Season Finale First Look: House Tends to Some Unfinished Huddy Business

House is finally letting go of Huddy — literally.

In Monday’s seventh season finale of House, Hugh Laurie’s bedridden alter ego ties up some loose ends with his ex that involves a coffee mug, a half-used bottle of lotion, and actor Owen Wilson.

Without having seen the entire episode, I can only speculate that the following scene at least partially inspired the episode’s title, “Moving On.” The pivotal moment also takes on extra weight in light of recent events.

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  1. Liz says:

    “House is finally letting go of Huddy — literally.”
    FINALLY! It’s time to move on, this Huddy arc was way too long already! In the light of recent events (;-)) I can’t wait for Season 8!

      • Valeria says:

        Lol Liz and Pat, the two most annoying hamerons who always find huddy posts even before huddy fans. Obsessed much?

        • Ally says:

          Well they don’t have Hameron to watch (which I am not even going to laugh about because I choose to not be a raging you know what) so yeah they’re obsessed with Lisa. Pathetic.

        • Brit says:

          LOL! word.

        • Ariella says:

          Definitely. Liz will respond to and bite off anyone’s head who DARES speak kindly of Cuddy.

          Ausiello, what’s going on with Lisa’s exit? You broke the story. How come TPTB at House and the folks at Fox Broadcasting & NBC Universal haven’t commented on or confirmed her departure?
          Are they holding off until after the finale to avoid angering more viewers? Afraid the finale will bomb if they come clean?
          You know more than you’re saying…

    • julie says:

      I hope we won’t have too much 13 and taub storyline, because these two are much boring as huddy storyline this year.

      • Jacob says:

        Agree with Taub. Completely disagree with Thirteen. She’s absolutely my favourite.

        • anna says:

          House is my favourite and when I see more screentime for other storyline, it annoys me so much! Hugh Laurie scenes are so intense in compared to the other.

      • Vivi says:

        I like Taub’s character. 13 is a useless character. The show would be OK without her. e.g. she left for 1 year and was not really missed
        I’m routing for a season 9, 10 ,11 with Cuddy….Love this show

      • Daniel says:

        I absolutely agree about both but ESP about 13.She’s the most boring & annoying character in the show .At least LE can act .

    • always say true says:

      Season 8 will be boring and stupid without Cuddy. I bet.

      • Mike says:

        Last time I checked the show wasn’t called Cuddy…. I always thought I was watching House to be honest. But hey what would I know?!?!?!?

        • Katie says:


        • Annie says:

          Cuddy is obviously not the most important character of this show, but I still find it hilarious everytime I read a comment like yours: Only because a show is called after one of it’s characters it doesn’t mean everyone else is replaceable. There’s no Castle and Bones without Beckett and Booth. And “24” wasn’t called “Jack Bauer” either.

        • Dani says:

          Like it or not, although the show is called House , not every one started watching because of him or because is a fan of HL.Each of the regulars has fans of his own, & they started watching because they like them. Dismissing work of the rest of the cast for all these years is ridiculously unfair to the actors & to their fans. And these fans do take big part in the ratings .If everyone is watching only for House /HL, there wouldn’t be such a drop in ratings for different episodes.Perhaps it’s a good thing LE & probably JS are leaving the show , then in S8 we’ll all know once & for all how many are watching only because of dr. House.

      • justin says:


    • Deran says:

      Come on! Huddy was great. I like it. But I don’t like 13 and Taub storyline, it was boring.

    • Magni says:

      Finally I can watch House again, the asinine huddy crapfest is over, yes! Meanwhile I’m going to make fun of the huddytards who mocked the hams when JM was fired because they started petitions and the wesupportjen campaign to have her back, the same huddytards who are doing the same thing with their wesupportlisa campaign, LMAO!!!

    • HAPPY says:

      Glad House is “Moving On” She dumped House because he took 1 pill for her pain, not his. She couldn’t see it. She always made House say he was sorry, never I heard her say “I’m Sorry”. Hope Season 8 will give House a better outlook on things. BUT Let me on the show I’ll give him some Loving he wants, needs, some Medicine he deserves and that medicine is LOVE.

    • Sharon says:

      Here name is CUDDY not Huddy, how many people have to comment on this before you change it??

    • jane says:

      I am disappointed that Lisa is leaving the show. She’s a terrific actress. As for the storyline, she represented a voice of reason in the hospital. And I liked that she balanced House.
      I’m not interested in Thirteen or in Taub.

    • berlyn says:

      All good things must come to an end. House and all his cohorts, including Cuddy, have been entertaining to watch over the past years. I am not a real comedy fan, but I have found a morbid comedy in House similar to Shakesphere. Wilson is House’s true muse, as it should be under the guise of Sherlock Holmes. Yes, Lisa will be missed if she does not appear on Season 8, but they will all be missed at the end of that season. Make it a great season and go out with a morbidly comic bang. We will watch reruns for years to come. Thank you to all the House cast.

  2. CaliCat says:


  3. David says:

    No one cares anymore.

  4. Maria says:


    Why do you do this to us ?

    • Alicia says:

      Truth. Such garbage; season 8 might as well not even happen, like many viewers I’m DONE.
      They couldn’t even do the relationship between House and Cuddy justice, they’d rather commit character assassination and now won’t provide any resolution for the viewers.
      Can’t believe they let Lisa Edelstein go, when House brings in BILLIONS of revenue annually. Just greedy.

      Help Bring Lisa Edelstein back to House!


      • Dr. Awesomepants, Esq. says:

        “…HOUSE brings in BILLIONS of revenue annually.”

        Oh, really? Well then, you won’t have any problem finding a few legitimate sources to back up your silly claim. I’m waiting, woman. Squat and produce.

      • Mel says:

        They didn’t “let” her go, she chose not to renew her contract. BIG difference. You can’t bring someone back who doesn’t want to be there.

        • Alicia says:

          She didn’t want to leave, she said she was “disappointed.” Negotiations must have fallen apart because even before season 8 was renewed Ausiello quoted Lisa as saying she was excited for season 8. Does that sound like someone who’s ready to abandon ship?
          We don’t know the details, but something must have happened. It’s been said Fox advertisers were pressuring the network not to re-sign her because she did that abortion PSA. Though all I know is that numerous producers, Omar, RSL, even Hugh himself have said she works harder than anyone. She is the show’s biggest cheerleader, a consummate professional and does so much PR for the show. Things aren’t so cut and dry; and why hasn’t anyone issued a response?

          • Danielle says:

            You hit the nail on the head in my opinion, LE has really been the voice of House this season, she’s been the main character I’ve seen interviewed. I am trying to think along the same line as another person who posted and call BS on her departure, because as a few others have pointed out, no one from the networks or the powers that be from the show have spoken out, and in the article that talked about her leaving there were several quotes from Katie Jacobs saying something like she and others wouldn’t rest until LE was part of season 8, and as far as I know it is only speculation that this is the final season, on of the powers that be had been quoted as saying something like nothing like that has been confirmed and when the decision is made about the finale season, it will be promoted as such. I think it would be difficult to get closure on Cuddy based on this finale, obviously shot before the she made the decision, it would make sense to at least do a few episodes of season 8 even if she chooses not to do the whole season, something tells me that at the last minute minds will be changed and we’ll see another announcment that she will return, closure is needed, way to many loose ends right now, and as I said I still find it suspicious that the network and executives on the show have said nothing to date, which I take to mean they are working overtime to make whatever is wrong right.

  5. wanda says:

    How come you haven’t seen the entire episode?

  6. julie says:

    There’s nothing new, we know already that huddy is over with lisa edelstein departure, what will be the shocking surprise in this ep?

  7. ML says:

    I don’t know how she put up with this jackass for as long as she did.

  8. jeje says:

    Isn’t he gonna crash a car into her house?

    • julie says:

      Maybe he’ll hurt her and she’ll die, but this will be awful to watch. I’m not against cuddy’s leaving but in a good way, lisa edelstein was in this show since the beginning.

      • lucy says:

        I don’t think Cuddy is going anywhere! I think they’re gonna go back to what everything was like. Well I like the way things were before they were House and Cuddy!

    • denisemc says:

      I think they want you to think that . He is bedridden in the episode .

    • cb says:

      They have already filmed Season 7 – it’s not like they waited until contracts were settled to film these episodes. They were probably filmed last year.

  9. Rachel says:

    Season 8, who even cares. My last episode watching is Lisa’s last. Cuddy was the very best part of the show for me.

  10. Olivia says:

    I’ll miss Lisa Edelstein and the Huddy arc! :(

  11. catherine says:

    Michael, we expect you to find out what really happened with Lisa Edelstein’s contract talks. Her character Cuddy was the reason I bothered to watch the show because she kept House in line where no one else could or would. WIlson was also fun but who will he collude with now that Cuddy is no longer on the show? Sorry but I can not see how the show will be of any interest now that House who has made it clear he wants and loves Cuddy, who rejected him, will get over this. The dynamics are gone. I had hoped to see House finally face his demons after losing the love of his life — in hopes of trying to win her back. Guess there’s no hope left. Please report some actual news on this stupid stupid situation. Really hate to see House the show canceled in its last season.

    • Lizzie says:

      I always thought Stacy was the love of his life. At least that’s what the show told me until she was retconned out of existence.

      • Lois says:

        You know, people can love more than once. The second love could be a lot like the first, the exact opposite of the first, or just have totally new attributes.

      • Lyn says:

        @Lizzie, If only Stacy’s husband would have a fatal wheelchair wreck (or something) and they would bring her back to set House straight!

  12. Rachele says:

    They should get new and better story-writers, not get rid of their most valuable cast members!

  13. Rachele says:

    They should get new and better story-writers, not get rid of their most valuable cast members! I am not going to watch House without Cuddy, it’s time to get over with House then, this show makes no sense anymore. It just seels to me that they’re working on purpose to destroy it.

  14. Rachele says:

    They should get new and better story-writers, not get rid of their most valuable cast members! I am not going to watch House without Cuddy, it’s time to get over with House then, this show makes no sense anymore. It just seels to me that they’re working on purpose to destroy it. I wish you all the best to Lisa Edelstein, although I really hope she’ll change her mind and get back eventually.

  15. be says:

    ”House is finally letting go of Huddy — literally.”

    I can’t wait for Season 8 without Cuddy and Huddy!!

  16. WWP says:

    I’m just about ready to throw in the towel on this show. After all these years Greg House has been a lot of things, but he’s never been stupid. And last weeks episode just made him look like a complete moron.

    • Michael Martin says:

      That’s the whole point, though. House thinks he’s not a moron but his emotions cause him to do moronic things sometimes, like doing surgery on himself. He was ashamed of people finding out that he took experimental medication because he wants people to think his knee doesn’t bother him. By seeking help, he would have been drawing attention to the fact that he is desperate to be like a “normal” person. Anybody that has ever been ashamed of people finding out something about them, despite how obvious it may be, can relate.

  17. Lils says:

    I don’t like it. It was pure gold, and creators screw up everything
    Sad and so disappointing

  18. Maszi says:

    oh, well… LisaE is leaving so I don’t care anymore.

    • Magni says:

      Yes, and that’s why you’re here ;)

      • Maszi says:

        No, the reason I’m here is to comment on something House related for the last time. I’m done with the show after Monday’s episode.

        • cb says:

          Then why are you even watching Monday’s episode? GIve me a break and lighten up – all of you! It is a TV series- and a fantastic one which has received a lot of acclaim for a variety of reasons. I sincerely love the show with all it’s twists and turns and am looking forward to Season 8. Actors also move on – they also get other contracts and have other lives. How many of you know that Robert Sean Leonard is currently on Broadway in a sow called ‘Born Again’?

    • andreeC says:

      Wished a lot of things for this show that I vested time and interest in. Wished the Huddy arc had been handled better. Wished House had finally faced his abused childhood to understand why he is the way he is. Wished the studio executives hadn’t fudged up the contract negotiations with s.8 renewal and pay cuts to the talent. Wished Lisa Edelstein had been better treated during her contract talks so that she wouldn’t have had to quit. At least Lisa can walk with her head held high and no longer connected with a show spinning out of control and circling the drain.

      • cb says:

        YOu have no idea how the contract talks were handled. IT’s a bit more complicated than that. Stop blaming the studios and realize that Edelstein herself didn’t necessarily want to continue even though she says she will miss the character. Life moves on.

  19. Jane2 says:

    Look at what they’ve thrown away :-( . What a mess.

  20. Tracy Murray says:

    House is not the type to kill his ex as revenge for dumping , I think what Michael was indicating was House will come to a realization that maybe Cuddy was right about him not changing after discovering the return of the Vicodin, he’ll either have a heart to heart talk with her that hopefully concludes with them remaining friends even if she is deciding to leave PPTH or he decides to leave town for good ( of course , he’ll eventually return to Princeton next season ) , but I feel something big is going to happen , and it is not going to involve death , though that could come later and from somewhere else , how a coffee cup , lotion , and Owen Wlson will fit in all of this I don’t know .

  21. TAMMY says:


  22. Melissa says:

    This season of house was the best ever house n cuddy was the best part of the show for me

  23. chirteenforever says:

    Chase and thirteen needdddd to hook up! or at least kiss!!!!!!!
    they belong together:)

    • nicole says:

      i so agree with u…. but that would be a problem since 13 dated forman… but u never know!!

    • anna says:

      oh please no, stop with boring relationship, even huddy was a pure crap this year, they can’t write good love stories in this show, friendship ok but that’s all!

    • Dan says:

      Oh please , listening to you shippers is what harmed the show in the first place. No more shipping please .S8 should have separate stories about the characters & a closure for each of them . Shipping two regulars either cancel both characters or cancel the weakest one,as seen with previous ships.And shipping two regulars is lazy writing in my opinion as if giving them something to do without actual story going on.

  24. KJ Styles says:

    Those of you that are saying that you’re not gonna watch House anymore because of Cuddy leaving are INSANE!

    Granted, I’m not happy about her leaving, but IMO she does not make or break the show, House does. Hell, I would have been more upset if Wilson would have left than Cuddy, and even then I still wouldn’t have stopped watching.

    It will be interesting to see what House does under a new boss and whether or not he’ll be able to get away with the crazy stuff that he does. If the show proves to suck, then maybe I might back off of it but I’m at least willing to give it a chance. House is my favorite scripted show on TV and has been since the Shield ended. Anybody who refuses to watch because of Cuddy’s departure honestly isn’t a true House fan IMO.

    • nicole says:

      so so true… i have mixed feelings about LE leaving, but that does not mean i will stop watching… it’s a great show, so happy 13 is back, love House, Taub, Wilson and Chase….Forman not that much since he always seems pissed about something lol… but its an amazing show… and not because Cuddy leaves its going to be a crappy show! all she did was get mad at house in every show for doing something she said no to, but then was ok he did it since he saved a life.. it was getting old!

    • Brenda C says:

      Amen to that. I watch House for House. JMo leaving didn’t bother me and neither will this. It’s like real life. People come and go.

    • LH says:

      IMO, there are different strokes for different folks. For me, the relationship between House and Cuddy was the reason I started watching the show. It is the reason why I am addicted to the show. Now with no possible relationship on any kind my addiction has vanished. So I don’t think I am insane to stop watching. It would be insane for me to keep watching. What I want is no longer there. But I agree that I am not a ‘true House fan’. I watch what I like, if I don’t like it I stop watching and try to find something else. I don’t support it no matter what.

      I am still interested to see how the series ends, so I will probably tune in for the final show of season eight or whenever that may be.

    • anna says:

      I’d like to see other characters now, chase, foreman, taub, they are all boring, I want something new, with new actors!
      They should fire others actors, not only lisa edelstein.

    • Dani says:

      Well I started watching because of Chase/ Jesse Spencer & I will definitely stop watching if he decided to leave too.So I can see why liza’s fans don’t want to watch when she’s gone.And in my opinion House himself stopped being an interesting character a long time ago. He’s story got old & boring & there is nothing that can impress me about him anymore.

      • Bobbie says:

        I like part of what you said Dani. I watch every minute of House M.D. hoping for a line or even a story line for Chase. Hugh Laurie is amazing though. Still waiting for official word on Jesse but if he isn’t going to be given a strong character I would rather see him working on something else.

  25. s curt says:

    Aww, sad! House needs Cuddy and I liked them together. Cuddy is the only person who can keep House in line and yet, we viewers always suspected there could be something special between them – it could have been really good. But he writers changed House so much that he wasn’t the doctor we knew and the story lines weren’t riveting anymore.

  26. Lisa says:

    I don’t think the show will be the same without LE. Whether she and House were fighting or in love I tnink they are GREAT together!

    • Ava L says:

      I don’t think the show will be the same without her either. I think it will be better. So glad we will finally be rid of Cuddy. And even better, we never have to see her shrew mother again. Win win!

  27. D says:

    I find it amazing how so many people only watched a show for a character who showed up for a maximum of 6 minutes an episode to do the same thing every time. I would be less shocked to see people leaving because Taub was leaving. Taub DOES things.

    And Edelstein is not your friend, folks. She made the (selfish!)choice to leave; no one kicked her out.

    • tripoli says:

      Gotta agree with you again. Her obsessive fans are unwilling to put any of the blame for her departure on her. Clearly she was given options to stay, but she chose to leave.

  28. sharon says:

    I guess I didn’t get the memo that Cuddy was leaving. I like her but I liked it better when there was sexual tension between her and House

  29. tahina says:

    For me House ended with Help Me, both House and Cuddy together. Whatever came after never happened, :)

  30. Erin says:

    Godammit! We waited for 7 seasons for them to get together and they only lasted like 10 episodes! Television writers are the world’s cruelest sadists…

  31. Alison says:

    Aw, I like that clip. Too bad it’s going to feel like I’ve already seen the whole show by the time it airs on Monday.

    Marley and Me — lol.

  32. dan says:

    this is my favorite show. i will watch regardless. i always love the scenes with cuddy because she gets House. the fact that she is hot doesn’t hurt either

  33. allie says:

    screw the people that don’t like huddy! you are heartless!

    • nitemar says:

      Just ignore them, they are attention seekers and discouraged JMO fans who have no lives since she left.

      • Jazz says:

        Nope, we don’t like the huddy crap because we don’t like stupid soap operas and dumb harlequin romances like the huddys do. Sure, there’re hamerons and hilsons but also a lot of people like me who don’t give a damn about silly ships. But maybe this is too difficult to understand for your narrow fangirls’ minds

        • wtfisthisshow says:

          Exactly. I don’t ship House with anyone, and I’m glad the Huddy crap is over. I just wish that Cuddy wasn’t leaving as well, though.

          • tripoli says:

            I’m not a fan of either, nor do a refer to myself as a “shipper”. Not familiar with rabid fan talk. Some of us just enjoy the show free of useless characters and storylines. Such as Cuddy and her relationship with House. And the couples names mash ups really needs to end. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

  34. Mat says:

    I think the love of his life was the woman he met while he was in rehab … Lydia? … That’s who I’d like to see them bring back.

    • anna says:

      you’re kidding? this woman doesn’t even know who really House is, you have said Stacy, I’d say yes, because also she’s a very interesting character.

  35. Mr.SouthMetroAtlanta says:

    Cuddy seems to be increasingly exasperated with House. Bet she hates she every tried to be his lover and change him. Lesson learned!
    What happened to House’s fake wife? They need to thread that needle.
    Taub has good and bad scenes but he’s at his best with Forman.
    Chase and 13 getting it on?? I don’t know….would be much hotter if it were House and 13. Bet she’d heal that injured leg in no time.

  36. Gaby says:


    I’m a HUGE House MD fan and i’m very sad and disappointed because Lisa will not be in season 8.

    COME ON’ did you think about this first?

    What will the show be without one of the main characters, Cuddy it’s one of the most important characters in the show!.

    The show will be very low with the raiting, you’re doing a MISTAKE! and the worst thing is that Lisa doesn’t want to leave.

    Please think in the fans, because of us the show is one of the biggest shows of this time, so think about it.


    • D says:

      “Lisa doesn’t want to leave.”

      Wrong. I won’t let this be perpetuated. She was offered a deal and she turned it down. She’s the only person to blame in this scenario.

      • Susan says:

        There are deals and then there are deals “D”. No one knows what was offered but what we do know for sure is that Lisa wanted to be there for Season 8……she’s just about the only one that stll had enthusiasm for the show. In the absence of any other information I think it’s reasonable to assume they offered her a crappy deal.

  37. jade says:

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. So done with this show!

  38. Dani says:

    You know I look back at the brilliance of the past 3 season finales and I just can’t muster up the same excitement for this one. With the odd exception almost every single episode has lacked something that was there in droves in earlier seasons, and has been replaced with either weaker rehashes of older storylines or over-the-top camera work that’s meant to blow our minds, but actually just acts as a distraction for the flaws in the writing. I mean the drop in quality is actually astonishing…

    Am I a little upset that Huddy split up? Yes, of course. But that’s only because the writers led us to believe that these two characters have been gravitating in and out of each other’s lives for over 20 years and are an essential part of each others professional and personal lives. Does that make me a rabid huddy fangirl? No, not really, just a fan of consistent and exceptional storytelling which House used to have bags of. I wasn’t the one who laid the foundations for a truly compelling relationship in eps like ‘Known Unknowns’ or ‘Joy’. I wouldn’t actually mind that they had parted if I felt that the showrunners hadn’t dealt with the relationship with a modicum of emotional truth or indeed dramatic resonance as with they did with House’s previous romantic entanglements. House let Stacy and Cameron go because he knew one way or another he’d destroy them, but with Cuddy it’s been hammered home time and again that she’s the only one who can deal with him. This is why the petty arguments that were presented to the audience seemed so, well, pointless and repetitive. It strikes me that at this 11th hour in the show’s life-span Shore et al have moved towards a plot-driven narrative rather than the character driven one that was so fantastic in the past, and to be honest this sucks. The global promo states ‘You can’t go back’, or words to that effect, and the irony is that they seem to be scrambling backwards and negating all the wonderful character development from the end of Season 4 onwards where House learnt how to feel remorse, guilt and a touch of humliity.

    I really hope I’m wrong about this finale and we do get something that’s fitting for LE’s departure because I truly fell in love with the show a few years back, precisely because it felt so vibrant and fresh amongst a sea of other procedural dramas. So you know, less of the ‘game-changing kabooms’, and more of the deftly plotted storytelling of the past please.

  39. Ella says:

    I used to absolutely love House and have watch every single episode so far but lately I find the show kind off empty and depressing (even more than usual). I was so happy when House and Huddy hooked up because it felt like the show will have a bit of a happier side to it BUT this is obviously not the case….and now after the only character that makes House look happy and some what normal will leave for ever What will there be left incredibly smart but sad drug addict filled with hate to everything and every one around him…
    I feel like the show lost its charm for me, so sad…

  40. Ani says:

    It will be sad to see Cuddy leave the show. Someone above mentioned she was only on the show like 6 minutes an episode, but even if that were true, she was an important part of the show. Many people enjoy watching romantic story arcs and this one lasted quite a few years. I liked seeing the more human side of House this season. Even though the show is funny and the cases he solves are interesting, every episode would be exactly the same if it weren’t for the more human story lines, and his relationship with Cuddy was as important as his friendship with Wilson. These three are the most important characters on the show and, with Lisa’s departure, the show will not be the same.

  41. genesis says:


    • cb says:

      Wrong from my point of view. Take off some of the others then I turn it off.

    • sara says:

      NO the ratings were down by double digits this season compared to Season Six. the show gave LE a great chance to show she could bring in the audience, publicity like we have never seen before, and instead the Huddy story line could not even maintain the viewership it inherited.

      It is a business and it about the numbers. And unlike people, numbers don’t lie

  42. Mindy says:

    Thank goodness! Maybe the show will be watchable again. I liked Cuddy just fine, and really liked Lisa Edlestein. However, this House/Cuddy relationship was a disaster. It dragged down the entire show. The focus on Taub and 13 isn’t helping either. I am just hoping the writers come up with some very creative and interesting story for the character House next season. I want the show to go out with a bang. Maybe finally win Hugh Laurie a farewell/series achievement Emmy.

  43. laurie says:

    13 makes the show worse

    • wtfisthisshow says:

      Agreed. I couldn’t give three f**cs about her, I just wish she’d die from her special snowflake disease soon.

      • tripoli says:

        Wow, way to make a dick head comment about an actual debilitating disease that many people are unfortunately living with. Ass.

        • wtfisthisshow says:

          Wow, way to whine about someone making a comment about a fictional character. Yes, obviously actual people suffer from it. But I don’t like the character, and I was referring to how her disease has made her a special snowflake on House.

          Ass back to you.

    • anna says:

      don’t worry she’ll die in S8! lol

  44. John says:

    I think that despite how phenomenal Lisa was on the show – as all the actors are, regardless of how you may feel about their characters – the Cuddy arc is over at this point because it cannot progress any further. With the House-Cuddy relationship having failed, she isn’t required on the show anymore to move House’s characterization forward because by pushing her away we know that it is ultimately always his fault that he is the way he is; not her’s, and not any lack of love, etc.
    The important thing to note about her departure is that with it will come more screen time for all the other characters, which have had dwindling arcs for the last season or so as the Huddy relationship has been progressed. The 13, Taub, Chase, and Foreman will likely have much more complex and intriguing stories next season (especially if, with luck, they get new writers to finish the show), which is good because it’ll end the show on a better note. And MOST importantly, the House-Wilson relationship will likely be explored more consistently and with conviction – not the random contests like this last season had, despite how amusing they were, they were pointless. The House-Wilson dynamic is absolutely brilliantly written and conceptualized, and should be the character pairing most focused on in the series, not House-Cuddy. RSL said in an interview, and I’m paraphrasing, “What’s interesting about Wilson is that he’s the only person in House’s life that isn’t just forced to be with him, but chooses to be with him.” Whenever they’re on screen together it’s fantastic, and the show should conclude with a resolution of their friendship, not of House’s romances, which are naturally heinously contrived.
    This will make or break the last season (assuming it’s next year).

    • lucy says:

      from what i understan from your post, this is going to be House’s last season and Cuddy is leaving the show! well that’s the first i’m hearing about it and would be very sorry if it were true, since this is the most brillant piece of drama on air today and for the last 7 years for that matter! however i do agree your comment about the House-Wilson duo. it is a smart combination and contrast of characters, personalities… Nevertheless, i believe that they are more interdependent than any of the other characters in the show. i don’t think they choose to be with each other as much as they need to be. they both have a tromendous measure of psychological and philosophical depth of character that only the other would understand and bear. and for that reason alone, they have a need for each other’s company more than they choose to have it!
      anyway, i’m sure we’ll enjoy the next season of the show as much as we have all the other and i really hope this is not the last one! :)

  45. Isabel says:

    It is true that Lisa E. Is leaving the show???
    Can somebody answer me please!!!

  46. sindy says:

    adoro el personaje de cuddy,xq rayos dejarla ir,sinceamente no creo poder seguir viendo la siguiene temporada!!!! Tanto House Cuddy y Wilson son personajes irremplazables en la serie :(

  47. dodi says:

    I hate Taub. He is like a dog with a bone. He gets on a subject and just beats it to death. The horse is dead….get off and shut the f**k up you annoying little twit. All he does is bitch. All the time.

    • wtfisthisshow says:

      I’m pissed that the writers have explored him far more than they have Foreman and Chase, who’ve been on the show since day 1. And poor Omar Epps, he’s extremely talented, and the only thing they give him to do is to get exasperated at House and dish out armchair psychology to Taub.

  48. brian says:

    House is awesome!! Doesn’t matter who’s around him. He makes it work!!! Cuddy or no cuddy??

  49. Kristeina says:

    Wow!!!!!Huge huge huge fan of house…… Can’t wait to see the 8th season!!!!! Love you Hugh!!!!