Exclusive Good Wife Finale Video: Kalinda Sleeps With [Spoiler]!

All of the buzz surrounding Tuesday’s Season 2 finale of The Good Wife (CBS, 10/9c) has revolved around this picture, this promo, and whether Alicia — a woman scorned by her husband for the last time — will sow some wild oats with boss man Will.

But based on the exclusive video clip we have obtained, someone else is most definitely getting busy in the finale — Kalinda. But who is it that the bisexual badass beds?

We talk too much. Words get in the way. So, just go ahead, press PLAY below, and lay witness to Kalinda’s coupling — one that boasts not just abundant afterglow, but also a big ol’ twist.

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  1. Rudi says:

    she’s such a dirty girl;)

  2. kcarat says:


  3. Chatty says:

    Oh, Kalinda! She is so lost right now. And “Annie Frost”, how quickly you moved on from your job as a U.S. Marshall! Hahaha. I’ll miss Chase; Kelli Giddish made that show. Anyway, let’s hope the folks over at The Good Wife give Kalinda a bit of happiness, please. And where is Blake? He suddenly disappeared from the show. Do you know, Matt?

    • Jackie says:

      When Kalinda gave the Grand Jury the impression that Blake was sleeping with the mob guy’s wife, he skipped town. At least, that is my take on it :) It could have been a combination of that and when Lockhart/Gardner ousted the former partner, who Blake worked for.

  4. keila says:

    Anyone know who it was? I can’t watch the video at work! :)

    • daysie says:

      It’s the Sophia, the PI from last week.
      I feel so sorry for Kalinda right now, cos she clearly didn’t know Sofia was married (to a man). Bet this is resonating the Peter affair loud and clear right now.
      I wonder if the one stand with Peter was what drove her to become bi?

      • keila says:

        Oooooh, this finale is going to be so good! Thanks!!

      • Mark says:

        How do you mean drove her to become bi?? Unless Lady Gaga has been lying to me I’m almost positive she was born that way.

        • Doris says:

          Although you may very well be right, there are some women who become lesbians/bisexuals because they have been abused by men and turn to women for tenderness and love and, yes, passion, rather than pain and shame.

          • Tracy says:

            And there are many women who have NOT been abused but are naturally attracted to both genders. My money is on Kalinda being just such a person.

          • Mark says:

            I’ll take your word for it Doris. I’m off to apologise on behalf of men to all the lesbians I know.

          • Dot says:

            No Doris, no one becomes gay or bisexual. Gays and bisexuals are born gay or bisexual. If someone “becomes” gay, they are straight and something is wrong with them. Sexuality is not fluid, it does not change either you are or you aren’t. For anyone who says they are fluid, well something is wrong with them. One cannot just change their sexuality. Someone can stop living a lie after years or realize and finally accept who they are but just change? No, that is not how it works. Hate to burst your bubble but you needed to be corrected on this. A straight woman does not turn to another woman to get tenderness, love, passion yadda yadda after being hurt by a man. She just finds another man that will not do the same to her or continues the pattern because she is STRAIGHT. So you are wrong, very wrong.

            @Mark/Lennox, no lesbians need your apology on behalf of men. No lesbian wants an apology on behalf of men. Lesbians have no issue with men, they are just gay that’s all. They were born gay they were not made gay. Lesbians and bisexual women, REAL Lesbians do not become gay because of men, they are born gay. When will ignorant people get that in their thick empty skulls???

          • TRCIII says:

            No, Doris, it’s sometimes easy to believe that we are all born with a gender preference that locks us into a perception of our sex and sexuality, and that it determines throughout our lives who we choose as sexual partners–and for some, it’s even a true statement. But humans are much more complex than that. Your world view is very black/white, either/or and your characterization of those with fluid sexuality as “having something wrong with them” is exactly the same skewed point of view that allowed homosexuality to be classified as a mental illness before the field of psychology came to its senses. People are complex. SEX is complex…and love is even more so. Kinsey tested folks and came up with a resultant number on a 7-point scale from completely heterosexual to completely homosexual, with perfectly bisexual in the middle…and asexuality somewhere off the scale. Most folks did NOT end up at one end or the other of the scale! But even he admitted there were limitations to the test and scale AND he said that people might move on the scale from location to location at different times in their lives. The folks who are doing current research in the field of sexuality and gender continue to discover more about the fluidity of our natures and desires every day.
            I personally believe that people are simply too complex to be “measured”, and we are ALL products of not only our genetic birthright (which, admittedly, gives most of us a “predisposition” toward our sexual identity and preferences) but that we are also influenced and molded by our society, our family, our peers, our lovers and the experiences (both positive and negative) we incur throughout our lives as well. It’s not “all nature” or “all nurture”; for most of us, it’s a healthy dose of both. So, unfortunately, love (and lust, even more so) is often just gender-blind. What we choose to do as a result (what we allow ourselves to do) puts us on Kinsey’s scale for that moment…but even that experience “of the moment” will further mold and change us. And “tomorrow is another day.”

        • 8daysaweek says:

          Mark FTW!

      • Caro says:

        Good point! About her becoming bi.

        Clearly Kalinda hates being ‘the other woman’ in a adulterous relationship.

        • Dot says:

          Bad point because it is incorrect. You cannot “become” bi. You cannot change your sexuality. You are born into your sexuality, it does not just change up on you.

          • So, women can be purely heterosexual? especially in sexual imagery such as erotic/romantic fantasies and dreams, in sexual attractions. All exclusively about men? exclusively attracted to men? I mean women to desire males and ONLY males sexually.

      • gidge says:

        Dude, that’s offensive. Nothing “drives you to becoming bi”. Everyone has their own sexual fluidity and it’s not because of some ‘traumatic’ sexual experience. Seriously offensive.

  5. Mary says:

    Jesus H C!! Discusting! They have ruined this character. She was the best thing on the show. Why does every show have to push the gay thing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • keila says:

      How does her sexual orientation ruin the show? If anything, it makes Kalinda a much more dynamic character. I’m constantly fascinated by her, and her choices.

    • Courtney says:

      The only “discusting” thing on here is your spelling (come on, most web browsers offer spell checks).

      The character has always been bisexual, which you’d know if you actually watched the show.

    • Kate says:

      She’s been ruined because of the ‘gay thing’? Being gay is NOT disgusting. Nice to see that homophobia’s still going strong even amongst fans of smart, snappy, complicated shows (not).

    • kat says:

      Ugh. I don’t think it’s her sexuality that is bad about this clip. It’s just sad that she slept with another married person (unknowingly too!) and it upset her so much. But look, we got to see her hair kind of down.

    • xav says:

      Perhaps you didn’t notice, but Kalinda has been this way since, oh, THE BEGINNING OF THE SHOW. Whoops.

    • Tracy says:

      Kalinda has been bisexual from the start of the series. Pay attention. And move beyond your comfort zone; it’s amazing what you might learn.

    • Kerri says:

      We’ve seen Alicia in bed with Peter and I think we’ve seen Will in bed with his girlfriend, so why wouldn’t we see Kalinda with whomever she’s seeing? It’s already been established that she’s a bisexual, so this isn’t a shock or even really pushing any agenda. If anything, I think it best shows the audience how the reactions to her actions are affecting her.

    • tina says:

      She’s been bi since the first ep she was in, how did you miss that?

    • Tami says:

      I’m so sorry you’re inconvenienced by a portrayal of a person who happens to be bisexual on television. You know that gay and lesbian and bisexual people aren’t trying to recruit people through TV shows, though, right? About ten percent of people happen to be not straight, and the last time I checked less than ten percent of television characters are not straight, so I don’t know what the big deal is.

      You seem to not know much about gay people, though. Maybe it would behoove you to watch a few shows that “push the gay thing.” Or maybe you could pull your head out of your ass and find the clicker.

    • Satan says:

      “push the gay thing” not a euphemism I hope, Mary. Ps: to me Kalinda is pansexual, do I hear pearls being clutched?

    • Juliet says:

      I think TGW is one of the few shows that handles “the gay thing” really well. The writers have done a great job of weaving homosexuality very naturally into the storyline.

      But I would agree that a lot of shows airing now (e.g. Glee, 90210) push it to the point that it becomes a spectacle and little more than a ratings-grab.

    • gidge says:

      Umm…she’s been bisexual since the beginning of the show…I thought everyone knew this.

  6. Peter says:

    Whooaa, that was hot! Kalinda’s awesome. I guess she’s learned the lesson from Alicia’s situation. I really like Kalinda, she’s my absolutely favourite character on TGW!

    • gidge says:

      I especially like how it’s not just a sex scene, but it has depth and a little bit of a plot twist. :) This show is so great.

  7. xav says:

    I love it. It’s Kalinda being Kalinda but I love the indication that something has changed because Alicia is in her life.

  8. PFitz says:

    Ummmm…everyone seems to be missing the point. It’s not so much that Sophia is married…it’s the line “I showed you his picture in the state’s attorney’s office.”


  9. MGL says:

    Sometimes “spoilers” are fun and enticing, but other times, you just wished you never clicked the button. I would much rather have seen Kalinda with Cary or even Peter.

  10. Tom says:

    Poor Kalinda. Next season she might consider having each new lover fill out a questionnaire first with “Are you married?” being the first question.

  11. 8daysaweek says:

    Mark FTW

  12. Shannon says:

    Archie Panjabi as Kalinda Sharma is hands down one of my favorite characters on TV. I am a huge fan of ‘The Good Wife’… one of the really well written and well acted adult dramas on TV these days.

    I was saddened by the Kalinda/Peter storyline, only in that it put a wrench in the wonderful friendship of Kalinda and Alicia – a friendship that can hopefully be repaired… the chemistry between Archie (as Kalinda) and Julianna Margulies (as Alicia) is so fantastic that I always looked forward to their scenes together…

    I can’t wait to see what happens next on ‘The Good Wife’.

    • Lennox says:

      What you said, Shannon. Thanks for saving me the need to type even more! :)

      Too bad for the stray ‘phobes around here…but I love that TGW is not hiding or being coy with the “liking girls” part of Kalinda being bi (Which WAS in place from the beginning. The pilot script described her as “nonchalantly bisexual” and has been played that way from the beginning. How is this a surprise, people?).

      Looking forward to how the Peter-ONS-blowback will affect Kalinda’s old “one night, no consequences” attitude, here. I think it’s time she re-evaluated!

      Love this show! Already eager for S3!

  13. Chrissy says:

    I will not click on that video. I will not click on that video. I will not click on that video.

    Can’t wait to watch the finale tonight. I don’t want Cary and Kalinda together… I don’t know why many shows have bisexual characters then pair them up with men. Might as well make her straight to begin with, although it’s clear that they like the titilation factor of girl-girl scenes. But I would rather see her date a woman than Cary.

  14. Erika_21 says:

    Oseaa!! mal plan!! :@!!

  15. trystan says:

    Love it. For everyone disappointed that the bisexual character is actually shown being bisexual…suck it up. Let’s count the number of gay/lesbian/bisexual characters on tv and compare it to the non queer characters. On most shows the bisexuals usually end up with opposite gender partners…lame.

  16. KIKI says:



  17. BrianR says:

    BOOO she and Alicia should be doing it.

  18. Babyjune says:

    Hahahaha, I want Alicia to be with Will, but I have to agree the thought of her and Kalinda getting it on is very appealing. The chemistry is definitely there.

    But I’ll be ok with Alicia ending up with Will (or whomever) and Kalinda with that hot lady from the FBI (just NOT-NO-WAY-IN-HELL Cary). :D

  19. too bad it wasn’t kalinda and lana delaney, doing that in the storage room.

    sophia really does not seem to be into kalinda. she only wanted…

    kalinda was down that road with alicia’s husband. kalinda would have been more believable with lana, who seemed to really want and like kalinda.

    kalinda keeps getting involved with the wrong people, put her back with lana delaney. sophia probably isn’t married.

  20. moussaka says:

    Ok, THAT was good. As said above, it’s not just a sex scene, and more importantly it’s very “carnal”.

    I like that these two already know each other. I prefer Sophia to Lana. It always seemed to me that Lana’s logic towards Kalinda was : “Ok, I give you information, but in exchange it’s only fair that you have sex with me”, and even though we know Kalinda uses sex to get what she wants, it borders on some kind of harassement with Lana (it borders, but there is no agression here, unless you consider “foot stretching” to be aggressive). Besides, Sophia seems to accept Kalinda for who she is.

    Last but no least, Kelli Giddish is really beautiful.

  21. sophia probably only wanted one thing; that was to get between kalinda’s legs.(she wanted kalinda’s pussy.)

    sophia probably isn’t married. kalinda seemed saddened that she was just for one thing to sophia.

    if kalinda is doing that with anyone, it should be lana delaney. sophia really did not seem like she wanted to be there. kalinda does not want to go down that road again; after the incident with alicia’s husband.