House Season Finale: Discuss It Here!

[Warning: If you have yet to watch Monday’s season finale of House, run — don’t walk — to the nearest exit. Everyone else, onward and downward….]

Well, it won’t be hard to figure out how House will explain Lisa Edelstein’s absence next season.

Monday’s Season 7 finale ended with a psychotically jealous House driving his car head first into Cuddy’s abode while she was hosting a dinner party with a potential new suitor.

Translation: House nearly killed Cuddy!

House immediately fled the scene, leaving a horrified Cuddy — not to mention a slightly injured Wilson — to survey the damage. While being grilled by investigators, Cuddy made it painfully clear that she would be pressing charges. “If Greg House steps foot in my hospital again, comes anywhere near me, I want him thrown in jail,” she demanded.

The episode ended with a shot of fugitive House taking a stroll on some beach (presumably) on the other side of the globe.

Still reeling from the shocking climax? Filled with burning questions? You’re in luck, ’cause I’ll be speaking with series creator David Shore tomorrow morning for a quicky post mortem. In the meantime, hit the comments section with your snappy judgments about tonight’s episode.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Cyclops says:

    Why is Cuddy departing? Did Edelstein ask out of the series and the producers simply chose this way to “write her out”? Did the producers want her out? Or did the writers simply decide to “shake things up” and the departure of the actress was simply the product of the character having to go?

  2. johninOttawa says:

    This whole jumping the shark thing is really bugging me. First of all, the phrase does not refer to a high point that the show will never attain again. It refers to a low point that tells you that any connection to whatever it was that made the show compelling and original has been lost…forever.
    Secondly, last night’s finale was not jumping the shark; it was, however, really, really stupid. In one fell blow Greg House went from being the one remaining bulwark against hypocrisy and compromise into the newest champion of self-obsessed narcisism. Cuddy breaking up with him does not in any universe excuse endangering the lives of five people, one of whom was a child. Good luck getting ANYBODY on House’s side after that.

    • tripoli says:

      I’m on his side. Will be till the end. And for the record, you are assuming that Rachel was in the house. Without an actual shot of her though, there is no way to say for sure that she was included in that scenario. And considering that Cuddy mentioned having to call her mother top check on Rachel, it’s quite possible that she was not at home during the dinner party. So many assumptions in these comments.

  3. Marcia says:

    I’m not a die-hard Huddy fan (or Cuddy fan for that matter). But I just don’t get the development in Cuddy’s character throughout this season. The break up was lame… So what if House took Vicodin to numb himself. He thought she was dying. And his an addict! She knew that! Why would she take that as a reason to break up?! And now after they’ve finally addressed it in the finale, she IMEDIATELY runs off to arrange a double date with that lame coffee shop creep. On the same evening!! And that from a person who was apparently pining for House since college???? I would have smashed her house as well… It is just so out of character. What are the writers thinking? Seriously.

  4. Marcia says:

    immediately… sorry ^^’

  5. why.jpg says:

    I just don’t understand this show anymore.

    The only thing I noticed was that at the end of the finale, House actually was smiling, which is confusing in and of itself. Why is he smiling after he nearly killed his “OMG ILY 4EVR GF?” Is he genuinely happy now or was he just drunk? He did cut himself off, which for an addict isn’t exactly an easy thing to do (which will annoy me if they write it off as “Oh I crashed my car so now everything is somehow better lol”) but I just don’t know. Maybe I’m reading too much into that. It seems like they give House low blows every episode to the point where it’s so predictable and boring. He reminds me of a reverse Gary Stu at this point.

    Anyway, Taub’s life is way too predictable, but I do want to see him flounder between what’sherface#1 and what’sherface#2. What is with this show and making forgettable characters? IDGI.

    As much as I like Olivia Wilde (mostly because I think she’s stunningly gorgeous and really liked her character in Alpha Dogs even if it was a background character…) I don’t understand what she’s doing on this show. I don’t like the boring side of 13 where she doesn’t do anything exciting except whine about killing her brother and yadaadaa.

  6. TVLover says:

    What a pathetic episode. After the first 10-15 mins, I just skipped to the House bits to see him drive through Cuddy’s house. It’s just totally ruined for me. They spent all these years putting House and Cuddy together, then they split them up for a forced reason and now they don’t know what to do with them. Good on Lisa Edelstein for getting out. I won’t be watching next year.

  7. Creative Person says:

    “Alturistic House”: the next season:
    Okay, I am an about to be ex-House fan since this season finale blunder (everybody lies). For the next season redemption: I propose House is in hospital. He voluntarily hass his leg amputated thereby eliminating his addiction & pain. Because Cuddy has a restraining order and he can no longer work at the hospital, his doctorhood challenged, while in recovery and being fitted for prosthetics, he plans a total turnaround to a new life to obscure but needy locale out of the country where his intellect and skills can be challenged amidst primitive conditions. There he discovers that past workmates and even wantabee, discover his location and visitors arrive now and then to work with him solving untold adventures which result in continual medical testing of his talents as well as educating those around him. If they pay me, I’ll write up some scripts.

  8. A says:

    when they showed the police scene at the beginning, I was ready for a good show.

    that ending SUCKED.

    I wish they would have just ended with the surgery-in-a-bathtub episode. that was much more epic, albeit ridiculous.

  9. Wei says:

    I actually kinda liked this episode… (except the part where at the beginning it looked like night time, and house drove the car at the end in the day time… and even in NJ fire trucks don’t take that long to get there :P)

    All you guys say House has jumped the shark but at least they’re doing a better job than Greys…

    Sure I miss the House from Season 1-3, but how else would you let out a life time of repressed feelings and unhappiness?

    I’m glad he let it out at the end there and had a real happy grin on his face as he walks the beach… (okay the setup wasn’t realistic but I liked that he emotionally changed) And isn’t that why we watched the guy from the start? The strangely detached but deeply caring (or not) character?

    It’d be interesting to see how the heck the writers are going to continue this in Season 8…

    And OMG did everybody just overlook the fact that Rachel is pregnant!!!!

  10. I don’t know how the writers are going to explain this. The show is really starting to get too crazy and I’m losing interest. I mean how many times are we going to see House use drugs and mess with his leg? The show may be good for someone who just started watching but for the ones who have been watching since season one it’s getting pretty old. Increasing this level of craziness is not going to make it better.

    I say that the show needs to go in a different direction. House needs to stay wherever he is for most if not all this upcoming season. Let the other characters handle the medical mysteries back at Princeton and let House do some medical mysteries of his own wherever he’s at.

  11. Al says:

    Why do you people keep making it sound like Lisa Edelstein left the show as part of some principled stance about the quality of the writing? She left because she was asked to take a PAYCUT!!

    I understand that what we have here is a lot of women posters who identified with Cuddy in some way (not that their lives are similar, but because they’re not, I suspect) but the over-the-top criticism of the season finale is almost laughable in its one-note senselessness.

  12. rolltidemommy09 says:

    We’ll probably find out that he’s in some kind of drugged stupor kind of like in Season 5 (?) when he detoxed.

  13. stephanie says:

    I have seen every episode of house and missed the season finale. Does anyone know where I can get access to it. Bad weather messed up my taping.

  14. Aerosmitten says:

    Ok…the writing was NOT at its best. But I’m trying to keep some things in mind to soften the blow. (Why did the cops come to investigate the crash scene at NIGHT, when it happened during daylight? I’m pretty sure if that happened in my neighborhood, cops would have been there within the hour.)

    But I really think that we have to give the writers a tiny bit of credit. This was a tough episode to crank out. The s.7 finale HAD to be somewhat over the top. They had to leave an open ending, depending on whether or not LE signed a contract for season 8. And in order to write Cuddy out of the picture if necessary, something DRASTIC had to happen! How many crazy, over-the-top situations has House put Cuddy in throughout the years?? Yet she always forgave him, stuck up for him, and let him keep his job in the end. In order for Cuddy to either leave the hospital, or fire House from the hospital, he had to do something…well, really bad, and a little out of character. Something more childish, mean, and dangerous than he has ever done before. And I’d say that they nailed it.

    Also…House is taking A LOT of pills. He is really very depressed over his breakup, and probably angry at himself for relapsing after all his time sober. He just isn’t thinking clearly, and his life seems to be crashing down. I thought the season finale, though kind of unsatisfying, still kind of makes sense. Just look at House’s situation…

    Nonetheless, I think the story is just getting a little tired and stale for all of the actors. I will still watch season 8 for closure… but I think both the actors, writers, and fans of House are about ready to say their goodbyes. It happens. :)

  15. greg says:

    Just need to sum it up this way… House committed multiple counts of attempted murder with a vehicle.

    Pathetic the way the show has gone.. but this was truly ridiculous.

  16. Good Riddance says:

    House peaked at the end of Season 2, and ever since then it’s been down, down and down. The Season 7 sucked, and the end sucked even more. I’m not watching Season 8. It would have been better if the show ended when Amber Tamblyn said she couldn’t work here anymore, and left (leaving the show with a least a scad of dignity).