TVLine Items: GH Nabs New Headwriter, V Hunk Visits USA Series, and More TV News to Know

Might General Hospital lose its mob mentality? After 15 years as headwriter for the ABC sudser — during which time he squarely focused the show near-exclusively on crime boss Sonny Corinthos and cohorts — Robert Guza Jr. has left the building. Taking over the writing reins is Garin Wolf, effective immediately. Wolf has been a part of the GH staff for some 15 years, and ABC Daytime President Brian Frons says that “his in-depth knowledge and adoration for the show’s legacy will help make a smooth transition and an immediate impact on store.”

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

V stud Joel Gretsch has landed a guest spot on an upcoming episode of USA Network’s In Plain Sight (airing Sunday, July 10), AOL’s TV Squad reports. The actor will play a JAG Corps attorney who comes to New Mexico to help Mary and Marshall with a decorated war-vet witness.

• It’s official: Olivia Munn is no longer one-half of a Perfect Couple, but rather a sassy financial analyst over on Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO new pilot, More As This Story Develops. The Daily Show correspondent has finalized her deal to star opposite veteran star Jeff Daniels and actress Allison Pill (In Treatment) in the cable news-based drama, says Deadline.

Community creator Dan Harmon is currently developing a top secret pilot for Adult Swim. No word on what it will consist of, but expect something awesome — and awesomely weird.

• Syfy has ordered a fifth season of Destination Truth, the globetrotting reality series that brings viewers along on adventures throughout the world.

Which TVLine Items have you talking today?

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  1. Rasha says:

    I’m SO excited that Guza is finally out. I was so sick of the show, its obvious favoritism for certain characters and it almost completely ignoring others. Guza has not only ruined Sonny, he’s written off some of the best actors and burdened the rest with horrible, nonsensical storylines. I can’t wait for GH to undergo a much-needed overhaul.

    • CLM says:

      Same here. I’m really hopeing that GH will become a show worth saving.

    • cali5 says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said, Rasha. I hope it’s not too late — but no matter, I’m hoping for some positive changes for the show.

  2. Laney says:

    Sweet! Maybe GH can still be saved after all! I’d have given up a long time ago, but I got hooked back in during the writers’ strike, when Guza wasn’t around. Awesome news.

  3. elissa says:

    finally, The storylines on GH have gotten ridiculous and repetative The writers haven’t stayed true to the characters, turning them into vapid, one dimensional bores. Perhaps i can try watching again.

  4. juju says:

    I don’t know that the new guy will save GH, but it can’t get any worse, that’s for sure. If any interns are reading what (former) GH fans want to see with the new guy, my list would be:

    1) Make Sonny, Carly and Jason pay for their crimes. It’s long overdue, and they are horrible, amoral characters who need to be brought down.

    2) Focus on the hospital. There are great stories available for Robin, Patrick, Steve, Liz and the other people who actually have something to do with the hospital.

    3) Bring back the core families. We have no Quartermaines, a few Spencers we see occasionally, one Scorpio, and a whole lot of Corinthos babies. No more! Bring back Laura, Monica, Alan, Robert Scorpio, Anna, Felicia, AJ, Skye, and don’t get rid of Nicholas. Once you clean house and toss out Sonny, Carly, Jason and Sam and their attendant servants and enablers, you will have plenty of room to bring back the Qs and bulk up the Scorpios and Spencers.

    4) Stop the misogyny. It’s clear that Guza & Co. have torn down and humilated the interesting women like Laura, Anna, Alexis, Felicia, Georgie, Maxie, Lulu, Monica, Liz, Skye, etc., and gone with men-in-women’s-clothing like Carly or blow-up dolls like Sam as their only spotlighted female characters. Everybody except Carly and Sam are drunks or sluts or pathetically weak or getting choked, shot at, or having barware thrown at them by Sonny in one of his rages. It’s ugly, and it’s got to stop if you want female viewers back.

    Well, that’s a start, anyway.

    • Bob says:

      Some of the actors portraying the characters in your wish list are otherwise employed on other soaps. Most notable is Genie Francis and her recent hiring at Y&R (where she joins Tristan Rogers). ABC waited too long to get rid of Guza. Hopefully it will be returned to the pre-Sonny/Mob days before it ends up getting cancelled, too.

  5. Sina says:

    I LOVED the writing during the writer’s strike. There was no Sonny/Carly hogging up our screens. We barely seen the mob except Jason and that was during Liason. But what I loved mostly about Wolf was the writing for Lucky and Sam. They had some of the most romantic scenes during those months and as soon as Guza came back, it was the Sonny show again. With this news I will put GH back on my DVR.

  6. KristianB says:

    Now can we PLEASE get rid of the mob–Sonny, Jason, Snarly, Mikey and that annoying Spin?

  7. Pamela says:

    One of the reasons I eased away from the soaps was GH trying to capitalize on the Sopranos success by changing the tempo of the show. Whether it was Mr. Guza’s idea or not, I would think he was following orders, it would be nice to get back to character driven stories and not shoot ’em ups. LET”S SEE MORE OF JACKIE ZEMAN!!

  8. Irish says:

    Best news out of all of that, for me? 5th season of Destination Truth. I love that show. Josh Gates is awesome.

  9. Renee says:

    Huh. Well if GH stops being “Sonny & His Mobsters” I just might start recording again. It had a lot of potential, but you can only watch SONNY WILL NEVER EVER EVER LOSE for so long before you snap or just stop watching.

  10. Katherine says:

    Thanks for covering this story TVline! Would it be possible to cover more of what’s going on at ABC right now? There is a mass movement of daytime fans boycotting ABC in hopes to save their soaps. If you could write an article that would be much appreciated. SAVE AMC & OLTL Facebook. Thanks!

    By the way – any hopes ABC Daytime President Brian Frons is gonna get the boot?

  11. Brittany says:

    Grr! Joel Gretsch would go on one of the two USA shows I don’t already watch! lol I may have to tune in to those eps.

  12. Denise says:

    Thank you for reporting on this! So glad Guza is gone. I am really hoping that they get back to the core families.

  13. Sarah Orndorff says:

    So happy, maybe it will be more about the hospital and less about the mob

  14. Jon says:

    I’m sooooo glad that guza is out! Hopefully now they will get rid of that horrid Dante characterized

  15. wtfisthisshow says:

    FINALLY. Maybe it can stop being General Sonny and go back to being General Hospital. I haven’t watched this show since the original Carly left, and the mobster storyline was stale even then. I was totally disappointed that AMC and OLTL were canceled, while this dreck was allowed to continue. No thanks.

  16. Kate says:

    So glad that Guza is out at GH! That man ruined the show and the writing has been terrible! I hope Wolf can take us back to the glory days of GH and I hope he takes note – if Monty would have done it then he should too! Also, I hope Disney and ABC will support Wolf and support GH and so far, I am not seeing that! I am hearing lip service platitudes but the behind the scenes stuff is not supportive and doesn’t indicate GH is long for this world. I hope everyone continues to write and holds Disney accountable for ABC’s issues since they are the parent company and ultimately the ones demanding higher profits which usually translates to cheaper productions.

  17. Vee says:

    By V stud I thought they meant Charles Mensure……someone needs to hire him for something asap

  18. Maddy says:

    Now if they can just get rid of Brian Frons.

    I gave up watching GH when it became all about the mob and Carly. I started getting back into and they have to do a horrible re-tread of the BJ/Maxie organ donation story. That was an incredible story to watch. The Jake/Josselyn story was horrible and worried mother or not, it was disgusting to see Carly berate Elizabeth over not being ready to let Jack go.

  19. B.S. Is The EP says:

    May 2011: Brent Shield is the new EP of GH. JFP has been fired.