House Shocker: A 'Disappointed' Lisa Edelstein Calls It Quits

House fandom, brace for impact: Dr. Cuddy is checking out.

Lisa Edelstein — whose long-term contract expires this month — has opted not to return for the show’s eighth and likely final season.

In a statement, the actress says, “After much consideration, I am moving onward with a combination of disappointment at leaving behind a character I have loved playing for seven years and excitement of the new opportunities in acting and producing that lie ahead.”

Fox and NBC Universal declined to comment.

Back in March — when the future of House itself was up in the air — Edelstein told TVLine, “Nobody at work seems to think it won’t [return]. Everybody wants to come to a deal, and I certainly am looking forward to a Season 8.”

In an interview last week with, exec producer Katie Jacobs said she would “not rest” until Edelstein was on board for an eighth season. “Lisa is such a valuable member [of the cast],” she said. “I challenge any other actress on TV to do what she does seemingly effortlessly. She goes between drama, comedy, intelligence, sex appeal… It’s certainly not my plan or David’s plan or the creative team’s plan to not have Lisa in the show.”

There’s talk Edelstein was a victim of belt-tightening at the show. In the aforementioned interview, Jacobs acknowledged that, “For seven seasons we managed to avoid getting the phone call to make cuts in our budget. But now we’re getting that call.” Perhaps she rejected a low-ball offer — hence her disappointment?

Earlier this month, Edelstein’s costars Robert Sean Leonard and Omar Epps inked new deals to return to the show. Hugh Laurie, Olivia Wilde and Peter Jacobson were already contracted for the recrently-greenlit Season 8, leaving Jesse Spencer as the only remaining question mark.

The news comes a week before the show’s current season — arguably Edelstein’s meatiest yet — comes to a close. It’s unclear if the finale sets the stage for a possible Cuddy departure, but that seems highly unlikely.

Thoughts? Stunned speechless? If you’re capable of forming a coherent thought during this emotional time, hit the comments!

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  1. Sean says:

    It was about time, creatively there’s nothing else for this character anymore.

    • Amy says:

      I agree. And if she doesn’t leave now, there’s no way she’ll ever get other roles (if it’s not too late already).

  2. Jim L says:

    Sounds like a negotiation is on….Of course, I’ve seen something between House and 13 that would make a fitting final story. Maybe focus on that????

  3. Ariel says:


  4. JERMD says:

    Dude this better not be real!!!!

  5. sietsx says:

    You might just as well cancel House now, it’s no fun without Lisa!

  6. Ronnie says:

    Perhaps they can return focus of the show to interesting cases instead of romantic confusion and personal life drama. All of the Cudy related stories this season were about relationships and rarely about her being a foil to House’s lack of moral barrier.
    I’m not that sorry to see her go. It should dramatically increase the role of Robert Sean Leaonard, who is not on camera nearly enough.
    That said, it remains to be seen what they will do, and having 1/3 of this weeks episode be about Taub and his relationships does not bode well. I want interesting, dynamic cases, not personal drama.

    • ML says:

      Tptb don’t know what to do with Leonard anymore either. He’s only their to come and give a speech to House and then leave.
      Plus he’s doing is play this year so he probably won’t be around much either.

      • Dorian says:

        I heard his play would only potentially mess with the beginning of the season. Also that production was going to start later in August, so he might not be missing at all.

  7. Carol says:

    This is a complete shocker and spells doom for the show.

    Lisa Edelstein was fantastic with a difficult and underwritten character. She brought the perfect mix of intelligence, warmth, passion, and fun to the part.

    House without Cuddy will be unbalanced and dull. And by that I mean both House the man and “House” the show.

    Bad news all around.

  8. STARK says:

    We all know it will be the last season, but without Cuddy, House will be over even after the last season begins

  9. Pat says:

    Well this may be a great loss for SOME fans but not for others.

    The final season of House will be all House not Huddy crap I hope.

    • Liz says:

      Totally awesome news for me! This season was like torture! I just need House on this show, and maybe Wilson (remember House – Wilson, Holmes – Watson), everyone else can go. And Cuddy in particular.

      • X says:

        I am with you Mate! Frankly Cuddy’s character gave me the absolute s**** this year. Her and House did have good chemistry in earlier seasons (until they got together). But this year every time she was on screen I felt myself cringe and think to myself – MOVE ON NEXT SCENE. Her character became a bore and I hated how the dynamic of the show changed to too much of a focus on Cuddy. The show was House. To me I saw her character as an “EXTRA” popping in every now and again to berate House but then disappearing! I will enjoy it much more next year guaranteed!

  10. Beeb says:

    Well, maybe I can start watching again. I stopped when the focus of the show started drifting towards House/Cuddy, I hated their relationship with a passion.

  11. Douglas says:

    Does it really matter? House has been and always will be a one trick pony. Patient gets sick, the team runs every imaginable test known to man, and then the diagnosis strikes Dr. House like lighting. Repeated over and over and over.

  12. Lucy says:

    Regardless of how people felt about Huddy, Cuddy is fandamental in the story, just like Wilson. It won’t be a return of House.

    It’s sad. TPTB really didn’t have a clue when they chose to write this season. They misjudged on so many levels. I think it may surprise them and many fans how negative this will impact.

    Tragic! I wish her all the best. She deserves it.

  13. Jim says:

    Goodbye, House! That’s it for me. And I’m glad it won’t surpass 24 in seasons. :D

  14. lala says:


  15. Alexa says:

    Bring back Cameron stat. House should end up with her.

  16. P says:

    Wow, I did not see this one coming at all. She has always seemed to be the most passionate out of all the cast!

    I’m pleased they’re wrapping up the whole “Huddy” thing, however much I guiltily loved it, but that does need to be gone. But seriously, with Cuddy gone the entire show’s dynamic is going to change. And I don’t think that’s a good thing with just one more season left. Remember how long it took people to get used to the new line-up in season 4.

    Cuddy’s character has become so boring this season though (besides last night’s episode), so on the other hand maybe it could be a good thing.

    My gut instinct says that the show is going to really, really suffer from this though. I hope it’s not true.

  17. bmo says:

    i stopped watching when House and cuddy stopped dating. Oh well, end of a era.

  18. Sarah says:

    Best news ever. That would mean the end of Huddy. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

  19. dee says:

    Hallelujah! HATE HATE HATE that loathsome character. Good riddance, Cuddy.

  20. Maka says:

    I… couldn’t care less.

    Cuddy stopped being an interesting character some time 3 seasons ago when she stopped being a halfway competent administrator. Her relationship with House has absolutely murdered the quality of the show. Good riddance.

  21. un-holy says:

    C’mon, that’s ridiculous, an interview by Katie Jacobs the other day almost made it clear she was returning.

    • Bob says:

      Well, that’s how they play it in Hollywood. Nothing is real until it’s real. Until then, slap on that fake smile for the press.

  22. Lisafan says:



  23. Brian says:

    This is a joke right? Um Cuddy, Wilson, and House are the glue that holds this show together. This show is done if one of them is missing. Wow did not see this one coming. A damn shame.

  24. Jenny says:

    No Cuddy, no reason to watch. Ugh.

  25. Cassandra_Elise says:

    Ding Dong, Huddy’s dead.

    Maybe I’ll actually watch this show again.

  26. Summer says:

    I don’t even watch House regularly and I’m shocked by this.

  27. Bob says:

    My guess is she told them to shove the reduced number of appearances AND pay cut they threw at her. Good for her (bad for viewers). Fox, after last week’s bloodbath (Lie To Me, The Chicago Code and Human Target!), and now this, REALLY stinks. Hope you’re happy with all your reality crap, Kevin Reilly! I’m guessing Jesse Spencer is mulling the same thing. Won’t that just be great for viewers if he leaves, too.

  28. Evan says:

    I’m not watching anymore. She was my only reason to watch now that the writting is so bad. I wish u the best Lisa

  29. Kristen says:

    WHAT!? I don’t even know what to say.

  30. Tracy says:

    From an unbiased (I don’t watch HOUSE) observer: This would appear to have produced a decidedly negative reaction amongst the fanbase.

  31. Sally says:

    Seriously?! You are not kidding?! OMG this is the best news ever! Cuddy was the one reason why I can’t enjoy House anymore, she’s SO annoying! I’ll have a party right now, yay!

  32. ML says:

    well I’m done with House now. I could barely watch this season it was so boring but I still watched for House and Cuddy.

  33. Jo says:

    Well, no Lisa no party. They shouldn’t bother doing a new season cause I won’t watch it.

    RIP House MD

    NOW give Lisa E a new show so I can be happy..

  34. Amber says:

    Wow. This is quite the bombshell. I’m excited about the new possibilities for the show.

  35. beatriz says:


    No Lisa, No show

  36. nitemar says:

    I guess Lisa has other intrets now, maybe she wants to start a family. Don’t think has anything to do with paycuts. Hate to see her go, but glad she wants to “move on”.

  37. Mar* says:

    I hate Lisa´s departure. No Cuddy, no House for me anymore.

  38. trystan says:

    Awesome! This frees Lisa up so we can spend some quality time together…..don’t say it. I know and I’m getting help.

  39. Prophet John says:

    Cuddy is a pretty important part of the series. I do not like this, Sam I Am.

  40. Mike says:

    Does this mean they can bring back Cameron!

    • John says:

      Considering she is starring in a new Sunday night ABC show – not likely. She may reappear once more, but for the most part Cameron is a part of the past. Not the future.

    • chloe says:

      OH please no leave jennifer morrison out of this mess of at show, after the crap they did to her, she’s better now where she is. also she got a new show.

  41. Amy says:

    This makes me even more sad for a show that used to be one of my favorites. They have really run it into the ground over this season. I don’t even watch anymore. I checked out after Thirteen came back and House’s antics got more and more over the top. It is a shame really. Hugh Laurie is hugely talented and is wasted on this show these days. I wish he had gotten his Emmy because I can’t imagine him getting it now.

  42. Amy says:

    I basically watched only for Lisa and Hugh, so… I won’t be watching next season at all if this is true. Maybe I’ll catch the series finale. It’s damn shame, though. I don’t blame her with the way this season has turned out, insane. smh. I hope Lisa get’s something else worth while, she’s fantastic when given screen time and a decent storyline!

  43. Kai says:


    I can finally start watching House again!
    Next season will be great. :)
    No hard feelings to Cuddy lovers or Lisa in general. Love her, hated and despised the character of Cuddy since season 1.

  44. rania says:

    I never liked huddy but i love Lisa!!!! This is so but so wrong!!! I am really curious about the reasons she’s not coming next year!

  45. Bob says:

    Any possibility this was already planned, given the title of the season finale, “Moving On”?

    • Scarlett says:

      Was thinking the same thing. After all, it sort of looks like they’re moving in that direction in the promos for next week.

      In any case, sad news since it seems to be the last season, but at the same time I don’t think it’s the end of the world.

      Cuddy can no longer be an effective manager over House as has been shown these past few eps and they can’t be together either. Her function in the show is sort of gone, very much like Cameron’s was in season 6 (and I didn’t miss her character much either). They may have her in a few eps to wrap up the storyline, if needed, and just no longer have her as a regular.

      Could open up some really interesting possibilities. House with a new boss? Oh my… I’m a little excited by the possibilities it could open up.

  46. Chee says:

    Never cared for Cuddy. She never seemed to be hospital administration material. They kept trying to sell her sex appeal and it made her less credible as a professional woman. And she and House…..ewwww! Glad the character is leaving. She added nothing to the show. Bring on a character that will really give House a run for his money. Someone who can play the same level of mind games. Now that would be fun!!!

    • tripoli says:

      Couldn’t agree more. She’s never been a character I enjoyed and I find her more annoying with each passing season. I find the numerous comments from people saying they will never watch the show again so ridiculous. How many of you said that when Jenifer Morrison left the show? Since you all seem to want her back as much as you want Cuddy to stay. She’s a useless character at this point and adds nothing interesting to the show. The episode surrounding the character was painfully boring and a waste of time. The only downside to this is that it gives more credence to next season being the last, which I would not be happy about. The show has one character that is integral, and one only, and that is House. Hugh Laurie is fantastic and he’s the only reason I will stay with this show till the end. The rest of the cast can come and go, even those I enjoy. It’s the nature of TV. Nothing stays the same forever. Fans of House should know that by now.

  47. kevin says:

    Great use that money to Resign Jesse Spencer Her character has became bitter since her and House Broke up

  48. Tamara says:

    For sure if there’s no Cuddy i’m not watching next season of house… I think they should do something to make her change her mind or something cause i’m pretty sure they will lose many audience!

  49. flor says:

    The only reason I’ll keep watching it it’s because I’ve been watched all the season and I’ve been watching it for 4 years.
    all the House’s characters are going down.

  50. Elka says:

    Cool, she just helped make my decision to stop watching a lot easier :) She deserved better than being forced into a pay cut, good on her for leaving. Both her and RSL are vital to the balance of the show around HL and it’s not going to work without all three of them. Just like it hasn’t worked in the (recent) past when they’ve under-used them.

    Such a shame for a once beautiful show to go out like this :(

    • Liz says:

      So? Jennifer Morrison deserved better too, and yet she got treated like that. Keep your fingers crossed that LE’s career will be as great as Jen’s is after she left House. I doubt it, but it’ll keep you busy ;-)

      • Elka says:

        Um, ok?

        I actually agree with you, JM did deserve better. I liked her and have no idea why you are making this into a competition between the two actresses? Guess you need something to keep you busy too.