Breaking: The CW Renews Nikita, One Tree Hill, Axes Hellcats

The CW has ordered a full second season of freshman spy-drama Nikita, TVLine can confirm. The network has also picked up a 13-episode ninth season of One Tree Hill, set to premiere at midseason.

The Tom Welling-produced cheer drama Hellcats didn’t fare as well, and has officially been canceled. Tuesday night’s first season finale (9/8c) will mark the end for the short-lived series.

CW Picks Up Rachel Bilson and Sarah Michelle Gellar Shows, Kevin Williamson’s Secret Circle

How do you feel about today’s CW action? Happy to see more Nikita and One Tree Hill? Or are you bummed Hellcats won’t live to cheer another day? Hit the comments and let us know!

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  1. Kat says:

    Yes Nikita for Season 2! My favorite CW show

  2. just a fan says:

    oh yeah go nikita go,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    wow season 2 here we come,,,,,,,

  3. Tatiana says:

    Glad for Nikita – the season finale was amazing. Great show.
    Glad and not glad for OTH. It should have ended on season 5, saying that at least we’ll have closer. I just hope Luke and Peyton are back for at least a couple of eps.

  4. Tatiana says:

    Glad for Nikita – the season finale was amazing. Great show.
    Glad and not glad for OTH. It should have ended on season 5, saying that at least we’ll have closer. I just hope Luke and Peyton are back for at least a couple of eps.

  5. Tatiana says:

    Glad for Nikita – the season finale was amazing. Great show.
    Glad and not glad for OTH. It should have ended on season 5, saying that at least we’ll have closure. I just hope Luke and Peyton are back for at least a couple of eps.

  6. Jamie says:

    Nikita was renewed – that’s all I care about. Thank God OTH was only renewed for 13 episodes for its final season – that show should have ended a while ago. And, I knew Hellcats would be canceled. I didn’t watch the show, but that’s sad for its fans.

  7. C.C. says:

    So glad OTH is going to get a last season! Excited for the new Sarah Michelle Gellar show as well!

  8. veronica says:

    NOOOOO HELLCATS!!! I really thought the CW might invest another season into it (as it was the hiatus that killed it)

    Uuuuuug. I lose Hellcats AND V!??@!?

  9. Kara says:

    Soooo very happy Nikita and One Tree Hill will be back!

  10. Rachel says:

    So happy for OTH!!! I’ve literally been campaigning about a season 9 for a month now. Today is a great day.

  11. Laurel says:

    I feel bad for Tom Welling
    He lost both of his shows Smallville & Hellcats.
    The CW really did a number on him.
    I hope he finds something soon.

    • Leah says:

      I wouldn’t call smallville ending after 10 seasons, losing it. No one ever thought it would last that long anyway. I would bet Tom is excited about doing something new, probably movies.

  12. Karla says:

    Wow! I’m so glad that OTH got to have another season and super excited to watch and see the whole cast again especially Quinn and Clay.. This makes my day super happy, knowing that Season 9 will be aorong this midseason.. Shocks Can’t WAIT!! Kudos OTH!

  13. algalhi says:

    Yaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!! Nikita renewed – I’m dancing! It’s my favorite show on television. Congrats to Maggie Q and company!

  14. Dee says:

    So happy for Nikita!!!

  15. JLCollins says:

    YAY OTH, Boo Hellcats. I love Hellcats.

  16. Sarah says:

    YAY!! So excited about one tree hill xx

  17. schaden says:


  18. Emily says:

    Thrilled that OTH gets another season!!!! I definitely was not ready for tonight to be the end!

  19. Whitney says:

    OMG Why they cancel Hellcats. I loved that show i still do. i am sad but Nikita and One Tree Hill isnt cancel.

  20. Mindy says:

    I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but I’m sad that Hellcats is going off the air.

  21. Stevie says:

    Can’t handle this… Hellcats and Off The Map cancelled? Say what you want about my TV preferences but I can say for sure that my DVR will be a lot emptier this fall :-/

  22. Sally says:

    I think OTH should have been cancelled and Hellcats given a 13 episode pick up. OTH has been over for a while now and Hellcats deserved a chance to shine. Very happy about Nikita though!

  23. Kelly says:

    Glad Nikita will get a second season and looking forward to seeing how they play Alex and Amanda’s uneasy alliance at Division. Sorry to see Hellcats go; it was a pretty cute show with real potential. Those two shows, Supernatural, and Smallville (at least during its transparent but entertaining skewering of the Glen Beck hatriots) have been the only things on the CW worth watching since the net axed Veronica Mars.

  24. Nell Espinoza says:

    I can’t wait for Nikita to have a season 2. It will be epic.

  25. LexiiH says:


  26. Aria says:

    I dont know what it is but about midway through the season I started to hate Marti. Alice was the only interesting thing about the show…I kept watching anyway for Gale Harold.

  27. Lore says:


  28. Mike says:

    what happened to awakening pilot is it getting picked up

  29. Ivy says:

    SQUEEE! I am so happy NIKITA got renewed. I can’t wait gor a lot more Mikita and learning more about Nikita’s past. This is the best show ever. Bring it on….more Shaggie pics to come…..wiiii!

  30. em says:

    Don’t really care about OTH anymore, but YES for Nikita!

  31. Lulu says:

    Extremely escatic about the FULL season of Nikita! Best show CW put out… EVER!!!

  32. Crys says:

    OTH gets a 9th season but Veronica Mars got axed after 3, doesn’t seem fair.

    • Livia says:

      I feel your pain Crys… I miss Veronica Mars and am still hoping against hope that we’ll get that movie… If not though, at least I can still watch it on dvd and on netflix.

      • HungryHyrax says:

        A little while back WB set up this email address:

        email WB and tell them that first and foremost you want them to go a head with the VM movie and that you 1000% support it!

        and then also email them to at least release the rights to make it to RT and KB so they could at least try to go independent and to also release the series on blu-ray already! I mean who wants to buy the DVD when the over the air broadcast looked 10x better!

  33. Livia says:

    NIKITA!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY! Thank you CW for using your brains and actually keeping a good show around for once! Although, not sure how I feel about OTH. I love the show. I own all seven seasons, but the way they set up this season, it felt like it should have been the end. Haley got a second baby. Nathan found life after basketball. Clay has Quinn. Marvin and Millie are together both in love and in the job. Brooke finally got her happily ever after. Chase got Alex. The Rivercourt was saved, and Karen’s Cafe is back…. what else is left for storytelling? I’ll probably still watch next season, but I think creatively, it might have been nice to end the show here.

  34. Michelle says:

    LOVE One Tree Hill! One of the best shows ever made. I am so glad they will get the proper closure it deserves.

    Hellcats started off great early on in the season, but the storylines eventually became very boring.

  35. deedeedragons says:

    What will be alive after a nuclear war? Cockroaches & One Tree Hill.

  36. Traci says:

    super bummed about hellcats. a lot of people on my campus watch it we just never have time to watch it when it actually comes on and have to watch it on upsetting CW :(

    • mimi says:

      i know i hate that they go by only watched on tv ratings… im in australia, and all my friends and i watch it online, its quite popular here!

      damn you CW!

  37. Nikita says:

    Nikita is just the beeeeesssst show aliiiive….wwwwwwwwwwwooooooohoooooooooooooooooooo

  38. Stephanie says:

    i wish life unexpected would have stayed on.

  39. Nita says:

    Yaaaay…so happy for Nikita..!! Can’t wait to see Mikita vs Amanda/Alex! Don’t care about OTH, but kinda sad about Hellcats, hope Ashley Tisdale & Matt Barr will get new (and better) shows..

  40. elle says:

    I’m so glad that Nikita got renewed. It has great potential. Some of the writing has been a bit iffy so here’s hoping its as amazing as the recent episodes next season.

    I don’t mind Hellcats. I was hoping it would get renewed but I’m happy it got cancelled rather than Nikita. The writing has been pretty crap for that too. It was a good idea but very poorly executed, it was too rushed. Too much focus on music and dance routines and not enough drama.

  41. kj says:

    It’s too bad the OTH crew didn’t know this before shooting the finale. It was very series finale, and it would have been nice to see Brooke be pregnant and have her babies in a nice way, not wtf that was that happened there. I loved the Jamie in the sweatshirt scene at the end, but after the whole “he loves baseball” thing, that scene only makes sense if it’s how they’re ending the show.

  42. SomeDude says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A ninth season of One Tree Hill!!! But what the heck only 13 eps. And mid-season airdate. What?! But they said the same thing for season eight and we got 22 episodes. Hopefully over the summer we get a full season order for at least 23 episodes. But still, we finally got our farewell season… doesnt that count?

  43. marie says:

    Hell yeah!! Nikita all the way 2 the top, bst show ever

  44. Ashley says:

    No offense but One Tree Hill needs to end, I used to love that show but they’re kind of running out of new ideas. Also, it sucks that Hellcats isn’t coming back, I love that show!

  45. B.S. says:

    There’s no need to talk bad about shows that many people enjoy.

  46. kiki'15sowhat says:


  47. Chloe Perry says:

    Sad for Tom that hellcats is over :( hes a great producer!! luv u tom! xxx

  48. zan zan says:

    yeahhh!!!! for one tree hill…….has always been ah huge fan…so i’m always in support of dat show….but ah now startin 2 kinda give hellcats ah chance..:(

  49. KarnackIvan says:

    Hell Yea for Nikita!!!!! But what the freak, Hellcats should atleast get another season. Everyone who likes Hellcats should fight to bring it back. If 90210 can go for more than one season than why can’t Hellcats?

  50. sam says:

    didn’t really care to pay attention to these pickups/cancellations. supernatural was renewed and that’s all that matters to me. it’s the best show they’ve got