House Season Finale: Discuss It Here!

[Warning: If you have yet to watch Monday’s season finale of House, run — don’t walk — to the nearest exit. Everyone else, onward and downward….]

Well, it won’t be hard to figure out how House will explain Lisa Edelstein’s absence next season.

Monday’s Season 7 finale ended with a psychotically jealous House driving his car head first into Cuddy’s abode while she was hosting a dinner party with a potential new suitor.

Translation: House nearly killed Cuddy!

House immediately fled the scene, leaving a horrified Cuddy — not to mention a slightly injured Wilson — to survey the damage. While being grilled by investigators, Cuddy made it painfully clear that she would be pressing charges. “If Greg House steps foot in my hospital again, comes anywhere near me, I want him thrown in jail,” she demanded.

The episode ended with a shot of fugitive House taking a stroll on some beach (presumably) on the other side of the globe.

Still reeling from the shocking climax? Filled with burning questions? You’re in luck, ’cause I’ll be speaking with series creator David Shore tomorrow morning for a quicky post mortem. In the meantime, hit the comments section with your snappy judgments about tonight’s episode.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. deedeedragons says:

    “Jump the Shark” is very much overused online, not for this occasion though.

  2. Kat says:

    **SPOILER**They’re pulling a Roseanne, next season will all be a dream. In the finale of Season 8 we will find out House home before riding with Wilson to Cuddy’s. Either way.. it’s been a wild ride but this show has hopped, skipped, and jumped it’s self waaaaaaaayyyy over the shark. Stick a fork in me.. I’m done!

  3. shanya says:

    i have to said that it was a disrespected for all the house fans and specially huddy and cuddy fans , they destroyed something that constructed for seven years in a crappy way!!!!!!! it really sucks!!!

  4. Osc says:

    The only good thing was House pushing Cuddy against the wall. One of the most beautifully acted scenes ever.
    The episode itself was a shame. I´ll miss Lisa Edelstein and her huge talent for sure.

  5. done and over says:

    stick a fork in it. House is done.

  6. beto says:

    Bye Cuddy, I was tired of you!!! I miss Cuddy from 1 – 5 season, not this one!

  7. Jake says:

    Tonight’s episode was brilliant.

    If you cannot see that, there is something wrong with you.

  8. Susan says:

    Wow!! Worst piece of Fan Fic I have ever seen. Are they bringing back real writers next season? I’ve missed having them around this season.

    • Allyson says:

      That is exactly what this reminded me of: a poorly written fanfic by a 13 year old. So sad.

    • Josephine says:

      That one right there is the best decription I have seen yet about this episode… It really did seem like a fanfiction where the writer had gotten tired of the characters… and couldn’t figure out how to end it… after all this one did have all fanfiction elements the double pregnancy by Taub, someone going crazy… no elements of real life… support to crazy acts which are not allowed… Unrelistic (like how House got away on one leg from the police). And a happy ending for a character who should have ended in jail…
      Really I love your fanfiction comment…

  9. Toni says:

    Here are the couple [direct] questions I have for shore:

    Losing any cast member, whether it is writer(s) or actor(s), can be very difficult. I’m just curious as to how Katie Jacobs and yourself have been approaching this predicament, as well as how you will approach it next season. Has the newly absence of a big character affected [your] plans for what may be the last season? Will side episodes be necessary for a complete closure on Lisa Cuddy, or is this past Season Finale [it]? Will she and possibly Jennifer Morrison appear for the series finale? Would they be willing?

    Secondly, ending the seventh season, how satisfied are you with the plot lines and character development? Would you change anything? Come next season, is the exploration of House’s mind going to continue, if so on what kind of level? Should next season be the last, do you have any thoughts on the tone you’ll have it end with?

    Despite everything, and the dissatisfaction with the things of this season, I will watch till the end. Wish you would’ve jotted your take on the finale Aus!

    • nitemar says:

      Those are pretty good, well thoughtout questions, unfortunately for us, David Shore has the distinctive inability to produce any sound answer that can satisfy anyone but himself and his big ego.

  10. Teacher Lady says:

    This is my first time opinionated enough to comment. I just finished the finale and prior to tonight I was glad House was picked up again. Now I wish they would have just put or out of it’s misery tonight. The show has been top good in the past to suffer this fate. I have been a huge fan, but I’m not looking forward to S8.

  11. SARA says:

    Ok its official, huddy destroy House md at all.
    I m so happy LE is out, so all this absurd huddy/fake/love/jealousy
    finish for good.


  12. SMH says:

    You know that thing that happens with shows that stay on the air too long… You know that thing (writer’s fatigue) where the writers just forget the purpose of the show and or the characterizations of the characters? It seems to me that the writer’s of House wrote themselves into a pretty huge box when they gave into the House/Cuddy relationship. They assumed that House in that relationship was the main cause of the show’s declination in ratings and the truth is that the bases of the show is not only Greg House’s relationships, but his cases, none of which was so shocking or stunning this season. They focused way too much on just the character development, ignoring the point of the show which was initially based on a Sherlock Holmesian mythology of solving the unsolvable case. I will watch next season just to see if they are able to recover from their epic fail. Which in all honesty I doubt.

  13. beto says:

    Ok its official, the writers and David Shore destroy House md at all!

  14. Tracy says:

    I wish all of these showrunners would understand that just because an idea is “shocking” doesn’t mean it’s good. May Sweeps has become some sort of one-upmanship in how outlandish a cliffhanger can be in order to entice viewers back next season to the extent that characters, stories, and entire shows lose their integrity and, ironically, drive away viewers. This is yet another example.

  15. Tbird says:

    I was glad to see the excruciating House/Cuddy relationship end, but THIS? House coldly and deliberately driving his car into someone’s house, damn near killing four people, hurting his best friend? As the star of the series we need to feel empathy for him, and that killed mine. I don’t love to hate him or hate to love him, now I just hate him. Nothing can redeem him after this. Congratulations David Shore, you just made your show unwatchable.

  16. Tim says:

    Hmmm. Could be House is the one with the brain tumor. Perhaps the last season of House…he is the puzzle to solve.

  17. Carol says:

    I would seriously like to know if Mr. Shore is still completely invested in ‘House’ or has his attention moved on to other potential projects. If he IS committed, I think it would be a good idea for him and the writers to re-watch the first few seasons so they can remind themselves of what made this show special and why the fans fell in love with it.

    Also, I would love to see more stories featuring Chase, but not as the playboy we saw for most of this season. Jesse Spencer is a great comedic actor but is equally talented in dramatic scenes. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much of that this season.

  18. Emily says:

    Reading these comments makes me glad I didn’t watch House this season. I was going to catch up this summer, but now I’m seriously having second thoughts.

  19. Lateef says:

    It seems to me that season 8 will pickup a month or so after the finale, and House will return to town only to discover that Cuddy has left New Jersey. While I’m very sad to see Edelstein go, I’m intrigued at the possibilities that lie in House’s interactions with a new boss next season. Hopefully, the new boss will be very different than Cuddy. Someone who actually stands up to House, and doesn’t put up with his nonsense.

  20. Bill Dauphin says:

    BTW, I actually thought the patient treating her illness as performance art was a fascinating storyline… separated from the other craziness, it would’ve made for a *great* mid-season ep. IMHO, of course.

  21. Kasios says:

    I’m actually offended that they would pass this garbage off on the loyal fans. This was barely suitable for a regular episode, let alone a finale. Just cancel it now and forget about season 8. There’s no need to disappoint viewers further.

  22. Takies 5 says:

    I can´t believe that the “best” part out of this episode is that Taub has Supersperm. Seriously. Poor Writting all over. I can almost see the writters with a crack pipe tumbling down while making this episode´script….and I can almost see them, just as high, at the season 8 premier, trying to convince the 4 viewers left, that Taub knocked up Cuddy via Blackberry.

  23. UnHoly Duver says:

    Tell Mr.(and I use that term loosely) Shore that The Fonz says hi.

  24. Sam says:

    Ausiello, your first question to Shore has to be, “was house actually trying to kill cuddy and co. or just make a point?” because the way they shot it House would have had no idea that they’d left the table so basically he was trying to kill them.

    All in all a fairly dodgy episode (for a finale) but by no means House’s worst. It was really let down by the completely out of character move by house at the end though.

    • Corinne says:

      I’m completely curious to that as well. If they had still been in the room, I seriously doubt House would have known in time to be able to stop. Also, how would he have known before turning around that they had left the room. I don’t think he’s homicidal, but it just makes no sense.

  25. bruna cora says:

    oh, god… i’m so tired of House. Maybe ‘shocking’ means ‘how can you create an amazing show and then destroy it’! Lisa E is so talented and i’m sure she’ll back on Tv soon. // Hugh has another year in this show…sorry for him!

  26. Sami says:

    The finale to me was a glaring illustration of what has made House so maddeningly frustrating for me. It completely negates the last episode. In “After Hours” it showed how no matter what the state of her relationship with House, Cuddy is there for him in his time of need. House even made the amazing admission that he “trusts” her still. Unfortunately we go from that potential of moving forward to place beyond their hurt to a new phase in their relationship, to House attempting to murder Cuddy and her dinner guests. It’s absolutely absurd. Not to mention Wilson giving him similiar unfortunate advice he gave in “Both Sides Now” but instead of telling him to make Cuddy angry he tells him to release his own anger rendering negative results. I am done. Tell David Shore he’s wrong, people do change. I’ve just kicked a habit I’ve had for seven seasons.

  27. Boiler says:

    Use to love House. After this should have cancelled and saved Chicago Code!!!!!!!!!

    • Katie says:

      I totally agree! That was SUCH a great show, and House is so tired. It’s sad to see a show that WAS great really lose its magic, and to see another with such potential be canceled before it has a chance.

  28. wtfisthisshow says:

    I don’t even care, I loved it. It’s hours later and I’m still laughing at the House-drives-a-car-into-a-house scene. I can’t wait to see how they treat this in season 8 premiere, even if that’s the only episode I end up watching this season (hell, I only watched about six episodes this season).

  29. tahina says:

    Michael, if you read this, please interview Lisa instead, we dont want any more lies from David Pathetic Shore!

  30. Erin says:

    Am I the only one who felt like this was more of a SERIES finale? How can they possibly recoup from this? Especially with Lisa leaving?

    I am a very loyal person. Once I start watching a series, I follow it through to the end. That being said, I will watch next season…it’s just sad because I used to get excited about House. But the writing this season has been disappointing and inconsistent. The writers had a chance to take this show in a positive-ish direction, Huddy or no Huddy, but they chose the darkest, most depressing path they could find.


    • Abby says:

      THIS!! Agree, would have been satisfied if this was the series finale. It would have been an awesome series finale. But there’s no way to recover from this that I don’t find absurd.

    • Raisa says:

      I one thousand percent agree. I am giving House one last chance, which means the premiere will decide for me whether to continue watching or not. They better have some BRILLIANT way of cleaning the mess they left behind. This season started on a promising note and literally went the worst route possible from there.

  31. ella says:

    you know, it bugs me that fox keeps this going but cancels chicago code. now i have enjoyed house all these years but i feel like they just painted themselves in a corner. sigh. i would so prefer chicago code to come back instead of house

  32. jaded says:

    This finale was a insult to my intelligence! The only good scenes were the ones with House/Cuddy in the hallway.. After that it all went downhill! House was never a total violent psychopath! WTH was that?! This show is dead!

  33. Rocco says:

    I was a die hard fan of House up until he brought in Taub and 13, and the only reason I tried watching after that is because 13 was pretty good looking. But in general I can’t even pay attention to it. I think I am 8 episodes behind on my DVR and I Googled the last episode to read a summary because all I heard was how bad it sucked. Probably won’t even watch S8, or anything else that follows. Too bad it went from my Top 5 to zero on my list.

  34. Allyson says:

    This…sucked. Compared to last season’s finale, this was the most boring, predictable finale ever. The only good scene in the whole ep was House screaming at Cuddy in the hallway admitting he was hurt. And I guess the driving into the house scene was crazy enough for House to actually go through with, but because it was spoiled in a promo, it was very much an anti-climatic moment. But I hated how they put the police scenes at the beginning and a random one in the middle – and why was it dark in those scenes? The car crash happened in daylight, so it seemed dumb that way. And I hated how House walked away from Wilson on the sidewalk, where he was obviously mildly injured (broken wrist?) and didn’t even acknowledge the fact that he was. & House being on a beach at the end? That was too random to fit as well.
    Overall, I was really disappointed. This show was one I once loved, and stuck with through a lot of mistakes this season (the Huddy breakup, House’s return to Vicodin and loss of all the gains he’d made in treatment). I kept saying that it would get better, the writers know what they are doing, it will all make sense in the end. Sadly, I was proven wrong. & with Lisa leaving, I don’t know if I will tune in next season. I don’t think I can stand to watch my favorite show fall apart any farther. :(
    What a disappointment. :(

  35. Derrick says:

    WTF was that? How did Wilson get hurt? Man that was gay……… Lame final episode.

  36. KC says:

    There were only two good things about this episode; Shoreh Agdashloo and 13’s hair. Friggin. Flawless.

  37. jeff-k says:

    The finale was great and it did fit House. He’s always been a criminal of one kind or another, lying to patients about their drugs, his drugs, etc… injecting folks with various medications, assaulting people just name it, he finally snapped. Now people did the show ” jump the shark”, or was it “predictable”? Because everyone is saying the same crap but doesn’t jumping the shark negate predictability. Or does using the term make people feel all smartified?

  38. Jillian says:

    I loved LOVED that finale. Being one who has watched since the begining. I have been waiting for House to finally get mad with the world, and he did. Cuddy really hurt him, she used him. Just like his father and Stacy. I had really wanted him to move on after Mayfield, get away from all the bad things in his life. However now he has. I can not wait for S8, and good riddans Cuddy, I wont miss her in the least.

    • tripoli says:

      Amen to that!

    • Carol says:

      Sorry, but nothing Cuddy ever did in seven seasons justifies House’s attempt to murder her. There is nothing she could ever do to justify his homicidal assault. Or do you think that Cuddy’s sister did something to House to justify his trying to kill her? And do you think that Rachel did something to him to justify his attempted murder of her? Cuddy, like Wilson, like everyone else in his life brought House equal portions of good and bad. Trying to kill the one you love is not the act of a sane or sympathetic man. RIP House.

  39. Telraven says:

    No this show did NOT ‘jump the shark’. I liked the episode. Was it the best episode in the world? No. But it also wasn’t the worst. I didn’t find it boring, or particularly predictable. (FOX’s obsession with sensationalized episode previews did lead them to give away a little too much though.)
    I thought it was awesome when he drove the car into the house. It wasn’t something a normal person would do, since when has House ever been a ‘normal’ person? He needed to do something dramatic and destructive to purge himself. He looked free as he walked away. I do agree though, that they way they shot it made it seem like he would have no idea if there was anyone in the room. A little clarification on that would be nice.

  40. JMama says:

    Emgee, this is your 87th(estimate) post. Clearly people disagree with you here and post 88 isn’t going to change that.
    This was a mess of a finale from a show that brought us brilliance in the past(Hugh and Andre, remember those scenes?,,I know we dont get that caliber every week but we know its possible)
    The hallway scene was good. Other than that this is a mess of a season capped off in Nighttime soap form and these actors deserve better.

  41. Anthony says:

    It was about time that House blew up. It became obvious long ago that he hated being around anyone so this season ending the way it did, to me, seemed appropriate. Now, who is going to get him off of his island retreat and back to NJ to face justice? How about the cop that busted him. Pay LE for one episode, the season/show finale where House is finally dragged kicking and screaming back to NJ. this time, instead of helping him beat the rap, Cuddy presses charges. And the fade to black is House emptying his pockets as he is processed before entering prison.

  42. julie says:

    worst turn of events yet. i’d take huddy over that mess!

  43. emilia says:

    I actually liked it. It was like the ending in Secret Window when Johnny Depp kills his wife and afterwards he looks so healthy and peaceful, like that cured him.

  44. Idris says:

    This is the second worst season finale I’ve ever seen. LOST Season 6 still wears the crown for the worst.

  45. Ann says:

    If the finale was last week’e ep After Hours (which actually suppose to be the finale until FOX ordered one more ep) it would have been stellar! So sad what’s happening to my beloved TV show :(

  46. Raisa says:

    Find me a sane person who thought that was a good episode and I will have a fantastic reward for you. Honestly. Never been so dissapointed in television in my life. This season started on a beautifully promising note. It ended in complete disaster. I’m not even talking about Huddy before anyone jumps me.

  47. Bill says:

    So, from what I can tell, most viewers didn’t like the season finale of House..Right??

  48. Bill says:

    Greg House is now a homicidal maniac who almost killed 5 people (including Wilson). WTF???????????????

  49. JohnDoe says:

    I’m kind of glad Cuddie won’t be on the show next season. Now we won’t have any more of that garbage, “will they, won’t they” sexual tension that only soap opera fans care about on sub-par shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives.

  50. Polly says:

    i really want to unsee this season finale.