CBS Fall Schedule Revealed: CSI and Good Wife Moved, J.J. Abrams Show Lands on Thursday

The evidence is in: CSI is headed to Hump Day. Meanwhile, The Good Wife has landed herself a hot (?) new date.

CBS unveiled its 2011-12 fall lineup Wednesday morning and the big news is that the long-running CSI is shifting from its age-old Thursday slot to Wednesdays at 10 pm (replacing the axed Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior). The Good Wife is also on the move, relocating from Tuesdays at 10 pm to Sundays at 9 pm.

“It’s our most prestigious show on our most prestigious night,” CBS scheduling chief Kelly Kahl said of Wife‘s new home. “[The fans] will follow the show to Sunday night. This is a quality night and at the top of our quality list is The Good Wife.”

Two and a Half Men — now starring Ashton Kutcher — is staying put on Mondays at 9 pm. CBS president Nina Tassler declined to reveal details regarding Kutcher’s character, except to say that exec producer Chuck Lorre has “cooked up something fabulous.”

As for new fare, Person of Interest — exec-produced by J.J. Abrams and starring Michael Emerson and James Caviezel — was CBS’ best-testing pilot in years, it was touted, and as such will claim the competitive Thursdays-at-9 slot, where it will go up against Grey’s Anatomy and Bones.

Premiering at midseason: Season 3 of Undercover Boss and The 2-2, a new drama executive-produced by Robert De Niro.

Fall TV Preview: TVLine’s Guide to All the New Shows

CBS’ complete fall schedule is below. New shows are in BOLD, click links for cast/details.

8/7c How I Met Your Mother
8:30 pm: 2 BROKE GIRLS
9  pm: Two and a Half Men
9:30 pm: Mike & Molly
10 pm Hawaii Five-0

8 pm NCIS
9 pm NCIS: LA

8 pm Survivor
9 pm Criminal Minds
10 pm CSI [new time slot]

8 pm The Big Bang Theory
10 pm The Mentalist

9 pm CSI: NY
10 pm Blue Bloods

8 pm Rules of Engagement [new time slot]
8:30 pm Comedy Encores
9 pm Drama Encores
10 pm 48 Hours Mystery

7 pm 60 Minutes
8 pm The Amazing Race
9 pm The Good Wife [new time slot]
10 pm CSI: Miami

NOT RETURNING NEXT SEASON: Mad Love, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, $#*! My Dad Says and The Defenders

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  1. Katie says:

    GREAT news for Parenthood!!! Now the show might have a chance!

    • Marie says:

      My thoughts exactly! :) Yay for Parenthood!!!

      • Kira says:

        Great minds think alike, because that’s what I thought. I hate it when they move everything to Thursday though. My DVR can’t take it!

    • mo says:

      Wow…I thought(and immediately said) the EXACT same thing!!!! YAY Parenthood!!!w00t!!!

      • Stacie says:

        I remember several times that when Good Wife was on repeat, Parenthood’s numbers went up, so I see this as a big positive. I know that I watch both, so this is really great news.

    • jake says:

      Please help us save MAD LOVE and post on our facebook page — many fans have done so and we need your help. There is an open slot after rules on saturday — so we have a chance!

      • JB Smooove says:

        I agree mad love needs to be saved. First from being cancelled, then from the horrible acting of Jason Biggs and overacting of Sarah Chalke.

    • sam says:

      I wish they moved parenthood to mondays — actually i wish nbc would switch their monday and tuesday schedules. the sing off and the voice shouldn’t go up against dancing with the stars when there is a free night on tuesdays.

  2. Mr Awesome says:

    hahahaha rules of engagement on saturday

    • John Berggren says:

      Yeah, odd to renew it and effectively put it out to pasture in the same breath. Is this a syndication grab?
      I could see it if CBS wanted to try to take back Saturday by programming it fully – but the rest is reruns.

      • Kelly says:

        It could be CBS trying to see if they can generate an original audience on Saturday. It’s the one night a week without standard scripted programming; if they can start making inroads – which might be possible with DVR/timeshifting – then that gives them a potential three more hours to schedule (and sell). It’s not a bad move if they have a decently performing show that is already getting much of it’s views via timeshifting, at least as an experiment. And it makes sense CBS would be the one to do it, since they have the strongest schedule out of all the networks (at least in terms of high ratings and long-running shows). They’re sort of stuck in a position of having to expand if they want to continue developing new shows without canceling the shows that are performing well.

        It will be interesting to see what happens.

    • Scott says:

      As much as I like ROE, it’s had half seasons up until this year and the quality has declined a lot with a full 22 episodes this season. So I think this move to Saturdays will mark the end, Audrey and Jeff have their baby, Adam and Jen get married, Timmy finds a better job and Russell loses his, preferably Timmy ousts Russell. That would be a fitting end to 6 years of ROE.

  3. L says:

    Is it bad that they’ve moved The Good Wife to Sundays? Surely Tuesday’s was a better slot? I hope that doesn’t mean S3 might be the end of TGW!

    • C. says:

      TGW will most likely get a 2 year deal so I doubt it’s bad for them. I think Sunday 9pm isn’t that bad

    • Ingmar says:

      Expectations are less high on Sunday, plus it has no competition for Parenthood which it shared the same audience with. Even if the ratings stay the way they are or even decrease a bit they can always put season 4 on friday’s. So its easy to get a syndication deal.

      • Abe Froman says:

        Sunday is the most watched night of the week, and it will be up against a desperate Desperate Housewives. I think it’s a smart move.

    • Tavis says:

      Now it’s on against Desperate Housewives. Ugh!

      • Leeann says:

        Not to mention when Football, that is IF we have football, runs late, which means that this will run late as well!!

        • Beth says:

          More reason to cancel the football season. I don’t want it to run over and mess up my viewing of The Good Wife.

          • Kathleen says:

            I totally agree. TGW ran late on their premiere fall 2011 show because of football and my DVR didn’t record it all. I’m really PO’d.
            Wish I could have stayed awake long enough to watch it. PLEASE MOVE IIT TO A NON-FOOTBALL NIGHT!

    • Mykey716 says:

      I think Sunday is a terrible choice!! CBS sporting events (Golf, Football etc) tend to run into overtime and screws up schedule esp if you have to DVR!! I’m not as concerned about it being up against Desperate Housewives (why is that show still on the air anyway?) but I hate the Sunday schedules at CBS!

      • Deena says:

        Amen! I cringed when I saw the move because programing a DVR for CBS Sundays is a NIGHTMARE!

        • Tom K says:

          The good news is that CBS does allow “The Good Wife” to be played On Demand. I am a big fan of the Amazing Race, and I always have the DVR recording one hour past the actual time. Of course, now since that hour will be “The Good Wife”, it creates all kinds of havoc. But as long as they keep it On Demand, we’ll be fine :)

          • fyrkat says:

            On demand may be fine for you, Tom, but not for everyone.
            They killed Cold Case by putting it on Sundays and preempting it with overflow of football/sport of the week. If they know what’s good for them they will put TGW back where it was and let that Unforgetable show start on Sundays so it can sink into the quagmire of cop procedurals while saving TGW which isn’t just a lawyers procedural.

        • Idgie says:

          So absolutely true, Deena, I agree with you 110%. Between network TV and all the excellent cable programs that are “all” on Sunday, plus factor in football which often delays the CBS shows, programming the DVR is a NIGHTMARE. At least TGW is not on 10:00 which is what killed shows like Cold Case and the very underated The Unit, due to football delays they were on sometimes at close to 11:00 or later. Before you jump on what I just said, I am not comparing TGW to them, because it is a superb show but the other two shows happened to very good.

    • laylagalise says:

      I wish they hadn’t move TGW to Sunday! Everything is on that day at 9 p.m. :0(

  4. Everett W. says:

    What happened to Undercover Boss? Is it being held for midseason?

  5. AdamM says:

    Why is every drama show about crime cases, doctors or lawyers? Is nothing else going on in the world?

  6. Paula says:

    I’m really upset about Good Wife – I hate CBS sundays in the fall because everything is always screwed up by football so my dvr never gets it right. Blah it was fine on Tuesday – why do networks always feel the need to mess with success

    • Melisa says:

      That was the first thIng I thought too! I hate when CBS has a late football game.

    • Lisa says:

      I agree 100% — and I watch football. Back to Tuesdays, please!

    • Renee says:

      Well don’t feel too bad…given the NFL lockout and that chaos there may not be any football this season. Which I think is a tragedy, but to each their own…

    • GG says:

      I thought the same thing at first, but then I remembered that TGW is available (at least through my cable provider) ON DEMAND for free. So I guess I will be watching it that way, especially during the fall when football screws everything up.

    • AJ says:

      Set your DVR to run over.

    • newbie says:

      Yep, as far as moving The Good Wife to Sundays, CBS went FULL RETARD. NEVER GO FULL RETARD!!!

  7. Guy says:

    Wow Rules to Saturdays. Talk about being shafted. CSI to Wednesdays? Then Good Wife to Sundays? Talk about a few surprises. CBS though have made a stupid move. The Mentalist should be 9pm Thursday not 10pm.

    • Dave says:

      Putting CSI after Survivor & Criminal Minds will definitely help CSI, especially if it loses more cast members … but agreed about The Mentalist. Shifting it to 9:00 pm would totally destroy Grey’s Anatomy – and there ain’t nothing wrong with that!

    • Melisa says:

      No way! I already watch Grey’s Anatomy & Bones at that time so I love The Mentalist on later.

  8. Kathryn says:

    I hate the idea of The Good Wife on Sunday nights….waiting for it to air after the inevitable Football overun will be frustrating and obnoxious

  9. lisa says:

    How is that Criminal Minds is “not returning next season”, but made the lineup in Tuesday @9pm?

  10. Jena says:

    So glad NCIS and NCIS LA stayed in the same place. Tuesdays are the only day I watch CBS.

    The reason they moved Good Wife, is because they wanta good ratings lead in for their new show, but I don’t think it is advantageous for the Good Wife.

  11. lisa says:

    Scratch that… Oopsey!

  12. Middy says:

    Ummm Good Wife vs Desperate Housewives. Nooo… I’ll chose the wife over the wives, though :)

  13. scooterbeanbag says:

    Is a shift to Saturday a fate worse than the Friday night graveyard?

    • Rock Golf says:

      Putting a show on Fridays is like getting your pet spayed. Put it on Saturday is like putting your pet to sleep.

    • Tego Livi says:

      I’m guessing they put Rules of Engagement on Saturday because they want to stretch it out to fulfill a syndication package. Otherwise, it’s difficult to imagine any other reason. There’s no way they’re expecting it to bring in any kind of marketable audience. Reruns of the same show would probably get the same rating.

  14. Elle says:

    The only shows I watch on CBS are How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory so don’t really care about anything else.Might try out Persons Of Interest only because of JJ Abrams and Two Broke Girls interests me a lot of quirky girl sitcoms coming out in the fall which i’m excited about.

  15. Sam says:

    Is there anything (besides the new J.J. Abrams show) that might be considered a spiritual successor to The Good Wife? Like maybe a little more serial than your average CBS show?

  16. mystycl says:

    no the fans will NOT follow it to tuesday night! its up against desperate housewives! are they stupid?
    guess i will lose out on the wife! :( that really upsets me!

    • mystycl says:

      sunday night….

    • goodwife fan says:

      You can’t be a fan of both Good Wife and Desperate Housewives. One is the best drama on TV and the other is an aging bit of garbage that should have been canceled years ago.

      • tamara says:

        well said. Just what I was thinking.

        And it’s stupid to say you’re done with a show cause they move it to another night. If you love a show, you find a way to watch it, whether it’s through dvr, tivo, online, anything!! You don’t just say, oh, well, screw this show cause the network changed its airing day.

      • sunny says:

        So true goodwife fan, so true!!! They don’t even compare.

  17. Ashley says:

    I can’t believe they are moving the Good Wife to Sundays! My DVR will never catch it because of football! Apparently they forgot that Cold Case was ruined because of that.

    • EdTV says:

      Most DVRs can be set to record extra time after a show. Or you can start recording CSI Miami to catch any spillover.

      • Tego Livi says:

        Or you could, like, you know….WATCH it. As it airs, by leaving the TV on that channel, actually running. There’s that horrible torture of having to watch commercials, but who knows, you might actually see something you want to buy.

    • Doug-H says:

      Thankfully, TGW is available ON Demand pretty soon after it airs normally at least on the 2 cable systems I have depending where I am… And don’t forget, CBS overruns are only every other Sunday or so when they have a doubleheader… Also, out west, everything runs on time…

      I do agree Cold Case was ruined by the very late times especially since that show was never available any other way other than TV… No On Demand or online viewing nor ITUNES.. The series finale was on TNT yesterday afternoon BTW… I hadn’t seen it since it was on… I do miss that show..

  18. RickO_UNC says:

    Rules of Engagement to Saturdays??? That, my friends, is equivalent to riding the next to last swirl of water on the way down the toilet bowl.

  19. EdTV says:

    Why does it seem every year there is one time-slot every network wants me to watch. Thursday at 9 is overcrowded I already watch Grey’s, Bones, and The Office, and I want to try Person of Interest. Hopefully CW won’t put something interesting there, I only have two DVRs.

    • tamara says:

      well, the CW has 2 of their best shows on Thursday. The Vampire Diaries and Nikita. Thank god they moved Supernatural to Fridays last year. It didn’t seem like a great idea at the time, but it makes sense now.

    • Kelly says:

      I feel your pain. Mondays at 10pm are painful, and I don’t have DVRs.

  20. Lachlan from AUS! says:

    Great news about Blue Bloods! Weird move by putting Rules of Engagement to saturdays.

  21. Kate says:

    Glad to see Criminal Minds still in place but if CBS doesn’t renew Thomas Gibson’s, contract, how long will that last?

  22. Hank N. says:

    The Good Wife move stinks. Now my wife and I will have to choose between that, Desperate Housewives and the various HBO and Showtime shows that air at that time throughout the year. I need a DVR with 4 or 5 tuners!

    • Kathryn says:

      My thoughts exactly, I think Dexter will probably be airing around that time in the fall

    • Dee says:

      U-Verse records 4 things at a time. Only way I survive.

    • chief says:

      When you watch a lot of tv, ON DEMAND can be your best friend. A lot of shows are available, and most are free. My dvr only records 2 shows at a time, plus space fills up fast, so I watch as much as I can through ON DEMAND.
      **Can’t wait for Dexter to come back – I think it is my favorite show, among many!**

  23. GaryfromCinci says:

    WHAT!!!?? Mad Love cancelled? This sucks so bad. This show was hilarious and had such character. I get so sick of networks giving up so easily on comedies, I guess im not too suprised.. the mid-season replacements never are given a fair shot. I guess I will go back to NOT watching new shows, everytime I find one a like it ends up cancelled.

  24. MGL says:

    Too bad about The Good Wife move. It is CBS’s most prestigious show, but football will never get the times right and no one will find it. Only good thing is that football is currently under lock out so who knows when games will actually be starting.

  25. WB Frog says:

    LOL! Rules on Saturday. That’s called “circling the drain.”

  26. Delirious says:

    Dear Mr Ausiello: it’d be awesome if you added mid-season info to these “fall schedule announcements” when possible. That way, we can kinda get the full picture. Kinda. Yours sincerely, me.

    • Esta says:

      All of these schedules posts have had midseason shows, I’m sure we just need to be patient. I don’t see this CBS news on any other site.

  27. Lou says:

    Never usually watch CBS but I’m excited for Person of Interest, glad the network have a lot of faith in it

  28. Jame betts says:

    I guess you really dont want rules of engagement on your network,i really liked it,but your going to kill it off by putting t on sat. Man,you dont want be to want your network no more do you,just tell me dont kill off a good show to do it.

  29. Tom says:

    Good Wife to Sunday’s is interesting…good news for CSI Miami that will be a great lead in. But, CBS Sunday’s were really screwed up with football, golf, etc. “Miami” had its ratings suffer a bit because of a move to Sunday.



  31. Dana says:

    I know it was a given, but I’m glad to see Hawaii Five-0 officially on the schedule! Love that show.

  32. Matt says:

    First-runs of a scripted comedy on Saturday evenings? What does CBS think this is 1973?

  33. veronica says:

    they could move The Good Wife to Friday at 4am and I’d still watch it. Dern good show.

  34. Alex says:

    Unfortunate that rules of engagement is getting shafted to saturdays….but I guess it won’t have competition from any other networks? I bet one of the new comedies will fail miserably and it will be given its spot.

  35. bmo says:

    why put ROE on a saturday? might as well save it for midseason or don’t renew it…The show is ok but on a Saturday???Shows on their death bed go to Saturday…LAME

  36. jen says:

    Moving CSI to follow Criminal Minds is a good move, IMO. Now if they would just ‘move’ Fishburne’s character off the show, it would be even better. Sorry, but I just don’t like his character and what it has done to the show.

    • Mikey says:

      Agree, great to have CSI follow Criminal Minds, and second the idea of losing Ray Langston (Fishburne’s character)…I was really hoping the finale meant either the death or imprisonment of Dr. Ray!! (Please bring back Gil Grissom!!!)

      • D says:

        Totaly agree with both of you. I hate Ray Langston. And having CSI right after Criminal Minds means that I can watch the whole episode of Bones when it airs instead of being changing channels between FOX and CBS.

  37. David says:

    Wow moving The Good Wife to Sunday at 9 has to be the absolute worst possible placement! I think moving it off Tuesdays is a good idea but there are so many better places for it to go! It may be splitting audience with Parenthood now but it’s going to move somewhere else where it will still split audience (with Desperate Housewives). What a mistake! There are gaping holes in other network’s schedules that CBS really could have taken advantage of by moving such a powerhouse but boy did they drop the ball!

  38. Boiler says:

    Can’t believe Mad Love cancelled for this stuff? Gee at least they could have put it on saturday with Rules!! Don’t watch Good wife but that looks pretty stupid move too.

  39. Marc says:

    This is very good for The Good Wife. The 10:00 slots have become DVR-watching hours. The demo is weak. Very rarely do shows break a 3. So, most 10:00 shows look like under-performers compared to their lead-ins, especially in the demo. On Sunday at 9, it gets the benefit of the decent lead-in and is up against a rapidly declining Desperate Housewives. Given the competition, it should finish second in viewers and third in the demo, and CBS will be very happy.

  40. Amy says:

    The Good Wife is so brilliant I think the fans will tune in regardless of when it airs. At least they aren’t putting it in a more competitive timeslot. Honestly, is anyone even watching Desperate Housewives anymore? You never see any buzz about it these days. Also, glad to hear Person of Interest tested so well. I am tired of procedurals but will give anything Michael Emerson is in a chance.

  41. briab says:

    I sincerely hope that season 3 will
    be the last of The Good Wife

  42. tazzy says:

    Disappointing news about The Good Wife. Sunday night is where CBS puts shows to die (Cold Case is a good example). Sunday afternoon sports always runs over — sometimes pushing shows up to two hours later than programmed.

    And CBS won’t do any better about managing those sports broadcasts than they ever did. I’ll do my best to support, but CBS doesn’t make it easy.

  43. jazlyn says:

    CBS really mad love is a funni show

  44. Amy says:

    For those of you upset re The Good Wife’s move to Sunday and the issue of football games that may run late just set your PVR to record 1 hour+ late that way you will not miss any of the show. I think this is not a horrible move as it fills the void (I realize not the time slot) that Brother’s and Sister’s leaves on Sundays!

  45. billk says:

    Wow, the new stuff is just not appealing. I may watch the premiere of Two and a Half Men just to see how they explain it all but I was getting tired of the redundant joke already. CSI move is pointless since without Peterson it has really lacked the energy it once had.

  46. Kevin says:

    First time I seen CBS having the worst Fall schedule in years. Guess the Eye network and Les Moonves are both getting PUNK’D.

  47. Volcfom says:

    Wow, I never realized that I don’t watch any shows on CBS…

  48. Taryn says:

    YES! All three CSIs are renewed! I personally think that its a great idea for CSI: Las Vegas to be moved to Wednesdays. CSI Miami must have an awesome season opener to follow that one hell of a cliffhanger season finale!

  49. Linda says:

    Yes, The Good Wife on Sundays! I think it’s a really good time slot for the show!

  50. BH says:

    I actually like most of the new shows and scheduling decisions that were made and hoping that I don’t get disappointed by them. To see more of my opinions on many various things, go to my own website.