American Idol Top 3 Results: Did the Right Two Advance to the Finale? Take Our Poll!

After 95 million votes on Wednesday night alone, 12 weeks of live performances, and copious amounts of nonsense from the mouths of Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler, the matchup for American Idol‘s Season 10 finale is set. Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery will perform next Tuesday night for the chance to inherit Lee DeWyze’s crown and sash, leaving Haley Reinhart as Season 10’s third-place finisher.

Haley exited the Idol stage in explosive style, with a blistering encore cover of “Bennie in the Jets” that ended out in the audience with her fellow eliminated finalists, doing the “eyes on you” hand gesture, and declaring “That’s not the end of this! That’s not the end of this thing!” If I were had to sum up my feelings about the performance, I’d use these adjectives: Sublime. Sensational. Star-making. And as far as the evening as a whole: Pretty f******* depressing.

And now that you’ve got the scoop, I’m going to get working on my full episode recap — look for it to post overnight here at Until then, how are you feeling about Haley’s ouster? Did you see it coming? What kind of future do you see her having in the music biz? Can you imagine buying her post-Idol music? And will you watch next week’s finale? Sound off in our poll below, then hit the comments; and for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. NayNay says:

    That sucked! Lauren is so not ready for this, but she will win next week because that is what Nigel wants. Oh well, I’ll watch DWTS finale instead.

    • Brittany says:

      If Lauren wins, this is my last season. I said that starting about a month and a half ago! It just makes me realize how little impact we “voters” have on the show.

      • I just don’t like that she hasn’t had her “moment” yet. I think the expectations of Lauren were huge going in and she has been coasting for awhile. Scotty and honestly) Haley have been way more consistent than Lauren. Lauren has moments, but has underwhelmed a ton. I know that the producers have called Lauren “the one” but I don’t think they would mind if Scotty got this as well. I know they didn’t want Haley anywhere near that finale, and now they got their wish.

        • flutiefan says:

          they gave her a rocking song, a wind machine, and her dad wailing on stage with her. they all but screamed “PICK HALEY” to America.

          don’t know what you people are watching.

          • darclyte says:

            She also got to sing last. Haley actually performed in the “pimp spot” more than anyone this season. That’s pretty surprising.

          • dance2thebeat says:

            They only did that to reassure the Haley fans that they didn’t need to power vote and to appear to be unbiased. Randy’s comments to Haley last night made no sense given everything he has been saying to her for weeks, so I assume he was told to praise her. The producers successfully manipulated everything to get the exact finale they wanted. Welcome to American Country Idol$$

          • pmet says:

            Thank you! I am so tired of all of the conspiracy theories regarding Haley. What I saw was calculated to keep her in the hunt: put down the first song then give her a standing ovation on the second saying she “won the night” Idol wanted an all girl final. After Pia was ousted, they had to try and keep Haley. She was repeatedly given the pimp spot and this week they allowed her to play on stage WITH HER DAD. Seriously, she was given every chance and the blog sites pushed her to the max. She fell short and, in my opinion, should have gone out in the early rounds. I say this not as a big supporter of the final two, just as an observer.

          • the real wendy says:

            BO-RING. Not watching.

          • Ben says:

            Yeah, over the conspiracy theories too. Slezak has been right on many things, but extremely off base with the idea that the producers kept wanting Haley to go. She got the final spot 3 of her last 4 or 5 weeks, something completely unheard of for any other contestant ever. From my perpsective, the producers were pushing Haley to win.

          • Li-Li says:

            They gave her the worst song choice – and made her sing it last. Why not a sweet, poignant song for Haley? She can handle that. They forced her to do an angry, nasty song, a song that’s really unique to the original artist. It wasn’t fair. I think I’m done with Idol. I definitely won’t watch next week – I don’t care who the guests are. I can’t even stand to look at Jennifer Lopez anymore.

          • Cookie says:

            What are you watching.

          • Lisa says:

            Agree with all these commenters – they did everything but put a flashing neon sign on her chest that said vote for Haley in glowing pink letters. Why is Haley not here? Her entitled attitude! More than any contestant this season, she could NOT take constructive criticism, rolled her eyes anytime the judges said anything other than “you’re perfect” and would actually talk back and give major attitude. I mean, who are you, Haley??? Seriously? Some 20-year old out of nowhere gets a chance like this and throws it away with a sour attitude. That is why she isn’t there – America doesn’t vote for someone who thinks they deserve it. And that is WHY Lauren IS there – she doesn’t have the best voice – by any stretch – but she is humble and excited to be there.

            It was embarrassing watching what a sore loser Haley was when she wasn’t chosen tonight over Lauren. She looked PISSED and would barely congratulate Lauren. Immature. And love the “don’t worry, this is just the beginning” comment. Right. See you in…never again. How many losing contestants say that and you never see them? Buh bye, Haley.

          • Cindi says:

            What?? Rhiannon is a rocking song? That song choice sucked. Stevie Nicks has a much lower voice than Haley. They should have given her a Heart song or maybe Grace Slick. She could have rocked those. Stupid.

          • bocajoe says:

            Well, Duh! This was Hailey’s moment, because the producers were not going to let Haley in the final two. Do you really think that we pick the last top 6 contestants. Think back to all the great singers that never make it the final three. However, many of these singers go on to have better careers than the winners! Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson are two. Also, runners up Katherine Mcphee and Adam Lambert have done better than the winners of their seasons. Do really believe that Idol is a true reality show?

          • Deliah says:

            @Lisa. I see. So it doesn’t matter if a girl has a good voice or not, as long as she doesn’t have any self-confidence? That a girl should know her place, and then she’ll get praised? That’s really a sad, backwards attitude, especially coming from a girl.

          • AT says:

            Um…the “pimp spot” she was “awarded” for Top 3 was that mess of an Alanis song that would never sound good out of any contestant’s mouth. They knew that’d be the last thing people would remember.

            What turned out to be a season full of promise turned out to be a dud (again). Two years in a row I’ve been disappointed by this show (remember the great talent in the Top 24 last year that weren’t given a chance beyond that?!). Thank god for “The Voice” and “X Factor.”

          • Anne says:

            You are so totally on the mark flutiefan! Exit stage left Haley! buh-bye!

          • maureen says:

            She got upset about the criticism because she was the only who got any. Lauren didn’t sing the glory note in Unchained Melody and the judges didn’t say a word about it. The criticism they gave to Haley wasn’t that harsh, but it seemed so because all they said to everyone else was how great they were. And if the producers really wanted Haley to get through, they would have had her sing Zepplin last, not her worst song. I love You Oughtta Know, but it’s not a great Idol song. All season the judges have told Haley they like her jazzy, bluesy voice and then they give her that song to sing? That isn’t the action of someone they want to win. She deserved to go through. She got standing ovations at least four times. Lauren didn’t get one that I can remember. I just hope Jimmy gives Haley a contract and let’s her make great music.

          • Lee says:

            @Lisa: You don’t know what you’re talking about. Why don’t you try to see it from Haley’s viewpoint? Maybe Haley talked back to the judges last week–which was in defense of a Michael Jackson song and NOT her own singing–was because she was the ONLY one who would consistently get criticism from the J-Lo and Randy. Both Lauren and Scotty have NEVER gotten a standing ovation from the judges and Haley has gotten at least 4! I think that says a lot about how mediocre Lauren and Scotty are and how brilliant and artisitic Haley is. J-Lo was the worst. One week she’s criticizing Haley for picking a popular song like “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele and then other weeks she’s criticizing Haley for picking unpopular songs like “You and I” by Lady Gaga and “Earth” by Michael Jackson. Um, make up your freaking mind, J-Lo. And then she tells Lauren last nite that she has the best tone in her voice. Really? How can she tell that when Lauren is out-of-breath–especially while she was singing her first song last nite. And instead of calling Lauren out for missing the key change in her second song last nite, she said Lauren was having an “honest” moment. Is she for real?! With the exception of Haley’s horrible judges’ pick last nite–not once did she sing off-key whereas both Scotty and Lauren sang every one of their songs off-key. Didn’t you catch that? Or do you need to be told that by the judges who refuse to criticize their favorite ones: Scotty and Lauren. There is no way anyone can convince me that Haley was favored by J-Lo and Randy–especially after they gave her a ridiculous song like “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette that forced Haley to change the inappropriate lyrics thereby causing her to sing the verses in an unnatural manner. Well, all I can say is good luck to Scotty and Lauren because I don’t blame them for AI’s shameful manipulation. And I really don’t care that Haley didn’t make it to the Final 2 as long as she still gets a record contract because I will be the first in line to buy it.

          • Sally says:

            I am totally bummed. My daughter thinks I’m crazy, but I’m sure I saw a smirk on JLo’s face. I may watch next week, just out of curiosity, not enthusiasm. This boomer will change the channel next year. I hate Fox News, anyway.

          • Suncatcher says:

            Yeah, they gave all that to Haley FINALLY only because of the huge backlash from viewers and voters against the bald faced lies spewing from Randy and JLO’s big mouths as they continued to blatantly promote Scotty and Lauren.

          • someanon says:

            Sort of but they also have her a really tricky last song and what about how Adele is perfect for her?? They harp on her and never once did they say she was Alanis before. Now perhaps they thought she could fire anger into it and it would be rocking and exciting and hoped it would work. Or perhaps they knew nobody has ever covered that on Idol well before and having her sing about being all biitchy and angry on a tricky song of a style she hadn’t done before with the low chorus and rhythms might be tough and reinforce a bratty image while giving Lauren a sweet, easy, perfect song for her to sing? Or maybe they thought the Alanis song would bring in James rockers to her and only something dramatic would give her a prayer?

            Hard to say it could’ve been a genuine choice not thought out well enough and gone wrong or it could’ve been a total bus job. Even Crystal jsut last year even WITH Alanis helping her and singing with her made kind of a very flat whatever with it.

            A power house Adele performance sure seemed like a much safer bet to me though.

            And if they were so for her then why did JLo glare at Steven when he gave her Led Zep a standing O and all but try to forcibly drag Randy down from his standing O? And yet then she praised it but there are so many weird things going on that never add up to make any sense at face value….

        • Lisa says:

          @Delilah – that is not what I said or meant at all. I liked Haley’s voice. And I certainly did not say that she should have no self-confidence. IMO, what she displayed on the show was not confidence or independence, but stuck up, privileged and a sense of entitlement. Personally, I don’t want to vote for someone who acts like a spoiled brat. I don’t think Lauren should be in the finale based on her voice – or her lack of self-confidence. But I think more people were willing to vote for Lauren for being humble than Haley who came off as self-indulgent, petulant child. And for the record, your attitude by saying “for a girl” is pretty sad.

          • Cup of Joe says:

            Well, as a TALENT competition, don’t you think you should judge talent first and personality next?

          • Lee says:

            Thank you cup of joe for being the voice of reason.

          • Delilah says:

            I see, now I have attitude for saying girls should stick up for eachother? Guess I should burst into tears, now, and say “I’m just little Delilah!” and then it would be okay? Should Haley have cried when the judges repeatedly lambasted her, while making excuses for Lauren “having a moment and missing the words” and “when your voice broke I was so proud!” Sorry, people from Chicago don’t take BS. Haley’s not going to sit there with a cheesy smile on her face when she gets into the bottom 3, and thank the judges for trying to get her voted off the program. Randy’s negative critique a couple weeks ago was timed at over 4 minutes! Even Lauren herself said Haley was treated unfairly–and Haley got embarrassed and blushed and told Lauren she was really sweet. Wow, Haley sounds like an entitled jerk in that scenario, right?

            I’m just so sick of all this “attitude” crap people keep throwing around about Haley, based on a couple of facial expressions, and for not being thrilled that her Idol dream had just ended. Give me a break. Scotty struts around the stage waggling his eyebrows and saying he’s singing to all the girls who want to kiss him, and that’s considered “cute” and “confident.” Haley has the wrong facial expression on, and suddenly she’s “arrogant” and “entitled.” In other words, she’s a girl, and shouldn’t stick up for herself or have any self-respect.

          • someone says:


            Wow she is chock full of privileged entitlement? Her family didn’t even have enough money to send her to the top school she got into and did you see Scotty’s neighborhood?

            And funny how those in music groups with in her in high school found her to be anything but diva and really nice. I think they know her a lot better than you, just saying. Also funny that her teachers said she was a delight.

            So great you vote for Lauren even though you admit she doesn’t sing as well in a SINGING competition NOT a character competition all based upon edited clips that you have largely mis-interpreted, at best.

            What is Idol whoever pretends to be most humble contest?
            Look at the all the people who go on about morals and telling other people how to act and so on and it seems they so often have the nastiest skeleton’s of all.

            It’s being petty and jealous to start tossing such aspersions on her character and changing votes based on nothing.

          • someanon says:

            Your comment above mine, so well said Deliah.

      • darclyte says:

        Lauren won’t be able to handle it either way. Should she lose (most likely) she will be devastated as she comes across as one of those “pageant type girls” who nobody says “no” to, and everyone always tells her how “wonderful” she is so she doesn’t know how to handle a setback. Winning might be worse for her as she is too immature to handle all that would come with winning, and it could very well ruin her life.

        This is the final 2 that I and so many have long predicted. I WISH it was Scotty and Haley, and I’m not sure that I’ll be able to stomach watching next Tuesday. I’ll watch Wednesday for sure, and if I do watch Tuesday it’s only because I’ve watched all season. But really…how boring and predictable is it now? Ugh.

        Scotty is all but a lock. Fantasia is still the only winner to ever officially be in the Bottom, and Lauren was there at least once. The “trip home” segment with Lauren might garner her some votes, but Scotty has been consistent all season without any major screw ups, while Lauren not only flubbed the key and lyrics last night, but she bailed on the note during “Unchained Melody,” and just has never lived up to the hype nor her potential.

        How much more interesting would next week be had it been Haley & James who have been 2 of the most compelling performers all season. But to paraphrase the Zeppelin song that Haley performed, “What is and what (will) never be.”

        • Kiki says:

          I SO agree with you about Lauren! I said the same thing tonight…I’m scared for her if she loses because she is NOT psychologically ready to lose. Scotty’s already got this in the bag–I’m afraid they’ll have to sedate her or something!!!

          As for Haley, she showed a lack of class tonight by standing there like a zombie when she lost. Yes, it was shocking to her. But she exuded a negative attitude that turns people off. She rallied, but she comes across as “hard” and not approachable. America likes friendly stars.

          Also, Haley’s version of Benny and the Jets sounds like screeching to me. Her bluesy voice is cool but nothing particularly memorable, IMO. Maybe the right song would bring out her best vocal qualities, but meanwhile, I love that she loves her family but am totally turned off by that lack of approachability in general. It’s not just well-deserved anger at the judges, Michael. She’s got a ‘tude that’s not pleasant.

          • Delon says:

            @Kiki She has a character not an attitude. The difference between the two is clearly lost on you.

          • anon says:

            The ironic thing is that people who actually know her find her attitude anything but a turn off. She was friendly, nice, popular and very approachable. Funny how you don’t hear her band teacher saying she had a bad ‘tude that was tricky to work with do you?

      • Lloyd says:

        I respectfully disagree with you Brittany. I honestly believed that our votes for Haley helped her LAST week making it to the Final 3. Nobody predicted James being voted off. I wish we can change the outcome, but the judges were “kind” to Haley last night, and I think some of the things that in fact did hurt her chances were the song choices, her dad playing guitar on stage with her, the slip and fall, and the mood last night in general. It was not a great show last night IMO.

        • Brittany says:

          My response wasn’t necessarily just about Haley- it’s about every contestant BUT Lauren. I agree completely that outside of her first performance, Haley did not slay the other two contestants last night. Lauren, however, did not slay any song at all. I had come to terms with Haley possibly leaving before the results tonight because she was given the pimp spot, the judges were nice to her, she chose to perform her second song in a way that wouldn’t appeal to the masses, etc. She had nothing in her way of success (perhaps, a bad song choice at the end by the “judges”, but I’m being real here), so if she didn’t make it it couldn’t be contributed to bullying and blatant favoritism like it would have been had she gone last week.

          • EvaneSam says:

            My theory is that based on previous weeks the producers saw that Haley’s numbers don’t even come close to that of Scotty and Lauren and that’s why they were like: ok, give her everything,pimp spot, wind machine, dad on stage, praise her because she won’t have the numbers to back it up. And just to be sure she doesn’t get a last minute miracle like last week let’s give her this really hard Alanis song to sing last.

        • Ruthie says:

          I don’t know what you where watching last night, but Haley out sang both Scotty and Lauren. She’s a pro and showed that last night. Was she shocked, yes, but then so was millions of voters. She did a great job by not “boo hooeing” all over the place as Lauren did when she was in the bottom 2. Haley took a lot of s*it off the judges where the other two received nothing but praise. I appreciate Haley and she’s the only female contestant on Idol in the 10 years I’ve been watching that I downloaded all her songs off Itunes. I will buy her CD’s and not the other two.

      • Joe says:

        Little impact?? Ninety five million votes and you say little impact.
        It is just that your person did not win. Mine did not either, because it was James.

      • Cheryl says:

        Boring…the worst idol final EVER!! I’ve watched for 10 years. Done. Could care less which country singer wins. I miss James!!!

      • ReMMeZ says:

        I am NOT going to put up with this Nigel played country BS anymore. That’s it – i will not watch a country finale. This is pure and utter madness. And it’s just mean. This show – people, i think the whole damn thing is rigged. Let me put it out there. I do not believe all americans voted for 2 country flatliners. Nee they did not. Nigel YOU wh0re give the voeters there money back. You idol slut of a producer. I hope your giant head explodes. Loser. Thanks for killing this show.. I’d rather see you drop..

        Scotty will win in a landslide and then go on to do very little if anything. 3 years from now he’ll be remembered as well as Taylor Hicks.

        • EvaneSam says:

          Don’t know how true this is but I heard several people complain yesterday that while power voting for Haley using redial they kept getting Thank you for voting for contestant No. 1 or 2 even thought on previous dials to the same number they got the right message with contestant 3 (Haley).

      • jenna says:

        Haley is a good singer but her downfall was appearing like she could not accept criticism. Snapping back at the judges comes off as a little divaish. The best singer went home last week. I loved James. He was versatile. I was so hoping to see him sing with Steven Tyler. Maybe he still will in the finale, I hope so.

    • Karrie says:

      Should have been James & Haley! This will be the worst and most boring finale, EVER!

      • Spycig says:

        Totally agree, James & Haley would’ve been such a fun, entertaining Finale! Oh well, will switch over to The Voice and wait for Simon’s X-Factor cos at least there’ll be real judging as well as an entertaining show!

        • @galaga6846 says:

          What if X Factor sucks? I am kind of over The Voice. But, that said, I’m really sad about tonight’s results. I voted for Haley over 100 times, used TWO phones, and voted online. I’ve never voted this much for a contestant, and I was a James fan all season. But, we all know it doesn’t matter who wins.

      • Laura says:

        I so agree it should have been Haley and James. I was pissed off last week, but then I was okay with Haley still being in it. Now I’m not watching anymore. At least they will have careers. More than I can say for people who actually win the show.

        • Jody says:

          Yes, that’s what we needed alright–a James and Haley final. Then the question of who was the best screamer could finally be answered. And BTW, time will tell who’s more successful post-Idol. My money’s on Scotty, by a “country” mile!

          • ReMMeZ says:

            You just go on saying that – maybey you’ll believe it urself .. I sure as hell don’t.

            Lauren and Scotty will sell just as much records as Lee and Taylor..

      • Julie says:

        I am SO in agreement with you Karrie. This will be a total snoozefest of a finale. It will be more about crazy eyebrows and tacky white trash clothes than singing.

      • MDEP says:

        So agree. Next week will be a snooze fest for me.

      • Davey says:

        Right on!! now it’s a snore… they shouldn’t have even been in the top 6 or 7 let alone the finalists!!! Haley and James would have been way more interesting….. and talented. The general public sucks!!! Or are the ballots stuffed????? what a disaster!!!

      • Its like Grade School says:

        So I definitely hate that Lauren made it, but I can’t help getting annoyed with all the quitting Idol because their favorite doesn’t win talk. I mean you either like the show or not…this is a board to discuss the show…but the hating on it has to go. Most boring finale ever, the same thing was said last year. Be adults about this, the “I am taking my ball and going home” philosophy is growing old. I will watch and neither were my favorites…I will watch because I love Idol.

        • Lana says:

          I totally agree with Grade School. I love Idol and there have been many a time my favorite didn’t win (Adam, Clay) but I still enjoy all the talent we get to see and the growth of each contestant. It is a fun show and I don’t see that many people giving it up. I do think its funny that all those that have given it up still read the recaps, could it be you’all are lying?

          • Madeline says:

            How about not quitting the show but just now watching the snoozefest next week? I’m not into county fair shows!

            Next year will bring something new and hopefully it will be interesting…with a major change in the voting criteria!

        • maureen says:

          If Lauren wins, I will stop watching Idol and I’ll tell you why. I didn’t watch last season and I didn’t miss it. I started watching again this season because I kept hearing about the great talent and how good the judges were. I was enjoying the season, but then it started to go wrong. The judges stopped giving any helpful advice when every contestant needed it. When Simon gave someone a rave review, it meant something because there was never any contestant that he gave raves to every week. And as the weeks went on, it seemed like the producers were manipulating the contest. I’m sure they’ve done it every year, but not as blatantly. Lauren doesn’t deserve to be in the finale. But that’s not even why if she wins, I’ll stop watching. It’s because it feels to me like she’s there only because the producers wanted her there. And if personality and bringing in the teen demo is all that matters, why should I waste my time watching? I know I’m not saying this right. All I can say is that I was upset that Melinda Dolittle didn’t make the finale, but not once did I think about giving up on Idol like I am now. And it’s because I didn’t have this feeling that it was unfairly manipulated against her.

        • Delon says:

          I was rooting madly for Melinda Doolittle like i did for Haley. When she came third i still watched the finale and i was thoroughly entertained. With Haley gone these 2 kids do not have what it takes to entertain me as a grown-up. The judges are revolting. Unbearable to listen to. I never thought i could abhor J.Lo, but i do after watching this season. So, there’s absolutely no reason for me to tune in for next week’s finale. There will be nothing during the course of that telecast that i would care for. I don’t watch TV to be annoyed, i watch it to be entertained.

        • EvaneSam says:

          It’s not the show we like it’s the contestants. I personally will download the show fast forward to segments where I can see anyone but the 2 boring finalists and that’s it. I really don’t care who wins. I just want to catch a glimpse or performance from Haley, James, Casey and the rest of the top 13.

      • julie says:

        SWEET REVENGE: No matter how many hundreds of times each tween can vote, they can each only watch one tv set at a time! The producers will see the lowest ever semi-final viewership in idol history next week, when none of the adults bother to show up.

        • bigpuppets says:

          Yup, this 40 year old checked out when Paul and Casey left. Have been voting for Haley, but can’t jump on the teen country band wagon.

      • Callie says:

        I agree. I am waiting to see who sings and puts on the best performances on the road show. I would bet it will be James and Haley.

      • JudyVee says:

        Hadn’t thought of this but, yes, it would have been much more interesting. No one who’s left is bad but Haley was something special. I am very disappointed that she didn’t make it to the finale. It will all seem a little boring to me now. Thought her final performance was stellar! One of the few American Idol finalists that I want to see in concert.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      I wonder if Haley can break the curse of the 3rd female singer in the finals who we never heard from again?
      Alison Iraheta – 3rd place
      Syesha Mercado – 3rd place
      Jasmine Trias – 3rd place(?I think)
      (? forgot her first name) Solomon — 3rd place

      Some of the above are working steady in some type of Off-Broadway or Off-Vegas musical, but we never heard from them again. I had high hopes for Alison, but she’s hard to market.

      And I get the feeling that Haley will be one of those “gone but not forgotten” 3rd place singers.

      • Laura says:

        Allison came in 4th. The unfortunate Gokey finished third.

      • Ala says:

        Didn’t Alison finished 4th, not 3rd.

      • tvlover44 says:

        I don’t agree – Haley’s songs on iTunes are very popular, and I think that she will go far, more like Adam & Crystal. She did her ‘sing-out’ with class and panache, and I’ll be pulling for her all the way in her post-Idol career!

        • Tom K says:

          Getting Led Zeppelin to give you a song on Idol gives you instant cred in the industry. I have no idea where she will go from here, but people ARE noticing her and she will get an opportunity. It is up to her to grab it…she seems very determined and focused to do so. She was born for this.

          • Julie says:

            I also get the feeling Steve Tyler may help her get an in somewhere. He seems to like her and feel she got a raw deal. If he’s not so self-involved that he forgets who she is five minutes after the whole thing’s over that is.

          • A.W. Baimun says:

            Agreed about Steven taking notice…. What I also noticed were the EVIL DAGGERS shooting from JLo’s eyes. Wow, she couldn’t have been happier to see any contestant go home!!!!

      • agrimesy says:

        Allison was 4th place. Danny Gokey was 3rd. Don’t bring me down. Haley doesn’t have to follow in anyone else’s steps.

      • Jim Richardson says:

        The top 2 get record deals for sure, that’s why it’s tough for the third place person. I think Haley will get a good label though and hopefully do well.

      • Slugger says:

        Jennifer Hudson

      • mr clean says:

        Allison came in 4th….gokey was third that year

      • Anne says:

        Haley will be gone and forgotten. Sorry, I call it as I see it.

        • Jason S says:

          No way!!! At the very least she will have a broadway career!! Hell let’s sign her up to play a young Janis Joplin in a biopic or Janis broadway play. I haven’t seen a rock singer this good in years!! The only time a rocker has won Idol though was David Cook and that was because he appealed to teenage girls!!!

        • Mark says:

          No you are flat out wrong, Haley has something special that reaches many people. A few like you are immune to it. You sort of have to be alive in spirit though to feel it.

    • selena says:

      I am so happy. I really like Lauren. I don’t know why, but I do. I like her tone and her personality. I am hoping she wins. She is a mixture of Carrie (not as good, but who really is better than carrie) and kellie pickler (but better, and similar personalities)

      • Brittany says:

        I like her tone and think she has great potential as a singer, but I wish they would rip her off stage before she has a chance to talk and let her negative IQ shine through. Yes, she is perky and bubbly, but not everything is funny and worthy of giggling.

      • Aunt Sassy says:

        Yeah, cause we all know personality sells CDs. You are as stupid as Lauren.

        • Here's your hat says:

          Haley! Online and making rude comments already??

        • B***** Detector says:

          Wow, talking about intelligent. Aunt Sassy has reverted back to 8 year old type name calling. I assume you are an adult, so in the end it makes you look stupid for the name calling and for wanting to rag on a 16 year old kid. I wasn’t a fan, but geeze. Maybe you are just mad because Lauren hated singing a song about you…Evil.

      • Paula says:

        I am very happy with the outcome. Scotty and Lauren did it with legit votes alone. Haley, though good, received votes from “ which I feel is unfair for the others competing. I do love country music but I like other music also and have been happy with the outcome of American Idol for the most part. I do think that James got a raw deal and it may have come from the votes for Haley from the terrible website “”. I am sure Haley wouldnt appreciate votes from there either. In my opinion, I am happy with the results. Most of the good singers that finish within the 1-4th have gotten music deals ..some good some not so good. But they do get a chance at success.

        • MrsFitzDarcy says:

          I don’t think Haley or James would care about getting votes from VFTW. This is the rest of their lives on the line. STFU

        • Blair says:

          well, now Vote For The Worst has to pick someone else to be their “poster child” for their people to vote for, so I’ll be interested to find out which one of your favorites it will be, and more interested to learn your reaction towards him or her when that happens.

        • WTF? says:

          If you think Vote for the Worst has any legitimate bearing on the voting, you haven’t been in the Idol bubble very long! And, how do you know that Lauren and Scotty got where they are through “legitimate votes”? There’s a disclaimer that runs at the very end of the show’s credits, in fine print, that states they have the right to throw out votes. Lauren has been promoted since Day One as THE ONE, and I have no doubt there has been much hard work done behind the scenes to foist this girl into the forefront. The script was written many months ago, and it included Lauren being the last girl standing. Of course, Scotty and his typical rabid, hormonal power voting fanbase will derail that. WGWG #4 is but a week away, folks!

    • JayK* says:

      Worst. Finale. Ever. Coming up.

      • Denise says:

        Not sure if I am going to watch the finale now.

        • JayK* says:

          I’ll watch results night for all the other performances, but this is going to be the first season ever I’m not watching the finale. (Hell, this will be one of the only Idol epsiodes I’ve ever missed, period.) I absolutely am not watching 2 hours of, never mind country, but two hours of songs that sound exactly the same as the original with zero invention, zero risk-taking, zero anything remotely new or interesting. And I certinaly am not watching 2 hours of the judges telling Scotty and Lauren how effing amazing they are and how they knew it from the beginning etc etc etc. Blech.

          • Blair says:

            you took the words right out of my mouth, JayK …right down to the fact that it will be the only idol episode I’ve ever missed in Idol history (with the exception of season one – I unfortunately was not on board ’til season two). well said.

          • Colleen says:

            AMEN. I could not agree more—-I had quit this show as the season started, didn’t see the auditions–them some friends convinced me to check out James, Haley and Casey…and now we have the blandest final two that I can remember. Bring on X Factor already, see ya Idol—-what a contrived mess.

          • B.Rich says:

            Thankfully the performance show finale is only 1 hour this year. Good call by the producers.

            If I do skip it this will be the first episode of idol I ever miss. First time in 10 seasons that neither of the finalists is compelling at all.

          • ValerieM says:

            I will add my name to the list of people NOT watching the Idol finale. I thought last season was bad…but at least we had Crystal! Scotty and Lauren were boring adn predictable week after ever-loving week! No thanks, I’ll pass.

            I think they definitely need to re-do the voting. I’d love to see how it would all play out each week if viewers could only vote once per phone number.

      • julie says:

        SWEET REVENGE: No matter how many hundreds of times each tween can vote, they can each only watch one tv set at a time! The producers will see the lowest ever semi-final ratings in idol history next week, when none of the adults bother to show up.

      • Teecie says:

        Not going to watch two boring young country singers who do not emotionally connect to their songs. Blahhhhhhh. Done with Idol.

      • Cat says:

        Totally. Scotty sucks so bad, and Lauren, bless her, just ain’t ready yet.

    • Maybelle says:

      Boohoo!!! So all of the “bleed” voting for Haley was for naught. Slezak and his many Drones could not get the job done! The look on Haley’s face when Ryan announce Lauren in the finale with Scotty was priceless! It sure made up for last weeks outster of James. I bet next weeks finale will be the lowest ever viewing wise. Now “Lock the doors and turn the lights down low………..” LOLOLOL

      • flamethisssss says:

        As I follow you:
        -You are so glad fans of hers are disappointed your bitter-meter is going off and ejecting bile .
        -You are visciously thrilled she was shocked (let’s pretend that is a strange reaction when you are in THE TOP 3).
        -Being a spewing rageball makes up for your favorite going home last week.
        -You wish the finale will have the lowest ever viewing…are you sure you don’t want to add nuclear war to make sure?
        or maybe you are still kicking your puppy?

        • J. says:

          @Flamethissss: I was just about to write some lame thing to Maybelle about the mean-spiritededness of her comment, but no way could I top your “kicking your puppy” comment. Ha!

      • Joe says:

        Unfortunately, it did not make up for the ouster of James. The Haley campaign by Michael and many of you were successful in getting Haley to the top three. This was the cause of James’s ouster. Many
        of us, as James supporters, voted for Scotty and Lauren. Those of
        you who are complaining about the two in the finale, and voted for Haley,brought about this result. If James had made it to the top three, he would have been in the finale. Scotty will likely win, but I will not be upset if Lauren won.

        • claudia says:

          James was my 2nd favorite but he & Haley should have beat Lauren. The fact that James didn’t have enough votes to beat Lauren isn’t Haley’s fault. And guess what? She didn’t have enough to beat Lauren either.

          But there’s a bright side: when you go to the Idol tour you can leave & beat the traffic after James and/or Haley. No need to stay for the teen country act.

          • Tina says:

            LOL, Claudia! I admit I had that thought too about beating the traffic out of the parking lot at the Idol tour.

        • Lili says:

          @joe so totally agree!im happy that haley is not gonna be in the finale!

      • gregk says:

        I would also add “Turn out the lights, the party’s over” to quote the late Dandy Don Meredith.

    • Alrisha says:

      Disney met Nockelodeon Finale! yeah (sarcastic jejeje) No watching this one, and been country music baaa thanks, but no thanks

    • Selbs says:

      Please explain to me how 25 million viewers can produce 95 million votes? I don’t get it. I also don’t get 2 country singers in the AMERICAN IDOL finale. I put it all in caps because since when did everything below the Mason-Dixon Line become American only! OK, Carrie Underwood was an ok winner and certainly did well, but 2 country finalists? I am stunned!

      • Callie says:

        Carrie Underwood was a college graduate or was a senior and went back and finished after she won Idol. She had taken music lessons for years and can sing nearly anything but chose country because that is what was open to her in Oklahoma, where she is from. David, too, was a college graduate who studied music for many years but he and Idol have never seen eye to eye. They both had some business knowledge, and Carrie had highly educated people in her family to watch out for her interests. I suspect Scotty will do fine, but Lauren Alaina is going to need help and she will have to have a guardian named to handle her affairs since she cannot legally sign anything herself. I heard Scotty is from a well to do family, isn’t his dad an attorney?

      • Tim says:

        It’s more like 2 million people voting 50 times each.

    • Sandra says:

      I agree. Lauren is really not ready. She sing very well but lacked any conviction and really not excitement. I am surprised that Haley got this far considering she got the most and harshest criticism. And for what?????? Never-mind that she rarely missed a note, and had the only Idol Moments there were the entire season. I truly believe she was treated unfairly.

    • Callie says:

      Lauren arse looked super big wearing those tight jeans. She couldn’t even walk normally. I bet it was painful to set down. She did a poor job on one song last night, and fair on another, then good on the other. She is such a baby that Nashville will eat her alive, besides Nashville, is over-run with young blonde female singers. If she doesn’t read music she will be sunk if she wins because she can no longer cover songs. Scotty will have a career regardless if he wins or doesn’t. Haley had to see this coming since she was constantly slammed by the judges. I am unsure how the voting went because Idol is not a quality show and they do what they want. Kris won because they were afraid of the backlash a win by Adam would have, same for Durbin.

    • morgan says:

      Who else loved the moment with Haley and Naima? Made me miss the artistry and integrity that they both brought to this season! (and that’s already, in anticipation of next week’s snooze fest)

    • dane says:

      I agree – Lauren is ill prepared for the finals. But so is Scotty.

      I will definitely NOT tune in next week. SNOOZEFEST. I’m not a fan of country to begin with – but to have two teeny bops battling it out on top of singing country just makes it even LESS appealing.

      And next year? AI is over. JLo and Steven were great in the audition rounds but totally failed to provide consistent and useful advise as soon as it became live. I’m bored of them. I’m moving on to X-Factor. I’ve missed you Simon Cowell!!

    • margaret young says:

      I hated when JayLo predicted the winner of round three on Wednesday night….Lauren of course…and Haley HAD NOT even had her turn singing yet…..CHEATERS

    • Jill says:

      I am going to dial my little fingers off for SCOTTY!!!
      Join me if you think Haley should have been in the finale!

    • kyrjar says:

      This poll is skewed b/c of Slezak’s followers here (tho maybe I am one, too, as much as I am here).

      Great voice, no doubt. Haley would not have gotten far most seasons as she can be great but she sometimes is actually very bad and often cartoonish, over-the-top, cheesy in her performance (thought that has improved the most). Many a better talent has been eliminated much, much earlier even semifinals (Epperly, e.g.) in other years.

  2. LGH says:

    WE LOVE YOU, HALEY!!! Keep, rockin’, baby. I promise to buy your record.

  3. Amber says:

    Well, that sucks

  4. zach says:

    went out like a f*cking champion

  5. Brittany says:

    We all knew this time would come. I’m glad we got her as far as we did with all the odds stacked against her. Congrats, Idol, you’ve got your engineered finale!

    • RTW says:

      Haley gave us one hell of a journey of personal self-discovery, growth and perseverance I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I’m sad, but strangely relieved. Deep down, I think I’d rather have Haley finish third instead of finishing second (it’s Scotty after all) and stuck in a 7-year contract that will only dish out cannon-fodder. Haley is above and beyond American Idol. She is THE TRUE AMERICAN IDOL!

      • Li-Li says:

        Thank you. I feel better now. Haley got the short end of the stick ALL season. Look how cool that was for her to be on stage singing with her parents and her sister. And no one said a WORD about it. She never got any back-story whatsoever, but we saw a lot of Lauren doing cartwheels. I officially hate this show now.

      • steambun stu says:

        Thank the lord that after tonite we will not have to read any more fn amateur psychological crud about Haleys “bad” attitude. If getting their way isn’t enough to shut these cretins up, god knows what would be. Their reward is a final performance night that couldn’t interest a musically ignorant insect. Hope they enjoy. I won’t be joining them.

        • Billy says:

          The only way I will tune in Tuesday is if TPTB announce that Lauren will sing a song by Pink and Scotty a song by Sevendust.

    • Danielle Notaro says:

      Yep, Brittany. couldn’t agree with you more.

    • dcajsj says:

      I totally agree!!

  6. D says:

    Slezak I feel for you that your job requires you watch next Tuesday night. I for one will be watching paint dry, far more exciting.

  7. Kate says:

    How did that happen? How did that happen? No, really, how? I thought Haley had the votes to get through.

    I thought Haley’s reaction to getting voted off was awesome. She was disappointed — as she should be. Then she sang her song, and sang it awesome, and she got right up in JLO’s face and Randy’s face and called them out, and then called Steven’s weird and then went to acknowledge her fellow contestants — and then she ran into her father’s arms and cried. It was awesome. Good for her. She totally gave a sense of self. I love it.

    I hope her the best.

    • Li-Li says:

      I tried to vote for Haley last night but never got through once – only got a busy signal. I finally went online and voted. Didn’t someone on this blog say that they voted for her and got the message, “thank you for voting for contestant 1” (or 2)?? The thought that the voting might be rigged is very disturbing.

      • Leaheih says:

        I couldn’t get through for Haley either. I got “all circuits are busy” or a busy signal for almost an hour. Only got through 4 times.

      • tamara says:

        I voted online, and in the span of 1 hour I only got through 3 votes. It kept saying “system overloaded”. Then I wanted to wait to vote again on west coast time, but I kinda fell asleep :(

        Anyway, I’m sad, heartbroken… but at least she’s free from an Idol 7-year contract, and somebody’s gonna pick her up for sure.

        I can’t wait till they announce the iTunes sales. Do they do that in the finale (results night)? or just on a press release.

        Cause I bet Haley has more top dowloaded songs than any of the 13 contestants.

    • Julie says:

      Weird and wonderful, were the lyrics that she most appropriately sang to Tyler.

  8. Danielle says:

    For the first time in 10 years, I will not be watching the final 2 performance show. I just can’t bring myself to watch two singers who did not bring one single “incredible” moment to the Idol stage. So sad.

    • AmLiz says:


    • Terry says:

      ^^THIS X2

    • Laura says:

      I would like to third this.

    • wah says:

      i am right there with you. except this is only my 6th year watching. and it is my first time in 6 years i am actually sticking to my vow to not watch the rest of the season!

    • HaleyFTW says:

      Add another to this growing list! Country idol is not for me.

    • Shelley says:

      5thing this

      • leigh says:

        Me too. Totally uninterested in watching these two very uninspiring singers.

        • Lily B says:

          I am not interested in watching Scotty & Lauren twang out one more song. Will not be watching!
          Good Luck to Haley, you’ll be signed!

    • sara says:

      I agree 100%. I do not believe for one second this is an honest result of the vote and I have no desire whatsoever to watch these two sing 6 more dull as dishwater country ballads.

      Nigel may have gotten what he wanted, but he has killed the franchise in the process. I am done.

    • Elle says:

      I’m not watching either. Ever again. It’s absurd that 2 teenagers of the same genre without having had any “Idol Moments” the entire season are in this final. Actually, this is the last time I’ll watch Idol. Having to stomach Randy another year was bad enough, but this result is a real slap in the face.

      • pmet says:

        I am not sure having an “idol moment” makes one ready to be in the finals. I thought Haley had one true idol moment this season and many, many bad ones in the earlier rounds. She did find her groove more as the season progressed. Although Lauren was never my favorite, I think she has matured as an artist over the course of the season. Scotty never needed to have a moment because he has the most incredible fan base since Carrie Underwood. He will win and win handily. Do you really believe Lee had an “idol moment” last season?? What was Diana DiGarmo’s moment? I can understand you liked Haley and thought she should have moved forward, but sometimes consistency throughout (scotty — also not my choice) beats uneven power singing. Not trying to be disrespectful to anyone, just putting forth my viewpoint.

        • Cookie says:

          The moment is in the ear of the beholder so to speak. I thought Haley had many moments. She was unique. The other two while having nice voices they sound like every other country guy or girl singer.

          • JT says:

            I too thought Haley had many “Idol” moments– certainly more than any other contestant this year; and her huge numbers in iTune ratings and YouTube views prove that, I think. Her Zeppelin last night was the single best moment for me in the 10 years I’ve been watching the show. Amazing, in spite of the slip. Of course, I’m a big Zeppelin fan from years past, and so maybe they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. I have to believe they think she did them justice and warranted their confidence in giving her the okay to sing it. My teenage kids (19y and 17y) stopped watching AI a few years ago, but my wife and I continued, hoping for something interesting and unique. This year it was Casey, James and Haley– and those SHOULD have been the final three. A James/Haley final would have been epic. I certainly wish them luck in the future, do believe they’ll get snapped up to a record contract, and will buy any CD they produce. Unlike a lot of the “voters” slamming the lines for Scotty and Lauren, I do have the $$ to back a artist I like!!!

        • takakupo says:

          Each Idol and their runner up had a moment on Idol save for Justin Guarini. The entire platform of season 1 was Kelly’s moment:

          Season 2 – Ruben w/ ‘Superstar’ & Clay w/ ‘Solitaire’
          Season 3 – Fantasia w/ ‘Summertime’ & Diana w/ ‘Don’t Cry Out Loud’
          Season 4 – Carrie w/ ‘Alone’ & Bo w/ ‘In A Dream’
          Season 5 – Taylor w/ ‘In the Ghetto & Kat w/ ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’
          Season 6 – Jordin w/ ‘I Who Have Nothing’ & Blake w/ ‘You Give Love a Bad Name’
          Season 7 – D. Cook w/ ‘Billy Jean’ & D. Archuleta w/ ‘Imagine’
          Season 8 – Kris w/ ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ & Adam w/ ‘Mad World’
          Season 9 – Crystal w/ ‘Bobby McGee & Lee w/ ‘The Boxer’
          In season 10, the only contestants to have moments were two girls who aren’t in the finale next tuesday:
          Haley w/ ‘House of the Rising Sun’ & Pia w/ ‘I’ll Stand By You’
          Nuff said.

          • anon says:

            And more than that, not only did the two for season 10 never have an idol moment all season they didn’t even have a single best of the night for the last 4 weeks leading in and, I think, perhaps never the entire season! How is that possible?! Talk about unprecedented (only in a very bad way).

            Didn’t KatPhee have Somewhere over the Rainbow?

    • JayK* says:

      Yup. Not watching. I hope everyone who says they’re not watching doesn’t and the rating are the lowest ever.

      • andrea says:

        I’m watching, I like country, I don’t understand why people are so put off about the genre, and they are both young talented people

        • Teecie says:

          Know what? I do like some country, but will not watch the final for the first time since season 1. What I don’t like is Idol’s promotion of these two young country singers who did nothing unexpected or interesting this season. Maybe they do have talent, but I believe that they would both have been much better if they had waited 2 or 3 years before auditioning. Dumb decision to lower the age this year.

      • Joe says:

        Many will be watching. Think about this. Ninety five million votes
        and at least two-thirds of them were not vote for Haley. The voters for Scotty and Lauren will watch. Probably less than half of the people who watch actually do vote and many of those will not be so upset as some of you Haley fans.

        • BrazenSongBird says:

          We have absolutely no idea what the final tally was. Ryan only told us there were 95 million votes. He said nothing about the percentages, which they have done in previous years. My guess…the vote doesn’t fit the story that Uncle Nigel is trying to tell. I think the vote was much close than you may think.

          • James Davis says:

            BrazenSongBird, Joe doesn’t have to know the tally for what he said to be accurate. It is a simple function of mathematics. A pie split 3 ways in which 2 pieces are bigger always means the 3rd piece (Haley) is less than a 3rd of the total. Meaning his statement of “at least two-thirds of them were not vote for Haley” correct.

          • BrazenSongBird says:

            @James Davis…
            I didn’t say his math was wrong, I simply said that the vote was probably closer than he may believe. And to that point, votes don’t necessarily represent the percentage of individual viewers who are behind a specific contestant, since every viewer has the opportunity to vote as much as they possibly can in a two hour span and they can vote for more than one person. Some voters are more skilled at the process than others. So the formula works, but the result is flawed. Too many undetermined variables.

          • anon says:

            Well we know more now that Haley had more than 25mil whatever that means so let us say she had even just 25-26 then figure Lauren had maybe 27-28 and Scotty 41-43, who knows for sure but Scotty appeared to be tracking a lot more than Lauren so I bet it was darn close in fact Haley was told it had been close. had the Oprah show not moved the Bull’s game it might have been even closer, maybe even scary close.

            Unless all the James fans did take it out on Haley and vote for Lauren a ton.

    • Marcia says:

      I couldn’t agree more. You summed it up perfectly.

    • Kelley says:

      I agree with every frakking word of this. The finale will be BORING and UNINSPIRED!

    • Rox says:

      I will not be watching the Finale snoozefest. I got through easily with m votes for Haley. Probably should have voted online. I think the voting should be like DWTS with only allowing the number of votes as there contestants that week. You can have several online accounts. Scotty and Lauren and Jacob were the only contestants I fast forwarded through frequently. I’m a fan of country music and these finalists bore withe exception of a couple of performances. Good luck to both but I could care less.

  9. pj says:

    Poor, Michael, your job will require you to watch AI on Tuesday. The rest of us can find something more entertaining to do that evening. My condolences!

    • Cheryl says:

      Mine as well, I’m sure ANYTHING else I find to do next Tuesday will be more fun than watching Idol!

    • Lili says:

      no condolences for michael!if not for his stupid conspiracy theories and this haley campaign, james would have been in the finale and we could all watch!!!just saying!

  10. Tom K says:

    Not happy – but also not surprised. I’ll try to look at a bright side: I won’t be a bundle of nerves next Tuesday & Wednesday.

    But those are the breaks – she made one of the biggest comebacks in Idol history, and she definitely is my favorite female performer since I started watching the show (I wasn’t watching during the Kelly or Carrie seasons)

  11. DP says:

    Loved the entire top 4 but at the beginning of the season I picked Scotty and Lauren as my favorites (even though I am not a country music fan). I think James and Haley will be successful post idol. One of the most talented seasons of contestants.

  12. MrSideEye says:

    And what a boring finale it will be…….

  13. Jessica says:

    I was positive Lauren would be gone b/c I figured people who didn’t like country and James Durbin fans would be voting for Haley. Location had to be huge for Lauren and Scotty and voting. I’ve been a fan of Scotty from the beginning so I’m happy for him -just wanted a bit more of a variety of a finale instead of “Country Idol” (besides I can’t stand Lauren and wanted her crushed tonight)

    • Sandy says:

      For some inane reason, a bunch of James’ fans blamed Haley for him being voted out. So they voted for Scotty and Lauren instead. Also, someone said James was for a Scotty win, so maybe his fans did what he wanted. I’m not sure why rocker fans would be more interested in punishing Haley than in preventing an all-country finale–how does this Top 2 help them?

      • anon says:

        kinda of ironic that THEY complain Haley had a bad attitude, come on!
        can you say spiteful (for no reason)?

  14. JJ says:

    I was disappointed, but not surprised, by Haley’s ouster. But what annoys me beyond measure was J Lo’s look of smug satisfaction when Lauren’s name was announced. Even when Haley walked up to the judge’s table during her exit song, the Evil Stepmother look was still there.

    I will not be watching next week. I love country music, but neither Scotty nor Lauren do it for me except every once in a while. But I will be buying Haley’s CD.

    • dp says:

      ughhh jlo looked incredibly smug when it was announced. Then when haley got in her face, she had the audacity to give a phony smile.
      People can see right through you jennifer!

      • leigh says:

        Watching the show Wednesday night, there was a close up of JLo while Haley was on stage, getting her comments from the judges. There was something about JLo’s expression and it suddenly dawned on me—that she does not like Haley.

        • JJ says:

          Yes, she clearly had been told to be nice to Haley, as had Randy. Randy pulled it off, but for JLo, it really got her goat to not be able to let loose with the criticism.

        • M says:

          I was watching the whole show. I was like you cannot possibly tell me you do not have one thing wrong to say about that? C’mon even I had something to say and I like Haley! LOL

        • idolidol says:

          I thank that JLo is upset with Haley for talking back to Randy and because of the faces that Haley made when the judges critized her

          As far as sabotaging is concerned: two examples are not hearing Haley’s Dad’s conversation on SKYP and being given the very difficult Alanis M song to sing (about which Haley had a very good attitude)

          I plan to down load all of Haley’s I tunes

          Go Haley

    • JBS says:

      I loved it!! J-lo is jealous of Haley, of course. She is a Diva. When Haley changed the words of bennie and the jets to ” Randy and Jenny have you seen them yet, oh but they’re so spaced out”, I rolled over laughing, and then the bitch look on j-los face was priceless. Go Haley, J-Lo would have never gone near as far as you!!

      • Elle says:

        I caught that too and laughed out loud – also noted that JLO and Lauren have the same rear-end size.

      • anon says:

        I know, her re-write was priceless, gotta love her. And then she rolls her hand around and flashes back a thumbs up to Steven walking back past the desk and then mashes down and gives cred to her idol peeps in the crowd. Love how Naimi was so loving it all and Ashton also seemed to be really into it and a bit Jacob too,in particular.

        I didn’t catch it but someone said she nodded to Randy And Jlo as she sand the “weird” line and looked at Steven when the sans the “wonderful” line (I thought she sang them both to Steven Tyler myself, have to go re-watch it, either way works haha, maybe better both to Steven though haha)
        You could really see he looked a little stricken and pained when Haley didn’t make it (and that says a lot since he did like Lauren too a bit I think, but he just knew Haley had so much more everything in her) and the other two didn’t really give a shhh.

    • jennab says:

      I agree! WTF, J-No?! Jealous much? She GLARED at Haley as she sang; uggh, so full of herself. And, btw, the “mis-hap” she mentioned last night after Haley’s fall was not a fall, but a sound system malfunction, wherein her “backing vocal” (snicker) didn’t play and, as Ryan said, the first thing J-Ho said to the crowed was, “Somebody’s getting fired.” Why doesn’t SOMEBODY learn how to SING?!

  15. Lucy says:

    I wished it could have been the three of them in the finale. I loved all of them. So right now I am really sad for Haley but also happy that Lauren and Scotty made it to the finale.

  16. K says:

    The southern pageant moms win again.

  17. Carl says:

    Two hour of lackluster country ballads next week. Yippee.

  18. J says:

    I’m watching DWTS next Tuesday. Other Haley fans should join me.

    • Aubry says:

      This Haley fan is voting for Scotty. Nigel is not getting his way.
      Lauren is not a good singer, is not creative, dresses fug, wears too much make-up and is over weight.

      She is not an Idol or a Star.

    • azale says:

      Count me in. Go Hines!!!

    • JamieC says:

      Count me in! I was pissed that Idol & DWTS were going to be on the same night/time next week…but now I could care less–buh bye Idol and your assinine voting system.

      It will be interesting to see if there is a steep ratings drop for Idol next week. Probably not, but I would feel some sense of satisfaction if there were.

      • susela says:

        I doubt there will be much of a drop. The audience for this show has changed a lot over the years, and it has become, as Ryan said, a “family show.” It doesn’t surprise me that much of the viewing audience isn’t interested in relevant or edgy—they want “nice.” Oh, well. The season had so much promise, but now…I can’t recall a finale that ever promised to be so bland.

    • Name That Tune says:

      Yea, I’ll be watching DWTS & The Voice next week. Country Idol just doesn’t do it for me. But I’m okay with a Scotty win. Just not gonna waste my time listening to boring music sung by boring singers.

  19. jeannie says:

    So depressing. I probably won’t watch the finale. Not because I’m boycotting, just because it sounds so damn boring.

  20. AWmC says:

    so upset that haley didnt get through! now we have the two country bumpkins for a sleep worthy finale. I havent been watching since Pia left but was reading Slezaks reviews and watching Idoloonies. haley was actually getting me exciting about the show again but alas Evil Nigels plan succeeded and now we sleep.

    • Selena says:

      enough of the conspiracy theories. Its not the fact that Lauren and Scotty are both teenagers, but tons of teenage fans. Teenagers vote for hours on more than one phone.

      • Buster Cretin says:

        Enough with fools like you shouting “enough of the consipiracy theories”.

        For God’s sake, if you can’t see audience manipulation when it is that blatant then you really do need help. The amount of criticism given to Haley is way higher than any other contestant. Go back and watch the shows. It’s an absolute fact. You can quantify it and measure it. I’ve never seen a show be so blatant in its manipulation. I guess you’re just gullible and don’t see it. Oh well.

  21. Jan says:

    Finally, Haley is off the competition. Did you see the look on her face? Complete shock! She thought she had it in the bag. I’ll give her points for moxie though. She sure has heck cannot sing.

    Congratulations to Scotty and Lauren. Good luck next week.

  22. Aubry says:

    No way was this vote not tampered with. Lauren is not ready and she isn’t unique or special at all.

    Nigel wanted Lauren all along. DUMB

    • Houston says:

      Yeah. Isn’t it up to Idol to decide whether or not to eliminate power-text votes? If so, that gives them a lot of leeway to control the results.

    • Bean99 says:

      Seriously? Not everyone thinks Haley is all that. I voted for Lauren because I like her and her voice is better. Scotty’s voice is good but he’s also very likable. Haley is not IMO and it showed in her expression when Ryan said she was going home.

  23. ExIdoloonie says:

    Bye, y’all. It’s been fun, but I can’t take any more of this nonsense. Every year I get disappointed, but usually there’s someone worthy to get behind. This time it’s just too pitiful. I have nothing against Scotty and Lauren, but I cannot take any more boring country tunes. The producers got what they wanted, but they lost me. If there are no format changes, voting and judging, next year, I won’t return.

  24. Knew Scotty was making it, but actually thought that he would take most of the country votes, leaving Lauren with only the remainder and Haley would take some of the James votes along with whatever she has had the past few week. But with 95 million votes it’s tough to say why Haley couldn’t overtake Lauren. I thought Haley had a stronger night. It would have been tough for her to beat Scotty, but I would have loved to see her try. Haley was the underdog the past few weeks, last night she was an equal, I guess people didn’t rally around her last night like they did before.

    American Idol gets what it has wanted from the beginning the country twosome Lauren and Scotty. Lauren will have to kill it next week to steal this one from Scotty because I honestly think he won this thing several weeks ago. It’s gonna be tough, we’ll see what Lauren’s got.

  25. Lily says:

    So Slezak & Averett, just how early in the season did you call this one? It seems to me that I’ve been hearing “This is my noooooow!” under pictures of Scotty and Lauren together for a very long time now…

    • JBanana says:

      ha ha, and that’s exactly what I heard in my head when they showed the two of them standing together after Haley’s sing-out. Thanks, Jason, for giving me something to laugh about despite the depressing reality.
      btw, will Haley be getting a Victory Special like Allison did? I hope so, she freaking rocked this season!

  26. Cathy says:

    I am definitely not watching the finale, I don’t think I could stand watching the two most boring contestants sing three more songs. Painful.

  27. @Aaronisthinking says:

    I really couldn’t care less about this finale now, which inevitably feels like Fox extending the High School Musical brand in a country direction. It’s going to be one depressingly perky hoedown.

    I think I’ll just wait for the results show and the sure-to-be-entertaining performances of the Fallen Comrades of Yore.

  28. Made says:

    Oh my, Michael! I was really worried about ya, lol. This is, without a doubt, the worst Idol finale EVER! But you know what? I’m totally into your conspiracy theory van. What did Ryan say? “Youngest finale in the history of Idol”? Well, that was what they were aiming for when they lowered the age limit, didn’t they? And they’ve got it! *rolls eyes until they hurt*

    Finally, no, it’s not the end of Haley Reinheart! GO HALEY!

  29. Spycig says:

    Whilst a Scotty/Lauren Finale wasn’t what I wanted it wasn’t that unexpected… I guess the USA just loves its Country music, I don’t get it – at least what Scotty does, not my cup of tea…

    I’ve brought a ton of Haley’s songs on itune and I’ll be wait to buy her album! I hope she gets a record deal, she deserves it and she’d be great on mainstream radio, videos etc.

    Anyway I won’t be watching the Finale – too boring for me to even think about but I’ll read your blog as always!

  30. renaid says:

    I won’t be watching the performance show on Tues., too boring, but I will probably watch the results show to see all the idols. I am really disappointed but I’m sure Haley will do well. She went out tonight with class.

    • sue says:

      Same here…gonna be a boring performance night, even though I like Scotty and figured he would be going to the finale. Just can’t take Lauren…she is a nice girl, but she is, with all due respect, too young…Go Scotty…!!

  31. zach says:




  32. DB says:

    So glad that Haley went home tonight. I did not like her personality from the beginning. She can sing but she lacks big time in personality and character! Pia should have won! Now that was pure class!

    • Carol B says:

      This kind of comment completely baffles me. What has Haley said or done that could possibly give you grounds to malign her “character”?

      • Lisa says:

        What has she done??? Acted like a spoiled brat that couldn’t take any constructive criticism or suggestions. Acted entitled and like she had it in the bag. No more so than she did tonight when she was completely unprofessional in looking pissed at not making it and barely hugging Lauren. She is the girl that tries to tell everyone it’s better she didn’t win because she is too cool. Nope, you’re just kind of a witch with a B, Haley.

        • davey says:

          Um…it’s Lauren, not Haley who expected to be in the finale from the very beginning. Tonight Lauren jumped up and down when she heard the news, she wasn’t hugging Haley with any sweetness or remorse. Nice story you’ve made up in your fantasy world.

        • Carol B says:

          Lisa, I think you are reading a lot into Haley’s natural moment of disappointment on hearing that she didn’t win. Do you expect her to be so phony or self-suppressing that she doesn’t register it on her face for even a moment? After that, she took it in her stride. Then she went into her sing-off, which was HER moment. I seem to remember a nice moment with her arms draped around Scotty and Lauren at the end. I see a nice, confident young woman who is sure of herself and has never taken the opportunities offered her to bad-mouth others. I see someone strong enough that she can be generous to and about others. As for her reactions to the judges’ criticism, Haley hit it just right: quiet acquiescence most of the time but some mild protest and self-assertion when the judges were over-the-top negative. In fact, Haley hits it just right–just about all of the time.

        • Joe says:

          What has she done. I remember the time when Haley was bleeped for
          swearing. Ryan said watch your language young lady.

          • Tonya says:

            Yes, just another example of Haley being treated to a different set of rules and standards. Did Steven Tyler get a finger waved at him like a scolded child when he swore – no – they made fun of it. Did Casey or any other contestant who dropped some bombs have Ryan make a big deal out of it – no – they just muted the audio and carried on.

          • Bob says:

            Yes, and they also bleeped out Lauren. Amazing how no one remembers that, either! Or that Lauren practically gave Steven Tyler a lap dance in the Hollywood round, and then Randy one later. But she’s “sweet” and “wholesome.” Give me a break.

        • Brandon R. says:

          Entitled?!?! Spoiled?!?!? WHERE are you people getting this from? Last week she responded to Randy’s constant criticism, but not in an “unprofessional” way. It was blunt, but it was classy. Go back and watch it if you want to. As for this week, she was disappointed that she didn’t make it (wouldn’t you be?), but then she pulled together very quickly (not even any crying/histrionics) and sang her song with a smile, and even gave each of the judges a (friendly, from what I saw) sendoff. In all the weeks she was on the show, I never once saw her think “she had it in the bag.” In fact, rather the opposite. The revisionist narrative that she’s spoiled/rude/deluded is complete and utter crap, and it’s ridiculous that so many of you are spewing it.

          • Carol B says:

            I have just read through this entire thread to see how people responded to some of my earlier comments (above). I have come to a simple conclusion about Haley-haters: they are jealous of her strength. Her singing strength, her personal strength. She is the complete package and it makes them jealous–just like it makes J Lo jealous.

    • Dedaigneux says:

      You people and your “attitude” BS crack me up. It’s a freaking TV show, they can edit it to make the contestants “attitude” look like whatever they want. It’s pure manufactured cheese, and you lap it up like it’s legitimately the best foi gras you’ve ever tasted. AI is all about creating a TV show that’s high on drama and low on reality — it’s not about finding a good singer or a good performer. They don’t give a crap who’ll make Iovine the most money. They want to keep their show relevant, and keep the advertisers paying top dollar for ad spots and the privilege to make their contestants sing about their crappy products. That’s why they sat through a movie preview, sang about Ford every week, and have Coke plastered over everything in the studio.

      If you don’t think that you’re being manipulated, you’re being manipulated.

      Haley was set up as the “diva” and the Anti-Christ next to good ol’ Christian McDreary and Wittle Wauren. They consistently pushed her until she fired back, edited out all evidence of who she is as a person, and gave her crap until she cracked. It was pure manufactured BS — make Lauren and Scotty look like grateful, humble teenagers and Haley like a full of herself diva. Because every one knows that a woman who knows that she’s good looking and talented is the worst thing ever!

      Hilariously, we saw and heard way more of Lauren and Scotty’s family, even though Haley has been performing with her entire family for years… all of which are musically inclined. And check out Scotty’s house next to Haley’s, no way that his parents are musicians, they’re loaded! Instead we get this narrative of how hard they worked and how far they come, when it’s clearly obvious that only one person left in the competition has been singing as hard and as long as someone who deserves to win has. Oh, and that person is Haley, who has taken risks, rearranged songs, and never gotten praised for it.

      When I closed my eyes and just listened, the good stuff rose to the top. Scotty and Lauren aren’t bad, but they aren’t great. Haley was fantastic, and even James was okay when he was on key (they weren’t marketing his singing chops, BTW, they were marketing his “story”… it’s all about the ad spots, not the talent). I like Carrie Underwood. I like country/pop. And neither Lauren nor Scotty bring anything unique or great to the genre.

      I like jazz and rock. And Haley was something else — I had her version of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep stuck in my head more than Adele’s… even though I own that CD and listen to it all the time!

      Everyone’s entitled to their opinion on music. But falling hook, line, and sinker for the show’s manipulation of the viewers to manufacture some drama and nefarious personality when there wasn’t any is just pathetic. These are the producers that encourage us to laugh at hopelessly deluded people singing badly at the season beginning for weeks on end (typically poor people trying out for a shot at a leg up and more than the pitiful income they have), and you think they don’t have an agenda?

      Yeah, whatever. I have friends in the arts, people that sweat blood and tears for their craft. Haley was one of those people, even as much as the AI producers wanted to hide that by playing music over her Dad when he wanted to praise her and never mentioning her background. They wanted their teenage nobodies, their Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber. Not even that, they wanted the appearance of Swift and Beiber, they don’t give a crap if talent gets rewarded.

      It’s about the ad spots. And people that vote to kill the dreams of genuine artists dreams on producer manipulations are pathetic.

      I don’t mind Lauren, she’s adorable. Scotty and his uber Christian bigotry (OMG Lady Gaga is weird and I might go to hell being near her!) rubbed me the wrong way. But he’s young and ignorant. The producers are the bad guys, the ones calling all the shots. If you think that the contestants have any control over how they are portrayed by FOX, you’re out of your mind.

      • Goat Girl says:

        @Dedaigneux I totally agree which is why we should “vote” by the only means we have…. stop watching Idol. I will NOT be watching Tuesday night show. I will watch the finale just to see Paul McDonald and Haley and a few others plus the guest artist appearances. But after that I’m done.

      • Brandon R. says:

        A very long post, but very spot-on. You brought up things even I hadn’t thought about.

      • Tyler says:

        Need another example of cynical Idol manipulation? Look at Chris Medina. Idol gained huge ratings repeatedly airing his tragic story with his fiance who was badly injured in the car crash, and how Chris stands by her. Remember Steven Tyler kissing his fiance and telling her what a great singer he is, and JLo weeping angelic tears as she cuts him? Oh, the big ratings, raking in the advertiser dollars! And guess what, now that he’s of no further use to Idol, Chris is not invited to the Idol finale nor can he even get a ticket. That’s how Idol stands by Chris Medina and his fiance after milking their story for big ratings.

      • Larry says:

        Dedaigneux:”If you don’t think that you’re being manipulated, you’re being manipulated.

        Haley was set up as the “diva” and the Anti-Christ next to good ol’ Christian McDreary and Wittle Wauren. They consistently pushed her until she fired back, edited out all evidence of who she is as a person, and gave her crap until she cracked. It was pure manufactured BS — make Lauren and Scotty look like grateful, humble teenagers and Haley like a full of herself diva. Because every one knows that a woman who knows that she’s good looking and talented is the worst thing ever!

        Hilariously, we saw and heard way more of Lauren and Scotty’s family, even though Haley has been performing with her entire family for years… all of which are musically inclined. And check out Scotty’s house next to Haley’s, no way that his parents are musicians, they’re loaded! Instead we get this narrative of how hard they worked and how far they come, when it’s clearly obvious that only one person left in the competition has been singing as hard and as long as someone who deserves to win has.”

        100% totally!
        And the rest too. You said it all!

        Especially true when everyone who actually knows her and dealt with her a lot back home tells a story so contrary to the tale that got told.
        I think they saw that she had a little fire and figured they could push her until the she cracked and it would all make for some great ratings and they could keep her around for a while and huge a vote toally the week she snapped but that she might end up too damaged to be able to quite knock of their chosen three. Although she did manage to nip one, which was quite special, and nearly their precious other ahhhh sooo close.
        Ironically if she had managed to make the finale I think Idol would be in much better shape since then people might feel that the manipulations don’t matter in the end and we can just forget about the machine and watch the contestants. Had Haley made it to the finale I would’ve been willing to watch again at least one more season even without changes made (sure it might be infuriating again at times but at least you’d know you still could get past the machine if you really had “it” and had a touch of luck).

      • anonaon says:

        @dedaigneux – “Scotty and his uber Christian bigotry (OMG Lady Gaga is weird and I might go to hell being near her!) rubbed me the wrong way.”

        I think he was actually just joking at heart although also perhaps knowing many would lap it up as straight.
        Look how when Steven Tyler told that Duck rhyme during his audition and they were like sorry Scotty sorrry and he was like hahaha wow don’t worry about I hear stuff way worse than that all the time haha.

        The silly thing is Idol shot themselves in the foot, the Haley story would’ve really generated interest and been the story of stories and they still could’ve had one of the country kids in there. TAHT would;ve been epic they have best of both worlds! But their stupid plotting leads them to a story so plain in comparison and alienating to some extent to all those not into country.

  33. Lori says:

    1. Depressed
    2. No, I think we were as shocked as she was
    3. Success. She’s got tons of fans in the entertainment biz that will hopefully sign her up quick and get me an album soon!
    4. Yes.
    5. Tuesday night = no. Wednesday night will be DVRd as to fast forward through the nonsense and get to the good stuff (a.k.a. Haley Reinhart)

    • RTW says:

      *fist bump* Lori. Agreed, I’d like to catch previous contestant’s performance at the finale…but only by DVR.

    • Davers says:

      Agreed. No way I’m watching Tuesday now. I just hope that Haley gets signed. If that happens soon, I’ll actually be happy that she didn’t have to stick around until the finale just to be subjected to stink-eye from J-Lo and forced to sing whatever atrocious coronation song they’ve concocted this year!

      Team Haley: we should be thrilled we got to hear our favourite every week of the show and that she gave us so many stellar performances to remember/rewatch on Youtube!

  34. Jem says:

    Awesomest. Exit. Ever.

    Condolences, Michael, for not having the option to not watch next week.

  35. tc says:

    Is not American Idol. It’s American Hillbillies!!!!!!

    Hee haw!!!!

  36. derby says:

    Best FU singout to the judges since Allison’s “Cry Baby!”

  37. D says:

    This is what I expected, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying.

    • rkm says:

      This is the worst year ever, and that is saying a lot. There was hope that it would be fresher, and then it all went according to their boring plan which they didn’t even try to hide. I really believe that it why Stephen kind of disappeared when he wasn’t half heartedly playing along. They thought they needed a ‘type’ of winner to forget Lee Dywhatever his name was and Taylor Hicks. They ended up doing more damage. No offense to that young girl but Lauren has not had a great performance much less a moment. And the nastiness with Haley (the unplanned variable in their vision) has never been seen to this degree on Idol and it doesn’t reflect well. I like many am looking forward to the Voice, this show doesn’t feel right on any level anymore. And I am not a Haley worshipper either!

      • Lily says:

        I noticed The Voice is now selling downloads on iTunes. I bought Haley’s Led Zeppelin cover, and Nikki & Vicci’s Pink cover. Think maybe The Voice is about to eat Idol’s lunch?

    • agrimesy says:

      This will be the 4th male Idol winner in a row if Scotty wins. I don’t want to condone that kind of repetition. But, I cannot in good conscience cheer for Lauren when I continue to believe she is too ill-prepared emotionally for a career in the music industry. It’s a lose / lose scenario. I’m going to be bummed no matter who takes the title. Haley would have been the READY ROCKER CHIC! That was my perfect Idol. It just didn’t happen.

  38. yenta says:

    Hell yeah they got it right. Haley sounded like a little child singing her mommy’s favorite songs. The screaming. The forced rasp. Oof. Hee haw and bring on Scotty and Lauren. Country Idol.

    • Tom K says:

      LOL – the forced rasp. Ever hear her talk? It is quite obvious the type of music that will come out of her mouth the moment you hear her talk. There is not a thing phony about it.

      • James Davis says:

        Oh please, she had a bit of a rasp in maybe two performances until the judges praised her “growl” and then she forced it into every one after that. Certainly her voice is a bit more rugged, but that growl thing was totally forced.

    • DB says:

      AMEN TO THAT!!!

    • Cup of Joe says:

      In that case, Idol deserves its bland, vanilla winners.

      The Voice and X-Factor are sure gonna take this mofo down

  39. Mike says:

    Time to sit shiva now…time to mourn now that season 10 is officially dead.

  40. Idolhead Ed says:

    I think Haley just got Siobhned. As little success as teens have had post Idol I don’t know why (That would have been a great song choice judges)they would even want it to come down to this. Only Jordin has had any kind of success post Idol. Archie fans I don’t want to hear it.What could haev been at least a half interesting final wil not even have that. Well I just hope Haley gets her record deal.

  41. Steph says:

    I knew Haley was gone after I’d seen Lauren and Scotty’s hometown video packages. Their videos compared to Haley’s were incredible. The producers didn’t even try to make it look good. For the first time since Season 1, I will not be watching the finale live. I’ll record it just so I can see David Cook’s performance on Wednesday. We all know Scotty has it won, but at least Haley would have made it an interesting show. I’m glad Nigel and the producers got the finale THEY wanted all along. I think that’s what has me most angry about tonight. I wanted Haley to break up their dream finale.

    • McFudge58 says:

      Yeah, but Haley got off the best line of the night: “Thanks for freaking out!”

      • M says:

        I think it was more like, “Thank you for freaking out” LOL

        best line of the night.

        Haley, always gets the short end of the stick when it comes to those video edits, remember the family video chat? LOL

        • anonad says:

          Hey Dad it’…. [10 minutes the others] ….bye D…. [10 minutes of others]

          and even the re-shoot of her in the diva-mobile to reget her song choice acted out instead of spontaneous donw to earth thanking the crowd and getting cheers (i mean the limo shoot looked good and maybe they wanted it for legit reasons but it could also settle in some minds that she is all alone, a stuck up diva)

    • Jealous Guy says:

      ah, the Casey James hometown visit edit!

    • anaona says:

      Sadly I knew she was gone early that day from Nigel’s silly tweet about how the pimp position does nothing for contestants, we know the voting and see it doesn’t help. And he says that knowing Haley had last spot last night (of course he also forgot to mention the real pimp would be to put her worst first and best last so in some ways it was anything but pimp). But as soon as I saw the tweet it sure seemed to foreshadow that Haley was a goner.

      And then when they showed her hometown visit first and made it a bit jokey and then when Iovine said a certain crowd brings the vote in BIGGGGG, for Haley to win she needs to be declared 10 on each and then yeah it was just beyond obvious the tweet had foretold it.

      I had been feeling slightly confident before I noticed the darn Nigel tweet someone posted up.

  42. Danielle Notaro says:

    Yeah. i knew this was coming. So awful.

  43. Sally says:

    Every week I ask the TV world, “Could this show get any worse?” and they respond with results like this.

  44. LindaT says:

    Well, this will be a seriously dull conclusion to Season 10. I’m going to skip the Top 2 performance night and probably the finale. If there are any tidbits worth watching, there’s always you-tube.

  45. Mayra says:

    Outrageous! That defines it! When Ryan said Lauren was going trhough… my world came down! That’s just f****** ridiculous. Haley, I’ll buy your CD. And I’ll break theirs if I ever see one (no, I won’t. It’s not their fault, but still).

  46. Holly says:

    Haley is AWFUL, her banshee shrieking will not be missed. Girl needs to stop with her fake growls and get an attitude adjustment.

    • Cup of Joe says:

      Perhaps those growls have produced more Idol moments than Scotty and Lauren combined.

      And since when were we ever judging personality in a TALENT competition? This is a TALENT competition, judge it on those merits.


      • A person who is not tone deaf. says:

        Agree. It’s funny to watch the “Tone Deaf Haley Haters” hate.

        • Josh says:

          Tone deaf? See here is the problem with people commenting on AI. YOU HEAR WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR. YOU LIKE WHAT YOU LIKE. Haley can’t sing in the true definition that people think of when they think of singing. She’s not a Whitney, Celine, Mariah, heck even an Adele. She has a good voice, but she is not great by any stretch of the word.

          Not a Haley fan but was kind of hoping she’d be in the final against Scotty. She’d be more interesting than Lauren. She has a good voice too but she’s way too timid and unsure of herself at her young age.

          I’m not a big country music fan but Scotty can sing. Easily the best natural voice left after Pia was ousted. Country music hasn’t seen a pretty boy with a voice like Scotty in a long time. He’s going to be a mega country star for years. What Carrie Underwood has been to female country singers, Scotty may just do the same.

          • Blair says:

            LOL …”What Carrie Underwood has been to female country singers, Scotty may just do the same” ..(as a female country singer! Ha!)

          • Lacey says:

            “Pretty boy with a voice”??? Scotty?? He’s like 17 and looks like an inbred redneck. Scotty sounds exactly like Travis Tritt & Josh Turner and countless others.

          • Rick says:

            Josh- you contradict yourself, right in the same post. You start off by saying that “you hear what you want to hear” and “you like what you like,” essentially saying that everyone is entitled to their own opinions on what sounds good. And then you immediately follow this up by saying that Haley can’t sing in the “true definition that people think of when they think of singing.” What makes you the expert? I thought, quoting you, “you like what you like.” Does that mean that what Josh likes is the “true definition” of good singing?

    • Princess Adora says:

      You’d have an attitude too if you killed it night after night on stage only to be criticized from top to bottom by the judges while they lavish praise and worship upon EVERYONE else!

      *To my grammar nerds, my apologies for the run-on sentence!

  47. Lisa says:

    Wow…J.Lo didn’t even try to hide her contempt for Haley. In contrast to all the tears she shed for James last week, it is pretty obvious how she felt about Haley.

    • Paola says:

      I’m pretty certain she sees Haley as real competition. Evil StepMother from hell.

      • Jessabean says:


        Yeah! The eyes always say “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you” no matter what is coming out of her mouth.

        I can’t figure out what Haley could have possibly done – real or imagined – to make JLo hate her so much.

        • Li-Li says:

          Maybe because Haley is chill, earthy and beautiful and can sing rings around J-Lo? Maybe because Haley didn’t kiss her a**? Who knows.

        • Plugh says:

          Oh yeah Jessabean I noticed that at the end too! JLo was puckered up like she OD’d on botox! Now she DID go talk to Haley at the very end, but notice that it was Steven who was up there (among the judges) congratulating her first.
          As for the final performance show next week: what a god-awful snoozefest!

          I’d say to Nigel and company: be careful what you ask for………

  48. Amy says:

    SO disappointed! Haley rocks. Sorry, Lauren, you are just not ready for this. Next week is going to be so boring. I will only be watching the results show. Scotty has this in the bag.

  49. patty says:

    Michael, I don’t like how mean you can be. You have some wonderful insight, but when you are mean it comes across as cruel and bully. I like your nice self.

  50. SallyinChicago says:

    Well, American Idol has officially been turned into Country Idol. They should ban all country singers and send them to the Country Idol show.

    • Kumbaya says:

      No. Idol has turned into Nashville Star.

      • HaleyFTW says:

        Except Nashville star has actual judges who provide both compliment and criticism to ALL the contestants and don’t start their season with blatant favoritism for 2 teenagers!

      • Shelley says:

        Except that Nashville Star actually produces viable country music singers…Lauren is not that….not yet, and I’m not even sure about Scotty.

        • Ablo says:

          Neither Scotty or Lauren would have made the top 10 on Nashville Star or CMT´s Next Superstar.

        • lethargic says:

          Yep, Buddy Jewel has really lit the country music world on fire!

        • Julie says:

          Listen to Angela Hacker who won Nashville Star in 2007. I’m NOT at ALL a country music fan. But I Just caught the very end of the season and (the only time i’ve ever watched that show), and I thought she was great and her brother was the runner up and he was also great. I recommend listening to “My Addiction” to get the best idea of her vocally, but all the songs on the list show her in different lights somewhat.