One Tree Hill Star: Fans Deserve a Final Season

One Tree Hill‘s eighth season comes to a close this Tuesday at 8/7c, and with the series’ future still up in the air (well, kind of), cast member Stephen Colletti believes The CW soap has earned at least one more year.

One Tree Hill — and it’s fans — is something that deserves a farewell season,” Colletti, who plays Chase, Tric’s bar manager, tells TVLine.

In fact, big things lie ahead for the show’s onetime “Clean Teen,” which makes the actor’s desire to keep Tree Hill alive all the more apparent. “There’s a lot going on with Chase,” Colletti offers. “There are some dark times, but there are also some positive conclusions in the end.” Namely, the end of the love triangle between Chase, Mia (played by Kate Voegle) and Alex (Jana Kramer).

“I can promise fans won’t be left hanging as to where Alex and Chase’s relationship is going,” he teases. “The season will end in a way of, this is how it’s going to be. “

But it won’t all be happy. Colletti reveals that some of Chase’s choices — like entering the Air Force and leaving his little pal Chuck (Michael May) behind — “won’t make everyone happy.”

If Tuesday’s finale is in fact the end of the CW sudser, you can still catch Colletti, alongside OTH costar James Lafferty, in their new web series, Wild Life. “We want to go out to scenic areas in America, and showcase what these places have to offer,” Lafferty recently told TVLine. “These places are accessible to anybody, and supported by people visiting them. So, if we don’t get out there, it’s easy for them to lose their funding and possibly one day disappear.” You can watch the gang’s pilot episode over at GenerationWild.TV.

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  1. L. says:

    It’s been years that OTH deserved a final season…

  2. Britney says:

    The idea that anyone really cares about Chase or how any of his storylines wrap up is hilarious to me. His character is so beyond useless, as are any storylines he’s involved in.

  3. A says:

    Seriously- haven’t OTH fans been saying “We deserve a final season” for the past three seasons? I think that sense of entitlement has run it’s course.

    • BearDogg-X says:

      Exactly. There’s no more story to tell on this show, Brooke’s having her miracle babies tonight. Storylines have been recycled so often as there’s only so many car crashes(at least one per season) and psycho stalkers(at least three times) you can use before intelligent people stop caring.

      This season has been looking more and more like a final season, but the sheep don’t seem to care.

      The show has run its course. Learn to let go.

  4. Bianca says:

    I am really hoping OTH gets picked up for another season. This season has proved that the show & it’s characters can indeed survive without all of the Lucas and Peyton drama.
    This season has; in my opinion, been really strong and well executed. With all the character development that has gone into season 8, it really does deserve the chance to continue for another season.

  5. laura says:

    this is the end of tree hill

    • Hope you're right says:

      I really hope it is the last year for OTH. These folks have got to go. They have overstayed their welcome by a handful of years.

  6. Elle says:

    I used to love One Tree Hill but I had to drop it this season I hate dropping shows but this season was just too awful and so I hope the show gets put out of its misery *don’t hate me OTH obsessers* I would hate to see this once great teen drama keep going down.

  7. Christine says:

    When Lucas and Peyton left, so did I. I tried to watch after, but it was too awful. The storylines just got so ridiculous and with characters that I didn’t really care about. I will always only care about the original core 5: Lucas, Peyton, Nathan, Haley, Brooke (and to a certain extent Mouth aka Minkus). Stop trying to sell me on Millie/Chase/Mia/Haley’s sister/etc

    • Dan H. says:

      Hilarious that any fan of this show would complain about the storylines being “too ridiculous” this season. Really? More ridiculous than the crazy nanny? Two high schoolers getting married as Juniors? One brother killing another, in the aftermath of a Virginia Tech-style massacre? That same murderer becoming a motivational speaker and getting a heart transplant after his crazy teen beauty queen bride offed another guy? Really, THIS SEASON was too ridiculous for you??

      I would like to see the show end as well, as I think it’s run its course. But ridiculous plot twists were the only reason to watch in the first place.

      • BearDogg-X says:

        When only one person got wounded(Peyton) and the shooter turns the gun on himself, that’s not a Virginia Tech/Columbine-style massacre.

  8. lou says:

    One tree hill should have ended a few seasons ago, I agree. However, I do still watch, and if they are going to end it then it deserves a proper send off and to have all the loose ends tied up. It has had a great run. It deserves a proper farewell.

  9. Ryan says:

    I’m pretty sure by ‘final season’ they mean a season officially announced from the start as the final season, like Smallville last year and Chuck this year. The obviously very dedicated fans who have been with the show for 8 years deserve to know the fate of the show at least before the finale. If this was to be the final season, the CW should have announced it at least a few weeks ago.

  10. Sean says:

    This show should’ve ended YEARS ago!! I used to be a hardcore fan but this show has run its course and does not deserve to get renewed over Hellcats. Give the rookie show a chance!! Hellcats is waaaay better than OTH has been for the past 3 seasons.

  11. BearDogg-X says:

    And as I typed an earlier reply, Sophia Bush just tweeted that the morons running the CW renewed OTH for 13 episodes.

  12. Ingmar says:

    I could be perfectly happy with tonight’s finale as series finale since as from what I have heard it the show is going full circle. Every year fans want ”one more year to wrap things up ”, they just cant let go. I love OTH and grew up with it but 8 seasons…they better go out now while they can end on own terms instead of being in danger again next year and next year it might not even have the chance to have such an amazing series finale. And why do fans want the show back? Only one reason : They want Peyton and Lucas, because without them the finale cant be great….ofcourse it can be great without them. They left 2 seasons ago and were nearly never mentioned in the show…lol.

    • BearDogg-X says:

      Better to be canceled one season too early than one season too late.

      Things were already being wrapped up. The CW once again proved themselves to be run by idiots.

  13. Logan says:

    This show has jumped the shark already. I already stopped watching, not going to bother if it comes back next year.

  14. I want Season 2 of Nikita !!!!

  15. Patrick says:

    OTH has been renewed.

  16. Jason says:

    This entire season, aside from the one hurricane/crazy Katie episode, has been one long, tiring love letter/goodbye. If we have to endure the SAME CRAP again, I may kick the television.

    It’s coming back, so please, Mark: Write some compelling, dark, twisted, watercooler storylines. Don’t make us just watch people going thru the motions of everyday ordinary life on TV. That is not entertaining. Make us feel something. No more goo. No more goody-goody feel-good, sappy nonsense.

    Let the show go out on a high note, not people wishing you’d never got the 9th season. Seriously.

  17. xav says:

    LOL. One Tree Hill fans deserved a final season five years ago.

  18. whitney says:

    This is my favorite show….i agree the show has earned at least one more season…and for when the time comes to finish it out make it go with a bang…Season 9 left too many unanswered questions and ideas. I vote at least one for season of not two…:)

    • BearDogg-X says:

      What unanswered questions, exactly? The main characters got everything they wanted. This show will end with a whimper. At least Smallville had an endgame: Clark becoming Superman.

  19. Jeri says:

    For all the people that quit watching, why read the post and comment if you hate it so much.

    I think the show is better without Lucas. He was aways whiny and his running back and forth between the women was ridiculous.

    I’m glad they’ll be back. I like the remaining actors and think they do a good job.