Supernatural Exclusive: Misha Collins Won't Be a Series Regular for Season 7

Brace yourself, Supernatural fans (as if Friday night’s finale didn’t already rob you of most every breath): Though his alter ego now is a bigger force than ever to be reckoned with, Misha Collins will not be returning to the CW series as a regular next season, TVLine has learned.

After making a rock star entrance in Season 4, Castiel quickly became a fan favorite, but the Winchesters’ angel ally has gone from heavenly to sinister this season. In Friday night’s finale, he opened the door to purgatory –- inside himself! –- and became a soul-powered God. And nobody was going to get in his way. Not Raphael, not Crowley, not even the Winchesters, whom he gave the ultimate choice in the show’s final minutes: allegiance, or death.

So why the decision to not bring back Collins as a series regular, just when Cas seems to be at his most… almighty?

“When it comes to Supernatural, our philosophy is that everyone moves in and out and weaves in and out of the story, obviously with the exception of Sam and Dean,” executive producer Sera Gamble tells TVLine. “We love Misha. We love and adore the character of Castiel. His character developed to this extent and went in this unexpected direction because we were so inspired by him.”

The season finale cliffhanger “is a very pivotal moment in Cas’ development,” Gamble adds, describing the character as “transformed.” “Basically, that’s what we’ll be exploring next season, so there’s just a big change.”

A change so big it calls for less of a focus on Cas and the goings-on in heaven? While there will be angel stories in Season 7, “they will probably be more self-enclosed,” reveals Gamble.

“[In Season 6], we consciously kept some of this angel civil war off camera because we are interested in what happens on Earth,” she explains. “We are interested in what happens in the purview of the boys. We feel that in terms of what we can accomplish, the scope of the show, our storyline is best accomplished where the Impala can go.”

Collins is expected to return for the Season 7 opener, but how much of a presence he will have on the show beyond that, if any, is a mystery Gamble can’t delve into “without giving away a lot about the premiere,” she says.

Two other names familiar to Supernatural fans however will be back – creator Eric Kripke and executive producer Ben Edlund. Gamble assures us that despite being left off a CW press release touting next season, Kripke and Edlund are hard at work on the seventh cycle. “Their titles have changed,” she explains. “There are a lot of technical and contractual reasons that people’s titles change that don’t necessarily reflect their level of involvement or commitment to the show. … They’ve been in the [writers] room with me every day this week.”

Supernatural fans, are you disappointed that Misha Collins won’t be a series regular next season? What did you think of Cas’ dark turn in the season finale? And what are your hopes for Season 7?

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  1. Dana says:

    Clam down everybody!

    Where exactly does the article say Misha will leave Supernatural after the frist episode next season?

    Answer: Nowhere!

    No longer being a regular doesn’t mean Misha can’t be a recurring character like Jim Beaver or Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer during season 5.

    So quitt the overreactions, take a deep breath, and wait for season 7.
    Condeming it before even seeing the first episode is so narrow minded, don’t you think?

    Happy Hellatus!

  2. SPNTFW says:

    Actually this makes sense, if Castiel will be the big bad, then HE cant be a series regular, Azazel, Lilith, Lucifer were guest stars.

  3. Hayley says:

    I love Castiel! and Misha is such a good actor!
    Now I’m all sad! I want him to be a series regular!
    After all they focused on the whole Demon thing for a while, then they put in Angels and I thought that was great! I fell in love with Castiel as soon as he entered! But now I feel like Castiel is broken, he will never really be the same! Altho I wish Dean would have understood more about the position Castiel was in and how he didn’t have many other choices. Now I guess if Cas is the new villian he kind of does have to be pushed back a little more.

  4. me says:

    I agree that in nowhere sais that Cass is going to leave the show, but i am afraid of that.
    Because in season 6 cass was a regular cast, and it appeared only a few times, so if in season 7 is not going to be a regular cass…i am afraid of only seen him two or three times.

    And in my personal opinion, i think that supernatural has changed for season 1 or season 2, and thinking in coming back, doing again self-centred stories,forgeting about the angels, i think is a big mistake.

  5. raelee514 says:

    Not worried. Bobby’s recurring not regular and we see him all the time. Misha could show a lot. There could be many reasons why he’s not coming back as a regular but I’m sure he’ll be back. They can’t set him up as the new God and just have him show up in the first episode of the season.

    • Helen says:

      What’s the point in him returning, if this is how he’s going to be? It’s like watching a season with Samifer, instead of Sam!

      • Lauren says:

        Helen, think that maybe the next season will have time for Cas’s redemption — the brothers being able to show him he’s got a bit too power hungry. That way, it’s still a show about the brothers but we still get good Cas back too. :)

        I’m holding out for that, rather than Cas being season 7’s new big bad.

  6. Sal says:

    Wow, what a disapointment. Castiel was my main reason to watch this show.

  7. Donna says:

    Castiel wasn’t in it regularly THIS season so I’m hoping this is simply a cost saving measure and he’ll still have a large screen presence next season.
    Misha’s scenes with Ackles have been the best parts of the show since the character was first introduced and I’ll miss them greatly if he’s gone.
    The up-side is it frees Misha to take on whatever other projects he deems interesting and I’m all for that.

    • Tavis says:

      Yes he was. He had a series regular deal with a guarantee of 13 episodes, which is more than half of the season. Glad he’ll be in A LOT LESS! Hopefully just the premiere and that’s it.

  8. Trixy says:

    It seems to me that the fanbase has started a cival war within itself.
    Calm down folks he will be back, in they probly will suck the souls out of him to save him.

  9. Marcy says:

    The CW Bigwigs (as well as all of the other networks) have completely lost sight of what viewers really want.
    No Cas? Big Mistake, BIG MISTAKE!!!

    • Tavis says:

      No, they finally got it right. We want the show to focus solely on the Winchester brothers, not their little angel buddy. Get this show back to where it was in its first three genius seasons!

    • Plum Trees says:

      What we want is for the show to get back to what it started as, and considering we’ve been here since the beginning and we kept this show on the air, I’m gonna go ahead and say we don’t really care what the Castiel fanboys and girls want, and neither do the showrunners.

  10. Nate says:

    On one hand it sucks that one of the best side characters might not be back much. On the other hand I find it very interesting the directions of the character and look forward to seeing where it goes.

  11. Michele says:

    Wow. Even though I was heartbroken and livid at where they took Cas in the finale and saw this as proof that they had no idea who this character is or how to write him with the respect he deserves, I still was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. I was hoping they would redeem him next season because surely with him being a regular they know they have to bring him back around to who he really is, the core of his character.

    But this news? Yeah, this proves to me that Gamble, Kripke, and Co. have no clue of the incredible potential they had with this character, and NO CLUE how to hang onto a large majority of their current fanbase. You have completely destroyed everything we held dear about this character, and now you’re not even going to have him be a part of next season (oh, I’m sorry, you’ll have him in the first ep but forget him after that, right? Let’s appease the fans, get them back to see him for all of 10 seconds in the premiere, and maybe hopefully that’ll be enough to keep those silly fangirls around for the whole season, maybe we can trick them into hoping he’ll make a 5 second appearance somewhere in the next 21 eps, and this way we won’t have to pay Misha to be a regular, so we all win!). Your lack of respect for the fans is why I can longer respect you.

    You want this to continue to just be the Sam & Dean show, with the brothers becoming more and more isolated from the world, more and more hopeless and desolate and dysfunctional, with no character development, no maturation, and no outside relationships (other than Bobby, and really, what purpose does Bobby even serve anymore, other than to have a character you can point to as proof that it’s not just the Sam & Dean show)? Fine. It’s your show, and you can do with it what you want. I admit, that was a wonderful show for the first three seasons. But season four changed the Supernatural world. IMPROVED the Supernatural world. And you can’t give us this new brilliant character for three seasons, then expect us to be happy when you ruin his character for no believable reason (seriously? you expect us to believe after two episodes that Cas had it in him all along to become an egomaniacal dictator with a god complex? REALLY?).

    I’m done. I’m out. I’m going to miss Sam and Dean so very much. But I can’t abide by this. No one who spits in the face of those who got them where they are today deserves to keep their viewers.

    • Plum Trees says:

      Adios. You were never a fan to begin with, and you will not be missed.

    • trina says:

      You seem to be taking this a little too personally. They aren’t doing this because they don’t like you or because they want to make you angry. They have a story to tell. End of story.

    • Dilys says:

      Thanks for saying what I’m thinking. I made an effort to watch SPN this year, rushing home from other things. Even during the dreary soulless eps. And I made an effort to support Sera as a showrunner since she was a woman. NO MORE. The shameless lying about Misha being a regular on the press release, the shameless treatment of a character many fans love, the way we voted like mad anytime there was a poll? All of that is over. And look a new season fo Sam and Dean angsting and killing some monsters. Oh fun. How original? How boring? Way to destroy a show just so you can put a spotlight on your favorite Sam.

  12. Mandy says:

    I’m really sad Cas isn’t going to have a big presence on the show next season. He’s always been a great character and this latest twist has just made him more interesting. It has added layers to him that we never would have expected. I don’t want Cas to die or be removed from the show. I still love him even though he’s on this bad path and he threatened Sam and Dean and the fact that I can still love him after that says a lot for Cas’ character and Misha’s acting ability.

    As for budget issues, I say just take Misha from a regular to a guest starring role so he gets paid by the episode. He doesn’t have to be in every episode, just enough of them. I imagine his new role will take him into heaven more where Sam and Dean can’t follow which makes sense. At the same time, however, I don’t want him to disappear completely. It would really suck if he went off to heaven and then we never saw him again and if he dies…I can’t even contemplate it. Cas cannot die.

  13. Rhonda Fox-Sweeten says:

    IMO… Supernatural is unique entertainment. The show has evolved which is beneficial for longevity. Cas is an integral character and doesn’t alter or diminish the main theme of show. Dean and Sam are the pivot point. Dean, Sam, Bobby, and Cas are each vital to storyline. I enjoy each tremendously.

    If it ain’t broke; don’t fix it. Isn’t that the old saying?

    My Friday night tv viewing has already taken a lot of exits this year.

    I was content believing that by Supernatural gaining in popularity meant I could count on them continuing to broaden and elevate.

    Cas is an added bonus to the spectrum. It would create a huge void if he is out….at this stage of the series.

    I’m a dedicated fan. I’m disabled w/many medical issues. Supernatural lets me escape for a spell, no pun intended.

    • Darcy says:

      I would miss Cas greatly should he be removed as I believe in your stmt that he is an integral character. To me, if he is removed it WOULD diminish the series …. unless they can come up with another character just as dynamic as Cas

  14. Betty says:

    I can handle it if Cas isn’t on every episode, but they better show him occasionally. I just can’t imagine the show without him!

  15. WHTLINE says:

    The ratings will speak…watch, less Cas less ratings

  16. ..... says:

    This news comes a lil too soon after the official press release for me to take it as it is. Also its too soon to start moaning anyways. They are writing s7 now so things could change, i mean come s6 has only just finished so i guess ill just wait til a lil closer to s7 before i start moaning lol

  17. Jesse says:

    Best. News. Ever.

    I’m so over Castiel and the angels. Now the show can get back to its roots, and tell stories about Sam and Dean traveling around in the Impala, turning to Bobby for help when they need him. Which is what this show is SUPPOSED to be about, since the beginning. Everyone acts like Castiel is this integral part of the show, when there were three whole seasons before he came along. When the angels take center stage, Sam and Dean, who are the HEROES of the show, end up standing around helplessly and doing nothing. Let’s put the focus of SUPERNATURAL back on the Winchesters, where it belongs.

    Bye, Castiel. Not everyone will miss you.

    • Rhys Diaggio says:

      I couldn’t agree any more. The show is Sam and Dean and it always has been if you don’t see that fans then i am glad for them to leave so the show can get back to its best. Brotherly love, the little hunts and none of this heaven and hell drama!

      • Lauren says:

        So…. you’re asking for the brother’s characters to regress? There’s no way of going back to that now and it fitting with the brothers character development short of amnesia, and please, just no. I’ve no objection to seeing a few more stand alone episodes again, but you can’t just cut out all the heaven and hell stuff once it’s happened. Beyond anything, even if they wrote it in as boys wanting to get away from all that and get back to basics it just wouldn’t make sense to not have a few goodies and baddies from heaven and hell calling in — after everything that’s happened, the Wincester’s are just too ‘on the radar’ to make that plausible.

        Show’s evolve. They have to.

    • Tavis says:

      Best post ever! I thoroughly agree, Jesse.

    • Plum Trees says:

      Agreed, completely. So very tired of the angel garbage. Back to its roots is where this show needs to be, indeed.

  18. Stuart says:

    Gutsy move from the writers, this will separate the fans who really love the show for its original premise and the hanger ons who only watch for Castiel. Excellent news. I look forward to the show stripping back to basics in season 7. Bye bye Castiel.

    • A says:

      What do you mean by hanger ons? I assume you’re trying to use this as some sort of insult, but the meaning of the phrase doesn’t fit where you’re trying to use it. Is English your second language?

      (Also, been here since season one, babydoll, and shows need to grow. Go pop in your season one DVDs if you’re nostalgic, but the rest of us don’t need to see the same stuff over and over again.)

      • Stuart says:

        Clearly ‘rage’ is your native tongue. We’ve seen the same endless Castiel drivel for two seasons now so if you don’t mind I’ll just wait for the new season where it’s back to Sam and Dean again, maybe you should wait for your season six dvd and just watch that for your continual castiel fix.

        Hangers on are those who don’t enjoy the show for the brothers which is pretty much what supernatural is, so if you don’t watch for that i fail to see how you can enjoy this show.

        Have a nice end of the world.

        • A says:

          Confirmed, then: you have absolutely no idea what a hanger-on actually is, and you were so full of blinding rage that you cast about for the first insult you could think of, whether it fit the situation or not.

    • chuck says:

      Actually, these comments separate the fans who prefer a simpler procedural-ish monster of the week show from the ones who enjoyed following the evolving character drama and complex mythology. Sad that the showrunners sided with the people who would be happy if the show were nothing more than a glorified version of CSI or Bones or Castle with monsters instead of garden variety murderers rather than embrace the uniquely wonderful story that had evolved as the writers pushed the storytelling envelope.

    • Lauren says:

      Oh come on. This is not a black and white divide between people who appreciate Castiel’s character and ‘loyal fans’ of the show.

      Here’s the deal. You can watch the show for the boys and still enjoy the expansion of the universe. You can watch the show for the boys and still enjoy the additional characters. And you canwatch the show for the boys and believe it would be a huge disservice to the show and the boys to just get rid of Castiel without it being a very big deal. And you know what? You can also be a ‘real’ fan and still think that seven seasons of two boys in an Impala ganking demons with no overall arc (and therefore no character development) would have been a tad dull.

      And yes, I’ve been a fan since season 1, too, before you say it.

  19. Lucy J says:

    HAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH oh happiest of days, I can tune back in to Season 7 now. This has made my weekend. Judgement day take me now. He’s annoyed me since day 1.

  20. Frantill says:

    Keep in mind that Beaver’s not a “regular” either yet he’s always on the show

  21. Diana says:

    QUE NOJO! Como é que podem tiras o CASTIEL! EU AMO-O! ESTUPIDOS!!!!

  22. Calm down, people says:

    Misha’s TITLE has changed. I like Misha but, sadly for me personally, you’ll still get your Castiel fix and I’ll still have to put up with him. Hopefully the writers will find a way to make him less boring for me. Hopefully Ben Edlund’s influence will be little to none. Hopefully Kripke’s crush on Dean will somehow allow him to write for SPN as the Dean and SAM show, not just the Dean Show.

    • A says:

      How can anyone think Kripke has a crush on Dean after Suck Song? He said Dean had to “learn to love Sam”, that he had to realize that demon blood was smart and good and cool. Sounds like someone who’s got a thing for SAM, to me, not Dean. And since the showrunner and the creator are both Samgirls, Dean fans should just give up the ghost. Edlund’s been demoted, Cas is being axed. The writing’s on the wall… Dean is there to be Sam’s guard dog and cheerleader and supportive girlfriend. Nothing more.

  23. Rylin says:

    I’m happy with this development to be honest. Sam and Dean against the world is as it should be. You don’t like that you know where the door is people.

  24. Veronica says:

    Hated Castiel from the jump. Maybe those of us who left can come back now there’s light at the end of this tunnel. Well done show, well done indeed.

  25. Francis Cronin says:

    This is a joy to behold. Cry more Castiel fans. Good to know he’s being toned down the show was turning into something it wasn’t and that was not where I and many others wanted it to go. I have a lot more respect for the writers not just pandering to castiels fans and realizing it is best for the show to scale back the angel drama and bring it back to its roots and its basest form.

    Best news i’ve heard regarding this show in a long time. Now bring JDM back and i can die happy.

    • Mara says:

      I’d have a lot more respect for the writers if they’d stop pandering to the whining Sam fans who have been crying for Castiel’s blood ever since they realized he was more popular than their favorite. But of course, some of the people in charge ARE whiny Sam fans, so storyline integrity is pretty much screwed.

      • Christopher Robin says:

        Spoken like a true Whiny Cas fan. Bye Bye. Enjoy rewatching season 6 and writing your destiel remembrance fic. I’ll be watching this show and loving it once more.

        • Mara says:

          Oh, I doubt it. Once Cas is no longer around to be your whipping boy, you’ll start hating on Dean again. Until they cut out every single character who’s more popular than Sam (which is, you know, everyone else), you ESGs will find something to cry about.

          • another lucy says:

            Since Sam is your whipping boy, you won’t mind if I whip Dean and Cas. You want to hate Sam, I’m free to hate Dean and Cas.

    • chuck says:

      What “basest form” exactly? The show really started cooking on all cylinders when it branched out from the two guys in a car chasing bad guys concept and attempted more complex storytelling. The acting improved, the show was much more compelling and became must see TV for me. Are we supposed to be interested in devolving the show back to two guys in a car chasing bad guys again? How can Jensen and Jared be happy with such little to challenge them. And all of the coolest cast additions have come from the angel/demon storyline, the most important of which being Misha’s Castiel. It would suck never to see them pop up again.

  26. Dee says:

    Having looked through the posts I am very upset by the way the fandom has fractured upon hearing this news and feel extremely let down by the writers of the show.

    I love supernatural. I love the characters. I am in love with the relationships built up over the past five years.

    I am so angry at what has been done to the show I love.

    If they leave Castiel bad and he dies that way without redemption and a chance to have a family either with Sam and Dean or with someone else I will never watch supernatural beyond season 5 again.

    I am so hurt that dean and sam but especially dean never trusted castiel, never gave him a chance, left him to die or go his own way after making a deal with a demon when they both have done so. Where is the sense of family, of trust in that which was so beautifully written in the seasons leading up to this story arc.

    Castiel has added an extra dimension to the brothers relationship, which has only benefited the show. I see a lot of what they are fighting for in him. Next season I would like them to make him human and have a family and be happy. It would be a fitting end to supernatural.

    I am also very hurt by the way the writers have written dean this season. This year they destroyed dean as a character in the first episode of the show. That was not dean. It was like someone decided to to a do-over and reinvented his personality because the dean we know and love would never have been so affected. He would also have given cass a second chance to redeem himself. They tried writing “old” dean towards the end of this season but the damage is done.

    I liked souless sam, it was a cool twist but it got old fast as it seemed like the only thing the writers were concentrating on. So much time was spent on this that people got a bit sick of it and ultimately the fandom like dean and sam to back each other up.

    I know what I have written is so negative but I really am upset by what has happened. They could have saved this season by giving us a finale that was true to the characters but it wasn’t and that is what has made all the difference.

    If the writers are watching and seeing the feedback I hope they take heed of what the fandom are saying. Stay true to the characters and give us a finale season worth watching.

    • M L says:

      If the writers are reading this bored they must think we’re all nutty what with everyone and her grandmother claiming her section of fandom is the real majority. How many majorities can there be? lol

  27. Andy G says:

    Ding dong he’s gone. I hope that means the cas fans go with him and don’t just hang around moaning at all the forums and whining about how this show has RUINED ITSELF and how much better it was in the past cos you know buzzkill much?

    I enjoyed this finale a lot. One of the best. Can’t wait for next season. Great writing, wonderful acting from J2 and a good old fashioned twist.

    I am really ambivalent about him either way but its funny to watch the freakout.

  28. Marika says:

    I think we should go to a former post from Eric Kripke. He wanted to finish the storyline after season 5 but Supernatural became so popular in season 4 and 5 that now we are even talking about a season 8. So, what changed in season 4 and 5 compared to the first 3? And which episodes of season 6 are the most loved by the audience? I say only one word, Castiel. If the writers have even a little sense of marketing and ratings they will never dare to kill of Castiel in Season 7. Because than the show will go back to the status of season 3. A nice show about two good-looking brothers, hunting demons and followed by a far smaller group of fans.

    • lulu says:

      Actually I disagree slightly. I think this show has always been about the relationships. But after three years, the Sam and Dean relationship got stale and repetitive. Introducing Castiel and developing his friendship with Dean is what really brought the freshness back to the show. The fact that there is still so much to explore between them and that they were able to increase the depth and complexity of that relationship throughout the seasons without tearing down one to prop up the other (unlike the Sam and Dean relationship where everything always comes back to how Dean is to blame for Sam’s failures) speaks to how much more interesting these two character are together. But alas, the shworunner seems to see that as a thread to her favorite, so I guess it’s goodbye Misha and smell ya later Dean/Cas profound bond.

      • another lucy says:

        Now after three years, the Dean and Cas relationship was getting stale and repetitive. Time to freshen up the show.

  29. Lily says:

    It’s not The Dean Show, are you kidding me? You can’t really call yourself a fan if you think that. You can’t really call yourself a fan if you dislike either Sam or Dean which the show is really about.
    I’m sorry to those of you who love Cas and hate that he won’t be a regular next season, but really, you had it coming. I think it’s brave of Sera. Cas has been on the show because he was a fan favorite, the fans loved him so much they let him stay. I love Cas, I really do and I think he’s been a hilarious character through the past two seasons, he’s been there for the brothers. But Supernatural isn’t about Sam, Dean AND Cas. It’s a show about the brothers and them being able to stand against all evil. Sure, they need some help along the way, but in the end it’s supposed to be them against the world.
    And I really don’t like anyone bashing on Sam and saying they should stop making him as so great and everything shouldn’t be about him. Not everything is about him. It’s about the brothers and their love.
    And I know there’s some Destiel shippers reading this and hating the wworld right now, but Jim Beaver is just a guest star and shows up in more episodes than Cas. I’m sure he’ll be back.
    I don’t think next season’s story will be all about Cas being God, haven’t you read the spoilers about the idea of ‘everything closing in and collapsing around you’. I think that’s what the boys will be tackling next season. I’m glad they’re on their own again and can work on their relationship.
    No, this season wasn’t gold and it was far from as great as the others, but I’m still here, I’m still watching because it’s Sam and Dean and it’s my favorite show. The show about family and hunting the supernatural. The show about the boys against the world. And there’s nothing that would make me not tune in next season.

  30. Lou-Ann says:

    I’m totally non plussed by this news, it does little to nothing to impact my feelings towards this show. I never one hundred per cent trusted him, he wasn’t human.

    I loved the finale this year and was bowled over, great acting all around and amazing writing. Look forward to season 8.

  31. dean's a shmuck says:

    This is Dean’s fault. He’s been harsh to castiel all along and now the writers have written him out. Stupid Dean! I hate you!

  32. Heather says:

    This move makes sense.

  33. WahWahSamgirls says:

    Still overcompensating by writing comments online anywhere there is a chance to bash Misha Collins/Castiel because Padalecki is less popular. Perhaps if he was a good actor… Yeah I said it. The chip on your shoulders has gotten old. We all know you all overcompensate because you know a lot of people think he is a piss poor actor and a lot of people think Jensen and Misha outshine him. And THEY DO. So get over it and stop whining about needing the show always to be about how important Sam is to Dean. Sam is important to very little people. His story is boring. So much so the writers have to constantly contrive emo things for him to go through to remain relevant and the focus to please you all and which Jared plays with all the talent and subtley of a blunt axe.

    • Dee says:


    • Dana says:

      Also Disagree!

    • Kelly says:

      ok sam’s story is boring that’s a good one!! I really think we haven’t been seeing the same show, sam and dean’s journey began with sam’s story : first his girlfriend getting killed forcing him to go back into hunting then his psychic powers and the interest the demon had in him then his destiny and the fact that he might turn evil AND we got to see all this storyline play out essentially through dean’s eyes his fears his struggles with what john told him before he died his despair and utter heartache having his brother die in his arms which led to him making a deal to bring him back etc …This long journey full of heartbreak surprises twists and the unconditional love between the two brothers is what this show is about and the reason i think we all fell in love with the show.For my part it is what drew me to this show i didn’t even heard about it before last year 3 months before the season 5 finale and since then i’m hooked i caught up all 5 seasons till 5.14 in two weeks and it became my all time favorite show.That’s why i’d rather not take you all sam haters seriously because like i already said you can’t be fan of this show and hate on one of the main characters but what really irks and annoy me is taking your pointless frustrations on jared padalecki this greact actor doesn’t deserve it he is as brillant as jensen ackles his co star himself said that he was his biggest fan lol and how proud he was of the way jared grew up as an actor through all these last years. So please stop the bashing!

      • WahWahSamgirls says:

        Jensen’s bromance for his co-star aside and the fact that the writers always intended the character of Sam to be the focus no matter who played him what else you got? I am a fan of the show and think it would have been miles better since the first day I watched the premiere of the first episode on a Tuesday on the WB if they had casted someone else other than Padelecki.

        Jensen is proud of the way Jared grew up? Well really what other option did he have? There was nowhere for him to go but up consider how weak he was on Gilmore Girls and how weak he was the first two or three seasons on Supernatural. Jensen carried the show for a lot of the seasons and after Misha show up the two of them carried the show. Jared lucked out having Jensen as a partner. If he had been given a co-star as weak as he is, the show would have been canceled long ago. I watch for the story. Not for the cute guy with the hot body and boyish bangs who is always the puppy that needs to be saved from some fate worse than death.

        I grew out of that when I became an adult.

        • Kelly says:

          Right and I totally believe that you are not just a frustrated crazy jensen fan (and I never talked about hot guys even if both actors are handsome) because you think that poor dean didn’t get a storyline this season and has been robbed of his last season. I’m willing to bet that if jensen got the role of sam in the beginning there wouldn’t be so much sam haters they would be happy that sam is the focus of show but jensen himself said that when he read the script he really liked the dean character even if he wasn’t set out to be the “reluctant hero” and was really excited to get this role.
          Honestly do you really think that if jensen didn’t like the show and the direction it is taking that he would have signed for another season, he’s not a moron nor a masochist
          And please how dare you judge the acting skills of jared are you a casting director do you have any experience in the business? You should be ashamed he really doesn’t deserve so much bashing just because he’s not your favorite actor doesn’t mean he can’t act! so everyone is blind and doesn’t see how awful a job he does as playing sam but you, you have the “laser eyes” and can see past his kicked puppy look and is immune to it, i’m sorry but i don’t remember being brainwashed along with everybody else that think that jared is an outstanding actor and that he totally rocked in last night’s finale.
          Like the winchesters would say well “WHATEVER”

          • Ali says:

            Wait, we’re not allowed to judge actors’ performances now? Well, then, don’t you “dare” try to say someone did a nice job, then. That’s just as bad as saying they didn’t, since you don’t have any “experience in the business”, either. I think we should all just sit here silently. We can’t talk about the writing, either, because we’re not writers in “the business”. We’d better not praise it, or the directing or the cinematography.

            And don’t even THINK about going into an art museum and appreciating the stuff there! Don’t you DARE, unless you’ve ever presented in a gallery yourself. And don’t you tell me who has a great voice and who you’re not as keen on, because only professional musicians get to evaluate the songs they hear on the radio, you presumptuous jerk.

            That’s right. You set them all straight!

    • Ashley says:

      Best. Troll. Ever.

    • Why am I so much smarter than you? says:

      Jared Padalecki PLAYS Sam Winchester. As someone who dislikes Jared but LOVES Sam, comments like yours make little sense to anyone who understands that a character is not the actor, or vice versa. I agree that Jensen is a better actor. And Castiel was interesting. But why do you think that Jared Padalecki has, and always WILL have, top billing? BECAUSE THE SHOW IS CENTERED AROUND SAMUEL WINCHESTERS JOURNEY.

      Stupid people, oh, my god.

  34. JHarnes says:

    Castiel has become a god… I can’t help but wonder if God might come out of hiding now…

  35. Mara says:

    I just want to say, this was a deeply stupid maneuver by Gamble. The CW just said the other day that Misha was gonna be a regular in season 7. Then she comes out the next day and says he won’t be. The finale had an excellent cliffhanger that could’ve kept the fandom excited and talking for months until the premiere. Now no one wants to tune in, because they know she’s gonna kill Cas off.

    Lying to your fans is a terrible, terrible marketing strategy. And setting up an amazing story for a character only to kill him off the next episode is terrible writing. A poor job all around, I’d say, and shame on the showrunner for botching it all so badly.

  36. sally says:

    I’m just curious if Sera understands that the point of these type of interviews is to build up excitement for the new season and bring viewers back in the fall. By first turning a very popular character on the show “bad” and then implying he might not even be on the show…..wow, talk about shooting oneself in the foot. The Winchester brothers might be the backbone of the show but there are a whole lot of fans who like the expanded universe that’s evolved, not going back to the claustrophobic concept of only 2 brothers in a car, forever and ever, amen. Whether Sera or any of the other showrunners like or dislike Cas/approve or disapprove of his popularity is irrelevant: he’s a ratings draw and many, many fans love him. That’s what matters if the showrunners want to hold onto viewership.

    I’m not sure I’m going to be back in the fall. It’s not only the uncertaintly over Cas/Misha. I have no interest in watching Sam get this huge PTSD storyline while Dean’s Hell storyline has been thrown under the bus. And with how Dean had no storyline in S6 , was pretty useless in the finale and whose only role seems to be angsting over Sam/Lisa and Ben/Cas……well, it seems like my fav character really doesn’t have much of a reason to be on the show these days. I’m just not hearing anything that’s given me any excitement about what’s to come next season. I’m hoping that might change over the summer – I hate to give up on the show now.

    • Marika says:

      That´s exactly how I am feeling right now. I am a fan of Jensen and Sam either but for me the threesome was a great evolution and gave the show a huge kick. Especially the Dean/Castiel interactions in season 5 were such a great addition to the common Dean and Sam stories. Why can´t they evolve the relationship of Sam and Castiel as well. Why must always one character be apart? Writers, find a way to restore old Castiel, bring him closer to Sam and back to Dean and make a decent end to a fantastic story arc. If not, a lot of Dean and Castiel fans will be disappointed and not very eager to follow the show. And we are a bigger group than the “‘Sam and Sam only-fans”.

    • M L says:

      It is weird to me that Dean had no cliffhanger this year. You’d think there’d at least be a hint as to what he’s going to be up to in S7. For all we know he’s taking up knitting. I’m sure they have something planned but it’d be nice if they shared with the class.

  37. Kelleach says:

    I liked the show a lot before Cas but I *loved* it after him. I’m not at all happy with how last night ended nor with Misha no longer being a regular. I’ll probably watch next season, at least the opener, but Supernatural is no longer going to be a must-see for me. I already adore Fringe so that’s what I’ll be watching live on Friday nights at 8 CST now.

    • lulu says:

      I also adore Fringe. Now that’s a show where the writers and producers appreciate all their characters.

      • M L says:

        Fringe has a wonderful ensemble! A very deep bench. But then Fringe was designed that way from the outset whereas SPN was designed to be a two-person show. It’s either a blessing or a curse that Cas came along and changed that dynamic. Your Mileage May Vary.

    • galveston says:

      Fringe just doesn’t grab me. It never did. Who cares if the characters are “appreciated” if only one character-Walter–doesn’t bore you to tears? That’s what grates on me about the Supernatural fandom. It’s divided into “camps” complete with score cards to measure exactly how much story and screen time their favorite woobie–Sam, Dean, or Castiel–gets. It won’t allow TPTB to tell a story.

      • Mara says:

        Yeah, but galveston, you’ll never let anyone express their opinions about that story. Since day one, if it were up to you, we’d only be able to say positive things about every possible development, whether we liked it or not… perfect Stepford you-know-whats. Authors may not want feedback, but that’s part of the gig. In order to get the praise, you have to accept that you’re also gonna get the criticism.

    • obi says:

      Adios, bb. You won’t be missed.

    • M L says:

      I adore Fringe too! And I’ve been watching it online and watching SPN live but I could well reverse that, depending on what happens with Cas.

  38. juliemay says:

    I’m not all that surprised by Sera’s comments. She made it clear this season that the only character she cares about is Sam. She tried her darnest to sideline Dean and cut his character down to size in the first half of the season; Cas, she basically cut out of the picture entirely. What we saw in these last few episodes felt a lot more like Kripke and Edlund’s influence. Not having them listed as EPs is scaring me silly- does that mean we’ll have a return of Sam, Sam, Sam all over again? Because, really, that’s something I have zero interest in watching.

  39. lulu says:

    Gamble is a card-carrying Sam-leaning Wincester and JP fangirls. Sadly it doesn’t surprise me at all that she (with Kripke’s blessing) has worked so hard this season to ensure that any other popular character or pairing is written out of existence. This show had so much potential once-upon-a-time, but the backstage politics has all but ruined it. It’s really sad and I truly hope that whatever projects that Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles take on next, they won’t have to put up with these kinds of shenanigans. Maybe they should do one-man shows.

    • galveston says:

      Lulu, your post is exactly what drives me INSANE about the SPN fandom, it’s lack of maturity. Sera isn’t on one character’s “side.” She’s not out to screw Dean or Castiel. Reread your post and take some time to think how it comes across.

    • Lola says:

      I love how you act like you actually know what goes on behind the scenes or how the actors feel. Rationalized delusions, you have em.

  40. Chelle says:

    I think we should worry about Misha/Castiel and his status for next season. I think everyone forgets why they made Misha a series regular. It was to keep him under contract so another show or movie couldn’t grab him up and make him unavailable to appear in Supernatural. I think with Misha’s talent, this is what will happen. I fear he won’t even be available for the season 7 opener because he took another job. Also certain fans should not tell other fans to relax or that this is the Dean and Sam show. I fell in love with this show and Dean and Sam, the first day it aired – but I also fell in love with it even more the first time Misha Collins appeared on the screen. Even though the writers are trying to change his character out of the blue, I will always feel the same about Castiel. But after watching the show yesterday I’m not sure how I feel about Supernatural anymore.

    • Marika says:

      I think you are maybe right. Exactly this happened to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who was another big hit for the show and just wasted…. (I still miss him). If this Divine series will go in regular production, Misha will be working there. Nice news for the Misha fans, bad news for Supernatural.
      Anyway, Sera Gamble made a bad job in keeping the interest in Season 7 during the summer. I lost a lot of interest when Castiel turned within a few minutes from a sensitive and almost human angel from the best sort to Hitler.

  41. LisaM says:

    I love Cas and the relationship between him and Dean was great. Will miss Misha to be sure but I’d like to see the play between Dean and Sam increase. It seems to have gotten lost somewhere.

  42. galveston says:

    Folks, Jim Beaver isn’t a series regular and he’s still a presence. This doesn’t mean we’ll never see Cas again. Stop and take a breath. Breathe. It will be okay.

    Me? I love the Cas character and I also love that this happened to him in the finale. Most unexpected and a big BRAVO! to Sera Gamble. Sera, if you’re reading this, not all of us fans are divided into one of three camps, ie Dean, Sam, or Castiel. Some of us love the show for itself. You did a good job this season, much better than I expected a sixth season to be.

    • Lauren says:

      This. Exactly this. I don’t understand this mentality that everyone has to have a ‘favourite’. Why can’t we love the show for what it is?

  43. Michelle says:

    I am really disappointed by this. Season 6 didn’t really kick into gear for me until they focused more on the war in heaven and Cas’ descent. But now we’re not gonna get to see the fallout from that? Seriously? It was way more interesting than Robo!Sam. I get that the show is about the Winchesters, but how is what happened to Cas different than Sam and his demon blood addiction in season 4? Both Sam and Dean consider Cas part of the family. (Lord knows they’ve done more for Cas than their real brother Adam!) Why shouldn’t they? Cas defied his own family to help them stop the Apocolypse! I wanted to see the boys help Cas redeem himself the same way Dean fought for Sam in season 4! Now that’s looking unlikely. Boo, Gamble and Kripke!

  44. lulu says:

    That pretty much sums it up doesn’t it? I am actually really confused as to why Ackles signed on for an eighth season. Isn’t he tired of playing second-fiddle and being treated like the red-headed step-child by Kripke and Gamble? At least, Collins will be able to move on to other projects instead of having to put up with the crazy office politics that drives SPN these days.

  45. Helen says:

    I don’t care if Misha’s a regular or recurring character or guest star, if the show writers have him to play THIS kind of Castiel. They’ve totally twisted his character. He just wears Cas’ face, but isn’t Cas.

    And of course there are not going to be any friendly moments with Dean, because he’ll be their enemy, whom they’ll have to hunt down and kill.

    It’s like watching a season with Samifer and Dean hunting him down to kill him! What a travesty!

    • A says:

      Helen, there’s the potential for a lot of friendly moments with Dean! Well. Angsty moments where Cas’s affection bleeds through, or where he and Dean are intensely going at it like Alistair and Dean in OTHOAP, or moments where Dean is trying to bring Cas’s mind back. Plenty of INTENSITY, anyway!

      If, of course, they want to go there. They probably won’t; knowing Kripke and Gamble, season 7 will be a 24-7 description of how Sam’s Hell was worse than Dean’s, because they just couldn’t stand to let Dean have a story that Sam didn’t copy line for line.

  46. Jenelle Clark says:

    OMG! Freaking losers? I guess it means that Cass is going to be killed off in the 7th premier by what she said? This is crap. Cass is awesome.

  47. Mariah says:

    Season 6, in my opinion, has been all over the place. The storyline could have been great, but there was never any follow through. The season felt hurried and rushed in between all those filler/time travel/meta episodes. Sera seems to me to be someone who has a million great ideas, but no clue as to how to make them into coherent shows.

    The characters this year have been so OOC and OTT, it left me wondering what show I was watching. We were promised a return to the shows original purpose…the boys, monsters of the week, etc. Instead, everything went in twenty directions and nothing that was promised was delivered. The entire season, including the big bads seem to take place off screen. Eve was a big bad? Five minutes of air time and that entire storyline was done.

    I’m a Cas fan, I wanted him on the show, still do. But if you had to get rid of him…he deserved better.

    It’s obvious Sera is not capable of running the show. She is only running it into the ground. Please Eric Kripke and Ben Edlund, come back, take the show back and turn it into the real Supernatural…not whatever this non season was.

  48. Chelle says:

    I can’t believe that people don’t understand what the creative consequences might be if they don’t keep Misha as series regular. He is now free to do something else full time and he might not ever be able to come back to Supernatural so how much of a storyline would they really invest in him if he might not be available to shoot episodes. So it seems like the writing is on the wall as far as what the writers have planned for that awesome character. I think changing the character out of the blue was an attempt by the writers to make fans dislike him and not care if he comes back but it didn’t work and now for some reason I have that song from the show COPS in my mind but instead of “Bad Boys, Bad Boys what you goin do when they come for you” I keep singing to the writers “Bad Writers, Bad Writers what you goin do when Cas can’t come back to you” Good Luck Misha I hope you find full time work on another series that appreciates you and your fanbase.

    • Winning! says:

      This is the best comment in the entire comment section. You nailed it. It’s not like Supernatural has a huge cast like Lost where it made sense to pare it down as the show was ending. Dean, Sam, Bobby, and Cas are the show now to many people, not just Dean and Sam. They lucked into four great-to-excellent actors who all have chemistry with each other and were able to create this weird family unit between their characters that the fans bought into big time. They shouldn’t be surprised when people are resistant to the idea that Cas and Bobby are just expendable temporary sidestories for Sam and Dean when the show clearly had created a new Winchester extended family. And now it’s too late to recreate what was so special. Oh well.

  49. Kelly says:

    SO sad to hear this. I love Castiel and Misha Collins has done an amazing job in the role. :( :( :(

  50. Lauren says:

    I’m trying to take this with a pinch of salt. Not being a “series regular” doesn’t mean that Misha can still be on the show alot of the time, it just means the only “series regulars” are Jared and Jensen — and maybe that’s how it should be. The show is based on Sam and Dean, and while their ideas of family have expanded to include Bobby and Cas, that fact remains. After all, Jim Beaver isn’t a ‘regular’ but is still in the show most of the time, I’m hoping for the same for Misha.

    After all, whether or not you like Cas, surely it’s obvious the producers would be shooting themselves in the foot if he is barely around or killed off. Beyond that he is clearly popular with a lot of fans, the ending of season six perfectly sets up Cas to still be a major player next season — at least if you follow the tropes they’ve used to build up the past few season finales! They can’t just have a revelation that Cas now considers himself a new God and just push that aside because some people want the show to return to ‘what it was’. That would be ridiculous, and a disservice to the show, the characters, and the fan base as a whole.

    I just hope they make Cas’s storyline next season one about the brothers helping him (rather than the other way round) and them trying to save him from himself rather than turning him into the next big bad, or worse, just killing him off (which is what Gamble’s comments about the season premiere seem designed to imply).

    • Lauren says:

      Sorry, that beginning should say ‘doesn’t mean that Misha cannot still be on the show a lot of the time.

    • Harrison says:

      No the disservice would be writing him constantly and making up an imaginary relationship that wasn’t there purely to pander to fan service. We wouldn’t want that now would we. I think they have to finish him off there it’s the right thing to do for the fans not keeping him in when it should be the SPN of old because Misha has fans.

      • Lauren says:

        You see, it’s the ‘SPN of old’ thing I don’t get. So people liked the first three seasons? Great, so did I. I’ve also liked the next three. All this heaven and hell stuff cannot just be written out now that it’s happened. Shows have to evolve. Having the boys back in the Impala chasing up and down the country after minor evil without the big bad dropping in just doesn’t fit with the universe anymore. To do so would be called regression.

        By no means do I want this to be the Castiel show, nor do I want them to be, as you say, ‘writing him constantly’ but the fact is he has been written in as a major character (imo, on a par with Bobby, but not the brothers, so playing third fiddle, if you will) Whether all fans agree with that is neither here nor there, it’s been done. Therefore, if they write him out he has to be written out as a major character, and it will have to effect the others. No matter what they feel for him now it would be incredibly poor writing to not make it a very big deal to the brothers.

      • EXACTLY THIS says:

        You nailed it. They did that with season 6 already, trying to build up a storyline and then forcing him in for fan service. ENOUGH. I cant wait for season 7 to be rid of him.