Idoloonies: All-Girl Finale for Punching Bag Haley and 'Underdog' Lauren?

It seems like just yesterday we were watching Crystal Bowersox, Casey James, and Lee DeWyze visit their hometowns and duke it out for a place in the American Idol season 9 finale. But nope, that was then, and Haley Reinhart, Lauren Alaina, and Scotty McCreery are our now.

On this week’s episode of Idoloonies, Season 6 finalist Melinda Doolittle and I take a long, hard look at the Idol season as it approaches the point of confetti explosions, copious tears, and incredibly maudlin ballads. Why did the judges see fit to treat Haley like a steel piñata last week? (And what was Melinda’s surprising first thought when they did it?) How come no one ever bothered to tell James Durbin his “rocker jump/pyro blast” combo was getting old? Why was one of Scotty McCreery’s Top 4 performances a little like Old Yeller? What early foreshadowing from evil genius Nigel Lythgoe has played out in flawlessly scripted fashion over the last five months? And who will and should be the final two?

Melinda and I make our predictions and ponder all these questions in an action-packed three-part episode. Plus, there’s an impromptu “lesson” in the use of air quotes. So press play below, and for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Yo says:

    Wow! Idoloonies! Oh boy!

    • song says:

      It would be a lot of fun if Haley did one of Pink’s song. I told her that on Twitter. Maybe she will.

    • lking says:

      Love Idoloonies each week, and in particular when Melissa with you. Couple of thoughts: 1) why are they dressing Lauren like one of the Housewives of choose your city. 2) Can’t think of a single reason why Randy Jackson still sitting on that judges stand. 3) would love to see a Haley-Scotty finals. 4) Amazing how good the contestants from other years look and sound on the Idol stage, while the “big” stars all are packaged and on tape. 5) Lady Gaga’s mentoring was a hoot, as was her outfit!

      • mark says:

        gaga was great! notice her heels had glass penises on them…

      • SajiNoKami says:

        Lauren dresses that way because she wants to. Top 5 r she said: our stylist wants to kill me. She must be really picky.

      • MrsFitzDarcy says:

        Looking back on my horrible fashion history, I realize that until I hit 35 I dressed older than my age, partially when I was young because my grandmother bought clothes for me, and partially because I wanted to seem older. Lauren’s black outfit on Thursday was the best so far. It was very slimming and she looked age appropriate. Also, she has a round face and the flat ironed hair made her look sophisticated without being too old.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          MrsFitzDarcy (we aren’t related – :-)
          I agree about Lauren. I posted earlier that they finally got her out of the Lennon Sisters/”Hee Haw” wardrobe. The black outfit she wore last week was absolutely the best.
          Even though the judges clobber on Haley every week she always looks like a million dollars, while Lauren looks awful most of the time.

    • Mark says:

      I love how the James and Scottie camps were warring with other over who was the goofiest least talented contestant.

      The James camp attacks Scotty as looking like he is a cross between Howdy Doody, and Alfred E. Newman. That he can only sing about 3 notes, and that all of his performances sound, and look the same.

      The Scottie camp hits back with how James has ears the size of a Grendle’s, and that he sounds like a female hyena in heat when he hits the high notes, and that he has no low register at all etc.

      Personally I’m tired of all the negativity, I’d like to see an all girls finale this year. They both are talented and deserving.

      • Tusk says:

        For an example of an all girls final, just look at that KICK@SS duet between Haley and Lauren. That is the most energetic and alive performance I have seen from Lauren in awhile. I think Lauren took pointers from her big Sis, Haley. Also, noticed the growl of attitude in her (Lauren’s) voice too. Compare that to the boy’s self-ingratiating, snoozefest of a duet.

        That was the only thing that might have made this Idoloonies even better (Great Episode BTW):

        A few minutes of comments on the Girl’s Duet performance. OMG was Haley hot doing that dance when she was back to back with Lauren near the end? I wish someone could create the animation of that few seconds looped. She was smoking hot….still perspiring thinking about it…

        • Tusk says:

          Oh yeah and their voices harmonized really well…(It is a singing competition after all) ;)

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Tusk- I agree. That duet was indeed kicka** and I would have enjoyed a few more comments.
          Also, I missed Randy Jackson not sounding like Charlie Brown’s Teacher. :-)
          Other than that, GREAT Idoloonies, as usual. Love Melinda Doolittle and I hope she makes it to the Midwest sometime. She’s so well-versed on all types of music (her mention of Brad Paisley did not go unnoticed). Trace Adkins sometimes makes odd faces when he sings but he’s much older than Scotty and not quite as over the top.

      • SajiNoKami says:

        IMO both boys are odd ducks. But I still like them best.

    • linda says:

      GREAT JOB!!! Loved it…

    • Mishavonna says:


    • moshrash says:

      Can someone explain to me how, when Seacrest asked who needs to UP THEIR GAME, Randy’s response naming a tie between Scotty, Lauren and James was construed as a dis against Haley by Haley herself, Slezak, Melinda, the paparazzi, and the untold minions of fans? Am I missing something?

      Oh well, it gave us ‘I Who Have Nothing’, for which I am eternally grateful

  2. HappyDays says:

    Yeah Melinda!!!

    • KristenV says:

      Yes! GREAT co-host!

      • Tusk says:

        I enjoy her online critiques after the shows. She is the rare commentator that is able to relay nuances, as well as having the experiences of an Idol, to be able to speak to what we’re seeing. Most posts are either a blow by blow iteration of what we all saw, or are heavily opinionated. Melinda, could be a judge the way she is able to remove her biases to make great critical observations.

        An example: I never realised, is Haley the only one, maybe Jacob too, of the top 5 or 6, that NEVER did the walk through and around the crowd?? Until, Melinda pointed that out, it never even occured to me. That enhances my perception of the advice given by Sheryl Crowe to Lauren (which apparantly, Haley was already doing ;)). We have all noticed one thing that Lauren needs to work on is breath control. And Melinda spoke to, how ignoring that advice detracted from her performance. Great observation.

    • kristie says:

      all hail melinda!!!! :D

  3. darclyte says:

    Hey Michael, I love ya and all, but Haley has about as much chance of being in the Final 2 as I do. She’s been in the Bottom 4 times and there’s little chance that it’ll be anything but an all country teen finals. I wanted it to be James/Haley, but Idol’s “gone country” this year and I don’t think there’s anything going to stop that “Long Black Train.”

    • meh says:

      AGREED! If you think Haley even has a chance..”You’ve Gotta Another Thing Comin.” Buzz on internet..James fans will either not vote or vote for Scotty “Bieber” McCreery.

      • Bamabunny says:

        What’s so silly is, if they REALLY wanted Haley gone they’d vote for Lauren. Scotty has this locked up. Learn from Season Eight, when a lot of voters “put the ‘GO’ in Gokey” by voting for Kris, knowing Adam was safe.

        *Sigh* I miss the Slezak/Kristen Baldwin dynamic.

        • jj says:

          I miss Baldwin too – but I still love the Idoloonies!

        • Liz says:

          Why would we want to vote for Lauren “the chosen one” Alaina? TPTB would have figured a way to make sure she won if it came down to a James/Lauren final. Anyway, James made it clear he is supporting Scotty and wants him to take it. So we will vote for Scotty for him, since James won’t be there we can do this for him.

        • nope says:

          Nope Bamabunny, I am going to vote for Scotty a bunch of times. You think he is safe, but anything could happen. There is only three left. Good try though LOL.

        • HungryHyrax says:


          (although that said I would much prefer Lauren+Haley but I don’t think Scotty can be knocked off, at least not in this round)

        • NedPepper says:

          Baldwin is the Senior Editor at EW. I don’t know if Slezak’s exit from that website might have damaged their relationship or not, but I wouldn’t be holding my breath for her to show up on TVline.

      • Jason S says:

        Please don’t try to Sabotage Haley for James outster. MElinda is right when she says James is better off and have more rocker credibility by getting voted off. What he needs to do if he truly wants to be a metal artist is form a band. You can’t have a metal band without a great guitar player and he needs to find that and his fans will stick by him if he writes some good songs. Singing the type of songs Idol producers would write for him would not work for a metal artist. IT just would not work!!! Plus Haley has been outsinging everyone so why would you blame her and not Lauren! Lauren is the reason James got eliminated. Haley has been in the top 2 in voting the last two weeks. Or possibly Scotty who mauy have been bottom two last week ( he was the last one standing with JAmes)

        • Jody says:

          Beg to differ. Both Lauren’s songs were impessive and Haley’s MJ song performance was AWFUL–by the end it was painful to listen to. Only one of her two songs have been good the last two weeks. We don’t need a 50% Idol. BTW, don’t fall for the trick of assuming anybody is in the bottom two just because they’re the last ones standing. The Idol producers are genious about how they reveal the results and want us to assume things that aren’t necessarily true!

          • HungryHyrax says:

            Her Earth Song was not awful and even if you didn’t like it, which is fine, it was certainly better than Young Blood looky looky looky you have to at least give that. And the other week her GaGa song was not bad at all. And you fail to mention her other two were the single best of the night and in past years if you had one such best of night the other didn’t even matter not even if it was a bomb (and these were not). How can you say the one who won the last two weeks best performance is batting 50%? Isn’t it 100%? Haha.

        • @galaga6846 says:

          James has already said that he wants to put together a great band before anything else, and has already made this point. So, yay! I think he understands what direction he needs to go in, and I am pretty certain that he’s the type who will stay true to himself. I don’t see him taking the horrible advice he’s been given so far. One producer said he should try to be more mainstream and do something upon the lines of Nickelback- that metal doesn’t sell. Another producer thought he should get together with someone who works with Katy Perry and Ke$ha, and that the metal thing isn’t going to make him (them) a lot of money. I hope he does the same thing he did to Jimmy Iovine while he was giving his suggestions, and that’s the complete opposite.

          Sorry, James rant over. Haley and Lauren for the finale!!!

      • Erin says:

        As a James fan that speed dialed Haley last week (inadvertently sending him home) I KNOW she is going to the final. Rock unites and Country is divided. However, all the Lauren fans will run to Scotty when she goes home, so Haley cannot actually win.

      • SajiNoKami says:

        James voter here: I am voting for Scotty because he is my 2nd fav after james, not to sabotage anyone. I hope haley is in the final with him. But I am not going to vote for haley just because you all tell me too.

        • HungryHyra says:

          Hey totally fine, nobody has a single thing against that. Of course that is what you should do if Scotty is your second favorite.

          But a few days ago tons of James fans were posting all over forums that they were voting for the others to get back at Haley (what she personally ‘did’ is a mystery of course).

      • adamfan says:

        James fan here, will not vote tonight at all. Like pretty much anyone but Haley. Incredible how she became HUGE on this site for no good reason.

        • Max says:

          Kinda like you hate Haley. For no good reason.

          • adamfan says:

            I only wrote 3 sentences, read them again, there is no word hate in there. I do not care for Haley, don’t like her voice. Why is that bad. Don’t we all have favorites? This is a competition, my favorite is out and since people were asking if James’ fans will vote for Haley, I am simply stating no. A lot of James’ fans associate Haley with him going home. Like it or not. We are all entitled to our opinions. There are people on this site who have been calling others horrible names.I think that we are all, or mostly adults and can have intelligent exchange. Not liking Haley and not wanting to vote for her is my choice. I also can’t see myself ever buying anything that she puts out but never say never if the song is really great I will close my eyes and fork over the 99 cents. Love and peace

        • Tusk says:

          Hmm a James fan that can’t appreciate that Haley got permission from ROBERT PLANT AND JIMMY PAGE to play their song after they heard her sing House of the Rising Sun. They contacted Idol, Idol didn’t go to them.


          • @galaga6846 says:

            Who are these horrible “fans” who put other contestants down? Frankly, it’s an embarrassment. Lambert fans that put down James. Haley fans that put down Scotty. James fans that put down Haley. C’MON! This needs to stop. Really.

    • macontosh2000 says:

      Haleys position reminds me alot of how Kris Allen was treated during his season. He was the cannon fodder/underdog contestant who no matter how good his performance was, he never received the praise he deserved, and he seemed to be in the bottom 3 alot. Kris won because he got Danny Gokeys and part of Alison Irahetas fanbase.

      Haley I think has a strong chance of winning this. Most of The Durbs fanbase will flock to Haley which should be enough to take out Lauren. Laurens fanbase will split between Haley and Scotty. The finale will be Scotty fanbase (plus the country fans who voted Lauren) Vs Haleys fanbase (and everyone who cant stand Scotty).
      She could win this!.


      • meh says:

        Too bad Scotty’s fan base is quadruple the amount of any contestant. Haley has no chance. James voters are not going to her. IMO. James promoted Scotty, so James fans will support him

        • macontosh2000 says:

          I seriously doubt that James fans are going to Scotty. Everyone i have read comments from that said that they were big fans of James also usually go off on how much they cant stand Scotty.
          Maybe I am just being naive but i to like to think that there is a pretty good amount of viewers that actually think for themself, and can tell that Scotty is terrible. But then again this is also the same group of people that made Taylor Hicks/Lee Dewyze “American Idols”.

        • Lily says:

          Too bad though. A lot of Haley fans have also been James fans, enjoying rock, blues, artistry and daring performances. A Haley/James finale would have been epic, since those two were responsible for most of the ‘moments’ this season. I’m not sure that an all-country snoozefest of Lauren/Scotty is the greatest tribute to James. I’m curious, does Uncle Nigel really think enough of America are country fans to watch a Lauren/Scotty finale? I’d expect that to be the lowest-rated finale ever in Idol history.

          • Tusk says:

            My dream final WAS James/Haley, James being second to Haley. That being said, at this moment, I am so GLAD, James is gone. Mostly because of alot of his fan base. I can forgive him some of his statements (about himself and what he’s done) might be part of the Aspergers, but The intensity that James’ fans have for blaming Haley, has gotten so venomous.

            They complain all that Haley does is scream (huh…a James fan complaining about screaming….)and make disparaging remarks from a few seconds of reaction footage in the heat of performance/critiqueing/competition.

            From what I’ve seen, Haley is a hard working, comfident, easy going and VERY talented woman. It’s amazing to me many of the venomous remarks are from James’ female fans. If I had a daughter, she could do a whole lot worse than have Haley Rheinhart to look up to. Fine example of a remarkable woman.

          • Terry says:

            Agreed. I wanted a Haley/James finale. What do all these people blaming Haley for James’ exit want, and all country finale? That would make me, to quote Willow’s doppelganger, bored now.

          • @galaga6846 says:

            Again, as a James fan, I would never put another contestant down, or blame another contestant. They are all friends on the show, they support eachother. Can’t the fans let these things go? This makes me shake my head, roll my eyes, and hit my face with my palm. It’s actually making my stomach hurt, to think people would be like that.

        • maitaisoo says:

          “Too bad Scotty’s fan base is quadruple the amount of any contestant”… EXACTLY, and that is why he is a lock for the Idol title. All season long, McCreery’s dial idol (always 1st) margin from 2nd place is more than enough to insulate him from losing the other voting venues: text & web (max 50).

          • meh says:

            That is WHY Scotty has never had to go last. He has tons of voters, no need to go in pimp spot.

        • wheeling2 says:

          Has anyone looked at the video count of over 1 million for Haley’s version of Rolling in the Deep? Where’s Scotty’s count? Lauren’s count? not even close

          • Max says:

            Let’s not forget Bennie and the Jets, I who have nothing and House of the rising sun. All of which are getting pretty close to the 1 million mark.

        • HungryHyrax says:

          well first she has to even get there and this week will not be easy don’t anyone here kid themselves and think she has it made it’s gonna be sooooo tough for her to make it to finale two, a huge uphill battle really

          but if she does make it while it will be super tough again she could have a chance if Scotty still hasn’t had another sginature of the night and she has some more and for the finale you might get all sorts of new and casual viewers and if she rocks it out they might go for her over country, big population areas like NYC/Chicago/LA/etc. not much country listening there (that said Scotty seems to be getting a lot of votes from people who never listen to country and never will even if he wins) espcecially if he does any more looky looky looky stuff I don’t think that would fly in the finale.

        • mark says:

          Haley loved James, said he was a rocking guy, Scottie on the other hand was bothered by James love of “Metal” and felt the need to kiss his cross when James left the room. Then theres comments abut how Scottie did not think James had any kind of low register worth talking about, and was pitchy a lot

          So no I don’t think James fans are going to vote for Scottie.

          • Mary Ann says:

            Considering the childish comments they usually make against Haley, I actually think they are petty enough to vote for Scotty/Lauren (and not because they like them or anything, because they’re “not Haley”)
            It is absolutely disgusting to see them blame her for something she didn’t do.

          • @galaga6846 says:

            Where did Scotty make these comments about James? I didn’t think I’d ever see the day when contestants on Idol were criticizing each other. It’s not Survivor or Celebrity Apprentice. Usually, they’re very supportive of each other. Link, please!

      • The Ween says:

        “Haley Reinhart is going to be a trainwreck this season.” This is Michael Slezak’s quote from the first Idoloonies with Melinda Doolittle this season. And I agreed with him wholeheartedly. I couldn’t stand that growl. I couldn’t believe she was voted into the top 13! But I have to tell you, I LOVE HER!!! “Benny and the Jets” was the turning point, and she can (almost) do no wrong for me. I was not a big fan of Kris Allen in the beginning, either. I think I started loving him with “She Works Hard for the Money.” The difference with that season is that I had almost equal love for Kris, Adam, and Allison (not so much Gokey), and this season I could care less about Lauren and Scotty. They just don’t appeal to me in any way. HALEY FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Jason S says:

          Yeah Slezak also at one point said she had no chance of winning the competition and then dubbed her Haley “Scarnato Shorts” Reinhart. I think HAley’s early mistake was picking “Falling” first! It did get her voted to the top 10 because it was an amazing vocal but it also sort of made it seem like she was going to be a wannabe because Falling has been done so many times on the show and it’s a very uninspired choice. She won me over the next week with “Blue” which was a song I had never heard before and I though it was awesome!! I think she’s the sexiest contestant to get this far. Carrie and Mcphee were also sexy but they were more demure about it. Haley just oozes sex appeal from the beginning of her Idol run til now!!!!!

          • darclyte says:

            I didn’t like Haley at all at first, but I thought that she did a nice job with “Blue,” which I remember when Leeann released it originally. I didn’t think that she deserved to be in the Bottom 3 that week, and that made me feel like she had no chance to win. 2 more trips into the bottom later, I STILL don’t think she can win, and win or lose I don’t think it’ll affect sales of any album she puts out. She doesn’t have mass appeal, has never been a favorite, and would more than likely become the worst selling Idol winner should she win. Taylor was always considered a front runner with Daughtry, and both he and Lee were never in the Bottom, so BOTH have a bigger fan base. Winning or losing would make the biggest difference to Lauren, but I think she’s far too immature to handle the finale. Losing will probably crush her, and winning could ruin her life as she is ill equipped to handle the fame. I’ve been saying for YEARS that Idol would love to have a male country winner, but it’s too bad that it’ll probably be Scotty. That John Wayne guy probably would have been a better choice.

          • Buster Cretin says:

            Haley personifies what is best about Idol. I didn’t like her at first either, but she won me over. And over time I think she’s become a better performer. I love watching people grow on the Idol stage. I don’t want to be told by the judges that they found The One in the auditions. What’s the fun in that?

            Remember David Cook’s hair when he first stepped onto the Idol stage?

        • Ronnie says:

          That is the thing that makes people like Haley. She has not been perfect every time, but she is the only contestant who has actually shown growth and improvement over the season. James and Scotty never get/got feedback and thus have not changed or improved. Lauren (by being kicked into the bottom) had the fear put into her and she has improved slightly.
          Good, constructive feedback helps performances. The problem has never been the critiques given to Haley, it has been the lack of critique for all the other contestants.

          • Rick says:

            The Judges have not given much constructive feedback to anyone let alone Haley. She has grown from working with the mentors and Jimmy. The contestants work with them all week. So the 5 minutes worth of non sense they get from the judges is pretty useless. I don’t understand why people think that this set of judges could help anyone.

            Final point is what the hell happened to Randy Jackson? It’s not like he was ever a great judge but if you watch his critiques from prior years they almost make him sound coherent. This year a crack addict makes more sense!

          • hopeful says:

            Great article from Ann Powers, LA Times
            Haley Reinhart’s bumpy, sincere road to ‘Idol’s’ top 3
            Reinhart’s “Idol” journey offers a striking contrast. Introduced as a Season 9 reject in her audition reel and then nearly losing her spot after a big stumble during Hollywood Week’s group round, Reinhart has been a consistent near-loser, biting her knuckles in the elimination round’s bottom grouping four times.
            …Only Reinhart has offered a series of musical performances that shed light on her internal development. She started out technically impressive but a little callow, a show poodle. Over time, she connected with her material and began to tell us the story of herself.
            …These moments in which Reinhart has claimed what the musicologist and “Idol” watcher Katherine Meizel calls “personal artistic authenticity” — the quality of being able to connect the specifics of your life with those of a song — recall others, such as David Cook and Fantasia Barrino, who made “Idol” more exciting by playing their victories as motivated by emotional leaps of faith.

          • Tusk says:


            That was a hell of a write up. I have not seen a more thorough and right on mark write up for Haley. Sounds like she’s a fan. What a refreshing article to read post “James’ elimination”.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            @hopeful – Wow, thanks for posting that!

          • Julie says:

            Powers hits the nail on the head with this:
            “Though she lacks both the dramatic back story of neurologically challenged rocker James Durbin and the comical charm of her pal Abrams, Reinhart beat both partly by fulfilling a classic “Idol” narrative through a vehicle that, this season, has mattered surprisingly little: her actual performances.”

            BUT she also says this:
            “Coming in so well-formed, few “Idol” hopefuls this year had much chance to actually grow through their performances. New judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have gotten much guff for soft-balling their critiques, but in truth, there hasn’t been much for them to work with. These kids knew who they were and were there, basically, to sell themselves.”

            NO NO NO — As anyone who has watched all season with two ears made of anything but tin could tell you, there has been PLENTY for those judges to criticize (and some less visible reason why they’ve chosen not to do so). Recently a NY Times writer made a similar comment. SO smart and articulate commentators that you are.. it’s time to get your typing fingers over that LA TImes site and set that other columnist and all her main-stream readers straight!

        • HungryHyrax says:

          It’s funnyhow I seem to be the only around who saw something in her way back at auditions, kept a close watch right from the start. Just something there.

      • Jess says:

        Kris was only in the Bottom 3 once, and that was the week Adam was in the Bottom 2. It was Top 5 week, so he was also in the Top 3 that week. Wikipedia is your friend, btw ;)

        • lesfull says:

          LOL- I juat posted this exact thing including the comment about him being arguably in the top three.

        • darclyte says:

          Kris was never in the Bottom 2 or 3. Fantasia is still the ONLY winner to ever be in the Bottom. Like how they paired Scotty with Casey in “random results,” they may have paired Kris with the person who got booted, but Kris was never actually in the Bottom.

      • Idolhead Ed says:

        Yo Macontosh, if being in the bottom 3 once is a lot then you’re right. I don’t think Kris was ever really cannon fodder. And the only reason Allison was not in the top 3 was the scare Ryan put into Adam voters by making a fake bottom 3 top 5 night. Adam and Allie voters were pretty much the same. But after the scare the vote splitting ended.

        As for Haley she has done the impossible. She really was fodder. But she has gone from fodder to favorite. Call me crazy but I have never seen, and I’ve been writing about Idol for 7 years, such a contestant swing ever and see the whole world(Check out her youtube comments) try to figure out a way to vote for her from different countries.She deserves to win and I think she will ride this tsunami all the way to the title. One can only imagine what a Pia/Haley final would have been.

        • HungryHyrax says:

          actually i bet there are ways to vote for another country I’m pretty sure if you think about it any know anything like how people tried to get around NBC’s non-broadcast of the olympics but that is not really fair (not that they ahve been fair to her) but it’s probably best to not give more ammunition to the haters

          • D Dub's alter ego says:

            You make a couple of very good points (where there’s a will, there’s a way and perhaps it’s best not to go there).

            Another poster stated that a Haley CD would not sell well at all. Well, perhaps, not in this country, but Haley has those jazzy tendencies, and although jazz originated here, it seems to have broader appeal in the world’s listening community.

            It would be nice if real talent was (finally)rewarded!

      • lesfull says:

        Kris Allen was only in the bottom three once and it was during Top Five week, so one could argue he was also in the top three. Doesn’t count. He was really never in the bottom three. I think Haley is like him in the sense that the Idol Powers-That-Be do not support them no matter how awesome they are, but I don’t know if Haley has enough momentum to win it or even make top two. We’ll see.

      • Snsetblaze says:

        Especially if the base of people who actually don’t like any of the three too much (like myself) but don’t like the producers pimping certain contestants and throwing one contestant in particular under the bus, vote as well. Personally Haley has grown on me. I was quite critical in her early performances. But I don’t love her … and I wouldn’t bother voting if she had been treated fairly … or at least all the contestants had receivecd fair and constructive (and not conflicting) criticism. But that did not happen.

      • Mia says:

        Kris Allen was only in the bottom three ONCE and that was freaking Top 5 week.

        I’m not saying anything about Haley, but Kris Allen was never really an underdog. The judges treated him that way because, despite his kick-ass performances every week, they never really took notice of him.

      • Kate says:

        I’m not sure where you’re getting the idea that Kris Allen was in the bottom three a lot – he was in the bottom three once, and that was during top 5 week. Allison Iraheta is the one who was in the bottom three all the time that managed to get to 4th despite that.

        I seriously hope Haley can get to the finale, though. Even if she doesn’t win, at least she’d be guaranteed a recording contract.

    • J says:

      See, I actually think Haley has a good chance of making the final two, especially if she has another “moment” this week. Winning the whole thing is another story…

      • Jason S says:

        Doesn’t matter. As long as she makes the final two they have to give her an album deal. If she falls out in third place they can Gokey her!!! So if you want a Haley album you have to vote this week!!!

        • Tusk says:

          I feel like I have two “Haley albums” already. One, her “over the top good” studio recordings. Two, her live performance including some from her jazz band and her cover garage band and not to forget her infinitely sweet youtube vid of an 18 yr old Haley singing “Just Like a Star” (Was kind of hoping she would do an “Idol” version of this song.)

          This girl is the rare find, nowadays, that will not be using Auto-Tune, she sounds amazing Live (of course you’ve seen her acapella “Night and Day” on that Fox channel interview recently.)

          I imagine she has impressed many in the idustry, including GaGa and Baby Face. Two ultra-powerful people in the industry. I don’t think her putting out an album post-Idol is reliant upon winning this competition. I had hoped for top 5, the rest of the season with Haley is the “Cherry on Top”.

      • HungryHyrax says:

        yeah she has a chance but I think it will be very tough
        Lauren really did appear to jump above her this week in votes it looked like scotty wayyyyy ahead and the Lauren and then a little back but definitely back Haley and then just below James

        i think lauren probably only fell below Haley once the entire season and not by much

        it is definitely doable though and it sure seems likeit would be a travesty if Haley couldn’t make it

    • mark says:

      You know with all due respect this is a really stupid comment. Haley is in the top 3 right now, Lauren was in the bottom two the week before, and Haley is riding 2 consecutive standing ovations, and top performances of the season. So to say that you don’t think she has a chance to make the finale is just plain stupid.

      • RTW says:

        I have to agree with Mark here. Haley being in the top three shatters any preconceived notions I once had about her. She has a real shot. To date, she’s had two consecutive standing O’s plus one more from her Moanin duet. She’s got true talent and an ability to convey it to viewers from, not just the US, but from around the world as we’ve seen from some of our international Idoloonie posters! You’re in good company!

        • Rick says:

          Chicago is a big market and no one is talking about that. Guess what, Lee DeWyze lives about 5 miles from Haley so don’t think she doesn’t have a lot of support here. Her picture is plastered all over Chicagoland people. Haley FTW!!!

        • Tusk says:

          Don’t forget one for Bennie and the Jets too (Her break out performance). That’s 4 standing O’s

  4. EvaneSam says:

    Finally :D Been waiting for this for days.

    • Tusk says:

      Frikking inhale Idoloonies like i’m an adict.


      “Fist Bump” For the editing, guest hosting and of course, Hosting. Top Notch

  5. Rick says:

    Haley’s going to win because the southern vote will be split and then she will kick the crap out of Scotty next week! Go Haley!!

  6. Arthur says:

    Another way of editing the show: Not showing that Randy’s critic was in fact interupted by Haley backtalking. That was a major reason why the critic went on as long as it did.
    Good job to the idoloonies editor to hide the facts.

    • J says:

      It’s “critique,” not “critic.”

    • Ronnie says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble of dislike for both Michael and Haley. But the facts do not support your point.
      Scotty critique: 1min34sec
      Lauren critique: 1min30sec
      James critique: 1min20sec
      Haley critique: 4min17sec
      Haley speaks for approximately 10 seconds in her 4min17sec critique.
      JLO: So Haley, here’s what I love about that, I really felt you were supposed to pick a song that inspired you I really felt that it did inspire you. I could feel your feeling in the song. All of that I love, here’s thing with where we’re at in the competition now. James comes out, he sets the bar, he does it with a great song that everyone was on their feet and going crazy and you gotta think about that when choosing your songs. We talked about this last week, about choosing the hit records choosing songs that everyone’s going to respond to. That song has a beautiful message no doubt no, doubt, but I want you to be thinking about that when your choosing everything. What everyone else is doing, that’s part of competing, what everyone else is doing.
      RANDY Uh yo, uh listen. Just keeping it really real. Jennifer is right, where we are in the competition right now is who wants to win this, who wants to take it home. These are the things I didn’t like about what you did to me. It confused me with who you are as an artist, because the song doesn’t really suit you or fit you. To sing that song at the end it felt like to me you were screaming like you were at the top of you range. To sing that song at the end like the great Michael Jackson did you’d have to have notes at least a fifth or an octave above that to be able to really go there with those kind of r&b chops it’s just not your vibe.
      *HALEY [That’s at the top of my range … I just felt it]
      RANDY But see baby but you didn’t. I know but you didn’t go there. The song needed to be, yo, I’m saying, I feel you . I feel you one hundred percent. But you didn’t go there the song needed you to deliver it. This was Michael Jackson’s pinnacle. You needed to be singing runs at the end, I felt you were just screaming at the end the same note over and over.
      *HALEY [Oh I didn’t know I should have even changed that I thought it was beautiful the way it was]
      RANDY Oh no no no
      STEVEN Haley, Haley.. you know what, hold on a minute hold on don’t listen to them
      RANDY Listen you know what my opinion is I didn’t like it. I thought you were screaming, I thought it was a bad song choice, right
      *HALEY [right I heard it I heard it I know you don’t have to …she trails off…]
      STEVEN So Haley, hey hey hey
      RANDY Steven what do you think about that
      STEVEN Don’t listen to them What do you get from that, there both wrong right.. that’s what you get fro that that song shows me that you can it wasn’t a hit song but
      RANDY interjects: “it’s definitely a hit song”
      STEVEN you sang it you nailed it the upper register you nailed it you nailed it with feeling you pushed it over the top the audience heard it America heard, don’t believe them
      RYAN What, Are you confused?
      * HALEY [kind of nods and mumbles, “don’t know”]
      RYAN I mean what is she supposed to do with that concoction of feedback.
      RANDY What is going on up here it was definitely a hit song
      JLO I think I think, Its more simple than that, you know what I mean, like we said she felt it she sang it beautifully, there was no question in that at all. There were just moments in it that weren’t perfect and the song wasn’t as perfect for you, baby, as it could have been , for you baby, that’s it.
      RANDY Yea, baby, It’s just not right for you, it’s a great song
      JLO Randy, you just went on too long
      RANDY No no, You know what you got three of us and got three of our opinions that’s what its about, I love I love it.
      MUSIC PLAYS OUT / RYAN says something to Haley
      HALEY I try to stay positive
      RYAN ends the horror and moves to the numbers
      HALEY says “Thank you”

      • Tusk says:

        LOL haven’t you figured it out? Haley haters don’t want to be bothered about facts. They still think James has NEVER had a bad performance, and that Haley has to learn to take critues “just like the others”.

        You can play that whole segment where James said he had to step up his game after last weeks critiques, then replay the critiques he received (all positive, nothing to critique), and James’ fans will look at you and say “your point?”

        • Ronnie says:

          :) I know. I can’t help it.
          I need an American Idol therapist.

          • Tusk says:

            Nah, do what I do: blast your favorite Haley recording. Currently I can’t get enough of the profoundly beautiful studio version of Earth Song. I know the lyrics are depressing, but Jeez Louweez, the vocals and production are so excellent. (wanted to say something else, but self-censored)

            …although I mix in that with the video of Haley in her Jazz band singing “Night and Day”. The vid totally looks (quality) like it could have been shot in the ’60’s and the Band is pretty good too. Beautiful and Classic. No therapist needed :)

        • SajiNoKami says:

          These harsh none sense critiques work well to Haley’s advantage tho. She got angry, she got better, and she got votes. I wish they did this to Scotty and James.

      • AGM says:

        Thank you for copying that out. I’ve been trying to figure out what Haley actually said to cause such an uproar, and now I know. I’m furious that a human being can’t open his/her mouth and respond to someone speaking to them. How many times has a contestant said “Well I hope America liked it!” after a critique? To me that’s much worse than what Haley did. She was at least listening to Randy’s ridiculous comments and treating them with more value than they deserved.

        • Jason S says:

          Yeah The worst is when someone says after being criticized “I had fun with it!” Ugh. I loved what Haley said after commercial. Something like “….to be put down about a song that means so much to me. Kind of weird!! But I feel good about it regardless!”

      • Rick says:

        This is not a perfect transcript and you messed up her most critical response, she said “It’s NOT the top of my range”. And that was a lot of typing to quote that Blow hole Randy.

    • lking says:

      If, it was in fact a critique, they all would have been given them. As it stands it was total criticism and nothing more and aimed straight at Haley and no one else. His remark about the three in the top, leaving Haley out was not only mean spirited, but in very poor taste. Certainly hope he’s not coming back next year.

    • Ronnie says:

      oh yea, and the person who interrupted the most was Randy, who interrupted Steven multiple times, as well as JLO at the end.

    • AGM says:

      Haley’s “backtalking” was barely understandable because she couldn’t get a word in edgewise. Everybody’s complaining that she talked back, but she didn’t even get a chance to talk. Randy talked over her. So your argument that she was the one who extended the critique is fallible. If you’re going to make a point, try to think it through first.

      • Buster Cretin says:

        And all those people out there should learn the difference between defending yourself and back talking. Randy made a FALSE STATEMENT when he claimed she was singing at the top of her register. Go Haley! Defend yourself! Don’t let bullies propagate lies about you.

  7. Tonya says:

    I look forward to Idoloonies more than I look forward to the actual show now!

    • ladyhelix says:

      me too!

      • Snsetblaze says:

        Me 4. And I think Melinda should be a permanent cohost. She really knows what she’s talking about – even more than many of the former Idol contestants Slezak has had as cohost. The former contestant/professional musician/vocalist opinion is invaluable since the three judges on the show do not give any valid critiques.

        • Cole says:

          Yes, yes. It’s such a treat to see and hear the wise and wonderful Melinda Doolittle. She’s my Funny and permanent Valentine. I do so look forward to my Idoloonies however, when Melinda is there too – OMG – Best Show on the Web. Keep up the great work. Big Thanks. C

    • MQ says:

      Me too, but Please, please Slezak and Jason can you please change the video format. It took me 2 hours to see the 3 parts. It’s driving me insane.

  8. jef says:

    Scotty has been the winner since the Top 11. Not my style but I think he’s as close to a sure thing as possible. I definitely don’t consider Lauren an underdog the way she’s been pimped since her audition. Haley has gained momentum but I don’t think it will last any longer for her.Since the South is the only demographic to vote like fiends I think it will be a Lauren-Scotty final. Now I’ll watch idoloonies!

    • JOHN says:

      I was not completely on the Scotty bandwagon (no pun intended)…but after watching his homecoming….I’m blown away by several things. 1) He performed several songs, and was witty, professional and proved that he can “hold” and entertain an audience. Beyond that…as a person,2) this visit and his interaction with all those in his home town showed me a young man mature beyond his 17 years who is humble, loving and with a 110% positive attitude. I believe that he will be one fine AMERICAN IDOL!

      • Ablo says:

        So you’re from his hometown then. Ok.

      • Tusk says:

        Actually, I agree. I think he is sincere in his beliefs and and does seem very relaxed on stage. I can’t disparage him his beliefs and cannot deny that this seems to come easy to him, without the weird facial expressions. That being said, I’m not in his market so throw my support to the one I would pay to hear (live or cd or download).

        • Ablo says:

          My point was — the only way he could have seen that is if he were from his hometown (it hasn’t aired yet). If you are from his area, you are going to be a little bit biased and seeing a big favorable crowd will influence you even more.

          • Tusk says:

            Actually, there are several posts of his performances and interactions on Youtube. To me, he appears very at ease on stage, his persona is maybe a little more conservative than I care for, but again, he seems genuine in his respectful tone and faith. As long as you’re sincere, I have no issues. It’s not necessary to be there as long as someone has a camera in their phone. Too bad he gets no critiques to put the spit shine on his career. He could be so much better.

            BTW I saw a bit here and there of James’ performance and I thought that he was less at ease than either Haley or Scotty. He almost seemed naked without the flash and flares going off. I hope he finds some help to refine his talents.

          • McFudge says:

            False. Just YouTube it. It’s there.

          • Ablo says:

            Well, there are some news reports following his visit — but the OP made it sound as if he saw more than that “. 1) He performed several songs, and was witty, professional and proved that he can “hold” and entertain an audience. Beyond that…as a person,2) this visit and his interaction with all those in his home town showed me a young man mature beyond his 17 years who is humble, loving and with a 110% . . .”

          • Jen says:

            Hell, there was a LIVE stream, for cripes sake!

    • Just Jules says:

      That is what people said about Adam Lambert in Season 8 – that he had it locked – don’t get me wrong.. I LOVE Adam Lambert.. but Kris Allen rode the wave of Gokey haters and he came up with some David Cook-esque arrangements which got him noticed when it mattered (Top 5 forward). THIS is exactly what Haley has been doing. Kris received a lot of criticism because Gokey (ala Lauren) was the producers chosen one and they couldn’t stop the high-speed train that was Adam Lambert. The difference this season is only in one aspect, that the criticism being dished out to Haley borders on abuse and is certainly not constructive (which is why it is backfiring into a lote of votes for her). Lauren is the Gokey of this season and Scotty has been the Adam (if only compared to immaculate vocal ability – not in stage presence).

      If history holds, we should see a Scoty/Haley final with the judges continuing to diss her over Scotty (like they did with Kris over Adam)..[remember the edit on the final results show – it was totally in anticpation of Adam winning].. and in the end, the Lauren (Gokey) and James(Allison) votes will be split and whichever of the two had the better fan base (here: James) will predict the winner… giving Haley the “shocking” win they will spin and allow them to say they knew all along a girl would win and some how they were responsible for her win.

      • Ablo says:

        I don’t think “immaculate vocal ability” means what you think it means.

      • Jason S says:

        Kris Allen won because the red states were predjudiced about Lambert being gay. Scotty won’t have that problem!!! I’d be happy if HAley got a second place finish. First place means a little more money but second place gets a record deal too!

        • Ablo says:

          And you know that’s why Kris won how?

          • @galaga6846 says:


          • Not Your Typical Viewer... says:

            For all of the “liberal” and “open minded” posters on this site, there sure are a lot of assumptions and generalizations being made about “middle America”, Christians, teenagers and the “Bible Belt”. Get over yourselves. Quit casting blame on the things you don’t like or understand.

      • Steph says:

        I see what you mean by Lauren being ‘the chosen one’ ala Gokey, but beyond that I don’t think the comparison stands. Kris won because Adam was a very polarizing contestant… Gokey’s appeal to a lot of people was his faith and when he was eliminated many of them voted for Kris in spite of Adam. I think this season is a unique situation which we will have to wait and see how it pans out.

        • Josh says:

          I might call Scotty polarizing also- I think you either love or hate him because he’s a strictly hardcore country singer. He won’t be singing Lady GaGa’s “Poker Face” with that voice, or anything truly pop for that matter. Haley, in contrast, could sing most anything, but I think she’s polarizing too because she is so “real” in the sense that she speaks her mind, doesn’t put on a show on “Idol,” and has a unique tone that some love and others undoubtedly hate. While I personally am not a fan of Lauren Alaina because she’s so pimped and has done nothing to earn it, I think she is the least polarizing contestant because her voice works for country, but it could also work for pop, and she’s sweet but not so sweet that she comes across as fake. I think she’s the weakest of the Final Three, but I can see fans of eliminated contestants turning to her because she is less specific in her style or niche.

      • openureyes says:

        Kris won because Gokey was booted and his fans decided to vote for Kris with a vengeance just so Adam wouldn’t win. They felt if it wasn’t for Adam, Gokey would have won. It was a calculated plan. They really weren’t supporting him for any other reason than to thwart Adam’s win. I was on the Idol boards that season I saw the plot developing in the forums. So, unless a miracle happens, Haley will not be winning (even though she deserves too) because Jame’s fans are being just as child like as gokey’s fans!

  9. Justforfun says:

    My toypoodles and german shepards cannot wait to hear the GROWLER this week. Got them some kibbles and bits for show time and got a new 3D TV that they get to watch with their 3D glasses as Haley struts and growls at them. Hopefully, Sparky won’t hump Haley in 3D.

    • rosa says:

      Ha ha ha

      I loved your comment. made me laugh soo hard.

      I hope you put those pretty paws to work dialing for our growliebabe

      I will vote till my fingers bleed and my keyboard keys melt on my facebook page.

  10. JAson says:

    WHy oh why can’t you use the video codec that EW uses? These videos can never stream on my PC at work. I can stream them at home on my Mac. But now since it took you till four to post them I have to wait 8 hours to watch.

    • hardly working says:

      Don’t you have to WORK at work?

    • Tahoe Mike says:

      WTF is it with your video player?!?! It hangs up evey two minutes (literaly). I have to click stop, then restart, and then manualy move the slider to where it hung up. I love Idoloonies, and wait for it, but it is such a pain to watch. I don’t have this problem with ANY other video on the web, it is at your end. What is “JW player?”, and why are you the only ones who use it?????? This is pissin’ me off as much as when Randy talks.

  11. Corinne says:

    Can you get a YouTube or something? I’m on my phone all the time but rarely my computer! I wanna watch this now but I won’t be home for hours!!! :-(

  12. Jason S says:

    Vampire Willow in the house!!!!! Bored now!!! Funniest Idoloonies moment ever?

  13. Gillian says:

    I have to close my eyes when Scotty comes on and mute my TV when Lauren speaks. Haley is the only one left that I can actually tolerate!

  14. zach says:

    HALEY FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :) :D :D :D

  15. M says:

    Finally it’s up. Can’t believe I only found out about idoloonies the week Pia got eliminated now I look forward to each episode highly entertaining. On that note I have to wait until I get home to see this. Can’t view this on my phone.

  16. stacy says:

    can melinda co-host every episode of idoloonies??? please!!!

    • Tonya says:


    • Ghost of Kelly Clarkson says:

      That would be AWESOME!

    • Tuzo says:

      Yes to this. It was mentioned during Melinda’s previous outing but you two are great together. You should win the web equivalent of a BAFTA or a Juno or something for this.

    • HappyDays says:

      Pretty pretty please????

      With sugar on top?

    • D Dub's Alter Ego says:

      I would agree wholeheartedly, but with a caveat:

      Earlier in the season, someone recommended (on this blog) that judges of the show (in the future seasons) should be former Idol contestants, which seemed to be an excellent suggestion.

      Therefore, if ever, oh ever, TPTB would get it’s act together (in a “real” way), then Melinda Doolittle would be oh so good as a judge, no?

      • HungryHyrax says:

        she seems a million times better than what they have

      • Snsetblaze says:

        She would be a great judge … but I can’t say all former Idols would be. The only other one that I think would be a great judge for sure would be Adam Lambert. He was a good guest mentor.

  17. lisak says:

    Haley Haley Haley!!!! Love her … hope she wins but it doesn’t matter ..can’t wait to get her album. In the meantime, why isn’t I who have nothing available on itunes?

    • RTW says:

      What? I bought it after I couldn’t vote anymore. Let me take another look…yup, it’s definitely there, I’m looking at it right now.

      • claudia says:

        I could only find the top 4 album on itunes. I don’t want to buy the other 3’s songs just to get Haley’s.

        • HappyDays says:

          Go down to the song previews. I believe the option to buy a single song is on the right side there.

  18. Ghost of Kelly Clarkson says:

    My only complaint about this week’s Idoloonies is that I had to listend to James Durbin scream his way through “Without You” and “Don’t Stop Believing” yet again. Glad he’s gone…

    • tamara says:

      yeah, I agree. I thought: why, Michael, why are you making us listen to THAT again.

      But other than that, Idoloonies was all kinds of awesome this week!!
      I couldn’t stop laughing. It was so much fun.

      You gotta have Melinda again!!

  19. EvaneSam says:

    Oh my God the air quotes thing cracks me up all the time…it’s like how did Randy get to be where he is when he doesn’t even know how to use air quotes and doesn’t know the meaning of turn the other cheek? It’s like everything he says is either “Listen, dawg”, “In it to win it” or is reapeating something another judge just said.

    • Jason S says:

      Randy got where he is because Simon wanted to dominate the panel and he cast Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dummer to his right!! How he kept his job after Simon left is a mystery. My guess is they shelled out so much money for Tyler, J-Lo and Seascrest that they couldn’t afford anyone but Randy!!

      • EvaneSam says:


      • Louie says:

        Umm, no… There was no way Randy would ever leave the show without kicking and screaming. What else does he have? Sure he’s a producer for ABDC buthe’s not in the spotlight. No, he loves the spotlight too much and likes to act like he’s so cool to even think about letting that go

        • Tusk says:

          which make Ryan’s jab @ Randy promoting nothing (corner of a coupon mailer or something) all the more sweet.

    • Tusk says:

      “it’s like how did Randy get to be where he is when he doesn’t even know how to use air quotes and doesn’t know the meaning of turn the other cheek?”

      -Add “doesn’t recognise talent when it’s right in front of him every wednesday for weeks.”

    • Emma says:

      I have always thought Randy to be bad at expressing his opinions, but now I know that he is actually intelligently challenged. He simply doesn’t have an IQ high enough to appear coherent.

  20. Haley's Comet says:

    I loovve Haley, but I just can’t see uncle nigel letting her make it to the fianl two. This week, I expect uncle nigel to pull out all the stops for lauren. Expect, full gospel choir backup for lauren, lauren coming down the stairs bathe in a white light, lauren in the pimp spot, and a standing-O from the judges for Lauren. They will do anything and everything to not only make Lauren a ligitimate contender for the final two, but also give her enough momentum to win the entire thing. My predication is a Lauren/Scotty final two. Remember AI wants to find the next Carrie and the next Kelly Clarkson, and Randy has already mentioned that Lauren is Carrie and Kelly all wrapped into one.

    • Ronnie says:

      Nigel has failed so far in getting rid of Haley, and he failed in keeping James. His tactics have backfired as much as they have worked in his favor. Lack of critique hurt James while critiquing Haley has helped her improve and the biased judging gave her underdog status and votes.
      Let’s hope that we get performances that allow the fans to pick who they like best without being overly influenced by the AI machine.

      • Eifion says:

        Nigel actually comes over to the UK at the weekend to be the head judge of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. Just like Randy was, he was actually asked prior to the opening of the telephone lines to guide the viewers as to the best dancers on the night. He refused to name names as he suggested that it may skew the voting. Maybe he learnt his lesson when it backfired in the attempt to get rid of the impressive Haley.

  21. cjinsd says:

    ****FIST BUMP***

  22. pretty please says:

    Please send Haley home! Growler needs to go.

    • dgman says:

      Hmm….you’re either very brave or you enjoy being eviscerated. I’m going to turn away now so I can’t see the carnage….

  23. Deb says:

    I love you both, Melinda is the first person on the show I ever voted for (and one of only two)but no way is Scotty not going to be in the final two. Don’t read that should be, but I just don’t think its avoidable.
    I’m not on the Lauren is great train because the girl does not connect to lyrics. It’s like she’s singing words but they’re not penetrating her brain, so her phrasing is either just like the original, flat, or just incongruent.
    Go Haley!

  24. Judy says:

    Okay, am I the only one for whom the middle vid isn’t working? I can watch the first one (about Haley) and the last one (about Lauren) but not the 2nd one about, presumably, Scotty and James. I tried both Firefox & Chrome. Hmm…

  25. cibele says:

    I didn’t know Melinda because I didn’t watch the season she was in, but she is amazing. So much fun.

    • The Ween says:

      Am i the only one who thinks that Donald Glover from Community could be the love child of MindyDoo and Cuba Gooding, Jr.?

  26. Megan says:

    Saw online that Haley is singing You Oughta Know, Sweet Dreams, and Feelin Good. Anyone know if the last two have been confirmed? I think she would absolutely kill feelin good :)

    • seattlejohn says:

      it would be so cool to see Haley pull off superlative versions of pop and country and jazz songs while Scottie and Lauren just stick to their all-country format and don’t show much range…wouldn’t it be wonderful for Haley to wow all those country fans with her own tasty take on Patsy Cline (of course the judges will take her to task for not knowing who she is as an artist)

      • Snsetblaze says:

        Sweet Dreams – is that the country song? I thought it might be the Eurythmics’ song – which would be awesome but wierd since there’s not much to the lyrics.

        • seattlejohn says:

          you may be right…my 1st reaction was Patsy Cline’s country classic, then later thought Annie Lennox…didn’t Haley do Blue awhile back because I would love her to do another slow, country/bluesy song to show the kids how to invest some emotion and drama into some kick-*ss country singing and competing where they live

    • Floridajeff says:

      I LOVE these choices and think she’ll kill. Just one thing: I hope she doesn’t sing “Go down with you TO the theater…” like Crystal had to do in her duet. Get some balls, FOX, and let her sing every lyric and use your 7-second delay button

    • HungryHyrax says:

      Sweet Dreams would be so tricky to turn into a showcase though! SUper popular throughout the 80s but not as a vocal showpiece!

      Someone else claimed she was given Rhiannon and not Sweet Dreams but who knows and that Feeling Good was wrong too.

    • lesfull says:

      I like “Feelin Good” and think she could kill it, but the song is kind of cursed on Idol so I hope it isn’t true. I’d love to hear her do “You Oughta Know.”

    • dnl says:

      That is not true the recent spoiler came from her parents: Producer’s Pick: “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac and Her own pick: “What Is And What Should Never Be” by Led Zepplin

  27. kbfolk says:

    So awesome!!! Luv Idooloonies! Melinda is the best!

  28. Pebbles says:

    Not trying to rain on the Durbin “original” take on the Love Potion #9 but, a friend did send this to me on twitter:
    so, no actual credit due to him on that front.

  29. Bee says:

    my goodness this is PRICELESS. so so so funny every week.

  30. matt says:

    i would honestly looooooove to see an all girl finale. i’m praying for one and will be voting like crazy for both of them tomorrow night.

    • EvaneSam says:

      If you want an all girl finale just vote for Haley ’cause “just Lauren” has a big enough fanbase to take her there.

    • claudia says:

      Splitting your votes at this point is not a good idea unless you really don’t care who gets in. Your votes will cancel each other out for the girls & will help Scotty.

  31. Terry says:

    That would certainly be incredible if it was an All-Girl Finale, especially considering the way the season started with 5 girls in a row being eliminated. However I think you’re kidding yourself if you think Scotty isn’t winning this thang. They may as well have just handed him the title the day they met him. I just hope Haley slays her 3 songs tomorrow night and makes it to the finale. I have become so invested in her journey, I would be heartbroken if she didn’t get to complete her remarkable comeback and make it all the way from bottom 2 to top 2. But I dunno know, those 2 country kids are just so darn cute and will have their entire high schools full of classmates power voting for them.

    • Amie says:

      I’ve watched some videos of Haley’s hometown package and I must admit there is nothing cuter than her entire family singing on stage with her. Maybe enough to trump the country twins cuteness?

      • RTW says:

        I loved seeing Haley’s hometown performances on YouTube as well. She really knows how to work a crowd. And playing with her family was super cute too!

      • Tusk says:

        Even cuter still, Haley taking command of the band and yelling ‘speed it up’ during “Oh Darling”. That song started so slowly, and her bringing up the tempo allowed her to get into the chorus more emotionally.

        As for pushing past Scotty, I doubt, Haley performing with her family, can trump doing a duet with Josh Turner, that’s like the country music stamp of approval.

      • tamara says:

        I’ve watched those vids on youtube, and she’s amazing. Even with a wrecked voice, she sounded great. I can’t wait to have a better quality version of the concert.
        Do you know if they put those homecoming concerts on the AI website? I hope they do.

        • Tusk says:

          The best footage I found with the best sound for “Oh Darling” was from Himmm2’s Channel. While you’re at it watch Himmm2’s footage of Haley singing with her Mom on “Piece of My Heart”. Priceless, so happy for that family, truly a unique experience. NO ONE has ever had this experience :)

          I doubt Idol will show more than snippets, although it would be great if they did.

    • EvaneSam says:

      Wouldn’t it be like a Cinderella story thought…the girl who was bottom 3 so many times wins the competition in the end.
      I’m really mad that I don’t live in the States because I would power vote for Haley. I’d get my hands on several phones and vote until my fingers bleed. Considering I hated her at the beginging, that is a HUGE thing coming from me. She soooo won me over. I seriously see a restraining order in my future :))

      • tamara says:

        hahaha!! same here. I’m outside the US, but I would power vote like crazy if I were there. Actually, I’ve even tried tricks to be able to vote online from outside the US. I did it on top 5 week, but only got to cast 4 votes in an entire hour, cause everytime I clicked on Haley, the site said the system was overloaded. But I like to think I helped her.

        I like Haley since the top24 show. And I don’t remember ever being this excited about a singer. I want her album to be out already!!
        I’m so addicted to her voice, I’m getting worried about myself.
        I even made a play list with all her songs, and the past few days I’ve listened to “You and I” and “Beautiful” like 50 times. Her voice is like a drug. I’m not kidding.

    • DMarie says:

      As someone who knows Haley…and knows her high school…she has an entire high school behind her too. She may have graduated in ’09 but Haley fever is high and it’s genuine. But she needs more than power voting from high school kids, she needs power voting from adults that appreciate the diversity and talent in her. With all she’s been dealt, the fact that she’s still focused and real is to her credit. Witnessing her homecoming was so much fun, her reactions were down to earth.

  32. ThemApples says:

    Earth Song somehow got maligned yet it was really gorgeous. Thx for reminding us, Idoloonies. The download is awesome also.

    Idoloonies ROCKS. M Doo is great. Great chemistry with Michael.

  33. JRM says:

    Uh. I’m surprised no one mentioned Jordin’s new song is terrible! She performed the heck out of it, but they lyrics and beat were horrendous!

    Anyway, Haley has my full support. Win this thing, baby!

  34. chris says:

    I kinda wished you where going to talk about how Randy was complaining about her “screaming” last week and they choose a song (You Oughta Know) that has screaming in it.

    • M says:

      I think by the time they announced the songs they finished filming this week’s idoloonies already… pretty sure Slezak will address that this week though =D

    • Pam says:

      …..waiting for the judges to tell Haley that You Oughta Know is a poor song choice.

  35. Jo says:

    hey slezak did you see this interview with Nigel:

    He ADMITS the judges are watching the dress rehearsals and were pretty much critiquing Haley based on that!

    And Randy here is a proper use of air quotes : The American Idol “judges” are “helping” the contestants with their “critques”

    • Terry says:

      OK, so let me get this straight Nigel, the judges beat up Haley because they knew her second song would be a wow moment?!? Does that mean they didn’t criticize anyone else because they knew both of their songs were crap?

      • Tusk says:

        I think the Stefano, Idoloonies interview let the hat out of the bag, when he said that the Judges are a lot less critical towards the youngsters. Not sure if this is sour grapes, because, except for Haley, Stefano had the next most criticism (mostly from Jimmy). He said the same thing Haley is saying now, that they(the Judges) are hard on them because they know they can take it. I wonder if they are getting coached to say this.

      • HungryHyrax says:

        Haha I know exactly.
        And they also know that the audience members who live by the judges will just get out of it Haley is off 50% of the time! (and they somehow don’t absorb that even if so she is still batting 100% for best of the night!)

        • Tina says:

          I get the impression that there are a lot of Idol viewers this time around who are not the longtime viewers. The longtime Idol watchers can spot manipulative producer gimmicks in a heartbeat such as scripted judges’ criticisms, tons of special backstory footage and sit down interviews given only to some contestants, etc. and can name past seasons when that’s been done (“oh, that’s the Kris Allen judges’ criticism treatment…that’s the Casey James hometown visit edit…that’s the Syesha Mercado judges song choice.”) New viewers are still saying things like “my favorite has never gotten a negative criticism from the judges!” like that means anything about actual performance.

    • Kevin C. says:

      Wasn’t that pretty much well known ever since Paula managed to critique one of Jason’s performances before it even happened?

      As to the judges helping with their critiques. On the rare occasions they give them, they seem to make a difference. Scotty gave his best performance of the season the week after he got slammed, and Casey even toned it down for a week or two after the judges mentioned his facial expressions.

    • Ronnie says:

      Nigel also called fans of American Idol:
      “megalomaniac[s]”, “morons” and “7- or 8-year-olds from Wisconsin.”
      successfully disparaging Wisconsin, calling those who voice opinions as children (8 yr old’s are not posting complaints), as well as calling fans idiots and crazy.
      I’m sure this will all help SYTYCD when we get to see Nigel on screen twice a week, giving advice about dancing to us megalomaniac, moronic, child brained people from someplace Nigel feels isn’t good enough for his shows.
      Nice job Nigel.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Hey, Ronnie, welcome to my Hell. It’s usually the south and “middle America” that get disparaged (Okay, we could argue Wisconsin is sort of the Midwest).

    • HungryHyrax says:

      And why would they need to do that if they didn’t need to get their comments at least somewhat pre-approved???

      Yeah, exactly.

      Yeah some vocal coach said she thought it must’ve been going off of rehearsals.

  36. madeleine says:

    Totally agree with your segment on Haley.
    And for me she’s a given for the top 2. Otherwise that will be one boring finale. What about Nigel saying that Haley can afford a rough critique on the first song because she’s going to kill it on the 2nd one.. Randy got an A for effort on this one.
    I’m rooting for my girl Haley to be in the finale and win it all!

  37. Sasha says:

    I want Haley to win SO BAD

    I love her blusey voice…

    Its it current not really but I think she can do a lot!

  38. adele says:

    The videos take an inordinately long time to load and even when loaded, they continually stop. It’s very frustrating. Can you do anything?

    • dgman says:

      Finally, I can see you crystal clear….

    • Kristen says:

      Just wanted to agree with this. I love the videos, but it takes me a good hour to get through all of them because they don’t seem to buffer properly (and I’ve tried Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome). Please fix it!

  39. Matt says:

    As I’m in the UK, I just sit at home on a Thursday and Friday night and pray that Haley gets through. Last Friday, when she did, I jumped up and down, punched the air and shouted ‘America….f**k yeah!’

    • EvaneSam says:

      Well I live in Romania and I was on vacation with VERY limited access to internet. I found out Haley was in the top 3 several hours after the show aired and trust me, even Ozzy Osbourne would blush at the number or colorfull expletives that I used when I found out. I was grining from ear-to-ear, shaking, crying … just soo freakin’ happy. I might have scared a few tourist in the process but F*** yeah that was a great day :D

  40. Eva says:

    I want Haley to do Summertime by Janis Joplin acapella!! I think that would be amazing.

  41. Lizzy says:

    Lauren and Haley finale YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Karrie says:

    I’m hoping for a Haley/Lauren finale now that a James/Haley finale is out! And as a James fan, I happen to think that Jacob’s votes probably went to Haley, as we see the voting shifting from week to week. I’m still sad to see James go and it looks to be boring from here on out without him although I’m crossing my fingers that they will prove me wrong! Haley for the win; you go girl!

  43. hillchics says:

    Randy being denied the fist bump was my favorite part! Somehow I had missed that during the show. Melinda should be the permanent cohost- she’s smart, funny, articulate, and you two make a great team!

  44. J-NO says:

    Michael and Jason you guys ROCK…I love Idoloonies!
    I’m with Melinda, Haley and Lauren for the final 2…with Haley winning it all!!!

  45. Breno says:

    love love love melinda. she should be co-host every single week.

  46. Ronnie says:

    Melinda Doolittle is delightful. She is candid, kind, and completely authentic. I am so happy for all her success and wish her the very best in all her future endeavors.
    She puts a smile on my face that runs from ear to ear and lasts for hours.

    • lestat says:

      Yea Mindy Doo! Loves her. So much. Really thinking about being her for Halloween, but seriously Slezak if you’ve had the most fun ever at her concert, then you haven’t been around much have you?

  47. M says:

    I was hoping you’ll add the misuse of air quotes this week LOL. I noticed it during Randy’s critique, I was like ok add that to the list of things he apparently doesn’t really know how to use like “turn the other cheek” LOL

  48. HALES YA says:

    I don’t think Haley stands a chance against the 2 sweet as apple pie little country bumpkins. The save-the-growler nation is really going to have to step up for Haley to be in the finale. So lets do it people, lets get our grrrrrrrl to the top 2 and give a collective up yours to Randy Jackson.

    • Ronnie says:

      I know its sad to think it might matter, but I hope the actual performances this week have something to do with who goes through. What a silly, naive wish.

  49. Jo says:

    There is no way anyone but Scotty is taking the crown, unfortunately. He kisses his cross when subjected to Gaga. He goes home and tells the audience that he didn’t lose his God over there in heathen land. Oh yes, he’s the perfect american idol for all those bible thumpers in the south who vote like crazy for who they think is the best role model. Doesn’t matter if he or she can sing. Yes, Scotty knows how to pander to the idol audience and he will win.

    • tamara says:

      I only watched the Josh Turner portion of Scotty’s concert,
      cause I kinda like him a little bit. He’s too sexy, and that song is catchy.
      And my jaw dropped when Scotty told him that while other country singers were singing about drinking whiskey, he stayed away from that, and that’s why he admired him.

      Man, this Scotty is really conservative, like Gaga said. All the kissing the cross stuff, Jesus, bladabla… No offense, but I can’t stand it.

      And please don’t get offended about that. I’m not bashing religion. It’s just that as a non-religious person, I can’t stand it when a person goes on and on abour it.

      And to quote Lauren…”I’m evil, I’m evil, I’m evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil…”

      j/k, of course. I’m not evil. :) It was too funny not to put it.

    • Madeline says:

      I’m a southerner, from NC no less, and I can’t stand Scotty. He is the caricature of all things southern….down home country, the bible thumper etc. And yes, he is pandering and it is completely disgusting to me. That is my opinion and one that I believe that I am entitled to, so please don’t bash.

      He is a one trick pony who will probably win, make a record that sells to those who voted for him and end up doing shows in Bransom and kissing his cross every night.

      • Tusk says:

        You know I’m no longer convinced that singing that Duet with Josh Turner was necessarily a “great” thing for Scotty.

        I don’t know Josh Turner music, out of the loop country music-wise. But when Scotty sang with Turner, I noticed a WIIIIIDE divide between where Scotty is as a vocalist and where Turner is as a Professional vocalist.

        I can’t explain it, but there was a something that Turner had that Scotty lacked which spoke to how far he has to go to be accepted fully into the country music community.

        I know he is ony 17 and will grow into that kind of singer. Just saying he isn’t as complete a package as I thought, since he was matched up against a true, “here and now” country superstar

        • tamara says:

          wow, I’m surprised you neede to see that to realize that.
          He’s obviously a long ways from being an a great singer. He has trouble hitting most songs. Then he does the ‘baby lock them doors’ and since he does that like Turner, it seems like he’s oh so great.

          And this without counting the faces&moves he does. What a caricature.
          I have a feeling Turner himself probably was let down when performing with him. He probably hasn’t seen him on idol, and only been told about Scotty.

          But hey, you know what. It’d be so great if he won, and then tank in sales of his first album. That would teach them.

          Honestly, in the entire season I haven’t listened to any of his songs a second time, Can’t do it, it’s too painful.
          And I like country, but not that kind, I’m more a Miranda Lambert/Carrie Underwood.

          By the way, from the 1st moment I heard Lauren, I though she was the next Miranda Lambert (regarding her voice). And the Gunpowder&Lead performanced confiremed. I’m just amazed the didn’t give her a Miranda song before. They were so wrong in the beginning to compare her to Kelly CLarkson and Carrie Underwood. Talk about pressure. And I didn’t even agree,

          • tamara says:

            oops… “Gunpowder&Lead performance confirmed it.”

          • Tusk says:

            Like I said, Country isn’t my thing, so I needed to hear Scotty against the real deal to notice what some country fans knew.

            RE: Lauren, I always thought she was in the mold of Natalie Maines. I don’t listen to much country music this side of the Eagles, but I really loved the vocals and harmonies those three women of the Dixie Chicks made. Lauren was my favorite early on because I hoped she would follow that path.

        • Lily says:

          There’s an article out today on what actual country music experts think of Scotty and Lauren – interesting to read this, as I wouldn’t know country music enough to judge either:

  50. Tusk says:

    You know we speak about huge country fan bases, but I have an observation about Haley’s fan base that I need someone else to confirm because I have Haley-tinted glasses so am not sure of my own bias.

    Does it seem to you that of the posts online, the ones that identify themselves as from outside the US mostly talk their support for Haley. I have seen some for James and pretty much none for Lauren or Scotty, but Haley has the most.

    Am I wrong, or has anyone noted that too?

    Anyways, my point is that speaks to Haley’s marketability OUTSIDE these United States of America. The fact that she has the proficiency to switch up genres at a flip of the switch and infuse them with her Haley Vibe, speaks to marketability way beyond the Bible Belt.

    • on Twitter says:

      I did notice that. I noticed that on Twitter when I was reading the comments on the search menu for Haley.

    • D Dub's Alter Ego says:

      Excellent observation!

    • GioMahazir says:

      i am from kuala lumpur.. yes lots of people here loveeeee Haley.. please vote for Haley

    • M says:

      I know most of my family and friends from the Philippines are Haley fans. Not sure if they are Scotty, James or Lauren fans though. I know they were Casey fans as well.

    • HungryHyrax says:

      yeah I noticed that. For one, I don’t think country music is very popular outside of parts of Canada and the southern/middle/non-coastal west parts of the US.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      Well I will say that country music is big in Germany. I know this thanks to my father-in-law blasting a god-awful German radio station every weekend during Sunday morning breakfast — so I’m guessing there’s an audience for Scotty and Lauren there. Grin.

    • GioMahazir says:

      i dont think because of ‘we dont like country music so we root for haley’… it actually because of Haley herself is sooooooooo talented .. if Pia, James and Haley were in the top three,, i’d still love haley..
      and for me, Lauren and Scotty are sooooo boring.. most of my friends here in malaysia wondering how the hell is this scotty can even make it to the top 24

    • Eurydice says:

      Maybe, although I don’t think it’s only the Bible belt that’s voting for Scotty and Lauren. I think Haley’s very good but, like the others, I think she’s got a long way to go before she can be great – whether she gets there or not won’t have much to do with today’s television audience (here or abroad), or whether she wins the competition or not.

      • HungyHyrax says:

        Yeah I was kind of stunned to see quite a few acquaintances, all in the Northeast, status that they are voting for Scotty! Stunned since I know these people never, ever listen to country music and I know there is zero chance they would ever buy his music if he won. I think they must somehow get sucked in by the deep voice and somehow find the weird looks goofy and absurd enough to somehow lure them in almost like a parody so bad it’s good?? Most of them, but not all, are female.
        Not tweens or little kids or anything either.
        The funny thing this one big time country fan from the South has been going on about how it’s only people who don’t truly love country who vote for Scotty. I doubt that is the case and get some word that in NC it’s mostly country only fans voting for him, but he may have some degree of a point.

      • Tusk says:

        Sorry, but I don’t think this is getting enough attetion. Speaking to Haley’s overseas fans, Page and Plant of Zeppelin were so impressed by Haley’s HOTRS, they contacted Idol to let them know, Haley has their blessing if she wants to do one of their songs, which she is doing as her choice.


        Two Gods of Rock/Metal contacted HER to offer their songs!!(Confirmed on youtube, by Haley’s parents, I posted a link on page two of the comments.

        Anyways, you may not think she is ready, but when you get the nod from Plant, Page and GaGa? If she isn’t ready, she is darned near close, at least in the opinions of Zep and GaGa.

    • tamara says:

      I have been thinking that from the beginning. I don’t know how they can be so stupid not to want to have an internationally marketable Idol. Just look at the past Idols that have succeeded: Kelly, Lambert, Daughtry, Jordin,…
      Haley is gonna be huge, I can feel it.

      I’m from Spain, and I actually like country a little bit, but just a bit.
      My faves from the beginning were Haley, James and Lauren.
      But ever since Blue I’ve been a Haley fan. I love Patsy Cline, and that song sounded very Patsy Cline, so that won me over.

      I just love her voice and style, and what she does with the melodies, how she reinterprets each song and makes it her own.

      I think she’s gonna be top2 for sure, then I don’t care if she wins or not. Adam Lambert didn’t win, and he became huge internationally.