And the Winner of Celebrity Apprentice Is...

It only took a million two-hour episodes, a flock of mostly clinical contestants, a few hundred thousand Gary Busey acronyms (LUCKY: Living Under Correct Knowledge Yearly), and a finale that sent chills through La Toya Jackson’s little churchmouse spine, but we finally have a winner of Celebrity Apprentice‘s fourth edition. Who’s Trump official new plaything? Scroll through for results.

Pump your fist in the air, because the newest Celebrity Apprentice is John Rich. Awww! That’s fantastic. As I’ve said, the final two of Rich and Marlee Matlin vindicated the bizarre results of last year’s season (when Curtis Stone and Summer Sanders should’ve sparred in the live finale), so it didn’t really matter who won. But Rich did, and you know? I’m torqued about that.

What’d you think of the finale? My full recap will go up in the a.m., but tell me: Did you like seeing the other players again? Are you humming old Dionne standards once more? Do you actually know the way to San Jose? Drop your thoughts below and follow me on Twitter at @louisvirtel

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Debra says:

    They were both winners, but based on the last task, Marlee was the winner and should have won. Very disappointed.

    • Jane says:

      Marlee greeted the 7Up Execs and Trump and kept her event on schedule. Not so for John Rich. In another season, Rich would have been penalized for that. Plus she brought in more money in one event than anyone ever did. So why didn’t she win? No explanation from
      Trump at the end. Disappointing.

      • Stacie says:

        Did I miss something? Trump said he was going to do something differently this season. What was it? I thought he was going to have both of them be the Apprentice, or give both contestants 250K. But then he just named John Rich the winner. Please let me know if I missed something there.

        • Lee says:

          What he did that was different was not firing Marlee and, instead, announcing Jon Rich as the winner. In seasons past, he fired the last contestant, thus revealing the winner. It was a respect thing…not firing Marlee.

          • kimberly says:

            I thought they never fire the last one. They hire the winner instead. I thought maybe everyone reacted when he said john rich and then he didnt have time to say and marlee.

        • Beverly says:

          I think it was he said “your hired” not “Your fired”

      • William says:

        Marlee cannot bank on that one million dollar event. Rich made sure to address this issue, and told Trump that through out the show he raised just as much money as his competition. The explanation for Rich’s win was obvious to the business perspective. There were three requirements for the task: to create the can, to create the commercial, and to host the promotional event. Rich won 2 out of 3. Marlee, you’re fired!

      • MrOcean says:

        Bottom Line: One night’s performance does not supersede a “season” of solid performance. You have a winner who was PM more than anyone else during the season and was for the most part extremely consistent in his performance.

    • Joseph says:

      Okay , I think you missed why John won , and to be honest it is not your fault since Trump really could not say which team had the better packaging since 7up has released both versions in stores across the country.

      Lets get down to what this was task was it was a Marketing Event to celebrate the heritage of 7UP, mind you the task has 3 parts which is important so that there is not a tie and this was also why Duke lost a few years ago.

      Part 1 – Packaging , 7UP really liked one packaging more then the other and given everything that I heard it would have been the Zebra Stripes by John Rick which just popped off the shelf. Not to say that the idea behind the Marlee packaging was not good because it was but it needed to jump out more on the shelf and end display.
      Part 2 – Commercial – another win for John here but only because Marlee did not edit down her TV Ad and let it go on to many tangents , if she had made it a more simple and focused on Geoffrey Holder she would have won.
      Part 3 – The Event – no not the cool show that just got cancelled, and here is where Marlee managed to do a better job selling an event than John. Unlike John she had Brand integration plus she did something that is important to any event where you are trying to close a sale, you make time and make things personal for those persons that are going to decide your fate. John sort of did this with his big direct donors but he should have also done this with Trump and the Execs. As for John having a timing issue it was not a huge deal because of how he dealt with it.

      Bonus Points – Yea there are always bonus points :)

      Point for John – More support than Marlee from the other players.
      Point for John – The most Money donated or won in a single season including the last minute $275k that was ear marked for his charity.
      Point for John – The balls to bring back Nikki to mess with the other team.
      Point for Marlee – Most money ever raised in a single event.

      But in the end the even was won by John , he won 2 of the 3 task parts..

  2. Jessica says:

    I agree that Marlee should have won. I think she was consistent throughout the season and her event seemed to flow very well. Although I did like John’s 7up can better.

  3. Martha says:

    John Rich was so strong week after week. He led and proved himself throughout the season. I am glad that it was an executive decision and not just an emotional decision.

    • James says:

      I agree, Marlee was definitely playing the emotional card. John in the other hand was pure power. Although, I still thing Little John could have won, after all, he basically drove some Rich’s tasks. I also understand Little John was wasted by the end, and just wanted to go home.

  4. Monica says:

    The task was three parts. Her event was better but her commercial and can were just bad.

  5. Mary says:

    I thought Marlee won the last task. I’ve been saying for weeks (usually without a moment’s hesitation) that John Rich was going to win this season’s Celebrity Apprentice. Then Marlee did so well in this task that I thought she might have grabbed the whole thing. But no. It was still John Rich.

    Either John or Marlee would be terrific, unlike some years when neither finalist was worth a hill of beans.

  6. Andy says:

    Marlee should have won. John Rich was a gross asskisser.

  7. Vana says:

    Marlee should have won . I am seriously disappointed .

  8. Anna says:

    They were both great.

    But John Rich consistently excelled all season. He edged Marlee out in the end.

  9. Scott says:

    Marlee should have won. By a mile

  10. Teri says:

    I’m glad John Rich won, because St. Jude is a wonderful charity.
    I am hearing impaired myself, but I chose life of a child over a hearing aid.
    I thought Marlee Matlin did very well, too and I wish they would
    help both charities.

  11. Leenie says:

    I liked them both, so either was good for me. What I don’t understand is what Trump meant when he said “I’m going to do something different this time. ” that was a tease that went absolutely nowhere. I thought maybe he was gonna call a tie, which would have rocked. My husband just pointed out, though, that no one was actually “fired”, so maybe that’s what he meant.

  12. Donald Trump says:

    Marlee…You’re fired!

  13. Scott says:

    While I prefer Marlee’s personality to John’s. It is grest news for the very deserving St Jude’s

  14. Scott says:

    And it saves a child’s life that St Jude’s got the money, definitely worth it!

  15. Debbie M says:

    JR all the way! He proved himself week after week as to what a strong competitor he was. Marlee was amazing, but she let Meatloaf derail her as project manager twice. Plus, St. Jude’s is a fantastic charity. If I had to choose between giving a child a hearing aid or saving their lives from cancer, I’m going to choose the latter everytime. The one improves their quality of life. The other saves their life. Good choice Mr. Trump.

  16. JR says:

    I thought they were both great, but Marlee did a better job in the last task, while John had more mistakes. However, if Trump was judging based on the whole season it would have been John Rich, so it really depends on what he’s basing it on.

  17. Debbie M says:

    Where was Dionne for the finale? Was it past her bedtime?

  18. David says:

    The different thing he was talking about was he didn’t say John was hired or Marlee was fired like he always has done before. He just said John won.

  19. nnatea says:

    we missed this tv show here…:(:(

  20. NoOceanInKansas says:

    John Rich was clearly the winner because of his consistency week after week and leadership skills. Marlee skated through to the final two; John earned it. He was able to keep the men’s team cohesive throughout the season, while the women’s team fell apart after the first episode. Marlee wasn’t THAT great of a fund raiser, didn’t the million dollar week include a lot of others bringing in $$ as well, including LaToya for the Michael Jackson t-shirt? John Rich’s commercial skunked Marlee’s, as did their can/box. They might have had a hiccup with Def Leppard’s appearance, but John filled in by becoming their “opening act,” which shows he can think quickly on his feet and improvise when needed. I don’t think Marlee would have been able to recover if the Harlem Globetrotters were late. I don’t think John ever came across as arrogant or a tool; I think he was consistently focused and showed amazing dedication to his charity. Oh, and John’s charity video made me cry; Marlee’s didn’t. Sorry, but all I could think was “I’m sorry those kids can’t hear, but I’m REALLY sorry those other kids MIGHT DIE OF CANCER.” So glad Dionne wasn’t there, the wicked old bat didn’t deserve to be there. Star was her usual self, only this time dressed like Barney’s prom date. LaToya, you have a new fan: you taught me how to make an exit, wear sparkles, never give up, and deal with the mean girls.

  21. Diane Carter says:

    I was very disappointed. I thought I would get to see Nene kick Stars’ butt. Congrats to John Rich for a job well done.

  22. Luka Canha says:

    Where was Dionne?! Since CA my opinion of her has changed for the worse. I think Trump should have made both Marlie and John joint celebrity apprentices – they both deserved to win.

  23. D.S. says:

    For those who are going through the excruciating experience of having cancer or worse yet having a child that has cancer, my heart truly goes out to you. What can be worse than going through surgery and Chemo, which also kills the good cells too. Also, in surgery when oxygen comes in contact with cancer cells, it causes them to spread like wildfire. Having lived an extremely life-threatening form of cancer myself, I am so glad that I opted out of traditional Western treatment for cancer and chose Chinese Herbal Medicine. I took large doses of Reishi Mushroom Powder (about $150.00 a bottle at the time for a month’s supply (I am now in remission for 9 years and still take the Reishi Mushroom Capsules (about $20.00 to $30.00 a bottle for a month’s supply), Noni Juice (also available in capsules), and ESSIAC, a formulation of various herbs discovered by a nurse many years ago who studied with the Native Canadian Indians (like American Indians, but in Canada.) Depending on what strength you get these treatments cost about $75.00 – $200.00 a month. I do not sell any of these herbs myself, but just can’t stand to see these little children suffering needlessly, not to mention the fact that many times the American (Western) treatments for cancer just don’t work! Please don’t take my advice. Look into this and decide for yourself. I can that John Rich has a very good heart and excellent intentions, but if he were standing here, I would tell him the same thing. I hope that no one reading this (or their family) ever gets cancer, but the statistics just don’t support that. It is my hope that some can be helped by the information I have given. It is just my way of giving thanks for my life being spared and “paying it forward”.