House Season Finale: Discuss It Here!

[Warning: If you have yet to watch Monday’s season finale of House, run — don’t walk — to the nearest exit. Everyone else, onward and downward….]

Well, it won’t be hard to figure out how House will explain Lisa Edelstein’s absence next season.

Monday’s Season 7 finale ended with a psychotically jealous House driving his car head first into Cuddy’s abode while she was hosting a dinner party with a potential new suitor.

Translation: House nearly killed Cuddy!

House immediately fled the scene, leaving a horrified Cuddy — not to mention a slightly injured Wilson — to survey the damage. While being grilled by investigators, Cuddy made it painfully clear that she would be pressing charges. “If Greg House steps foot in my hospital again, comes anywhere near me, I want him thrown in jail,” she demanded.

The episode ended with a shot of fugitive House taking a stroll on some beach (presumably) on the other side of the globe.

Still reeling from the shocking climax? Filled with burning questions? You’re in luck, ’cause I’ll be speaking with series creator David Shore tomorrow morning for a quicky post mortem. In the meantime, hit the comments section with your snappy judgments about tonight’s episode.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. David says:

    I hope you kill him before he opens his mouth.

    • Katy says:

      I’m with u !!!

    • Jack says:

      LOL good one

    • Alicia says:

      Or gag him with the finale’s “script”…

    • Cynthia says:

      Behind you 1000%

    • Jesus says:

      I concur, completely Jumped the Shark and with House thats saying something.

      • Jesus's Dad says:

        This show Jumped the Shark like 2 seasons ago. This is nothing.

        • evs says:


          the song in the end was rad though

        • Jumped the Shark says:

          Uh, I’m getting sick and tired of people invoking me when a show does something they don’t like.
          First of all, ME was originally meant to denote the point in a series that was so good, yes good, that the show would never reach that high again. It hurts that people have turned ME into a bad thing.
          Second, while I can totally see how *this* episode of House would really practically demand that I be invoked, I’m afraid the internet being what it is( full of fickle snots) I’ve already been invoked over one hundred times this season (thanks surgery in the bathub!) and I’m afraid that’s the limit. So, sadly, no ME claims for this episode will be entered into the official ledger.
          I’m sure next season will offer plenty of new opportunities – House was walking along a beach and we all know what lurks in the water…

          • mrclean says:

            awesome. Thanks, Shark!

          • Bob says:

            Sorry, “Shark”, but you’re wrong on point one. The phrase “Jumped The Shark” was, and always will be, a reference to the point in a series where the writers have gone so far off course that there is no hope for the show’s future being saved. It originated from the scene in “Happy Days” where Fonzie LITERALLY jumps over a shark on his motorcycle. See

          • Cathy says:


          • Megan says:

            Bob is correct regarding the origins of “Jumped the Shark.” However, it is not so often invoked with regard to TV shows – when a show does something that a viewer simply disagrees with – that it has lost all meaning.

          • Megan says:

            Blech. My comment was supposed to read “now so often invoked,” not “not so often invoked.” Bit of a difference there.

          • this gag has Jumped the Shark says:

            There’s a difference between Fonzie jumping a shark literally and the coining of the phrase. While the phrase obviously references that point in Happy Days it wasn’t used as a description of a tv show (or yeah, pretty much anything nowadays) until years later.

            From wikipedia, they’ve got attribution for it:

            Jon Hein, creator of the now defunct website ‘’ explained the concept as follows: “It’s a moment. A defining moment when you know that your favorite television program has reached its peak. That instant that you know from now on…it’s all downhill. Some call it the climax. We call it ‘Jumping the Shark.’ From that moment on, the program will simply never be the same.”

          • Bob is wrong again! says:

            Bob, Fonzie didn’t use a motorcycle to jump over the shark.

    • nitemar says:

      Can I watch?, better yet, can I help you, please!! ? ARGHHHHHH! What’s the use, I know what he’d say, word by word, DS is a moron! I swear never to watch another show by Darth Shore!

    • Chris says:

      Agree completely!!!

    • Fiona says:

      I’ve been hanging in there this season. I actually hadn’t felt like the show was really sucking or going downhill, but this final turn really did me in. I will keep watching next season, in hopes that they turn this around, but it’s just kind of stupid to watch this character sink so low. House can be House without having to be *completely* out of character crazy.

    • Ardis says:

      Only one word to describe it. It was ‘goofy’.

  2. Sydney says:

    I’m only going to watch next season because I have nothing better to do with my monday nights. It’s going to be hysterical to watch the show go even more down the toilet than it just did.

    • Em says:

      With Chuck moving to Fridays, I am with you girlie!

      • Chris says:

        Doing the same thing for the same reason as you two!
        This season, I DVR House to see it afterwards(which has become sort of a chore) because I’m more excited to see the other show. Now that Chuck’s on Fridays and House has turned almost unbearable, I think I may just try to tune in the beginning of the season to see whether they will crash/recover from this. It’s a pretty big mess–the character’s life and the show itself.

  3. Amy says:


    • Ariella says:

      Exactly. What precisely was so “shocking” and “unexpected”? It was all given away in previews. What kind of ending or resolution was there?
      Still dragging Cuddy through the mud, but on top of it, turning House into a psycho. And then he just walks away?? What kind of conclusion is that??
      Better get Lisa Edelstein back a do justice to her character. Not even going watch S8 if you don’t bring LE back.
      HUGE hole to dig youselves out of, House folks.
      Seriously, WTF was that??!!?

      • Anonymous says:

        Agreed. If they hadn’t released the car crash part in the promos, and also if they’d moved the cop scenes to the end, it would’ve made for a dramatic final 5 minutes if nothing else. But putting those at the beginning and coupling them with the pre-released crash made it obvious from the beginning what was going to happen, something that’s an automatic kiss of death for any episode of tv, especially for a season finale.

        • TigerNightmare says:

          You guys watch too much Fox. Seriously. I didn’t see any of these promos with the car crashing. Once again, I benefit from hating Idol.

          Tired of all these people addicted to the phrase “jump the shark”. Shows almost never jumps the shark. Every WTF moment is not jumping the shark.

          But still, what the hell? I can see how this downward spiral couldn’t all fit into a single season, but, some kind of closure would have been nice.

          • EidolonOverdrive says:

            I like you. Couldn’t agree more. 1) I never saw those promos so I was shocked as hell. 2) It is ridiculous how much people say “jumped the shark.”

            Next season is probably (and should be) the last, but I hope they can fix this. It’s either going to end with House committing suicide or still miserable, but somewhere new.

          • Kim R says:

            I, as well, did not see any crash promos so was shocked by the ending. More so because how are they going to believably come back from that? I mean, as far as House knew, they were all still sitting at the table. He could have killed all of them. How are they going to write the next season in a way that will make sense? I’m confused by the powers that be more than anything. They might was well call this the series finale and pack it in. :(
            Stunned by the writing choice more than the crash! :)

      • Pat says:

        I do not want LE character back. That character is what ruined the whole show. I hope what happened today puts end to LE’s character. Maybe Cameron would make comeback and do LE’s 1st season role. I was sick and tired of their love story drama. Hopefully this will also make House’s leg problem tiny bit better that we dont have to constantly deal with everybody confronting him for taking meds. That stuff gets old.

      • WEP says:

        Yeah, the ending was totally killed by the promos, even the most casual tv flipper couldn’t have avoided seeing them endlessly over the last week. I realize the show runners have very little power over that the network decides to put in the promo, but still, this was overkill.

        That said, promos won’t be an issue with me because I see no reason the watch the show in the fall. It’s very sad to see the garbage heap this once great show has become.

  4. totallynotstock says:

    Dear House writers,
    Thank you for officially jumping the shark!

    Totally Not Stock

    • Alicia says:

      COMPLETE AND UTTER GARBAGE. Folks at House should just let some monkeys loose in a room with typewriters–they could write a better “story” than that. What a WASTE of my time.
      Well, if Lisa doesn’t come back I’m sure as hell not going to subject myself to more of this TRASH. I’m DONE.

    • laylagalise says:

      LOL! That is EXACTLY what I was thinking when I saw the episode. Oh well, looks like House just drove a car into a house.

    • Jumped the Shark says:

      I’m sorry totallynotstock, it is not official.

  5. Liz says:

    It was so bad, I actually laughed at the end. Jumped the shark. For real this time. Writers are smoking that crack.

    • Brit says:

      OMG, I actually agree with you! The world must be coming to an end.

      • JohnDoe says:

        Jumping the shark has to be the most misused phrase on the internet.

        • Tulip says:

          This!!! Jumping the shark is SO MISUSED.
          Happy Days started the phrase when Fonzi LITERALLY jumped over a shark on water skis. But then the show went on to have several more successful seasons. “Jumping the shark” is now used to mean the show is too ridiculous to continue, right? Hasn’t House always been a little ridiculous?

          • Jumped the Shark says:

            Actually, Happy Days just had the Fonz jump a shark. It wasn’t until years later that the phrase was coined to refer to a show hitting a high it will never hit again.
            Because that multi-episode arc of Happy Days was AWESOME. The whole show went out to Hollywood. They were outside in the sun. Richie was about to make a life changing decision. And the Fonz got challenged into water skiing over a shark pen. They just couldn’t outdo that.
            But anyways, I get used so much nowadays that I accept that the new meaning is generally accepted as “a show doing something so bad it can’t recover” although really it should be “someone on the internet is complaining, film at eleven”.
            I’m actually not used as much as phrases like “I will never watch {whatever} again” or “this plot is so derivative” or “what a slap in the face to the fans”. But still a lot.
            Of course, for this I just had to show up myself. I mean – he drove his car into Cuddy’s house for pete’s sake!!!

          • smidget says:

            Jump, I realize that your parents have probably sugarcoated the circumstances surrounding your birth so you wouldn’t feel as though your very existence revolves around negativity (I gather, at least, from your insistence that Fonzie jumping a shark on water skis while wearing a leather jacket was so good that it couldn’t be topped – clear indoctrination and denial, is what that is), but YOU refers to the obvious death knell of a show. Whether that particular death knell is due to unbeatable plots, or utter ridiculousness, the appearance of YOU has always been, and always will be, the beginning of the end. It may be a slow and arduous end that takes several more seasons of slow descent into total crap or a sudden plunge into the abyss, but always an end nonetheless.

            I still love ya, though, and it’s a real shame that you are so overused. Side note – have you heard from Nuked the Fridge, lately? I never see him anymore.

          • Sofia says:

            I understand where jumped the shark originated and that is what I immediately thought as the show ended last night. I love this show, hope it is not a “dream”. I hope it makes sense enough to continue the show as a House I will still love to watch. It is more than my mind can imagine how that will happen.

  6. j says:

    I thought his was completely out of character for him. He’s a baby but he’s not vindictive and jealous.

    • Davad says:

      I think he’s vindictive and jealous, but not murderously so. House would never have done that just on the off-chance he hit Lilly. Maybe I missed him knowing she wasn’t in the house, I was browsing, but still. Heck, I don’t think he’d just run his car into the house, knowing that someone could have stepped back into the room after it was too late to stop. I think the show is just about used up.

  7. olivia says:

    Frig. Absolutely terrible.

  8. Candice says:

    I am seriously not amused by the finale. I can’t believe that this was LE’s last episode. She kind of deserved a little more closure

    • Judy says:

      This episode was filmed weeks before LE announced she wouldn’t return. Her closure will have wait until she is written out next fall.

      • Candice says:

        Sigh, this is true. But it is just sad that knowing she will not be returning next season, that she was left on such a sorrowful note. I fear that writers will just kind of skip giving Cuddy a proper exit. It’s not like it’s the first time writers have left some loose ends untied.

    • Ariella says:

      She DEFINITELY deserved more closure. Like someone said up thread, the writers must be smoking the bad stuff or snorting it, whatever, cause that finale was half-assed.
      But I’m sure it’s “genius” if you ask DS. Let him tell you tomorrow, let him defend that travesty. Same with GY; he’s never wrong–just ask his 2008 Emmy.

    • Tim says:

      Maybe LE read the script, saw what a piece of garbage it was and decided that she would get off the train before it went over the cliff.

      • astrid says:

        agreed, that must be the reason she walked!

      • STARK says:

        Sadly, she was one or two seasons late…

        i was a little mad with LE for dropping the show in it´s final season, but after watching this, i know why she did it, it´s not worth it, and even less with a reduced salary…

  9. Juliana says:

    That just sucked.

  10. Matthew says:

    DAMN! This episode was awesome! No more Cuddy?!? Does Wilson come back next year? I’m gonna have to re-watch this at least twice to wrap my head around this.

    • Ton says:

      Fantastic ep alright! Honestly probably the best ep i’ve seen this season! For those i say it was completly out of caracter, your not watching house for sure!

      • Kartikay says:

        The “Huddy” thing was lame, and it working out would be like the prequel of Stuart Little. The series worked like [try racionality > fail to asylum > try sentimentalism > fail with Cuddy > season 8]. @Matthew: if you watch it again you’ll notice that the eating was over, what he did sounds like a “that’s how angry I was, bitch”.

        For the haters, what did you expect: House leaving hospital with head down or staying like nothing happened?

        About season 8 & derail on series, well, it isn’t as bad as other series, like supernatural.

        • jen says:

          i’ll be good and not go crazed fangirl on you, but leave Supernatural out of this. They were doing just fine until the season finale :-/

  11. susyk9 says:

    simply hated!!!

  12. Irene says:

    If they want it to slightly work next season, bring Lisa Edelstein back or it will be OVER.

    • spoilerchicka says:

      You said it perfectly. House s.7 finale has finally gone to la la land. Usually a jaw-dropper episode. In this case, weak as hell. If the idea was to have fans hate how ridiculous House the character is, then the producers accomplished their goal. Had hoped to see House grow as a person. Now I can only hope the writers or the idiots who determine the directions (David Shore?) grow UP. Prolonged the angst one year too many. It should have been Cuddy who was pregnant, not Taub’s ex. Seriously, NO ONE Cares about Taub, his parentage, etc. Now that most female viewers have bailed on this show, lets see how cheap the advertising slots will be next year in S.8. What a complete waste of time.

      • Henry says:

        If the ending went like this: Cuddy, after having a car blasted through her house, be outraged and she makes a spontaneous plan to get away on a little vacation for a few days, BUT it is revealed at the very last minute that Cuddy is pregnant, then THAT would be a shocker. It’d be shocking because: a.) she can’t get pregnant. b.) it’d be House’s and we’d all be questioning “when?”. c.) after House’s “outrageous” stunt, Cuddy would be a bit torn at the fact that the father of her kid is a semi-psycho drug addict.

        Taub’s ex wife announcing she was pregnant was not shocking but it was not amusing either. It kind of felt predictable.

  13. Furious D says:

    The season premiere will open with him waking up, realizing it was all a dream and Bobby Ewing is in his shower.

  14. Laura says:

    House has always had some of the best season finales in the business.. this one didn’t even come close to those standards. It was all very predictable. What a horrible way to go out. God, I’m going to miss Lisa, but having her see that dude her sister set her up with? Come on. Really? Wouldn’t happen.

    • aurore says:

      Totally agree.
      I though Cuddy was done with creepy guys when she broke up with Lucas.
      After that I don’t think I will be watching season8. I mean with Cuddy gone what will be the consequences of House’s actions? none. So all that drama for nothing.
      And as if Cuddy would quit or leave after that. She would fired him maybe but there is no way she would live.
      Plus I’m not especially happy about the hint of 13/Chase relationship and I don’t want to see more of Taub than I have to. And with 2 pregnancies the lame Taub storylines just became way to much.
      Right now I wished I had stopped watching after season5. The writing isn’t what it used to be.

  15. MAria says:

    OMG that was intense, I really wonder how they are going to write off Cuddy and how house will react to it. Will it be angst? Shock? Sadness? Also I’m very curious as to where the hell he is. It seems like an island someplace like he moved on.

  16. Marli says:

    Does a non reaction count as a reaction?

  17. Anonymous says:

    That was the worst episode of television I’ve ever seen. The actors did their best with what they were given, but I hated everything about the writing. I don’t understand how House was able to jump the shark amidst all of the falling anvils. I think I’m actually okay with Lisa Edelstein not coming back next season. Gives me an even better reason to stop watching.

  18. Mallie B. says:

    What the heck? I am so confused as to how they are gonna fix this for next season. With Lisa Edelstein leaving and Robert Sean Leonard always seemingly wanting to leave, I get the feeling that next season is not gonna be the hospital procedural we’re all used to. I’m also now convinced that the next season will be the last.

  19. Angie says:

    It did nothing for me. I’m not a shipper, I watched the show in seasons 1 – 4 for the writing and the characters but they’ve been losing track of both. The clever subtext isn’t there anymore and most of the actors have checked out. Jesse Spencer looks dead behind the eyes – does anyone remember bright, motivated Chase? I know he’s been through a lot but he’s just tired and jaded now, like the show. I don’t think I’ll be making a regular appointment to watch season 8. I’ve always wanted House to die at the end of the show, but I do feel like the emotional impact of that will be lessened without Cameron or Cuddy, so now I’m not even really interested in how they’ll do that. And 13 bores me to tears.

    • Ines says:

      I still think season 5 wasn’t all that bad but my favorite finale was Amber’s death on eason 4. Up until then the characters were great and captivating. Since season 5 they’re not motivated, with stories (the characters and the medical cases) boring. It’s like the show started to died with Amber.
      It’s not only Chase that isn’t motivated, so is Foreman. And they brought these new characters, 13 and Taub, to give new blood to the show and they’re horrible! Taub is the most annoying character I’ve seen, with no acting skills and with the same lines and jokes for dating women while married. And 13 is just so lame, always mentioning her disease. She adds nothing to the show.
      Seriously, if it wasn’t for closure and not wanting the show to go down in history as a bright show that turned into failure, I wouldn’t even watch next season.

      • Alex says:

        The episode where Amber died really was the best episode in the whole series. So sad. Just when I was really starting to like her too.

    • honestly says:

      I agree with you on the subtext. It used to be this sharp wit, and now it’s just ridiculous. However, I think Chase is the best character in the last 2 seasons. He’s ridiculously human.

  20. melraemorgan says:

    I knew about the car going through the house thing but have to admit I was surprised by the ending. My first reaction was “it’s about time!” but then I became worried House was jumping the shark. It sure will shake things up. And right now that may be just what the doctor ordered!

    • Sebastien says:

      But it didn’t really shake things up. It was just House being crazy as usual. It was a turnoff at best. And it didn’t have anything that made me want to return next season. House at peace? So what? It won’t last. Can House change? No. They already said a billion times he can’t. The show has a bunch of tired, jaded ducklings who haven’t been properly developed and are selfish and unlikeable. The only two likeable characters they had were Wilson and Cuddy. And they got rid of one of them in a horrible way. Definitely not even close to tempted to see what goes on with House, the narcissistic, unchangeable, psychopathic, self-absorbed “wonder” next season.

  21. Matt says:

    You know that south park, where george lucus rapes indina Jones? Same thing here.

  22. anon says:

    post mortem – you said it. house is dead.
    Ridiculously out of character, nothing shocking as it was already all over the place and pathetic send-off for LisaE.
    But Hugh and LisaE were stellar as usual!

  23. BabyGoz says:

    Worst.Finale.Ever! I’m so glad Lisa Edelstein didn’t resign she’s finally free of this god awful writing! I feel sorry for Hugh Laurie for being tied in for another year.

    Yeah I got a question for David Shore, at what point in his mind did he decide to tank his own show!

  24. Maira says:

    Well i´m glad that Lisa Edelstein is gone. Seriously this show is just a giant mess. That was a horrible finale. She deserves much better and i think she was clever walking away.
    Said that, House and Cuddy had some really great scenes in the episode but i expected much more from a season finale.

  25. Tammy says:

    That wasn’t shocking at all. That was exactly the sort of crud that David Shore/Greg Yaitanes have been trying to shock us with all season.

    I’d figured out what was basically going to happen weeks ago. Lisa E had the right idea to get out of this now. It just gets worse and worse.

  26. marjg says:

    *sigh* house is just dragging now, they should just end it next season. i think they just jumped the shark….

  27. BJ says:

    Stay pressed, Huddies.

  28. Bishop says:

    I can’t believe it! It was the WORST season finale EVER!

  29. Jane says:

    Since all that Huddy time is over for sure now, ask Mr Shore if we’ll get some Chase/Thirteen action next season. We all know House can’t and will never be happy, but why should others go down the same path in the show. The show needs some fresh blood and Chase/Thirteen is hot hot hot!!!

  30. Jen says:

    I just can’t believe that this was Cuddy’s final episode. Such a bad note to leave on. There’s no House for me, without Cuddy. I’m done. :/

    And its too bad.. I thought there were some really great moments in this episode.

  31. Christina says:

    I guess I have a good reason to break up with house now.

    • Anna says:

      If it doesn’t survive next season I won’t shed any tears.

    • Christina watch out! says:

      Don’t break up with house, he’ll do something crazy!!!! I don’t know what but I’d avoid eating in your dining room for the next few weeks.

  32. Carrie says:

    I know this might be an unpopular opinion, but I’m pretty sure I just watched House jump a beautiful shark right over Cuddy’s lawn. I miss the good old days of House… most primetime soaps and procedurals that are still on (Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives) have suffered a season or two and then found their footing again, but I don’t see how House can do this, especially when actors such as RSL seem to have checked out a little bit (I was shocked that he signed on for another season.) The only character I still find compelling is 13– she has the edginess that House (the show and the man) had back in the first two or three seasons. I will continue to watch House (I’m a TV major, it’s my business) but I can’t say I have high hopes, or any hopes, for season 8…

  33. camilla says:

    im speechless and not in a good way, that was the WORST SEASON FINALE EVER and i dont get how Fox can think that someone will turn on the tv to watch season 8 after this.
    im an huddy fan but and i feel insulted that the last scene we got from Cuddy was her with another man and the last Huddy scene is House returning her her hairbrush, its crazy.. im so disappointed i cant express it in words. i thought i would feel hearbroken after this last Lisa E ep but actually i feel..nothing.And if this is how the show is gonna be, i gotta say: -thank God tha Lisa left, for good!-

    • newbie says:

      FOX did push House back an hour. Maybe they don’t see how someone will want to tune in to watch this show go down the drain like it just did.

  34. Brit says:

    Please, Michael, spike DS’s coffee with some antidepressants!!

    • Katie says:

      LOL!!! That was awesome. Though I loved the finale, myself, because I think it’s really going to make next season very interesting.

  35. Crystal says:

    Episode was awful. Regardless of ship, favorite character, WHATEVER. The writing was poor and over the top.

  36. LoveHuddy says:

    It was the worst episode of House I’ve ever seen. I mean, serioulsy ? And I’m talking about the Huddy, just the story-line. I try to understand, but I can”t. What’s the point ?
    We don’t care about Taub, and the case. We wanted to know what’s going on in House’s mind. But we got nothing.
    Most of that, something’s wrong in the story. We see Cuddy and Wilson, in the middle of the night, with the rescues, and Wilson is hurting at his arm. But at the end, we see Cuddy at lunch, and Wilson is fine. So how could he get hurt ? And why the rescue was coming 6 hours after crash ?
    Really, Greg Yaitanes is a moron. Nothing is good. No consistency in all episode, ugh, I meant, all season.

  37. Ugne says:

    I am so disappointed that I’m not even sad Lisa is leaving. This show really is bad now. Bad doesn’t even begin to cover it really.

    My question for David is – Does FOX have any input on where they want to see the storylines go or is it ALL the writers’ decisions?

  38. Mgirl11 says:

    What the bloody hell was that? WORST piece of television writing I have ever seen. No closure in general, not to mention no closure for poor Lisa. House’s character got nowhere, which means it will never get anywhere, meaning this show is doomed. Unbelievable. I’m in shock. Sooo not watching this show next season. Hardly seems like the show I used to love… Shore & team, quit while you’re unbelievably, stupidly ahead. House doesn’t deserve the air time anymore.

  39. commonisboring says:

    what was that? what are they trying to do?? please, bring Lisa back and fix this.

    • AndreeC says:

      Exactly. I doubt House will finish out s.8 without being canceled. What a crappy ending for a finale. Imagine the ending had House rang Cuddy’s doorbell and stared her down for dating someone else (never mind him being married). It’s like the opposite of the Costanza effect. If there’s a right way to do something, the shows decision makers ALWAYS seem to chose the opposite idea this past year or two. Done with this show. Have a nice interview.

  40. Bambi says:

    I seem to be the only person who thought the finale was great. The writers had been building up to this point, where House finally showed emotion, and not just a little, but on a grandeur scale. To end the show without such a display of emotion would have been a dissapointment.

  41. CN says:

    No wonder Lisa E. decided to leave NOW.

  42. Susan says:

    Chase/Thirteen are hot, hope we get more of them next season.
    Taub’s storyline was the worst ever. Wife and girlfriend pregnant is as stupid as it gets!

  43. K says:

    Instead of using the phrase “Jump the Shark” we should use “Drive into a House.”

    What a dumb finale.

  44. Joan says:

    Never seen so a bad finale, completely dumb! no cliffhanger, nothing! yeah Huddy is over, House is back on vicodin and that’s all?
    sad, sad, sad

  45. Allison says:

    But seriously, this finale was really terrible. It’s just so…unbelievable, and not in a good way. Hopefully they come up with an actual, coherent story for the eighth season, otherwise all of these characters are just going to be subject to extreme disrespect by the writers. Come on. And I loved this show.

  46. beto says:

    House is over!!!

  47. MB says:

    It was so random. Come on! There is no way they will want him back at the hospital or even have him keep his medical license after this. He almost killed her, her new suitor and the other guests. Are we going to get House in prison where he solves medical cases there or House at the tropical resort solving cases until he’s caught and arrested?

  48. Amy says:

    I’ve got a question for Shore: House character dramatically changed this season from intelligent to dumb, semi-adult to childish, and funny to not at all. Why the big changes?

  49. Maszi says:

    “Well, it won’t be hard to figure out how House will explain Lisa Edelstein’s absence next season.”

    the explanation is that LISA IS A WISE WOMAN. she leaves the sinking ship just in time. XD

  50. jenette says:

    Where ever the hell House is … Can he get vicodin there? :-)

    Trust David Shore: he’s not going to let this turn into crap…
    He’s too smart for that

    • Katie says:

      “Trust David Shore: he’s not going to let this turn into crap”

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Sheri says:

        HA- too late. And forget House- can WE get Vicodin?

      • Emgee says:

        I agree. I don’t know why so many people are hating on the finale.

        • Pat says:

          Its those people who have created a soft spot of Cuddy’s character. I was quite annoyed w/ her character and this finale gives me hope that its done. lol. I am looking forward to house next season.

          • Sebastien says:

            I’ve been reading all sorts of reviews and finale thoughts anywhere I can and the overall sentiment Cuddy fan or not is not a favorable one.

    • Leo says:

      He is smart, but he also doesn’t care anymore. And no one else around him has the creative intelligence to get things back on track. House should have ended after season 5.