American Idol's All-Time Best Performance Final: It's Kelly Clarkson or Adam Lambert!

“What’s the best ever American Idol performance?” Every Idoloonie has a passionate answer to that question, but here at, we’ve spent the last month trying to reach a definitive consensus on the subject. Indeed, we began with 64 players at the start of’s American Idol All-Time Greatest Performance Bracket Tournament, and now we’re down to just two: Kelly Clarkson’s “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” and Adam Lambert’s “Mad World.” (Adam prevailed over Kris Allen’s “Heartless,” 59.6% to 40.4%, and Kelly beat Melinda Doolittle’s “My Funny Valentine,” 69.8% to 30.2%, in our semifinals.)

Polls for our final matchup will be open for the next 48 hours, but before you pull the trigger at the ballot box, you may want to peruse these memory-refreshing links to our mighty combatants:

Performance Links!
Kelly Clarkson, “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
Adam Lambert, “Mad World

Watch those videos now, then head down to our polls to vote for your favorite, and hit the comments to justify your picks.

And if you’re interested in seeing how Kelly and Adam made the finals, click here to check out the entire 64-player bracket (then click again for a zoomed in view), and sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Cristina says:

    Please. Kelly’s performance has yet to be topped on Idol. I really can’t imagine how it could be.

    • James Durbs says:

      Because the Glamberts will slam this poll with votes for Adam to make up for the fact that Kris Allen beat him on Idol and they have yet to get over it.

      • gigi says:

        Adam’s fanbase spends the most time online.

        • jane says:

          is that why you’re here, fellow Glambert?

        • mary moon says:

          Remember when it use to be those pesky Claymates

          • imrahd says:

            So every other artists fans are pesky but yourself? Just wondering.

          • ligi says:

            Lambert’s album is a flop. What ever happened to “rock gawd”

            It is because his fans are a-holes, or because his skin is full of holes? Like craters. Gross.


          • kelli says:

            His career is not over. We will all have to wait and see what happens. I Nmy opinion he is just getting starte. Kelly’s second album was her biggest. Hopefully adam’s next album and tour will be 10 times bigger.

          • Truthii says:

            Wow. Amazing how jealous of Lambert all these other idol fans are. Those who don’t even like the guy are more obsessed with talking about him than those who like him! Morons don’t even realize that it’s this type of polarity that makes him so successful.

        • Tina says:

          So what?

      • Let says:

        Kris beating Adam has not been an issue since Adam outsold Kris with the opening album sales. LOL. Now Kris is up to a little over 300,000 and Adam a little over 800,000 plus to 10 in many countries plus many award wins in many countries. Kris is a non-issue at this point to everyone except his 100 fans.

        • aunt_deen says:

          His 100 fans?

          Right, each one of us bought 30,000 albums.

          • James Durbs says:

            @aunt_deen you should know better, math has no place in an argument with a Glambert!

          • Kirsten says:

            You are both a bit math-challenged. That would be 300 albums per fan, not 30,000. LOL

          • James Durbs says:

            Actually that would be 3000

          • Kirsten says:

            My bad. LOL. I saw that just after I posted!

          • Brian says:

            Sorry, but your math is wrong!
            100 fans x 30,000 would be 3,000,000.

            So, 100 fans X 3,000 would equal 300,000.

            Obviously, each one of his fans did not purchase 3,000 albums either.

            I do think that it’s pretty clear at this point that Kris Allen’s insane votes did not translate into album sales.

            Whether you love or hate Adam Lambert or Kris Allen, at this point you can’t deny the difference in album sales and concert appearances after an HUGELY successful WORLD TOUR of WELL OVER 100 shows which were almost all sold out.

          • sally says:

            Don’t some people make totally useless comments!

        • helenkrump says:

          Er don’t forget the 1.5 million singles Kris sold–he went platinum, and was up for a Billboard award, but hey, don’t let the FACTS get in the way of your delusions.

          • Knight says:

            yes at #21 for Hot Christian Singles, I hope he does well,Kris is a really good human being , something his fans have never seemed to learn how to be, I can’t believe how all you KA fans still feel the need to diss Adam and his fans. You are the biggest hypocrites ever, becoming the very thing you accuse others of.

          • Marissa says:

            Knight, the person you are responding to was responding to someone who claimed that Kris had 100 fans. What was said from the “KA fan” that was such a “diss”, and what the hell was said negatively about Adam? I don’t see what you are referring to………

          • Joseph says:

            Geez , why does this degrade to a Kris vs Adam thing the dides are friends and have some what different fans , though they do have some cross over.

            But as for Adam he has done well with his 1st Album and singles ,, with Album sales of 1.2 million units as of January 2011 plus an additional 4.2 million units of single tracks.

            But back to the vote , Adam , I think had the most stand out single performance in Idol history. Not to say that Kelly is not amazing but I do not think her performance of Natural Woman had the same level of impact as Mad World did for Adam.

          • kyrjar says:

            Agree with Joseph. Some of us Adam-fans like Kris mightily well too. Most talented season by far. Kelly is only one, though, that I buy the whole CD without hesitation yet Mad World was single best AI performance.

          • kat23morg says:

            Well I think you are forgetting too that Adam’s What Do You Want From Me has out sold Kris Allen’s Live like you are dying.hugely…Adam was in number one spot of VH1 for this video eight weeks straight…4 weeks straight with If I Had You…Adam’s cd worldwide is Platinum…Plus remember that the International Version of FYE does not count in the sales of FYE…He sold a bunch of those too…Adam has won countless awards in the past year and a half…He won Much Music Award for Best Video…He was nominated for a Grammy…that he should have won…(Drug addict Mars won), Adam had a sold out US tour (they had to add dates for to satisfy demand), he had a sold out International tour…He has raised over one million dollars total for three charity’s (name me a current artist who is new that has even done any work for charity like him in the past year…even a established artist) and he remains humble through all of this. I think the true test of Adam’s success is if you go anyway in the world where media is and mention his name…most will know who he is…but if you mention Kris…probably 90 % or more will not know who he is…I can not quite understand the hatred being spewed here toward Adam for Kelly’s sake…Have you ever heard Adam speak of Kelly…he praises her left and right for having a beautiful voice…He is a kind soul who appreciates those who do the art well…He constantly is tweeting about new music from other artist and how great it is…I do not see this happening from others. I have seen Adam live…he has an incredible voice and gift …his performance quality live is even better than on TV (that is rare), he needs no dubing…does not lip synch…His concert was fantastic…Doubters…go to Youtube…type in Foxwood Glam Tour…I recommend Wanna Whole Lotta of Love (there are two versions from two different nights)…the most amazing vocal performance I have ever heard..I love Kelly…but Adam’s Mad World was so full of emotion…it was just breath taking. You could feel the pain when he sang.

          • Hopper says:

            Who could anyone forget Kris’s platinum single? It’s the only claim this ONE HIT WONDER has to fame since Idol ended! Kris Allen was nominated in a Christian category for the Billboard awards!! Lulz. Lambert was nominated for a Grammy for pop vocals. Adam sold over 800,000 albums, Kris sold barely over 300,000. Adam is gold or platinum worldwide in many countries and is performing in Moscow this month. Kris didn’t sell gold in his own country and is performing at the Arkansas fair! Puuuulllleeeaase there is no contest.

          • kathy says:

            Adams single sold 1.65 million he is gold and platnium everywhere and he was nominated for a Grammy which is much bigger then the billboard awards. Adam is going to Russia this week to perform Where is Kris going?

        • sleepwalker4u says:

          I’m with you on this one Let. As for Adam not winning AI, I have articles proving AT&T thing but thats not the issue either. Kris needed the title to make it where he is. Adam didn’t need it to be the mega star he is right now and yes this is just the beginning. Look up his achievements already. As for the Glamberts staying online, its the fans that win the polls right???? So we will vote on every poll he is on. Can we say ULTIMATE IDOL….just saying.

      • Kirsten says:

        How’s that possible when it’s one vote per IP address?

        • Kirsten says:

          My post was in reply to James Durb’s comment about
          Glamberts “slamming the poll with votes for Adam”.
          Not possible since voting is restricted.

          • Glamberace says:

            @Kirsten I don’t know where you see that voting is restricted to one vote per IP, but I don’t think that’s actually the case.

          • Kirsten says:

            When I tried to vote a second time, it said “thank you,
            we have already counted your vote”. Did it not do that
            for you?

          • GG says:

            I was allowed to vote twice, and it seemed to take it b/c the percentage numbers changed slightly. I have not read anywhere that it was restricted. idk…
            I voted for Adam, and I am not a glambert. I actually voted for Kris in the earlier round, but I am a fan of them both (but I haven’t bought either’s album lol).

        • Amanda says:

          That’s not the case, but it should be.

          • Emy says:

            That is the case. Try voting more than once, it’ll tell you that it’s already counted your vote.

        • jen says:

          One vote per IP address per day.

          • cindy says:

            Really? I just voted again and it did not say anything and it seemed as though my vote went through. Hm.

            (i voted for Kelly. I did enjoy Mad World, but I actually like Kelly’s vocals a little more..)

        • sally says:

          Yes only one vote allowed for me as well.

      • Rhama says:

        It’s not Kelly vs Adam but “Natural Woman” vs “Mad World”. Out of Idol Universe “Natural Woman” is not a stellar performance. Sorry.

        • Jenny says:

          Please speak for yourself if you don’t think “Natural Woman” was a steallar performance. Don’t speak for other people around the world. I don’t think “Mad World” was that great vocally or otherwise. You can hear him gulping in air before almost every line, and his last note was just off. Should I add the disingenuous “Sorry.” at the end of my comment like all the Glamberts usually do?

          • Rhama says:

            Actually I like Kelly more than Adam. Sorry.

          • Teresa says:

            Funny you should mention the “gulping.” It’s not something Adam usually does. He has great breath control. I was listening to the song (not watching it) once and I realized at the end of it that I had been unconsciously gasping along with him.

            I think it was a deliberate choice in order to evoke the feeling of the song in the listener.

          • Rhama says:

            Just to clarify – unlike Adam, Kelly’s best performances came after Idol.

          • Blair says:

            @Teresa: Gulping? Not something Adam usually does? Maybe we should ask Kris Allen .. :P

          • Kirsten says:

            Rhama – Did you go to any of the Glam Nation shows ? Didn’t think so.

        • sass says:

          Natural Woman was the best performance on Idol. That note was unbelievable. Kelly is a superstar. Her voice gives chills.

        • kyrjar says:

          I prefer Kelly (overall after-AI fave) but Mad World was better.

          Adam v Kelly is how it should be in the finals, imo, though for me it is David Cook (fave AI run) v. Adam (best single performance) for favorite performance.

          • Skeff says:

            Totally agree with you, kyrjar. I prefer Kelly over Adam overall, but that’s because I’m a huge fan of Kelly’s music POST Idol, and her as an artist overall.

            I would probably pick multiple David Cook performances though over her stuff during the Idol season 1.

        • djm says:

          I don’t care for either song. For Kelly I would select “Stuff Like That There” and for Adam I would have chosen “Whole Lotta Love” or “Ring of Fire”, but mainly because I am sorta burnt on “Mad wORLD”. But whatever. I voted for Adam, not because I am a “Glambert”, but because I think the perfromance is WAY more intriguing than Natural Woman. And sorry, but I see Kris Allan fans starting cr@p way more frequently than Adam’s fans now. Back in the day it was Adam’s fans more, but now that Adam & Kris have released their CD’s and completed their tours it seems like the Kris fans feel like they have more to proove since Kris didn’t take off the way they wanted him to. Whatever. They are so different in terms of style that I don’t think you can compare them and in fact, if they hadn’t been on the same season I doubt anyone would EVER put their names together for any reason. So why not just give it a rest?

      • Karrie says:

        While I loved Adam’s version of MW, he has become too much of a ‘Diva’ for me to even consider myself a fan anymore. Not to mention how the Glambert fans treat anyone who dares to be compared with him.

        • imrahd says:

          You were never a fan to write something like this, shame on you for being fake and slamming others just because your Idol is not getting all the attention Adam is getting. What else can elicit such hatred? I don’t feel that way about Kris or Clay fans. Why not enjoy your Idol and his/her news and let others enjoy theirs?

          • Bokkie says:

            So basically what you’re saying is that a fan is someone who supports their idol no matter what they do? That is the problem with all glamberts. It’s like saying that just because you’re a fan of some actor you adore every single movie they’ve ever made… it’s possible to be a “fan” of someone and enjoy a certain phase of their career but move on when they change (or your tastes do).

        • e3fan205 says:

          Adam…a diva??? Really? He is spoken so well of by musicians, producers, AI band members and coaches, GNT castmates, interviewers, talk show hosts, and staff at so many venues. So many have tweeted, commented in interviews how nice he is, how appreciative he is, and how very talented he is to work with. The words we hear most are “loyal” “sweet” and a real “collaborator”. I got a chance to meet him and he was warm, sincere, generous with his time and gracious.
          Both he and Kelly Clarkson are terrific. I think what sets Adam Lambert apart from the rest is that he can sing any kind of music, and sing it well.

          It is a tough vote. So pick your favorite. But really consider what experience you’ve had or what “report” you’ve heard and how much you really trust the source it came from before labeling him a diva.

          Just not consistent with what those who have worked with him and those who have had a chance to meet him say about him.

          • Jessica says:

            Why do people call Adam a Diva? He isn’t one. His fans are nuts but Adam is the most humble sweet guy you see. He is so gracious when he meets celebrities and never truly has anything bad to say about anyone. If someone bad mouths him like Aiken he laughs it off. Have you ever seen his concert? He’s all about love and goodness. He had people fighting once at a concert and stopped to tell them to hug and be nice because his songs are all about love. He’s very spiritual. Its ridiculous some of things people say. How can you truly be a fan if you don’t know what your talking about? Like thinking he’s easy and dramatic. The guys an actor! His whole tour was a show he put on./ I don’t know how many times he has said he’s not easy and Tommy is straight and the whole things a performance but yet people always insult him calling him a diva and stuff.

        • morgan says:

          You know…I am a Glambert…maybe we react that way due to the unreal amount of hate spewed toward Adam…Like your Diva comment…that comment is so false it is not funny…Adam is a humble person…his nature is to give and compliment..He is always complimenting artist about good work…He loves Kelly…has often said she has a beautiful voice. Somehow in this past year and a half…a time packed with recording …touring…He managed to help raise over one million dollars for three charity’s. His current one is he is donating the majority of the proceeds of his remix of AFtermath to the Trevor Project…If that is a Diva…then we need more Diva’s? Your statement in this regard …is false…and sounds pretty homophobic…i.e. he is not macho enough for you.

          • stinglikeabee says:

            Kristards are not worth responding to..they need to get over the jealousy of Adams huge and caring so jealous..

        • SamD says:

          And by Diva you mean gay. Moron.

        • lah says:

          Adam is not a Diva – what do you base your opinion on? From everything I’ve seen and read Adam is a talented and humble person. Everyone that has worked with Adam or interviewed him has nothing but good things to say about him. He is constantly supporting his friends’ careers and making twitter comments in support of other artists that are in direct competition with his music. He has never said that he is the best singer or that any of his performances are perfect. So, again how is he a Diva?

          • sally says:

            He’s not a Diva, some people just like to waste time getting Adams fans on the defensive, most of these idots don’t even follow him so how would they even know. I wouldn’t waste your time on a response.

      • Katillac says:

        I’m not slamming anything. I’ve voted once for Adam, because I like his performance best.

      • coconutghost says:

        Yeah, I’m sure Adam fans care that Kris won Idol when two years later it’s pretty obvious who’s more successful. When will Idol fans realize that winning isn’t really relevant in the real world?

        Tho I’m sure someone whose name is, “James Durbs,” is completely impartial about Adam’s fans ;)

        • Nick says:

          aren’t you giving the statement credibility by responding to it with a “Adam is more successful” bit? I mean, it just proves their point when you do that. The point is that Glamberts always want to keep the comparisons alive because they feel they have something to “prove”. And you’re just going right along with that mindset.

          • coconutghost says:

            Your reading comprehension skills are really lacking, huh? My only point was that no one cares who won Idol. I don’t care about JHud, but it’s obvious that she’s one of the most successful Idols regardless of the fact that she didn’t come close to winning. That doesn’t make me a bitter JHud fan, that makes me a realist.

          • number8gurl says:

            Nick, I beg to differ with you. I have been following these comments closely here and anywhere else that Adam is in some sort of Idol voting contest and believe me Glamberts have nothing to ‘prove’. It is always someone else that brings up the “Adam didn’t win Idol get over it” thing that puts Glamberts on the defensive. So do your homework before making a statement like that. And BTW anyone stating that “Adam is more successful” is not being a ‘Diva’. That is a known fact but it is also a fact that Kris Allen fans literally force Glamberts to reiterate it over and over again because of their Adam bashing. The truth is this particular round is between Adam and Kelly and has nothing to do with Kris Allen yet these people moved over to this thread after Kris lost to Adam in the previous round to continue bashing him. I am a Glambert and let me tell you I know that I speak for all Glamberts when I say that we could really care less that Adam doesn’t have the title of American Idol. His career is doing just fine. The only thing that smarts from time to time is that he truly DESERVES the title. But it’s just a title and means very little in the big scheme of things such as a career as a recording artist.

      • debo says:

        Wow James! you just haven’t got over Adams constuctive critisism have you! You are not going to make it in this business if you cannot not take it! He gave you the kind of critique that the judges failed to give you. I do not know how the comparisions between you and Adam started, but you have a loooooong way to go before you come even close to the talent that he has. Get over yourself!!!

      • Melissa says:

        Anyone with eyes can see that the site doesn’t count any votes after your first one. It give you an error saying “thank you we already counted your vote” if you try to vote multiple times. It is restricted to one vote per IP address.

        So the only way to “slam it” is with greater numbers of fans. So sorry Adam has so many fans, I’m sure that’s disappointing to you LOL.

        • Chris says:

          Adam may have fans voting on stupid polls, but they don’t buy his album. I think Adam is a flop from his album sales. He was supposed to be this big special man from another planet bullsh*t, and he didn’t even go platinum on his first album right out of Idol. That is very sad. I did buy Adam’s CD. I think I only played it once. I listen to all 4 of Kelly’s albums all the time. Kelly rules. Her performances on Idol are still the best ones to this day. She is a star!!!

          • Mandy says:

            Adam sold over 1.2 million copies of his album world-wide, 4.2 million singles (those figures were from months ago), and was the first idol to headline his own world tour (110 venues, mostly sold-out) straight out of idol. He had a venue of 75K in Canada and 15-20K at three venues in Asia. He is more popular internationally than he is here. The market here has changed a lot. Even Kelly’s last two albums were not platinum.

            His album sales more than doubled the sales of the winner and he received a Grammy nomination. So I’m not sure why he is considered a failure in this market.

          • Dallygirl says:

            If the US wasn’t a bunch of dumb headed homophobes the Adam would be a lot further in sales over there.
            Unfortunately he is held back by people who don’t like the fact that he is GAY, and that he doesn’t hide it.
            We support Adam because he supports us back, he talks with us on twitter and answers our questions, he let’s us into his life so that we can be a part of it as well. He keeps us informed on his writing for his 2nd album.
            I can offer nothing but support and love for this wonderful human being.
            Sometimes it’s not about just the music, but about the person behind it.

      • Kaleena says:

        The only reason Adam didn’t win is because so many homophobes voted against him. They didn’t care WHO was against him, they would have voted for ANYONE who was against him. It’s sad they put Kris in that position, but yeah, voting FOR Kris and voting AGAINST Adam aren’t quite the same thing, if you think about it!

        • Kaleena says:

          Oh, and PS: I voted for Adam in this poll, and I am a HUGE Kelly Clarkson fan, but no one has topped Adam’s entire season over all. (Not just one performance.) My favorite Adam performance was actually Tracks of my Tears!

          • TT says:

            Kaleena, you are a delusional conspiracy theorist. If you are so content with Adam’s career, you wouldn’t feel the need to talk about homophobes as the sole reason Adam lost Idol.

            A gay Kris Allen still would have beaten a straight Adam. Kris’ performance and vocal style is just more likable than Adam’s on a broad viewing basis.

          • kyrjar says:

            Kaleena is correct. I said from the beginning that season that Adam would make the final and whoever he was against would win. Nothing against Kris, though, because he should have won any year other than against Kelly, Cookie, or Adam. Kris was awesome. And Adam should not have been so quick to flaunt his overtly gay side — he had more momentum than anyone off AI and blew it with that cover and performance out the gate. Adam did have alot of success but I think his CD was worthy of more mainstream hits.

        • radical_moderate says:

          er if there are so many “homophobes” among the AI voting public, how did Lambert get to the final 2? You people just don’t get it–Kris Allen fans find him mad talented and voted for hom based on that reason, and for another thing, get over it.

          • Bree says:

            Kris fans find him so mad talented that they failed to buy his album and failed to come to his concerts. He ended up being a joke of a winner because his so-called fans did not think enough of his talent to suppor thim. You made him look like a fool.

      • Kathy says:

        Everybody is over Kris beating Adam on American Idol. Allen’s Arkansas fans cheated with the help of AT&T but it did not do Allen much good. Adam will always be the star of Season 8.

        • TT says:

          yeah, you’re so “over it” that you keep talking about it and feeling compelled to bring up conspiracy theories, which are normally started only by bitter people who want to make themselves feel better about an outcome. Who do you think you’re fooling?

        • MJM says:

          True, it’s called karma. Arkansas cheated to give Kris the win, and he hasn’ been very successful at all. Kris is the Arkansas Idol while Adam Lambert is famous around the world. Yes, karma is a b**ch!

          • @galaga6846 says:

            I can’t STAN Lambert fans. Ugh. Could it be that not everyone liked his singing voice?

            I voted for Kelly, and I hope Kelly comes out on top. She’s the only mainstream pop music singer that literally gives me “goosies”. Adam’s voice makes me cringe. It’s NOT because he’s gay. I couldn’t give a crap about that. It doesn’t matter to me, or the majority of people who voted for Kris in season 8. Get over yourselves.

      • kellym says:

        Are you James Durbin from American Idol or just a fan of his?

      • barb says:

        Nothing to get over except perhaps a restrictive,narrow minded group of voters. Adam’s talent and hugely successful worldwide acceptance speaks for itself.

      • Barb says:

        Nothing to get over…Adam’s worldwide success and acceptance speaks for itself.

      • @galaga6846 says:

        Yes, yes and YES!!!

      • sleepwalker4u says:

        There is nothing to get over. He may have taken the title from AI but Adam has gone so much further. He didn’t need the title while Kris did. No disrespect intended.

      • Suncatcher says:

        James, we got over that a long, long time ago. We know what most do, Adam Lambert is an amazing musician / performer who designs his own settings and arranges the music and musicians around him. For Mad World, he kept it so simple, it was totally powerful – a chair with dimmed aqua blue light. Your focus was on the lyrics.

        Love Kris Allen. Still do – as do many of us “Glamberts”. But, for now, no one from AI can hold a candle to the creative genius of Adam Lambert.

      • Sally says:

        Please give me a break, there are plenty of other people that love Adam other than his Glambert followers. He has outshined any other idol contestant while on the show.

      • Kathy@Glambertsbullies says:

        Since you brought it up looks like u cant get over adult vote for who u want + move on..

      • SuperMusicFreak says:

        Yeah the only thing worse are Durbinators. Gags me just to say it. I’m a metal head. And this guy is a joke. And he looks like a freak.

      • Lea says:

        I’m a big Kelly fan, but I think Lambert’s rendition of Mad World was better than Kelly’s Natural Woman. He created a moment with that performance, which not many contestants achieve. Your comment makes you sound like your bitter about Lambert’s success, and also, like a sore loser.

      • billybob says:

        You say the Glambert will “slam this Poll”! How???You can only vote once per computer. Maybe you have dozens, most people have 1 or 2, counting home and work.

      • Melissa says:

        LOL I can’t even take you seriously.

      • Rhonda says:

        As far as I’m concerned Adam was better off not winning idol. His talent overpowers every1 & us “glamberts” slam the voting, well we luv Adam & r loyal & support always he is doing amazing in his career & didn’t have 2 win idol 2 do it. So Glamberts r not mad he didn’t win idol we r glad. Besides a few winners Adam has more going on in his career then many. So im almost sure hebwill beat Kelly because his mad world performance was over the top

      • Judith says:

        That’s absurd. Adam is a great talent and his performance was magnificent. No one is upset Chris won. Adam is doing just great, professionally, as we knew he would.

      • eriskay says:

        Kris is a nice guy and a friend of Adam. He may have won the titile, but that’s all. It has not done a lot of good to others who have won it. As far as Adam’s fans are concerned – he won! Yeah, they vote like crazy.
        Kelly is one of the few American Idol winners to be a success, which she deserved!

      • glamity58 says:

        I have so gotten over Kris Allen’s win. I wanted Danny Gokey to win (I’m from Wisconsin) and my favorite Adam to take second. It seems to work out better. And, once again, another white guy wins this year. Don’t tell me, you probably blame Adam for James Durbin leaving the show as well. What a joke. I think he should also be blamed for global warming. Maybe he is also responsible for us catching Osama Bin Laden. Whatever. I wanted Haley this year but not because of Adam.

      • kr says:

        Oh COME ON…. Many of his fans like Kris as well; nobody cares anymore. And Adam has done far more with his career than Kris has, anyway.

    • Julie says:

      Mad World was Adam’s “nice” performance. He had others that were more exciting and certainly way more virtuoso. So I choose Adam for his over-all, not just the one song.

      • YoDawg says:

        Except that isn’t really the point of this (pointless and meaningless) bracket competition.

        • Teecie says:

          I’d just like to say that I find it amusing that you took the time to comment in this “(pointless and meaningless) bracket competition.” Just saying …

          • YoDawg says:

            I’m here for the comments – the fighting (particularly between the Adam/Kris fans) is hilarious and the snark is out of control!

            And I just mean it’s pointless and meaningless in the grand scheme of things – it’s not like the winner is getting anything for it.

          • Kirsten says:

            Logic-challenged I see. If the poll is “pointless’, it can’t have a point. N’est-ce pas?

        • julie says:

          @YoDawg: Yes, I’d assumed in the beginning that with each new bracket level we’d get a new song by the advancing contestant, not the same one over and over. I think that would have been way more fun (and slightly less pointless), since for me the real point has been to go back and listen to all those old performances… but whatever the point of it, I guess all we can do is each make our own point…

          • YoDawg says:

            That would make an interesting bracket competition! (and give us many more performances to go back and watch)

      • MDEP says:

        See, I love Kelly Clarkson. I have all her albums. I like Adam Lambert and was rooting for him to win, but I do not have his album. However, I do not think Natural Woman was her best (I voted for Stuff Like that There). I think Adam Lambert’s Mad world was a better performance overall so I voted for him. Isn’t that the whole point of this? Best Performance, not overall performances?

        • Rhama says:


        • Julie says:

          Yes, maybe, but who cares, since it’s all so silly. Anyway, I didn’t say I liked Adam’s Mad World any LESS than Clarkson’s Natural Woman– if I had a clear preference performance-wise, I’d have gone with that… BUt given I felt her best only tied with his not quite best, I went with who moves me over all. BUT — can’t stand Kelly’s pop stuff on the radio, by the way, so I was glad to discover how great she was singing actual good songs while on idol. To me, that’s been the real point of this silly contest.

          • GinaBallerina says:

            I’m so happy to hear that someone else discovered how awesome Kelly is. I was lucky enough to see her on Idol, but I’m not sure I would know how fabulous she is had I not seen/heard her on Idol. She is infinitely better than the material she has released (except for the hugely underrated My December album), especially her “pop stuff on the radio,” as you put it), and that’s a shame.

            That said, this isn’t her best. Look up “Stuff Like That There” and “Without You” (top 3 results show) to see her best.

            I’m happily surprised this pool has come down to my two fav Idol contestants/two of my fav singers. I’m not sure how I’ll vote yet, but it will be based on performance NOT performer.

        • M says:

          You dont have his album yet?? That sounds strage! :) and may I ask why on earth?? I live sooo far away from the USA and still get everything on the market about him. That’s fun! And his album was great for a starter!

    • Carlos says:

      Kris Allen is highly appreciated by most Glamberts. Most people got over that loss like 2 months later. Stop trolling.

      • Lissy says:

        Exactly! As Adam himself said during the post-Idol media rounds when everyone was trying to get him to bitch about losing, Kris is an incredibly talented musician and an all around great guy.

        LOL there’s room in the music biz for both of them, this isn’t the Wild West.

    • Sass says:

      Nobody can top Kelly’s performance. She is a true superstar!! Her voice gives chills!!!

      • indigo says:

        Okay then, I am happy for you, see not so hard enjoy your Idol without slamming other artist’s fans.

    • J. May says:

      well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man

    • JanusJanis says:

      Most of these comments make me sad. They just reflect all of the ugliness, hatred, and violent thinking and actions in the world at large.
      It’s an online poll, people. Yes, I am here to vote for Adam, but I’ve voted on some polls where he didn’t win, too, and that’s okay. There is enough room for every person on the planet to be creative and awesome. Yeah, we have our favorites, but why spend time trashing others feelings and opinions? Time to make a change in the world, people, and respect each other.
      If not, keep on fighting and being ugly. Your choice.

    • sleepwalker4u says:

      Look at the numbers above. Now whos performance was the best? Adam Lambert. Nothing against Kelly but I have no idea what she sings. I’ve only seen her in the movie with Justin. Adam Lambert outshines any and all past, previous and future idols. Thats my opinion.

  2. Ronet says:

    “Mad World” for sure!

    • t.t says:

      god these glamberts will try and ruin another idol competition. vote on talent not fave contestant. sure adam’s mad world was excellent but it’s nothing compared to Queen of idols natural woman

      • riskylady says:

        Um, the TALENT is WHY we are Glamberts…..Adam adds good staging to his performances because he has the knowledge/experience from his pre-Idol work, but his vocals are always his first priority. He does many acoustic performances too, where his voice is his only accessory. Taking nothing away from Kelly, LOVE her wonderful voice too, but this is just a choice between two performances….

      • Ruby says:

        LMAO @ you getting so mad about something like this. Gear down, turbo, it’s just an internet poll.

      • Mia says:

        I voted for Heartless over Mad World, but in this match up, it’s Mad World for sure. Although I honestly feel both Adam and Kelly had better performances than these two.

      • indigo says:

        Just vote for your idol without slamming on Glamberts, can you do that? too hard for you to be civil? BITTER MUCH?

      • chris says:

        Yes. Nobody compares to the Queen of Idol. The only performance on Idol in all seasons that I gave a standing ovation. I have all of her albums. She is a superstar!

      • kreativegurl says:

        if you are referring to this season and james….pleassseee…james shot himself in the foot with the cockier than hell attitude of his and singing (shall i say screaming) out of tune….i am a glambert…why…? because i love artist who truly have a voice…have performance and a huge heart…adam has all of that…i loved mad world but…loved his other work on idol…and his work afterwards…unbelievable performances on tour…and tv…just a great entertainer…glams do not hate kelly…as a matter of fact…like adam…we think she is awesome…we also do not hate kris…he is a nice guy and adam and him are friends…by the way kris is married and straight for the idiot who posted otherwise.

  3. Wanda says:

    I love Kelly, LOVE LOVE LOVE her, but that crazy note at the end of Natural Woman is not right. I think even she would admit that.

    • Cristina says:

      Umm if by “not right” you mean “an amazing note that about 1% of the population could ever hope to hit” then yes, it was not right at all!

    • Aww c’mon, if we’re using that reasoning, it’s worth pointing out that Adam’s final note on Mad World went noticeably sharp before he corrected it.

      Kelly’s deserves the top spot.

      • N says:

        Exactly.. The whole ending of MW sounded a little off.

      • Julie says:

        Adam is on the edge of sharp throughout, noticeably on the word “spaces” at the end of the first verse, yet it sort of works in this case — sort of increases the eeriness of the song. He’s perfect on the studio version though. Nonetheless, I still think there’s artistry to his singing that Kelly Clarkson doesn’t approach.

    • too shrill says:

      It’s funny; there were so many Adam performances I didn’t like because I felt like he put vocal pyrotechnics ahead of the song itself. And I love Kelly. But here I am voting for an Adam performance over a Kelly performance, because “Mad World” is one where I felt like the whole thing held together…while Kelly’s glory note in “Natural Woman” is one of the rare instances of her doing what I thought Adam often did; showing off the powers of her voice in a way that takes me out of the song instead of enhancing it. If “Stuff Like That There” had made it through to this round, it would have my vote.

    • GSOgymrat says:

      I didn’t watch AI Season 1, so this was the first time I had seen Kelly Clarkson perform this song. I was totally into it until she hit that high note– completely unnecessary and jarring. Reminds me of why I don’t care for Mariah Carey.

      • ai says:

        It wasn’t completely unnecessary and jarring. Even the judges loved it. And she only hit that note once during her time on Idol and didn’t do it all time like Mariah does but what is unnecessary & jarring is all those high notes Adam hit when he was on Idol. It got old fast.

  4. Mart says:

    Got to be Kelly– a real natural singing talent. Adam is just too ‘rock opera’ theatrical for my taste.

  5. sara says:

    This is too hard, but Mad World was spine tingling. I love me some Kelly, but have to go with Adam here.

  6. Kate says:

    Lambert doesnt even compare, strip away all the lighting, audience, all effects and see if its anywhere near Clarksons league, NAH!

    • Well said. ^
      Mad World was very nice, but Kelly tore the roof off.

    • aislinn says:

      All the effects? Seriously? Since when is a blue spotlight and a chair a ton of effects? And hello, Kelly had an audience too, but if you strip it all away, what you’re left with is Adam’s ethereal voice – sheer heaven.

    • CK says:

      Kate, I highly recommend that you watch Adam perform his song ‘Soaked’ from his Glam Nation tour. His performance of ‘Sleepwalker’ from this night was also really, really jaw-dropping amazing, too. And this was one of the last shows of a 5+ month, worldwide 110+ stop tour!

      • SB says:

        Thanks for recommending this video. It really shows how amazing Adam is, and how versitile! I have been an Adam fan since he was on Idol, and Mad World remains my favorite performance of all. I rewatched both, and even though Kelly’s is great, the subtle approach Adam took to the performance and the way he draws you into the experience continues to make it, for me, the Best Performance ever…with emphasis on performance.

      • Julie says:

        @CK: Thanks for posting this. It is sublime. He takes songs that in and of themselves are not all that great, and does something absolutely great in how he sings them. But after Soaked and a few songs from that album, I listened to his “Change is Gonna Come” from the same tour, and for the first time ever I disliked his extravagances. He goes completely out off the key of that great song and it just sounds awful (on each performance posted, so he intentionally chose those “wrong” notes). So disappointing given his AI rendition.

        • Kris says:

          Julie commented

          Adam only sang ‘Change is Gonna Come’ once during his Glam Nation tour, and that was at the Music Box in Las Angelos, where he had sung it 7 years previously at the Zodiac Show. It is not on any of his albums. So I’m not sure what you are talking about. I agree that his Music Box performance of it was not equal to his Idol performance of the song, but coming at the end of a 112 performance tour, that’s somewhat understandable.

        • Canadiann says:

          I am a hard core Glambert who also loves Kelly (I have all her CD’s) but “Mad World” got my vote. Left me in awe the night he performed it live on AI.

          @Julie Sadly, I agree with your comment about Adam’s one and only GNT performance of “A Change Is Gonna Come”. I was disappointed too, perhaps because I LOVE his Idol verson so much that nothing can compare. Even though it was the end of a long tour and I expected that Adam would change it up, I was soooo hoping for a version I would love as much. I’m not complaining, though. 99.9% satisfaction ain’t bad.

        • number8gurl says:

          If you compare Adam’s performance of ACIGC during GNT to his previous performance of the song at that same venue for The Zodiak Show 6 years prior the crazy vocal runs are very similar (and I think closer to the original version by Sam Cook). Adam refined it a bit for Idol and although I love all 3, I agree with everyone that Adam’s performance of ACIGC on Idol was his best performance of that song and I also consider it his best performance on Idol (above Mad World).

        • barbls says:

          I can tell you really did not listen to the version he did at Nokia of A Change Is Going To Come. His glory note at the end is like no other. I have never heard a note as extraordinary and just beyond understanding. You really do not get it. These comments make me laugh. Your hate on for Adam,, his fans are so ridiculous. Adam Lambert is the greatest vocalist that I have ever heard. His live performances are absolutely exciting with vocals beyond worldly. Find fault, hate him, hate us, but you can never take away that he is the most talented artist of our times. No, in American his FYE did not go platinum yet, but he has sold over a million world wide. He is a world-side star. How many other AI artists can you say the same of. Only 2 others. The U.S. is made up of narrow-minded people with mediocre taste in music. Brainwashed into accepting good and comfortable with auto-tuning thrown in. Packaging wins the day and inane songs are where it is at. Got a good beat and a chorus of 3 words and you hit the top of the charts. Adam is exceptional and it is your loss for not really listening and realizing how exceptional he is. His music, including lyrics is that good. A song for each mood and that voice, oh that voice. I love Kelly Clarkson, but Adam is someone that comes along so rarely. His voice is that extraordinary and he owns any stage he is on. You can find fault all you want, but it doesn’t change reality!!

          • Luz says:

            Adam is the best male singer/performer. He can sing anything and is always so humble and appreciative of others. He should have the title of american idol season 8 because he worked for it and no other person in that season could sing better. He did not win and I felt so bad for him, not because I like him but because he really deserved that title. I know he is a friend of Kris.BUT…if you compare the two for their singing ability and as performers ADAM will out shine Kris every time. Both Adam and Kris are gifted but Kris is not in the same league as Adam. Adam is a superstar with a superb voice and great performance skills. Add the physical beauty, he looks alot like Elvis Presley. Adam can also make fabulous conversation.All in all, a singer like Adam only comes along once in a life time and I wish him and Kris great health and wealth.

      • Teecie says:

        Thanks, CK. That was a stunning performance. I love Adam!

    • Daisy says:

      I have to disagree with you, Kate. I personally think Adam is the best singer Idol ever has.

    • indigo says:

      Sure, why not, whatever you say, happy?

  7. Lunakit says:

    Just watched both of them again. Both are incredible vocalists, but I had to give it to Adam for creating and then breaking the surface tension just by standing up at the right moment.

    • Joey says:

      That was such a great moment, with his voice swelling from haunting to powerful as he stood up. Perfect.

  8. davey says:

    Much as I respect Adam’s talent, he’s just can beat Clarkson, even if she isn’t as technically perfect.

  9. John Berggren says:

    Adam all the way. The only way it would have been a contest would be if Fantasia was here.

  10. aislinn says:

    It’s Mad World for me. This wasn’t Kelly’s best performance, in my opinion – Stuff Like That There was. Even so, Adam’s vulnerable and heartfelt performance of this song just blew me away the night he sang it, and it has stood the test of time(especially in the hugely various ways he has re-imagined the song throughout all the times he performed it). Adam’s strength is in his live performing, and this is a stellar example of that.

  11. flower says:

    Kelly all the way!!! She IS American Idol! If it wasn’t for her, there would not have been a Season 8 for Adam to be in. And that was the moment she sealed the competition. Go Kelly!!!

  12. If we do this bracket again in a year, I’d be cool with Haley Reinhart being at the top for either “House of the Rising Sun” OR “I Who Have Nothing.” For now, I’ll go with Ms. Clarkson.

    • GS says:

      Please stop with the Haley stuff! She was no where near in the same league as Kelly, Carrie, Melinda, Fantasia, or even Katherine. And she is no comparison to Adam, David Cook, Bo, or Kris with some of their performances.

      • Suncatcher says:

        But Adam Lambert and David Cook took the time to tweet several times over the past several weeks that Haley Reinhart WAS, in their opinions, this year’s Idol and they were dumbfounded by the judging by JLO and Randy and the voting. So are a lot of us.

  13. Becky says:

    I had never seen Kelly’s performance before, so just watched it. It actually didn’t sound GREAT until about 1/3 of the way through, and I literally had to hold my ears for that high note. My daughter was across the room, and when it got to that note, she said, WHAT WAS THAT????? Sorry, just didn’t love th whole song. Mad world was flawless. A better comparison would have been A Change is Gonna Come. No one will ever top that. I do love Kelly, and she is a great vocal talent, but just based on these performances alone, Mad World is my pick.

    • ai says:

      Her whole performance of “Natural Woman” was great. The falsetto note she hit was perfect no need to cover your ears.

  14. Jared says:

    I love Kelly Clarkson, but that performance is really not that great! Shes done better performances before. But FANTASIA’S “SUMMERTIME” IS THE BEST EVER! No questions.

  15. Andy says:

    kelly how is this even close!

  16. CK says:

    I’ve been absolutely in love with Adam the second I saw his audition, I’ve listened to all his songs pre-, during-, and post- Idol hundreds and hundreds of times, and have gone to numerous tour stops of his, but for this I just have to vote for Kelly!!! I just watched her performance again and I’m covered in goosebumps from head to toe, WOW. (The last time I got goosebumps like this was for Adam, but in no way is ‘Mad World’ my favorite performance of his)

  17. Lorie says:

    Mad World is definetly the best of these two songs. Adam made you feel how isolated some youth feel and how they feel suicide will end all their problems. I just listened to Kelly’s song and the very high note in the middle disrupts the whole flow of the song. She went too high on it. Yes, she hit the note but it didn’t enhance the song.

    • chris says:

      That note was amazing. It was perfect for that performance. It let everyone know that she was there to win it all. I stood up in my living room and gave her a standing ovation. I have never stood for any other performance on Idol EVER!!! Kelly is unbelievable.

  18. Algalhi says:

    Kelly is a huge talent with a huge voice. The tone in this song is awesome. Don’t like the sharp high note, but the rest of the song is beautiful.
    Adam’s Mad World is my all-time favorite of his. It’s been on my DVR for 2 years under “Fringe”, the show AI ran over to when it ran long LOL. The song is haunting and sung with such emotion. I think it mirrored some of the angst Adam felt while growing up, and you can hear that in the performance. Mad World for the win!

    • Lissy says:

      I’ll never forget watching Adam’s E! True Hollywood Story and the voice teacher he had all throughout his childhood and adolescence started crying when she talked about his Mad World performance, saying that that was HIM, that was all of Adam growing up put into a song. Legit made me cry with her, since she knew him so well and was so moved by it.

  19. JVC says:

    Kelly has to win!!! She’s the one that started it all. Remember if it wasn’t for her, I doubt we would have ever heard of Adam Lambert. While I was hoping Kris Allen to face her in the finale, I have to throw my support to the original american idol! GO KELLY GO!!

    • Lilly says:

      Unlike with Adam, Kelly would have slautered Kris. You should be thanking Adam from keeping him frome faceing that embarrasment.

      • Nancy says:

        Keep telling yourself that… Kris and Kelly have very normal fanbases, and the voting would’ve been close. But the Adam fans don’t want him to lose another competition like he did 2 years ago, so he’s been beating everyone handily.

  20. riskylady says:

    Evil choice,Slezak! Two phenomenal singers, two phenomenal voices, love them both. Have to give Adam the edge for the haunting song choice, perfect tone, beautiful arrangement, simple ataging and lighting, creating an iconic performance which is well-known in many many countries, not just the U.S. And made Time magazine’s list of Top Ten musical moments for 2009.,28804,1945379_1944027_1944052,00.html

    • N says:

      The arrangement for Mad World is from Donnie Darko. Kinda sad people that people don’t credit Gary Jules that for that. It’s such a beautiful version. Adam did great with it, but he doesn’t deserve the credit for it.

      • algalhi says:

        A lot of people know that this Mad World is Gary Jules’ version, and Adam has credited him, too. Gary Jules was over the moon when Adam sang his song. He recounted the story that he had hoped Adam would sing Mad World, as he thought it would be a good fit for him. He said he had American Idol on while he was doing chores around the house when he heard the first notes of the piano and just went crazy. Gary Jules did a great job remaking the Tears for Fears version.

      • debo says:

        N, Adam did give credit for that song as well as others to the people that arranged them. He never took credit for the arrangement!

      • Mandy says:

        So did David Cook credit Chris Cornell for Hello and did Kris Allen credit The Fray for using their version of Heartless? Did Jason Castro credit Israel Kamakawiwo’ole for his version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow? I don’t even remember any idol saying prior to a performance, oh and I just want to say this arrangement came from so and so. Does it really matter when all of these are covers anyway? What matters is the delivery. I Will Always Love You is sung better by Whitney Houston than Dolly Parton.

        • Sissy says:

          David Cook sang Cornell’s version of Billie Jean, not Hello…and he absolutely DID give credit to Cornell for the arrangement.

        • N says:

          Hum, check your facts. David cook DID credit Chris Cornell for Billie Jean. If you’d look at the episode again, Ryan is clearly saying that David sings Chris Cornell’s version. They just cut it from the youtuve video.

          Kris didn’t use The Fray’s arrangement. It’s different.

    • YoDawg says:

      Slezak didn’t make this choice…do you understand what a bracket competition is?? Just askin’

  21. John says:

    lol at Mad World winning. You could put his version of No Boundaries up against Stuff Like That There and the Glamberts would still make sure he won.

    • Zach says:

      Adam winning is ludicrous. His performance was an indulgent mess. It did pretty much nothing for him as his only successful single was Whataya want from me whereas Kelly’s performance of Natural Woman brought her the biggest success of any idol ever. Worldwide stardom. No other idol has achieved worldwide success yet on multiple singles and albums as well as american success. Not even Carrie Underwood.

      • Ruby says:

        Well, I guess it’s a good thing that this vote isn’t about who the worldwide star is, huh?

      • GavinStrick says:

        Not to mention that Kelly Clarkson will still be a star in 20 years and Adam will be just another aging old Queen.

        • Beverly says:

          You are delusional honey! But if believing that makes you sleep better at night ~ You go right ahead!!

        • Coco says:

          Manners manners!

        • Mandy says:

          Please don’t bash Adam about appearance. I love Kelly but she isn’t the skinniest singer around, is she? Adam has been on People magazine’s Most Beautiful People and Sexiest Men Alive. Has Kelly been on any national magazine’s most beautiful or sexiest list?

          • S says:

            Who cares. Adam is not sexy at all. Kelly is adorable even with a little bit of weight on her. What do magazines have to do with singing ability?? Kelly’s last album outsold Adam’s. If he was the huge phenom that you all talk about, why didn’t he go platinum or multi-platinum? I bought his album and listened to it once. It was okay but nothing special. Every Kelly album is special and different. If you Lambert fans want to hear real haunting, listen to Kelly’s “My December” album. Amazing!

        • Mary says:

          “aging old Queen” so you are homaphobic. I don’t care if you don’t like Adam, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. But when you say something like that it makes your opinion null and void. I love Kelly Clarkson, I’ve bought all her albums. I’m also a big David Cook fan, bought his first album as well. I also think Adam is a great singer (you can’t take that away from him no matter whether you like him or not). All this hate on this site is making me ill. Can’t you people just vote for the performance you like, compliment your artist and leave it at that. Why hate on the other artist and their fans. That’s just childish and ignorant.

        • Joey says:

          Homophobic people like you make me sick.

      • debod says:

        Zach, I beg to differ with you, but Adam is gold and platium all over the world and had a sold out tour and is the only idol ever to headline his own tour! You do not know what your talking about. In Japan, the airport was full of fans waiting for his flight to land. He has achieved worldwide stardom!! Kelly is wonderful as well but she has had over ten years to acheive her stardom, he has just had a couple of years.

        • Mandy says:

          Yes, I agree she has had over 10 years in the business, and album sales have declined drastically in the last few years. Even Kelly’s sales have slowed down and her last two albums didn’t make platinum.

    • James Durbs says:

      So true!

    • N says:

      lol so true.

    • this! says:

      LOL I have nothing to add.

  22. Just Jules says:

    Ok.. for me this is a tough one. While I loved Kelly’s performance of the Aretha hit (I played it over and over the night she sang) and I confess to owning more than one KC album, What I remember of Adam’s Mad World performance was a few things: (1) I had to find it on the internet, because the show went over that night and my DVR cut off; (2) it was the first time I had seen Simon give someone a standing O (of course with the limited time it was an easy out – but I still believe he would have forgone the standing O and just told him it was brilliant); and MOST IMPORTANTLY (3) This was a true “Idol Moment” – where Kelly’s was not.

    Throughout Idol’s 10 Season’s.. there have been few real Idol Moments.. and I would venture to say Adam had more than any other contestant. And god knows I am a huge Adam Lambert fan.. but for me,

    (an no longer in the running) I still think Fantasia’s Summertime was THE quintesential IDOL Moment. IMHO

  23. Paula williamsob says:

    Adam wiped the floor with Kelly! This wasnt his best and it was still better xxxxx

    • ai says:

      Yeah, no he didn’t wipe the floor with Kelly. The only Idol performances that was better than Kelly’s ‘Natural Woman’ was her performance of ‘Stuff Like That There” & Fantasia’s “Summertime”.

  24. N says:

    Kelly desereves to win this. but she probably won’t, because of the glamberts. Thanks a lot for ruining the game.

    • D says:

      Oh please the Kelly fans who voted for HER rather than the performance ruined this bracket. ‘Natural Woman’ doesnt deserve to be anywhere near the top. Beating out Summertime and I Who have nothing, even Heartless- BS!

      • S says:

        You are out of your mind. Kelly Clarkson kills all the other performances hands down. Easily. Nobody even comes close to Ms. Clarkson! Stuff Like That There was amazing as well.

    • Kirsten says:

      So what you’re saying is that fans of Adam’s performance outnumber fans of Kelly’s performance. That’s hardly “ruining the game”. That’s what a poll is supposed to determine – which performance is more popular. They are only counting one vote per person (IP address). You may think you (and others) are voting more than once because it lets you do that. But they are only counting your first vote.

  25. Ruby says:

    Not a Glambert, but wise enough to know that Adam Lambert’s Mad World was pure genius.

    • HaleyFTW says:

      How was it genius? He used Gary Jules’ arrangment of the song and sat on a stool in blue light.

      • sam says:

        The talk about arrangement is just ludicrous! All contestants are singing covers and no arrangement is not based on someone elses, no matter how much they change it up! It’s a COVER!!

    • N says:

      It’s a genius tv manipultation. Brilliant directing, camera work, lightning..
      To be honest, it’s not his greatest vocal performance. They just tried too hard to make it an idol moment. Kelly’s performance is a great television.. When idol was more naive. It has it’s magic.

      • HaleyFTW says:

        I fully agree! Comparing the Idol of now to the Idol of the first few years (aka – before the “genius” tv manipulation, producer manipulation, directing, staging, lighting and the downfall of “judging” on this show as a whole) is like comparing apples to a big glittery disco ball. Shiny and sparkly isn’t always better.

        • Kirsten says:

          “Mad World” was hardly a “shiny and sparkly” performance!
          Its very simplicity was part of its incredible power.
          Adam’s choice to simply sit on a chair surrounded by blue
          light was a refection and manifestation of the emotional
          isolation at the heart of the song. It was haunting and
          mesmerizing. The performance’s power had nothing to do
          with camera angle. The staging, lighting,
          and incredible vocals were all Adam’s doing.

          • N says:

            Sorry but that’s a BS. The whole power of the peformance is the camera work/lightning/the other tv manipulations, and maybe Adam’s dramatic acting. There are people in the “Idol Machine” that responsible for this kind of stuff. That’s why it felt so fake for me. I wish we could get a honest peformance from him. just him and his voice without him hiding behind some stage effects.

          • Teecie says:

            @N Um … it is all about the vocal, for me and for countless others. My iPod count for Mad World is over 700 plays, without benefit of any of the “Idol Machine” manipulations. Just Adam singing a beautiful, haunting song. Period.

          • Joseph says:

            You do know how similar this is in many ways to how Adele performs and also why I wish that Adam would trip his shows down to the basics, I know he won’t which I find a shame but taking it down to pure singing and emotion is so powerful.

            Adam’s choice to simply sit on a chair surrounded by blue
            light was a refection and manifestation of the emotional
            isolation at the heart of the song. It was haunting and

      • Kristi says:

        The ‘genius lighting, staging, etc., the simple chair, were all Adam’s ideas,not the producers or directors of Idol, and yes, it all went into creating an idol moment. That’s all part and parcel of Adam’s talent, along with the pure beautiful vocals. Even the minor note at the end added to the feeling of otherworldliness-whether it was intentional or not.

        • Sally says:

          Seriously? Do you really believe that? oh well.

          • Teresa says:

            Seriously? Yes. There are plenty of interviews with contestants and production people where it’s stated that the contestant can have as much control as they like over staging, lighting, musical direction, etc. The only limitation are budgetary or practical ones.

            For example, Siobhan said she was envious that James got his flaming piano because in her season, the production team nixed flames for liability reasons. Apparently, this season they’ve worked that out. She also mentioned that the production suggested that she ride out on the stairs. But the decision was hers. Her clothing choices were completely her own.

            Clay Aiken proudly commented on his idea to use dramatic back-lighting for his performance of “Solitaire.” I think it was Chris Daughtry who talked about requesting red lights for one of his songs. In his Idoloonies interview, James goes into detail about how he planned the staging (including the blocking) for his performances this year.

            Ricky Minor mentioned a few times that Adam texted him at least 10 times a day with ideas for his performances. Miles Siggins, the stylist for AI, talked about working with Adam to find the perfect outfit for that performance. In addition, Adam was known to spend his own money for outfits when they exceeded the $400 per-song budget. Finally, Adam talked in interviews about the importance he places on the visual aspects of his performances. He made all the creative choices for his own Glam Nation tour.

            So, yes, I think that “Mad World” was Adam’s conception from beginning to end. I’m sure there were suggestions from the production team, but it was controlled by him and nobody else.

      • gregk says:

        David Cook’s “Eleanor Rigby” camera angles, lighting and background made it the same type of moment for me. This is the performance of his I remember best. So there is a definite production influence.

  26. Jane says:

    I just relistened to Kelly’s Natural Woman……how is this even a contest? That high note is ear splitting. Adam’s Mad World is downright haunting….it gives me goose bumps every time.

    • cg says:

      Her note was not ear splitting. The judges loved it and if they didn’t like it they would have said it was ear splitting but they didn’t.

  27. gigi says:

    Oh, come on. It’s not even close. Kelly is much better! Everyone knows that.

  28. Rhama says:

    Although Kelly is (probably) better artist than Adam this particular performance goes to Adam.

  29. NanCeE* says:

    Can’t we have a King and Queen in this prom? Kelly is the Queen of Idol period, but Adam’s “Mad World” is deserving of a crown, too.

  30. aunt_deen says:

    Wow. Is it really this serious? Voting on your favorite Idol performance has to involve saying nasty, insulting things about the singers in question (even ones not part of this particular poll) and their fans?
    I like BOTH performances. I like them a lot. Pretty much every time I’ve been voting in this thing for the past few weeks it’s been between two performances I think are really good. I vote for my favorite and it’s as simple as that.
    A lot of people here need to take a step back and learn some manners.

  31. Gracie says:

    My favorite part about the fan wars here today is that people are raging on and on about the “Glamberts”, when they are not even spewing half the amount of hate the rest of you are. Why so much hate? Is it hate for Adam? Is it hate for his fans? Is it resentment? I don’t get it. He is far from perfect and his fans can be quite annoying at times when it comes to their level of support for him, but your rage is very strange. Also Kelly is amazing. I did not watch the first season of Idol, but she is so incredibly talented I wish I had.

    • number8gurl says:

      @gracie I totally agree with you. Been reading comments on here for the past 3 rounds and especially on this round, so much rude/nasty/inappropriate jokes/hate directed at Adam and his fans where Glamberts are only responding in defense. Then those same people say Oh the Glamberts are ruining this poll with their rude comments. Gosh such a bunch of hypocrites! I am a die-hard Glambert and I personally don’t have time to search up articles/polls about any other Idols, namely Clay Aiken, Kris Allen or James Durbin but I have experienced first-hand the utter hate that people from those fan groups sling at Adam and the Glamberts. So just keep saying we are the haters…..that is just the pot calling the kettle black. If you’re one of the people hating on Adam and his fans and enjoying it then I just feel sorry for you. WE (Glamberts) don’t operate like that.

      • iamme2 says:

        Oh please, same thing happens most Idol season, the Glamberts are not unique, as much as you desperately want it to be so–try looking up “claymates” for more haterade.

  32. HA HA HA says:


  33. Jess says:

    Jeez a lot of you Idol fans really have it in for Adam Lambert don’t you. I voted for somebody else on his season, but looking back on the performances I could really kick myself. I think he’s an amazing artist and singer, I don’t think Mad World was his best performance on season 8 but I still prefer it to Kelly’s.

    • N says:

      I liked some of his performances, but it always was too much for me. The only thing that I truely dislike is some of his fans’ behaviour. Spamming polls and etc. That’s what causes the antagonism..

      • Jess says:

        You can’t spam this poll it only lets you vote once a day, and people voting for Kelly have the same option.

        • O says:

          Not true. The poll seems to be a little off, some people can vote only once, others can vote over and over again.

          • Emy says:

            This is false. The poll only allows one vote per IP every 24 hours. I’m not sure why it’s a huge surprise Adam would be winning an internet poll in any case as Glamberts are one of the largest online fan groups. I think Kelly obviously has more fans overall, but they’re less likely to be online and far less likely to still be interested in Idol polls (it’s been a decade since she’s been on, after all, and only two years for Adam).

      • number8gurl says:

        Excuse me @N but you are a liar and a hypocrite. I see your hate against Adam and his fans ALL OVER

      • number8gurl says:

        sorry I got so angry I hit enter prematurely…@N you are such a liar and a hypocrite as I see your NASTY comments about Adam all over this site. Who are you and why do you care? I seriously doubt you are here bashing Adam b/c you are a Kelly Clarkson fan. You are the antagonizer so I find it laughable that you say Glamberts cause th antagonism. LMAO @ you….enjoy your delusion. Better yey….why don’t you just go away? You obviously don’t like Adam so unless you are here supporting Kelly then just go away….disappear….nobody cares what you have to say.

        • N says:

          LOL. Since when it’s wrong to express an OPINION? I think that MW is overrated, and Kelly’s performance is one of the best. Deal with it :)
          If you’d look again, you’ll see that I mentioned that Adam is a great vocalist. how is that a nasty comment?
          and yeah, you guys cause antagonism because you guys are trying to shove your opinions down to our throats by spamming polls and stuff. No Thanks.

          • already bored says:

            Well, I recommend to just let them be. They will say what they will say no matter the logic. But, I will say that I feel you with them causing antagonism trying to shove their opinions down other throats and, I might add, putting words in people’s mouths. Now, I just let them be. Their comments ARE amusing most times. And, sensible souls like you should save your time and do something… else, maybe;)

  34. Jane says:

    I can’t believe I voted against Kelly!!! She’s still my favorite idol winner, but Mad World hands down is the best in my opinion.

  35. Cat says:

    Love the Glambert, but it’s Kelly for crying out loud!

  36. corey says:

    hey just want to point something out: if you go to and look under past contestants, and go to adam lambert, there are 33 questions they asked him. Question 2:
    What one moment in past AI seasons will you always remember?

    Adam’s answer:
    Kelly Clarkson singing “Natural Woman”.

    • J says:

      Ha ha! Hilarious. Good find.

      I love them both but Mad World will always have a special place in my heart.

  37. Cindy says:

    Can’t stop those tranny lambert fans from spamming polls like these. It’s impossible. lol

    • Joe says:

      Try reading Jess’ response to the same statement a few posts above this one and BTW be more offensive why don’t you. Stay Classy.

    • PAdams says:

      Name calling certainly isn’t very attractive. Both are great artists, Love Kelly, but Mad World was a Great Idol Moment!

  38. JRM says:

    LOL @ the fan war going on.

  39. ziamp says:

    I love Kelly, I LOVE Kris, and I LUV Adam… they are all different, but I can appreciate that they are all uber-talented. I am not a Glambert; however, I voted for him in this match-up because although I love Kelly’s glory note, the all-over performance of Mad World is superior, although the work she has done since Idol is undoubtably the best. As for Kris, if he was getting better support from Jive internationally, instead of being halfassed marketed as a country-esque, folk-esque middle-American singer, I have no doubt that he would have done better with his sales too. His music is catchy and current, and quite wonderful. Just because I like one, doesn’t mean I cannot appreciate and like another. Suffice to say, being able to enjoy them all shows a broader palette of taste, IMHO, and does not diminish the credibility of my opinion (not like, say, admiring Danny Gokey would have totally discredited it).

  40. J says:

    Stuff Like That There was better than Natural Woman.

    • Tonya says:

      Truth! My favorite that season was actually the Celine Dion song she did “I surrender” (even though she was sick and her voice cracked) I think overall Kelly is the best idol but I think some other contestants may have had bigger singular moments than she did. Either way – it’s been fun remembering Idol when it wasn’t all a plot to get Lauren and Scotty to the finals.

  41. Stehpo says:

    Its not Kelly, she got owned by Norway. BAZINGA!

    • s says:

      She beat the crap outta that guy. I watched it on TV. I guess they didn’t want a woman to win International Idol. That Norway guy was horrible.

  42. Vetle says:

    Kelly is a good number two (hint: World Idol – tsk tsk (not because I’m Norwegian or anything…..)) – I voted for Adam Lambert. “Mad World” is a special song, and it means very much to me personally. And Adam’s interpretation of Gary Jules’ version was truly outstanding.

  43. Paula Adams says:

    Loved Mad World! Adam’s performance certainly made an impact and will be remembered!

  44. David says:

    Please! Adam Lambert has nothing compared to Kelly Clarkson. She is absolutely the best thing to come out of Idol and puts everyone after her to shame!

  45. Mike says:

    All in all, a very good tournament. This season being the end of Idol for all intents and purposes, it’s been fun reliving these memories.

    A few things missing IMO:
    David Cook’s “Hello” should’ve made it over either of the two performances listed
    Alison Iraheta’s “Give Into Me” I would’ve put above either of the two listed, although seeing her version of Alone going up against Carrie’s would’ve been epic.
    Alison and Adam’s duet, and for that matter Haley and Casey’s, were up there with any performance, but didn’t get a category.
    Kellie Pickler’s “Unchained Melody” was a great performance certainly above Lauren Suddeth’s
    Haley Reinhart had 1-2 performances that belonged here – take your pick
    Syesha’s “One Rock and Roll Too Many”
    Taylor’s “Jailhouse Rock” above “Livin’ for the City”
    Katharine McPhee’s “Big Black Horse” really made that song for me, maybe beyond KT Turnstall
    Matt Giraud’s “You Found Me”, “Human Nature” or “Part Time Lover” over “Let’s Get it On”
    Two more honorable mentions: Anwar Robinson “Ain’t Nobody” and Anthony Federov “I Knew You Were Waiting For Me”

    • O says:

      Taylor Hicks should not be mentioned anywhere where the words “Best” & “Idol” are said in the same sentence. Ever.

  46. Blair says:

    RE: The semi-final Adam win over Kris: Finally a chance to see a somewhat more realistic outcome of votes when the voting system is limited as it should’ve been to create a more even playing field! Booyah!

    • iamme2 says:

      Sigh, you do realize that the AI system that you hate also allowed Lambert to get into the finals…why can’t people think rationally about this issue? AI allows power voting because it generates revenue and allows them to claim that 100 million votes came in, they will never get rid of this system, and in fact, they have added online voting to suppliment it. At any rate, if people were as biased as most of you suggest, Lambert would have been a goner way before final 2–he is a polarizing figure not just because he is gay, but he does trendy OTT music, and with the Idol audience getting older, some people don’t like that kind of music. Now maybe if Lambert had stuck to show tunes he might have had a better chance at winning.

  47. Zach says:

    The real question is how Melinda Doolittle’s technically superb “My Funny Valentine” took out Fantasia’s supreme Idol MOMENT of “Summertime.” As far as “moments” go on Idol, it is the performance by which every subsequent performance, including Adam’s “Mad World,” are judged. No question “Mad World” is deserving. But “Summertime” is too, and it would have been a real toss-up had it come down to those deserving two. Kelly had a number of wonderful performances, including “Natural Woman,” but that really wasn’t her most memorable one, not when “Stuff Like That There” was such a game-changer for her. As great as Kelly was, none of her ballads can compete with the emotional authenticity of either “Mad World” or “Summertime.”

  48. Staceyag says:

    Yes I do love Adam Lambert He is the only reason I started to watch Idol. Kelly Clarkson is good but my favorite is Adam. this year on AI my favorite is James Durbin! I tink it is all subjective. But I lvoe these two Adam & James my favorite Idols :)

  49. StaceyAG says:

    Adam Lambert by a long shot, he has the best vocals the most diverse & exciting to watch! :)

  50. Brecken P says:

    Kelly Clarkson > Adam Lambert


    Mad World > Natural Woman