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One Tree Hill Scoop: CW Execs Confident Murray, Burton Will Return For Farewell Season

One Tree Hill may not have seen the last of Lucas and Peyton after all.

At a press conference following The CW’s upfront presentation on Thursday, network honchos expressed confidence that Chad Murray and Hilarie Burton would be back for the soap’s’s just-announced ninth and final season.

“[New CW boss] Mark Pedowitz is going to talk with them,” the network’s outgoing preisdent Dawn Ostroff told TVLine. “I don’t think anything has been done yet, but now that everybody knows that this is the final 13 episodes… “

“… that makes it more possible as far as cast members coming back,” Pedowitz added.

As TVLine previously reported, an effort to lure the duo back for this week’s season finale failed. “Quite frankly, we just couldn’t make a deal,” exec producer Mark Schwahn explained at the time. “Hilarie now has a child and a family, and she’s doing some nice work [on USA’s White Collar, where Burton is now a series regular]. Chad was working on a movie (The Haunting In Georgia) down in Louisiana, and there were dates we were trying to work around, but it’s tricky when you try to line up all those stars sometimes.”

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  1. Paige says:

    Not watching this show anymore, but I’d watch the episode(s) Lucas & Peyton would be in, so they better get them back.

    • Hasret says:

      Ditto, I refused to watch the last season with my beloved Leyton but I’d totally watch the episodes if they came back!

      • Captain says:

        You missed out. Episode 8.11 should not have been missed by any Tree Hill fan. Best episode since Season 3.

    • Jessica Valure says:

      yeah me too I quit watching after Lucas & Peyton left the show, it was just boring without them but I would watch the final season it they do come back.

    • fornicate says:

      I really didnt like OTH without Lucas & Peyton honestly , for some reason without them it just didnt seem right at all. Peyton not being there for her best friends wedding was dumb literally imo and i say if they come back it should be to like a high school reunion (10 year) maybe last 3 episodes. Just a thought!

  2. Kels says:

    I haven’t watch OTH since the middle of season 7, but I will absolutely watch if Hilarie and Chad come back.

  3. Tavis says:

    They should come back for the whole season, not just the final episode. It’s not like they’re busy!!

    • jayme says:

      actually according to the article , they are busy, Chad’s working on a movie and Hilarie is on the show White Collar.

      • k says:

        thank you, jayme. people apparently can’t read…

        • Cassidy says:

          Obviously, you two can’t read. They said that’s why they couldn’t get them THIS season finale, as in 8. Chad is done with his movie, and maybe they can get Hil on an off day so stop being a negative nancy.

          • Captain says:

            Yeah, I don’t know about White Collar but most summer shows start taping in January so she’ll probably be finished by the time production starts on OTH. Hopefully they’ll return for an arc instead of an episode. However, Hilarie seems pretty bitter towards OTH so I wouldn’t expect much.

          • katie says:

            I don’t think Hilarie is bitter. Everything she’s said recently is that she loves the cast, loves the crew, misses them, etc. She may have been bitter at first. And it’s got to be awkward because she was married to the Exec Producer’s son, but they got divorced and now she’s got a baby with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Hard for that not to be awkward….but she has said recently that she’d like to come back.

          • teniba says:

            Ok let me get this straight, when Miss Burton was just a recurring guest star on White Collar they couldn’t get her (last season out of 16 eps, she apeared in maybe 5 of them) but now that she is a regular and essential character on white collar which means she could apear in almost every eps of the show, they will get her for an entire arc? Really? i mean seriously, really?

      • Rachel says:

        Actually according to the article, that’s why they couldn’t be in this past season’s finale. Chad even tweeted that he doesn’t know, and Hilarie recently did an article where she said she’d “never say never”. I feel like they knew they’d be back for a 9th season and that these two would come back.

    • Jamie says:

      Hilarie is under contract with White Collar – she can’t come back for the entire season.

  4. Kirsty Ellis says:

    I really hope they return!! It’ll be a great last season when they do. Can’t wait for this final season :)

  5. k says:

    Did you even read the story??? Ingorance…

  6. Anna says:

    Hopefully delaying the show until midseason will help be able to bring them back. If they start writing they can maybe film their scenes/episode(s) out of order if neccesary for their schedules.

  7. NO says:

    Nope. A lot of us don’t want Lucas and Peyton back. Bring back Dan, Deb and Whitey.

    • Tonya says:

      People really want Deb back?? WHY?

      • katie says:

        Deb dating Skills was the funniest storyline ever. If they would be together again, I’m all for Deb coming back.

    • lipsticksocialism says:

      i want Karen back!

    • katie says:

      Yeah, I could care less about CMM and Hilarie. I’m fine with them coming back, but I have enjoyed the show just fine without them. The thing that it’s really been missing is MORE DAN! I would really like Dan, Karen, Whitey to be back!

      • tanya says:

        Whitey can’t come back. He died a couple of seasons ago. Would love to see Dan, Deb and Karen back though.

        • katie says:

          Nope, I’m pretty sure he did not die. He retired. And he was in an episode of Season 6 where Dan went to visit him and got advice on his relationship with Nathan. Haven’t seen him since then.

  8. Bob says:

    Yeah, and everyone at Fox assumed Lisa Edelstein would bend over and sign for the last year of House, too. Surprise!

  9. Andrea says:

    Honestly, at this point who cares if they come back or not? There were only a few hints in the past 2 seasons about them so, personally, I don’t really feel like they’re in the show anymore. I wouldn’t mind seeing how they’re doing with little Sawyer, but bringing them back to Tree Hill? Mmm… don’t know.

  10. Beth says:

    I’d rather see Dan, Deb, & Karen back.

  11. Blake says:

    I’m sure Chad will come back. With Hilaire a regular cast member on another series she will be tricky to get.

  12. Tonya says:

    I just hope they put some interest back into the last 13 episodes. Once upon a time OTH was awesomely soapy and dramatic (mostly revolving around Peyton of course). Now it’s just mostly comedic moments and foolishness(from over half the cast instead of just Tim & Bevin like it used to be) and an occasional interesting plotline that gets resolved WAY too quickly. I still watch the show faithfully but it’s unfortunate that the show took such a sharp decline once Lucas and Peyton left – it’s like Mark Schwann stopped caring once he couldn’t put Peyton through the ringer anymore.

    It used to be a “can’t miss” show for me & now it’s a DVR holdout for when I have some spare time.

    • katie says:

      I know what you mean. I still like the show, but this season was very drama free. The episode this year with the car wreck on the bridge was AWESOME because it was reminiscent of old OTH. The whole plot line with the professor and his son was resolved very quickly. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with the last 13 episodes – I hope there’s still some drama while giving the characters a nice ending.

      I had read that Mark Schwan wanted this season to be a “love letter” to his characters, as he thought it would be the last.

  13. CandyMaize says:

    I’d also like to see Rachel return AND have the character given a positive and happy storyline. I was hoping for that in S7.

  14. Jenn says:

    Please don’t! I have NOT missed Lucas or Peyton! They couldn’t even make an apperance in Brookes wedding!

  15. Saarrr says:

    Stopped watching after S7 cause I really missed Peyton and Lucas.. Not because they were the only reason I watched.. But because all the stupid storylines and the new people.. Don’t get me wrong I really like Clay and Quin.. But not having Peyton and Lucas with their kid there, feels wrong.. But I’ll watch when they return:)..

  16. CJ says:


    • Dom says:

      Amen CJ! I have always loved and still do love the show not for one character but the interactions between them all. Some of that has been missing since the “adults” were all written off the show and even more so since Leyton left. I’ve missed them during some pretty important moments (Haley’s mom’s death, Brooke’s wedding, the birth of the Brulian twins) but it gave other characters an opportunity to grow and some new faces a chance to appear (LOVE Alex). Now I just want them to wrap it all up right so I can say goodbye to all the faces of Tree Hill!

      • Nic says:

        I’d love them to come back, but I’d be okay if they didn’t. What really bugged me wasn’t that the actors left, but that there was no presence of Lucas or Peyton. No explanation of where they were. I was ecstatic when Haley wrote to Lucas, and unhappy when Brooke made a comment about how she “used to” have a bf named Peyton. It was like they had given up on the characters. I’d like to see tiny moments that speak to the friendship and love between the characters. The year long progression of the finale gives a great opportunity. Maybe Jamie spent part of the summer with his aunt and uncle. Maybe they came for baptisms, birthdays, visits, holidays, etc. The actors don’t HAVE to come back for this, maybe if they’d just do a photo shoot, or allow photo shopped pictures to be used. The real world is not the Tree Hill world, they characters should still have their strong bonds even if the actors are gone.

    • Rachel says:

      Its the perfect solution and a win-win situation!!!

    • shanelle says:

      YESS i think everyone shud come back… like karen Deb rachel etc. except keith since he died.. but it wud be nice to see everyone!

  17. Meg says:

    I could care less if they came back, I’ve really enjoyed S7 & 8. I will admit it would be nice if Lucas came back to reconnect with Haley and with Karens Cafe re-opened. I’m so excited that we will get more of Dan and I hope to see Deb and Karen as well!

    • Meg says:

      I think people really need to get over the fact of Lucas and Peyton leaving, Chad and Hilarie wanted to leave, you should respect that. And Mark has done such a fantastic job. If Chad and Peyton come back for Season 9, yes it would be nice, but I am not giving my hopes up.

      • Mike says:

        Chad and Hilarie both wanted to come back after Season 6. The CW just didn’t wanna pay them the money. They were the two highest paid on the show for the time being.

  18. Chloe says:

    Sounds like wishful thinking and a way to lure viewers in to watching next season. Impossible for Hilarie to come back for the entire 13 episode season considering she’s a Regular. Maybe for an episode or 2 but that’s about it.

  19. Elle says:

    Haven’t seen any of Season 8 from OTH cause I gave up!But if these two return i’ll tune in for that episode and I will watch the finale just to see where Brooke Davis ends up she is the best written character that show has ever had.I also second the comment above about Rachel she is great but they used her in Season 7 to make Dan look good and that really didn’t fly with me bring her back and give her the send off she deserves with some redemption.

  20. Emma says:

    Anyone who has ENJOYED S7/S8 needs their head examined. This show is *barely* a shell of what it once was. Give these characters some nice closure and MOVE ON with new creative ideas for programming.

  21. Emily says:

    I’ll watch the episodes with them in it because I’ll watch all the episodes but I’ve like the show better with them gone (esp. Chad). Although I’ve never been a Peyton fan I like Hilarie and wouldn’t mind having her back for a couple episodes to see Brooke and the twins.

  22. Ryan says:

    Not that I watch this show, but how in the world do they expect to get Hillary Burton back when she’s now a regular on USA’s WHITE COLLAR? Will it be that easy?

    • Jamie says:

      No, it won’t. Because, she’s under contract with White Collar.

    • Damon says:

      I’m not sure what everyone is so astonished over. White Collar is in production in January-March or something like that, it begins in January anyway. White Collar will premiere it’s third season next month. OTH will be filming this fall as it’ll premiere at midseason.

      In other words, her making it would not be out of the question, as obviously they will make sure, if she’d like that the timetables fit everyone

      • Dave says:

        Yep. By the time OTH starts filming WC is done filming (which they are now finishing up few last episodes). WC is summer, spring and late winter premiere. I don’t think it airs in fall or late fall.

  23. Kelly says:

    I hope they do talk them into it!! It worked with Michael Rosenbaum and the Series Finale of Smallville. Hopefully it will work for them too :)

  24. Mallory says:

    I have always watched it and will continue until the end! I would love if Chad and Hilarie came back. I’m just so glad Brooke finally got her baby! And two was a great surprise!

  25. torontogirl98 says:

    This is the only reason I have watch the last 2 seasons just waiting for them to return. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high but this would literally make my year, PLEASE let it happen!!!

  26. Mayra says:

    I read fast, so I read ‘confirms’, and was already screaming when I realized it said ‘confident’, hahaha

  27. Alberto says:


  28. Kelly says:

    Sorry but to me it wont be OTH without Naley and Leyton in the final season. If they are bringing back Lucas so Nathan can leave i must say i am a little more than upset with that idea. the show started about being about two brothers why not end it that way???

  29. Sarabi says:

    I sure hope they come back!

  30. melissa says:

    i just hope James Lafferty sticks it out for the final 13 episodes instead of being a “guest appearance” like I have been hearing.

  31. jodi says:

    I was hoping all along chad n hilarie would come back n of course with baby sawyer…the show just isnt the same without them around ty chad n hilarie for making many One Tree Hill fans including myself happy about your return…hurry back soon cause we miss all miss you bunches!!!

  32. tylz says:

    well.. peyton and lucas.. not really a big fan of them, they sorta brought the show down and made it depressing.. they were stiff and spoke in riddles.. but all the new characters brighten it up theyre good characters.. peyton and lucas were great characters but they became absolute CRAP in the end.. But i think OTH really needs them back just for one episode though.. otherwise they’ll just ruin it..
    we need back at least one of these;; rachel, tim, bevin, deb, dan, chris keller, sam and maybe even felix or anna :P

  33. Tiffany says:

    At 1st we were really disappionted that Lucas+Peyton left……and we still are!
    But if anyone is a true oth fan they would watch no matter what.
    ::::: who ever missed this season missed out because Brooke abd Julians story was amazing !!! :::::::
    Leyton will always be missed
    (belive me I luv cmm)
    but brulian is pretty hot 2gether!

    *And yes I would loooooove to see
    Luke, Peyton,Sawyer,Dan,Deb,Kareb,Andy,Lily,Whitey……All of them!
    For season9finale.Not a whole season.
    ( the cast has done well w/o them .)
    With orig. Theme song.
    Please this is the last yr.

  34. SomeDude says:

    I’m happy Hilarie and Chad could come back but I’m really sad that this season has only 13 episodes and will air mid-year. I mean, c’mon this is the last season at least let them get 21 episodes or something.

  35. Gen says:

    Ithink we shouldn’t get our hopes up because she is on another show and has a baby. I’m still hopeful tho. Mark should do what ever it takes to get them back. pay them what they want and work around their schedule. Even if Hillary can’t do the whole season, chad might be able to. Peyton could just “be in the other room” or something. I’m just sayin they should do what ever they can to make it work.

  36. Erin says:

    Please… just one final, totally random appearance by Chris Keller. He had some of the best one liners.

  37. Lisa says:

    I never really understood why Hilarie and Chad left in the first place. I don’t know much about the actual people but to me their characters were so real and such a staple part of the show. In my opinion, the show was built up around Lucus and how his relationship with Nathen evolved and directly affected his life and the characters lives around the two of them, since season 1. Then to suddenly rip him and Peyton out of the show was like cutting it in half, like there was only half of Nathen, Haley and Jamie, and half of Brooke left. I loved the show, i still do but, i have to admit i found it really hard to watch it again after they were gone…i guess something didn’t feel right anymore. They were just too big a part of the heart and soul of the show to be ripped out so abruptly without breaking alot of OTH fans hearts. Even though i love the show, what its become and all the different new characters i’ve got to adore, i would give anything and do anything to see Lucus and Peyton back. Sorry about the epistle, guys, i guess OTH is something i’m passionate about…

  38. Kayla says:

    It would truly be amazing to have Lucas and Peyton back on the show. It’s almost as if for the last couple of seasons,a part of our hearts have been missing. But even though the two left, I still continued to watch One Tree Hill. You’re not a true fan if you stop watching the show because something doesn’t go your way. It’s still an amazing show that inspires me every day. I bought water proof mascara for the final episode ever,for there will be tears<3

    • True OTH Fan says:

      Couldnt agree with you more!! Anyone who stopped watching just because they left are not OTH fans at all!!!

  39. True OTH Fan says:

    Just wanted to say this, I’m getting extremely sick of all you people calling yourselves fans when you stopped watching after season 6. Yes Losing Leyton was a draw back for the show and season 7 started off rather shaky. But if you are a fan, you would watch the show regardless and love the writers for the effort they have put in. All you people saying that you will start watching again if they come back arent real fans of the show and quite honestly your opinions hold no weight in this blog.
    Mark has done an incredible job to keep this show going. Cant wait to see how he ends things!

  40. Jo says:

    Dang if they can make this work, it’d be the only reason I’d be willing to watch another season! BUT BUT, they gotta be CAREFUL with the next season’s writing. I don’t want anymore lame cheasy comedy scenes or lame drama. I want the feel of season 5 and 6 again. Those two seasons were basically OTH all grown up and it was quality at its best (even though Brooke was a bit immature with Owen).

  41. OTHlover says:

    How can people even say they don’t want Lucas and Peyton back? They MADE the show. The show is CRAP without them. Although I didn’t particularly care for them as a couple, they were obviously the heart of the show. I just want them back for one episode…. one scene even, just so everyone’s together again! Alex and Clay and Quinn… omg they are the most pointless characters ever. They were alright in season 7, gave the show a fresh feeling, but after mid-season 7 it just became awful.

    I want Lucas and Peyton back. Also, Rachel, Whitey, Deb, DAN, Karen, etc. I miss those characters! It’s weird that these characters are barely even mentioned anymore. It sucks. Honestly, Hilarie and Chad are being brats by not coming back. Nice to know they care about their fans so much…. we just need ONE episode. It can’t be that hard, honestly.

  42. Kayla says:

    Pardon me,but I don’t find One Tree Hill cheesy at all. It’s relatable,yet entertaining. Mark has done and excellent job in capturing the viewers attention despite Leyton leaving. In doing so, we got to see a little more of Naley. Not to mention…hm. Brullian and Clinn?:D (Brooke/Jullian & Clay/Quinn.) Instead of focusing on the two main characters,we got the oppurtunity to get know each character individually. But I refuse to hear that One Tree Hill is at all “cheesy” when it couldn’t be any further from it.

  43. Dee says:

    Just coz OTH doesn’t have high voltage drama, u guys think it’s borin n all that..i jus can’t understand the logic..let atleast some of the series be humane n believeable..i think OTH is the most relatable series..the stories/ characters/ everythin is real..u cud actually relate to ur day-to-day life..i wud luv to see leyton back on the show for the final season..but how can ppl forget naley..i think the chemistry between them is amazin’…n to think that the writers have managed to keep that chemistry alive n same for so long is commendable…Naley was n is my favourite couple since Season 1..on the other hand Leyton just gave me headache…i found them irritatin most of the time with their stupid issues..esp. Peyton..

    • Stephanie says:

      I used to love Naley but they suck now. Their relationship has hit a plateau and it’s boring. Yeah the plots may not have been realistic but, this is show business and with any business, the main objective is supply and demand. Viewers demand more drama and Leyton so the network should supply it. OTH used to be a drama series, a soap opera. That’s what made it great! Now it’s not. Producers need to listen to the fans bc we make or break the show.

  44. christina says:

    i was always & certainly forever will be a lucas & peyton fan. I still watch OTH but only to grasp the memory of L&P. I downloaded season 1 just to watch how they first met, fell in love & then became friends. i watched all the seasons you can say twice just to remember the influence the two characters had. With the quotes lucas said & the meaning his character had it wasn’t the same without him & the dramatic love of Peyton & fysty & fighting type attitude she has we don’t laugh as much or cry. Peyton to me acted the best when it came to pain, she had the most painful eyes to see & the tears that dripped down her eyes seemed so realistic. Every sad day peyton had i could feel, she truely touched me! OTH lost the meaning of OTH when those two characters left, now all that is left is a bunch of cheezy characters that have grown up with kids of there own. Some Immature funny women & men. There is nothing real and no real meaning to this story anymore. I think peyton and lucas should come back when its B’s twins 1st birthday & move back. Rachael should stir up some tension between clay & quinn, brooke & julian have some problems when Owen comes back & wants B’s love again . something dramatic & real . WITH PEYTON & LUCAS!

  45. shanelle says:


  46. ames says:

    boo hoo you “leyton” people not going to watch because 2 characters arent on anymore. cry me a river.. I like leyton, but I kept a positive mind on the show and it has been great without them. sometimes things change and if you really loved the show you wouldnt be so ignorant just because 2 people left. T

  47. Stephanie says:

    I was always a HUGE fan, since day 1. And as much as I love OTH, the show has lost it’s culture! Those of you who don’t want Leyton back are probably pathetic Brucas fans and no one cares about what you want. If Mark Schwann and the producers wanna a great 9th season, bring Leyton back and do whatever it takes. I don’t care of they want more money or whatever, make it happen. That is the only way they will come out on top and have a final season that airs with all it’s potential. If the executives and producers can bring back older characters like Rachel, Karen, Deb and Dan, then more power to them- they will be legends! I have only watched S7 and S8 bc I’m a devoted fan but the story lines are dry, boring and lack creativity. With the return of former characters, they can come up with new plots and end the show the proper and best way!

  48. tanya says:

    I Have Been Watching OTH Since The Very First episode (i was in like the 5th grade)its crazy that this is gonna be the last season :(. & Even Though It was A little upsetting that peyton & lucas left, i still love the show. if they come back itd be cool but if not the current cast is fine without them. i think they should come back to tree hill in @ least a few episodes to visit or something !!
    ONE TREE HILL FAN FOR LIFE !! <3 <3 <3

  49. Johnny Clash says:

    I have recently started watching One Tree Hill from season 1, and I have to say that it succeeded my expectations. I have had it for almost a year and have always refrained from watching it because I always thought that it was ‘cheesy’. But one of my friends convinced me to watch it and it has never let me down. I find the stories in OTH relatable and enjoyable. Even in season 7 and 8, I found it very amusing. But I do agree with the fact that they need to bring back Leyton if they want to make a ‘bigger splash’ in the series final season!

  50. mor says:

    הלוואי שלוקאס ופייטון לא יחזרו הם לא יודעם לשחק אני רואה את הסדרה רק ביגלל נייתן