Supernatural Exclusive: Misha Collins Won't Be a Series Regular for Season 7

Brace yourself, Supernatural fans (as if Friday night’s finale didn’t already rob you of most every breath): Though his alter ego now is a bigger force than ever to be reckoned with, Misha Collins will not be returning to the CW series as a regular next season, TVLine has learned.

After making a rock star entrance in Season 4, Castiel quickly became a fan favorite, but the Winchesters’ angel ally has gone from heavenly to sinister this season. In Friday night’s finale, he opened the door to purgatory –- inside himself! –- and became a soul-powered God. And nobody was going to get in his way. Not Raphael, not Crowley, not even the Winchesters, whom he gave the ultimate choice in the show’s final minutes: allegiance, or death.

So why the decision to not bring back Collins as a series regular, just when Cas seems to be at his most… almighty?

“When it comes to Supernatural, our philosophy is that everyone moves in and out and weaves in and out of the story, obviously with the exception of Sam and Dean,” executive producer Sera Gamble tells TVLine. “We love Misha. We love and adore the character of Castiel. His character developed to this extent and went in this unexpected direction because we were so inspired by him.”

The season finale cliffhanger “is a very pivotal moment in Cas’ development,” Gamble adds, describing the character as “transformed.” “Basically, that’s what we’ll be exploring next season, so there’s just a big change.”

A change so big it calls for less of a focus on Cas and the goings-on in heaven? While there will be angel stories in Season 7, “they will probably be more self-enclosed,” reveals Gamble.

“[In Season 6], we consciously kept some of this angel civil war off camera because we are interested in what happens on Earth,” she explains. “We are interested in what happens in the purview of the boys. We feel that in terms of what we can accomplish, the scope of the show, our storyline is best accomplished where the Impala can go.”

Collins is expected to return for the Season 7 opener, but how much of a presence he will have on the show beyond that, if any, is a mystery Gamble can’t delve into “without giving away a lot about the premiere,” she says.

Two other names familiar to Supernatural fans however will be back – creator Eric Kripke and executive producer Ben Edlund. Gamble assures us that despite being left off a CW press release touting next season, Kripke and Edlund are hard at work on the seventh cycle. “Their titles have changed,” she explains. “There are a lot of technical and contractual reasons that people’s titles change that don’t necessarily reflect their level of involvement or commitment to the show. … They’ve been in the [writers] room with me every day this week.”

Supernatural fans, are you disappointed that Misha Collins won’t be a series regular next season? What did you think of Cas’ dark turn in the season finale? And what are your hopes for Season 7?

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  1. dave says:

    sucks big time….Cas is Pro…so is crowley, I would have wanted to see more of them in S7. And Balthazar – Dead = :S He was another really funny character. I dont like what has happened between Dean and Cas, their scenes were sooo funny…the two work really well together… And if they do ‘defuse’ Cas, I dont know if they will be able to fix their relationship… Maybe the ‘real’ God, will com,e back and give Cas some Whoop Ass..make him eat humble pie and sit on the naughty step..

  2. sara and chantalle says:

    cas should be regular in the next season 7 we love him.

  3. Marius says:

    I like Cas, except the conceited blasphemous version in the last few minutes. But the show is called Supernatural (not Second Heaven) and I think the show needs to go back to its roots with the new arc in the background. Cas Almighty need not be a regular since he needs to read all his prayer email in YahWeh!

  4. Teri says:

    Ofcourse Sam and Dean are the lead actors, and their characters are the best, however, it’s not the characters that’s the problem, it’s the writing. I’ve been watching since it all first began. Season 1 was great. Season 2 was good. Season 3, not so much because I was getting bored with too many vampire stories. I know it’s supernatural stories, but too many vampires seemed too childish and I was missing more of the legend mystery stories. I was to the point where I almost stopped watching it. Up until, Season 4. An angel bringing Dean back and the whole Micheal and Lucifer story line was a life saver to it’s ratings. Castiel became loved and accepted by me and the new story line made me not want to miss an episode. I think, everyone enjoyed how Dean and Sam embrassed the nerdy Angel and became like a family. If the writers want to see less of Castiel, they better make great stories for Sam and Dean or this will be the last season due to low ratings. Frankly, I’m getting bored with the same demon story line. What ever happen to stories like “the lady in white” or “bloody Mary”. I want to see more hauntings, ghost, legends coming back to life. I hope the writers are reading our opinions if they want to make this work!

  5. Ally says:

    It’s too hard to keep writing a show with a character who can pop in and fix virtually anything. They had to change Cas. I think making him a big bad is great. It was either that or turn him human and powerless again. He’s much more interesting as a God. I think they’ll keep him, just not on every show. They can be fighting him without him being in every episode. And he may have wanted to move on to other opportunities for his career for more of next year. This show is a huge boost to most actors’ careers. Think real world sometimes, people! It’s not always about the storyline.

  6. Ally says:

    I know. Let’s just have them start a Cas/Angel/Heaven spinoff, and everyone will be happy.

  7. renele360 says:

    I was going to stop watching Supernatural at the beginning of the 4th season but in the last 5 minutes when Cas walked in I changed my mind. Although I love my boys, I hope I don’t want to stop watching it again if he has less TV time.

  8. Jamie says:

    Well I understand why they are doing this. Although I do not agree with it, so many people love Misha and or Cas. People want to see this character, and now that he is God or as I call him Cas 2.0 he is really important to the show. It’s not like you can write God off.I just hope they do not take him out of the show completely. He makes the show intresting and I think he helped SPN stay on as long as it has.

  9. Ray says:

    I have been watching SPN since season one. I watch for Sam and Dean, not the angels – that includes Castiel. While I did enjoy Castiel the first season he was on, the angel storyline has dragged the show down IMO. I am sorry to see Balthazar, Gabriel and now Castiel go…but their time has come. Personally I am excited to get back to the core of the show…the brothers Winchester.

  10. Joy H says:

    Wow I can’t believe they’re “demoting” him! I started watching Supernatural when Castiel was on there and I just could not imagine the show without him! The scenes between him and Dean are so hilarious and at times heartwarming. Man the writers suck cause Misha Collins brought new life to this show when it could have died after so many seasons.

  11. Con says:

    Dean and Cas need their own spin off. Where neither will be constantly thrown under a bus in order to prop another character! This show has become absurd! I thought that the later seasons of Charmed were bad, but they were masterpieces compared to the last 2.5 seasons of this craptastic show. Free Jensen and Misha!!!

  12. Cheryl says:

    Looks like Castiel is finally getting his “Just desserts” for all his sins against mankind and brotherhood in Season 4. All he never owed up to including letting Sam out of the panic room after lying Dean into the Green room. Making Dean take that creepy ass pledge to God when he didn’t want to. Dean believing and trusting, in doing so Cass would do what he wanted to keep Sam out of this.
    Crossing a line that can’t be uncrossed is what Cass did in Season 4 and what he did to Sam would be unforgivable in Deans eyes as it will be and more so now in Season 6. That’s exactly why Kripke swept all of what Cass did in Season 4 under the rug as if all this came out there would be no reason to keep Cass onscreen.

    • Con says:

      Cheryl you do bring up some good points. There were alot of things that Cass did that he never owned up to. He is a bit like Sam and to a lesser extent Bobby in that area. The only one who takes on responsibility for all of his actions (and the actions of others) is Dean. In fact it’s his over developed sense of responsibility that has made it easy for others to get away with so much crap. Which is why when others deflect blame onto him, he takes it. I wish that would change because it keeps his character as well as the other characters from growing.

      Good post! Cass should pay for his sins. But I hope he does it in a way where he doesn’t shift blame onto someone else, repeat said sins with everyones blessing, than jumps in a giant plot-hole and is hailed a hero. Because we already watched that pile of crap in season 5. I want a good redemption storyline for once!

      And as always, this show sucks! Sera Gamble should be replaced and Jensen and Misha should be set free to do something worthy of their talent!!!

  13. parastoo says:

    Oh i love cas and his company with Dean i miss all of them.
    I think if you want make change you can find better option.
    Just let cas paly his role.

  14. Christine says:

    Just so people know, Mischa as a regular was only in maybe, little less than half the episodes. All because he’s not regular status does not mean we may not see him. Jim (Bobby)is not a regular. I think getting rid of Mischa would be a big mistake so no, don’t think they’ll go there.

  15. AlphaCypher says:

    They should do a spinoff Show with Castiel as the main character and a bunch or arch-angels going around killing demons and rogue angels. now I’d watch that!

  16. 68u76 says:


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  17. Raquel says:

    Hmmm… what makes me a little uneasy is this part of the press release: “All they’ll have is each other.” In my review of the season 6 finale, I talked about how the Winchesters’ world seems pretty limited these days, if not a little claustrophobic. I hope season 7 isn’t just Sam and Dean almost all of the time. As much as I love the performances of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, the supporting and recurring characters are a big part of what makes the show’s world interesting and emotionally rich.

  18. Raquel says:

    “Hmmm… what makes me a little uneasy is this part of the press release: “All they’ll have is each other.” In my review of the season 6 finale, I talked about how the Winchesters’ world seems pretty limited these days, if not a little claustrophobic. I hope season 7 isn’t just Sam and Dean almost all of the time. As much as I love the performances of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, the supporting and recurring characters are a big part of what makes the show’s world interesting and emotionally rich.” Quote by Maureen Ryan, Stay Tuned,
    couldn’t agree more.

  19. Fabiola says:

    Por favr una 7ma temporada aun queda mucha tela que cortar

  20. Nate says:

    I have enjoyed Season 6 with Sera Gamble as the showrunner, and have always felt Eric was very involved or the Season was very much part of the vision for Season 6. So I am much more concerned if his involvement or Ben’s involvement reduces throughout Season 7. They are key (along with Sera) to the story and quality of Supernatural.

    • Nate says:

      …..I am much more concerned about the comments of Eric and Ben’s involvement coming into question, as compared to Mischa not being a regular. I will miss him but I trust Sera, Eric, and Ben if that is their plan.

  21. sadietnfk says:

    Season 6 to be honest wasn’t up to the quality I was expecting. They ignored Cas all season. Maybe Sera wasn’t interest in what was going on in Heaven but I sure was. The show was at its best when focused on Dean. While I didn’t enjoy Lisa at all I loved Dean with Ben. I missed watching Dean and Cas together and never understood Sera’s decision to ignore that relationship so much. Also the decision about dropping Cas shows clearly that they don’t know what there doing. The show isn’t about two brothers anymore but Dean’s small tight knit family.

    • Eva Klein says:

      Yeah I totally agree! I loved Dean with Lisa though.The end was very emotional (when he decides to erase their memories) but it could have been much more interesting to see for example Lisa die and Dean having to take care of Ben and all the problems around! I love when he has family issues <3 And I couldn't agree more on the fact that what they did with Cas was totally stupid! They don't know where they're going…

  22. Sadietnfk says:

    I also miss Gabriel/Trickster. They do like to get rid of great supporting characters fans love that most show’s PTB would love to have. TPTB on this show just baffle me. Who knows what Jensen and Jared think of this.

  23. Kate says:

    What!? That’s terrible! Castiel has become the reason I watch this show. They can’t just have him declare himself God, then not be a regular in the next season!

  24. AngelCasWincheater says:

    You cant just suddenly not have cass on. Its to unnatural. Cass is so important to the show now hes part of the family. Sam and dean need him!! :(

  25. siella says:

    I have to laugh at Gamble’s claim that they don’t want to do any redundancy, which is exactly what season 6, the season she was showrunner of, was, a complete redo of Dean’s hell story with some idiotic souless Sam story thrown in to make it sound like it was original. Gamble, stop insulting the fans. I know that you had no intention of giving Dean anything to do except worry over Sam, that you wanted Sam to be front and center of season 6, and that when the fans wondered where Cas was, you now decide to get rid of him because Cas and Dean have great chemistry and you don’t want anything to interfere with your precious Sam.

    Eric Kripke said he tried to keep as far as possible from the show to give Beck…er Sera Gamble free rein. It was Gamble’s idea to create the Sam Winchester Show, with guest star Dean and cameos from Cas.

    And now she wants us to believe that she’s gettin rid of Cas because she wants to give us fresh new stories? Really? Why do I have a hard time believing anything that comes out of Gamble’s mouth? She lost all credibility with me in season 6 and if she’s running season 7, I will probably give up on this show. I do not want to watch another season of her fantasies about Sam.

  26. Apple says:

    I love Mischa Collins and will watch whatever he does in the future eagerly. And I will seriously miss him not being a regular. But I’ll also trust the show and writers taking me where they’re gonna take me, ’cause every episode and story arc each year has been fantastic and addicting.

  27. Deb says:

    No Cass?!
    WTF? I was looking forward to seeing where the new more powerful Cass would end up? I am so dissapointed in this news, you can only watch so many “Monster-of-the-Week” episodes before it gets old, which IMHO is where Cass came in and really livened up the show,(because Monster of the Week was getting old). Misha(as Cass) added a new way to see the Supernatural world, and he was very sexy on top of it. Well, they just lost me as a viewer,…I found it to be so dull as it was going, then Cass arives and adds his confused views and made it so much better. Somebody mentioned Joss Whedon, Joss said in an interview that he learned a lesson with the “Angel” series, he said you need a cast of more than 3-4 charaters, it gives the writer/creator so much more to work with. Oh well, as usual, Hollyweird always takes away the fans favorites…..

  28. Jack Johnson says:

    I loved the season finale – And Sam & Dean still have star power of the show, but come on Castiel made the show much better with an angel as a personal friend who wouldn`t want that?
    And now your giving Castiel the boot, Man that blanks the big one I know the show will be good next season with out castiel I`m up in the air about that. Hey we all love Sam & Dean and yes Bobby to but Castiel had a kind of little boys charm about him and a some what of innocence yeah he was a power to be reccond with.
    Supernatural was our favorite show even over Smallville. With out Misha Callins as Castiel in the show we might as well find somthing other to watch.

  29. Barbara Morrison says:

    So are the Winchester’s going to be running away from Castiel the whole season?

  30. The Michael Sword says:

    The Cas-turned-into-god storyline is interesting. I therefore think it is a mistake for him to be shown only in a limited capacity. Not that he should be in every episode, but he needs to be there because that’s where the story is.

    The show shouldn’t be about the personal angst between Sam and Dean. It should be about the story of good and evil.

    Cas provides all those possibilities in a way Sam and Dean can’t now. Think about the possible scenarios. A war with Lucifer. A war with Michael. Jesus Himself possibly stepping in at some point.

    With Castiel, you can go in almost any direction now. With Sam and Dean, all you’ve got is the personal issues they have with each other or them hunting some monster.

    Unless of course, if the show comes down to Michael vs. Lucifer once again, then Sam and Dean become a parallel.

  31. Scarlett says:

    I do wish they would reconsider; this will seriously affect my enjoyment of the show and I may not be able to continue watching. I have struggled with depression for several years but had been going through a good patch for a while now. After the finale and the news of Misha’s demotion I relapsed for two weeks and then again for a couple of days, and I fear that I won’t be able to keep watching the show next season for my own health. I know it’s pathetic and dangerous to pin so much onto a show, but my enjoyment of the show, characters, actors and fandom is one of the few things that has kept me going over the years and it will pain me greatly to give that up. While I appreciate it is the writers’ prerogative to create their own art, I wish they would consider how greatly the show can affect those watching.

    On a less personal note, while the show is ultimately about Sam and Dean, and I have a great love for those characters, I feel this will have a detrimental effect on the show. The relationship between the brothers has been rehashed so many times over the years that it has become slightly stale and needs the support of other characters. It is a shame that so many promising, entertaining characters are written off the show. Castiel has been a great addition and his relationship with Dean has become just as popular with some fans as that of the brothers. The writers seem to feel that the show is only about the Winchesters and no one else is truly necessary, but to many (although I do appreciate not all!) Castiel has become equally indispensable and loved. Season 4 enjoyed a renewed burst of enthusiasm among the fandom and critics due in large part to the freshness brought by Castiel’s introduction and the new, compelling Dean-Castiel relationship in which they could become invested. This past season has not been well received (although I have enjoyed it more than most), but the more popular episodes, for the most part, contained a decent amount of Misha/Castiel and I don’t think this is a coincidence.

  32. Bob says:

    Cass is awsome but it’s time to get back to Sam and Dean and doing what they do best.

  33. Mel says:

    I was upset at first, hearing about Cas but then I read that Adam (the other brother) will be back in season 7 :D

  34. ellie says:

    cas is the best character on the whole show. iv always loved supernatural but since cas has been in it its just gone up to a whole new level. i literally adore him and am GUTTED he wont be a regular :'( if the kill him off i will stop watching the show. SAVECASTIEL

  35. Eva Klein says:

    The season finale was sure a big twist and cliffhanger, but I’m really gonna miss the real Cas. I think it was the easy way to show his evil face. It’s like after so many episodes : “hey, guys, in fact I’m the bad one” it’s a bit disappointing! I think he has so much chemistry with Dean!!I miss the funny moments during season 5!! I loved the special episodes!! This season was a bit slow I guess and it starts to become a bit difficult to follow (between Crowley and Rafael and the good angels and the bad angels, then the demons, but some demons are nice…). Well, it was good though, but I will definitely miss Cas as a comical character :( bring him BACK!

  36. cynthia tripp says:

    Castiel is a very important aspect of the show and his relationship to Dean is crucial. I’m a Dean fan all the way and I’m as upset by the turn of events in the last few episodes as Cas fans. Dean’s behavior to start with was understandable,considering his feelings about family and perceived betrayal. However, his total lack of willingness to consider Castiel’s motivation and willingness to forgive Castiel’s mistakes was very frustrating. When has Dean ever totally abandoned family before,and that is what Cas is, family. Hopefully, the writers will give Dean and Cas a chance to repair their relationship,or Dean will be further scarred , and isn’t he already damaged enough?

  37. Cheska says:

    I only started taking the show seriously when Cas came on the scene. If it reverts to Sam and Dean and the flipping car, it goes backwards. I’ve seen that one already (nothing wrong with it, but it wasn’t required viewing in my household) and was happy when it evolved.

    Less Cas equals less interest for me. Which is a shame, as I loved his interaction with Dean.

  38. JJ says:

    Good god, we need Cas on SPN! He works so well with the other guys as team free will. Thinking of them making him evil and/or a less used makes me much much less enthusiastic for SPN from now on.

  39. newishfan says:

    I think that Cas is going to send them back to the same time that they got the Phoenix ashes from. That’s really the only thing I can think of from the whole “Butch Cassidy…” thing. They’ll go back and help Samuel Colt with hunting ‘things’. If that’s what it is, i think i’ll be pretty disappointed. The thing I liked about the show was that they weren’t afraid to take on storylines with things like angels and demons. Now that Cas is supposedly God, and they’re going to go back in time, they may have to fight Mr. Green Eyed Demon again (boring, how many times do they have to face this thing), as well as some old school creatures I don’t really care about (dragons and other nonsenses). I liked the Mother idea and don’t think they played it out enough. I still don’t think the whole Sam and demon blood thing is done (i actually hope it isn’t, and if not then I could see the green eyed demon coming back for a bit). They’ve made Sam into way too much of a pussy. Seriously does Dean have to save his ass every episode? He’s supposedly been raised as a badass monster hunter since he was basically born, plus he’s a big guy, but little midget Dean can kick way more monster ass than he can without any demon blood?

  40. Jess says:

    Chuck is going to walk in on s07 ep1 while cas is still having his “i am your new god” moment & tap him on the shoulder. Everyone will be shocked & wonder where the hell he came from. They don’t know that he was god the whole time they still think he was only a profit. So as chuck explains to cas, that he made the wrong choice, that there is only one god, that he is very saddened & sorry that cas has come to this point, after all chuck (god) brought him back new & improved when satan destroyed him (s05 swan song). That he is very proud of him for making all the right choices & sacrificed it all to help the boys defeat the apocalypse, after all it is the way he wrote it. And then he will take his power, bring back balthazar, send the souls back to purgotory, take cas’s wings & bid the boys farewell. The boys are left stunned and with a broken cas that wishes to be alone.
    OH & BTW, JIM BEAVER IS CAST AS A GUEST STAR, & HE’S IN PRACTICALLY IN EVERY EPISODE. Cas is going to be a big part of the story. They change role titles for executive reasons. Not to piss off us fans lol!

  41. adeline says:

    cas is the most best character..

  42. Gigi says:

    Seriouly Cass is the best omg, u r killing me, i wont watch this show anymore

  43. Gigi says:

    Seriouly Cass is the best omg, u r killing me, i wont watch this show anymore. We want our beauitful angel always on the show every esp. come one people. Since he came on the show, the show become much better

  44. Lauren says:

    I personally think that season 4-6 have some of the best episodes in them, i think that Castiel and the other Angels kept the storyline from dying and added an extra boost to the fan base because of the utter awesomeness of Misha Collins as Castiel. I’ll be sad that Misha isn’t going to be a regular anymore because i think the interactions between him and the main cast were really good, i just hope that they don’t drop him, and have him at least in every other episode, even if just for a second.

    To be honest im just glad there’s a seventh season in the mix, and im looking forward to it.

  45. Yvonne kenyangal. says:

    Please,erick kripke,sera gamble and all the rest of the supernatural behind the scenes crew.as an avid follower of the series,it would a grave mistake killing castiels character.its so wrong and will only make me and my enormous fanbase here in africa hate the series,dont say i dint warn u. LONG LIVE CASTIEL!

  46. carla888 says:

    I have watched since season 1 and own the first 5 on dvd. And I have to say that while I like the idea of them being brothers against the world again, this plotline seems so boring. The only way this could have been ended worse would have been with Dean waking up and finding it was all a dream.

    If Gamble wanted to be racier and new, she should have had Dean and Castiel enter into a relationship that would be fraught with human/angel misunderstandings, Sam’s jealousy, Dean’s sexuality freakout etc. It could have been epic and really elevated Supernatural to a cult status.

  47. Gary says:

    I smell a tremendous drop of ratings next season. I mean, Cas is actually one of the best characters!!!!! You CAN’T take him away from us Ms. GAMBLE!!!!!!!! If you do, I’ll make a deal with the devil and BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!

  48. George says:

    I’m big time hoping for a Cas redemption in season 7 and seeing Cas in a lot of episodes. He adds so much to the show along with the rest of the guys.

  49. debs hanley says:

    i agree the show is about both brothers and them on the road but if you are going to add new people and go with other stories beside s the supernatural one s thats fine but they have to make us believe what s going on i liked the domestic dean story it showed a totally diffrent side to him but they didnt put enough into the writing and the love side of it didnt show through like it could have the girl they have from sams past i dont think will amount to anything of a love interest but you never know but i wont be happy if they do because deans going to be upset about the break with lisa and ben and if sam gets the love of his life thats just rubbing deans nose in it again just hope they give us some good episode s this season for both of them dont know whats going to happen with cas but i think they should redeem him and not drag it out all through seven like they did with sams soul story looking forward to seven though like i do for every season hope its a good one.

  50. Chiara says:

    Just hope it was a joke. Without this character 7th season will lose every sense for me. We’ve seen 3 seasons about brothers and it’s too much. I watched it just because had a free time, not because I was really interested. I wouldn’t continue to watch if there wasn’t appear the Castiel character. Just was watching from Cas to Cas, searching for his wikipedia page to know in which episode he’ll reappear.