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How I Met Your Mother Boss Teases Season 7 and an 'Explosive' November to Remember

The day How I Met Your Mother fans never thought they would see is coming — Barney is getting married “a little ways down the road”!

It will, however, take quite a journey for the all-but-confirmed bachelor to get there, one that will revisit his past with Robin in “complicated and juicy” fashion, executive producer Craig Thomas tells TVLine. And Barney is not the only one who will be on a new path, as we learned in Monday’s season finale. After a rough year, Marshall and Lily are expecting a little Marshmallow or Lilypad, while Ted has finally blown up The Arcadian and his relationship with Zoey. Lucky for us, Thomas was kind of to offer up some teases about what it all means for the CBS comedy’s Season 7.

TVLINE | Given some of his issues, Barney getting married suggests quite a change for the character. Will we see a very different Barney next season?
We don’t know when this wedding is taking place. … We’re threading the needle on that [in Season 7]. How does Barney get to that place? What changes him? What makes him want to do this? Who’s he marrying? How did they get there? What’s going on on that wedding day? Is he happy? Is he nervous? Is this going to go forward? Is it going to be a disaster? … I will tease that in November sweeps of Season 7, where there will be four huge episodes for Barney. It will involve Robin, and there will be some very explosive relationship stuff happening.

You have stated that the wedding will be revisited in the Season 7 premiere. Will we be getting another clue?
Yes. We’ll be getting more clues. The season premiere of Season 7 will pick right back up at that future wedding. We’ll get to see more of Ted and Barney’s conversation [there]. … You will learn more. That wedding will inform Episode 1 of Season 7 quite a bit. In fact, it is a wedding-themed episode.

TVLINE | Does that mean there’s another wedding, in the present timeline?
I don’t want to say. I want to leave something up for grabs.

TVLINE | A lot of people are speculating that the bride is either Nora or Robin. Is it safe to say that it’s one or the other?
It’s not safe to say that. Season 7 is going to be interesting. There’s going to be some [new] candidates. I wouldn’t limit it to those two.

TVLINE | How big of a role will Nora and the character played by Michael Trucco play next season?
For Michael Trucco, it’s good for him, bad for us, because his cable show (Fairly Legal) got picked up for a second season, so we won’t get to use as much of him as we would like. He will come back – we promised that through the narrator – but we won’t be able to use him extensively. Nora, I will say, is definitely going to be a part of Season 7.

TVLINE | Carter [Bays, co-creator] told TV Guide Magazine that the wedding is the beginning of Ted’s love story and the end of somebody else’s. Is there anything you’d like to add to that?
All I’ll say is that when we eventually get to that future wedding day, it is definitely not what everyone would expect. It’s not a wedding day that will go completely smoothly, but it will end with Barney being married. It’s not a fake-out. It’s not going to be something where he runs away from it. Barney Stinson will get married that day, and we will show to whom and exactly how it goes down.

TVLINE | There were a lot of hints in the finale that maybe Robin isn’t completely over Barney. What is her journey next season?
For any fans who felt we shortchanged by the Barney and Robin story in Season 5, there’s some really juicy stuff coming up for the two of them in Season 7. Like I said, some pretty big stuff goes down in November sweeps. In Season 5, we had them date for, I think, eight episodes and break up, and that felt right at the time. These two characters didn’t feel anywhere near ready to commit to one another. It’s now a couple years later, Robin is seeing Barney grow up a little bit…  It’s not gone unnoticed by Robin, who also did not have a serious love interest this past year. She’s definitely going to have to wrestle with that at the start of Season 7.

TVLINE | Lily and Marshall, especially, had a very tough year. Will next season be lighter and more joyous for them now that they’re finally pregnant?
Definitely, we will see a very joyous and happy Marshall and Lily embarking upon pregnancy and parenthood in Season 7. As like a fan of the show, I felt so happy for them that they had a light at the end of this tunnel.  It’s like the clouds have parted and the sun is shining on them.

TVLINE | Are you worried at all about adding a baby to the show, and what that will do to the dynamic?
I think it’s just going to get us nothing but huge ratings – a little baby. [Laughs] I don’t worry about it. There’s that conventional wisdom that babies ruin shows, but ultimately we’re writing this series about people starting in their late twenties and  going through into their early and now mid-thirties. This couple has been together for something like 16 years, so it’s natural for them to embark upon this. To me, it would be much weirder not to introduce a baby at this point. Why wouldn’t they be doing that? And we’re very lucky that television seasons are roughly the length of a pregnancy. And we did jump ahead to September for the “I’m pregnant” moment, so we have a pregnancy year coming up, which is great because you have three trimester’s worth of material to write. … That’s stories we’ve never done in our 136 episodes, so I think it’s great to have the new material.

TVLINE | With the two-year renewal, have you plotted out the story through Season 8? Or are you just focusing on Season 7?
The two-year renewal is great for us because it has allowed us to figure out the big moments we need to hit in Season 7 to set up a bunch of stuff in Season 8. We already have a bunch of arcs planned for Season 8 and quite a bit of Season 7 planned out. Like I said, I’m especially looking forward to November sweeps in Season 7. There’s some enormous Robin/Barney stuff happening in there… There’s a tremendous amount of chemistry between these two characters. It’s all very complicated and juicy and frustrating and fun. It’s very cool to open up that chapter again [which] was never completely finished.

TVLINE | Ted was in a relationship for most of this season. Will he remain single for a stretch or are you going to introduce another love interest?
Ted is single at the start of Season 7, he doesn’t pair up right away. I don’t want to give too much away about where it all goes. … It’s actually a really refreshing thing writing Season 7 so far, to get Ted really reset back to square one of, “I’ve had all this career success. I’ve been focusing on my work. I remember at one point I was really committed to finding the right woman and settling down and having kids. Whatever happened to that?” Ted, when we met him at age 27, already felt like he was running late on meeting the right woman and having kids. So now he’s realizing, “I’m 33 now. I kind of have to get on this in a recommitted, serious way.” That leads to some really fun stuff for Ted [and] some “single and on the town in New York City” stories.

TVLINE | Will the GNB Tower storyline carry over for Ted?
Yeah. Season 7, Ted starts off on a hot streak because he’s kind of a big shot — it’s incredibly rare for someone in their mid-thirties to get a skyscraper built that they designed. His students look up to him, he ends up getting a feature written on him in New York magazine…. All of a sudden, Ted’s a catch.

TVLINE | Over the course of the season, will we get more hints about who the Mother is, like we did in “Girls vs. Suits”?
Definitely. We’re going to spend more time in that future wedding day and learn more about what leads to Ted meeting the mother, and who she is.

What are you most looking forward to seeing in Season 7? Are you excited the show is revisiting Barney and Robin? Who do you think the mystery bride is?

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  1. sleep dep says:

    i still hope its robin and barney.both of their characters progressed so much after their breakdwn- barney realizing he wants to find a girl that would make him want to settle down and robin who put set aside her career just to be with the man she loves. I cant wait for season 7! Can i borrow a time machine, pls?

  2. Gern Blanston says:

    The Barney-Robin thing seemed forced when it happened, didn’t dig it. I hope that’s not the way they are going with this.

  3. HIMYM says:

    I haven’t read all the comments above so this might have been mentioned already…
    So for starters, I don’t think it’s Barney’s wedding…I believe it’s Punchey’s-cuz we kno Ted’s the best man.
    Also if it was Barney’s, I think thr’d b best MEN-Marshal & Ted.
    Plus Barney and Robin are totally gonna end up together…(Nora might continue to play her part in season 7 and stir up some jealousy, but when it comes down to it, it’s Stinson and Sherbotsky for the win[they have same issues:commitment/father(not same circumstances,but nonetheless),etc.)

    (I do still like Nora and her no BS(gettin played)attitude-plus it was so cute tht Barney’s heart “actually skipped a beat”)

    Also, Barney wears suits all of the time, so i figure for HIS wedding it’d b a prtty legend-wait for it-dary![suit] Legendary suit! ;) -the one he was in was nice and all but no cigar.

    eIther way tho, i hope when Ted meets his “soul mate”, that the show goes on to there dating life/wedding because HIMYM basically rocks-(this might just be me, but it reminds me of Friends with each of the characters own different personalities-if you kno wat i mean…(Joey=Barney. Monica=Robin/Lily Chandler=Marshall…I guess Ted could be like Ross…)

    HIMYM <3

    • Vikki says:

      It’s not just you– it reminds me of Friends too. I love all the characters like I did with Friends and the character development is great. I think Marshall and Lilly’s baby won’t ruin this show… Friends did well with Ben, Emma and then the finale with the twins. I agree with your pairings, except that I think Robin is the one more like Monica in ways and Lilly is more like a combined Rachel/ Phoebe– she’s cute and quirky, but oh so loveable… and tough (remember Phoebe’s rages every so often… that was great, and Lilly does that too!– just remember the episode in Season 5 “Jenkins”) =) I have 5 seasons of this one and all 10 of Friends. I can’t wait to own all of the HIMYMs too!! =) I wonder Season 6 will be available on DVD… I missed several this season

  4. abruzzi says:

    I’ll go for Nora, she’s a decent, elegant woman who will suit well with Barney..Barney’s all crazy and childish, ends up gettin’ married with Nora, very matured and subtle.. their relationship would be exciting to watch if it’s in season 7 later..the contrast between them, and Nora’s English accent = sexy…

  5. Jack Cameron says:

    Here’s hoping the writers don’t end the show with the meeting of the mother. There’s a story there of not just who she is but how that relationship evolves from meeting to marrying to children. With any luck this show won’t be ending anytime soon. My favorite sitcom ever.

    • klown says:

      Correct but is also a very risky situation because a lot fans are eager to nitpick everything that they see so what if this woman who has been built up for years is played by an actress that surprisingly lacks chemistry with Josh Radnor and then fans are unhappy with how their relationship is portrayed. Is it worth the risk that the fans will be upset with who the mother is? I am personally not picky but a lot of fans are so having him meet her to end the series may be the best route, even though it isn’t the one that I personally prefer.

  6. Karen says:

    I think barney will turn out to be gay,who says uncle Don has to be Robins husband?? I still remember that episode were Marshall & Lilly are at the docs office checking fertility,when we see Barneys Doppleganger,& theres a big picture in background of a pregnant Robin- so im still confused thats its a present day moment with a future pic of Robin in background??So hopefully this is explained.

    • Maria says:

      I just watched the episode and there is NO pregnant picture of Robin in the background. There is a picture of a pregnant woman, but it’s not Robin

  7. poop says:

    MAYBE Barney goes to marry nora but ted falls in love with her so he marries robin?

  8. Fiona Mitchell says:

    I just wanted to point out, that the show begins with Ted meeting Robin. If I was telling my kids a story of how I met their mother (father in my case, but anyways), I would start at, well, the start. So if the show starts with meeting Robin, the Mother must be connected to Robin in some way. IF the wedding is in fact Barney and Robin’s, I would propose that Ted meets a friend of Robin’s at the wedding who will end up being his wife.

    • sir walter dibs says:

      Actually, it can be assumed that it started with Marshall proposing to Lily. Their engagement propels Ted into the pursuit of finding his future wife.

    • Kaz from oz says:

      When Ted is talking to the kids, he calls Robyn Aunty Robin.

  9. melissa says:

    I only started watching the show a couple of months ago and started catching up by watching all the re-runs. I LOVE IT! What’s great is I can watch all the shows I Tivo and still watch the season that just ended and not be lost. Because of the way it is done you can watch episodes from any season and watch the current shows and not feel like you missed out on something.

    This show puts a smile to my face – I have to say I can’t wait to get home and watch all the shows I recorded. Sorry I missed out on the past few years but so glad I got hooked now….better late than never right???

  10. Sidd says:

    i feel dat the original wedding will be of barney and norah, but eventually, he l realise on the wedding day that he loves robin and will ditch norah for robin… dats legendaaary!!

  11. SAA says:

    The wedding has to be Barney and Robin’s. It makes the most sense for the story they’ve written. Barney and Robin are both in the process of growing into people who can be in a real, committed relationship, and it brings Ted’s story together if he meets the Mother at their wedding. How awesome would it be watching the Pilot and knowing that when he and Barney meet Robin that in the future he will be his wife when he’s the best man at their wedding?

    I just hope the writers allow Barney and Robin to have a mature relationship leading up to the wedding. I don’t want any wacky sitcom hijinks where Robin interrupts Barney’s wedding to someone else, and they elope together. To me that would not do a very good job of showing their growth as people, and it would be too cliche. Ending the show with Barney and Robin just getting married like normal people would also keep the focus on Ted and meeting the Mother.

  12. DoctorX says:

    Remember the episode “Exploding meatball sub”, It was said that it was set 10 years later, The timeline of season 7 and 8 will not take 10 years right?, but look, it’s obviously not going to be Barney and Robin, Barney’s dying in his bed and i can’t see any hint there that it’s gonna be the two of them.

    • lauren says:

      Oooh… very true! Good job remembering that. I’m planning to Rewatch the entire series this summer to remember any hints I have forgotten or missed over the years… the writers are so great about leaving hints all over the place! You just have to pick up on them!

    • Annie says:

      Barney was just pretending to be dead to play a prank on Marshall.

  13. Please stop this nonesense says:

    Ok I think the writers somehow forgot the name of the show! Reading this article, Ted is mentioned about 3 times?! Character development is great and all but COME ON ENOUGH ALREADY!! Ted has taken a backseat this season and it has mostly been about the others. This season was bad. Just. Bad. I’m somehow still watching this because I remember what the show used to be like AND I WANT TO KNOW WHO YM IS!! It won’t mean the show is over because there will be the whole falling in love/getting married aspect too!Reading this article I wanted to punch my laptop screen…This is not the Barney and Robin show OK?

  14. Mark D says:

    I’ll side with those who thought Season 6 was poor overall. It was teased by Carter & Craig as something amazing, intricately mapped-out and a return to the Mother Search, but was definitely not. So much stuff about the battle over the Arcadian (and who cares about THAT?) and Zoey, a character I never felt anything for. But the teases for Season 7 sound promising (more clues! Since getting several in “Girls vs. Suits” we haven’t really had many) and Season 8 should be fantastic.

  15. Cath says:

    Some people really don’t understand the premise of this show. The show is not called How I Fell in Love with Your Mother: it’s How I MET Your Mother. As soon as Ted meets the Mother, it’s the end of the show: the show is about how Ted reaches that fateful point where he meets the mother. Those same people are missing all the fun stuff that comes before that.

    Anyway, if Barney is gonna marry someone, I can’t see it being anyone else but Robin. They have similar personalities and similar issues: the reason they imploded so badly in season 5 is because they still hadn’t dealt with the issues that were keeping them from making significant emotional commitments in their relationships. We saw Robin starting to evolve past those issues with Don in season 5 and Barney’s been dealing with his father issues this season. I truly believe that re-visiting their relationship when both characters have grown up so much will be better for them this time. I can’t wait to see how the writers will write this.

    Needless to say: Team BrOTP!

  16. Alister's mommy says:

    I enjoyed this season. I’m glad its barney getting married. So happy marshall and lily are having a baby. I hope things look up for robin. It can’t always be super funny characters need to grow and change

  17. Senny says:

    I loved this season and I’m so sad it’s over. I really hope that it’s going to be Barney’s and Robin’s wedding, or that he at least ends up with her! I’m totally definitely Team Swarkles!!! Too bad season 7 is so far away…

  18. Nel says:

    OK a few people’s comments aren’t making sense.. if Robin is the mother, then how come Ted only “meets her” at Barney’s wedding? Ted always refers to them as Uncle Barney and Aunt Robin, kinda suggesting that they get together. who knows if she’s the bride on that occasion..

    • Aaron says:

      Surrogate motherhood. Ever think of that? Happens a lot and it totally makes sense. Would you doubt anything else from Carter and Bays? Nothing is what it seems.

  19. Cvetinka says:

    This is great! I love this show, the characters, the plot, everything! I’m so happy to find out that there’s gonna be a season 8! LOVE IT! I’m reviewing the previous seasons and series and trying to remember how “nowadays Ted” talks about uncle Barney and aunt Robin and…is there a connection between… The bride must be Robin, otherwise I will be disappointed :) They are so great together :) Can’t wait until November! It’s going to be LEGEN- wait for it- DARY- LEGENDARY! The best show EVER! Marshal must sing a song and make an website about it :) Perfect job,guys! Congrats!

  20. tigermilk says:

    I do not agree Robin would still be aunt Robin married to someone else than Barney (and vice versa).
    I definitly hope the bride is NOT Robin… I think that Barney and Robin are great together but not as a couple, as friend. I would like the bride to be Nora ^^ I like her and I find she is (for now) the most likely to put up with Barney’s issues…

  21. MikePackage says:

    I’m hoping it’s Nora. I love Barney with Nora. And for most of your guys’ ideas abuout Barney and Robin, you seem to be a little blinded by the fact that that’s what u want to happen

  22. aren says:

    i REALLY wish barney and robin will end up together… i was so bummed when they broke up…

    • Weiry says:

      Yeah well remember in the last episode of Season 6 when Barney and Robin were talking abut the end of their relationship. How Barney got to fat and Robin’s hair was falling out.

  23. sir walter dibs says:

    I’ll be disappointed if Robin and Barney end up together. I thought their relationship was unnatural from the get-go and couldn’t wait for it to end. On the contrary, I think Nora is great, but can she really mesh with the rest of the group? She doesn’t come across as being comical, or is that just me?

    As for the drama at the wedding, it does rain that day and Ted is nervous about giving the toast. Why wasn’t he that nervous when he was getting ready to give Lily/Marshall’s toast? Could it be that the toast is extra special because it is for his two friends [Robin and Barney]?

    Nice job by the writers to tie in the sun dresses from episode one of this last season. I remember Robin wore a sun dress in that episode [Nora is wearing one in the finale], which only adds to the mystery.

    For what its worth, the MOTHER was roommates with Cindy, as well as a student in Econ 305.

  24. Merigan says:

    I’m very excited of hearing about season 7 and I long to see that.
    I think the bride is Robin in spite of what is written up there. And the new Barney situation seems complicated to get in mind but why not ? We already saw him in love with Robin so… I think he can be a good husband actually! :-)
    Finally I wasn’t expecting them to put a baby on the show. I appreciate this because it’s risky and totally interesting as changing barney’s behaviour.
    Thx for the interview :-)
    And I LOVE HIMYM!!!!!!! 4 ever and ever

  25. alireza says:

    i want to see cobie smulders for once … i am alireza from iran (but i am not terorist !) and i love cobie smulders very very very very … very much ! she is the best beautifull in the world !
    thank you and i love you cobie !

  26. bee says:

    robin and barneyy :)

    i really liked this season, they managed to introduce some seriousness that evoked emotions from the audience but still able to keep it humouress.

  27. rOd says:

    season 6 starts with a wedding this wedding will be robin’s and not punshy(ted’s friend) and ted is the best man. remember when robin asked ted to be her best man ;)

  28. Jenn says:

    Don’t forget about Robin’s crush! I’d rather Barney end up with Nora & Robin with her crush. Robin & Barney were a good couple – but I think it ended for a good reason and should stay kaput.

  29. peter mushimba says:

    am happy for bamey and robin thats good for them.love this movie wat a season …mwaa

  30. Emilia says:

    And why not Ted falling in love with Nora (he hasn’t met her yet)?
    That might be why he’s so anxious abt this wedding…

    • Samay says:

      Well actually Ted has already met Nora in the episode “A change of heart” (when they meet at McLaren’s and Barney bullies them into keeping shut)..

  31. Jim says:

    I think somehow they will incorporate the roommate and the yellow umbrella back into the next season. Nora sister will end up being the “roommate with the yellow umbrella”, Nora the bride and the sister ast the maid of honor. And with Ted being the best man he’ll have to walk her down the aisle. Stuff like this happens all the time. It happened with me and my last girl friend, we met at my best friend Matt’s wedding with me as best man and her as maid of honor.

    • Annie says:

      I don’t remember what episode it was, but in one of the flashes to Marshall and Ted at the wedding, it begins to rain, and Marshall asks Ted if he has an umbrella, as to which he responds that he does not. I think this is a clue to that the mother will let him borrow her yellow one, as to which they start up a conversation about it maybe…

  32. Cody says:

    I have to disagree with those who say this season was disappointing. I thought everything worked very well and although I may have disliked a couple story arcs (Mostly Zoey) I loved how the characters (especially Barney) matured throughout this season. As for extremely funny moments: ‘Subway Wars’ had me dying with laughter the entire time, as did Blitzgiving & Glitter. I think after 2 pretty laid back seasons (4&5) season 6 started getting the show back to where it used to be comedy & storytelling wise. Also, to those who didn’t like the ‘Serious’ storyarcs, I ask you: Weren’t there a few of those in the early seasons too? Lily leaving Marshal, Ted & Robin’s breakup and the almost ending of their friendship. Just like the Marshal/Barney storylines, they had funny moments in a serious situation. If the show is bothering you, stop watching it. If you can’t stop watching because, you’re invested in the characters, sit tight and enjoy the ride, I’m sure we’ll be plesantly surprised.

  33. John C says:

    Silly people, the Mom is Nikita!

    That’s Alex on the couch right? Sitting next to Justin?

    Ted and MaggieQ! Such a nice couple (once she gets over all that killing and revenge stuff anyway).

    A little sad for Micheal.

  34. Phil125 says:

    BARNEY <3 NORA!!!!!! Please, please, please let it be Barney & Nora's wedding! I so love them together! I like Barney and Robin's friendship a lot, but I picture Barney being romantically involved with someone a little more refined. Nora is perfect!

  35. Torsten Lauridsen says:

    Hope really that season 7 & 8 have more stories with Ted, because after all he IS the main person in the story and season 6 did mostly circle around Barney… MORE TED!!!

  36. noah says:

    I swear if Robin and Barney don’t get married I’m going to cry for weeks and weeks and weeks, if they do not wed I will have an everlasting scar on my heart. THEY MOST BE TOGETHER, AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! =D

  37. noah says:

    I reaaaaaaaaaaallllly hope Nora and Barney don’t end up together that would suck SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad!!!

  38. schaitown says:

    Who cares about the Barney and Robin story line? I began watching the show to see Ted date and his struggles with relationships. Ted hasn’t had a good story line for a couple of seasons and that really sucks. Season 1 and 2 are the best because that is when Ted dated and did fun things. Now he is just a side character to Barney. It’s now Barney’s show and that is annoying, no disrespect to Neil Patrick Harris.

  39. chalengeaccepted says:

    I really enjoyed fourth season specially cause Barney fell in love with Robin and he did a lot of hillarious things cause this so I think that Robin is going to be in love with Barney again, Robin is so hillarious too so It’s gonna be funny to watch it. I think Nora is not funny so she couldn’t be a series regular. Definitely Robin and Barney have to marry they are funny enough to be a really good couple for HIMYM even better than Marshall and Lilly.

    So Barney and Robin please!

  40. Arpitha K says:

    Its good that season 6 had one clue – “When” Ted first meets his wife… but it would be more fun if the next season doled out many more clues, snippets about the mother, and Ted trying to find her or something like that…

    I don’t want them to reveal who the mother is yet, coz that should definitely be the last episode of the series! But the rest of the episodes should lead up to that moment man!… Season 5 was baaaaad with nothin wht so ever related to the title of the series.

    I definitely want more Ted stuff next season, and i don’t want him in a relationship.. I want him to be searching for this special lady…

  41. Shekky says:

    RE: don’t like that it should just end b/c it’s “stopped” being a comedy for you…I don’t think that a good show is just all laughs. Look at Roseanne. One of the best comedies, EVER and still had lots of serious issues that they dealt with on the show.

  42. Psymon says:

    Carly is the mother.

    It’s clearly obvious :
    – She will be at the wedding.
    – She’s at university.
    – There will be a storyline between Ted and Barney about Barney’s sister.

    • Psymon says:

      Actually, I was thinking about it when in the 6×19, Jerry didn’t show the picture of his daughter. Then, he said she was at university.

      Therefore, I was sure, at this point, that the Mother will be Carly, and that this wedding will be Barney’s.

  43. kasty says:

    I think it is and has been Barney and Robin right from the start…i mean from the very inception of the show, because in the still (picture) that they show at the beginning of every episode, where all five of them are together, we see Robin and Barney adjacent to each other. Marshall and Lily are a couple, and Ted’s spouse cannot be shown (for spoiler concerns). I presume there would be a couple of seasons more after Barney’s wedding so his spouse should be included in the ‘gang’as well…i mean its unnatural if she is not….so i think its Robbbbbiinnn and Barneyyy!!!! also i can’t stand Nora…she’s too prim and proper for Barney….Barney will DIE if he ends up marrying Nora

  44. lovesHIMYM says:

    so … somewhat off topic, but is anyone else waiting for the last slap?

    • himym says:

      Yeah I am, I think they are going to save it for season 8, it’s gonna be a good slap I think. Or maybe Marshall wont slap him as a wedding gift.

  45. Gnemesis says:

    I love how some people hate the show but continue to watch! There are hundreds and thousands of shows out there- watch a different one! Also you are correct in saying that it is a sitcom. A sitcom is a “SITUATIONAL COMEDY”. To make the comedy you must first present a situation. HIMYM is amazing at doing just that. If you don’t like how the show is written then quit wasting your time and press the big “Power” button on your remote… it’s pretty easy.

  46. M. says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t care about who the mother is?I mean,is not like is someone we’ve already met.The mother will be a new character,so if we knew her name,what difference would it make?And,for those who say that the show is a comedy and it’s looking more like drama…no comedy can be good without some character developping.It would get boring in the end of the first or second season.Barney getting married…something tells me it’s Nora,but I hope Robin will stop the wedding,and,who knows,maybe he marries her.As a huge fan of Barman and Robin,the awesomest couple ever,I want they do end up together,don’t matter how.They break up was…awkward.They started hating each other for no reason.They weren’t ready back then,but I think now they are.Gosh,this waiting will kill me.

  47. M. says:

    Oh,and,btw,am I the only one who thinks HIMYM is starting to look like Friends?
    I mean,the ex-girlfriend (Robin/Rachel) is the one who introduces the ex-boyfriend (Barney/Ross) to a british woman (Nora/Emily) who he ends up marrying.Well,I don’t know what’s coming in HIMYM,but Ross said Rachel’s name at the wedding and,later, ended up with her.Anyway,there’s nothing i can do but think and hope.

  48. Katie says:

    I feel like in season six How I met your mother stopped being ‘how i met your mother’ and became ‘how barney settled down’. there’s hardly anything involving Ted and the mother in those episodes, its all about barney now. i like barney, but i’ve always liked him as sort of comic relief. Good in small doses. i dont want the show to focus on him. i liked the earlier seasons better when it was more ted/marshall/lily/robin and a little less of barney.

    • Annie says:

      Well Ted meets his future wife at Barney’s wedding. If there weren’t episodes about him maturing and settling down, how would we not all question his getting married?

  49. georgie says:

    I think when he says the wedding will be “the start of a new relationship and the end of another one” or whatever he said exactly.. I think he means its officially the end of Barney and Robin and they realize they are better off with different people, meaning Barney marries Nora because she doesn’t cancel out his awesomeness like Robin did..
    Also to the people bitching about how the show is called “how i met your mother” ted is like the most annoying character in the show, who cares about the mother anymore its an hilarious show and if meeting the mother means the show ends then i never want him to meet her! :)

  50. D says:

    Does anyone know who designed the dress Robin wears at the end of the finale? (shown in the picture accompanying the article)