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How I Met Your Mother Boss Teases Season 7 and an 'Explosive' November to Remember

The day How I Met Your Mother fans never thought they would see is coming — Barney is getting married “a little ways down the road”!

It will, however, take quite a journey for the all-but-confirmed bachelor to get there, one that will revisit his past with Robin in “complicated and juicy” fashion, executive producer Craig Thomas tells TVLine. And Barney is not the only one who will be on a new path, as we learned in Monday’s season finale. After a rough year, Marshall and Lily are expecting a little Marshmallow or Lilypad, while Ted has finally blown up The Arcadian and his relationship with Zoey. Lucky for us, Thomas was kind of to offer up some teases about what it all means for the CBS comedy’s Season 7.

TVLINE | Given some of his issues, Barney getting married suggests quite a change for the character. Will we see a very different Barney next season?
We don’t know when this wedding is taking place. … We’re threading the needle on that [in Season 7]. How does Barney get to that place? What changes him? What makes him want to do this? Who’s he marrying? How did they get there? What’s going on on that wedding day? Is he happy? Is he nervous? Is this going to go forward? Is it going to be a disaster? … I will tease that in November sweeps of Season 7, where there will be four huge episodes for Barney. It will involve Robin, and there will be some very explosive relationship stuff happening.

You have stated that the wedding will be revisited in the Season 7 premiere. Will we be getting another clue?
Yes. We’ll be getting more clues. The season premiere of Season 7 will pick right back up at that future wedding. We’ll get to see more of Ted and Barney’s conversation [there]. … You will learn more. That wedding will inform Episode 1 of Season 7 quite a bit. In fact, it is a wedding-themed episode.

TVLINE | Does that mean there’s another wedding, in the present timeline?
I don’t want to say. I want to leave something up for grabs.

TVLINE | A lot of people are speculating that the bride is either Nora or Robin. Is it safe to say that it’s one or the other?
It’s not safe to say that. Season 7 is going to be interesting. There’s going to be some [new] candidates. I wouldn’t limit it to those two.

TVLINE | How big of a role will Nora and the character played by Michael Trucco play next season?
For Michael Trucco, it’s good for him, bad for us, because his cable show (Fairly Legal) got picked up for a second season, so we won’t get to use as much of him as we would like. He will come back – we promised that through the narrator – but we won’t be able to use him extensively. Nora, I will say, is definitely going to be a part of Season 7.

TVLINE | Carter [Bays, co-creator] told TV Guide Magazine that the wedding is the beginning of Ted’s love story and the end of somebody else’s. Is there anything you’d like to add to that?
All I’ll say is that when we eventually get to that future wedding day, it is definitely not what everyone would expect. It’s not a wedding day that will go completely smoothly, but it will end with Barney being married. It’s not a fake-out. It’s not going to be something where he runs away from it. Barney Stinson will get married that day, and we will show to whom and exactly how it goes down.

TVLINE | There were a lot of hints in the finale that maybe Robin isn’t completely over Barney. What is her journey next season?
For any fans who felt we shortchanged by the Barney and Robin story in Season 5, there’s some really juicy stuff coming up for the two of them in Season 7. Like I said, some pretty big stuff goes down in November sweeps. In Season 5, we had them date for, I think, eight episodes and break up, and that felt right at the time. These two characters didn’t feel anywhere near ready to commit to one another. It’s now a couple years later, Robin is seeing Barney grow up a little bit…  It’s not gone unnoticed by Robin, who also did not have a serious love interest this past year. She’s definitely going to have to wrestle with that at the start of Season 7.

TVLINE | Lily and Marshall, especially, had a very tough year. Will next season be lighter and more joyous for them now that they’re finally pregnant?
Definitely, we will see a very joyous and happy Marshall and Lily embarking upon pregnancy and parenthood in Season 7. As like a fan of the show, I felt so happy for them that they had a light at the end of this tunnel.  It’s like the clouds have parted and the sun is shining on them.

TVLINE | Are you worried at all about adding a baby to the show, and what that will do to the dynamic?
I think it’s just going to get us nothing but huge ratings – a little baby. [Laughs] I don’t worry about it. There’s that conventional wisdom that babies ruin shows, but ultimately we’re writing this series about people starting in their late twenties and  going through into their early and now mid-thirties. This couple has been together for something like 16 years, so it’s natural for them to embark upon this. To me, it would be much weirder not to introduce a baby at this point. Why wouldn’t they be doing that? And we’re very lucky that television seasons are roughly the length of a pregnancy. And we did jump ahead to September for the “I’m pregnant” moment, so we have a pregnancy year coming up, which is great because you have three trimester’s worth of material to write. … That’s stories we’ve never done in our 136 episodes, so I think it’s great to have the new material.

TVLINE | With the two-year renewal, have you plotted out the story through Season 8? Or are you just focusing on Season 7?
The two-year renewal is great for us because it has allowed us to figure out the big moments we need to hit in Season 7 to set up a bunch of stuff in Season 8. We already have a bunch of arcs planned for Season 8 and quite a bit of Season 7 planned out. Like I said, I’m especially looking forward to November sweeps in Season 7. There’s some enormous Robin/Barney stuff happening in there… There’s a tremendous amount of chemistry between these two characters. It’s all very complicated and juicy and frustrating and fun. It’s very cool to open up that chapter again [which] was never completely finished.

TVLINE | Ted was in a relationship for most of this season. Will he remain single for a stretch or are you going to introduce another love interest?
Ted is single at the start of Season 7, he doesn’t pair up right away. I don’t want to give too much away about where it all goes. … It’s actually a really refreshing thing writing Season 7 so far, to get Ted really reset back to square one of, “I’ve had all this career success. I’ve been focusing on my work. I remember at one point I was really committed to finding the right woman and settling down and having kids. Whatever happened to that?” Ted, when we met him at age 27, already felt like he was running late on meeting the right woman and having kids. So now he’s realizing, “I’m 33 now. I kind of have to get on this in a recommitted, serious way.” That leads to some really fun stuff for Ted [and] some “single and on the town in New York City” stories.

TVLINE | Will the GNB Tower storyline carry over for Ted?
Yeah. Season 7, Ted starts off on a hot streak because he’s kind of a big shot — it’s incredibly rare for someone in their mid-thirties to get a skyscraper built that they designed. His students look up to him, he ends up getting a feature written on him in New York magazine…. All of a sudden, Ted’s a catch.

TVLINE | Over the course of the season, will we get more hints about who the Mother is, like we did in “Girls vs. Suits”?
Definitely. We’re going to spend more time in that future wedding day and learn more about what leads to Ted meeting the mother, and who she is.

What are you most looking forward to seeing in Season 7? Are you excited the show is revisiting Barney and Robin? Who do you think the mystery bride is?

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  1. VieZal says:

    It’s impossible for Robin to be Ted’s wife since in the very first episode Ted says to his kids “and that is the story of how i met, your aunt Robin”.

  2. michael says:


  3. Raj says:

    Guys…for all who still think that’ robin is the wife of future ted? What shows have you been watching?…He clearly says that the roommate of that lesbian girl is the mom and how he only saw her legs that day. At the first season, he clearly says aunt robin and he kept saying aunt robin aunt robin aunt robin throughout the show!!! C’mon people keep up!

  4. michael says:

    i think they should play more episodes of space teens (robins porno) that was hilarious

  5. Athena says:

    Dudes & dudets,how on earth can you be sure that zoey won’t come back? Stella did! Btw,i really,really loved it when the season ended the way it did,cos now it’s keeping us on our toes! All the best to us!!!;)

  6. Tanmay says:

    Barney is not getting married guys. its Punch’s wedding. remember ted’s high school friend who ask ted to be his best man at his wedding. if u see the 1st episode of season 7 marshal ask ted that if he is nervous coz he is the best man. dont u guys think that if it would have been Barneys wedding both ted and marshal would have been the best mans n not only ted.
    Ted just enters the room n says i heard groom needed me n then they show Barney. Punch could be standing just next to him.

  7. Hazel says:


  8. I think Karen from Will and Grace is the only Perfect Bride for Barney….. that would be Legen….. wait for it Dairy!!!

  9. Garry says:

    I think barny will end up marring Nora but robin will not get marred also I wouldn’t be suprized if robin has some more stupid boy friends like Scoby…lol

  10. SarahM says:

    The episode with the yellow umbrella, in the club…. in was mentioned by future Ted, at the beginning, that the mother was there that night ! After watching many times, I’ve noticed there is a scene in which Ted bumps into a beautiful brunette and i swear that is her !! Coz why would they include such a random thing ?!

    • manu says:

      but ted explicitly mentions that he did not meet her that night

      • Iason says:

        Bumping into her isn’t exactly meeting her. They barely made eye contact, they just ran into each other, said sorry, and walked away. And I think it is just a red hearing. I mean, when Ted finally meets the mother and ties all the loose ends together, how was he ever supposed to remember that one random girl he bumped into on that one random night? She will probably be the girl who the dating service matched him up with, and they will probably reveal some other hidden stuff like that from the past. But the random girl he ran in to? No way.

  11. Iason says:

    Why is everyone complaining about HIMYM’s recent story line? Everyone saying that season 5 and 6 didn’t expand the story or reveal anything new… I don’t watch it for the story line, character development, love arches, any of that crap. I don’t REALLY care who the mother is, or who Barney is marrying.

    It’s a sitcom, don’t complain if the drama isn’t as good as a teen soap-pop show. People don’t watch TBBT to find out whether or not Penny and Leonard end up together. I only watch HIMYM for the jokes, and while it hasn’t been as funny in the last couple seasons (the funniest season was by far the first one), I laugh a lot more during it than TBBT.

    Now, actually talking about the mother, I think most people believe it is Carly, Barney’s half sister. I mean, Carly goes to the same college Ted teaches at, and Ted said that the mom was at that class during Ted’s first day, when he accidently went into the Economics class. That would mean the mother would obviously have to go to the same college he teaches at – Carly.

    Ted puts a lot of emphasis on the fact that he meetts the mother at a wedding. Which means the wedding is vital, because without it, they would have never “found” each other. And the person has to be someone who goes to college. The only person mentioned so far who matches the bill is Carly, as the only way they would meet was if she went to Barney’s wedding, and she goes to college. I don’t know, I just believe she is, at this point, the only guess with some actual decent evidence backing it up.

    Throughout the years, there have been many guesses, but all of them have just been random. Ted and Robin are NOT the Ross and Rachel of Himym. They were good together for one year, nothing more. It was the first couple, so I understand people vouching for them, but they broke up because they just weren’t meant for each other. It’s not like one person messed up, but the feelings are still there. Not like that at all. Ted and Stella were much closer than Ted and Robin.

    And now for Nora vs. Robin. Most of the evidence points to Robin. It would be much easier for it to be Robin (with two seasons left, it would be really difficult to introduce 3 new characters into the circle. Mother, Nora, AND someone Robin falls in love with).

    And when Barney said “challenge accepted,” I think he was referring back to the first episode of the season when Robin decided to wear a sun dress. Throughout the season finale, Robin and Barney talked a few times about how it is too late, and they shouldn’t try again for each other. But then Nora says “it’s never too late” while wearing a sun dress. It reminds Barney of before, and the challenge accepted is talking about the “it’s never too late” challenge, and how it’s not too late for Barney and Robin.

    BUT, despite all this, I think he will end up with Nora. I will be happy with either, but I think it will be a little bit better with Nora. I mean, HIMYM likes to do a lot of the “love at first sight” things. Ted and Robin, Ted and Victoria, even Marshall said “I’m going to marry that girl” during a flash back during freshmen year at college when he had just met Lily. And I believe, but I can’t be too sure, that Ted said something like “Kids, when I first met your mother, I knew immediately,” or something like that.

    That being said, Barney knew Robin for years, and they didn’t develop feelings for each other until they had sex. And when they dated, they just weren’t right for each other, which is why they became depressed and eventually had a CLEAN break up, without too many lingering feelings.

    However, within 5 minutes of knowing Nora, Barney gave up a super hot flexible chick, just to continue their conversation. “Love at first sight,” if you will. Also, I think Nora is just a better fit for Barney. They complement each other well. They aren’t exactly the same, like Robin and Barney, but they don’t disagree on everything, like Ted and Zoey. They have a great balance, they are healthy for each other, and they are the type of couple that will make each other very happy. No matter how much the characters have evolved, if BBarney and Robin got together again, there would always be that risk of becoming despressed once again. I don’t think HIMYM will risk that.

    Also, the writers wouldn’t just throw in some random girl for a whore like Barney unless they plan her to be the final girl for him. Unless, of course, the point of Nora is simply to help Barney and Robin to realize their feelings for each other, and finally end up together. Sorry for this huge ramble!

  12. Iason says:

    Also, just another random theory I am throwing out there:

    Assuming that the mother is still in college when Ted meets her, they can’t date each other, because of school rules. In this interview, the guy says that Ted goes through a very good moment in his life. I mean, designing a sky scraper in Manhattan, Ted is now pretty freaking loaded. He is well respected according to the interviewer, and he is obviously financially secure.

    Since this is the mother we’re talking about, and Ted will do anything to be with her, he will quit his job in order to date her. Ted, now having a lot of money, will finally start a bar with Barney. You know, the one they talked about, they one they will call “Puzzles.” Ted will have the money and architectural skills to design the bar, and he and Barney will be co owners.

    Think about it! During season six, when it goes to a “future” moment, with old Ted in the airport. He runs into Wendy the waitress. Ted barely remembered her, which means he stopped going to Mclarens. Why would he stop going to Mclarens? He has his own bar. And why, of all people, would the directors choose Wendy the waitress as the person who Ted runs into? I know, it shows her future husband and all that, but she was never important to the story, they would never put her in a big moment like that unless it had a deeper meaning: Ted started a bar.

    Crazy idea, but I’m calling it now. How awesome will it be if it turns out I’m right!

  13. Bruno (Brazil) says:

    Well, I think its not Robin, She had no ring on the meatball-sub episode, and also, Ted said that she made pieces with children when he had his own, this means Robin had no children, and as far as we know, Barney want’s 3 kids, one of each…

    • Iason says:

      The meatball-sub thing doesn’t indicate anything, they always do random future flashes like that without trying to indicate anything about their personal lives. As for Robin making her peace with kids after Ted had children, I think you might be on to something… However, I also have a feeling they are going to do a few more tragic moments, one of which I believe will be Robin not being able to have kids.

    • ScottK says:

      And it has been stated several times that Future Ted is an unreliable narrator, and his flashbacks scenes aren’t necesarily 100% accurate.

  14. himymlengendary says:

    I think some of us need to remember that even though this is ‘how i met your mother’the show i supposed to concern the other characters and their development. Plus there was a good point made a few comments ago on the pages of this spiralling vortex of entrepy that Barney’s develpoment into a person who gets MARRIED is extremely important!! considering that barneys wedding is where he meets their mother.
    as for all the ted-robin stuff…. ‘get your head out of your arse’

    but there have been sooooo many clues as to who the mother is, everything is a CHAIN REACTION when you think about it!!
    ted-robin relationship= amy-ted gets tattoo= ted-stella = tony- stella leading to the college job (mother in that class) = cindy and roomate and returning of the yellow umbrella = blahbah job GNB building = and the arcadian and stuff will lead to his sucess in season 7…..
    but as for Barney and who ever he marries, at the wedding it is raining… and some one said before that the umbrella will again emerge. that leads me to think that th series will actually end with barneys wedding becasue that actually entails MEETing teds wife.
    Personally i think that barney and robin have developed enough to actually get married and i love those two but lets just say the writers will keep us hanging the rest of the series.
    as for who the mother actually is, i don’t think she would have been metioned yet AT ALL. i believe all the little things and loose ends will be tied up: for example “and that girl i bumped into on saint patrics day, that was who your mother was their with that night, and carley, barneys half sister sat next to her in econ 305 each week”.
    All i know for sureis that i love this show. and come one guys who doesn’t want a baby on this show???

  15. himym legendary says:

    but wouldn’t it be funny if Barney got a therapist and ended up marrying her (dispite the whole “if i was paying a person 200$ an hour we wouldn’t be talking about my life”thing to lily

    but barney and robin are a must

  16. Nichole says:

    Lily is having a boy. In the last cigarette episode Ted says Marshal’s actual last cigarette is the day his son was born!

    • ScottK says:

      More than likely, but for all we know he has a daughter, then a son and that’s when he quits smoking. It’s not definitive yet.

  17. Random Person says:

    Does anyone else remember in the episode ‘Hopeless’ when Ted and Robin were ‘dating’ so no single girls were in the group when Barney’s Dad is there? And Robin’s secret crush, and old Ted saying ‘But, that wasn’t the end of that’? So, even though I would love to see B&R together, something has to happen there… Just my opinion…

  18. Tim says:

    I hope it doesn’t turn out like friends did. the show is already so much like it. barney-joey, ted/robin-ross/Rachel, lily/marshall-monica/chandler. Weddings ruin sitcoms unless they are closing the series. Barney’s playboy image is one of the shows strongest plotlines. Heres

  19. Hicks says:

    I think Barney will marry robin but she will not be the original bride

  20. ScottK says:

    The “challenge accepted” Barney says is in response to earlier in the episode, when Barney’s Dad tells him “settling down is the biggest challenge of all”.

  21. SydNC says:

    I believe Nora is the “ducky tie”. When Ted and Barney are talking before Barney’s wedding, Barney uses ties as a metaphor for a bride. He asks Ted if he chose the right tie, meaning chose the right girl to marry. Ted says yes, then says, be glad you didn’t choose the ducky tie, meaning, be glad you didn’t choose Nora. I’ve seen many comments about why would she want Barney. Well, because we’re gonna find out she is some kind of freakazoid nutjob and no one else would have her. The flashback of Marshall getting drunk in a casino, Barney is on the phone wearing a ducky tie with an extremely serious look on his face. He’s probably finding out the truth about Nora from someone, or getting a call from the police or something that she is a conwoman.

  22. SydNC says:

    And the flashback scene of Marshall and Barney in the casino is most likely Barney’s bachelor party.

  23. Cherry says:

    I hope the mystery bride was Nora, even though I thought it was Robin, cos when Lily said ‘the bride needs you’ I remembered that Robin said if she ever get married she wants Ted to be the best man

  24. harley says:

    has anyone noticed the casino scene with Marshall & Barney…Marshall is at the table, wearing a t-shirt that says, “Marshall & Steph 4-EVA”

    could something have happened with Marshall & Lily’s marriage?

  25. nathan says:

    yeah in season 7 ep 2 on his shirt in a flash forward say “Marshall & Steph 4-EVA so maby your right and Barney also had ducky tie on too witch mean with in a year this should all happen.

  26. Arianna says:

    Lily is probably having a boy. In the episode “last cigarette ever” at the end Ted said that lily’s last cigarette was when she was trying to get pregnant and Marshall’s was when his son was born. Plus on a side note Robin’s last cigarette was on June 2013 about the same time as the end of season 8…..

  27. pastels says:

    It’s ironic how you’re angry that the writers are “fufilling the audience’s wishes” (about barney potentially marrying robin), when instead you want the writers to fufilling YOURS.

    Tsk tsk.

  28. Tyler says:

    It can’t be Robin as the wife, so stop hoping that. Notice in almost every episode he is talking to his kids he addresses her as “Aunt Robin” why would he do that for his wife? There can’t be that big of a put-off

  29. Dee says:

    I love the idea of Barney and Robin!!!!!

  30. jjjj says:

    robinn and ted i willl feel like have wasted my time if its barney they are ment to be cause thats how she came in to the show threw ted i hope there some kinds of twist and shes the mother will never watch it agen if its barney and robin together why would you want to ruin the show and marry the two she should marry ted

  31. jjjj says:

    maybe hes not talking to his own kids and that why he says aunt robin

  32. pspipes says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know that we are having a special on Barney Stinsons Suitjamas (same as featured on the CBS online store) in the lead up to Christmas! Check out http://www.suitjamas.com for more info! Use the coupon code “xmas” and save $10 off each item! Suit up!!

  33. Jiska says:

    I think Barney and Robin are perfect for each other.. I really hope Barney’s marrying her! People say Robin deserves better, but I think they are the same in a lot of ways and they understand each other… Once they get over their biggest commitment issues (and I think they’re both doing really well on that), they will be an amazing couple!

    Also, Ted is best man at Barney’s wedding, but the bride also wants to see him.. Robin asked Ted to be her best man as well. Could it be that Ted is best man for both of them that day? :)

    I’m excited to see where all this is going…. :)

  34. Ed Fosbey says:

    Dont you think if Robin is Barneys future wife, Lily would be her maid of honor and be wearing a bridesmaids dress??

  35. This Is How I Met Your Mother says:

    here’s my idea…
    ted is gonna meet the mother completely random, and have it be this little romantic date that you think is gonna be a one episode thing. They’ll have chemistry, and kind of like it was with victoria, it’ll just work. not because she’s built completely like ted, but because she is herself, which will complement ted’s character. then, he’ll be at Barney’s wedding and meet up with Rachel Bilson’s character. Wondering why she’s at the wedding, she’ll say that her roommate is the grooms half-sister and that she’s right over there. It’ll have been raining earlier and she’ll be putting away the umbrella and BAM! she looks up and he recognizes that he met her before. i’m gonna guess episode 150 or something for the reveal?

  36. Mike P says:

    My speculation on the mother is its Barney’s step-sister.

  37. Mike P says:

    And by step-sister I mean half-sister.

  38. Voiceless says:

    I REALLY REALLY hope Barney marries Robin. Sure it didn’t really work out at first but it’s always possible. They still have some feelings for each other….so I’m really rooting for Barney and Robin! They just seem perfect for each other…somehow. Plus, the chemistry is pretty awesome! <3

  39. Anonymous says:

    I really want Barney and Robin to be together but I definitely don’t think it is going to happen. Barney really, REALLY wants kids, to the point he thought of adopting one with Ted. I definitely think it is in his fate to be a father some day. However, as we learned at the end of the last episode Robin is not only infertile, but Ted says she never becomes a mother (adoption or otherwise), so I am pretty sure Barney is going to marry someone else.

  40. Darcinator15 says:

    I LOVE ROBIN AND BARNEY TOGETHER!!! they are perfect for each other robin and ted def don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things so they def are not meant to be!!!

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