The TVLine-Up: TV Worth Watching This Week

Coming to your screen this week: Another 14 finales, including a House favorite’s farewell episode, the crowning of both a new Dancing champ and an American Idol, and a royal sendoff for the Queen of Daytime TV. As but a supplement to the awesome features and original reporting TVLine has coming your way, here are 27 shows to keep on your radar.

8/7c House (Fox)
| “A situation prompts House to do something very unexpected that could change his relationship with Cuddy and Wilson permanently.” Could the “something” have to do with this video of (what appears to be) House crashing his car into Cuddy’s home? Regardless, this season finale represents the swan song for Lisa Edelstein, whom Ausiello and I will greatly miss chatting up on the Fox red carpets.
9 pm The Bachelorette (ABC) | Season premiere: Having gotten the hook from Bachelor Brad, dental student Ashley Hebert now gets her pick of 25 guys — most of whom will hopefully boast impeccable flossing habits.
9 pm The Event (NBC) | Finale: The portal begins to open, offering passage between Earth and anywhere but a place on NBC’s fall schedule.
9 pm The Chicago Code (Fox) | Teresa and Jarek play all their cards in their case against Gibbons — and just in the nick of time, being the series finale and all.
9 pm Make It Or Break It (ABC Family) | Two-hour finale: Disharmony within the team intensifies as they head to Rio de Janiero for the World Championship.
9 pm Too Big To Fail (HBO) | Starring William Hurt, Paul Giamatti and Cynthia Nixon, and based on the best-seller by Andrew Ross Sorkin, this original movie takes a look at the 2008 Wall Street crisis.

8 pm The Biggest Loser: Couples (NBC) | Someone is walking away with a $250,000 prize. That buys a lot of grilled chicken.
9 pm Glee (Fox) | The kids head to New York City for Nationals, galvanizing the local paparazzi industry and creating the occasional pedestrian traffic jam.
9 pm Dancing With the Stars (ABC) | The final three couples are whittled down to one mirrored ball-winning pair. Also, the Black Eyes Peas perform, because… well, just because.

Exclusive: Nigel Lythgoe Discusses Idol‘s Haley Bashing, Twitter Rants, and SYTYCD Changes

The Oprah Winfrey Show (syndicated)
| Check your local listings and get the boss’ OK for a “personal day,” because you won’t want to miss the Queen of Daytime concluding her 25-year reign.
8 pm The Middle (ABC) | Season 2 and the school year winds down with Brick playing catch-up on a daily journal he was supposed to be keeping; Doris Roberts returns as Ms. Rinsky.
8 pm American Idol (Fox) | Your new American Idol is revealed; Michael Slezak catches up on four months of sleep.
9 pm Criminal Minds (CBS) | To mourn the Wonder Woman reboot that now will never be, revisit this episode guest-starring Adrianne Palicki as a natural born killer.
9 pm Modern Family (ABC) | Season finale: The occasion of Jay’s birthday finds Claire and Mitchell breaking into their childhood home, Phil using Gloria to gut-punch an old rival, and Cam coaching Manny through a date. The final scene sets up a nice twist for Season 3.
9:30 pm Cougar Town (ABC) | This season-ender is an hour long, it was shot in Hawaii, it features one of the TV season’s best top-secret cameos, and… oh, just watch!
10 pm Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior (CBS) | Just watch?
10:30 pm Happy Endings (ABC) | The Season 1 finale finds the gang heading to a wedding, where onetime runaway bride Alex frets that she is now seen as a jinx.

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8 pm So You Think You Can Dance (Fox)
| Do I think I can dance? No way. Just ask Hilarie Burton.
9 pm Young Hollywood Awards (ION) | Watch stars from Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars and Friday Night Lights win big at this annual event honoring emerging talent from TV, music, film and sports.
10:30 pm Secret Diary of a Call Girl (Showtime) | Season finale: Will a blast from the past keep Belle from hanging up her theoretical hat?

8 pm Friday Night Lights (NBC)
|  The Lions are collectively embarrassed when a website spills a secret about the players — and it’s not even couched in one of them “asterisk quiz” things.
11 pm Inside Man (USA) | As we head toward summer, I reserve the right to reco the occasional movie that I personally like. And this one even received an homage of sorts in last week’s Criminal Minds finale.

6:30 pm Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (Syfy)
| Transparent aluminum, Scotty? Really?

8 am Firefly marathon (Science)
| Spend a chunk of the long holiday weekend with this complete revisiting of the short-lived Joss Whedon series, kicking off with the big-screen follow-up Serenity.
9 pm Game of Thrones (HBO) | Though preoccupied by Benjen’s disappearance, Jon takes his vows at Castle Black; Drogo is enraged by a threat to Daenerys.
10 pm Treme (HBO) | Antoine names a deputy; Janette gets wind of Jacques’ troubles.
10 pm The Killing (AMC) | The police’s second thoughts on their prime suspect could have a big impact on Richmond’s campaign; Stan does something that could land him behind bars; it rains.

Which of the above is must-see TV for you? And by all means, hit the comments to politely share tune-in recommendations of your own.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Ok, I just have to say it … “TV Worth watching this wee” made me giggle.

    And since Castle is over for the season, the only show I have left to watch is Glee. I guess.

  2. Britt says:

    Fox switched Glee to 9pm in favor of American Idol… just letting you know :)

  3. Kimberly says:

    Glee is actually on Tuesday at 9pm this week bc American Idol airs at 8 pm. Also the HBO movie is called Too Big To FAIL not Fall :)

  4. bronzia says:

    What about the Make It Or Break It 2 hour season finale? You must’ve missed it cause there is no way this isn’t TV worth watching

  5. Ariella says:

    TPTB at House and the people at Fox Broadcasting & NBC Universal have yet to comment on or confirm LE’s departure. Viewers, don’t lose hope! Mention Lisa Edelstein on twitter to start her trending and tweet #WeSupportLisaE

    And this is NOT spam, it is relevant to said actress’ alleged “swan song” and tonight’s finale. Nor is it self promotion, this is about keeping a beloved actress on a beloved show! Don’t let Lisa Edelstein leave House!!

    • Liz says:

      Lose hope? Talk for yourself. It’s the best that can happen to the show imho! Huddy is over, Cuddy is not needed anymore. And seriously, they’ve ruined her character so much, I can’t stand watching her anymore. I’m looking forward to a Cuddy-free season 8, very much actually!

    • Sam says:

      Where you as enthusiastic when Jennifer Morrison was forced to go? At least it was Lisa Edelstein’s choice. Good luck for her, but I won’t miss Cuddy.

      • Ariella says:

        I WISH twitter and other social media had been at the forefront When JMo was phased out–then it would’ve been easier to fight to get her back. I STILL miss Cam and even wish they’d have her back for a cameo in season 8 to bring things full circle. But that has nothing to do with Lisa Edelstein.
        And everything isn’t cut and dry. Lisa Edelstein said she would be on the show as long as they would have her, she said she was looking forward to season 8, she said she was disappointed to leave. Obviously she can’t publicly complain, but something shady is going on BTS.
        Why haven’t any execs issued their own statements? Why don’t they speak up? Does it have anything to do with why LE told French TV guide that she might have to worry about her job? Since she did an abortion PSA for A PSA which Fox warned her about. Now, coincidentally enough, the finale (her finale) is entitled “Moving On.” People need to come clean.

    • lol says:

      When the hams started the wesupportjen campaign the huddies mocked them and now look what they’re doing, hahahaha. Morons

  6. Adriaan says:

    Hee @ it rains on The Killing. That’d be change! What an awesome episode though yesterday :).

    • mlw says:

      Does Linda every change out of her brown sweater. I hate that sweater. :)-

    • sherimoonzombie says:

      And didn’t Stan already do ‘something that could land him behind bars’ this past Sunday?? Or is he going to top that brutal beating with some new crime this week?

  7. Jake says:

    Network TV sucks…they keep crap shows like the idiotic “Cougar Town” and cancel great shows like the “Chicago Code”. Looking forward to the “House” finale and Glee.

  8. Amanda says:

    I thought American Idol aired on Weds and Thurs this year so why the sudden change back to the old schedule. The finale of Glee should air in the timeslot it has aired in all seaason. Now we have to worry about Idol running over into Glee’s time.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      It is because Wednesday is the final day of May Sweeps, so Fox wanted to get the IDOL results show in.

  9. Sara says:

    Matt, Ausiello was always great with LE and they got along great. OTOH, you seemed to enjoy taking shots at her character and I hope she never interviews with you.

  10. Sally says:

    Looking forward to House’s finale! Most of the seaon was ruined for me due to Huddy (the first part of the season, the break-up was the best thing to happen), so I can’t wait for the new season without any sort of Huddy!

  11. Bobbi says:

    We should watch the results show of DWTS tomorrow but not the last competition show tonight? Why would I care about the results if I didn’t care about the competition? Odd choice.

    • GS says:

      Because Hines could come out and sit on the floor and he’s still gonna win. He’s not danced much all season. Just been a prop for Kym to dance around but the judges and his football fans have overpraised the crap out of him. If he doesn’t win, I’ll be totally shocked. Won’t be happy about it but he’ll win. So you really don’t have to watch the show tonight.

  12. CMJ says:

    The idol final is NOT worth watching.

  13. alex says:

    No mention of American Idol? Maybe indication that TV line hates the finale as much as I do.

    • Chris says:

      AI is slowly going downhill…I mean seriously J-Lo as a judge…the women can’t sing let alone judge a talent show. Don’t you have to have some talent? Guess not in her case. I guess all it takes is a big a$$ and a good b**b job.

  14. D says:

    I can’t wait for the Finchel make out session on the stage pf Nationals!

  15. Brad says:

    Still don’t get the idiocy of cancelling the Chicago Code but I find it interesting that FOX is still calling it the SEASON finale and not series!!!

  16. Max says:

    Bye bye Cuddy, I won’t miss you! The huddy crap ruined the show and now I’m so happy to see her gone and I can’t wait for season 8 :)

    And bye bye to the huddytards too!

  17. Drdiagnostic says:

    I can deal without there being any “Huddy.” However, I cannot deal with the fact that House is losing such a talented, diverse actress. Lisa Edelstein has been on House since the show’s inception and has played an intregal part to House’s story, shipping aside. She created the department for him, was there during his infarction and has been shown to be the only one that can handle House. While some might view Lisa’s departure as a new door of opportunity, I see as disgraceful. She was a strong lead actress on the show and received critical acclaim for many of her performances. Now, it’s down to one female(Talk about being testosterone ladden.)who doesn’t appeal to me at all. Lisa has always been a cheerleader for the show both in the states and internationally and held in highest regard by her peers. I don’t no the circumstances of her departure. All I know is that this debacle is highly unfortunate. It also says something too when long-time writer Larry Kaplow heads for the exit as well. House just isn’t the same anymore and, in my opnion, won’t be the same without Lisa Edelstein. This has to be the most anti-climactic finale for me in the show’s history. Who cares what happens? Lisa won’t be coming back.

  18. Olivia says:

    There’s a lot of people who will miss Lisa Edelstein! :(

    Please Lisa, don’t leave [H]ouse!! House needs Cuddy!!

  19. Jen says:

    I feel about House the same way I felt about The Office…the SERIES finale should have aired this spring. I was not a Huddy fan, I think the show ran itself into the ground this year, but at the same time I’m not sure what they can pull together for their final season with only one female “lead” (and I use that term loosely for OW, who will probably be around for a couple of episodes before going off to shoot some more movies). Even if they wanted to bring back Jennifer Morrison, she’s off doing bigger and better things. The show is overstaying its welcome.

  20. H.Caulfield says:

    Isn’t Secret Diary of a Call Girl the SERIES finale? It will be missed.

  21. ph says:

    Id love to see JMo back on House, havent really watched it since she was fired, could never understand that descision, program sure gone down the hill, never thought it would get less than ten million viewers .!!And now LE is gone as well hmmm mistake after mistake.

  22. Ryan says:

    Cougartown cameo? Has to be Danny Pudi.

  23. Carol says:

    The departure of Lisa Edelstein is a disaster for “House.” The complicated relationship between House and Cuddy — professional, friendly, lustful, familial, romantic, collegial, funny — was built into the DNA of the show from the first season. I am not interested in even thinking about how to concoct limp storylines that don’t involve House interacting with his friend and once-and-future love Lisa Cuddy.

    I interpret the booming silence from the “House” honchos on the subject of LE’s supposed departure as a very good sign: behind the scenes I believe negotiations are on-going and the fluid situation may well not resolve itself for many more days. I think that David Shore and company know how much the absence of Cuddy would hurt the show and they are working every angle to get Lisa back for next season.

    I hope and pray things work out and Lisa is signed up for the eighth season of “House.”

    • OhMy says:

      This post is so stupidly pompous that there’s no need to mock it! Well, at least I had a good laugh, thanks for that ;)

  24. Scott says:

    I bet this coming fall season will be the last for House.

    • Nikki says:

      Hugh Laurie already announced that S8 could be the last.

      While I have never been a shipper at all, I feel devastated for Lisa Edelstein leaving. She’s one gracious and lovely lady with a lot of enthusiasm for the show. I totally agree with what Drdiagnostic said in an earlier post. Olivia Wilde is not as popular with the fans as Edelstein is, neither is she convincing in a medical drama (but may very well be the perfect actress to play a robot in a Sc-Fi flick), so if she’s going to be there all season, as well as the Taub character, then they better call it a day. It doesn’t help to cut the rest of the senior cast and giving them less screen time. What is it with Jesse Spencer? Is he signed? If they degrade him and House as Thirteen’s caretakers, then S8 will be even less fun than S7. Sorry to say this but the extensive and annoying hype of one up-coming hot movie star is not going to increase the ratings nor the quality of a once inventive, original and impressing TV show.

  25. nitemar says:

    Those who wished Lisa from House wont be returning, the joke will be on you! Just keep’d be very syrprised! :)

    • Key says:

      Lol, I’ve heard abot the red thong campaign, even her fans associate LE/Cuddy with her sexuality. I bet she’ll be flattered to be associated with a thong for her role on House, lmao

  26. Amber says:

    Haha, “it rains.” That sounds about right. That morsel of humor almost made me feel better about what was nearly the darkest ending I’ve ever seen in a TV show (next to Dexter’s season 3 finale). That was a horrible beating, and I’m guessing not even one bit deserved. So is Bennett dead now? Ugh, that beating was just sickening. Vigilante justice is never the solution to ridding of you of your grief (See Tom Wilkinson in the movie In the Bedroom for example).

  27. lolo says:

    Firefly marathon? yes please! I need my Nathan Fillion and castle’s off till the new season in spetember ! :p