The Good Wife Finale: Something Exceptional

[The following recap contains spoilers from Tuesday night’s Season 2 finale of The Good Wife.]

“We’ve always had bad timing, haven’t we?” The Good Wife‘s Will asked Alicia, after a bit of ribbing about his girlfriend Tammy.

“We have.”

“What if we were to suddenly have good timing, just for… an hour?” he proposed. “What would that look like?”

Said Alicia, after some thought: “I think… that would look like an exceptional moment.”

That exchange toward the end of The Good Wife‘s Season finale led to an awkward (yet nonetheless charming) check-in process at the sold-out hotel’s front desk. But Will and Alicia were determined to pursue that exceptional hour — and exceptional it had better be, there in the $7,800-a-night Presidential Suite!

Not that these two kids could wait to get to the room. And that began a just brilliant bit of directing and editing, as Will and Alicia — stymied by a lone working elevator that had been detoured by a brat’s pressing of multiple floor buttons — slowly, tentatively, and then aggressively moved toward each other with each ding. Sure, we got a taste for the encounter in the promos, but seeing it play out in real time, in all its stilted yet rhythmic (and lushly scored) glory, was something else, if not something… exceptional.

The sequence ended at the suite door, where Will almost let their assignation be further delayed by one of those pesky electronic key cards. But then, after a teasey moment where a lesser show might have had Alicia see it all as a “sign” and or get cold feet, she instead extracted the card from Will’s hand, used her own touch to successfully release the lock, and thus open the door for the long awaited new stage in their romance.

I’ll add to this recap come morning, sprinkling in details about the case, Kalinda’s interactions with Sophia and Cary, and the Eli twist that threatens to keep prospective gubernatorial candidate Peter in Alicia’s orbit one way or another. Plus, there was the “a-ha” moment (that I saw coming) where it was revealed that Peter was the white knight who saved Lockhart Gardner’s day by sneaking The Glove to his estranged wife.

But for now, please use this post to share your thoughts on the finale, the hook-up, and whether the time was right. Or, should Alicia have waited to truly be a free woman?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jessica says:

    What an excellent, intense episode. Can’t wait for next season.

  2. CurryFan says:

    Haven’t seen it yet, but it sounds hot! Can I have Chris Noth to myself now?

  3. Ashton says:

    This ending was exactly what I wanted. I don’t want them in a relationship I just wanted a hook up (for now) so that we can start out next season all twisted and tangled and everything done in this episode was perfect for a very interesting season three… now if CBS will just renew the show I will be content :-)

  4. Maxwell says:

    I adored this episode. The case was riveting and suspenseful, the developments with Eli should set up a brilliant new status quo for next season, and I loved the reveal with Peter. But those last 5 minutes… wow. That was some beautiful and exceedingly clever television. I’m just worried that photos of them kissing in the elevator will come out next season if Peter chooses to fight Alicia for custody. But as a long-time Will/Alicia shipper… sweet relief. Amazing. This is far and away the singular drama of network television. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that I think this season of The Good Wife was better than anything else on cable this year too and I will be rooting for it come Emmy time.

    • Trenton says:

      If this show follows somewhat closely w/ realty, and as far as shows go this one does, those kids are old enough to state who they want to live w/. Plus he had sex w/ a prostitute. Courts would look at what kind of stable environment exists…no chance Peter wins that.

      • Charlotte says:

        I agree. It’s the kids that ultimately going to decide who they want to live with and I think that Peter and Alicia would ultimately respect that decision. However, I don’t necessarily think that both kids would choose Alicia. In divorce, kids can have weird ideas of who to blame for the break-up.

    • susela says:

      But even if photos came out, Alicia is acting as a separated woman; Peter consorted with hookers as a married man. And publicizing her affair would also be publicly admitting that they are separated—not good for Peter going forward.

      • Rosline says:

        Alicia is acting as a separated woman, separated or not you don’t hit the sheets that fast it only goes to show you have been committing adultry all along and the courts take a very dim view of that kind of action.
        If I were Will I would think about getting out of town now, the backlash could be overpowering and somewhat life threatening.
        When a spouse does what she did the best way is get a divorce then move on, that clears the way without roadblocks–a big mistake was made.

  5. Pamela says:

    What’s with all the chaste dramas this year?! Bring on the sex!

  6. Amy says:

    Waiting for Alicia to be a “free woman” would be too neat for a show that does complicated and morally ambiguous so well. I can’t wait to see the fall out of their hour (yeah right) together. I half expected someone to catch them. I loved when Jackie showed up to dinner where Owen and the kids were. Love me some Owen. Cary was great tonight. Poor Kalinda. Also, I love the idea of Eli and Alicia working together. Their scenes are always brilliant and the more Eli the better. This show better get some serious Emmy love.

    • xav says:

      It’s not Alicia that wasn’t free. It’s Will. He openly referred to his ‘girlfriend’.

      • Csquare6 says:

        No, Will knew the marriage was down the tube! When his girlfriend called before leaving for Europe, he didn’t try to stop her. He knew he really didn’t love the girlfriend. She could never replace His law school love!

        • xav says:

          But she was still his girlfriend. And more importantly, she still believes they’re together.

          • Trenton says:

            Not really. She was going to London for the 2012 Summer Olympics. That is more than a year away, tell me that decision doesn’t mean the relationship is over. He even said that she told him in a way that meant stop me or lose me forever…and he didn’t. It was over to Will at least…that girl can get an email hahaha j/k at least a phone call or ichat.

      • Ray says:

        He is a slez and Alicia should have her ass kicked for playing his game!!!!

  7. xav says:

    I guess that means that Kalinda and Alicia can be friends again. I mean, if Alicia can sleep with someone in a relationship then she can forgive Kalinda for the same.

    • Betsy says:

      Will addressed that he no longer has a girlfriend. He clearly stated that Tammy left for London when he didn’t chase her to tell her not to go. My biggest issue with Kalinda is that she saw Alicia as the housewife – fine – but then INITIATED and built a friendship with that woman. Yes, Alicia may have been just as heartbroken and upset when she inevitably found out about Kalinda and Peter, but Kalinda did not have to seek her out as a friend. ESP when she told Alicia she HADN’T slept with him.

      • xav says:

        No, he didn’t. He called her his girlfriend and then said that he wish he and Alicia could have ‘one hour of good timing’. Alicia was split from Peter so the only reason he would just need one hour would be if he was still in a relationship. Also, if they were no longer together he would have said ‘ex-girlfriend’ or told her. Alicia did it knowing someone else still thinks they’re in a relationship with Will, even after knowing how much it hurt to be the one on the receiving end which makes it worse.

        • Bernie says:

          No xav Betsy is right. Will said that Tammy left for London and that she wanted him to chase after her but he got the call about the glove.

          • xav says:

            He told her that they would still be together even if she left for London. She wanted him to tell her to stay as a way of telling her he cared. SO him having a huge break in a case at trial wasn’t a break up. If it was then Will wouldn’t have needed to call her his girlfriend or worry about bad timing. He’s not free and clear even though she is or else they wouldn’t have that whole conversation about timing again.

          • Trenton says:

            First: Alicia was married not boyfriend/girlfriend. There is a difference or a different level of dante’s inferno at least. Second: Will intimated and expressed clearly at least to me and others that by not chasing after she who played way too many neurotic relationship games their relationship was over. She was leaving for London to live there for over a year – 2012 Summer Games – Alicia didn’t do a damn thing wrong, and even if he didn’t tell her and say ur right he needed to officially say we are done. It wasn’t like Will was gonna deceive her and act like they were still a couple or IDK Married alla Peter. Alicia didn’t do anything like Kalinda did…and it was even obvious to Kalinda as she was shaken to find she had pulled another Kalinda.

    • EM. says:

      TBH, I don’t think Alicia is pissed off with Kalinda only because she slept with Peter (althought that obviously factors in). She was more pissed off with the fact that Kalinda lied and told her she never slept with Peter when Alicia asked.

      I do think Alicia and Kalinda will put it behind them although it will take a long while.

      • Trenton says:

        Kalinda was her best friend…this person she cared a great deal for and come to find that this person represents your husbands infidelity his continued disrespect of you…and on top of that you factor in how foolish you must seem to this person who you thought was your friend. Kalinda is kinda like the grinch, except instead of stealing xmas presents she is really hot and has no issues sleeping w/ other hot people…but emotional depth of spaghetti, so Alicia felt betrayed and it was easier for her to hate kalinda…I do feel however she played the Martyr role a bit too joyously.

      • Grace says:

        Does anyone remember the night Alicia and Kalinda were in the bar again after she was picked over Cary where Kalinda tried to get Alicia to go upstairs and she would call Will that you were not able to drive home. And called your home and told them a lie about working overtime on a case.
        I don’t think Kalinda had Alicia in mind to be a friend, only to get her in trouble with Peter to coverup the past. With all the pushing she did its nowonder Alicia finnally committed infidelity.

  8. nowell says:

    At the end where we saw Peter tearing up that piece of paper, I didn’t realize that meant he is the one who sent the glove.

    • xav says:

      They had Diane waving the Post Office stub around for about five minutes in Cary’s office to let us know what it looked like so we could recognize it in Peter’s hands. But it wasn’t a very long shot of Peter doing that.

  9. Lauren says:

    Was anybody else left a little bit disappointed. I thought the end was very predictable, meaning the Alicia and Will hook up. I also knew the firm was going to win the case. Kalinda is the same and Cary’s character has never really been developed. The only thing I was excited about is that we will get to see more Eli, because I love the Eli/Alicia dynamic.

  10. Lori says:

    TGW is amazing. Never disappoints and tonight was no exception. So smart, elegant, sexy and satisfying. Thrilled that the previews weren’t out of context and meant something else, like so many other juvenile shows do too often.

    As was said, great script, great acting. Can’t wait for next season.

  11. TaMara says:

    Okay, loved this episode and while I enjoyed the hotel scene, why couldn’t they go back to Will’s apartment? Cheaper. That is my only nitpick. It was a fabulous end to a great season. This drama always takes the unexpected road and that’s why I like it.

    • Trenton says:

      I thought the exact same thing at first, but then…you have to think that hotel is probably next to that bar or the bar is in that hotel. It’s not like she can just not go home b/c she has kids…his place is probably way the hell off somewhere else and Chicago isn’t a small traffic free city, and lastly their “good timing” needed to happen quickly less something come up preventing them…… plus the hotel allowed for that truly creative elevator scene. It was brilliant, most shows have this moment between their star crossed lovers, this was one of the most aesthetically brilliant deliveries ever.

  12. Trenton says:

    I will give jmargs this, she does the whole flirtatious jealousy thing extremely well. Alicia probed will about his “girlfriend” in this sexy voice that was both curious and demure, all the while making said gf seem infinitesimally small.

    • Janey says:

      A neat irony considering that’s how the hooker made Alicia sound in the tape from season 1.

      • Trenton says:

        Not at all the same, Alicia did this in a very honest and classy way…it was natural. It’s how a girl talks to a guy she really likes and knows he is seeing someone, it’s almost like you can’t help but sound like that or say things like that. She was having a drink with this guy she loves (on some level) and is having probably the most relaxed non-gutwrenching time since the first peter bombshell and it hits her that he is unavailable. How is she suppose to sound? The Hooker was cruel, cheap, petty and getting paid. Alicia just really likes a boy.

  13. Stefany says:

    Does anyone know the name / artist of the song playing as Alicia and Will embark on their exceptional hour?

    Great episode by the way. Looking forward to season three. Brilliant move having Eli join LG. Brilliant. Thank you for a fun season.

  14. Daniel says:

    I predict that by season 4 Alicia will be seeking political office. Right now she’s very far away from it and she will slowly change until that is what she wants. I think that she will continue to realize that Will is not as great a man as she hopes. He’s done some bad stuff in the past and continues to do shady things.

    I rewatched season 1 after it was revealed that Kalinda and Peter slept together. It was interesting to see how hard Kalinda pushed Alicia towards Will. I can foresee the writers leading Alicia toward politics with the interview she did. The comment about how popular Alicia is according to polls and finally that she will be working with Eli next year. I enjoy to politics in the show a lot. The case of the week is good but the politics is better.

    • Trenton says:

      Peter once told Alicia that Will isn’t as good as he seems, and then we find that Will did something in Baltimore, and apparently paid that debt. My guess is Will was thrown in a situation that made him look shady…he’s been in enough situations on this show that his character is pretty clear. He isn’t a bad guy, he’s a romantic, and he is loyal. Peter maybe is one of those.

      • Yo says:

        Will is complex and ambiguous; he is not portrayed as faultless at all, he is as ethically complicated as Peter and likely to get more so.

  15. annie says:

    Alicia is such a hypocrite. I can’t wait until Peter finds out that she cheated with Will.

    • xav says:

      She broke up with Peter. She wasn’t the one doing the cheating.

    • CJ says:

      I’m with you, Annie. Alicia and Peter separated, no one has filed for divorce. Maybe this is revenge on her part? I don’t know – just really not a fan of the way Alicia is handling things the last few weeks. If that’s the way the show goes next year, I’m done.

      • Trenton says:

        She moved him out of her house, told him point blank she doesn’t love him anymore, and seperated the marriage. Yes the divorce isn’t done yet, but divorce is about assets and establishing custody…separation means you are free to see other people and it not constitute infidelity.

        • Katee says:

          All of this. I mean, my parents were separated for 6 YEARS before the divorce was able to be finalised. They started dating other people not long after the separation because the marriage was fairly dead before then. After they separated, I would not consider my parents cheating on one another for exploring other relationships.

    • Trenton says:

      I get that people are fans of Chris Noth and yea talented well liked actor….but his Character PETER ? He slept w/ a hooker like 18 times, and when Alicia asked him to tell her everything and see if she could forgive him, he still didn’t do that. He could have averted this but his instinct was to lie and then accuse her of cheating on him out of being petty and a mean husband. Do you really find yourself on his side?

      • sunny says:

        Well said Trenton! I totally agree.

      • Jessie says:

        I think the point is that no-one’s perfect. That’s the best part about this show, the fact that Peter cheated on Alicia, then when he tried to make amends his wife was already falling in love with another man. That has to sting. Also, we know that he can’t be all bad, he seems reformed, and comitted to justice after his stint in jail, and he loves his kids more than anything.

  16. miriam diaz says:

    this season finale was awesome, everything about the episode was as I expected. TGW never since it began has ever dissapointed me. The will and alicia hookup was the icing on a well made cake. Can’t hardly wait for next season.:)

  17. Mandy says:

    TGW is an amazing show. I was squeee and totally in love with the finale scenes, omg they are so cuteeee, beautiful and adorable, I feel all warm and fuzzy.
    Such a good show that gives you great case I always feels like the hour pass so fast. OMG I CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT SEASON!!!

    Lol tammy bye bye we are not going to miss you. I WANT GOOD TIMING FOREVER!

  18. AG says:

    Loved it. Couldn’t have been better. Great writers, spectacular cast – I’m really looking forward to next season.

  19. Tamara says:

    We were waitin’ so long for this moment and now i got it, i’m not pretty sure to want to see Alicia with Will, i’m more concerned about Alicia and Kalinda’s relationship!!

  20. Mark says:


    • Christina says:

      YES , I do agree. There is nothing worth watching except this..but I wish it was on at 9pm instead of 10pm! LOVED them hooking up…at least I hope it doesn’t end up a daydream.

  21. Cat says:

    Amazing episode. The case of the week was very tense. And no, Alicia did not have to wait. She’s separated and why should she be the only saint? Now whether Will is the right guy for her is another question, but I did love the final scenes.

  22. buffy_ok says:

    I think u do see an internal shift in Kalinda. Especially when she leaves once she realized her lover was married. Yes she was told in the past but past Kalinda didn’t care then but now she does.

    • Trenton says:

      Kalinda hurt someone she loved and found out that when you do that you feel that pain yourself. And notice the differences between how Kalinda reacts and how Peter reacts. Kalinda is heart broken and Peter is a bastard.

      • Charlotte says:

        I don’t think Peter is a bastard. He’s just not a very good husband. I hope that he’ll do a good job being the state’s atty next year.

    • Trenton says:

      What I hope and pray for and I think it would be ridiculously hard to pull off, is a flashback episode at Georgetown. I mean they would have to find perfect actors but I wanna know why Will and Alicia didn’t work in college. It would be suitable w/ this show b/c it would be in the Clinton White House era which is another Good Wife and if Alicia does go in to politics it would work on that level too b/c that is what Hillary eventually did. I think it would be a popular story to tell.

  23. Goat Girl says:

    It was heaven. This show never ceases to entrall and entertain me.

  24. jay says:

    Sheer brilliance.

    Probably the most beautifully acted series on TV, from star to regulars to guests, to random elevator hooligans.

    This is the show that makes summer impossibly long.

  25. Mary says:

    I thought it was absolutely perfect and everything I wanted in a season finale. I did not see the Peter and the glove thing coming, so it was a nice moment for me, and the elevator at the end was beyond compare. Can’t wait to see next season!

  26. Caroline says:

    Amazing SF!! Amazing.
    Anxious about the next season.
    I love Alicia and Will…it’ll be great to watch them next season.
    Television. (2 votes)

    I love Eli Gold so much!!! thanks he ‘ll be back!

  27. Ingmar says:

    Intense finale. Funny thing was ; the moment I finished I saw the news that the show got renewed. Amazing.

    The episode was so well written once again and I loved the Alicia / Kalinda scenes. You could see Alicia had to put effort in it but I guess that they will slowly grow together again as friends. May take a whole season ( S3 ) but in time Alicia will forggive her I think / hope.

    Ending montage with Alicia / Will in elevator was amazingly done. So glad to see them make out, lol!

  28. Dave says:

    I am so sad. I lost a lot of respect for Alicia’s character after last night.

    • norah says:

      I love her! She is a human being too…All this time, she has had to perfect for everyone else, rarely doing anything out of herself.

  29. Melisa says:

    I absolutely loved it!! I had to watch the ending twice and I am still not able to delete it from my DVR. It’s about time Alicia did something just for herself.

  30. Barbro says:

    I’m just waiting for Kalinda and Alicia to hook up… It’s been said many times that the only person Kalina truly cares about is Alicia

  31. Deion says:

    I love how this show leaves me in conflict. I’ve rooted for Will & Alicia from day one. But they always have Peter do SOMETHING that makes me realize that despite his transgressions, he LOVES THAT WOMAN.

  32. SnakeTheCritic says:

    Not stopping for the past nor fearing the future lead to an exceptional moment. Alicia’s bravery and Will’s adoration was exactly what they needed from each other.

    This season is one of the best in Network TV history.

  33. Tom says:

    It would sure be nice if some show had the guts to put the two principle characters in a relationship, make it work, and end this silly “Moonlighting” curse rubbish. If anyone can do it, The Good Wife writers can probably pull it off. That said, let’s not forget that looks can be deceiving. The season ends with Alicia and Will going into a hotel room with obvious intentions. But what happens next has yet to play out. Here’s one theory: next season opens with Will/Alicia about to consummate their relationship, then some emergency happens. I can’t help but think that Jackie Florrick appeared in the restaurant for a reason. It would be just like the old bat to unknowingly break up Will/Alicia by having a medical emergency or something (let’s hope its fatal).

    As expected, The Good Wife was one of the better season finales. Looking forward to next season — but not at all happy about the time shift. Just like CBS to undermine one of its best shows.

    • Trenton says:

      The truth about Jackie is that she will eventually be on Alicia’s side. I think she sticks up for her son b/c she loves him, but I don’t see Jackie as the type of woman who has blinders on as well. I can definitely see Jackie slapping Peter in the face at some point.

  34. bdamomma says:

    What a good ending to last night’s show. Now I wonder if Will and Alicia will be a couple or she will playing the field too.

    Great show, can’t wait for next season.

  35. David says:

    Does anyone else find Will a little repulsive? Despite his genuine affection for Alicia he seems to have the moral compass of a shark. Personally I don’t think that either Peter or Will is good enough. truth be told I would prefer her with Eli who is at least an honest rogue, and probably has more respect for her than the other two combined:)

    • susela says:

      The beauty of this show is that everyone is morally ambiguous to some extent. Just like real life—there are no perfect people. And it’s interesting that Will admitted that women like him “until they discover the real me.” I can’t wait for Alicia to get a glimpse of that.

  36. juile says:

    AMAZING. I’ve already watched the end scene like five times. Without a doubt, The Good Wife is the best show on TV.

  37. susela says:

    Loved the scene with Will and Peter. When Peter said, “It will be funny to be on opposite sides in court. But not laugh-out-loud funny.” he looked so menacing I got a chill.

  38. Marie says:

    Amazing show, best on TV. So gratified I found it at the very beginning. Can’t wait to see how everything unfolds over the next several YEARS. ;)

  39. Heather says:

    I loved every minute of the episode, but I have this one resonating feeling of HATRED FOR THE GRANDMOTHER!! why is she so awful?!

  40. MGL says:

    Absolutely loved it. The ending was perfect. The doors opening and closing, sort of a metaphor of their timing. Peter sending the glove was excellent too. Kind of brought you back to an OJ Simpson type thing. Either Peter was trying to get Childs or still loves Alicia. We will have to see; but it was about time for her and Will. She deserved it after all she has gone thru. Cannot wait for next season, except the Sunday part. I would be fine if football never returned! Definitely best show on TV.

  41. Emily says:

    Finally, is all I have to say. The highly anticipated finale of the Good Wife was outstanding, and not to mention that it links 2 of the best characters together. However, will they stay that way and does Peter still love Alicia because sending the glove to her gave me and maybe other viewers, the impression that he still has feelings for her and wants her to suceed.? I really hope that Will and Alicia will be the new “it” couple on TV, but there are so many obstacles that they must overcome, and as a couple, are they strong enough? Alicia definetly is, because she managed through the crisis Peter put her through, but is Will ready? I would have really loved to have seen what the $7800.00 presedential suite would have looked like, it would have been a bonus to an already amazing finale. But I guess you can’t have it all. Can’t wait to see what next season brings. And I think sunday night will be great!

  42. Jeri says:

    I knew I could trust the writers (and everyone else) to do a excellent job. I’m glad they didn’t wrap it all up in a neat little bow. Alicia and Will get their hour (maybe) but it doesn’t mean they are together now. With the kids and Peter that would just be too pat. The Mother-in-Law is a perfect villian and I’m so glad we are not losing Eli with the election.

    Bravo! Good Job!!

  43. Jeri says:

    Re: Sunday nights, fine but as another poster mentioned, it will suck if TGW gets bumped for games.

    No No, don’t screw with us, our TGW must not get bumped!

  44. caroline says:

    Fantastic episode! Does anyone know the name of the song played in the last scene, while they were riding the elevator?

  45. Katia says:

    Peter sent the glove to Will, not Alicia. I thinks he do that to get Childs in his hands. Remember, he keep Cary in the ecuation and the lawyer doesn’t have the best intentions with Alicia.

  46. Lauren says:

    Alicia and Will’s chemistry is so tangible I love it! I found it amusing that it was Peter’s actions that provided the opportunity for them to get together. If he hadn’t sent the glove, Will would have gone to convince his girlfriend to stay. I wonder if Peter will ever find that out.

  47. Circe says:

    Marvelous writing and in-depth character study of each person in this
    splendid cast. Can’t remember when I last had such anticipation for the next episode of a program. Something cerebral, yet fun.

  48. Jessie says:

    I really loved the ending. Can’t wait for next season.

  49. rachelle says:

    best show on television ever. I swear, I don’t have the words to describe just how much I love this show. I must watch at least 15 shows every week, but if I had to choose between watching TGW versus all of the other ones, there’d honestly be no contest. the season finale was indescribable as well. I absolutely loved it. I also probably can’t count on both hands and feet just how many times I’ve replayed the ending scenes with Will and Alicia. the finale was just… perfect. lol, I can’t go on about it without turning into Shakespeare.

  50. Leah says:

    How come Matt never came back and added to the recap??