Grey's Anatomy Finale Recap: Casualties of An Emotional Shootout

[The following story contains spoilers from Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy season finale.]

Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes told TVLine that this season’s finale would feature an emotional shootout” (versus last year’s literal kind), and sure enough, by the time the Shondaland logo came up, at least three relationships were left sprawled on the ground, critically wounded.

Derek and Meredith entered the hour on a high note, anticipating as they were the possibility of adoption. But thanks to the massive unlabeled spoiler a drunken Alex let slip last week, Mer’s contamination of the Alzheimer’s trial protocol came to light, putting her job very much on the line. That Richard came around to “appreciate” (and even take some responsibility for) Meredith’s actions was understandable. Derek, though, could not help but think of the millions of Alzheimer’s sufferers out there who might have benefited from a successful trial. It was then that he wondered aloud — though not in quite the exact and pointed words cobbled together in the promos — how he could raise a child with someone who doesn’t know right from wrong.

By episode’s end, Meredith was handed an armful of irony: baby girl Zola, for her and her husband to love and cherish. Mer was left to bring the wee one home to a wholly empty house. But she would not be alone for long…..

Cristina and Owen came into the finale cutely negotiating her viability as a chief resident candidate, with her withholding sex in the name of having her husband see her as an “organized and focused” doctor, and not his bed bunny. As it would turn out, motherhood-averse Cristina had already had sex one time too many, which she realized while schooling a woman on how to tell if your period is too late. Yes, Cristina had been crystal clear with her stance on having a baby, yet no one could be faulted for suspecting that, if push came to bun in the oven, she would have one of those convenient changes of heart and embrace the new life inside her.

But that is not Yang. Not long after delivering to Owen the news and reiterating her unease with her expectant status, Cristina revealed that she had made an appointment to terminate the pregnancy, prompting Owen to kick her out of the apartment — and back into Mer’s house of refuge.

Alex’s nascent romance with Lucy, meanwhile, was almost a victim of collateral damage in this “shootout.” Though his work with the African kids had all but sewn up his W in the race for chief resident, Alex’s outing of Mer’s unethical antic soured Owen’s opinion of him, since Karev did wrong by Seattle Grace’s most beloved doc. With Mer in the brig, Cristina reprimanded for her latest bit of rogue behavior, and Jackson having recused himself form consideration, April wound up claiming the lofty title — though the poor girl doesn’t seem quite ready for all that comes with it. Having lobbied so hard for the plum gig and lost, Alex was not in the right mindset at all to field Lucy’s invitation to ask her to stay, though just a few acts prior he glue-gunned his heart onto his sleeve. So once again, Alex implodes when on the cusp of good loving.

Elsewhere, Mark decided to “let Jackson have Lexie” (or weirdly paternal words to that effect) by removing himself as an obstacle to that relationship, while Teddy decided and affirmed that she was falling in love with her husband, Henry. There was also a rather and surprisingly sweet C-story involving the many ill-fated victims of a plane crash, and how one mother who lost a son rallied for the mother of the sole surviving “unaccompanied minor.” Nice work by a roomful of guest stars.

What did you think of the Grey’s finale? Is Meredith deserving of the dog house? What do you think was going on in Derek’s mind as the hour closed with him sleeping oustide in the dream house framing? And who here thinks Cristina will actually go through with an abortion? Hit the comments with those thoughts and any others.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Melissa says:

    WOW – I loved this episode mainly because Cristina is pregnant!!! OMG I understand that she didn’t want to be a mother but that is not the issue anymore she is. It is not the same as not wanting to try. I am prochoice but in this situation when she has a loving supportive husband an abortion is horrible. I understand both sides but Owen was right at the end, she didn’t even give him a say in the decision, it is not just her decision when she is married. I am sad how it ended but Owen needed to stand up to her and let her know that he is totally in this marriage and he needs her to be to and work together to make the decision. I loved that Owen was willing to do whatever it took because he loves her and their baby. I will so be done with this show if Shonda has her abort this baby, where would the growth be in that??? I think it is interesting that Cristina is afraid that she would love the baby because I think that is where the real problem lies why she doesn’t want to be a mother like it links to her father dying and her mother issues. I hope we see Cristina grow from this life changing experience and not regress.

    • MGill says:

      How on earth is it still worthy of a discussion when Christina has said repeatedly that she does not want to have a child, as she did throughout the episode, and Hunt is still not hearing her? The only thing she could have said that would have pleased him was that he could have the baby, like it’s a possession he could just take off her hands. That’s bull, Hunt (whom I usually like very much) is guilty of emotional blackmail, and a woman with as much self-respect as Christina Yang would NEVER tolerate it. Also, learn how to punctuate. Thanks!

      • Beth says:

        Sorry I have to agree that Cristina is being selfish in this case. We are talking about a life, one that one of the parents really wants and is willing to make compromises for. What I would like to know is where is the Cristina that has grown up?

        • Izzy says:

          I totally agree. It’s a life we’re talking about here and every element of great parental support would be here,if only Cristina would consider Owen’s feelings. Owen is NOT emotionally blackmailing Cristina, just asking her to consider his opinion.

        • Tracy says:

          Unless you don’t believe that the fetus is, in fact, a “life” as of conception, which many people don’t. It’s a **potential** life but it can’t yet exist without help from the mother and is therefore not an actualized life. I’m pretty sure that’s how Christina views the fetus.

          • toby says:

            A newborn also cannot live without help from the mother or some other person taking care of them. Someone doesn’t have life until they can fully support themselves? Just wondering.

        • Amanda says:

          So Owen is willing to make compromises? How about him carrying the baby? How about him putting his career on hold for a year?

          And why do some people think that a woman has to have a baby in order to “grow up”? Maybe she IS making the mature decision. If she feels that she would be a bad mother, then she shouldn’t have a baby. If she has the baby now, her career would certainly slow down and she might even come to resent the baby. Maybe, a few years from now, she MIGHT change her mind. But right now, she doesn’t want to have a baby and she shouldn’t be pressured to go through with it if she doesn’t want to.

          • tripoli says:

            Exactly. Thank you for that excellent comment. Clearly She has no desire to have a baby and regardless of how her husband feels, she would be the one to carry the child to term and would have a great deal of the responsibility in raising and caring for the child. Trying to force her hand on such an issue is utterly ridiculous and just down right awful. And the stupid notion that having the baby would be growth for the character is preposterous. I’m sure a storyline about a woman being forced to carry a baby she doesn’t want would be so enjoyable. Not all women want to be mothers, and Cristina has never shied away from the fact that she’s not keen on motherhood. I for one look forward to her getting the abortion. It’s true to who this character is.

          • veronica says:

            Owen doesn’t have the option to carry the child, and he DID offer to be the one to stay home after the baby was born. There is only so much he is physically able to offer. And while it’s one thing for Cristina to say she doesn’t want children and so they never try for children, it’s quite another to actually be pregnant and make that decision. You’re right, it will be Cristina’s body that is the most disrupted, but that doesn’t negate the fact that the baby is Owen’s child as well and he should have some say in what happens. You can argue that he refused to listen to Cristina’s wants, but it’s just as easily argued that she refused to listen to his. And I think he made it clear in their final argument that what angered him most was the fact that she denied him part of the decision. Perhaps he would have been willing to accept the decision on the abortion if she had been willing to entertain the possibility of having the child. I think that is the compromise he was looking for, similar to the compromise Callie was looking for when she and Arizona first began discussing children. One of them will have to give way to the other, but it’s unfair to make it a one sided decision.

          • eviltwit says:

            @(but not specifically to)Veronica – People keep saying this can’t be a one-sided decision, but in this case, how can it not be. What are they going to talk about? Talk in circles around each other? Try to convince each other towards a life the other never wanted? Is that love? Is that the indicative of a happy marriage?

            Owen wants a kid, Cristina doesn’t. What kind of compromise can be made here? A spouse who doesn’t really want a kid is forced to carry a baby to term by her husband, give birth to and be mother – regardless of what other aims she might have had for her life? A spouse who wants a kid can’t have one with the woman he loves?
            Cristina has a kid and gives it to Owen after divorcing him?

            Having kids or not having kids shouldn’t be a matter up for compromise – this particular decision is far too important a thing in a relationship. In the end, if the issue of having children isn’t something you and your spouse agree on, then you shouldn’t be together. Kids deserve more than owing their existence to simply compromise.

          • paula says:

            What`s Owen supposed to do? He can`t carry a baby. But he`s not forcing her to have it either. He`s trying to make her at least listen to his side and she didn`t. As for Cristina, she`s said she doesn`t want kids but its different now. She`s already pregnant. I don`t think she will be able to terminate it. Bot after everything they`ve been through.

          • Liana in San Diego says:

            Totally agree with you! Yes, it’s a marriage, and yes, decisions should be made together. But since Owen clearly has his opinion and isn’t budging, and Christina has hers, and isn’t budging, there can be no compromise. So Christina should just lie down and let Owen decide? That’s B**S**. It’s a woman’s body and the man simply doesn’t understand all that is involved in being pregnant. And assuming that she will “grow up” by having the child is crazy! It will make her even more hard core, less easy to love, more cantankerous and infinitely less easy to be around. Love that says “do it my way” (a la Owen) isn’t real love. Nor is Christina’s bull headedness. I DO hope they choose to show her aborting the child – THAT, dear readers, is real life… not this cushy melodrama of idyllic love and bliss. That will be the growth for both of them – and so what if they don’t stay together?

          • Jess says:

            Christina gets an extra-special vagina vote. Simples.

          • April says:

            Ummm, since when do people get to put their life on hold for a year to have a baby? I’m pregnant with my second and work full time. Unfortunately, most people don’t get the chance to put everything on hold for that first year. Life goes on and it is a balancing act that is not for everybody. Adoption is a great cause if people aren’t ready for children. Abortion is the easy way out. However, speaking to some people that have had abortions, the guilt that forever accompanies an abortion can be harrowing. With adoption, you know that you are putting that child into a better home than what you are able to offer.

      • eviltwit says:

        Seriously. Is there ANYONE who didn’t know that Cristina has never wanted a child? This isn’t news for Owen. Forcing your wife to have a baby she doesn’t want doesn’t make for a good marriage (which, probably should never have happened if Owen was always thinking he could persuade her otherwise). She’s not a friggin’ incubator.

        Cristina has always been all about her career. What the heck is wrong with that. We wouldn’t even be having this discussion if she were a man.

      • Dawn says:

        Cristina Yang may have “self-respect” in spades, but she doesn’t have any respect for her husband. She refused to talk out all the possibilities. This wasn’t a random one night stand, she is married and her husband has a right to participate in the decision of this pregnancy. He is not emotionally blackmailing anyone. Cristina needs to stop being so self centered as to think that she can do whatever she wants and those decisions should be accepted no matter how they affect the other people in her life.

        P.S. No need to be snotty about a posters punctuation. Don’t respond if you don’t like it.

        • NydaJean says:

          Cristina has been upfront since day 1 that she does not want a child. Hunt knew that but believed that she was young and would change her mind.

          It her her body that must be used as an incubator. How would Hunt feel if she told him that he must get a vasectomy and that is not even close to having a child.

          I do not even understand how Hunt has any input into what happens to Cristina’s body. It is not simply carrying the child to term – it is the day to day care and 18 years plus of being responsible for another human being. It is certainly not a choice to be lightly made.

          My issue is that if she truly did not want a child, why not get a tubal ligation or be absolutely positive on your birth control – use a couple of methods simutaneously, i.e pills and diaphram. The lack of forethought irritates me. In this day and age, there are no accidental pregnancies.

          • Alphonse says:

            Regardless of which side you are on, one thing people aren’t mentioning is that if Cristina is so firmly against pregnancy then why didn’t she take action to make sure that she could never get pregnant? She had a tubal once before, she could have easily had her tubes tied or something permanent when they took care of the tubal. Or she could have used multiple forms of birth control if she was that concerned that one might fail. She needs to take some of the responsibility here.

      • Sara says:

        Does this situation remind anyone of the flashback of Mer’s mother when she was a resident? A brilliant surgeon who really didn’t want children, husband raises the kid. How did that turn out? Surgeon resents husband & child, resulting in infidelity, divorce, and years of emotional damage for Meredith.

        • rs says:

          Wow, I never thought of that…good catch! Do you think Shonda thought of it…she didn’t say that in any of the articles I’ve read so far. Thx.

        • Firas says:

          That’s a brilliant comment.

          The baby of Cristina shouldn’t have to undergo this.

          And how the hell would Cristina be there for the child when this is one of the most time consuming periods of her residency?

          I understand Owen is volunteering to stay at home, but he’s eating more than he can chew. A baby needs two parents available, not one who’ll probably be busy as he is a trauma attending, where you can absolutely not postpone surgeries like in general or something else.

          • Sandra says:


            I totally agree with you, especially on what you have said about Owen being there for the baby. I mean it’s not like he can work at home, well unless Shonda starts bringing his patients to his home. Pfft, you never know what that lady would do. Okay probably not bring his patietns to his home… Anyway back to my point, Owen should really think that the abortion is for the benefit of his child, Cristina, and maybe even him!

      • Jessica says:

        I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with anyone saying that Hunt is wrong. This is not an easy problem to solve. Cristina is absolutely acting selfishly. Yes, she has been very clear for a while that she does not want children. BUT this is an accidental pregnancy. Hunt did not purposely impregnate her and is trying to force her to be a mother. It was accidental. And now that she is pregnant, it is not just her decision. It would be if she was single. But she’s not single. She’s married. And it’s not just her baby. It’s his baby too, and he has every right to be part of the decision making process. I’m sorry, but he has every right, if he wants to, to refuse to allow her to kill his baby. If it becomes an impasse, they can get divorced and he can raise the child on his own. But she does not have the moral right to just abort the baby without his say. Now I’m not saying I want them to get divorced and for him to raise the baby. I want her to see the future he sees for them, though I recognize her feelings and feel sympathetic to her too. I can understand that she doesn’t want this. But this is just one of those things in life that the decision is not solely hers and she has to deal with that.

        • Cari says:

          He has no right what-so-ever to deny her an abortion. Doing so would be a violation of the law, which explicitly states that an adult woman has an untrammeled constitutional right to choose an abortion in the first trimester. The decision is, legally, solely Christina’s. Anyone stating otherwise needs to be smacked over the head with Roe Vs Wade.

          • Ellie says:

            Yeah, we are not talking about legality here. It’s a marriage. And in a marriage couples make decisions of this magnitude together. Owen can’t force her to have the baby, but Christina can’t just go and have an abortion cause she feels like it’s the best JUST for her. Might as well get a divorce lawyer, cause a move like that is unforgivable. In a situation this difficult a couple should take some time, discuss this many many many times over, and then, when THEY have thoroughly thought it through, make the decision that both support, be it having the baby or terminating the pregnancy. Oh, and incidentally, if she doesn’t want to have kids, and she is a doctor, has she thought about birth control? Cause if I would be he’ll bent against having a kid, I would take some SERIOUS precautions. There are plenty of methods out there that are better than a pill or condom and since this is the second time its happened, she should have known better.

          • Sienna says:

            I absolutely agree that he has a right to tell her not to have an abortion. Yes there are laws stating that it’s a woman’s choice, but this is a marriage, not a courtroom .That is his baby in there as well. If she didn’t want him having a say in it’s life (or in this case possible death) then she should have made sure that she didn’t get pregnant. This is not her first “Ooops.” And while abortion should be a choice for some women, I think that using it as birth control is just plain wrong.

    • Nerdista says:

      Don’t you know, every woman really wants to have babies! Even if they say they don’t, they do! Even if they’re atheists, they’re still part of god’s plan! It’s all totally fine to shove someone else’s morals down another person’s throat!

      Melissa, why is it that the only way for a woman to grow is to become a mother?! BULL! In the real world, married women get abortions, in the real world a woman can be complete with out adding to the overpopulation of this planet, in the real world, not EVERYONE believes in god! You are NOT prochoice!

      • eviltwit says:

        This default that every women MUST want a baby has to go the way of the dinosaurs. Why does Cristina have to change her whole life because of a social more. She has goals, and they don’t include children. What a revolutionary concept. Owen knew that. He is a creep for making her guilty for that.

        • Ashley says:

          I agree. I mean, was Owen really *that* shocked that Cristina said “buh-bye” to the pregnancy? How many episodes leading up to this has she said “no” to wanting a baby and he laughed it off hopeing she would “change her mind.”

          I applaud SR for hitting such a touchy topic and I’m sure it will bring out the best and worst of fans in discussion but the point of the story (regardless of what you believe in choice vs life) is that Cristina’s growth as a character was beautiful this season. However, it doesn’t take away from the fact that she STILL does not want a child. It’s just not in Yang’s plan.

      • Alrishaf says:

        I’m a woman and never, ever feel like having a baby. That made me less woman? I don’t think so. People who wants baby like to think everyone like one. In this modern world where women can be professionals and have happy in their lave without the burden of a baby, more and more women chosen not to have one and that’s OK, there already to much people in the world.

    • Happilymarried says:

      Melissa, I agree with you 100 percent. There’s no doubt that people, myself included, are going to project their personal views on having a child/terminating a pregnancy on Cristina’s situation – and understandably so. Still, I am truly curious to know how many of the people who say Owen is “blackmailing” or “guilt-tripping” Cristina into having the baby are in a solid, happy, loving marriage? Because what Owen said about making sacrifices and giving is so true in a strong marriage – and sometimes you don’t truly know what that’s like until you’ve been there. You don’t get your way all the time in the marriage. And it could go both ways – Owen understanding and making the sacrifice not to have kids, or Cristina deciding she will have a child with Owen. The point is that they aren’t done talking. I disagree that just because Cristina said she doesn’t want the baby and is adamant about it, there is nothing to talk about anymore. They are married and they love each other – what to do with an accidental pregnancy is something they need to take a lot of time to discuss and hear each other out on until both of them – together – reach a decision. She owes it to Owen to listen to his views and ideas and he owes her the same, even if they are on opposite ends of the subject.

      • eviltwit says:

        And that would be fine – if we weren’t talking about CHILDREN. This isn’t just a sacrifice. It’s the rest of Cristina’s life. She has a career that she’s happy with. A child would have a really big impact on that. She’s already thought of this. Owen clearly hasn’t. Not everyone HAS to want a child.

        • Happilymarried says:

          Actually, people DO make sacrifices for the rest of their lives that have everything to do with having/not having children and nurturing a great career.

          Case in point: I have friends who chose not to have kids because the wife did not want to have a child, although the husband very much did. The husband made that sacrifice because he loved his wife even though we see in his face when he’s around friends’ children that he wonders what could have been. But they arrived at that decision after MUCH deliberation – not hours, not days, but months of discussion. They listened to each other’s view points carefully.
          I have no doubt that if she had gotten accidentally pregnant, she would have kept the child and made that sacrifice for her – because 1. the child is his, too, 2. he would have wanted her to keep it and 3. she loves him.

          As for Owen not thinking things through carefully, he was thinking aloud a lot in the season finale. At least he’s thinking and asking her to think about it from ALL angles.

          • tvadict Mom says:

            I agree there is much discussion to be had. They are both being selfish, but I think Owen sees more of the future past the career whereas Christina isn’t at that point in her life. Christin got pregnant with Burke and decided not to have an abortion so I can’t see her doing it this time. I sure hope not. That would definitely end their relationship I would think.

          • Em says:

            @tvaddictmom – Christina was scheduled to have the abortion, but she ended up miscarrying before the appointment because it was an ectopic pregnancy. I don’t know if it’s really safe to say that ultimately she won’t go through with it.

          • eviltwit says:

            One of my best friends, who’s never wanted children, got married straight out of college to a wonderful man, who wanted children and just like Owen, figured that he’d be able to persuade her otherwise. My friend had already thought this through very carefully. She told him repeatedly, and he just didn’t listen. They got divorced seven years later. It took that long for her husband to realize he’d probably married the wrong woman if he wanted to have children. My friend was bewildered because she’d set it all out straight from the beginning. They’re both with other people now – far more compatible, I’d say. That was the problem from the beginning. Many people seem to be saying that they should discuss, think about it some more, and the of course, Cristina should have the baby. How is that even right? There’s sacrifice, and there’s sacrifice. A child is for life, and changes lives drastically. That’s a pretty large sacrifice for someone who doesn’t want one, in my book.

      • Alrisha says:

        When people is clear there is no fraud. Christina had been crystal clear about this all time, they talk before and she was clear, if Owen was thinking she is going to change her mind just because an accident happened then he is the one to be guilt to feel betrayed. He said what had to be said and she made her mind and then he exploited. Why she has to be miserable to made him happy? Some women do no want kids and is nothing wrong with that, there to many people in the world and a lot of kids without parents, if he feel so angry to be father should consider other option that not affected her career so much, and she is the kind of people that is really happy doing what is a gif for them. He should let her be ready to change her mind when the time is right and not tried to forced her.

    • Shirley says:

      If she really never wanted to be a mother and is so sure, she should have had her tubes tied. However as she didn’t, the decision isn’t just her’s anymore it’s also Owen’s. I am pro-choice but for both parents. Their inability to just let the emotions settle down to discuss the situation rationally shows there is a weakness in the relationship. We’ll see how it goes next season. Shonda is forever twisting and turning the storylines.

    • Cassie says:

      Are you kidding me!? A woman’s right to chose should be subjugated just because a man wants her to have the baby. It’s her body and her choice. What Owen thinks doesn’t mean a thing! Christina made it clear to him from the beginning she didn’t want a child. If Christina doesn’t get an abortion I WILL BE DONE with this show. It would be so unrealistic, stupid, and pandering to have her go through with this pregnancy after she was so adament about not wanting a child. It would be a betrayal of the character of Christina. However, I don’t think Grey’s Anatomy will have the guts to have Christina terminate the pregnancy. And the show will cop out by having her have a change of heart, or miscarriage. 1/3 of women will have an abortion in their lifetime. That is a reality that needs to be shown on television, in movies, etc. Especially at a time when abortion rights are being brutally attacked by politicians everyday.

      • Trista says:

        First of all – no rights have been subjugated. No one has said she can’t have an abortion. The debate here is the same debate that is had by lots of people. What are the father’s rights in a case like this. I think if we are going to ask fathers to be responsible for financially supporting their children – in or out of wedlock – then we should also be preparred for them to have a say in whether a child that is EQUAL parts their biological offspring comes into the world. Owen is asking his WIFE to allow him a say in whether a child they created together is born. For a woman who supposedly loves her husband for her Not to take his feelings into account at all is selfish. I personally think that Christina will eventually decide to have the baby. If she does it is NOT a reflection on Grey’s being cowardly or anything else. It is simply a woman coming to realization that her spouse should have some input when you are talking about life.

      • unicornwasp says:

        exactly, cassie!

    • Sam says:

      Does anyone even remember the season 1 (or 2) episode ( i think twas called ‘Teardrops falling on my head’) where cristina had an ectopic pregnancy and was told she couldn’t have a baby ever again? How did that change?
      That said, it was a very solid episode whose goal was to lay out the ground for the next season.

      • LMSO says:

        Cristina still has one functioning fallopian tube following her prior ectopic pregnancy/miscarriage, so she can still get pregnant.

    • susela says:

      I don’t think that I, personally, could ever have an abortion. However, it is every woman’s right to choose. Owen should realize that it is NEVER a good idea to have a child with someone who absolutely does not want one. You’re just asking for trouble. In this case, the person who feels they could never welcome a child or give it the love and support it needs, should take precedence in a decision like this. Owen was wrong to push it. They both should have discussed this before they got married.

  2. Casey says:

    I thought the season finale was ok, but I did cry just like Kevin McKidd said that would happen to Owen and Cristina fans in the finale. I am hoping that both Meredith and Cristina make things right with there husbands. Plus, I still want to see Cristina carry this baby for her and Owen. I am hoping that things will be better next season for our favorite couples (Meredith and Derek.) & (Cristina and Owen).

  3. Jana says:

    I hope you meant to type ‘house of refuge’ not ‘refuse’.

  4. Mayra says:

    In every social network I’ve been, almost everybody hated the finale. I didn’t. I actually liked it. That’s the power of Meredith and her words…
    I missed more of Calzona, though. My only complaint.

  5. Mikaylah says:

    I really hope Christina ends up keeping the baby. I love her and Owen’s relationship and would hate to see it ruined. I also think Meredith is deserving of the dog house, and I can understand why Derrek is so upset. It’s just sad that they didn’t end up taking Zola home together.

    • Jimmy says:

      Actually, if Shonda Rhimes wants to stay true to the character she’s spent nearly a decade developing she’ll have Christina go through with the abortion. Keeping the baby would be the “romantic” ending, but that’s just not Christina.

      • Sue says:

        I agree Jimmy. Motherhood is not for everyone. And didn’t Cristina have a pregnancy with Burke (wasn’t there something wrong with it). She did not want it then if I recall.

        • Sally says:

          Yup, you’re right. She didn’t want it then and she even had an apointment booked to terminate the pregnancy already, but the embro got stuck in one of her tubes causing it to burst. So it’s surprising that she got pregnant again. Either way, I also agree with Jimmy, I hope Shonda stays true to Christina’s character.

        • Amanda says:

          She had planned to have an abortion but it turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy. The egg never made it into her uterus; it attached inside one of her fallopian tubes. As the fertilized egg started to grow, it caused her tube to burst. Doctor Addison Shepherd was unable to save that tube.

        • Bizzy says:

          Christina did have an appointment to terminate her pregnancy, but when the pregnancy turned out to be unsupportable (ectopic) and she lost the embryo, she was very upset. So just because she had that appointment, doesn’t mean she would have gone through with it. I think Owen was right: she’s afraid to have a child because she knows she will love it unconditionally and she doesn’t want to give anyone – including him – that much control over her emotions. Added to that, she has had to overcome too many stumbling blocks to her career thus far and I think she has finally hit a wall with that.

      • tvadict Mom says:

        I think if SR goes through with this it will be purely for the shock value.

        • Cassie says:

          Why would Christina having an abortion be for shock value? When 1/3 of women have abortions in their lifetime. Isn’t that a reality that should be shown on television, which is supposed to reflect the real choices people face in life? Every woman on television actually going through with their pregnancies is actually more shocking and unrealistic than showing a woman making a decision that 1/3 of women will make at some point in their lifetimes.

          Also, when I tell people that 1/3 of women get abortions many of them are shocked, because they expect the percentage to be much smaller. I think this is due to the almost complete lack of representation of women getting abortions in the media (television, movies) and the fact that many women are ashamed to talk about their abortions.

        • eviltwit says:

          What shock value? Only in a society that refuses to face up to the reality of being a human being and life, and in a country in which women’s reproductive rights are being eroded little by little every day.

    • eviltwit says:

      Cristina doesn’t want to be a mother. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Sometimes the biggest love between two people can’t overcome that kind of conflict. Being true to who Cristina is should mean that Owen and Cristiaa should break up in the face of that – especially as Owen seems to really want children. Just because Arizona eventually relented doesn’t mean that Cristina should.

  6. Captian says:

    Overall it was a meh finale. Grey’s is known for their big finales. After having the most-talked about finales two years in a row, its hard to believe they went with such a small, relatively uneventful one. It took me two minutes to explain everything that happened to my friend. It was kind of slow and dull. I think April is a terrible choice for chief-resident (although I expect it to go just as well as Callie’s brief job went). I’m mostly pissed that they opened the Mark/Lexie door only to close it once again. It’s like Shondra wasn’t happy spitting in our faces earlier this year, she had to pour some salt on the wound too.

    • Irishgirl says:

      I agree on the meh feeling. I pretty much had everything figured out before the show aired. I love Owen, and I think he was soooo right for being pissed with Cristina. Derek, on the other hand, I’m sick to death of him. He’s ridiculously self-righteous. And the scene with Lucy asking Alex to ask her to stay. Point. less.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      I’m one that thinks April was the best choice for that job because a lot of the Chief Resident job is administrative and we’ve seen she is very good at protocol. She’s the one that would keep the hospital out of lawsuits for not following the rules. As we’ve seen, all of the other candidates (except perhaps Avery) do whatever they want. Alex, while his motives were good, did actually commit fraud by bringing those African kids over without knowing he had money to pay for it.

      • Matt says:

        I’m looking forward to seeing Kepner develop the confidence in herself to stand up and take charge of the residents next season, probably in an explosive way after getting pushed around and ignored by them for the first half of the season.

  7. Ana M says:

    Didn’t like it. Won’t come back. I’m done.

    • Stacie says:

      Really? 7 years and now you are done. As much as I feel this show peaked in Season 2, I have stuck around and endured the ups and downs with it. I can’t imagine watching a show for 7 yeass and being done with it because the finale was weak. Last season’s finale was epic, and they can’t do that again, so for what it was it was ok, but I’m stickin with it. I can’t see it going that many more seasons. Maybe 2. But everyone’s is different so if you’re done then there ya go.

    • rmb says:

      I totally agree. I am done, too. Once they had Alex, of all people, rat out Meredith last week, that was it for me. Totally wrong. Alex, Christina, and Meredith are the last remaining fab 5 members, and to shatter that so completely? No. As written over the past 7 seasons, No. Meredith would have totally had Alex’s back if the roles were reversed. Terrible character assassination by the writers. Those 3 original characters are why I watch and, now, why I won’t.

    • Steph says:

      Same here… Grey’s was my favorite for so many years and now it is a completely different show than it once was. I’m so disappointed in the direction it has taken. The same thing happened to me with OTH, once Lucas & Peyton were gone so was I. I think next season is the last anyways (at least for Ellen, I saw an interview with her last week that said she has one more year and then she’s ready to move on).

  8. LNB says:

    I liked the episode but it’s going to be hard to hear all ‘oh Christina should have the baby because Owen wants it’. Owen doesn’t have to carry around for 9 months. Why would you want to force someone who doesn’t want a child to have it? Christina doesn’t want a child, so why force her?

    • #NotRealPeople says:

      I think because she’s fictional? And Owen is really hot. No one is actually being forced to carry a child in this case. It’s more that, fictionally speaking, viewers expect characters to proceed along the well laid path of marriage, baby, domestic bliss and they don’t like deviations.

      • LNB says:

        True. The first post from Melissa just annoyed me.

      • Anna N. says:

        But the responses are not fictional and I am pretty sure women in Christinas position have exactly that to fight against. (Her husband trying to blackmail her into carrying the child, the world having an opinion “I am prochoice but in this case you can’t choose against the fetus” etc)

        While I can understand Derek being upset, I hope he can get it back together. Everyone makes mistakes and Mer’s right: there is more than black/white in reality.

    • Irishgirl says:

      If Cristina never, ever wanted to have a child in her life, then she should have gotten her tubes tied. Instead she married a man who wants to have children and got pregnant. And Owen wasn’t forcing her to do that, he was asking her to consider his feelings…to talk about it….to compromise.

      • Mgill says:

        People cam drive me nuts. There is no compromise in this situation. There’s no, “I want to have a baby but you don’t,” middle ground. Christina did listen to his feelings. She thought about it. She wasn’t swayed. I would feel terrible for Owen, except Christina has consistently made her feelings regarding this matter quite clear. If he felt so strongly about having kids he should not have married her, fullstop.

        • Snsetblaze says:

          I agree with Mgill 100% and had why should his feelings take precedence over hers.

        • eviltwit says:

          Exactly. That having children is the right thing seems to be the only default for most people. What about Cristina? She’s given this a lot of though – as many people do when they decide on something as big as this (My husband and I did, 15 years ago when we decided not to ever have children). It’s not a simple decision not to have kids either. People seem to think it is – like Cristina just hasn’t REALLY thought about it. It’s annoying and condescending. I feel awful for Owen, too, but he should have seen this coming and that it would be a deal-breaker.

        • tripoli says:

          You are so right. And do people really think that this great, loving marriage they supposedly have would somehow thrive if she were in fact to relent to keeping the child? I think not. That’s a future life time of anger and resentment on all sides. Including the child’s.

        • veronica says:

          Sure there’s is compromise. The compromise comes from both people making the decision together instead of one person making it. Compromise for Owen doesn’t mean he gets his way, just that his opinions are heard and considered. You can’t say Cristina considered his feelings when she immediately said she wouldn’t have it. He never flat out asked to have it either, just to imagine what it could be like. That is the compromise. For BOTH of them to examine the situation from both sides, not just Owen having to give in to Cristina or Cristina having to give in to Owen…a mutual decision.

  9. Jamie says:

    Derek clearly loves Meredith but him calling her a “bad mother” nearly ruined my image of the character forever. He came off pretty badly there, but I believe Shonda will bring MerDer back next season as she told your colleague Michael Ausiello that both “MerDer’s Adoption story will continue in S8” I felt so sorry for Meredith. She did wrong but she has such a kind heart and tried so hard to spare both the Chief and Derek that for Derek to both abandon her, and also Zola who he claimed to love so much seemed weirdly out of character. Hope they fix that. Love that Cris defended Mer and I felt badly for Alex. Hope Shonda Rhimes puts all the pieces back together again next season because this episode left me feeling worses than the shooter finale last year.

    • linda says:

      I agree- to me the whole plot line was stupid- derek would never throw her under the bus for that-they have been thru too much and he has had his own issues that are comparable-he would have tried to cover up for her if anything..just a lame story line-nor would owen throw cristina out-too much too fast-just lame

      • Melissa B. says:

        Derek was so upset because she ruined a trial that he is so invested in. He is so invested in it because he worries about her future battles with the illness. He wants her to be okay for their children. So, while she did it for Richard and Adele, she ruined it for them. I am not saying one was right or wrong, but I can see why he is so upset. On another note, we all know Meredith and it comes as no surprise that she did it!

        On the Christina and Owen issue, how is it too much, too fast for Owen to kick her out? I consider it too much, too fast that she scheduled an abortion without even taking some time like he asked. MAYBE he could have been more understanding if he felt she had even taken the time to talk about it, think about it, include him or anything. Christina didn’t do that. She basically said his thoughts and feelings were irrelevant. Which is such BS! Even if she knew she didn’t want it, she isn’t the only one involved and could have given him time to come to terms with it and potentially support her.

        Really, what they show here is two people who got married that shouldn’t have. I am sorry, but if you do not even agree on whether or not to have children, you shouldn’t be married. Christina should not have children if she doesn’t want them. Children should have parents that love them. However, I agree with a previous poster that she should get fixed if that is really the case. Abortion is not birth control! Owen should not have to skip having children if he wants them. They should not be married if they do not agree on such fundamental issues.

    • Michelle says:

      I so agree. It was so wrong for Derek to call Meredith a bad mother. If he had really thought about it, what Meredith did made her a great mother. She’s willing to sacrifice everything for someone she loved. So just imagine what she would do for her daughter. She looked so cute with Zole also. I wish Derek could have at least just looked at them through a window and saw his family. For me it looked like Derek would chose work over family.

      • Jimmy says:

        Well, obviously it was said in a moment of anger, but his other comment was spot on. Meredith ruined a trial that could have helped far more people than just Adelle. She was wrong and there should be consequences.

    • Rob says:

      I think Derrick is just really pissed right now, but will obviously come around when the show starts back up in the fall. The whole Black/White Vs Grey had always been a point of contention between the two. It was even pointed out to Derrick when his mom visited back in season 5. Derrick has never been able to see beyond the big issues. He sees things as either right or wrong and he rarely lets himself get personal. If it was a choice between someone he loves and hundreds of people or more, he would choose the people because that is the greater good.
      Meredith on the other hand is all about the Grey. A nice pun on her name Shonda. Things are not as simple and if there was a choice between someone she loved and a whole mess of people she didn’t know, those people would be screwed. Like the poster above said, this attribute will actually make her a good mother. Mother’s aren’t supposed to think objectively about their child. There is no relation to the rest of the world. As any good mom will tell you, their children are their world. That is not to say they don’t have lives outside of being a mom, but when push comes to shove, being a mom comes first, above all else.

    • eviltwit says:

      Derek was a total jerk. it was a crappy thing to say, although typical of Derek, though. He tends to pass judgement on the fly. Of course, Meredith, being Meredith stepped up with Zola. I do like Meredith. It is called Grey’s Anatomy for a reason.

    • tandam says:

      I agree. Derek is an a-hole. I can’t imagine Meredith NOT doing what she did. I know it was wrong but she lost her MOTHER to Alzheimers. I think Adele is definitely another somewhat mother-figure type to her. I’m assuming if this wasn’t fiction it wouldn’t even be possible for Adele to be in the trial.

  10. Julia says:

    I loved the finale! I have so much faith that Shonda will provide !! It’s a drama people…of course our main couple will end on a drama cliffhanger! Get over it (cough cough yob and gd cough cough k cough a cough) I can’t wait to see what Zola brings!

  11. Gabby says:

    I’m so upset. The only reason I watch the show anymore is for Mark and Lexie and they’re STILL not together! It’s been two seasons now and I’m sick of it.

    • LittleMo says:

      Completely agree!! I’m sick of it, too. I’ve been channel surfing for a while on Grey’s but I’m done too. Shonda has but f__d the Mark/Lexie fans one time too many for me. Sorry about the language but after getting spit on for the better part of 2 seasons, I’ve had enough.

    • Heather says:

      I’m with you for this. You know, I’ve been watching since Season5 just for Mark and Lexie and sometimes I can’t believe i’ve gone through this long. Sometimes, there’s episodes when they don’t have scenes together and then they give us hope the last few episodes and then THIS.

      What are they doing to them?

    • Alison says:

      I feel exactly the same. They’re my only reason for watching now and Shonda has been leading us on all season, well for the last two seasons really and it’s just too much. I still adore Mark/Lexie and I still want them together but I’m over this show and I won’t be watching unless they’re put back together for good.

  12. S says:

    It was an okay finale but the worst of all 7 seasons. I just hate how this show has centered all around them having children or getting married. I don’t understand why they made Cristina pregnant? oh drama okay yeah but why can’t Meredith have got pregnant instead? not that I don’t like Zola she’s too cute ….. I really didn’t see the big deal in Derek all he did is leave to get space but he should choose his words better.

  13. Babygate says:

    Hated this finale. I expected much more. Shonda keeps separating characters. Either the focus is on one character or another. Why? For the last two epis we’ve had almost no Callie at all and I was hoping that by the finale Shonda would somehow redeem herself for deconstructing Callie and Arizona as well as Mark and Lexie. But, no. Instead we get some weird acquiesce by Mark as he ‘gives’ Lexie to Avery. What the heck? And all we got in terms of a Calzona honeymoon was last week Arizona walking out of the hospital behind Callie and Mark, again as a third wheel. I like the MerDer and C/O tension. And I have every confidence that things will work out. I like that Teddy picked Henry and loved that April got CR. But the episode was not cohesive and it was poorly written. This season Grey’s has take a huge nose dive.

    • Bay123 says:

      I disagree with the wanting more Callie. We have seen very little Meredith this season and it seemed that majority of the season was centered around Callie. I want to watch Grey’s Anatomy not Callie’s Anatomy, and Callie’s Anatomy is just gross. All I’ve seen lately in the episode guide is Callie’s name. It seems like Shonda’s drifting away from the main character and trying to incorporate lesser characters too much. The she was formed around Meredith, thus the name, so we should see more Meredith. Her role was weak this season because she was being shoved aside, so that the writers could fit in other character’s stories, but she shoved Meredith away too far.

      • So on point says:

        You should take your post and send it to Shonda like a billon times. She really needs to read your post. It’s perfect. She has been taking away from the main characters for supporting, non-important characters like Teddy, Callie, Arizona, did I mention Teddy! We barely know what has really happened to Alex all season. He went to help his sister then we hear nothing else about it. I thought maybe his sister, who has no one right now, would come to live with him. His love life has been botched. We barely see Bailey unless she’s coming out to do her speech of the week. I wanted to see her relationship blossom but instead we get 12 seond scenes with them maybe once an episode.

      • Babygate says:

        We are all entitled to an opinion. Feel free NOT to comment on posts that you do not agree with. I don’t watch Grey’s for Meredith. Never did. We all have our favorites and that’s fine. Personally, I tune in because of Callie, Mark, Lexie and Arizona. I don’t have a problem with the other characters though. I actually enjoy them all. I didn’t have a problem with all the Cristina focus at the end of last season and the first half of this one. Or the fact that Meredith seems to be involved in everything that happens in the hospital. And I’m sure that you can get clips on you tube of the MerDer scenes and compare them to the Calzona scenes for the season and you will see that in fact, Meredith has not been robbed of screen time at all. But we tend to see things subjectively based on our own preferences.

        • Britt says:

          Just wondering….

          who was the musical episode centered around? the other episode between that and the wedding episode? the episode before the musical episode? You Calzona fans are always saying that Merder gets plenty of screen time but I feel like you’re just saying that because Merder has ALWAYS gotten a lot of screen time, since, you know, the show’s main character is Meredith Grey. But you cannot say that Callie and Arizona have not been the forefront of the second half of this season. Or for most of this season.

          • Babygate says:

            Let me reiterate, feel free not to comment on anything you don’t agree with. I mean, seriously. Are MerDer fans that insecure? I just said that I personally missed seeing Callie. Why is my opinion (that I’m entitled to) being questioned? I realize Mer is the main character. But this has been an ensemble show from the beginning. We always saw all characters equally represented. Except Callie. She has been on the show since S2 and always on the sidelines. This season she started getting more attention and had three episodes focused on her and Arizona. THREE episodes after how many seasons? And may I add that I never said that there was too much Der.

  14. Sina says:

    I liked the season finale but I’m so disappointed. The last couple of weeks I have been loving the interaction between Meredith/Derek and the baby. I so wanted to see them bring home that baby together.

    All season long I have been saying I wanted the real Cristina to come back. When she disobyed that annoying blond heart doc and saved Callie’s life, I saw the old Cristina again. Tonight she was still around. Cristina will always put her career first. I still remember though when she got pregnant by Burke and she lost the baby and was crying like crazy and he came and laid with her and she stopped crying. I so miss them together. I loved LOVED Owen’s reaction to Cristina telling him she was getting the abortion. He finally acted like a man and didn’t let Cristina run over him. I still hate their relationship.

    Don’t care about Teddy and the guy. Not enough Bailey and her man. We haven’t gotten to see their relationship grow.

    • Sue says:

      I am wondering if Cristina will have a miscarriage, not an abortion, like she did with Burke — as she said she had a headache – maybe there is something wrong.

      • kael says:

        Considering how much the headache was noted and all quite pointedly it is going to come up in the first episode of next season for sure. It’s not like Christina ever said anything but she didn’t want kids anyhow so one way or another the kids not likely to change really… it’s not about growing just having a kid there’s more to growth then that. As much as people would like to figure Owen deserved an opinion and all that their sitting down chatting would not have changed Christina’s opinion or vote in the matter and considering he knew before then she didn’t want kids… um hello?
        With Derek i’d say a large amount of his issue is that he’s come to the realization that he’s scared so much that Mer does have altztheimers (spelling) and that’s why he’s so upset bout the implications of the trial being thrown more than anything. He was doing that trial to ‘save’ Mer as much as anything.
        Mer deserved the suspension, Derek being mad at her but not Derek walking out and refusing to talk to her really or the words he threw in her face imho. Course drama is needed for a drama show…
        April probably won’t last for good as chief resident… she’d like to and i’m sure there’s a few fans that’d like her to but it’s just not likely. One of the ‘main’ characters will likely get the spot when possible but they’ve got to ‘get through’ something first.
        Alex really behaved true to alex really and as usual it came back to bite him lol.

  15. HeartSleeve says:

    Yang was right to leave – one minute he is telling her to do what she is good at, what she EXCELS at, and the next minute he is espousing MOTHERHOOD to a woman who is on record from DAY ONE she is NOT mommy material. Let Yang be Yang! How many babies does one series (that is NOT about babies) need? I am sick to death with all these babies on Grey’s.

    But I loved that Season 7 ended with Mer and Yang, together again, men MIA. All the men in GA are defective – no match for the nerves of steel superwomen who put up and shut up. Mer didnt out herself or take the easy route with the clinical trial – the Chief deduced who and why she messed with it. Derek is weak and self-centered. I hope Mer and Yang get divorced in S8 and dedicate themselves to kick ass surgeries and tequila nights! Here we come, Dark and Twisted Sisters!

  16. Kat says:

    Was pretty disappointed with the finale and the reactions. Owen acted like he was still on Rome, dictating how things would be done, saying he loved her as she was and then kicking her out like a despot. Derek has always been holier than thou, so his reaction was not surprising, his not answering the phone was like a spoiled teenager. Shonda is always letting the men act like angry little boys while the women are then punished for upsetting them. The Mark thing was weird. I cannot stand whatsherface and her as chief is ridiculous, she is like a nurse’s assistant with all of her coddling, not a surgeon. Still hate that obnoxious Avery and his saying Lexie was already his and about the goat. So disrespectful and presumptuous. I was actually glad to have a break from Arizona and her all knowing snobbery. I did like Miransa’s story with the dude and loved all the people who lost family in the crash staying, it was heartbreaking. I did like Meredith standing up for herself and Cristina doing so for both of them as well. I was waiting for someone to tell Alex how he screwed over the only person who always accepted him….

    • eviltwit says:

      “Shonda is always letting the men act like angry little boys while the women are then punished for upsetting them.”

      You are right, actually. And, I love that Mer and Cristina both stood up for themselves.

      I did think for once that Alex was starting to grow up, but maybe he never will.

  17. Erica says:

    Losing faith with Greys… Ms Rhimes said no more mucking with Derek and Meredith and look where we are again!! Cristina should have talked with her husband before deciding but then again, it IS Cristina. Alex is and has always been a complete tool.

    • Antwon says:

      But aside from their trouble conceiving, they have been happy since the post-it note wedding. This is the first major drama she has thrown their way. And it’s not just some fluff to shake them up–it is something believable and it totally makes sense. Meredith risked so much and she doesn’t even think it was wrong.


  18. Liz says:

    Secret Circle on the CW looks really good. I think I’ll watch that next season instead. Grey’s has completely lost the charm it had in the first couple of seasons. And also, how long does it take to build a house in the state of Washington. Wasn’t Addison still on the show when they planned that house?

  19. Antwon says:

    I really really enjoyed the finale. It was an emotional shoot-out. Shonda and her team turned things upside down to set the stage for some meaty stories in season eight. I really wish we got more Miranda/Eli. I really like them together and Dr. Bailey deserves a romantic partner just like everyone else. I think that Meredith absolutely deserves to be in the doghouse. She was trying to do a good thing for Adele and the chief but she didn’t consider the consequences if she got caught and she did get caught. She put the hospital’s reputation and the funding for the trial at risk and still doesn’t think she did anything wrong. I did feel bad for Alex but of course Meredith was going to kick him out and he betrayed her not to be moral but b/c he was upset, drunk and wanted to knock her out of the running for Chief Resident. I thought the finale was a perfect way to end what has been a truly wonderful season! I cannot wait until September.

  20. Nik says:

    Love the finale, love the show, love the writing, love the unexpected twists, the growth of the characters and when they falter. A lot if complexity in the story lines make this show a cut above the rest.

  21. Dewsterling says:

    Ah, yes. The “pro-choice” exception. A career that Yang has been working toward for the past 20 years should be chucked out the window because she had a birth control failure. Just quit with her $250K in student loans for a career that ends in a baby she doesn’t want. Unwanted children have AWESOME lives! Look at chronically neglected Meredith. Or Alex. Or Izzy. Or Mark. Or the 2 million children in foster care.

    • eviltwit says:

      I know, right. Cristina has always been about the career she’s worked her whole life for and very little else. A baby really never made sense for her – and she knows it. What is wrong with that, people?

      • veronica says:

        There’s nothing wrong with that. However, she has a husband who is also half of that child and that is what complicates things. I don’t think she should have the child, but to completely deny Owen any part of the decision making process is what’s wrong. He is supposed to be her husband and her partner, and that is something that she is not good at yet.

        • Kim says:

          It’s NOT A CHILD! It’s a fetus! There is no child. There is only a blob of cells. Sheesh people, get a grip.

        • eviltwit says:

          What child? She’s only 6wks pregnant. Plus, Owen knew she didn’t want kids from the beginning – he just kept ignoring it and chose condescension – I think at one point he said, when you “mature”, you’ll want kids. And now he’s mad at her for scheduling an abortion – when she’s been trying to tell him all along how something like this would play out. How is what he wants more important than what she wants? Do people think that those who don’t want kids think about their decision less than those who want kids? That they haven’t thought about it just as much? That Cristina and Owen are not sympatico with each other on this is just indicative of the fact that they shouldn’t be a couple. It seems to be a deal-breaker with both of them.

  22. Allie says:

    This was quite possibly the most predictable season finale ever. Honestly, the cliff hangers aren’t that big. Derek will clearly go back to Meredith and Zola, and Christina and Owen will figure something out. Also, totally called April as Chief Resident. All of her organizational stuff and craziness like that clearly led up to it.

    I’m most disappointed though because so many storylines were just kind of thrown away. Where was Stark? What happened with April and the AIDs? Why was Bailey completely shafted? And why didn’t I get to see one surgery or medical thing? I get that this was about the characters, but the show is about their lives in the hospital. I would’ve at least liked to see the surgery on the lone survivor, or what happened when she woke up. Ugh, this just wasn’t anything.

  23. HeartSleeve says:

    My fav scene was Yang telling Karev, if he is in a burning building, no one brings him water. Touche’. He is such a tool, to screw over the ONLY person who ever accepted him, warts and all.

    There is no redemption for Karev, altho I loved that Mer had obviously forgiven him, since she went to his room to show him Baby Zola. Meredith Grey ROCKS!!! In Season 7, she finally TOOK BACK THE SERIES! That’s why they call it GREY’S Anatomy, and not Romper Room!

    • Babygate says:

      Agreed. Someone had to tell Alex off and Cristina was the perfect person to do it. Alex really did it this time. And I like him. But I don’t know how he can redeem himself. But at least his plan completely backfired. And Meredith with baby Zola completely rocks. And I loved when he told Derek she would do it again. Derek acted like a ‘holier than thou’ ass. I agree that Meredith has taken back this season. Completely…

  24. Vince says:

    Every time it starts to look that things are ok with Yang, she mucks it up.
    The child bit how self serving she is.

    • eviltwit says:

      Self-serving to what? The career she’s worked her whole life for? Newsflash. Not everyone has to want children. If she were a man, would we be having this conversation?

  25. Katie says:

    Calling an abortion horrible in any case isn’t being prochoice. Cristina’s husband isn’t supporting her decision that she does not want a child, he’s trying to guilt her into having it. Children that grow up with parents that don’t want them tend to lead very messed up lives. Cristina knows that, she’s smart to decide not to put another person through that.

    Abortion isn’t a black and white issue. Crack addicts and adulterers aren’t the only ones that decide not to carry pregnancies.

  26. nikki says:

    hey at least they didn’t kill off scott foley! i thought he was cannon fodder for sure!

  27. Deion says:

    This finale was slow, true, but I got what I needed in the first few minutes of the episode, Meredith threw Alex out on his ass. This was the last straw for me with him. I think his time in Seattle should come to an end. Too many times in 7 seasons has Meredith dragged everyone back on his side, only to have him stab her in the back this way.

  28. Layla says:

    What is going on with Mark and Lexie? This obviously does not mean that Mark has given up on her. Mark said that he’s giving her to Avery – but probably for the time being. She said she still loves him. He obviously still has with his goggle eyes.

    Why does Shonda Rhimes insist on making this couple suffer? Ugh.

  29. Laura says:

    I haven’t seen the finale yet (no worries though, I don’t care about spoilers) but I’m surprised Cristina would consider having an abortion after she lost a baby a few seasons back. She took that so hard.

    • Blue says:

      She didn’t want that baby either. She’d scheduled an abortion, but then she ended up having an ectopic pregnancy and lost the baby.

  30. ochforever says:

    it’s good review, I’d like reply those q as following
    **What did you think of the Grey’s finale?=> great
    **Is Meredith deserving of the dog house? =>of cousre, the dream house belong for Mer, just wait for the end of GA S8
    **What do you think was going on in Derek’s mind as the hour closed with him sleeping oustide in the dream house framing?=>I can image how Der’s disappointment & angry at Mer’s Stupid judgment , but time will heal the wounds
    ** who here thinks Cristina will actually go through with an abortion?=> No, Cri will keep the baby, not only she loves Owen, but she realize she can be a great mom , just like Mer

    • Lisa says:

      I truly hope Cristina keeps this baby and realizes she can be “excellent” at both. I think her not wanting to be a mother is the fear that she wouldn’t be good at it because she had a horrible mother and I think she thinks she will care too much and don’t have time for that. It is one thing to choose to abort a baby under dire cirumstances but in this case it is just wrong.

      • eviltwit says:

        Not everyone has to want to be a mother. It’s not some sort of female end-all and be-all. We don’t all want kids. This is not some sort of default. Why don’t people get that? Some of us like to be defined as ourselves, and not by any offspring we could have. of course, in Cristina’s case, if she want to be with someone, she probably should have picked someone who was simpatico with her on this subject, but it happens.

      • Blue says:

        A baby isn’t a puppy. Christina can’t just take a baby back to the pound if she decides she’s not cut out to be a mother. Too often women have children when they don’t really want them. My aunt was one of those women. Apparently, she never wanted kids but felt pressured to have them by her husband/family/society. And let me just tell you she was a disaster as a mother. An absolute disaster. Her kids are royally screwed up. If a woman doesn’t want kids she shouldn’t have kids. Period.

  31. Lateef says:

    I thought this episode was just alright. I didn’t feel as though the issues at hand had enough meat to them for a season finale, this felt like a midseason episode. I’m not sure I want to see another pregnancy story since we just got done with Callie’s. And I have no doubt that Meredith and Derek will survive this latest storm, the writers have put them through far worse. Kepner as Chief Resident is a joke, but I can’t stand her, so I might be a bit biased, LOL.

    • Babygate says:

      “this felt like a midseason episode”
      This right here! You hit the nail on the head. That’s the way it felt. Like the episodes was kind of anticlimactic. I think that ‘Disarm’ (7.11) was way more dramatic and meaningful. And after babies Sofia and Zola another pregnancy just feels repetitive. Like they wrote it in just to create tension between Cristina and Owen.

  32. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been on the fence with Grey’s all season, and this episode didn’t really give me a reason to come back. I’m tired of unbalanced finales, in which it’s overwhelmingly positive or overwhelmingly negative. This fell into the latter category.

  33. Kelly says:

    It was OK but a big dull for a Grey’s finale. The show needs to understand when characters have run their course. Sorry to say that’s MerDer. Their conflict and drama at this point in the show feels forced. The audience knows that Derek will go back after sleeping there for a night and all will be well. The audience knows that Meredith would never be fired. The stories they are given always have endings we already know=boring.

    Hopefully next season they give some story to those characters that have more options for storytelling, for example Lexie.

  34. lothiriel says:

    they only lied to mark/Lexie fans all along, made us wait around with a promise on twitter for nothing !! that’s just mean!

    • Mdz says:

      Totally with you!!They gave us hope with that tweet for nothing. Can’t believe what they’ve done to Mark and Lexie!! I hate the way things ended with them this episode..I want Mark and Lexie back!!! If they don’t, I don’t think I’ll be watching the show any more..also considering what Cristina did and how thing ended with Meredith and Derek..
      Only thing I liked about this episode was Teddy admitting she had feelings for henry..

    • lesleyanne says:

      I honestly think Shonda wants Mark to be with Callie, which is why she DESTROYED the chemistry/relationship between Callie and Arizona and is now killing the chemistry/relationship with Mark and Lexie. What a waste. I miss Mexie and I miss Calzona.

      • Babygate says:

        Agreed 200%. My biggest disappointment tonight was seeing Mark give up on Lexie. This is not what we were promised.

  35. LesleyAnne says:

    I feel like Season 7 really showed that Shonda’s attention is divided. She had good ideas with a lot of potential but the realization of them were very much wanting. Calzona/Mark “modern family” should have been inventive…but was shallow and annoying and severely injured the chemistry between Callie and Arizona. Meredith’s infertility could’ve been heartwrenching and the adoption painstaking…but was glossed over and dull. Christina and Owen were all but forgotten until the end whereupon their issues went nuclear very quickly. Mark and Lexie were off then on then off then…sorta on? Maybe? Not sure. But I’m starting not to care since apparently Callie is his real soulmate. Alex almost had a romance… but it sputtered prematurely since she’s going off to Africa (or Miami) with Charlie’s other two Angels. And what the heck is Bailey doing? I forgot to care. I wish Shonda didn’t have a third show coming up because I fear Season 8 of GA is going to basically be an actual outline.

  36. EWA says:

    I liked the finale a lot. I loved, as Ausiello put it, that there was this poignant story of the victims’ families sticking around for the little girl. I was so touched by Shonda’s imagination on that. It was so sweet and pure. Everything else was predictable which was kind of a let down but let us all remember it is just a show. No more!

    Debating people’s opinions on Pro-Life, Pro-Choice on a message board is going to be ruthless and pointless. Didn’t we see that one coming? Christina’s reaction to the pregnancy that is.

    Derek’s choice of words for Meredith were not so creative or him walking out on her. Seriously?

    And here is where I contradict myself on it “only being a show” and all but I really wanted Sloan & Lexie to ride off into the sunset together or at least back to his apartment. I’m a sucker that way.

    All in all, it was good not great but every game can’t always have homeruns or one would never come back for “the next time!”

  37. lou says:

    What about Alex?! Shonda Rhimes must have an unwritten rule that every season finale must suck for Alex. Season 1: George gave him a black eye. Season 2: He had to pull his ex-girlfriend off the body of her dead fiance. Season 3: The patient he had fallen for went back to her husband. Season 4: He has to commit his girlfriend to the asylum. Season 5: His wife dies in his arms. Season 6: He gets shot and almost bleeds to death in an elevator. Now in season 7 he’s more alone than he’s ever been and has alienated everyone and pushed away another chance for love (even though Lucy was terrible). If his final scene was any indication, Season 8 will be an overcoming addiction season for Alex (which would be interesting to see, considering his father’s history, and to see who would come to his aid since he really has no one.)

    • EWA says:

      Agree! And I liked Teddy staying and I’ll probably get hammered for saying that.

      Yes I know it’s just a show, but I love this show like an old, tattered shirt. You know you should be done with it, but nothing makes you as comfortable as it does

    • Ang says:

      I do not care what anyone else writes but Lucy looked WAY too much like a 2nd rate Izzy/Katherine Heigl to ever be considered a viable relationship for Alex. (If you do not believe me rewatch any clip when Lucy has her hair curly and pulled back) Her character was never fully developed and she just annoyed me. Give me a break. She was Diet Izzy (fake, fluffy and not as good as the real thing).

  38. Joseph says:

    I was not fond of this episode. I felt Derrick overreacted too much for how his character is just like earlier this season when Christina had PTSD for WAY TOO long. But the part that made the episode great and emotional was when the lady stayed behind for the girl who survived the plane crash after she learned her son died.

  39. Nikki says:

    Absolutely sure I’m in the minority on many issues:
    1) Christina should not have that baby. Too many babies already on that show, and it’s not Christina’s character. Anyone who says “I think she’d make a great mom” is only hoping to sacrafice Christina’s character. If you want the same Christina to stay, she will not have the kid.
    2) I have never hated Lexie and Mark together, but I’ve never been a huge fan. I’m okay with them being apart, and I love Lexie and Jackson together. Am I the only one who isn’t interested in seeing Lexie and Mark NOT get back together?
    3) I like April; I understand she’s overly nice, but every character has their weird quirks and annoying traits. i don’t understand what’s to hate about her so bad?
    4) I miss Burke.

    • Angie says:

      I actually agree on most parts. I don’t care much for Burke, seeing that the actor is quite homophobic. But other than that, I agree with you.

      Something people seemed to have missed: I thought Cristina’s fallopian tube is damaged from her pregnancy with Burke. So…was it just one tube that was damaged? Otherwise I dunno how she can be pregnant…

  40. yuri says:

    I’d be fine with Cristina not having a baby if she is not pregnant. But she is, and that changes everything at least for me.

  41. Ummm... says:

    I enjoyed the finale- I always appreciate an episode that reaffirms the Meredith-Christina friendship. However, what prompted me to post was Melissa’s first post that clearly doesn’t grasp Christina’s viewpoint. Let me help: I am a mid-thirties woman who, for two decades, knew that I didn’t want to be a mom. No bio-clock ticking here, and I have invested *serious* time child-rearing, and I got my degree in Child Development. I revisit my stance on this ALL the time, all coming back to the same conclusion: NOT INTERESTED. And I think the fact that I put so much thought into my feelings on this *may* make be better-equipped to be a parent than someone who gets knocked-up because they don’t know how to use birth control. But that’s a stupid reason to have a kid: because I might be better at it than others. Or because my husband thinks it’ll help me “grow” as a person. A child should only be put on this Earth if ALL interested parties (a single mom, a couple, etc…) love him/her and plan to care for him/her for at least 18 years. Period.

    • Ummm... says:

      …and I agree with all of the above comments that *not* having this baby is true to the character of Christina that we’ve been presented with for 7 years. (sorry for the long-winded post above, but I got a little fired-up…)

    • eviltwit says:

      I also was glad to see the Mer/Cristina surface again:)

      I’m in my late 30’s and still don’t ever want to be a mother. I hear no clock ticking. My doctor says it’s all mass societal and cultural pressure anyway, and there’s no such thing as the mythical biological clock. Luckily my husband and I are in total synch on this – and have been since we met in our early 20’s. We thought about it respectively before getting married, and after decided that if one of us changed our minds, it would be a deal-breaker. So far, so good. I think we’ve passed the hump now. Our lives are kind of awesome without children. Seeing our contemporaries have no time, little sleep, less money, and far more stress – we’re really happy with our decision. I can’t be on pills anymore, but I’m certainly not going to get my tubes tied – it would be too invasive for my body to handle, and I’ve got a few other issues. So, we’re on condoms. I’m not asking my husband to get a vasectomy either. So, if I get pregnant by some fluke even though we’re super careful, we’ve already jointly decided that we’d get an abortion. It could happen; that’s the reality of the situation. And, while my child-happy friends maybe be horrified, luckily, we don’t live in a country which demonizes my right to choose and our right to chose how we should live.

  42. Aiya says:

    Meredith deserves to be happy. She deserves to be loved by her now legal husband in every moment even the difficult ones, to live a pregnancy and have a baby in her arms but no, Meredith has to be unhappy, she cannot have the lovely husband and she cannot live a pregnancy because Shonda Rhimes must hate her. The other people has the right to be happy but not Merdith. Christina doesn’t want a child so let her to have a child, Richard Webber wants Adele to have the “medicine” so let Meredith give her the “medicine” and let Webber and Derek be so idiots that they cannot figurate out the “medicine” was for Adele. But I think the new season will bring peace between Meredith and Derek because the love each other is above all things and now they have that cute girl and I hope she finally will get pregnant, and Webber and Derek will know the truth about the trial, and Richard is going to understand everything was his fault.

  43. Anna says:

    I was glad to see MerDer did not break up. Der went off to cool down, Mer got Zola which means much dram and baby adopting for the two of them next season. Cris/Owen’s break up broke my heart though. Hope Cris can see that maybe she can have a child and a career and still be kick *ss. Next season should be really interesting. Hope to see both couples work through things, and Cris/Owen get back together to have the baby while MerDer (as Shonda Rhimes has already said here) will continue their adoption SL. Is it fall yet?

  44. Linderella49 says:

    Sorry – the Christina/Owen baby drama is a bad road to travel. That a doctor who was soooooooo outspoken that she she never wanted to be mother doesn’t use adequate protection? Shonda expects the viewers to believe she could be so aloof about something that important to her as preventing a definitely unwanted pregnancy? Sorry, not buying it.

    The episode was a good counterpoint to last year’s deadly finale’. Sometimes things other than death can kill a relationship. I seriously doubt Christina and Owen can survive their issue, but I think at the end of the day Mer/Der and Zola will have their beautiful family.

    • Denise says:

      Thank you, that’s exactly what I was thinking. If Christina was so dead set on not having a child, than she should have made sure it didn’t happen to begin with. When people say that she needs to “grow up”, I think this is what is causing that thought – she’s a doctor, if she wasn’t doing everything possible to make sure a pregnancy doesn’t happen, she needs to accept responsibility for what happened and at least discuss it with her husband in detail. It’s very childlike to stomp her feet and say “I didn’t want this” when she had the ability, intelligence, and means to make sure it didn’t happen to begin with.

      • Blue says:

        Christina is dealing with it. She’s chosing to terminate her pregnancy. It’s that simple. She got pregnat. She doesn’t want the baby. So, she’s getting an abortion. That is her right, and there’s nothing wrong witht that. I’m sick of people acting like the only “mature” road is having a child. Taking responsibility also means chosing not to have a child if you don’t want one.

        • Blue says:

          “choosing” not “chosing.”

        • eviltwit says:

          It’s like everyone wants them to talk about it, but come out “right” in the end with Cristina having the baby regardless.

          “Taking responsibility also means choosing not to have a child if you don’t want one.” – Absolutely. And, that’s a mature choice.

  45. pkp1003 says:

    Christina is a physisian…I’m guessing she knows how not to get pregnant. Why is is that on TV we have all these smart women getting pregnant who don’t want babies ????? In real life we’d be calling them stupid !!!!!

  46. Jen says:

    I both loved and hated this episode. I loved – LOVED the direction that the writers are taking Meredith’s character development. She needed the alone time with Zola, she’s still on the road to find herself. Coping with Zola and not losing her stuff is amazing compared to where she was a few years back.

    Cristina? The only reason that I hate what’s happening with her is because the viewing audience is going to project their personal feelings onto what is ultimately Cristina’s decision. It amazes me the amount of people who will boldly proclaim that they are ‘pro-choice’, yet when push comes to shove, they still jump to the ‘well, it’s a life, and she’s got a husband so it’s okay’ pool.

    The only thing okay is that Cristina has made a decision in regards to her life and her body. If she chooses to terminate the pregnancy, then that’s it. That’s HER CHOICE. Pro-choice isn’t limited by relationship status or termination count, it isn’t limited by race, age, occupation, it’s exactly that: Pro-choice. You are supporting Cristina’s complete right to choose what is the right decision for herself.

    Cristina has been nothing but completely honest with Owen regarding her opinion on personal motherhood and her complete lack of desire to be a parent. I (personally, ha) think that if Owen truly loves Cristina that he’ll get off his emotional coaster and respect her decision – whatever that may be.

    • Ellie says:

      Seriously? I think all these ‘Christina’s right’ comments are ludicrous since if I had to bet, they are made by people who have either arrant married and don’t get the dynamics of the relationship and have never even been in this kind of situation. As Owen keeps saying, it’s a marriage and decisions of this importance should be made together, as a couple. And not in one day. Owen didn’t say he would force her to have the baby against here will. He asked for time, for them to discuss it together, to have the opportunity for information like that to sink in, because it’s not just her baby and her body, it’s their baby and their life as a married couple. In the end they both might have come to a choice to terminate the pregnancy. But you just don’t find out you are pregnant in the morning and the same night tell your husband that you are terminating that pregnancy. Hat is not how a healthy marriage or relationship works. Bad move on Christina’s part to act like that.

  47. Rob D says:

    You all make excellent points but you all left one “blossoming ” relationship. How about Bailey’s newest fling? Since this is the final season of Rescue Me, will Daniel Zumbata return to Grey’s full time? He’s one of the best character actors on TV. Don’t believe me watch an episode of Rescue Me. I’m hoping Bailey’s new found love returns. And with ABC canceling “Off the Map” maybe we can get a little love triangle for Bailey as well. I always thought she should have some kind of storyline.

    • Karen says:

      I FULLY AGREE! I love Bailey; I have watched this show through the good (season two! last season’s finale!) and the bad (*coughGEORGEANDIZZIEcough*), and I have consistently loved the crap out of Bailey’s character. I think we need more Bailey, the rest of this shizz is getting a little too worn out for me.

  48. Melinda says:

    I thought the season finale was great, leaving us with cliff-hangers that could easily flip one way or the other. However, I’m getting tired of Shonda preaching Pro-Choice, which is where I think the Cristina story is heading. First on Private Practice and now on Grey’s. It’s not the fact that she seems to bring this debate up frequently in the two shows, but that she seems to pushing her own agenda that bothers me. It would bother me a little less if her stories ventured in both directions. Personally, I hope Cristina has the baby, not because I don’t want her to have an abortion, but because I want to see her and Owen stay together. As for the argument between the two, they have both been honest about their desire/lack of desire to have children, however, Owen made the strongest point to me in that Cristina’s biggest mistake was making the decision about the baby without him. I understand it’s her body, but it’s his child too. They need to take the time TOGETHER to come to a conclusive decision about what to do.

    • Bizzy says:

      I am Pro-Choice, but I do think that if the father is willing and wants to keep the baby, and the pregnancy will cause no harm to the mother, the father should be given the choice to raise the child on his own. At the very least, he has the right to an opinion on the matter. It IS his baby, too, and if their positions were reversed (she wanted it/he didn’t) he would still be responsible.

      • Tao says:

        No harm to the mother? She has to carry the baby doesn’t she. So, a woman who doesn’t want a child. should not be given a choice and forced to carry a pregnancy to term just so she can give it to the father if he wants it? That doesn’t sound very pro-choice to me. Pro choice means you are pro the woman’s choice.

  49. Tish says:

    I actually liked this episode a lot, especially Mer’s emotional growth. When the social worker announced that they had been given temporary custody of Zola, I thought she was gonna choke but she actually went through with it. Could imagine her doing that in the earlier seasons. And as for Derek’s reaction, it was harsh but Meredith did make a big mistake. It’s grey’s after all so there should be a little drama, right? It’s been a while since Shonda has shaken MerDer up a bit and I appreciate this episode more because of her guts.

  50. Jenn says:

    I think people are also missing a main point about this whole Christina thing. I am wondering how the friendship between Mer and Yang will be effected. You have Meredith who really wanted to carry a child but can’t and now her best friend gets pregnant but wants an abortion. As much as you want to I think for Meredith that would be a hard decision to support.

    • eviltwit says:

      Actually, I don’t think Meredith has any problem supporting Cristina’s decision whatsoever. Meredith has her baby, and it’s not like Cristina’s decision to have an abortion affects Meredith in any way that should matter. Being Meredith, she would absolutely be supportive of her best friend’s decision. She’d probably hold her hand through the procedure if Cristina wanted her to.