Supernatural Exclusive: Misha Collins Won't Be a Series Regular for Season 7

Brace yourself, Supernatural fans (as if Friday night’s finale didn’t already rob you of most every breath): Though his alter ego now is a bigger force than ever to be reckoned with, Misha Collins will not be returning to the CW series as a regular next season, TVLine has learned.

After making a rock star entrance in Season 4, Castiel quickly became a fan favorite, but the Winchesters’ angel ally has gone from heavenly to sinister this season. In Friday night’s finale, he opened the door to purgatory –- inside himself! –- and became a soul-powered God. And nobody was going to get in his way. Not Raphael, not Crowley, not even the Winchesters, whom he gave the ultimate choice in the show’s final minutes: allegiance, or death.

So why the decision to not bring back Collins as a series regular, just when Cas seems to be at his most… almighty?

“When it comes to Supernatural, our philosophy is that everyone moves in and out and weaves in and out of the story, obviously with the exception of Sam and Dean,” executive producer Sera Gamble tells TVLine. “We love Misha. We love and adore the character of Castiel. His character developed to this extent and went in this unexpected direction because we were so inspired by him.”

The season finale cliffhanger “is a very pivotal moment in Cas’ development,” Gamble adds, describing the character as “transformed.” “Basically, that’s what we’ll be exploring next season, so there’s just a big change.”

A change so big it calls for less of a focus on Cas and the goings-on in heaven? While there will be angel stories in Season 7, “they will probably be more self-enclosed,” reveals Gamble.

“[In Season 6], we consciously kept some of this angel civil war off camera because we are interested in what happens on Earth,” she explains. “We are interested in what happens in the purview of the boys. We feel that in terms of what we can accomplish, the scope of the show, our storyline is best accomplished where the Impala can go.”

Collins is expected to return for the Season 7 opener, but how much of a presence he will have on the show beyond that, if any, is a mystery Gamble can’t delve into “without giving away a lot about the premiere,” she says.

Two other names familiar to Supernatural fans however will be back – creator Eric Kripke and executive producer Ben Edlund. Gamble assures us that despite being left off a CW press release touting next season, Kripke and Edlund are hard at work on the seventh cycle. “Their titles have changed,” she explains. “There are a lot of technical and contractual reasons that people’s titles change that don’t necessarily reflect their level of involvement or commitment to the show. … They’ve been in the [writers] room with me every day this week.”

Supernatural fans, are you disappointed that Misha Collins won’t be a series regular next season? What did you think of Cas’ dark turn in the season finale? And what are your hopes for Season 7?

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  1. gadfly says:

    Way to wreck what’s left of the show. Sera Gamble’s total mismanagement and mindless fangirling of Sam throughout season 6 has managed to lose the show many, if not most, of the Dean fans (and ticked off Jensen Ackles enough that for the first time in six seasons, he actually expressed dissatisfaction), and now they’re choosing to dump the Cas fans as well.

    Apparently she still thinks that most of the fans don’t find the current claustrophobic, and still one-sided (since it always runs from Dean to Sam), relationship between the brothers totally pathetic and creepy. “Pathetic and creepy” are not terms I apply to characters I find likeable and heroic.

    • Maddy says:

      Seriously??? Please, Jensen was not ticked off. He even said so at the Chicago con last fall. He said that his comments were taken out of context.

      • BTS says:

        Yup because Gamble got all butthurt and called him up. I suspect he was ordered to retract his statements. He wasn’t even scheduled to attend that con but decides to show up at the last minute and “clarifies” his statement. Yeah, nothing suspicious there.

    • ellie says:

      “most of the fans” hey, speak for yourself now. You can’t know what everyone’s thinking. I and a lot of others still really enjoy the brothers’ relationship. And I think Sam proved how much he cares about Dean in this episode alone.

    • Kris says:

      And Jensen has said over and over that he misses the brotherly relationship that Sam and Dean used to have, that season one is his favorite. Seems like Jensen might be getting what he wants. Too bad all his “fans” can’t be happy for him.

  2. My guess.... says:

    Castiel became too popular and is outshining Sam so TPTB are giving him the boot. Nice. This the only show where they actively punish the more popular characters and actors. Both Collins and Ackles need to run far, far away.

    Good to know Gamble and Kripke learned nothing from the debacle that was The Sam Show this year.

    • Twinkie says:

      You are so right! If it doesn’t make Sam shine, it’s gotta go. I’m so sorry for Jensen and now Misha.

      • Lisa says:

        You can spot Destiel shippers a mile away.

        The show’s always been about Sam’s storyline and how it interacts with Dean’s. It’s what everything STARTED with. He’s not my favorite character (that would be Dean) but I’m not about to pretend that Sam’s taking away from Dean and Cas.

        This whole Make-Dean-Leave-Sam-Behind thing the writers have injected into the story have ruined the dynamic that made the show popular. If they’d even make Cas more warm to Sam and/or Bobby, it would be better. But the split that he created is more off-putting than being butthurt when they finally explain Sam’s problems.

        • lola says:

          And you can always spot an extreme samgirl a mile away. First of all she claims to be a deangirl, then lets loose on her butthurt over how nobody wuvs Sammy enough. Self-awareness is your friend.

          • another lucy says:

            Oh sure, like Dean fans aren’t always butthurt themselves about how nobody wuvs and truly appreciates Dean’s awesomeness.

    • Moe says:

      Yep, apparently. You’d think they would have learned something from this debacle of a season, but instead, Gamble is still in charge and they have let her ax one of the few things that still worked: Castiel, Collins, and the bond between Dean/Cass.

      I just can’t take another season of Dean being All About Sam, Sam being All About Himself, and Dean having no one outside of the emotionally abusive people he calls “family.” The relationship between Dean/Cass was one of the few positive things I had for Dean, and Gamble took that away, spit on it, and now fired it by firing Collins.

      I’m just appalled that she is STILL being allowed to run this show into the ground with her Samgurl ways. Will no one at the executive level step in and save this once great show from her obsession with making Jared/Sam the Be All/End All of this show???

      And to think, she once impressed me. :-/

    • Jaime says:

      So what, you want it to be the Dean/Cas show? This season was not the Sam show. Both brothers got their share of screen time and had their own story lines.

    • another lucy says:

      Nah, Cas was outshining Dean. So he had to go.

      • A says:

        Ha, so “I know you are but what am I?” is the tactic you’re gonna take? Everyone knows this is about butthurt Samgirls wanting Cas off so he doesn’t take up any more of Dean’s affection… as if Dean can’t love more than one person at once. Deangirls adore the dude, because for all the conflicts he and Dean have had, Cas has always held Dean in the highest regard, and has cared for him. That’s how friendships work.

    • Jeff says:

      Wait, it sounds like you feel as if this season was the Sam show and others weren’t. How long you been watching?

      The ENTIRE PREMISE of this show IS BASED ON SAM. Everything started with him.

      So, my point is, if the entire series has been this way, why are you acting as if it’s just now becoming this way with the 6th season?

      And sorry to burst your bubble, but the show is about TWO BROTHERS. Castiel makes a good supporting character. Making him a series regular was the biggest mistake they ever made.

      Plus, he’s a lying, deceiving, hypocritical, self righteous, pompous S.O.B., but since everyone is too busy laughing at his comic relief and gawking at the “Castiel just died!!! Oh wait. He’s back. Again…” moments no seems to see it.

      Good riddance and THANK YOU SERA for bringing the show back to being about TWO BROTHERS.

      • A says:

        Sam is also a lying, deceiving, hypocritical, self-righteous, pompous SOB. You know what happens when someone gets that way? He learns from his mistakes and becomes a better person.

        Also, how can the show be THE SAM SHOW and yet also about TWO BROTHERS? Only in a Samgirl’s head, I guess!

      • mera says:

        Dude you contradicted yourself within the same post. Typical of the extreme sam girls.

        Yes the show has always been about Sam, despite Kripke’s and Gambles claims to the contrary. But where Kripke at least tried to give Dean something beyond fretting over Sam once in while, Gamble didn’t even bother to fake it. She cooked up a half-assed domestic arc which never went anywhere and destroyed the only other relationship Dean was allowed to have on the show and now she’s crowing about a hugely popular actor being demoted.

        It’s no wonder both Dean and Castiel fans are seriously pissed at her.

  3. Sarah says:

    Wow, Sera, how about kicking us some more when we’re down? I am not interested in endless Sam-Dean angst. NOT INTERESTED. This is an appalling way to treat loyal fans who’ve hung on through this mess of a season. I want to see Cas saved. I want to see Sam and Dean being there for him like he has been for them. If that isn’t going to happen then I won’t be watching.

    • Enough says:

      Yes, because the show is about Sam Dean and their angel sidekick. Some people need to go back and learn what the show was about, before the Angels came into he picture.

      Loyal fans really? you all aren’t loyal…

      • narrans says:

        The show can still be about Dean and Sam WITHOUT having Cas be evil, that’s the point she’s trying to make. And really, after everything Cas has done for them, they freaking OWE him.

        And I definitely think there’s a way to have them help Cas, and do the decent thing, but not have Cas be the center of the story, or be there all the time. It’s just that the writers don’t want to, because in the universe of SPN, Dean and Sam can only have each other–which is, to be quite honest, old for me, and I’ve been watching since the beginning. BEFORE Cas. Yeah, maybe they can have Bobby, every now and then. But an actual friend they say hi to from time to time and maybe try to help, the way he tried to help them? Oh god, no.

        • Jeff B says:

          PSsssh they don’t own Castiel ANYTHING. He’s a lying, deceiving, manipulative S.O.B. which no one sees because they are too blinded by his comic relief.

          How Castiel fans always seem to forget that HE STARTED the apocalypse? Yes. He let Sam out of the panic room during his detox. Then, he not only KEEPS this little nugget from the boys, but he goes on to BLAME THEM EVERY CHANCE HE GETS for “breaking the world” (he even beats Dean to near death… some “Angel”).

          So Sam makes some wrong choices in Season 4. Cool. Guess what? SAM is a REAL MAN and fesses up to his mistakes (which, come on now, if he had known killing Lilith was the last seal, he never would’ve done it) and JUMPS INTO LUCIFER’S cage, self sacrifices himself with the HELP of Dean snapping him out of it and saves the world.

          Then, here’s cocky, self righteous Castiel again, thinking he’s got the juice to save Sam (psssssh yeah right…) and CREATES A SOULLESS MONSTER. Then, guess what? He decides, yet again, to keep THAT nugget of truth from the boys, yet again, and lets a DEMON take the blame!

          And as for him “dying” for the boys. I’ll only give him ONE and that was when Raph smoked him at the end of Season 4. He wasn’t going in planning on dying at the end of Season 5. Besides, what’s the point when they just kept bringing him back?? It was to APPEASE YOU FANS who wanted him around.

          Castiel is a d*ck. Plain and simple. Turn him evil, have our two MAIN HEROES, the Winchester Brothers save Castiel from the dark side, give him redemption, and then make him go away once and for all, or have him flutter in and out for a few episodes every so often (if you MUST).

          • mera says:

            Poor Sam. It must be sad to be such a mindless puppet. First Ruby drags him around by his pee-pee and then Cas forces him to leave the panic room and then suck back bucket-fulls of demon blood. And let’s not forget his evil, mean, super-bossy brother who drove him to do it all in the first place. It must suck to be Sam, the most innocent, flawless and pathetic victim to ever hit the airwaves.

            Too bad I’m more interested in real heroes who own up to their faults rather than whiny victims who are forever at everyone else’s mercy.

      • Lauren says:

        Correction, what the show WAS about. TV shows have to grow and evolve if they go on this long. Do you really think the show would’ve gone for 7 seasons if it was just still just two brothers travelling the country killing bad guys? It had to get bigger and better as time went on or else the main arc of every season would’ve been ‘Wincester brothers face demon that wants to kill them’. And it would’ve gotten old. Once we’d had several seasons of demons, the devil — and therefore Angels — were the next logical step.

        Personally I have loved every season of this show. I hope to to love the next one. Yeah, I think that makes me loyal — you don’t have to wish the show never changed to be loyal.

  4. Highly Disappointed says:

    This whole season has depressed me to no end. You can guarantee that the show has lost my support. I hope these negative comments get back to the writers because they’ve taken this show down a dark alley and beaten it to death. Sera, I’m sorry but you’re disjointed writing and removal of one of the best characters has RUINED the show.

    • Enough says:

      Best characters? Castiel? Seriously, SAM AND DEAN ARE THE SHOW, They are the best characters. Castiel is a side character deal with it.

      Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out you bandwagon jumper you…

      • Louisa says:

        sammywsgirl, you’re so obvious. Please go back to the CW forums and peddle your hate there. LOl-ing forever at how you’ll all be ripping each other to shreds on Sam v Dean lines again now you don’t have Cas and Casfans to bully.

        • Enough says:

          Think you have me confused with someone else, I have never posted at the CW Lounge LOL I have and always will be a Bi-Bro fan Sam and Dean are what makes the show for me, not the secondary characters ;)

  5. Enough says:

    Did people forget what the show was about before the damn angels came into it. Seriously; the show is about Sam and Dean Winchester, hunting people and saving things. Not Sam, Dean and their Angel sidekick…

    Castiel was never a main character, he was always a side character and if people leave because he isn’t there anymore then they aren’t loyal fans. Get off Sera, she is trying to take the show back to what made it great to begin with. If you are a true loyal fan you will keep watching..

    • Laura says:

      Don’t come that crap with us. Just because we like another character means we aren’t proper fans? Yes we are. We tune in week after week, buy the DVDs, and we’ve hung on for the rare glimpses of a half decent storyline this season. We are proper fans. And when the show is tanking next season perhaps you (and the show’s creators) might remember that.

      • Enough says:

        I can come at you if I want you bandwagon jumper, true loyal fans will watch the show to the end. Sam and Dean are the damn show, maybe you would know that if you watched it from the beginning.

        Castiel is a side character and nothing more.

        I am sick of people calling themselves fans when they jump ship…

        • Samantha says:

          Yes, Castiel is a supporting role in the show, and the fact that he isn’t going to be a regular doesn’t mean much because he’s not a main character. But Cas is more than an angel sidekick. Dean called him family, and isn’t that what the show’s about? Family? You give family a chance, and you don’t give up on family. I just don’t want the Winchesters to give up on Castiel and try to kill him.

        • Laura says:

          I have watched it from the beginning, twerp.

        • A TRUE LOYAL FAN says:

          Um, excuse me. I’ve watched the show from the pilot– since the very beginning (and yeah, I ship Wincest AND Dean/Castiel– and you know what else? I also ship: Sam/Lucifer, Sam/Castiel, Crowley/Bobby, God/Lucifer, and just about every other slash ship you can think of!) and I’m going to have to agree with everything “Enough” said. This show has become suffocating. This is my last straw– it’s not “just” about Cas at this point– it’s everything that’s lead up to it.

          I was near my breaking point at the finale to season five, but despite my doubts I managed to stick it through season six and the entire quality of this show has become horrible. This show barely even makes sense anymore– it’s disrespecting the fans AND the characters (including Sam and most especially Dean). I’m sick of it and I’m probably out. I’ll give them one more chance with the next episode, but if they screw that up too, I’m out. I’ll cancel the pre-order I have on season six to promote them and I’ll pretend like the show ended after season five (which was already pretty shaky in my book).

    • moo says:

      Since Gamble and Kripke only seem to care about what Sam fans want, why should anyone else show loyalty to them or the show? Enjoy your Sam show while it lasts. I will lmao when the show gets cancelled mid-season.

      • Enough says:

        Excuse me I am not a Sam fan I am a bi-bro fan which means I want the show to focus on the brothers not Castiel and the angel storyline.

        Eric is a Dean fan for the record, Ben is a Dean fan and that’s okay by you huh Moo. But because Sera is a Sam and Brothers fan it’s not cool… Your a moron.

        • Moe says:

          Eric is a Dean fan? LMAO! This is the same guy who replaced Dean with ADAM, some third brother that was never heard of before. All because he considered Dean to be completely replaceable.

          Eric is a Dean fan. That’s hilarious. He’s said many times that Sam his his avatar, that Sam is the hero of the show, and he’s proven it every time it came to write something for Dean.

          • Lisa says:

            But Sam IS the hero of the show. The show is centered and was built on SAM. It was HIM who yellow eyes went after and since then, it’s been him on his journey to discovering what the plan for him was.

        • Laura says:

          Oh God, you can always spot the ones from the CW Lounge.

          If you are contracting “you are” it’s *you’re*.

          Not your.

          • Enough says:

            Hey Laura,

            I never posted at the CW Lounge at all, I’ve only read there once and it was enough to scare me off with all the Sam hate. Just like TWOP…

            In fact I am not really in the fandom at all, I used to be but because of extreme psycho rabid fan base I’ve left it.

            no one needs a spelling Nazi either. ;)

          • mera says:

            @Lisa You Sam fans need to make up your minds. Either show is about both brothers or it’s about Sam. The level of talking out of both sides of your mouth is only rivaled by Eric Kripke and Sera Gamble. And yet, no one is ever fooled by your ridiculous claims.

    • Rochelle says:

      but the problem is that it won’t go back to that. I totally agree that Seasons 1 and 2 were the best seasons. By far. Now, I love Misha. I thought Castiel’s character brought a freshness and outlook that the boys needed, especially Dean.

      But I was never pleased with the angel storyline or the search for god then purgatory and all that bs. The writers seem to think we need some huge overwhelming cosmic plot that gets solved in a (ridiculous) way at the end of the season only to reveal a bigger more messy situation.

      What happened to making a horror movie every week? that’s when i was proud to say I watched the show. It was very underrated at the beginning. Now it’s truly deserving of a friday timeslot on the lowest rated network.

      • tripoli says:

        I gotta agree with you about the first couple seasons. I enjoyed the monster hunt each week. Going after the urban legends and myths we’ve all heard before. It’s definitely taken a different turn lately but I guess I’m not as rabid or crazy a fan as most on here seem to be(not directed at you) so I’m fine with whatever direction they choose to take. But I do miss the kind of episodes that got me watching in the first place.

  6. Laura says:

    I actually feel a bit sick about that. Way to go Sera.

  7. Jenna says:

    Okay so what the hell was the past three years for with all the story development and just ugh.
    This is terrible.

    I really hope they know what they are doing and that the show isn’t just going to take a path downwards.

    Basically no, not happy about this.

    The whole Sam & Dean hunting things is great yeah, but there would not have been 6 seasons of just that. The reason it came so far was from such interesting plot twists and the new characters mostly everyone has come to love. Of course anything we say will not change anything so i will just sit tight and see what they have to offer.

  8. Neha says:

    I’m so annoyed rite now!! This is unnecessary!!! I can’t believe they wud do this!!!! I can’t think right now!

  9. emily says:

    oh my cas. this is horrible.

  10. Joanne says:

    I agree take the show out of Sera’s hands before she sinks it, plz Ben and Eric take charge again, Season 6 could’ve been much better than it was and now this new about not having Cas/Misha on the show as a regular *pouts* God how I miss the boys interaction with Cas from the past *sighs*

  11. Kimmie says:

    Wow this sucks. I had hoped we were getting rid of Sera Gamble next year. Who the frak decided to let her remain as showrunner?

    And now Castiel is gone. Dean is my favorite character, always has been, always will be. But Castiel, whom I truly liked, is just about the only character outside of Sam, that Dean has a truly intimate connection to(and I’m not talking sex, mind out of the gutter) and it’s also the only way that Dean EVER has even the hope of having a storyline that is NOT focused on angsting over Sam or the same old family drama plotlines over and over again.

    This could have led to perhaps reviving some of Dean’s own dropped plotlines(his vesseldom, being marked by Castiel with his handprint when he was saved from Hell, the seeming interest the alphas, connected to purgatory, took in keeping him out of the way or dead) and giving him a real genuine plot next year.

    An ACTIVE plot, not just playing back up on someone else’s.

    Without Castiel, that is gone, there is no reason to examine any of those issues.

    I also was very disappointed in both these episodes. I felt Let it Bleed had all the subtlety and sophistication of an anvil and the written characterizations were practically one dimensional(does this woman know Dean at all, even though she’s been writing him for 6 years, frankly it felt like pure spite). Only the actors managed to save them. The Man Who Knew Too Much was better but it felt disconnected and disjointed in my opinion.

  12. Mrs_padalecki11 says:

    Honestly everyone dont get mad at sera. season 7 is gonna be a season of change. misha has been on board since season 4. how much more can they go with his storyline. its time to take cas out of the picture for a while and focus on sam dean bobby and whats going on down on earth. if you havent noticed there is more things on the show besides cas. theres still vampires, demons, shapeshifters and all kinds of things still out there. they need to focus on sam where he just now remembers what all happened in hell. i feel that season 7 will be more of mending things. cas may show up more than everyone thinks. in my opinion this is a GREAT thing.

  13. Laura says:

    So the last three years have been for nothing? What was the point of that Castiel’s character development only to regress his character and turn him into an enemy? So utterly disappointed in this choice. What a waste of a fabulous character and ally. I have no interest in watching any of s7 now. I refuse to watch Castiel be ruined anymore by writers who can’t even appreciate their own character.

  14. shann says:

    well thats just unacceptable Castiel is my favorite part of the show. okay maybe thats a bit much but the show wont have half the punch lines it dose now with out Cas having him on for the last 3 season the show wont be the same without him. if Cas goes off the show it wont ever be on the same level of epic tv shows as it is with the core four that is Dean Sam Castiel and Bobby

    bottom line it would be a huge mistake to take him away from us the veiwers and the fans

  15. Slasher says:

    REALLY! no more Caz? Cmon! I love that dude, and I love the Dark side thing but no more regular Caz. Man! They should have just ended the show tonight! I hope to Caz…(lol yeah) that season 7 comes out better than season 6, because this season was not that good…no offence

    • idjit says:

      His name is Cas….and if you wanna get technical, its Cass. If you’re going to freak out about a character you “love” get the name right at least geesh

  16. Jenny Finster says:

    I am ENRAGED that Misha Collins won’t be back as a series regular. Not just because he won’t be back because I was lied to. there was a press release before, saying that he would be back.
    There is so much that can still be done with the character. Castiel is family. I don’t care what anyone says, he’s still family.
    I love Castiel. when the angst between Sam and Dean got to be too much to bear, I focused on Castiel.
    When Dean didn’t know what to do in season 2 when Sam died, what did he do? He made a deal with a demon.
    When Sam didn’t know what to do without his brother between seasons 3 & 4? He started drinking demon blood and working with Ruby.
    What did Castiel do this season when he didn’t know what to do and wanted to protect his family and the world?
    I’ve been watching this show from episode one and I seriously don’t know if I can cope if Castiel isn’t on the show anymore.
    I love him. And I am furious right now.

  17. Jodie says:

    How cynical to put out that press release listing Misha as a regular just yesterday and now this, Side-eying you, Sera. That’s a sucky thing to do.

  18. Maggie says:

    I didn’t think anything could depress me more than the finale. My interest in season 7 is pretty much gone.

  19. Melissa says:

    This is quite possibly the most ridiculous decision the show has ever made. Cas is family now. Much the same as Bobby is. I see no need to get rid of him at all. ESPECIALLY when this finale made it LOOK like he was going to be in it more than ever. It makes NO SENSE AT ALL.
    The fans have built up too much of a bond to his character and frankly is one of the main reasons this fandom continues to flourish as it does. I tell ya what, Cas is the reason I started watching – so I’ll gladly stop once he’s gone. He honestly brought a whole new dimension to the show that wasn’t there before and if the writers are just willing to dismiss that then I just hope they know they’re sinking their own ship here.

  20. Ali says:

    Castiel became too popular and is outshining Sam so TPTB are giving him the boot. Nice. This the only show where they actively punish the more popular characters and actors.

    It’s positively bizarre, isn’t it? I’ve never seen anything like it. You would think you would want to capitalize on the things that are working, not diminish and demote them. I mean, if someone is doing an amazing job, and their character is connecting with the audience, doesn’t it benefit your show to use them? No, apparently if you’re the showrunner on Supernatural, you write them off or shunt them into a pointless romance so that they don’t compete with the character YOU like best.

    • another lucy says:

      it’s bizarre they don’t focus more on Sam. He is very popular. Jared is doing an amazing job.

      • Noel says:

        Agreed. And Cas’s fans hatred for Sam really bothers me.

      • Ali says:

        They gave a pretty extreme focus to Sam this year, actually. Last year, too. Didn’t do much for the ratings. Maybe it’s time to try something new!

  21. Cris says:

    Sad, I was hoping to see Cas have a fight with Death, the real God, or the other 2 Fate sisters (the 1st one before she died did say there were two much more powerful); seeing they are the only ones that could beat him…Ohh well, I wonder what the real enemy be then in season 7

  22. Male-Model says:

    I’ll quit watching. Season 6 is a disappointment. I only watch SPN for Cas.

  23. Rachel says:

    Although the show was initially about the brothers, I do feel that it did and should continue to grow to be more about just them.

    I think they should continue to show Castiel and his development because everyone will get bored of the same “Sam is in trouble Dean is going to save him” or “Sam is doing something and Dean doesn’t want to.”

    What I’m saying is, the theme for the show is “family,” that doesn’t have to change, but the way it’s presented should be spiced up every now and then.

    Plus Castiel as God is superb. A++++++ on that decision.

  24. Terri says:

    It doesn’t matter what the show was about in season one. Shows evolve! If not they get canceled no matter how loyal the fans. Buffy started out with one Slayer and in the end there were many. Fans are the ones who are loyal to the shows and the fact that there is a whole part of the fanbase disrespected by the ending of this season and now this news is what makes us angry. Castiel is an important character, he was important to Dean. Sam/Dean are a great brother relationship, but eventually there had to be something else to not stagnant the show. Castiel was that something for thousands of fans. This is just the icing on the cake to many. It seems like Gamble cares for no character but Sam.

    • Enough says:

      Did it ever occur to you that maybe WB wasn’t happy with the direction of the Angel/Demon storyline and wanted to go back to what made the show great to begin with. (that’s the rumor I heard long ago) and I am starting to think it was true, they either told Sera to fix it or they would.

      Sera cares for the brother relationship, not just Sam… Ben thinks Dean is the heart of the show but that’s cool huh =)

      Going back to what made it great to begin with is a great way to end the series.

      • Muse says:

        Why would the network object to the angel storyline? The vast majority of it happened off-screen. If the network truly believes that marginalizing a break-out character is good business, they’re as pathetically bad at their jobs as Kripke and Gamble.

      • Terri says:

        The CW isn’t that stupid. SPN might not be an overly important show on the network but they know Castiel is a breakout character. Shows utilize their breakout characters. They want the ratings up, not to kill them, which this is a surefire way to do. The brother relationship isn’t the only one on the show. People care about every relationship on the show and all the time those relationships are destroyed. Eventually enough will be enough.

  25. narrans says:

    Nope, won’t be back. The plotting and storyarc this season were TERRIBLE, Dean and Sam both became completely idiotic, hypocritical caricatures of themselves by the end, and now no Cas? Believe me, by the end of this episode I was hoping he’d exact a little divine vengeance and smite the living daylights out of the Winchesters. Too bad it didn’t happen.

    We had five great seasons, but Sera Gamble’s done nothing but screw things up this year. I mean, has she ever thought that maybe five seasons of endless Winchester-centric pain gets tedious after a while? And maybe the show could still be cool and interesting if the writers actually tried something that isn’t “Dean and Sam learn once again that the only person they can rely on is each other?” Give me a break. There isn’t anything cool or new or different about the same-old, same-old that we’ve gotten for years. Quit trying to pretend like there is and like you’re somehow being bold and original for saying so.

  26. Mimi says:

    This sucks majorly! I’m hella upset

  27. bjxmas says:

    I say wait and see. I suspect Misha will be recurring just like Jim, and possibly in as many episodes as now. Misha is very popular and a tremendous asset to the show. Strategically, it keeps the mystery alive. Will Cas be redeemed? How big of a presence will he be in S7? Just what is going to happen between him and the Winchesters?

    I’m hoping for redemption, and fearing that redemption might come with a deadly price tag. Whatever comes, I’ll be there to watch and support the writers. This is their story and don’t we all want to be shocked and intrigued?

    I love that the writers are fearless and always looking to shake up the Winchesters’ universe. There is always the next great character to come. Still, I’ll miss Balthazar just like I miss Chuck and Gabriel. I’m hoping they all make a comeback in S7. With Supernatural anything is possible and no one is ever truly gone.

    Now I guess we have the long Hellatus to ponder the course of the show and the Winchesters. I’ll be waiting for them when they return, anticipating more of this wild ride and hoping that Cas and Dean can regain their brotherly bond.


  28. Kimmie says:

    “Castiel became too popular and is outshining Sam so TPTB are giving him the boot. Nice. This the only show where they actively punish the more popular characters and actors. Both Collins and Ackles need to run far, far away.

    Good to know Gamble and Kripke learned nothing from the debacle that was The Sam Show this year”

    That is what is sounds like to me. They’ve punished Ackles character for years because he was the original “break out” character of the show and then they did it to Misha. All because they have freakin’ Sam colored glasses on. And at least Collins is getting out, I wish Ackles would have gotten out when he had the chance, but how was he to know what a train wreck it was going to turn into. When he signed on they’d actually given him a mytharc role and plotline of his own finally and he still had reason to believe it would come to something until they stripped it all away.

    Is that what it was? They kept that plotline running just long enough to get Jensen signed(being “Michael’s sword”, etc) and then they couldn’t get rid of it quickly enough once they were sure he was signed on the dotted line?

    Maybe that Rapture really is coming later on today.

    • Kelly says:

      I have a question for all you crazy jensen fans disguised as dean girls did you really understand the storyline that played out in season 5? If not let me try to explain it to you after all maybe you misunderstood something. So Dean was revealed to be Michael’s vessel pretty cool for dean, except he never asked for it never wanted to be part of it, like he said “life as an angel condom”,thanks but no Besides and here’s the twist the angels wanted him to say yes so Michael can kill Lucifer and THIS fight would have provoked THE APOCALYPSE and killed half the population on earth. THAT’S why dean fought till the end not to say yes even if he did lose hope towards the end and must have thought that “half the planet was better that no planet at all” and he almost gave in to Zachariah.Thankfully he came back to his senses cause he didn’t was to disappoint his brother who trusted him not to say yes and to be the kind of hero that sam always thought he was and not a selfish assbut.And then there is the polemic about the finale where the dean girls keep whining that their favorite character had to sit on his thumbs while the GREAT sammy winchester saved the world and sacrificed himself. I’ll tell you something if dean could have been the one to say yes to lucifer and jump in the cage i think he would have done it in a heartbeat unfortunately for many reasons that wasn’t the case and instead HE had to make an even bigger sacrifice and ALLOW his little brother to sacrifice himself for the greater good and THIS was the first step to their victory.If so called Dean fans can’t understand the consequences for their favorite character then I don’t get what they like about him besides his good looks obviously.In my opinion BOTH brothers had their part in saving the world and BOTH brothers made sacrifices and if I want to be honest i think Dean’s was bigger it’s sad but true: sam was ready to sacrifice himself he was seeking redemption and because of his low and quasi inexistant self esteem probably thought he deserved it in a way even if he was terrified, it wasn’t very diffcult for him to make his choice once he saw that they had indeed run out of options.
      Now Dean had to make the most heartbreaking decision in his life and I think that not a lot of people would have had the guts to do it, he had to let go of his little brother the most important person in his life, the kid he pretty much raised since sammy was a baby so I’m asking you again how could you all belittle his sacrifice if you’re so in love with the character that is Dean Winchester ?

      • moo says:

        OK you patronizing git. Let me explain something to you about why Swan Song failed to deliver for either Sam or Dean.

        Dean saying no to Michael made perfect sense as long as Sam wasn’t idiotic enough to say yes to Lucifer. The fact that Sam could miraculously overpower an archangel, by drinking demon blood no less, was the shoddiest bit of writing in the history of the show. There was no set up for any of it and the only reason Sam was able to “win” was because that’s what Kripke wanted. That is crap writing assassinated Sam’s character while forcing Dean to sit on the sidelines and do nothing. That makes neither of them true heroes in my book because Sam gave in to his destiny and Dean just gave in. WTF kinds of heroes are those?

  29. mike says:

    That’s disappointing except Misha is probly ready to be a bigger star and find a show that can focus around him…

    • Steph says:

      Please. He’s hardly mass appeal. Other than some crazy fans online nobody cares about Misha Collins. He’s not attractive, his voice is grating, his acting is weird. Get over yourselfs. Misha is nothing in Hollywood. Hell, Jensen and Jared aren’t much either. Their endless conventions only devalorizes them, but I guess it’s an easier way to make money than theater and indie films. The prizes are so high for this conventions only crazy fans attend. It’s fandom is ridiculous. Anyway, demoting Misha is a good start I guess. Now they need to add some women to the cast. WHY IS FANDOM SO AFFRAID OF WOMEN AND HETEROSEXUALITY? Writers stop fanserving that absurd part of fandom. The show is paired with Nikita for Christ’s sake. You can’t keep being so sexist or their audience won’t cross over.

  30. Jeff says:

    Just an absolutely terrible decision. They should be embracing his character MORE, not pushing him away. The idea of turning him evil, if that’s really the decision they are going, bothers me.

    I always hoped that the power her took on would overload him and make him human. And in season 7, we would see him truly become one of the Winchesters.

    Guess not.

    • DS says:

      I was hoping for the exact same thing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will still happen. :/

    • Melissa says:

      Jeff, I totally agree. This is what I was thinking would happen too. All this emphasis on family lately nearly had me ecstatic and sure that it’s exactly what was going to happen throughout the next season. I’m very disappointed to hear this.

    • Jim says:

      That’s exactly what I thought would happen. Castiel as a human, and really as Dean said in many ways he was like a child. Dean would have a new kid on the block to take under his wing, which is when Dean is at his best. Sam would no longer be the baby brother and could get over some of his inferiority issues, etc.

  31. Allison says:

    BEST.NEWS.EVER. Maybe I’ll actually start caring about the show again with all this angel crap being over, finally.

  32. Tucker says:

    I like Misha and Cas, but I think this is the right move. Especially after such a ridiculous finale to such a sub-par season. It’s best to wipe everything from Season 6 away as fast as they can. Call Season 7 the final season and build to the end, refocusing on Dean and Sam.
    I was actually a fan of the angel-demon war in Season 5 and I thought it came to a wonderful conclusion. The whole talk about Season 6 being about monsters turned out to be lip service as they came right back to the war in Heaven, which was far less interesting than they thought it was. It’s time to move on from this premise and, unfortunately, Cas!God epitomizes it.

  33. Mrs_padalecki11 says:

    and to be honest if sera hadnt have said anything about misha not coming back and he had just came back for the first episode and not anymore of season 7 everyone would still be watching it and not complaining i mean come on people. give sera a break season 6 was awesome and season 7 will be just as great with or without misha!

    • Cody says:

      Yes, well I can see from your screenhandle why you enjoyed the season. o_O

      • Mrs_padalecki11 says:

        yes cody Jared/Sam is my favorite character but i like cas to all the characters have a special role in the show. as of right now castiels role is up.

  34. NJ says:

    Returning to just Sam/Dean show will only be a detriment to both characters. The codependency angst hoopla stopped being cute years ago. These are grown men and they need to interact with other regular characters. Castiel gave the Winchesters and their world more dimension.

    This is a amazingly idiotic move, Sera Gamble. So myopic. and as showrunner, thats a real shame. seriously.

    • Lou says:

      They can (and should) introduce more characters you know. Sam/Dean not being co-dependent doesn’t rest on Cas’s shoulders. His character is tired. I say get rid of him completely and introduce fresh blood to the cast.

  35. nixon says:

    Bring back Castiel!

  36. nixon says:

    Bring back Castiel!

  37. Heather says:

    I have been a fan of Supernatural since the start of the show and let me just say, this season has by far been the worst season of them all. I miss the days of Sam and Dean hunting monsters. I miss Eric Kripke running the show! i really hate saying that Sera Gamble has run this show into the ground, because I love it so much and I want to believe that she can run it like Kripke did, but that doesn’t seem to be working out. And I love Cas!! BALLS!!!! This sucks!

  38. Mikaylah says:

    This is pretty depressing. I loved the twist in the finale, although I hate that Cas is a “bad guy” now. I really hated seeing his relationship with Dean dissolve so fast, because it made Dean seem so fair weathered. Cas had been with him through so much, and although the end result was not desirable he should have given Cas a little more credit than he did the last few episodes. I really hope Castiel gets a compelling, satisfying end. What I am hoping happens is the real God stops Catiel, while obviously forgiving him for everything he has done since God is pretty much responsible for it. Then maybe he makes Cas forget about his time with the Winchesters. I am going to miss Castiel/Misha something fierce.

  39. severely disappointed says:

    I sincerely hope that this just means they scaled Misha back to a guest star because of budget concerns and doesn’t reflect his actual presence on the show next year. You can’t set things up the way they did in the finale and then not play it through. I was crushed enough that they went the way they did (and have been trying very, very hard to be optimistic that Dean and Sam and Bobby will find a way to get through to Cas–or that he’s somehow just possessed and what we saw at the end there was not -him-), but if they don’t pay out on what they set up or do something lame like kill him off, I don’t know what I’ll do. I’ve spent this entire season defending the show because I legitimately did enjoy most of the season (a few hiccups aside) and the way things were going… right up to the very end.

    I love Dean and Sam a lot, but I really don’t know if I can do a Season 7 that’s just a rehashing of Season 1. Dean and Sam have had their chance to be saved by family–it’s time to give Cas his.

  40. sarah says:

    This is another show where the misogyny runs rampant, not the least of which is in the way the funs react to Sera Gamble. :/

    • Moe says:

      I’m a woman, and believe me, I rooted for Sera when she took the show over. I wanted her to disprove all of those horrible myths about women in charge. And instead, she just proved them all.

      I support women in business and in power. But I won’t whitewash them away if they do a bad job. And Sera did a horrible job this seaso

    • narrans says:

      Nice try. I was extremely excited when I learned that Sera was taking over, because despite my reservations, I thought it would be fantastic to have a woman showrunner–and that maybe, just maybe, we’d get some great storylines, and maybe some other female characters who aren’t cookie-cutters or avatars for the domestic life, like Lisa ended up being. I also thought, foolishly so, that maybe SPN’s very problematic attitude toward women–who are either Mary Winchester or total sluts–would change.

      That didn’t happen. The plotting and overall strategy for this year were terribly unbalanced, and the final episodes were, especially in terms of characterization–everyone got their characters assassinated, even though Dean and Sam are still supposed to be sparkling and perfect–absolutely horrific. Some of that falls to Kripke and Singer, but she’s the person in charge, and she’s the one calling the shots. So yeah, I’m going to say she did awful work, and the fact that she’s a woman has nothing to do with it.

    • Laura says:

      AGREED! I can’t stand the SPN fandom and their anti-women attitude.

  41. Vanderli says:

    I will miss the Dean/Castiel canon the most. Everything seemed to be going great until the last bit of “Mother Dearest”.
    In the new season the boys may have to kill Castiel. Or Maybe a God v. Castiel match. I don’t want it to change. I want Dean/Castiel back. But the changes dose make good plot. I just hope it doesn’t change too much where it wont be the same show we all fell in love with anymore and fans will tune out

  42. Slasher says:

    Someone! Make a petition to keep Castiel as a regular!

  43. Amy says:

    Disappointment and heartbreak over the finale nearly had me in tears…this pushed me right over the edge.

    I love Castiel. I ADORE Castiel, and no one could have brought as much to that character as Misha did. His performance, his energy and chemistry with Jensen elevated this show to a whole new level–a level I very seriously doubt they’ll be able to maintain without him.

    I care more about this show than I’ve ever cared about any show, but I’m not sure I can handle season 7 after the way they massacred my favorite character. It’s just not what it used to be, and I’m terribly, terribly sorry to see it go.

    I guess I’ll just put my energy into supporting Misha with Divine the Series. A fresh start is never a bad idea.

    • Slasher says:

      Thx for the info…ill support Misha on this one too.

    • godricsgirl says:

      I completely agree. Castiel is what made this show come alive, for me at least. Thank goodness for divinetheseries but that doesn’t mean I womt seriously morn Castiel. How cam supernatural possible survive without him??

  44. Jayne says:

    I loved Cas, but frankly it’s past time he was gone. There hasn’t been any reason for him to be around since the apocalypse was averted and whenever he showed up this season it almost felt forced like they were just throwing him in there to fulfill Misha’s contractual obligations. Now if they wanted to do a spin off of the the whole war in heaven think I’d be more than up for it, but Cas’s time on earth seems to have reached a point where it’s no longer relevant.

    • kay says:

      I disagree. The only time the show had any life was when Cas showed up. Gamble sucked all the fun out of the show when she turned Dean into a mope who did nothing but obsess over Sam. This season was horrible and only picked up when they finally got back to the angel arc. I even didn’t mind the ending and would have been excited to see Dean help Cas find his redemption, except now I think Gamble used dark side Cas as an excuse to get rid of him and MIsha and force Dean back into moping about Sam. Poor Dean. After 7 seasons of holding Sam’s cape, no wonder the guy has lost the joi de vivre that made him so appealing in the first place. And now we won’t even get to see him mixing it up by moping over Cas instead of Sam.

  45. Lyndsie says:

    This is the only thing that could have made my night worse. Don’t rob us of our Castiel!! I don’t care what you think he belongs in the show! He DESERVES to be a main character. You can’t introduce a character and make everyone fall madly in love with him and then just rip him away from us. This is the WORST NEWS. Bring him back to us. We can deal with him in any form he takes, good or evil. We can’t take him gone, though. Do I miss the simplicity of two brothers? Yes. But you changed the game in season 4 and now you can’t just go back to that. If you do there will ALWAYS be a gaping hole in all of our hearts wondering “where is Castiel?? Where is our angel?” We love him. We need him. Sam and Dean need him. Please, for God’s (Castiel’s) sake….don’t do this.

    • tripoli says:

      Get a grip. It’s a freaking fictional TV show.

      • godricsgirl says:

        That’s what happens when there is a good quality story, on paper or screen, people form attachments to them. That is why there is such a flourishing industry. If we didn’t care the shows wouldn’t survive,so really, its a good thing.

        Don’t get you kniclers in a twist because someone is more passionate than you are.

        I’m also a HUGE Castiel fan so I understand the passion.

  46. Nam says:

    Okay, so let me get this straight.

    We spend all of season 6 killing Castiel’s character, which I guess would make sense since he was literally tempted by the devil who played upon his weakness (Dean and his happiness in his domestic life) AND he was pushed up against a desparate situation against Raphael. Fine, I can understand that. Castiel, from what I saw, is the hero who fell to the darkside, but still valued and cherished Dean and Sam. Hence, healing Lisa, even though he didn’t have to.

    So you know what, let’s just kill him at the start of season 7 and be done with him?! This is basically what this news is telling me! Seriously, something so dramatic and does not resolve itself in one episode without literally just killing him and be done with him.

    Seriously, this “creativity” and “character development” is more like “we’re lazy, so why don’t we make him evil then kill him so end of that story!”

  47. Susie says:

    As usual, the knee-jerk reactionary hysterical fangirls are going off without even seeing ONE episode of Season 7. Newsflash ya’ll, Misha was not a “regular” this season either. He is and always has been a recurring guest star. He will be back as such.

    And anyone who wants to salt and burn Sera, get a grip. She is the day-to-day showrunner, but I guarantee you Eric Kripke is still involved in every decision regarding the show. As she states in this very article, Eric and Ben Edlund have been in the writer’s room every day this week breaking Season 7.

    Relax and breathe. If you are really so miserable, stop watching.

    Bravo to Sera and Co. for this amazing finale to an equally amazing season. I can’t wait for September!

    • Tucker says:

      Actually, Misha was a regular cast member for Season 5 and Season 6.

    • Enough says:

      I know Susie, you would think with all this uproar a real main character wasn’t coming back. Not a sidekick character.

      Misha was upgraded to regular but his status was and has always been reoccurring, cause if not they would have used him more.

      I am sure he will be here and there, but not considered a “regular” and most of it is due to budget. If people would calm down before they react they would have known that….

  48. LimeCoconut says:

    “No, apparently if you’re the showrunner on Supernatural, you write them off or shunt them into a pointless romance so that they don’t compete with the character YOU like best.”

    I can’t wait to see what they do to sideline Dean again next year like they did this year, with that pointless Lisa and Ben stuff. Oh sure Dean had plenty of screen time but none of it mattered unless he was doing something for Sam. Otherwise for the full first half of the season and then some, he was Deansel in Distress. One of the best hunters and quickest thinkers on the show and he was next to useless.

    And with the way Sera wrote Dean in her episode tonight I am SO not looking forward to next season. It’s like she totally forgot who Dean actually is and what he’s learned over the years, and HE has learned over the years, much as she likes to pretend he hasn’t whenever she can use it to make her own pet character look better.

  49. Mrs_padalecki11 says:

    has anyone ever thought that maybe the reason why theyre withdrawing characters is maybe this could be the LAST season of supernatural? i mean im not saying it officially but they may be thinking well if this is the last season we want to do this gently. so calm down everyone and take a deep breath this is a great move whether you see it now or not.

  50. Lisa says:

    I’d like for someone to explain to me how Sera has “given all the story lines to Sam”. It was Kripke that set this whole thing up and they’ve taken it where it needs to go. This whole season has been an equality between the story lines in a way that we haven’t seen since earlier seasons.

    Just because you all ship Cas/Dean doesn’t mean the story needs to focus solely on what you think should be less of a Sam!centered show. He’s always been the one. He was ~chosen, he stopped the apocalypse. It’s always been Sam since he was marked the night their mother died.

    This show needs to get back to Sam and Dean. Because that’s what made it great in the first place. The angels/heaven subplot comes from Sam’s heaven/hell thing and Dean’s need to save him from it. All of that is over now that Cas is ~god. So, naturally, Cas can’t be with the boys anymore as a recurring character unless they de-god him or something.

    • Gadfly says:

      Kripke did not set this up. He made it very clear that the story arc for season 6 was all Sera Gamble’s idea. Yes, toward the end of season 6, when it was clear that the soulless Sam story was a bust, Gamble tried to shift the blame to Singer, but when Kripke first talked about season 6, he was unequivocal that the show was given to her to run because she had the idea.

      I blame Kripke for a lot of things, not the least of which was building up Dean’s presumed story line in season 4 and then through most of season 5, only to dump it (and hand it over to Adam) in the last episode, but not for season 6. Actually, I think the effort to clean out all the leftover story lines that Gamble did nothing with all season was his work and not hers.

    • Me says:

      While I agree with you about the show returning to Sam and Dean story, I need to tell you that you’re wrong about Sam being the one to stop the apocalypse. They both stopped it. Dean might not have being taken by Michael, but it was his presence that made Sam fight Lucifer and come back to himself. They together saved the world, Sam didn’t do it all alone.

    • JenniA says:

      Sam was “chosen” to be Lucifer’s vessel, not avert the apocalypse. He was meant to “help” get it going. Adam was a useless character. Things should have played out differently in season 5.