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How I Met Your Mother Boss Teases Season 7 and an 'Explosive' November to Remember

The day How I Met Your Mother fans never thought they would see is coming — Barney is getting married “a little ways down the road”!

It will, however, take quite a journey for the all-but-confirmed bachelor to get there, one that will revisit his past with Robin in “complicated and juicy” fashion, executive producer Craig Thomas tells TVLine. And Barney is not the only one who will be on a new path, as we learned in Monday’s season finale. After a rough year, Marshall and Lily are expecting a little Marshmallow or Lilypad, while Ted has finally blown up The Arcadian and his relationship with Zoey. Lucky for us, Thomas was kind of to offer up some teases about what it all means for the CBS comedy’s Season 7.

TVLINE | Given some of his issues, Barney getting married suggests quite a change for the character. Will we see a very different Barney next season?
We don’t know when this wedding is taking place. … We’re threading the needle on that [in Season 7]. How does Barney get to that place? What changes him? What makes him want to do this? Who’s he marrying? How did they get there? What’s going on on that wedding day? Is he happy? Is he nervous? Is this going to go forward? Is it going to be a disaster? … I will tease that in November sweeps of Season 7, where there will be four huge episodes for Barney. It will involve Robin, and there will be some very explosive relationship stuff happening.

You have stated that the wedding will be revisited in the Season 7 premiere. Will we be getting another clue?
Yes. We’ll be getting more clues. The season premiere of Season 7 will pick right back up at that future wedding. We’ll get to see more of Ted and Barney’s conversation [there]. … You will learn more. That wedding will inform Episode 1 of Season 7 quite a bit. In fact, it is a wedding-themed episode.

TVLINE | Does that mean there’s another wedding, in the present timeline?
I don’t want to say. I want to leave something up for grabs.

TVLINE | A lot of people are speculating that the bride is either Nora or Robin. Is it safe to say that it’s one or the other?
It’s not safe to say that. Season 7 is going to be interesting. There’s going to be some [new] candidates. I wouldn’t limit it to those two.

TVLINE | How big of a role will Nora and the character played by Michael Trucco play next season?
For Michael Trucco, it’s good for him, bad for us, because his cable show (Fairly Legal) got picked up for a second season, so we won’t get to use as much of him as we would like. He will come back – we promised that through the narrator – but we won’t be able to use him extensively. Nora, I will say, is definitely going to be a part of Season 7.

TVLINE | Carter [Bays, co-creator] told TV Guide Magazine that the wedding is the beginning of Ted’s love story and the end of somebody else’s. Is there anything you’d like to add to that?
All I’ll say is that when we eventually get to that future wedding day, it is definitely not what everyone would expect. It’s not a wedding day that will go completely smoothly, but it will end with Barney being married. It’s not a fake-out. It’s not going to be something where he runs away from it. Barney Stinson will get married that day, and we will show to whom and exactly how it goes down.

TVLINE | There were a lot of hints in the finale that maybe Robin isn’t completely over Barney. What is her journey next season?
For any fans who felt we shortchanged by the Barney and Robin story in Season 5, there’s some really juicy stuff coming up for the two of them in Season 7. Like I said, some pretty big stuff goes down in November sweeps. In Season 5, we had them date for, I think, eight episodes and break up, and that felt right at the time. These two characters didn’t feel anywhere near ready to commit to one another. It’s now a couple years later, Robin is seeing Barney grow up a little bit…  It’s not gone unnoticed by Robin, who also did not have a serious love interest this past year. She’s definitely going to have to wrestle with that at the start of Season 7.

TVLINE | Lily and Marshall, especially, had a very tough year. Will next season be lighter and more joyous for them now that they’re finally pregnant?
Definitely, we will see a very joyous and happy Marshall and Lily embarking upon pregnancy and parenthood in Season 7. As like a fan of the show, I felt so happy for them that they had a light at the end of this tunnel.  It’s like the clouds have parted and the sun is shining on them.

TVLINE | Are you worried at all about adding a baby to the show, and what that will do to the dynamic?
I think it’s just going to get us nothing but huge ratings – a little baby. [Laughs] I don’t worry about it. There’s that conventional wisdom that babies ruin shows, but ultimately we’re writing this series about people starting in their late twenties and  going through into their early and now mid-thirties. This couple has been together for something like 16 years, so it’s natural for them to embark upon this. To me, it would be much weirder not to introduce a baby at this point. Why wouldn’t they be doing that? And we’re very lucky that television seasons are roughly the length of a pregnancy. And we did jump ahead to September for the “I’m pregnant” moment, so we have a pregnancy year coming up, which is great because you have three trimester’s worth of material to write. … That’s stories we’ve never done in our 136 episodes, so I think it’s great to have the new material.

TVLINE | With the two-year renewal, have you plotted out the story through Season 8? Or are you just focusing on Season 7?
The two-year renewal is great for us because it has allowed us to figure out the big moments we need to hit in Season 7 to set up a bunch of stuff in Season 8. We already have a bunch of arcs planned for Season 8 and quite a bit of Season 7 planned out. Like I said, I’m especially looking forward to November sweeps in Season 7. There’s some enormous Robin/Barney stuff happening in there… There’s a tremendous amount of chemistry between these two characters. It’s all very complicated and juicy and frustrating and fun. It’s very cool to open up that chapter again [which] was never completely finished.

TVLINE | Ted was in a relationship for most of this season. Will he remain single for a stretch or are you going to introduce another love interest?
Ted is single at the start of Season 7, he doesn’t pair up right away. I don’t want to give too much away about where it all goes. … It’s actually a really refreshing thing writing Season 7 so far, to get Ted really reset back to square one of, “I’ve had all this career success. I’ve been focusing on my work. I remember at one point I was really committed to finding the right woman and settling down and having kids. Whatever happened to that?” Ted, when we met him at age 27, already felt like he was running late on meeting the right woman and having kids. So now he’s realizing, “I’m 33 now. I kind of have to get on this in a recommitted, serious way.” That leads to some really fun stuff for Ted [and] some “single and on the town in New York City” stories.

TVLINE | Will the GNB Tower storyline carry over for Ted?
Yeah. Season 7, Ted starts off on a hot streak because he’s kind of a big shot — it’s incredibly rare for someone in their mid-thirties to get a skyscraper built that they designed. His students look up to him, he ends up getting a feature written on him in New York magazine…. All of a sudden, Ted’s a catch.

TVLINE | Over the course of the season, will we get more hints about who the Mother is, like we did in “Girls vs. Suits”?
Definitely. We’re going to spend more time in that future wedding day and learn more about what leads to Ted meeting the mother, and who she is.

What are you most looking forward to seeing in Season 7? Are you excited the show is revisiting Barney and Robin? Who do you think the mystery bride is?

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  1. Kari says:

    Will Chi McBride be back? Did anyone else think that it was weird that he was there in a bit part? Is this an intro for the next 2 seasons during the GNB build?

    • JennieO says:

      Yes! Weird! It was so odd to see him in that part that I couldn’t place him for a while. Then, “That’s Emerson Cod!” I hope we’ll see more of him.

  2. qeeee says:

    Yess!!! Im happy for Barney & Robin. Hoping she’s the Bride.

    • EJ says:

      hope not

      • krish says:

        why not ???

        • Sarah says:

          Because Robin is a good person and can do a lot better then Barney.

          • brian says:

            Man….I really hope robin and barney do NOT get married.I hate that idea soooo much.I kinda always hoped robin and ted would end up together in the end,since it started there.He stole a blue french horn for god’s sake!Whoever ted ends up with,BETTER be worth it,and waaaaay hotter than robin.Otherwise watching every single episode will have been a GIANT waste of my life.hated the casting choice of stella as well.

    • lorna says:

      Ugh Barney and Robin were TERRIBLE!! Season 6 sucked for the most part, minus Barney’s Dad and also Marshall’s dad dying.

    • John Oven says:

      I’d love to see barney and robin together too, but look at how lily is dressed the day of the wedding, you would probably think being robin’s best friend she would be the bride’s made, instead she is dressed to simple…
      I’d say either Nora or a new girl we have yet to meet :D

      • JM says:

        I’m still hoping that Robin is the mother.I really want Ted-Robin partnership.

        • kyh says:

          not to dissapoint u to much but in like season one he refers to her as aunt robin to the kids so thats not gonna happen and he actually refers to her like that alot

          • Angus says:

            Ted does refer to Robbin as Aunt Robbin throughout all six seasons thus far. He also does state Uncle Barny Aunt Lilly and Uncle Marshall. With these references and I am diving really deep into this and crossing so many different lines by saying this, but I believe the person Barny is marrying is Robbin and Lilly is the Maid of Honor, just because she is dressed so simple doesn’t mean that she isn’t the Maid of Honor for Robbin, just means that Robbin knows what her friends can afford. Remember that when they left off Marshall was unemployed. I am not saying he doesn’t get his dream job, I am hoping that he gets it, and by racing out of the interview and being honest with the interviewer, he earned some credibility. He knew what every picture was and is very passionate about the environment. Like I stated before I am connecting dots that are not there and this is what I am thinking. If Aunt Robbin and Uncle Barny were to marry different people then why hasn’t he stated their names as of yet? Although I am looking forward to the new season and seeing what actually happens and getting more details as to who Ted will marry!

        • Bella says:

          I hope she is too. Even though he has referred to her as aunt robin, but he has done that to everyone. I wanted them to be together ever since the first episode. He said that he met the love of his life then, so somehow I hope that the writers figure out how to make robin the mother. I think that robin and Barney are terrible together; also they just can’t be because robin and ted are meant to be together, as it was love at first sight. Fingers crossed for robin to be the wife of ted!

      • Juan says:

        Not to spoil anything, but that’s not Barney/Mystery Girl’s wedding… It’s someone else’s…

        • Kelsey says:

          Actually I believe they are referring to the Season 6 finale, which IS Barney’s wedding. Remember when Lily grabs Ted and says the groom needs you? And then you see Barney asking Ted a question. So yeah, it’s Barney’s Wedding.

      • abw says:

        hmmmmm I was just talking to my best friend about the “wedding”. Our theory: Barney & Robin’s wedding and Ted is both best man and maid of honor. In a past episode (not sure the title) Robin asked Ted to be her maid of honor and he agreed. This wedding is in the future, so Lily isn’t pregnant – she already had the baby. And I think she looked gorgeous! I love HIMYM!!!

  3. murley says:

    count me as someone who hopes the future bride is robin. that is the pay-off i am looking for so i am glad they are revisiting that relationship and hope it plays out well. in general next season sounds great. i think this show hit a little bit of a rough patch in season 5 but this last season was very good and the set up for the next 2 sound like they will continue the trend.

    • Gemma Blackman says:

      I’m pretty certain it’s not Robin cos remember Don? Older Ted calls him uncle Don in the future.

      • mrlarry says:

        I’m pretty sure that never happened

      • Carolyn says:

        I remember the same thing, but no one else I know seems to! Glad to know I didn’t hallucinate this! So I guess the question is whether that was a mistake and/or red herring.

      • Nikkie says:

        Yes, I remember that episode where Ted referred to him as Uncle Don.

        • Liv says:

          I want to know which episode this was. I’ve watched the episodes after Don was introduced and have yet to hear the utterance of the words Uncle Don. I think you are mistaken.

      • M. says:

        No,future Ted didn’t call him uncle Don.And I watched all season 5 this week,so I remember it very well.He says ‘That’s when she met Don’,just Don.

        • Aat says:

          He did and it aired that way originally. I think they dubbed the voice over and took it out in the reruns. Easy enough to do, and it’s not there now.

      • Randy says:

        Can I know which episode it is?? It’s kind of interesting here

      • Kelsey says:

        I remember the “Uncle Don” reference happening too, it isn’t when we are introduced to Don, it’s when they are about to break up, towards the end of the relationship. However.. I think it was a red herring too.

      • Kristy says:

        You’re not hallucinating; I remember the “Uncle Don” comment happening as well as I had a shocked “Wait, what? So she ends up with Don?!” moment. I backed it up and replayed it to listen to it again on my DVR. As for the audience, it seems split between people who remembered the comment and those who claim it was never said.

        My guess is that those who remember hearing it are remembering from when the episode was first broadcast on TV, not from the season DVD set. If they did decide to oust Don after poor fan reception, which is possible, then it’s incredibly likely the DVD sets including that episode would have edited out the “uncle” found in the original broadcast. Hence, even when going back to check, it might not be there (frustrating to say the least). Release editing is used as a form of retconning and would explain why some viewers heard it and some did not. Enough individual people appear to have heard the comment independently of each other (including people who were not fans of Don), that I would wager it *was* said at one point.

      • Joanna King says:

        This absolutely happened! It was only in the original aired episode and they edited it out of the reruns. I remember this so clearly because I was pissed!

    • em says:

      I really hope it’s robin too! yeah, barney and robin turned out to be a bit of a disaster in season 5 but that’s because they weren’t ready to be in a committed relationship, but the chemistry and feelings were still there! You see it in episodes like “Of Course.” They had/have everything they need to be perfect and happy together, they just didn’t know how to use it in season 5. But they are both ready now. Also, am I the only one who has thought about how if B&R don’t get married it would ruin the group dynamic? If B&R marry, they only have to add one person to their small, tight group (the mother) but if barney marries nora (which i would imagine they would lose a lot of viewers for, there a TON of B&R shippers) they will have to add three (nora, whoever robin ends up with, the mother)! I think that would screw up the dynamic. Just my opinion.

  4. TW says:

    Did anyone else notice that Lily was visibly NOT pregnant when she popped her head out of the door to summon best man Ted? I take that to mean that the wedding takes place sometime after she gives birth, so at the very least 9 months from where we found out she was pregnant. Also, did anyone notice her dress? To me it didn’t look like a dress someone would be wearing if they were part of the wedding party. It looked a little too casual for an event where the best man was wearing a tuxedo. I would assume that if Barney and Robin were getting hitched, Lily would be the Maid of Honor or at the very least a bridesmaid. I wonder if this is a hint and it isn’t Barney and Robin…

    • Amber says:

      Hmmm, you may be right.

    • gin says:

      Maybe it’s Barney-Nora’s wedding at first, and then things happened and it’s Barney-Robin’s wedding instead. Probably Barney will realize he’s still in love with Robin. Craig Thomas did say the wedding won’t go smoothly

      • Rob says:

        My thoughts exactly. It will probably be Barney and Nora (or one of the other possible as-of-yet-unseen contenders) but the day will go awry somehow and it will end up being Barny and Robin, because lets face it, that is how HIMYM kind of rolls, and for Robin to get married it would kind of have to be a quick decision moment. She is not exactly the white dress kind of girl, the natural events leading up to a wedding would freak her out too much.

        • Rachel says:

          I think That Barney is going to marry Nora/another woman, but during the wedding, Robin tells him that she still loves him and Not to marry the bride. However, Barney thinks it is too late now and goes on with the wedding. Robin is heartbroken and she has left the room. Barney stares at her leaving. Then Right after the wedding, he realises that he is also in love with her. Days after the wedding, Barney is re-thinking his marriage. Soon, he has a divorce with Nora/another woman as he thinks that she is not the one, and then he goes to Robin and tell her that she loves him.

        • em says:

          My thoughts EXACTLY. I think it’ll be Nora/other woman and then something big and juicy and explosive happens and Barney and Robin marry each other. And what you said about “For Robin to get married it would kind of have to be a quick decision moment. She is not exactly the white dress kind of girl, the natural events leading up to a wedding would freak her out too much.” it totally true, she would need to do it in the heat of the moment or her brain would start to get louder and gain control over her heart.

      • Umar216 says:

        yeah i expect that to that first hes marrying nora…
        and on the wedding day seeing robin. he decides other wise and gets married to robin..
        hope its robin

      • Marie says:

        How can that be possible though? In most states, it takes at least 3 days to get a marriage license, and you can’t just cross somebody’s name off of one and reuse it if the wedding doesn’t happen.

        • saf says:

          yea but a religious/nondenominational ceremony doesnt need to be LEGAL. they can still get “married” in front of their friends and family and then sign the papers later. my parents religious ceremony and their legal wedding were 2 weeks apart.

    • Pat says:

      brilliant observation my dear Sherbotsen!

    • V says:

      except…Robin isn’t too frilly/girly most of the time, and Lily would probably be a “matron” of honor, so her dress might still work…

    • amanda says:

      totally agree, yes i noticed re slim lily, and her beautiful dress, not the norm you would wear at a wedding if you were just a guest, so looking more and more likely its robin, would be fun though if it is, cause there is going to be a lot of barney and robin trying to sort there relationship out. also lily and marshall and pregnat i think is going to be funny, cant wait for season 7 xxxx

    • Diane says:

      Lily’s dress is definately a bridesmaid’s dress-no woman would wear matchy matchy shoes if it wasn’t a bridesmaid dress

    • C, says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing. My bet is on Nora.

      • Alex and Dawn says:

        We are mother and son and in disagreement. I (Dawn) think its Robi, Alex – says “its sooo Nora”

    • Chelsea says:

      Totally had the same thoughts! Lily would for sure be a bridesmaid at Robin’s wedding… Lily did not seem to be in a bridesmaid dress. Don’t think it’s Nora however… Ted has never called her Aunt Nora to his kids… I would only guess with the gang being so tight his kids would call her a Aunt too. We have to be getting close to answers. In the year 2030 his daugther looks to be no younger then 16… that would put her birth in year 2014. I guess only time will tell… What do you think Lily is having?

      • Shyann says:

        apparenty, because lily is pregnant they are also going to make robin pregnant but they arent going to reveal whether the dad is Ted or Barney or another random dude but season 7 sounds real cool

    • John Oven says:

      EXACTLY the dress !!!

      • saf says:

        well robins not exactly the type to have a very traditional wedding or the type to care about bridesmaids dresses so i dont think lily’s dress really matters. she’d probably WANT something simple. also lily’s dress looks a lot like the dresses my cousin had her bridesmaids wear.

    • Lillie says:

      about the “lily isn’t pregnant” thing… they could start the show off with “so and so months later…” (which would be greaaat) or unless robin just snaps and says “i love you, we should get married” (which i doubt would happen) haha :)

  5. Courtney says:

    Ohh I cannot wait. I loved all the little Robin/Barney hints. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with all of these guys. And more tidbits about the mother is welcome. Wish he’d have said whether or not John Lithgow would be coming back. He was great as Barney’s dad.

  6. Aria says:

    I have high hopes its Robin, I am a sucker for a ‘we were meant for each other’ story.

  7. ggny says:

    can we all just agree that this season blew and the finale was a pile of hot garbage?

    • jln says:

      I would not agree with that at all. I thought this season over all was very strong, had some very good character development and some great emotional story-lines.

      I also thought the finale did exactly what a good season finale is supposed to do: Leave you wanting more and set up the next season.

      • Ryan says:

        What is this, A drama? No it’s a comedy… Only one or two episodes this season have been funny. Think back to season 2 and 3 where you’d be laughing every three lines. This season I laughed a grand total of 5 times.
        This season HIMYM traded laughs for character development and drama. Which is weird because it’s a SITCOM.

        • John Berggren says:

          Sure, this year they made me cry. But they also made me laugh. A lot. 5 times? Were you watching the same show?

        • Gnemesis says:

          I love how some people hate the show but continue to watch! There are hundreds and thousands of shows out there- watch a different one! Also you are correct in saying that it is a sitcom. A sitcom is a “SITUATIONAL COMEDY”. To make the comedy you must first present a situation. HIMYM is amazing at doing just that. If you don’t like how the show is written then quit wasting your time and press the big “Power” button on your remote… it’s pretty easy.

    • Ryan says:

      Terrible. I just want the show to end.

    • NickC says:

      Agreed!…this show has gotten worse every season.I feel like they just make it up as they go.Now were going to have to string it out for 2 more seasons?…Some shows don’t know how to get out of their own way…Great, Great cast.Not so good writing/show running.

      • lb says:

        Seriously? “Make it up as they go”? What show are you watching? It’s the most well-planned, thought-out show on tv. The writers keep up with every storyline they introduce. I always imagine a giant timeline in the writers room, where they have every event written down. It’s amazing how well they keep up with everything. If you don’t like the show, you don’t have to watch it.

      • Jim says:

        If you just have to “string it out for 2 more seasons”, then quit watching it. There are plenty of others who can appreciate a good TV show and know that you have to have character development to keep a show alive. Maybe you’ve just changed since season 2 and 3!? It’s really good humor and writing throughout the entire season. If it’s dry humor you want the watch a little more you-tube and leave the grown up shows to those who can appreciate them.

    • Barney says:

      It’s a sitcom and it should have more fun episodes.
      I only liked two episodes of the entire season

      2)Oh Honey

      I am not saying that story was not good but I think that comedy should be a more prominent feature of HIMYM. Like first three seasons.

      • nelby says:

        not every sitcom has to be total comedy, I’m personally loving the excellent and well blended mix of comedy and drama that this show contains. It’s refreshing to have some solid storytelling and character development, and no offence, but a story of this length should have those struggles, it’s a show that connects, unlike you.

    • Diane says:

      I liked this season a lot, and I think there are still in the ball park of 8 million people who agree with me, given that the show every week have between 8 and 9 million who watch it. Sorry you didn’t enjoy it, but some of us were thrilled with the seasons progression

    • lorna says:

      Agreed. HATED ZOEY.

      • Alex and Dawn says:

        We didn’t either and couldn’t understand the attraction, thank goodness she’s out of it.

      • Vikki says:

        I didn’t like Zoey either and glad she’s gone! I was so hoping that she was NOT the mother and glad she’s not =) Can’t wait to see who she actually is… hopefully she won’t disappoint any of us… I do think it’s going to be a brunette though since the kids both have brown hair and brown eyes. I know Ted does too, but I think a brunette would look best with him =) The blondes have tore his heart out. (Stella and Zoey…)

    • rockxytotallyinlove says:

      i loved the season disagree

    • Anna says:

      I loved the season finale You are a pile of hot garbage

  8. João Amaral says:

    god i hope the bride is not Robin

  9. John Berggren says:

    Team #Swarkles. Love this show. Hope they bring it home well in the next 2 seasons.

  10. Serena says:

    I just can’t believe BARNEY is getting married before Ted. It seems so surreal!

    • Amy says:

      Surreal. That is the word I have been looking for ever since we saw the groom is indeed Barney. I am most definitely Team Swarkles!

    • Veronica says:

      Me too! I thought the wedding wherein Ted meets his future wife was Punchy’s! Hahahaha. I was so shocked and at the same time VERY happy when I saw it was Barney. :”)

      • Angus says:

        Punchy is already married remember when he came to NY to visit Ted, he told his wife that he thought Ted needed his help because he didn’t sound very happy. In no way could Ted had met his future wife at Punchy’s wedding in the past.

  11. Sharada says:

    I have high hopes for next season! But that’s what I said last spring…

  12. David says:

    I still say that it should turn out that Ted married the kids mother, had the kids and then she died at some point leaving Ted to marry Robin. Ted should end up with Robin, but given all of the assorted storylines, Robin can’t be there mom. My solution would allow for that.

    • greysfan says:

      hear hearrr!

    • Mocha says:

      I honestly didn’t really like Robin and Ted as a couple for some reason–they just never seemed as good a match as Robin and Barney. But it’s a moot point anyway since Future Ted always refers to Robin as “Aunt Robin”, which means they probably didn’t end up together at all. Sorry!

  13. Daniel Herrera says:

    This show is still called How I Met Your Mother right? Should have ended the show with something involving him meeting the Mother or some sort of hint/clue.

    • Ace says:

      The hint is that he meets her at Barney’s wedding. So we know she’s connected to Barney and/or his bride (please, Carter and Craig, let it be Robin) somehow. This definitely supports the recently emerging theory that YM is Barney’s half-sister.

      • sean says:

        cant be future ted never refers to barney’s dad as grandpa jerry but who knows it just seems wierd that if it is the barnicals half sis that future ted calls him jerry not grandpa to his kids

  14. sta says:

    Who notice that lilt left her class alone. She’ll be a great mom.

  15. Tracie says:

    Am I the only person that wants Barney to marry Nora? I think she’s awesome and really challenges him.

    • jenna says:

      they have a lot of chemistry and a great dynamic! Hoping for more nora in season 7

    • Ace says:

      I really don’t like her. Something about her just rubs me the wrong way. To be honest, though, it might be that she’s just not Robin. (I’ve been shipping them ever since the cigar club/laser tag episode back in the day.)

      • Alli says:

        That’s when I started shipping them as well!

        Nora bugs me a bit, but no where near as much as Don bugged me last season. When we first met him, he was a jerk. Then, we were basically told that he was actually a good guy without showing that transition. Storytelling 101 – “Show, don’t tell.” At least Nora is being showcased in ways that demonstrate her chemistry with Barney (which in my opinion is alright, but not great.)

      • nikky says:

        Me too!! Robin and Barney all the way :D

      • littleblackneko says:

        there are two types of reactions from the finale

        1.) Barney get married! NO WAy he could never commit
        2.) He’s gonna marry RObin!!! I Knew it!

        i belong to the latter half, ever since the premiere of 4th season :)

    • daleburrett says:

      defiantly want nora to be the bride

    • anonimus says:

      No, I don`t want Barney to marry Robin. Barney has to marry Nora she is perfeckt for him.

    • Tim says:

      I’m with you!
      Barney and Nora were one of my favourite parings on the show. When Barney was with Robin I hated it. Barney got fat and Robin got ugly. I would like for it to be Barney and Robins wedding but end up being Barney/Nora, although I can’t see that happening. I think the likely outcome is a Barney/Nora wedding, but Barney ends up marrying Robin. Kinda like Ted/Stella-Stella/Tony, except Barney would end up married because of what executive producer Craig Thomas said- “…but it will end with Barney being married.”
      I hope it’s Barney/Nora.

  16. s says:

    I’m on team Swarkles – please let Robin be the bride! I thought Lily was wearing a bridesmaid dress as well. The finale was great (I called Lily’s pregnancy as soon as she threw up) and there were some really fantastic episodes and moments this season – particularly the Marshall/father storyline and Barney and his dad. Both killed me.
    CB/CT, you have my trust – just please give us some more on the mother and while Nora was cool, she’s no Robin.

  17. Hannah says:

    I am super stoked. Season 7 is going to rock and Season 8 is going to rock harder!!

  18. Brenna says:

    BARNEY AND ROBIN!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Brooke says:

    Wait, they jumped ahead to September for the whole “I’m pregnant” moment? Did the whole episode take place in September? Because the soup/food poisoning storyline was happening at the same time as Ted and Barney fighting over who got to push the button, right? I feel like I missed something here.

    • Raquel says:

      I think the episode sort of spanned over the summer, with Barney and Ted arguing over the button for months, because at the beginning, Ted says that was the only interesting part of his summer. The food poisoning storyline was happening at the same time of the demolition (which, according to Barney’s invitation is in September), because Marshall says he’s been unemployed for five months, and he only quit GNB a few episodes ago.

      • Brooke says:

        Thanks! That makes sense, and I do recall Ted’s ‘summer’ line. I must have been too anxious to get to the end of the episode for the reveal about whose wedding it was to pay as close attention as I should have.

  20. Mike says:

    The Bride better be Robin

  21. greysfan says:

    NO!!… What ever happened to TED AND ROBIN!! Yeah yeah she cant be the mother but atleast another story, they deseerve way more credit than robin and barney!.. ted and robin are the ross and rachel of this show… Remember the beginning roots !..
    Barney and robin are the joey/rachel… it just doesnt feel right!

    So annoyed everyone is caught up in barney and robin.. i was cringing in their cab scene of ‘revisiting the past’.

    Ted and robin had a great relationship – but she couldnt commit.
    It just doesnt make sense that she would go back to barney !!

    It would be very very predictable and lame if robin and barney end up together.. massivley put off by the idea that the writers would fulfill the wishes of the audience rather than staying true to the show and manipulating the audience!!

    • Deena says:

      I agree with everything in this post! Thank GOD there are some sane people still left!

      • Kyra says:

        THANK YOU! Someone actually understands! It is like a Joey and Rachel thing! I agree completely with greysfan and Deena. :)

    • lacey says:

      Not everyone liked Ross&Rachel and the couple wasn’t the center of the show. As for Tedd&Robin, just b/c you like them doesn’t mean they’re destined to be together. You want the writers to fulfill the wish of the audience, but how do you know they’re not doing that? Do you know every single viewer out there?

    • lorna says:

      Agreed. I liked Ted and Victoria, but I guess Robin would be my second choice. Just, ugh, Robin and Barney make me puke.

      • Vikki says:

        I loved Ted and Victoria, as well… Who knows, maybe she comes back and actually makes the delicious cake at Barney’s wedding and Ted reunites with her similarly the way they first met… However, she’d have to do a lot of forgiving about what he did with Robin before they were even broken up.

        But, I did like them together so much!! =) She was so cute and they were so cute together… maybe time is all they need to get back together… (though, it may not be realistic considering the mother is actually the roommate of that one girl that he dated– i can’t remember her name– but she had a complex about everyone always liking her roommate and he does say that she is their mother, but we only see her foot… so who knows! maybe Victoria moved back early and was living in NYC instead of Germany years after they broke up… who knows! anything is possible) =)

    • Aaron says:

      I agree so much. People keep saying “Oh hey, there’s NO WAY Robin can be the mother!” Really? Carter and Bays are pretty good at flipping stuff on us. Who’s to say that the kids mother isn’t a surrogate mother and that Robin and Ted are together? That way, a part would come up in the show where Robin says “I can’t have children” and would be all sad, throwing us for a loop and thinking “What?! She can’t be the mother then!” And rightfully so…..they use a surrogate mother and Robin is “Aunt Robin” for whatever reason. It works and it works incredibly well. I mean, seriously, how did Robin and Barney fall in love? They backstabbed their best friend. How did Ted and Robin meet? Across a room…..one look. THAT is the love that Ted deserves. When did this show become How Barney Met His Wife? I love Barney, but we know more about him and his life than Ted….which sucks.

      • Emily Busler says:

        Ok you realize that if they used a surrogate that robin would still be considered the mom. When couples use a surrogate the surrogate mother doesnt raise the baby as well. SHe just carries it through pregnancy. So that idea would never work. Ted ans Robin dont fit they want different things out of life. I hated when robin and ted were together cause you knew it would never last cause theiri too different. Opposites attract but they dont get married, have kids and grow old together,

      • Beth says:

        I think there are some flaws in your reasoning as Emily pointed out with the fact that Robin would still be considered the mother. HOWEVER, it is really interesting that you predicted that Robin would find out she couldn’t have kids in Season 7. Good call there! I agree that Barney and Robin would be awful together, but I don’t think Ted and Robin will end up together either. It just doesn’t fit.

  22. Peanut says:

    I HATE Swarkles. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE them! I’m praying he marries Nora (even though her accent bugs me). They have ZERO chemistry!

    • littleblackneko says:

      sorry, but i <3 swarkles and Nora annoys the crap out of me so i really am hoping its Robin

  23. Deena says:

    I will forever be a Ted/Robin shipper. I know she’s not YM but I still can’t help wanting them to be together anyway. I blame the writers for making me fall in love with them in the pilot.

  24. Kaylee says:

    Spectacular season finale! I fell in love with HIMYM right from the beginning, and it has been getting better and better with each season!

    Barney and Robin FOREVER. I really think they are meant to be together :)

  25. Christian says:

    If I had to pick between Nora and Robin, I would hope it’s Robin. When he says “there’s a lot of chemistry between these two characters”, I don’t agree at all. The storyline in Season 5 when Barney and Robin dated managed to suck all the fun out of both characters, and I would really prefer if they didn’t revisit that.

  26. Raksha says:

    I dont care who the bride is, as long as Barney ultimately ends up with Robin. They both are meant to be together!!!

  27. altoids says:

    What the hell did Barney mean when he said “challenge accepted?!!” what is the challenge? that it’s never too late? it’s killing me.
    and it should be Barney and Robin!!!
    the character development rocked this season! and it still managed to be funny.
    cant wait for season 7

    • Diane says:

      The challenge is the one that Barney’s dad offered him: settling down with a (good) woman is the hardest challenge of all.

  28. Karuna says:

    I was, am and will always be a Ted-Robin rooter! I just adore them both together! Somehow, just somehow i wish Robin is the mother. Although i know its not true. But i prefer Ted-Robin any day in comparison to Barney-Robin :) Also, i’ve started loving Barney’s character even more now! He just IS awesome! All of them are! Great cast, great show! Way to go!! Cheers!

    • MexicanSweetBread says:

      Naaa. I never liked them together. They wanted different things. Plus her refers to her as Aunt Robin.

  29. Caity says:

    I don’t like Robin and Barney as a couple but if they do end up together I don’t think they’d get married. It just doesn’t seem like them. Especially not a big white wedding! That’s Ted’s territory.

  30. Sarah says:

    THE MOTHER is totally Barney’s half-sister. I’d be willing to bet on it. There are obvious clues:

    – meets the mother at Barney’s wedding (you would think his sis would attend, even though he hasn’t met her yet)… plus why would they mention this sister if they weren’t going to include her at some point in the future

    – the mother is Rachel Bilson’s character’s roommate in college (we know Barney’s sister was away at college)

    I thought there was something else but I can’t think of it right now…..

  31. Amy says:

    Barney and Robin!!!!

    Also, agree that the mother is Barney’s sis who’s away at college!

  32. Marie says:

    Have they forgotten about the yellow umbrella? And really, it’s time to reveal who THE mother is…

    • Andrew says:

      The yellow umbrella was left in the mothers apartment in season 5, so I’m guessing that won’t come back in until he actually meets her.

  33. Kelly says:

    Barney and Nora!! Robin is too masculine for Barney, she needs a hockey player.

  34. Jim says:

    Never invite an ex to your wedding!

  35. lacey says:

    Team Swarkles! I’m thinking the mother is going to be Barney’s half-sister. As for who the bride is, I want it to be Robin, but I imagine it will be someone else maybe a girl we haven’t met yet. Of course Robin will be invited to the wedding and you never invite an ex to your wedding, so ultimately Swarkles will be together.

  36. Melissa says:

    Barney <3 Nora and Robin <3 and that other, random, shirt guy

  37. Michael says:

    Desperation Day, Blitzgiving, and Oh Honey, have been my three favorite episodes this season! hot katy perry, barney the predator, awwwwwww man! this has been a great season!!! idk what some of you people are thinking.. i know it’s a sitcom, but character development is really important, otherwise people will have no reason to keep tuning in!!

  38. Harlow says:

    I’m so excited about Barney & Robin having something again. These two were not looking for anything serious at the time but now that they’ve grown they might see each other with a different light. Plus the Barnacle has shown that he can begin to open his heart now that his relationship with his father is existent. I love HIMYM but I wouldnt want to get to the point where I just want it to end.

  39. Sam says:

    I actually don’t think the Mother will be Barney’s 1/2 sister. I can’t imagine that Ted and the Mother’s meeting will be anything less than the rom-commy bull way that you know Ted is going to meet the Mother for the first time. I don’t think that could happen if he already knows who she is and probably would have met her shortly after Barney meets her. I could be wrong though.

  40. pc says:

    when was Barney’s half sister mentioned? i don’t ever remember her being brought up

  41. Maggie says:

    I really don’t want it to be Robin. Her and Barney were not good togther and if Nora can have him thinking of a relationship after 1 date, and it took him to like Robin for 4 years, it should be Nora. I want Robin to end up with someone like Don or her crush. But not for a while. She should get married after the series ends or near the end, because lets face it- shes career obsessed. So GO BARNEY AND ROBIN!!

  42. bubba says:

    barney and robin is that thing will never work because their chemistry is derived from the sneakiness. nora is the perfecttype of strong a barney needs. i’d like it to be nora or someone new, but definitely not robin. i’d bet a lot of money on that it’s not robin if i had a lot of money, haha.
    The fact that the mother might be barney’s half-sis is interesting…although i would think barney would know all about his college age sister’s roommate if she looked like rachel bilson, lol.

  43. kidd says:

    It will ne Nora or a man. He has been sleeping with all these women to forget he is gay. Also it is his half-sister.

  44. noradefender says:

    I’m sorry but no, I don’t see any chemistry between Robin and Barney. They just sucked up each other and all the fun of the characters went away. I have to say I’m really in fond of Nora I like her character and this cute british accent. Plus, the way Barney interacts with her shows us there’s gonna be something in the air I’m pro-nora It’s meant to be and I’ll be very disappointed to see Barney and robin at the end. anyway Nora rules ! Also, regarding YM That’s really bothering me to have not so many clues about that I think Bays and Thomas should give more clues cuz’ after 6 seasons we should have more hints! Anyway love that show and say we french people love it. Keep it going !

    • lorna says:

      Yeah, Barney and Robin just eww. They’re like brother and sister, that’s the chemistry I felt between them. I liked Michael Trucco’s character a lot.

  45. Emma says:

    I’m willing to trade incessant laughter for character development. If you are someone who wacthes the first 5 seasons and most of season 6 in a month the payoff is incredible. You can tell the writers love their characters.

    I have to adress the “babies ruin shows” thing. It only ruins the way they just throw it in, like in Friends. Here we have a well established relationship and this is a natural progression for them. If Barney and Robin just suddenly popped one out, that would ruining the show. Like Moonlighting when Bruce got with the girl the show lost its spark. HIMYM was close to that with all the Barney and Robin stuff.

  46. homiegoonie says:

    Agreed! We shoulda keep the essence of HIMYM and the baby thing is just another event it ain’t gonna change the story at all

  47. Nick H-T says:

    Marshall and Lily’s child is a boy, Ted says so in “Last Cigarette Ever”

  48. greenapples says:

    “I want to leave something up for grabs.”

    Is he kidding me? We are in season seven and we haven’t gotten a single lead towards who the fricking mother is – oh right, except an umbrella. I am so done with this show! I’ll watch the final episode if this ever gets cancelled, if even then they will bother to give any answers and show the mother.

  49. Shawnny D says:

    I don’t care who the mother is. And I don’t want to find out because that wud mean show over. I watch the show because it’s funny. But when it can also make you (almost) cry. That’s something special. Best season ever. Keep it up.

    • Andrew says:

      I couldn’t agree more. People complain about not knowing who the mother is, but I think that, no matter who the mother actually is, she’s almost guaranteed to not live up to this massive reputation. I almost think it’d be best if they kept up the mystery until the very last episode, only revealing her at the end to give the series closure.

  50. pete says:

    Barney marries teds sister