is sick news themselves trying to get some attention for this insanely boring finals. Hey, it worked. I turned it on. But as soon as they said Lauren was singing I turned it right back off. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    And I don’t think it matters one bit what they do for Lauren. Unless the fans of every other contestant vote for as a anti-Scotty vote, Scotty is going to win this thing in a landslide. Look at the voting results. Last week Lauren and Haley combined didn’t match Scotty. He’s light years in front, for some reason, and that’s another reason why this is such a boring finale. Scotty won this weeks ago. If he came out and farted into a kazoo he’d still get 30 million votes.

    • B.Rich says:

      Scotty won this from day 1, it was a walkover. Nobody but his good buddy Jesus knows why.

    • Liz says:

      ROTFL at the image of Scotty farting into a kazoo. As a 17-year-old boy, I suspect that he would find that hilarious as well.

  18. linda says:

    I think they know that undermining Scotty will assure his win-and they just want to make sure they made Lauren look good so it is not a landlside for Scotty- I think he will get 80% of the vote (seeInside trade index) and they will prove themselves wrong that it was “NO” contest- had haley been in it then she would have had a chance at beating scotty..what do they care if Lauren wins or loses – they have both under contract already.:)) love your blog

    • Templar says:

      How could haley have a chance to beat Scotty if she couldn’t even beat Lauren?

      • L says:

        Well she did beat Lauren for a week or two and it was very close last week and the thing is Scotty is soooo not the style many people like and yet Lauren is still country so she’s gonna lose some solid chunk of the country vote and yet the ABC crowd, while likely more into her, won’t be that roused up and it’s not like she’s had bring the house moments so…. while Haley wouldn’t do any country at all so she could have an easy nab a the entire ABC (Anything But Country) crowd not to mention I seriously just think she would’ve sang the crp out of him, circles and circles, and one on one there is think it really would’ve just leaped out, so she might have excited a lot of new people who only watch and vote for the finale, plus that finale would’ve had a lot more of the non-country loving crowd watching and I’m sure that finale would’ve been epic, Scotty brings in the whole country loving crowd and the deep voiced boy that makes them squealy and then Haley has had some big moments and generated some excitement and can appeal to bluesy pop, rock, jazz, etc. fans.
        That said it would’ve been an uphill battle especially with how played down she had been but I honestly think she could’ve made it closer than Lauren and who knows, who knows. But Scotty sure did seem to have a lock on everyone gaga over his deep voice and weird hamming it up for the camera (I know a number of people who hate country music and will almost surely never buy his record even if he wins who are voting for him all season long). But I don’t you never know. If not for the people voting Anything But Haley just because they fell into the shows character assassination trap she probably would have been there.

        • Yargh says:


          • L says:

            Because Lauren and Scotty split the country vote but he has twice as strong a pull on that base. Haley, on the other hand, could get the anything but country vote and the wow I am actually excited, moved, interested and am no longer sleeping vote. And Haley did beat Lauren once or twice in earlier weeks and it was very close last week.

  19. Brian says:

    Dialidol has Scotty by a huge margin over Lauren already…as expected. No matter what Nigel does to “sway” voters (pun intended), he will not be able to “sway” Scotty’s teenage and pre-teen vote. He deserves it over her anyway. I say he wins by 15 million votes easily.

  20. Abby says:

    I honestly can’t vote in any of those polls since all the performances ran together. Just one giant hodgepodge of country monotony. I couldn’t tell you what anyone sang past Scotty’s Gone. Slezak, I’m pretty sure evil uncle Nigel orchestrated those Swaybots just to show you who’s boss after your interview. Evil, pure unabashed evil.

  21. marie says:

    Um…none of the above?
    Didn’t watch. Don’t care. GLAD I didn’t watch because from the sound of it, I would have found absolutely zero to enjoy in what sounds like a solid hour of fawning over Little Lauren. Give me a break.
    Sorry, Slezak, can’t help you out on the Scotty win: DO. NOT. CARE.

    • B.Rich says:

      Both are offensively poor performers and singers. Singing on one vocal cord did nothing to change that for Wittle Lauwen.

      • Ludea says:

        Hope wittle Lauren didn’t mean little Lauren, cuz Lauren isn’t little and actually she’s really fat for a 16 year old.

        • Kim says:

          This is rude and uncalled for. If you would like to comment on Lauren’s singing, then do so, but commenting on her weight (and an inaccurate comment at that) is just mean and childish. She is a kid! And to – the wittle wauren thing is getting old. It wasn’t that funny the first time Slezak used it, and it just gets more annoying every time a poster refers to it. I’m not even a Lauren fan, but the bashers on here are ridiculous.

        • Soreeyes says:

          That fact that Lauren is 16/17 is exactly why we should bash her weight…she isn’t even grown yet….better stay away from dunkin donuts….that chubby slob

  22. Scott L. says:

    Shoving all the Haley business to one side, there were plenty of shenanigans tonight. No individual judging after songs? distracting other performances? Implied comparisons of Lauren to Carey and Scotty to David? INDIVIDUAL CORONATION SONGS?

    This didn’t feel like a competition between the two, more like they were both on their victory lap. And I think they will do anything to avoid Lauren crying on air as her final image coming in second.

    I’m really going out on a limb here, but I think tomorrow they’re going to pull a “shocker” and announce a TIE. BOTH will win, BOTH songs will be released. They will say the voting was either “too close to call,” or Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe will come out with a special message, saying something like “for the first time, We have two incredible competitors at the top” and more or less throw the votes out.

    I know, it’s crazy, unthinkable, but did you watch the show? Did you really feel like they were “competing?”

    • B.Rich says:

      No way they Hunger Games this nonsense

      • amanda says:

        Hunger games reference is awesome.
        and I agree AI will not do that they don’t have that level of creativity.

      • Gilby says:

        Did you really just spoil that book/upcoming movie series on an AI discussion board?

        Sucks for those of us who decided not to read it til after the movie comes out…

        • Don't read it says:

          Warning: Do not read it unless you are in the Scotty or Lauren voting demographic

        • James Durbs says:

          Yes – Hunger Games ends with two Medicore country singers “performing” in a lackluster battle for the vote of the American public! But then in a shocking (!!) twist all of America loses because no matter what the outcome – Uncle Nigel Wins. This is our Dystopian Idol future.

          • Amanda says:

            Do not joke about such things, you know the whole premise of that depressing book was based on reality T.V.

            I do not like the future Idol paints for me. apparently to be a good female role model now-a-days is to suppress your sexuality and have no self confidence what so ever, oh and don’t you dare think outside your box Missy!! sad day when the average teenage girl relates to Lauren Alaina, who could use all the help in the world when it comes to self-confidence and public speaking.

          • Tonya says:

            @James – you are so right about the future of idol!
            @Amanda – But can’t you just see Nigel as President Snow!???

          • Larry says:

            @Amanda – A sad day indeed. It is sad when a girl can’t defend herself from a steam-rolling or even so much as to dare to stand up for how Michael Jackson wrote his own song! without the show quickly going to the uppity spoiled b of a diva (who is ‘too sexy’ to deserve to be an American idol as I saw in one post) and yet everyone who actually knows her says awfully sweet things about her, a shame. And funny her former music director never had an issue working with her.

            (But don’t be entirely forlorn, since I know many a guy who appreciated her attitude and thought she rocked, including myself.
            Not everyone yet is so hypocritically judgmental and/or uptight and/or put you in your place.)

          • Larry says:

            That said, I am pretty much forlorn about the future of Idol itself. I think by trying so hard to save it they may have slain it or least put it down the road to total irrelevance and utter lack of credibility. So desperate perhaps were they to have THE YOUNGEST, A NEW CARRIE, AN UNBLEMISHED STAR ABOVE CRITIQUE to fend off competitors that they end up tossing to the side the only one left with any spunk, wit, fire, complex artistry, bring down the house excitement level and ‘it’ factor, their true could’ve been star, while their chosen one never really did develop as I’m sure they had hoped and expected while Scotty just kind of stayed the same from day one (although flipping through channels earlier I thought I actually heard Randy praising him tonight for his amazing growth and change over the season but maybe I just ate a bad mushroom or something haha).
            I don’t really know though. Who knows what they were and are thinking.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      It felt like they were crowning Lauren as the winner but I hope I’m wrong.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      Regardless of what happens tonight, these two have already seen their recordings put in the hands of radio DJs….when you wake up this morning both songs will be on heavy rotation at the country stations….so whatever people are writing, it’s water over the dam….the challenge for IDOL was to find a “star” recording artist, and they found them in Scotty and Lauren….regardless of if it was country. Idol wants a #1 record and UMG wants lots of record sales, so don’t think for one minute that Jimmy Iovine didn’t have a hand in who wins, who gets signed, who’s record gets pushed to the radio stations.

  23. HaleyFTW says:

    Can I vote for David Cook’s performance please? He was the only interesting part of the night and his mic wasn’t even turned up!

  24. darcy's evil twin says:

    The good, the bad, and the ugly…

    the good – David freakin’ Cook! YEAH! Thank goodness I watched. For those of you that said “I won’t watch”, I hope you DVDed or catch it on You Tube or Hulu. Just when I was telling my husband, “Worse show EVER”, David Cook saves the day.

    the bad- the fake drama about Lauren’s voice and the judges fawning all over her. Dear Lord, at least Scotty is a competent vocalist! Could they be more obvious???????? And wow – a blown vocal chord from someone that doesn’t support their notes. Gee, who saw THAT coming?

    the ugly – Lauren slaughtered one of my favorite country songs, “Maybe it was Memphis”, with her crappy-*** phrasing.
    Thank goodness I made margaritas.

    • ladyhelix says:

      Was anything other than David Cook worth watching?

      I was happily weeding my garden – and there’s no way I’m going to vote for either of the teacher’s pets.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Well, let me think about it, ladyhelix…uh, no.
        The judges were more annoying than usual.
        Lauren upped her game in the fashion department – the black outfit she was wearing for her first song was nice, but then it went downhill.

        Scotty’s performance of “Gone” was fairly good, but you’ve already heard it if you’ve been watching regularly. It got the most votes in Slezak’s poll above for best performance, but Lord almighty, who are all the crazies that voted for that awful original song Lauren sang, “Like My Mother Does”? I liked Scotty’s better but clearly I am in the minority.

      • Suncatcher says:

        I was drinking margaritas in my garden.

  25. maureen says:

    Lauren should lose for her fashion sense alone!!!

    • agrimesy says:

      I don’t know. I’m torn. Which is more offensive? Circus tutu or plaid flannel? Hmmmmm . . . gotta think about it.
      Daydreaming about Adam Lambert’s pearl gray suit with teal blue tie singing “A Change is Gonna Come.” Ahhhhh . . . happy place.

    • maureen says:

      And they brought back the swaybots!! I think Nigel did that just to piss you off Slezak.

  26. JRM says:

    What a horrible finale. :(

  27. Christina says:

    Lauren probably had the better show, but there is no way Scotty doesn’t win this thing. It’s been written in stone since the top 13 started!

  28. Deb says:

    TMZ reports Lauren’s vocal problems 30 minutes before airtime… I worked in the business and taught media for several years and I know media manipulation when I smell it. This was a season 8 Megan Joy top 11 rehash. It saved her, so why not use it to Lauren’s benefit. Say what you want, but they’ve been pushing the girl to the end even in the weeks when she easily could have been sunk by her performances.
    If that wasn’t enough manipulation, then we got the “Momma song” to activate all the mom lovers.
    So, will the viewers/voters go with the producers?
    Not voting because I don’t care for either of them. Let the dialing and texting begin.

  29. Dani C says:

    So i watched until they brought out the doctor to give Wittle Wauren a pass for the evening. Then i said to myself, “Self,i have better things to do with my time…i’ve been meaning to rearrange my sock drawer.” Needless to say,i’m hoping Scotty pulls it out. Neither of them does it for me,but at least i don’t want to punch Scotty in the face. Wish it were Haley and James! Can’t wait for they’re performances tomorrow night!!

  30. Yo says:

    The judges seemed so scripted tonight they weren’t even going to make an effort to look sincere. When I first heard the name of Scotty’s song, I had the nasty feeling he was going to be advised to throw his arms open on the words “this big.” And he did; so he looked like a two year old describing his desired ice cream size. The song was simple, but so was the show. Lauren did a little better with her song. All in all, schmalzy and a waste of time. Both contestants seemed to have vocal trouble and the band overwhelmed them. Yup, Scotty is winning; that Lauren stuff from the judges was to drum up votes (and good luck with that).

  31. DB says:

    Your poll should say best performance neither, who won neither…worst Final 2 ever, every song sounded the same and the way they pimped Lauren Alana, give me a break..and why did they have guest artists, let me guess, to wake up everyone watching the show. horrible, I don’t care who wins Nigel!

  32. Anne TM says:

    I too am a conspiracy theorist. I will first say I am a country music fan and I like both contestants and tonight was a close race.

    But I can hear the evil machinations in the background —“Last year we hyped Crystal and Lee won — we really want Scotty to win because he will sell millions of records — so let’s hype Lauren — that way we can trick people into voting for Scotty!”

    Brillant Nigel just brillant.

  33. Lily says:


  34. NedPepper says:

    So, I didn’t watch. But I had a moment of panic when I went online and saw a report that Haley might have replaced Lauren because of some vocal problem…then I got to the end of the article where it was updated that wouldn’t be happening. For a moment…I was estatic and then went back to not caring.

    What did David Cook sing? The exit song?

    • Mingyao says:

      He sang his version of the exit song of the contestants this year “Don’t You Forget About Me”

      • deltadawn says:

        The exit song is called Don’t You Forget About Me?
        Hahahahaha! Biggest laugh of the day!!

        • Larry says:

          Yeah, all the ones who get booted off the show get sent to detention and then at the end of detention as they walk out they play it.

  35. Jane says:

    It’s impossible to answer any of these poll questions. These are two of the worst contestants in Idol history and without doubt the worst all-time finalists.

    • CAT says:

      NO ONE is worse as a finalist than Lee DeWyze. Is he going to perform tonight or is he so bad that he’s not invited?

      • Yo says:

        I think Taylor Hicks would take offense to that. It’s the only Idol record he holds – THE WORST – don’t take that away from him.

  36. jen says:

    What a snoozefest! But on the bright side I am suddenly aware how much I love David Cook! Brings back fond memories of season 7, the first season I ever voted like a mad woman! Then over the years I guess I moved on. But my interest has been renewed! That was awesome, David! Made it worth the hour I wasted watching the show!

  37. AmericanIdolit says:

    Just a few questions:

    Have we ever seen in an Idol season anyone get the “I’m sick” sympathy treatment like Wittle Wauren? Earlier this season with her surgical mask “Coke-chat,” and now a “doctor” comes on the f*#$ing stage?!? (with all these air quotes, I feel like Randy; only I know what they mean)

    Why did the fan-written song for Taio Cruz have to be performed with Auto-Tune on the finale of a singing competition?!?

    Did anybody else notice during Scotty’s final song the “Nuts of Wonder” clip on the screen behind him?

    Why in the world did Seacrest escort Lauren down the stairs DURING her performance?!? Have we EVER seen Seacrest get involved in the choreography of any Idol contestant ever? Exactly…

    Why, after Lauren’s last performance, did Randy compare her to Mariah Carey?!? Lauren has no breath support and can’t hit and hold the high notes like Mimi.

    Why did Steven Tyler say when judging who won the last round “Lauren, I’m sorry honey. Scotty, Lauren gets it hands down.” ??? WTF?!? Slip anybody?


    • Mingyao says:

      I was tuning out most of the episode, after I guessed that Lauren was going to sing Flat on the Floor as her 1st song I just chose not to pay attention.

      I got confused with Steven’s comments with that last round, was it Lauren or Scotty? LOL

      But tonight has AI production/Uncle Nigel manipulation written all over it.

  38. Amy says:

    I didn’t watch but still it makes me mad that Lauren is getting the producers edit. I hope Scotty wins just so Uncle Nigel doesn’t totally win. Can’t wait to see Haley tomorrow night!

  39. Wendy says:

    I’m on the left coast. Can anyone tell me when David Cook will come on so I don’t have to watch the whole thing? Please, for the love of God, don’t make me watch it all!

  40. GSOgymrat says:

    American Idol chose the most cloying, pandering song for Lauren to sing- “Like My Mother Does”. Complete genius! It DEFIES you not to love Lauren. That said, I choose Scotty, even though I don’t care enough to vote. Scotty was my second favorite earlier in the season after Pia and before Haley sang “Bennie and the Jets”.

    • wow says:

      As a last second replacement, Haley would’ve had her own three picks. Could you imagine HOTRS, Bennie and the Jets and I Who Have Nothing going against Scotty stuck with those songs??
      Great White Sharks may have leapt the 15 miles inland for that bloodbath.

  41. gracie says:

    I’m voting for Adam.

  42. mccliza says:

    I was almost gonna go over to the Lauren side, even though I HATE this genre and wasn’t even gonna watch, but then I saw her mother again, AND SHE WAS CHEWING GUM! Oh. My. Gosh. Why did I switch this on my TIVO for a quick watch-through? I miss Idol.

  43. Jan says:

    I thought Lauren was phenomenal. For her fashion sense that will change when she wins.

    • CJ says:

      Wow. Almost to the bottom of the page before I get to a positive post. Thank you Jan! BTW – I thought she was good too, I thought they both did well tonight.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      Lauren’s “Mother” song is very radio-friendly and I predict it will be a #1 country hit.

  44. Vicki says:

    A country fan here and what I predict:
    First, Lauren was perfect, in tune, terrific. Scotty was “countryfied” with scoops that bordered out of tune many times especially on “Check Yes or No”. This was the most Vanilla boring Idol final I have ever seen. I wanted to grab my phone when David Cook came on at the end as I perked up and then sighed.

    Predictions: Either one will make it in Country at the beginning but who will last? Lauren will eventually fall in the column of Martina and Carrie, great voices but have a hard time finding the right song.
    Scotty will have to find a way to stay in tune throughout an entire song..but then again, the Taylor early years of singing sent me screaming out of the room in pain. Can anyone beat Taylor now? Her songwriting ability is amazing and she always finds that musical hook but still she doesn’t have the best voice, but who cares when you just want to hear the song. It will depend with Scotty and Lauren who has the best songwriting ability in them to maintain a future in Country.

  45. OMG it's a TV Show. says:

    Please. Just get over it. You guys act like children.

    • Lucas says:

      Opinions are like a dick. You may brag it to everyone else, but never shove it on peoples throats.
      I agree. Just stop it.

      • (!) says:

        Is this not a place to put your opinions? So isn’t this more like a hazing then?

        Considering most of the people on here share the same opinion, nobody is acting like a kid really – almost every post was mature and not even saying much except that “it was boring.” Which I agree, it was extremely boring. Good singers, but not particularly interesting singers. Their final performances made me want to gag, and lol’d at the swaying hands for an unreleased song within the first 10 seconds

    • Tom K says:

      As long as one takes it all with a grain of salt, it is fine – bottom line is that we are all crazy because we fall for the same thing every year. Someone everyone loves (except for the voters) gets eliminated and everyone screams foul (Pia); someone everyone doesn’t like as much keeps advancing every week, causing more screams of “Get that person off of the show!” (Jacob, mostly) Add in a Daughtry moment, an underdog who gets very close to the end, and two finalists that people will be polarized about for one reason or another. This is exactly what the producers want. They love the fact that there are 1,000 blogs about the show that allow fans to comment on…it drives the passion. They love that Haley gained sort of a cult following as the season went on – again, passion.
      Who knows what will happen in the future, but the odds say that if we are lucky, a few of these contestants will put out a gold record at some point. (So far, 16 certified albums from 9 seasons of contestants)
      For the contestants, it is not about who loves them now – it’s whether they can get people to still love them MONTHS from now….because we all know people just move on to the next thing to get passionate about :)

  46. LisaM says:

    For the first time ever in my Idol history – didn’t watch, didn’t vote, don’t care!

  47. ahhhhhh says:

    News from earlier (that did not come to pass): “We’re told Haley just finished rehearsing, and if she does compete tonight she’ll sing 3 songs ** “House of the Rising Sun,” “I Who Have Nothing” and “Bennie and the Jets.” ”

    Can you imagine a finale of HOTRS, I Who Have Nothing and Bennie and the Jets! OMG! The place would’ve rocked! That would’ve such an insanely EPIC finale holy smokes! My God.

    As it was I didn’t watch.

    • j says:

      You are so right — Haley would win with that set hands down. I didn’t watch all of it but found this finale and this pair extremely boring.

      Scotty has better consistency but I find him uninteresting. Lauren more fun for me to imagine as a country star a la Carrie Underwood, but her voice is so uneven (even when vocal chords are healed) that I don’t think she should win but should practice and grow up a little and become a big star in 3 or 4 years. Neither seems like a “musician” to me — both are singers.

      Haley was most interesting, mature and musical of the three.

    • Tom K says:

      I am a Haley fan, but I wouldn’t have really looked forward to that…wouldn’t be her fault, as she didn’t have time to rehearse anything new. But we already saw two different versions of “Benny and the Jets” from her this season – and how could she top her performances of the other two songs?

      Personally, I think it would have done her a disservice – people may have been more apt to say “Been there, done that – anything new?” Again, wouldn’t have been her fault – but rehashing three songs that everyone can download on itunes or watch on youtube wouldn’t have been too compelling for me either :)

      • Tusk says:

        Agreed, Bring on the new song tomorrow!!!

      • ahhhhhhhhhh says:

        true, Bennie again would be a bit soon (or would it? is that possible :) )but still I read Scotty got stuck with incredibly awful dregs so against that…. she might’ve really looked insanely amazing even a touch rushed and unrehearsed.
        Of course it would’ve been frantic preparation and I’m sure a lot of people who might have voted for her wouldn’t have watched not knowing she had replaced Lauren. Still….

        And for top two they always have to re-hash one of their top performances anyway.
        So she does that plus skips some potential whatever and some weird pick for all you know.

  48. debi says:

    Scotty has taken the number one spot every week on dial idol and he has never been in the bottom three. As I write this, Scotty is way ahead again tonight. It isn’t even close. Scotty will win. The season has been way too predictable. Scotty was going to be a big country star even if he didn’t win. I honestly wish Lauren and Scotty would be a duet. They sound amazing together.

  49. Danielle Notaro says:

    Who the f cares who wins this season

    • Wendeeloo says:

      Didn’t watch but from these comments it’s clear what the producers did. They know from week to week what the voting numbers are – that Scotty’s numbers are way ahead of Laurens. If we can believe Nigel when he said Haley had ‘over’ 25 million last week – then Lauren likely had around 30 million – Scotty more like 40 million. Knowing they lose most of the Haley voters they needed to create some drama as well as over praise Lauren – all to get Scotty’s voters to worry that he is in trouble so the final voting numbers are huge {as Trump would say} And you say a Dr. was brought up on stage?! How Tacky. Talk about a show that has jumped the shark.

      • me says:

        They were fools if they actually thought Lauren would get Haley’s votes and had a chance to win. The country vote was split! Scotty had a stronger base there. Lauren had zero chance.
        James and Haley would’ve had a tough time but at least had a prayer since they offered something utterly different.
        By sticking to push Lauren over Haley they doomed themselves to a boring finale, locked out the clear rising star, the one actually knocking it out week after week and didn’t get their Lauren to win anyway!

  50. Gilby says:

    Count me as on of the (hopefully) many who refused to watch tonight. I hope their ratings are down, really, because this came down to the least compelling finale possible. This season started out exciting because I really felt that the judges (for once) were picking good singers and that this was the most talented Top 24 (as a whole) that we’ve had in a long time! Unfortunately, a lot of the major talent didn’t even make the Top 13 as wildcards (Kendra Chantelle, for example) while we were somehow stuck with Stefano, Karen, Naima, Ashton, and Thia! And it was downhill from there…

    Casey, Haley, James, Pia, and Scotty deserved to be the Top 5 out of the bunch and any one of those four could have been with Scotty in the finale, BUT I did say after his initial audition that he was a lock to win. Kid’s voice is Country radio-ready, you can’t deny it; I just wish he were given some competition so we could pretend it’d be close…

    PS: Who the hell am I missing from the Top 13? Lauren, Jacob, and…?? (That says something by itself, lol)