American Idol Best Performance Semifinals Begin: Kris Allen Vs. Adam Lambert!

We’ve narrowed the field from 64 players down to four stellar semifinalists in’s American Idol All-Time Greatest Performance Bracket Tournament. And for better or for worse, our men’s semifinal comes down to a Season 8 finale redux: Kris Allen vs. Adam Lambert!

One of these fine gentlemen will make it to our finale: Kris with his audacious, acoustic “Heartless,” or Adam with his achingly beautiful “Mad World.”

‘American Idol’ Top 3 Performance Night Recap: Destiny’s Riled?

It’s hard to imagine a finale without one of these epic performances, but that’s the way the story has to go as our single-elimination tourney enters its final phase. (Tomorrow afternoon, we’ll launch the women’s semifinal, so be sure to come back and vote in that matchup, too.)

Before you head to the polls, you may want to peruse these memory-refreshing links to the performances entering the ring this afternoon:

Performance Links!
Adam Lambert, “Mad World
Kris Allen, “Heartless

Watch those videos now, then head down to our polls to vote for your favorites (voting will be open for 48 hours), and hit the comments to justify your picks.

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And if you’re interested in seeing how Adam and Kris made the semifinals, click here to check out the entire 64-player bracket (then click again for a zoomed in view), and sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

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  1. John says:

    I didn’t know which one to go with, so I just thought about which one I had the most connection to when I first heard it, and then it was clear I needed to vote for “Mad World.”

    • Georege Slezak says:

      I like Adam because he is very cute. He can snuggle with me anytime.

      • Vickie says:

        Good luck on that one.

      • Diane says:

        Kris Allen has more then just his looks he can sing and Heartless the greatest moment on AI of all time.

        • Lee says:

          “Heartless” was the best performance that Kris had. But put it up against other singers and there was nothing special about it. But his fans trot that song out for everything. Even trying to say this performance was like the sexy and sultry and exciting Haley. Please he is vanilla beside that rocking sexy spunky girl

          • Trudy says:

            Kris didn’t need a wind machine or to run behind the judges’ desk in order to be captivating. He also didn’t need blue lighting and stage-fog to set the mood, as he can do that all with his voice alone. And he didn’t have to try be sexy by eye-humping the camera or rubbing his hand near his hips and thighs. You want to dub him vanilla? Who cares? He still won Idol even by being [quote] “vanilla”! Amazing testament to his voice and his ability to connect with a broad range of viewers! Wow!

            Many feel that “Ain’t No Sunshine” was Kris’ best performance, which he did on keyboards & piano (for the reprise), and that performance beat Adam’s “Mad World” according to Simon in the first round of the finale.

          • Diane says:

            Kris Allen had three best performance on Idol Falling Slowly. Ain’t No Sunshine and Heartless and All three of them was the best performance on Idol of all time.

        • Shari says:

          As if Adam Lambert can’t sing his beautiful face off? Get real.

    • Sandra says:


      I agree, I hate that these two performances are against each other. They are my top favorites. I also give it to Adam but so so so close.

      • lea says:

        I totally agree with you. These were two of my most favorite performances on Idol. I however, chose Kris. To do the song with just a guitar and his voice to create that performance, not many could pull that off. I voted for Adam that year, I am a big fan of his but, I am also, a big fan of Kris. I think they are both talented artists and can’t wait to hear the new songs!

    • Truth says:

      Hands down Kris Allen’s “heartless” is the winner.

      • Heart says:

        #Madheartless— I’m madly in love with the “heartless.”
        Kris Allen got my vote. Adam was cute when he sang the mad world.

    • kyrjar says:

      WWSD — i.e., what would Simon do?

      Just kidding. Two of my favorite contestants and two of the best performances but Adam edges this out for me. Bought both of them but listened to Mad world more, made me feel the song, the feeling behind it. I actually listen more to Kris’ Falling Slowly and Make you feel my love. Though I really wanted Cookie to win.

  2. Jon T. says:

    I’m just here for the comments. Let me grab my popcorn…

  3. Marcelo says:

    Adam Lambert by far had the best run in american idol. His version of Mad World made me buy my first LEGAL mp3 song on iTunes

    • Elena says:

      I didn’t think that Adam’s run on Idol was anything that special. I do think Mad World was one of his better performances, but you could hear him breathing loudly before every line he sang in that song, and that’s always been a pet-peeve of mine. It’s distracting, and his performance of the song was a little more exterior than I thought it called for.

      • Javi says:

        I couldn’t agree more!!

      • Netmeg99 says:

        I’d buy a whole album of just Adam breathing .. jussayin

      • Dylan says:

        I feel the same way about everything David archie sings. Inbetween every word it sounds like he has bad asthma. I love his voice and think he is adorable, but just can’t get past the breathing sounds. I hear a little of Adam’s breathing on Mad World, but think it adds to the drama of his performance.

      • Teresa says:

        I noticed that breathing, too. Maybe it was subconscious — but what it does when you listen to the song is breathe along with him, which heightens the emotion of the performance. So I wouldn’t put it past Adam to have done it deliberately.

    • flower says:

      Not true. David Cook had the best run in AI. And as you know, he WON. How could Adam have had the best run? He didn’t even win his season.

      • Bet says:

        Adam had the best run because everyone was talking about Adam then and now. The media does not namecheck Cook when they are talking about Idol. Unless they are talking about being tired of the WGWG. Adam is used as a measure of what they miss about the show.

  4. Marcus says:

    Just what this week needed, the revival of two-year-old fanwars.

  5. the real wendy says:

    Idol has been pretty dull since Mad World. Groundbreaking on many levels.

    • James Durbs says:

      Yup, stealing Gary Jules’ arrangement and bathing yourself in a blue light is TOTALLY groundbreaking.

      But I do agree that Idol is dull.

      • juju says:

        With ya there, James Durbs. Don’t think that was groundbreaking in any way, shape or form. He sang well, but groundbreaking? Nope.

        • Blair says:

          yeah, Adam made the cover of Rolling Stone right from the get-go. I could be wrong, but I could never see J-Durbs ever doing that, and even if he did, it could never be with the amount of excitement and wide-range appeal that Adam received. Adam was MOST DEFINITELY groundbreaking!

          • James Durbs says:

            Please do not confuse me with a mediocre “metal” singer with less than impressive vocal abilities.

            And the only way Adam would have been groundbreaking on Idol is if he had been a proud gay man throughout the competition. (see also: Clay Aitken)

            I reiterate…blue lighting and a Gary Jules cover does not make one groundbreaking. Adam was an interesting contestant for certain, but I think you don’t understand what groundbreaking actually means. (See also: Randy Jackson’s understanding of what “Turn the other Cheek” means)

          • Blair says:

            whatever YOU think …

          • Random Medley says:

            Ground breaking for IDOL. We’re not talking the whole history of Rock and Roll here. Just Idol. Perhaps if he sang suspended from a rope (wait Pink did that) and bit the head off a chicken (wait that’s been done) singing in perfect pitch with a three and a half octave range, using his breath control for emphasis, wearing an “I’m out and proud” sign around his neck….
            If you don’t get it you just don’t.
            Kris wasn’t exactly ground breaking either. What can you say? Nice guy, sings fine, plays guitar, wears plaid shirts (did I miss anything?) Preference isn’t a competition. But for me, I’ve seen hundreds of Kris’. Adam, while not groundbreaking by your standards, was more entertaining and Mad World was a perfect pick for Adam and the rest of us that have to deal with opinions like yours that are basicly “my way or not good enough”. Guess who I’m still voting for (with my purchases)?

          • James Durbs says:

            @random medley – I full agree that Adam was entertaining, I very much looked forward to seeing what crazy stuff he would do – but I still challenge groundbreaking, even for idol. (and for the record I never said Kris was either) Groundbreaking means markedly innovative, Adam did nothing new with the song (from the Gary Jules version) and performance wise sitting on a stool in blue light isn’t that spectacular (unless you consider the use of the color blue groundbreaking). He was great, no doubt, but I will keep challenging groundbreaking. And one performance I would deem groundbreaking (for Idol) is Bo Bice’s In a dream, doing it acapella was innovative and brilliant. I’m sure there are many other performances we could call groundbreaking – I just don’t think we can say that about mad world.

      • Commonerq says:

        Who the heck is James Durbs??d

      • debo says:

        Jealous much James!! Honey the reason you went home is because you are very pitchy! Get some voice lessons and learn how to control your voice. You had great stage persona and wonderful passion, but it takes more than that, you need great vocals to go with it. Also you better learn to take constructive critisism to make it. The judges on idol did you no favors!

    • the real wendy says:

      I meant groundbreaking for an American Idol contestant. Lighten Up Francises!

  6. scp says:

    Whatever the out come, it’s cool that Kris Allen and Adam Lambert still find themselves talented in a TV Line poll too!

  7. Ari says:

    Man, I can’t wait until Kris Allen gets divorced. Heartless gets my vote BTW.

    • kriskrazy1 says:

      Me, too, Ari! I’ll fight ya for him!!

      Anyway, Kris the the real deal. Writer, musician, singer. No contest whatsoev-a.

  8. Linda says:

    I really enjoyed Adam’s performance of Mad World on Season 8, and I voted for him that night. I like Adam best when he sings songs in this style. By Top 3, Kris had begun to win me over, however, and Heartless sealed the deal. I love Kris’ little smile during the performance when he knows he’s killed it. Gotta vote Kris on this one, though they’re both amazing.

  9. Diane says:

    Slezak, you can’t be serious!! Don’t you know how tired we are of this competition never ending?!! (Yes, you do.) Sigh… there are plenty more Glamberts out there (than there are Kris fans) who will swarm this page, so you might as well just call it for MW. HOWEVER, I voted for Heartless because I loved it, and everything about Kris Allen is seriously amazing.

    • flower says:

      I agree. It’s all Slezak’s fault. Didn’t want to rehash this old Kris vs Adam thing again. I wanted it to be Cookie vs either of them. That would have made more sense if you are doing a battle of all the seasons.

    • bet says:

      But we were told that Kris won by a landslide. So he should have more fans, NO?

      • helenkrump says:

        I think that Adam’s fans are more likely to post on websites because their guy lost…but who cares anyway? I prefer Kris’s music, so I voted for Heartless, but Adam is talented, and in the real world is doing just fine—sigh, I just don’t understand why Lambert fans have to try and diminish Kris Allen on every freaking website that mentions season 8.

  10. liz says:

    Are you serious? Do you know how hard some of us who are big fans of both have worked to try and make people move on from this and you’re going to start it all over again. What is wrong with you journalists? Do you want their fans constantly fighting and making idiots of themselves? You probably do, is it good for ‘ratings?’ Not to mention they are completely different artists. It’s apples to oranges.

    • Viv says:

      I KNOW RIGHT?! I bet it is such excruciatingly hard work trying to micromanage and control the opinions of people on the Internet!! Especially on a topic so vital an essential as the preference over two reality show singers. I think we should all take a time out to thank you for your most dedicated services. :’) Keep fighting the good fight!!

      • liz says:

        Wow, could you be a bigger a**wipe? God forbid anyone want their friends on opposite sides of the spectrum to get along. Excuse me for thinking tearing down one artist to promote another becauae of rivalry is bad form.

        • Allie says:

          You do realize that this isn’t Slezak’s fault, right? The fans are the ones who voted Kris and Adam through to this point. IT’S A BRACKET. That’s kinda how it works.

          • liz says:

            And who created the whole thing to begin with? He knew good and well it would come down to this. So yes, it IS Slezak’ s fault.

          • Viv says:

            Slezak is a prophet with an evil agenda, obvs. HE KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN ALL ALONG, HOW DARE HE!!

          • t.t says:

            to be fair he split them up so they would only meet if they both made it to the end. Its not like he put them against each other in the first match up

          • SCRes says:

            The whole contest from start to finish is a sham. And a ploy. And an instant start to fan wars, no matter who.

        • Viv says:

          OR you can let people have their preferences and dislike Kris/Adam/both without having you get all holier-than-thou on them. .

          I’m also confused because you say fans make idiots out of themselves but then you say they are your friends. NOT A NICE THING TO SAY ABOUT YOUR FRIEND, JERK.

          And why is ratings in quotations, lol?

        • Allie says:

          The brackets were divided up into Boys vs. Girls. Kris and Adam were in separate categories. So unless you have a scenario where Kris or Adam DON’T win their bracket (which, as a fan of both, why would you want that?), their match-up was pretty unavoidable.

  11. Alexandre says:

    Kris Allen’s ‘Heartless’ is inventive and captivating! Brilliant.

    But – come on!
    How can some other contestant win when the competition is for best performance? Adam rules it.
    There’s nothing better than the moment he created with ‘Mad World’. Genious!

    • Aubry says:

      Kris Allen ripped off One Republic’s version of Heartless. Jewles even said Adam’s Mad World was different.

      No moment on AI was ever as wonderous vocally or astetically as Lamberts Mad World.

      • Mary says:

        Kris version did not sound anything like the fray’s listen, side by side, not even close. That being said – both performances were great.
        Adam’s sounded more like the original, Kris was bold. I have to go with Kris on this.

      • Jess says:

        I’m assuming you’re a troll, because you called “The Fray” by another group’s name. And you posted a video which is completely different from what Kris did with that song. Kris Allen’s version is much more vocal, and Randy Jackson specifically said in his comment directly after Kris’ performance that he liked it MORE than The Fray’s version, which implies that not only does he see them as different versions, but that he liked Kris’ version the BEST! lol

    • flower says:

      It’s all a matter of taste. The theatricality of his performance turned me off and I don’t think I even made it to the end of that performance.

  12. Tiffany says:

    I loved both, but I actually bought Mad World and still listen to it on ‘those’ mornings while driving to work. Adam gets my vote here.

  13. Michelle says:

    LOL! Slezak, you’re enjoying this. pass the popcorn.gif pls

  14. N says:

    Kris, For me. I know that Adam is a great vocalist, but It felt like they tried too hard to make it an idol moment.

    Heartless is a pure magic for me. Great choice, Great performance. It also was a great television, to see the underdog rises.

    • Bree says:

      Adam was not trying too hard to make it a moment. He is just that good. Ring or Fire, Whole Lotta Love, Tracks of my Tears, A Change is Gonna Come, and Mad World. They all blew people away and were water cooler moments. Only fans of Idols who did not catch on with the public and media cry about someone trying too hard. Maybe your guy should have tried harder.

      • N says:

        It’s obvious that they tried too hard to make it an idol moment – The lightning, the directing, the camera work.. He always used those gimmics instead of giving us a honest performance. He’s a superb vocalist, but I can’t really connect to his over-dramatic acting, sorry.

        • dustin says:

          I feel the same way. Adam’s performances felt contrived and overly dramatic.

        • Bet says:

          It’s okay to feel that way. Adam has enough fans for a sold out headling tour in the US and Internationally. Kris needs his few fans so stay with the boring one and leave the exciting one to us. Thanks!

          • helenkrump says:

            And how old are you Bet? 12?

          • Atrus says:

            Yes – because Adam is sooo exciting (I can’t wait for his next haircut) and his stage antics are so new and ~revolutionary. I’m side-eying you so hard right now my eyes might fall out anytime soon.

    • tia says:

      Exactly. With Kris’ version of Heartless, he was all alone out there with his heartbreakingly soulful voice and his guitar. No extra lights & no dramatic clothing. He had to — and adeptly managed to — captivate the audience with his inventive arrangement, his guitar, and his voice. His creative musicianship won us over week after week (turning a disco song into reggae-sounding acoustic, making a Bill Withers song sound astonishingly current, and performing a simply beautiful version of “Falling Slowly” — my favorite). I like Adam, but Kris’ creativity and musicality (not to mention the fact that was an underdog b/c he didn’t fit into the judges’ plan) made it so that no other contestant since has seemed the least bit interesting.

      Heartless all the way!

    • staciegirlie says:

      And others didn’t try hard enough.

  15. rihannsu says:

    Uh, people, it’s not like Michael just up and chose to place Kris and Adam against each other. This is how the bracket shook out. They ended up against each other because they each won their previous battles.

    • Blair says:

      Exactly! I wondered why, for instance, David Cook didn’t win over Kris. He was the better IMO, and should now be up against Adam instead of Kris. Anything else could’ve happened, but it didn’t, so now we’re faced with this battle. Deal.

      • Tonya says:

        I would have preferred a David Cook vs. Kris Allen final two in the bracket over Adam. I prefer singers who rely more on the song and the voice instead of theatrics and screaming. Adam was great if you’re into that sort of thing, but I prefer simplicity and something more pure.

  16. Jessica says:

    I love “Mad World” and Adam’s rendition is certainly excellent, but my vote went to Kris because his version of Heartless completely changes the original while Adam just makes a few smaller changes to the original. Kris turned a song that I didn’t care for into something I really enjoyed. I already liked “Mad World” and Adam didn’t make me like it any more than I did before he sang it.

    • Evan says:

      I just knew someone would make this argument and I’ve been waiting to pounce. Haha. I don’t mean to attack you, but I want to put it out there: rearranging a song does not = a better performance. If you sing a song the way it was written and nail it, you nailed it and it shouldn’t matter that you didn’t “change it up”– obviously, you had the sense to choose a song that worked for you and your voice.

      Secondly, I’d argue that while Kris’s song is a change-up from the original version, Adam’s is a change up from his original style of singing and his sensual tones require a lot more vocal control than Kris’s. Really, if you didn’t know the song ahead of time, is “Heartless” that much better than of a performance than Kris’s “She Works Hard for the Money” or “Ain’t No Sunshine”?

      Clearly, I’m voting for Adam, but I will say– I prefer Adam’s other quiet ballad, “Tracks of My Tears.”

      • musicfan says:

        So changing the style of singing means it’s the best? Choosing the best is still a matter of personal opinion and taste, and people will differ in them.

        • Evan says:

          No, that’s not what I said. I made a counterpoint to Jessica, saying that just like one might argue that Kris changed up his song as is therefore better, another person could say that he really didn’t change up his singing style and is therefore more limited.

          My decision to support Adam does not follow the first two paragraphs of my argument. I was just stating an opinion that rearrangement does not equal better.

      • tia says:

        Again, it’s all a matter of taste. For some of us, creatively rearranging a song is an important factor in determining what is a better performance. Besides, what constitutes a great vocal performance is purely subjective.

  17. mooglechan says:

    Omg this is too cruel. I just can’t decide. They were both stellar and heads and tails better than anyone on the current season. That is all.

  18. Amber says:

    Et tu, Slezak? What I hate most about all the competitive reality shows is distilled in these contests you have been having. Shame on you for reducing art to a shallow, superficial, hate filled competition, again. I’m very disappointed in you.

  19. Lilly says:

    Both were great moments. Adam’s was all about showing that he’s not a one trick pony, and that he could actually sing. Heartless was Kris showing that he is a genius at song interpretation, and that he had the balls to not back down, even though the producers and judges were going out of their way to let him know that they didn’t want him to be one of the final two standing.

    Even though both are great, they are no where near being the two best performances in idol history.

  20. Deshawn says:

    Heartless live really grabbed my attention. Mad world sounded the best in the studio. They are both great songs, but I will have to give this to Kris Allen.

  21. SAHSOUHA1 says:

    I love them Both…But nobody tops KRIS ALLEN to me…he is my most favourite in the World!

    • Katy says:

      I top Kris Allen.

    • staciegirlie says:

      Oh, another one of Kris’ fans who forgot to purchase his CD.

      • Ha says:

        Oh just another bitter Glambert who hasn’t moved on from 2009.

        • DD says:

          Oh stop it you idiots!!!! Let them live in peace!!! Geez!

        • Dylan says:

          I see a lot more bitter Kris fans commenting in this post. Truth.

          • Erika says:

            I certainly don’t. Care to elaborate at all?

            What do Kris fans have to be bitter about? Their guy wasn’t even expected to get into the finale all season, and yet he WON! Kris fans from all the evidence I’ve seen are elated that Kris was able to get a $1-million recording contract, and get all kinds of perks that he never would’ve gotten had he not made the finale and won. They’ve been very appreciative, gracious, and happy for Kris and for all the people who lost to him that season. I cannot say the same for Adam fans, who have viciously attacked Kris and gone out of their way to say mean things about him anywhere they can since the day he beat Adam. Luckily, it’s not too bad here, but maybe that’s because I’ve seen a lot worse from them.

  22. LOL says:

    Just here to see the Glamberts and Kristards eat each other alive.

  23. cb says:

    Oh, this was a very difficult one…..Slezak, why did you have to pit these two songs against each other??! Kris is, hands down, one of my favorite contestants on this show, but if I compare only these two songs, I have to give it to Adam. Perfect rendition of the song. Any other match-up of songs, I’d give it to Kris. And wow, after listening to Kris’ songs (and Adam’s) on youtube, I am reminded once again, of how weak the contestants are now, in comparison. When I remember hearing some of these performances for the first time, i remember how we all stopped talking and how I would get goosebumps. There is nothing like this now. Sigh. Well, kudos to both Kris and Adam.

  24. Amy says:

    I love that these two made it to the semifinals! My two favorite Idol performances ever! How to choose though?

  25. Will says:

    Can we make this one a fight to the death so the world is less a few million tards and sparkle cows?

  26. Kath says:


    can I get a whattup from my _ai Summer ’09 benches?????

  27. BonCon says:

    Adam fans let Kris fans have this moment, they don’t have much else to be excited about. And I say this as someone who loves them both.

    • Sam says:

      Fan of both…alrighty then. Kris doesn’t need your “charity”. He’s doing just fine.

      • BonCon says:

        It’s not charity, it is a fact. I really wish his career was doing better. I saw him 4 times in concert and it was amazing. I just think his fans benefit more from these silly polls is all.

        • Dan says:

          I saw Allen at HotelCafe Minneapolis last year. I was a huge fan until I saw him life. Sorry Kris! And Lambert isn’t my fav either. Whatever happened to Cook’s? Did he get booted in the earlier rounds? #Sucks

        • Dan says:

          Live Not Life!

        • HA HA HA says:

          WHAT? You think Kris fans benefit from this poll? Are you high? Who the heck do you think is spamming this poll so Adam would win and be redeemed for his loss to Kris two years ago? He shouldn’t have even beaten Elliott Yamin for “A Song For You”.

        • Charlotte says:

          Honey, don’t you worry your pretty little head about Kris’ career. Adam may be famous now but we all know the music industry is a fickle bitch. He’ll be tossed out with yesterday’s garbage soon enough.

          • DD says:

            Sorry, but Adam will NEVER be tossed anywhere! Stop being so damn rude!

          • number8gurl says:

            Charlotte how do you manage to get through life with that huge chip on your shoulder? Nobody will be tossing Adam anywhere unless it’s up in the air in celebration for one of his many accomplishment so far and yet to come. And the other person is right…you are very rude. I voted for Adam…of course. As a die-hard Idol watcher during S8 I was having trouble picking my favorite (I was side-tracked by the Gokey story but just wasn’t feeling it). Finally I decided the first person to give me chills was the person I was going to support. And it was Adam singing Mad World. I’ve been a #glambert4life ever since.

  28. Allie says:

    “Heartless” was the performance that won the show for Kris Allen. He hit his peak at just the right time. The fact that that one song and performance was such a game-changer makes it the clear winner in my book.

    • LOL says:

      I really do love Kris, but HOMOPHOBIA won him the title. However, heartless helped him beat Gokey.

    • Bet says:

      Danny Gokey’s jealous and hateful fans won the competition for Kris. Then they did not buy his album. So much for winning. They set out to hurt Adam but it just made kris look like a failure.

      • Georgia says:

        That implies that the ONLY reason Kris Allen won was Danny Gokey’s vindictive fans. That’s rather insulting to Kris and all of his fans. Every contestant I’ve supported has ended up in the top 2, and it’s because a lot of fans were voting like crazy for the same great artists.

        • lol says:

          I am sure all 50 of you remaining Kris fans will be okay with the implication that people no longer care about him.

      • Danny Gokey says:

        I heart Adam, but too bad he hearts Kris more :(

      • Blair says:

        That’s what I call WINNING Charlie Sheen style! LOL

      • LAMusic says:

        Danny’s fans did not get Kris to Top 3. They didn’t even get him into the Top 12. It was rather remarkable that Kris, Adam, and Allison all made it to the Top 4 coming out of what was wildly considered the most talented group from the start.

        I think it’s disingenuous to label all of Danny’s fans as ‘jealous and hateful’, just as it is to label all of anyone’s fans in that manner. Going strictly from blogs, many of Danny’s fans were split between both Adam and Kris. Most who were just voting regionally or as ‘good Christians’ and not fans of the show just stopped voting.

        Lack of promotion and availability is what is to blame for Kris’ album not selling more. Even without that, it did extremely well.

        • Mandy says:

          How did Kris’s album not get promotion? He won, for god sakes. He was even on Ford commercials. And how is just over half of gold considered doing extremely well?

          • emma says:

            Your math is off. Kris’ album has sold more than 325K. Which, while far from great by Idol standards, is still well above “just over half of gold (250K being half of gold)”

  29. . says:

    I went with Heartless. Although I love when Adam sings Mad World surprisingly the AI live version is not my favorite.

  30. Samantha says:

    @BonCon keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. Moo!

  31. Margie says:

    I hate that this is going to turn into a hate-fest by some (not all) mean-spirited glamberts who can’t get over the fact that Adam didn’t win two years ago.

    Having said that, as much as I love both of these guys, I voted for Heartless. I believe that it was a performance that turned around the entire competition. Mad World was great too.

  32. Jared says:

    Kris’ ‘Heartless’ performance is the best, hands down! It was the most creative of any season.

    • Jared Brain says:

      Yea a real great steal off Youtube

      • Yolanda says:

        Hey troll, spamming a YouTube video which sounds nothing like Kris’ version of Heartless really doesn’t do Adam any favors, nor will it change anyone’s opinions…

  33. Mike says:

    Kris FTW. Bottomline is Heartless was pure genius. If this was Tracks of my tears then I would have a harder time picking even though I know most prefer Mad World for Adam

  34. renee says:

    Hmmm, if this was Heartless vs Feeling Good, it would be a much harder choice. But Heartless was genius.

  35. Sofia says:

    Adam Mad World hands down. I am not going to vote more than once just to prove something. Tired of Idol rivalries, this rivalry is so over.

  36. Jake says:


    • DD says:

      I am a Glambert but seriously not all of them are so mean spirited and rude. Also some Kristards are way overboard too!!! Shucks!! Can’t we just get along???

  37. Logistics says:

    Neither of these no talent ass clowns desereve to be here over the likes of other contestants in the brackets. ELLIOTT FTW, TBH. Best Idol contestant to have ever existed.

  38. Ally says:

    I was going to say “in before HOMOPHOBIA WON and DNW SCREAMER cards” but alas…

  39. SharonM says:

    I actually liked Adam’s ‘Tracks of My Tears’ better than ‘Mad World.’ ‘Heartless’ gets my vote.

    • Mickey says:

      I’m glad you mention ‘Tracks of my Tears’. I thought it was one of his best performances of the season, and I agree, better than ‘Mad World’. However, the song itself played a role in my vote – I love the song ‘Mad World’ and Adam did a great job with it. I was not familiar with ‘Heartless’ at all. I thought Kris sang it really well, and I guess he did a great arrangement,(although without having heard the original version, I’m just going on what other people have said). To be honest, this was one of the better years for finalists in terms of talent – a somewhat even match between two very different performers.

      Unlike last year… dear god.

      And I am very fearful about this year….

  40. Mary says:

    Adam’s Mad World of course. I don’t think a lot of Glamberts will vote intensely for this one because Adam won the Ultimate Idol poll at Q102 and we are over voting at Idol rivalry polls.

    • Ally says:

      So nice of you to speak for the ~masses.

    • OIC says:

      Oh, well, since you won that one radio station poll, I can clearly see how OVER IT you are. I don’t think many Kris fans will vote for this, since, in the one competition they’ve been in where voting actually means something, Kris won. :)

      • lol says:

        And too bad he has done nothing with his career since. Reality is the music business, not some singing competition.

        • Julia says:

          I love when trolls inadvertantly admit they’ve been following Kris’ career. :)

          • Minnie says:

            What career??

          • Mandy says:

            Kris was the lowest selling winner until Lee came along. He didn’t even reach anywhere near gold. He couldn’t even headline his own entire tour, he was mostly opening for people. And when he did headline a few times in tiny venues, he couldn’t even fill those up. He can continue to play in dog shows.

        • GavinStrick says:

          I shouldn’t feed the troll, but Kris had his first single go platinum, it sold over 1.5 million copies (the single is up for a Billboard Award), and he co-wrote the first single off of Matthew Morrison’s upcoming album, another one of his tunes, Before We Come Undone, is being released as a single by a South African singer, not only that but one of Kris’s tunes was used on The Vampire Diaries, and Kris is appearing at the big Memorial Day Concert in DC (this will be shown on PBS), he is also currently writing tunes for his second album, and he will be touring this summer–so sure, Kris has done “nothing” with his win, LMAO.

  41. madelyn says:

    If Heartless or Mad World was put up against anything Scotty McCreery sings this season these two guys would lose. Go Scotty!

  42. kat says:

    i followed this link b/c someone said there was fic. where’s the fiiiiiic?!!!!!

  43. Stephanie Proctor says:

    @Mary, right that is why you are here commenting because you are so over it lol.

  44. Latin Jesus' Mom says:

    Heartless. All day. Everyday.

  45. Trevor says:

    Adam can’t believe Kris is giving this to him, letting him do this, see him like this. He wants to give Kris everything, everything he needs, but part of that is stopping it when it needs to stop.

    “Kris,” he whispers, slowing his hand, “Kris.”

    Kris shakes his head. “Don’t stop.” It’s harsh, insistent. Kris is shaking; Adam sees it in the lines of his back, visible through his shirt.

    “Gotta stop, baby. Last ones, ten more, ‘kay?”

    “No,” Kris moans, but finally nods his head, jerky.

  46. Cale says:

    Adam is making these noises like Kris is killing him, tugging at Kris’ hair and thumbing the curve of his ear, his jaw, his cheek; memorizing the curve of Kris’ face like he’s curling around the notes of a song, cupping them into a whole and breathing beauty into the silences. Kris feels undone and strangely unbalanced like he’s falling, overexposed camera film bleached by the sun even though he still has all his clothes on, but Adam is cradling the back of his head like he’s keeping Kris safe and Kris just closes his eyes and buries himself in Adam’s lap, gagging a little and swallowing desperately.

  47. Katy says:

    I voted for Adam. Heartless hits too close to home.

  48. The Real Winner says:

    Adam is a boring, talentless ordinary coffee house singer who only won because of homophobic Arkansans, while Kris is a flaming diva-wannabe screecher. Danny Gokey was ROBBED. This poll is BIASED AND UNFAIR. I demand a recount.

  49. cantstopwontstop says:

    Kris kisses him again, licks at Adam’s mouth, draws his lower lip in and bites gently, listens as Adam shapes things that might be words but all come out inarticulate moans. Speeding his strokes, Kris feels Adam’s breath hitch, feels him clutch at Kris’s hip with his right hand, the brush of lube-slick fingers on the bare skin of his hip under his shirt.

    Adam comes with a deep noise unlike anything Kris has ever heard from him before, even when he’s dripping sex in his lower registers. It is a fantastic noise. Kris eats it up, keeps moving his hand, just to hear more of it, wringing it out of Adam again and again.

  50. Sauli says:


    • Aatami says:

      Sorry if I woke you up last night. I promise Kris and I will keep it down when we Skype tonight. This wouldn’t have happened if you’d slept in your own bed. I have two guest bedrooms. I don’t know why you insist on sleeping in my bathtub.